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Adobe Animate CC Masterclass: HTML5 Banner Ads and Animation

teacher avatar Mehmet Emin Aykurt, Industrial and Graphic Designer, Design Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

52 Lessons (4h 46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What this course is for

    • 3. Who this course is for

    • 4. What you will learn

    • 5. General Introduction of Adobe Animate CC and Interface

    • 6. Selection Tool and Changing Workspace

    • 7. Subselection Tool

    • 8. Free Transform Tool

    • 9. Gradient Transform Tool and Working with Gradients

    • 10. 3D Rotation and 3D Translation Tools

    • 11. Lasso Tool, Polygon Tool, Magic Wand Tool

    • 12. Pen Tool and Add Delete Convert Anchor Point Tools

    • 13. Text Tool and Working With Text

    • 14. Line Tool

    • 15. Rectangle and Rectangle Primitive Tools

    • 16. Oval and Oval Primitive Tools

    • 17. PolyStar Tool

    • 18. Pencil Tool

    • 19. Paint Brush Tool

    • 20. Brush Tool

    • 21. Bone Tool and Bind Tool

    • 22. Paint Bucket and Ink Bottle Tools

    • 23. Eyedropper Tool

    • 24. Eraser Tool

    • 25. Width Tool

    • 26. Assert Warp Tool

    • 27. Camera Tool

    • 28. Hand, Rotation and Time Scrub Tools

    • 29. Zoom Tool

    • 30. Useful Shortcuts, Keys and Other Things

    • 31. What are Symbols

    • 32. Graphic Symbols

    • 33. Movie Clip Symbols

    • 34. Button Symbols

    • 35. Some useful information on animation

    • 36. Frame by Frame Animation

    • 37. Tween Animation

    • 38. Motion Tween

    • 39. Shape Tween

    • 40. Classic Tween

    • 41. About Terms and Policies of Google Ads

    • 42. Planning Animation

    • 43. Setting up File

    • 44. Creating 300x250 Banner Ad Scene 1

    • 45. Creating 300x250 Banner Ad Scene 2

    • 46. Creating 300x250 Banner Ad Scene 3

    • 47. Creating 300x250 Banner Ad Scene 4

    • 48. Creating 250x250 Banner Ad

    • 49. Creating 300x600 Banner Ad

    • 50. Creating 970x250 Banner Ad

    • 51. Creating 336x280 and 200x200 Additional Sizes

    • 52. Arranging HTML File and Zipping Files

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About This Class

This course is designed for all users who want to learn how to create graphic animation and use these skills for planning, creating and publishing cartoons and HTML5 banner ads. Through this course you will learn basics of animation, keyframe concept, tweening, symbols, easing, rigging (character bones) and many more concept. Besides you will learn HTML5 animated ad basics and create an HTML5 ad from scratch. With all these abilities you will be able to create and publish your own ad and can earn money as an 2D animator.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mehmet Emin Aykurt

Industrial and Graphic Designer, Design Educator


Join me at discord:

I have graduated from METU (the best university of Turkey) (ODTÜ) Industrial Design Department and get my masters degree from ITU Industrial Design Department. Now I am doing my PhD studies. I have been teaching at Erciyes University since 2008. I have a digital agency in which I build websites, corporate identities, business strategy, and visual communication designs. I have 16 years of experience in the graphic design field. I have created more than 500 published graphic design and more than 200 web design. I share my experiences on Skillshare.

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1. Introduction: hi I met. I mean structure in visual communication Design Department, Off Address University, which is one of the top universities off Turkey. I have been into design for about 20 use, and I've been teaching it for about 10 years. I am here to help you reach your design, joining in disgust, not just learn how to use tools. We will do real life projects, and no matter what level you are in, you gain something. Biggers learn from scratch everything. And at last users can learn my techniques. We will start by talking about tools and how to use them throwing objects, adding type, manipulating them and learn animation concepts such as symbols and tunings and song at the . And we will gain a background on Google. Html five Advertising set up our file create and adds step by step. Get our animation ready for different sizes. The last touches and pectin for uploading to Google ETS learning is a never ending process and every graphic entity asked. That's something to learn from each other. Designing and realising a design is a long journey. I am here to help you on this journey. Being a part of your learning process and skip. Gaining process is very exciting. I'm here to have you and up to see you in my costs. 2. What this course is for: hi, Everyone will come toe adobe animate masterclass. In this course, I try to make clear most important animates CC concepts, some animation concepts and HTML five advertisement. Some subjects are also dig in deep. This course is for making again general understanding or adobe Animate CC, learn its concerns deeply and get at able to create your animations and HTML fire advertisements at and off discourse. If you practice throughout the course, of course, you will be able to create animations or HTML fire advertisements and get a new income opportunity. 3. Who this course is for: this card is for everyone. It begins with very basic concepts off Adobe Animate CC and Wayne Progress. You will see more complex concepts or health. You can be total beginner toe. Other be unmade CC or an advanced user who want to learn more technique. You can take this course and truth, what concepts you'd like to know and progress with your schedule. However, I will recommend you to watch all the rector's at default older to sum up, No matter if you are bigger or an advanced user, you'll enjoy this course and become a master. 4. What you will learn: in discourse, you learn general understanding off adobe Animate CC workspace off Aduba animate CC timeline All tools off adobe animate CC symbols animation. Tillery Training at whole html five at especially Google at creating process and at the end , off the scars you will be able tow, throw, object, manipulate Um used timeline. Effectively create means, create bombs to your character, plan your animation, create animation, create html five advertisement. Have a new income channel and more. 5. General Introduction of Adobe Animate CC and Interface: hi. In this lesson, we will talk about other image CC General features off it Adobe Animate Sisi is an animation so fair to make rectal animations. You can use it for creating a cartoon or some animations for advertisements or some corporate animations. You can build characters here vector characters, and you can animate your logo. You can do whatever you want in terms off animation. There are some sample files here, and we will look at them when you open the program. You see these welcome screen. This is the Animate Cc's welcome screen at the top. There are menus as usual, and click home or learn, and if you click, learn, you'll see some story us from Adobe, and you can open an existing file. Those other recent files here and those are press sets process for character animation for social media, for games, education advertisement websites on advanced here at right, you'll see the documents within height, and this is the units. For example, if you want toe create a social game campaign, you see the we don't hide and platform type action script three. But for your advertisements platform, type A 75 confess because advertisements are in html five. Let's look at a file here. Double click it on. It will open here as you see Program opened and you will see This is the scene here. All teeth are here and this is the time line Which frame which comes You will see here there are less off to its years. You learn what they are and at right There are some panels here and tools here this work space and those are the main use. This is the general. We order Adobo Animate CC because it's a victory. So fare you can zoom in and agency the quality off image doesn't change If this program ver ad pixel based animation program I mean zooming you will see the pixels, but in the adobe animate, you'll see only just lines on vectors Relate them. Ah, yeah, Just show it onto this object. Yeah, to see this is just directors. And every time you do mean the program calculates the char and gives you the image off the this room level presentation of that shape. If he used an older version of the adobe animate Ah, don't worry about the outcome screen and this welcome screen on these animation files. They are not so important. I just want to show you them how it works. 6. Selection Tool and Changing Workspace: Hey, what's up? This is ma'am, It on. We are gonna create any file here to see some basics off Adobe animate. And I am gonna create at file I clicked at Tab and I'll choose anything I want on Just click Great wall are just our file Yeah, a zoo See the interface off the adobe animate its simple thesis stage This is timeline where it all Ah things goes on and we will see the result here in stage. And this is properties panel. We will modify the properties off the objects here. And this is toolbar You'll choose are tools here and throw something or modify something or change color Something like that. And this is some helper tools. This orientation can be changed under the window menu will kill me No manner. And we will say Brooke spaces here. Ah, this essentials top a sense. JAL's option here if you click this and you will see this interface Ah, let's change it. This is animator Ah workspace. It's classic world space. Yeah, I'm gonna use in the default essentials workspace 1st 2 is selection tool Ah, if you if you use it way, have to drop something here. I drove it and I choose it. Change color here? Yeah. As you see, this is a shape. And when I click with selection tool, Black Arrow I choose all part off object And I can change its color its properties with and height Something like that or I can t o select apart off the object like that. Yeah, I select it. I can select this part in change color of it. Ah. And after selecting days, I can click, transform many on I can transform it or I can click transfer, transform, tool And I can transform it. Yeah, the Black Arrow selection tools select ah, part off object or the whole object. I'm gonna create another object here. Ah, sorry. I'm gonna create an object with stroke. Yeah. If I click inside off the field, I can ah select Feel if I click It's part I can I select Onley This stroke I can select Look if I click double click a stroke I can select the whole struck off the object If I double click the field I can select all part with stroke and feel together I can say it and I can modify it. Here. Change color are James stroke changed? Throat style. Love, love, love. Yeah. Ah, The selection tool can be used for these operations. I want to tell about selection to one thing. Uh, if if I drove something here with mental, I Sorry, we depend tools I will draw. Yeah, it doesn't have a few. Just forget about this. Operations. Just focus on the shape with selection to three. Select field on a stroke. Parts on with double click, hold stroke. If I click a stroke part, I can modify it. Actually, as you see the cursors the ah, arrow I couldn't turns into something else on you. Say that you can change the stroke part. Yeah, I can change it with the selection. It'll this is a powerful tool when it comes to ah, manipulate objects and you can't select feel and move it. Another place or select field. Whatever. You can select this part and fleet. You can delete these stroke 7. Subselection Tool: I over one, I will talk about sub selection to In this lesson. Subsection two is under the selection tool. This is the White arrow here with sub selection tool. You can modify and object with subparts off the object. What's a party tell it is It has ankle pines. You can modify anchor points with observation toe. There is a stroke party, but you cannot modify it on with sub selection tool. You cannot choose feel and strokes differently. You can only play with stroke. You cannot sell a field you can select on the strokes. Anchor points, actually, all the whole struck. Yeah, you can click on an anchor point here. You can move it. You can modify it with the ankles, story handles and modify the shape. This is the what sub selection tool does. This is a powerful tool when it comes to modify an object with its handle parameters. 8. Free Transform Tool: Hi, everyone, In this lesson, we will have a look at it. Transform tool. It is the under the free transform to actually under the substation till here it transformed free transform tool. You can transform objects. Yeah, I will select this object. I can rotate it. Besides it Skew it. Oh, precise for on the edge, the Contras e our command. See, I returned orginal version and said it again. If I want to resize it evenly without changing its proportions, I have to use shift key hole to shift. He press it on hold it and you can resize it with ah without changing its proportions. Yeah, If I want toe, recite it from, For example, this, uh, corner run criticizing each press off key. Yeah, this is rece izing from the that Ah corner. And if I press ault and shift key together, I can recite it at this corner without changing its proportions. Yeah, that's basically eat If I can click. Sorry if I can press control. Ah, bottom here or comment in Mac Ah, As you see, the carcel tars into something to print us Something else different. This is the right triangle and I can modify it. Uh, perspective. Yeah. To make perspective, views, he years our change it with this. This is a powerful tool when it comes to modifying objects again. 9. Gradient Transform Tool and Working with Gradients: Hi, Daryn This lesson We will have a look at gradient transform tool before I want at Grady Ins on objects for you who's eat with the double click Choose feeling stroke together on and let's choose gradient transform to have its the short cut Yeah, I have to choose feel with the selection toe and modifies gradient content First you have to add a gradient toe object select the field and then open the color panel here This option means it's sort of color Make it cleaner Gradient This is a gradient Apart from black to white, it makes a smooth graduates here, change those colors double click it and take, uh, color head Or just click your choose between 16 million colors. Yeah, choose from here. Okay. This is a cool graduates here Select the field then choose breading transform tool You can transponder radiant change its ah di addiction with rotating the gradient and it is area which distance it cowers You can't change it by these little arrow here and the center you can ah take any wesh Let's look at Rodell grabbed oot rally on great deals means the colors gradient changes to another color with Roddy Ali. This is the center. You know, I think I have to make Evitts contrast Colors. Yeah, that's it. As you see, it's Raj Ali makes gradient. You can move, its center can change. It is sighs Actually, bandit make it oval ellipse. You can change It's size here. Make it circle. Change its size. Make it Arabs change its sides. Here you can rotate it, Rotate Talib's. You can move the centers. Another place. It doesn't change too. Area off the gradient but changes the center. You can change the area here. You can't change center point here. Yeah, that's basically it. We to grading, transform tool You can transform your objects, guardians. 10. 3D Rotation and 3D Translation Tools: Haidar in this lesson, we will look at the three D rotation and thready translation tools. Ah, to use these tools, we have to open action. Script three file with html five file. It is not working. And we opened. Yeah, it's act two now. Uh, we have to drohan object here. Yeah, this our object that zoom in a bit done to use these three d rotation toe. We have to make it assembled. I will talk about symbols. Ah, in the future, just do what I do and forget about two tails. Combat symbol. Click. OK, this is a symbol. Now choose to read the rotation toe. There is a gamble here. We can rotate it in x axis on why exes on the X is they can rotate it. I see. It looks like at radio object. It's not really about it. Looked like Looks like radio object. And with the treaty translation tool, we can move this object in the three. The space if I move it. This store? Yeah, it's treaty in it. Uh, extract already and with three D translation tool, I can actually, in the x axis, see these camps Exact point where the camera, is it? It looks like a thing line. But when you move it, it's not a line you tests some feel. And its treaty? Yeah, in the Y axis on in the Z axis. Yeah, that's basically explanation off. Three rotation and really translation tools. 11. Lasso Tool, Polygon Tool, Magic Wand Tool: Hi, everyone in this less soon you'll use last tool for you going tool and magic want to For using these tools, we have to draw some objects here. Just choose that solid if you color on, change it on changed through color here on change. Well, so often? Yeah, with the lasso tool. We can select objects by throwing some beer. But some shapes week Ah, mass or top that's pan on your own. Select the past that is inside the shape you draw. As you see, I can select things like that just thes part and I can change day off if you transfer a color here, make a shape like that. I am right wing it. Yeah, that's basically lessons. What lessons, too is fourth and went, If you select some part off these and you can modify it pretty transform too. You can change size can movies with the selection tool you can do it to. That's the last O Toole and polygon toe. It is the same it lasts. It'll just see the difference that if those polygons you can khaliq and throw polygons, your mouse clicks. You can do complex and selection process. Yeah, in order to use magic. Want tool? I I have toe have an image in the, uh, seen Calmus and I'm looking for a random Mima cheer. Yeah, this is, uh, Mr here. Andi drugs into seeing Yeah, it doesn't allow me to select color spots in the modify Penn off If I click, break apart, breaks apart and then I can use magic. Want tool threshold soup 10 0 r. Something. I am choosing background colors. Sorry. And with the paint packet tool, I can feel this picks us with the color I want. Yeah, it breaks the image. It turns those direction into restaurant object. Andi, I can use it. For example, if I want to use these shape, I can click doors on field them. Sorry, I have to choose a few color. Yeah, I don Do You can touched anywhere. You can use it. It's not a perfect mm tracing off the rial image, but it can be used under some circumstances. 12. Pen Tool and Add Delete Convert Anchor Point Tools: Hi. In this lesson, we will have a look at it. Look at the mantle at Uncle Point to the letter and crippling Children. Comrade and confined tool petal is used for driving object throwing shapes. It has, ah logic that Ah, it says that every a cure has Ah, starting point on gun point on and ankles. Sorry. Handles Ah, for the for this points on. And with these handles you can change the ah cure It say's like that. Sorry. As remember, with this up selection tool, you could modify the handles if you change handle orientation, think these handles as magnets and think these cure as ah metal Y ah, those magnets takes them, uh, toward themselves on changed curios shape. Yeah, this is the basic logic off the pencil. Start point and point and doors magnet handles. You can drove anything you want. I'll delete these start again. Two pencil. That's colic and drug. Don't release the mass pattern. Cook and drug and ah, detect orientation off handles and then continue Release the mouse when it's ok for you can write queries. Mouse can drug and I believe the moss at the ant. You get a sharp corners. You can fix it if you want toe support. That's here. You can't fix it. I will show it to you. Andre It again. Just choose pencil again. Click and rock critic and drug on. I want this anchor point Ah, being a corner to make a corner you can drag Don't raise Mars Watson and ah decide thes cars shape Yeah, it's it's OK for me Then press Ault key and hold it. Then change your mouth position. It is okay for year pretties mouse button Dan, click anywhere else. Continue. As you see, there is a corner here now and I wont Smoot I didn't press that button and I want corner. He also before releasing the mouse press Ault done Take the handle where, as you want on these mass button continue on and make what shape you desire. Yeah, this is the basic shapes I can feel with the pain pocket, but I don't with that ankle point. No, I first I will tell the commerce I could paint until it is true. You can ah, makes Smoot the corners. Yeah, I want smooth this corners and click here. And as you see two anchors are in the same direction. Now it seems like a light when it's the line, it's a tangent. It means that this is, uh, some boots on Kush. But it is not a, uh, see, those are Those handles are not in the same direction. It doesn't seem one line. It seems to break broken lines on. It means that it's a corner. But if you want to make a corner here, you can choose this ankle with the sub selection tool. I news this comet anchor point. Then you can change the position of the handless separately. I see you can make ever anchors corners. Oh, are you can't smooth them. Yeah, I smoked every corner She is. Sorry. Yeah, Something here. I have to fix it. Yeah. Yeah, that's okay. No, you can add additional ankle points with at anchor point to it won't change. It doesn't change the ah shape off the path. But if you delete an uncle point, it will change because there's not an anchor's ah, adobe and made feels those gap. It's anger them. Yeah, If I want remote, this anchor point, I'll be animate joins those two anchors. It's algorithm. Yeah, it makes a smolder shape. But it's arguable that if I want this, you know which is tools you can manipulate objects at anchor point toe record. Rick. Right. Ah, you want to additional? Uh, thanks for example. Ah, this cure is like that. But I want ah, cure life that here I cannot do. But just two anchors. I have to make additional anchor here, and, uh well, we eat make. Yeah, well, here, maybe Edition anchor here. And, uh, do you eat here, Make your whole here? Yeah. Those are there Chantel family. 13. Text Tool and Working With Text: Hi, everyone. In this lesson, we will look at the text tool and detect object Text tool is under the pencil and it's going like that, Uh, when you click it properties panel changed. According toa this tool there are two types off texts we can create Study Teske text dynamic texts that there is another type in protest. It is for action script on. We cannot choose it now. Since we won't create an action script application, we don't need input text. Actually, we that we won't need dynamic text also, but in case we need, I don't show you. Dynamic texts were used with script on. If you create a steam in five the animation with some properties it's some script in it We can use dynamic task text but in the scope off this course we want use something like that because it's not a programming course. Yeah, let's look at static text you will create. I'll draw it rectangle, But you don't have to draw it. Yeah, type something in it. This is the dummy texts. Yeah, we created with this Ah scare. You can arrange the with off the paragraph If you double click this Ah, Scared It turns out, uh, one line texts, not Monte line. I change. Ah, in the properties panel, there's exposition. And why position off the text and with off the paragraph you can resize it with manual here and in the character top. You see, this is the front face off the task. You can choose lots of fonts. That's choose. I mean, Emperor, it's OK. I want to use anything else. And if you want toe make it bold or another style, you have to choose which part. For example, I want this part is bolt and make it vault. Yeah, this is bought on these. It'll leak. You have. You've made it and we can change letter spacing here. This is the space between letters and I continued to write in this world space as you see same. But ah, foreign fates default Spacing is zero. It represented by zero in adobe animate, we can change the color off the text. If he choose some part of the text, we can change its color. Yeah, but if I want to change all of the texts color, just click it. Sorry. Selected with selects in tow, then change its color all text color will change or you can choose all by dragging with the type tool or just control or command a you can choose all on change its color. Yeah, this is the Karni option. If I choose not a cure select all and just clean water cures Current, uh, Karnik means the space between those characters default turning like that. But in typography, Corning is an important issue. Ah, we without proper Corn Inc. The text won't be readable and won't look like it's been like finished. It looks like I'm finished and it looks like it's a It's not a professional front. You can't choose the text and make logical on it automatically and in just current, but it is not necessary for association, he adds. Corning Keys Ah, good for me. This is the for example, scare meter. You want to write? We choose, uh, character or characters here. And if if you click this option, it changed superscript Oh, are it changed? Subscript like that under there normal characters and you can arrange alignment off the paragraph. Align left, align Middle along, right All just fight a line both left and right. You can do it. That's and I left. And spacing is here. You can arrange this basic off first line here. Click and drag right. Teoh, make more spacing for the first lying, and this is the spacing between lines or lines. Yeah, paragraph lies. And this is margins from left. Margins from right. I can't see. Actually, I'll copy and paste heats more, more, more. And it's not size that I forgot to show the size. This is the size off. The characters found that Just fight if I make more margins for right. Yeah, you see this gap between the paragraph line and the tax? He's being bigger. Same for the left side. Yeah, that's basically it's for static text. If you create dynamic text, change it here. Diner text. You have to give an instance. Name. This is for scripting issues, and some options isn't available. Hill like that of spacing and ought occurring. You can add funds from Google funds or other be forms. If you use it, your subscription and you cannot just fight and you can just multiplying behavior. You can have it. Yeah, this is a dynamic text. As I said, it is far scripting issues. There's a varietal name here, for instance name. This is static text. This is dynamic text 14. Line Tool: hi. In this less soon you will see how the line to works. This is the line to under the textile here, Liza Lyinto when you click line till the option bar changed according to its options. Yeah, First, I will draw a line here and I'll choose it. Then again, I'll see those options Also, this is the struck color. We can change it and this is feel. But there's no feel here, just a line. I know that. And this is expand to feel option. If I click this option, it will turn a few. It's not a blind anymore. Yeah. Ah, Contras e. I undo my changes. This is line. And when I choose ah sub selection tool, I can't modify its anchor points. But if I click Expecto field, it is not a line anymore. It's the rectangular shape. Now, As you see, there are corners here, rectangle corners and I can manipulate them. I cannot change the ah, with off the stroke. It's not a stroke, Animals. I will undo my changes. And this is the regular line here. Okay, selected and continue. This is great object When I say object, drawing not off. Uh, this is the same. Think great object. If I click this, it'll create an object on this. The object I cannot directly modify it anymore. Ah, I have to enter its inside it and I cant change this but it acts differently and to see when I select this I can see this vector's line here but I will break apart and to make it the regular line. I cannot see when I select object. I cannot see the specter lining anymore. But I can change stroke. I can change style here. Just ah make smaller struck and see that what happens? Sorry, this is Hey light. It won't change when I zoom in or zoom rot Zoom out. The only thing I see is one pixel line. But if I choose solid with one point with when I zoom in, I see a bigger line. When I zoom out, I see a smaller line here, Aunt, you can choose Dashed line or dot line Oh are on our refreshed line on our style. You can make it smaller or bigger and raised Saudi. What's did stipulate line on hatched line like that? You can make it all right. You straight line here. Also, the restaurant options we can ah change. It's tight. For example, if you choose hatched line, this is the representative representation off the hatches. This is a weakness, and you can choose shop, cornice or different thing. It's not airlines. Medium thickness, space distance. I choose close, she go loose and it's some has some random positionings rotation medium, and it is random rotation here and cure strike now and slight. I choose. It changed. James. Very curry changed again. Length. Those are the hatches Lengths. Now it's equal. But which is random meant It's more randomly object here now. And as you see like it's like cross. I can't choose on. Copy the all key on Drag it. Okay, hold it, drug it. And as you can't see it, I created a grass, but this very heavy for flash. Lots of objects here. Just delete tell it's not a economical way. Toe a grass, draw it and choose it. Dan Solid Now I drove again. Another line here at the end point. Two years draw and it snaps. Sorry, it snaps. And as you can see, there are one anchor point. Here's it's connected. No and double Trickett choose. All done. This is scaling. Ah, about Sorry, sorry. I forgot to Ah tell about these. If you choose these, you can make a paintbrush. This is an advanced topic. And let's just, uh, make it later. And if you choose, you can see brush library. Here there are some presets here. Decorative Russia's Curis. That's, for example, clots and double click it and you can make lots like that, for example. Yeah, pressure some cool features. You can change its colors like that, and it is blue glass. Double click it and just make solid. As I said, you can choose whatever brush you want after you can manage them here. Those are not so necessary. When you need some stink special, you can choose from here and let's close it. He had a scare option here. Now it's normal. And are you assuming you see it's scaling, going bigger and smaller, but if you choose non did, size doesn't change. According to your scaling, it seems scales. Seems I through mount and proportionately, it seems, Speak about it is not bigger, actually, on if you choose hinting whatever the zoom level or move. Uh, level is you can't see bloody ages here without him. Think you see some blood free edge here, as you see And just so you can think. And this is pixel perfect. Yeah, And it's normal and painting cause off and kept Now, Cappy ist it's care if you choose runt drunk, kep it on. And if you choose, not against care. But the difference is the vector line is here now can't seeds. And if you just scared, it makes us secure it. Aunt, this is the runt. Yeah, and the joint. This is the meter Join and you see a sharp edge here. But there's a meter. Ah sharpens here. And this is one. And you see there's a bevel edge. Yeah, you make it to and toe are bigger number apology And think you see a sharp edge here. Maybe our you fight I make drop it like that We will see some think choose EADS on no more sharp pitch we need Yeah, maybe we see now. So on to three you see the mars sharper the edge, the more number you need to make it metal jury and you can't make round join. And so please double click it, but throat very make rounded edge broked. You can bell drink? Yeah. Double click. It runs training? Yeah. Not broken. Yeah, to join. This is the basic properties off line tool. 15. Rectangle and Rectangle Primitive Tools: Iruan. In this lesson, we will talk about rectangle on rectangle. Primitive tools. Rectangle tool is here, and the economy is a rectangle. You can draw a rectangle with the stool. I'm sorry around that. Just years now it's a rectangle you fight drove it. Shift key. Hold it. You can see it's care and on driving if I hold out key option key in the Mac, you see it throws from center, and after a shoot out and shift key, hold it together. You can throw scare from the center. Yeah, those are basic rectangles. I endure rectangle. You can make it around with Edgett rectangle. Give a number on Drove the rectangle. Yeah, you see it. There are to outpoint grant edge here, and those options are that struck options. But our rectangles doesn't have a stroke. You can make a stroke here. Get it done now draw the rectangle. Double click it. Choose field and stroke together on change. Stroke by again, you can make play with stroke, as in the line tool. The difference between rectangle and rectangle primitive to is rectangle primitive to acts like a object. It's not an object, but it acts like an object and make it Saudi's. Now you can't manipulate. It's after throwing it because I dont be flesh. Sorry. Adobe Animate knows that this is a rectangle. You can change size, but it doesn't change it. Enemy defines it a za rectangle. But you drove it this. Yeah, when you're driving it finds it as a rectangle. But after you draw, it's not practical animal. You cannot see the, for example, Randich options here because I will be animated now. Threat. It is trade just as, ah, normal drawing object. A normal drawing. You can manipulate it, but in the three meter rectangle toe cannot manipulate it can manipulate according to rectangle options. Then you try toe move These ankle point. You would just change its, uh, Rhonda. Yeah, but I cannot move right or left here. I can't change Randich options, but I can move the ah uncle points. That's the basic difference off rectangle and rectangle. Primitive tools 16. Oval and Oval Primitive Tools: I know it is time to look at the overall, and our primitive tools also basically drugs and all the shape you can draw ellipsis. And if you press shoot, hold shifty, you can grow circles. And with the R key, you can draw from center oh, from Santo O R Circle for arm centers. And there are some options. There's, although shows here, this is the packing on like, Oh, well, start an angle Stinger radios, but I want to show it in the old permitted to because the same things here again in the rectangle and rectangle permitted tool Adobe Animate X differently. Defines thes when you grow rectangle. It defines this rectangle, but when you're finished drawing it, it's not a rectangle animal. It's the regular object regular droving. Actually, Aunt, let me draw all primitive. It'll Yeah, I changed size. Yeah, this is the our primitive tools circle, and you can make it, uh, Packman like shape, you know, can change it by these points. Also, those are not Uncle Point. Stores are modifying points and you can make it have in your whole here and you see, there's a hole here on make it. I see. Oh, are keyhole like that. And if you click here, there's the unclothed tangle. Primitive here. But if you click this option, choose this option. It closes those I did rectangle Sorry, Oval and all primitive tools. 17. PolyStar Tool: Hi again. Now it's his turn off. Uh, POY startled by startle Here, the economy's in hexagon and you can't draw off on while you're gone or start and you begin drawing. As you see, you are drawing from center and you cannot make it, um proportions. Ah, partly gone. This is the perfect. Ah, polygon. Here, meet the five edges. But there are options here. You can change it. I want, uh, triangle at Polygon. Okay, Triangle. But I won't start. Yes, Okay. They should start, but I have to change. It's are point size safeties and number less less than one three. Yeah. They just say this is the star. Start off from RCD us? Yeah. Can five point star Yeah, just start. Can make ratio. Actually, if you want a toe off 0.5 start point size. You can't. As you see the inner. Actually, it represents the inertia on others. Yeah, make like inner circle here on the other. Circled? Yes. And you see 0.5. It is definition in the other reanimate 18. Pencil Tool: Hi. Now it's time for pencil tool and still is Here. We pencil tool. You can draw strokes. It's not a feel object. Just stroke. Object? Yeah. Change every size when you draw it tries to make it so boot according toe algorithm off other with flash. If you try to draw a straight line, just make it like a straight line and it makes a straight line here. That's to get it. Yeah. There are two anchors here to get these. There are much and cars here, and it tries toe. Assume what I I was trying to drove. You tried to draw a circle. It makes circle or a noble shape here. Yeah. You see, that is not lots off points ankle parties, but there is much more anchor points here, and there are handlers. And you, Kim modify. Damn on change, Stroke with and color on type here. Yeah, you can Also, Treacher's these options. Yeah. Is this people stroke and I drove it and it makes Teeples. This is what Ansel Tool works for 19. Paint Brush Tool: either. Let's look at the paintbrush to. Actually, you can use paint brush tool to draw, uh, strokes like pencil tool. Or there are fields, for example. I choose these stroke style and this is a stroke. Now I can change its anchor points and get different strokes. But if I choose throw s field, it makes you feel it is not a stroke. And you see the last off anchor points as a few. It's not, uh, throw up now and there's an option here. Smooth Think. Let's take sort it brush you aunt drove something. Yeah, it's most like that. But if I make it high, yeah, that's so it's most much. But if I make love makes lost mother, As you see it makes breast strokes. And since I wrote as a feel it makes real objects. But I checked the dro s feel option. It throws trucks. As you see, it ignores the movements I made here. It's high, but it is no and it is doesn't ignore it. The best thing is it's the struck 20. Brush Tool: Haider. Now it is time to look at brush tool brush. Jewel is a strong tool for drawing objects. It brush tool. You can create feels with your brush, and there are some options off brush tool here. Now this ice Use five picks salt and just click brush tool and throw something as you see when I draw. It's the most, ah, brushstroke, because the smooching is high when it because love as you see it doesn't Smoot very much on when I choose door with sub selection tool. It's so there are lots off uncle points here, but there are less uncle points in this smooth price stroke. Yeah, there are some options one off those options, room size with stage. Yeah, I show it. Let's delete these and said like flash tool. As you see, it's that five, uh, pixel Bryce truck. And when I zoom out, the breast size changed to keep the same Bryce size. Let's make high small think leveled. But when I uncheck this option, you got yourself. I am a Muslim, rooming in or zooming out. The breast size is the same, but according toa my zoom level, the stroke size changed That's the ladies and show this. Ah, think a bit more clearly. Yeah, this is 100 zoom level. Yeah, on if I do mean breast size the same. But breastroke stroke is much less with and it's just a Bryce size doesn't change according toa my zoo. But if I checked this price size will change. This is the actual breast size Since when I zooming God's bigger and the same size I had, aunt, regardless off my I assume there will breast size is same Those are these Ah, Somali lines here because off my brushes uh, movement, uh, make it to make it more precise. If you use a tablet, you can check these and with the pressure, you can draw much more echr it strokes in these lesson. We want to use graphic tablet on can't show this option And this is the tilt option off the , uh, pen. If you're does, you can use your tablets size until sensitiveness. And if you click, this lock field is about to graduate. But before showing these I want show this This is the brush mode paint normal. Not I am painting normal. Yeah, If I paint normal as you see it paints on the object, cuts the stroke, cuts the field. If I choose paint feels and you see it doesn't cut stroke just got to feel and cut itself Also, it seems that our that is a stroke here and the pain behind stroke cause behind Teoh. As you see the rush movement movement behind the object. He's not here anymore, Aunt Pain selection. And you can't paint anywhere in case you select it. You can paint inside this object. Yeah, it's the pain inside. You can paint anywhere about value. Inside that field, you're painting stays in the field, you can change brush shape. Here it is, the Kali Grafite oval brush. You see that are smaller areas. There are wider areas according to brush shape. You can throw it. Uh, uh, rectangular brush, scrub brush on the actual calligraphy brush. You can write something. Yeah, calligraphic style. And you can add custom brush appeared. It's not scope off our lesson. Yeah, I think those are the all options off brush tool 21. Bone Tool and Bind Tool: Hi, everyone. In this lesson, you will talk about Montel and buying tools. Those are the tools for the ending bonds, toe objects. Those are for actually character animation. We want to use character information in our estimate. Five. Ah, class. But I want to show that we will start by drawing basic character. This is the head and body arms. I am drawing thes by with price tool. Yeah, does this This is the silly character here. And she was born tool. I'm starting with the Paris The bone here on on here. The arms not co hand. Um on hat. Yeah. This is the lex on foods, Bones. This is the basic character bonds you have. And I drove these. There's the armature. I think his appeared here. I can't arrange its pauses with armature. You're here. Choose those frames on right click and then click Insert frame and choose selection. Tool, Click a born. Yeah. You see, I can make move. Yeah, ended three seconds. I correct us when shake its arms. And one second maybe I want toe make another moment. I can make it here. And as a c it moves according to the boss This is the basic bond tool, That's what Get find tools. I'm drawing a rectangle to make it more simple. Toe understand. And at bones one, 23 bombs Onda as you see police buying tool and click This born? Yeah, responds control doors, points despond Contreras was fourth. Sperm controls those fault. If I want just this bone control just these two points click control and I choose this Born I am holding controI and collect this and click these on Those are not controlled by this animal. Yeah, I removed this and it moves because actually these upon controls far. Yeah, I can show here much more Better I will on chick sties on all control and click teas. Yeah, as you see. Yeah. I will buy 10. Hold. Shift on buying does there? It's to despond. Controls for dishpan controls is to respond. Contrast is two doors points are not controlled by any bonds. And when I more divorce, I see that those points doesn't change. If we want them to change, I have to bind them. Ah, Bond. Yeah. Fine tool and correct. It's born on hold Shift key done by Done. Could you please on hold, Chief Key. Invite them and you see those points are mobile Now this is the basic buying tool 22. Paint Bucket and Ink Bottle Tools: Hi, everyone. In this lesson, we will look at the paint back tool and ink bottle tools. Paying packet tool is for painting a dress. Here I drove two shapes Disa closed shape on This is it's not closed open shape. And I will draw more here again. This closed? Yeah. From a cleat paint back tool. You'll choose the field color here or here. We can choose it. Yeah, we will paint, uh, closed areas with these yellowish color. And when I click inside shape, it feels yeah for years, but it doesn't feel because it has open edge here. I'm going. Teoh, undo my changes. There is an option here. Feel regions. It means that when you click and drag to paint back tool, you'll feel when you go inside shape. Yeah, as you see 1,000,000 gold Inside this shape, it feels it feels and fees inside of the shape. But undo my changes When I uncheck this option, I am clicking and dragging. But it's fields Onley, empty shapes here, not colder regions. But when I click this feel here, this is a feel, not a stroke. We can check by thes Yeah, see, It's ah field on and click here, it feels, but it doesn't feel inside these on closed object years and in bottle Tool is for creating strokes. This is a stroke color and stroke wheat and collect outside. Bonn drove an object Lori on top of the object. This very beach, I think two or something. It and it makes it stroke. It creates a stroke. Yeah, you see, likely inside this it creates stroke just by just here the other boundary. But when I click here, it's create stroke inside and outside, inside and outside Off this object, as you see. Yeah, when I click and drug, it's doesn't creates stroke. Just creaking inside. Subject order other bond rates off the object. I will make this, ah bond rate create stroke here on bond. Recreate stroke here but inside. If I click inside the object, it would create both boundaries. 23. Eyedropper Tool: Haider in this lesson, we will look at the eyedropper tool eyedropper. It'll is for the ah taking a color from the from an object or image or a color in the stage you can picked this color on. Take it to your palate. Here, for example, Collect the eyedropper tool, and if you want a toe, take this field color here could eat and it is in your palate. And you wanted picked stroke color. Here, click here and stroke color is in your palette here. And if I want toe, uh, pick a color and apply here. Select this region and critic Eyedropper tool. Then click this feel different color and it's called goals, uh, to these field, and this is the same for the strokes. Also, if I want to color the struck with throw color of this object, I can click it at copy its properties. Ah, boss, stroke color and struck with or stroke style. You can use eyedropper tool for this proper processes 24. Eraser Tool: Hey, what's up? In this less sun, we will use razor tool. Rachel toe raises objects as it states in the name You can use it for raising objects, fields and strokes. There's a month here and I am changing it to air is normal here. And this is the normal raising process and the Bryce size year. This is a big I think, and I can make it smaller. Yeah, this is good. And I will raise this part off the shape. As you see, I raced for erased both fields and strokes here. And there is some options when you say race feels you with raised just feels not strokes. These lions just strokes, not feels as you see I raised on deracinated feels nothing will change because I didn't say a thing If I said I can I feel here, Aunt, Raise it. Yeah. You see, I raised the fear selected field or actually on it. Holding control clicked on at place. Andres inside If you choose it, you can't raise in case if you are not in and feel I am in feel now and I will raise you. See, I am raising inside off her field. Yeah, because I started to raise it from inside. But from outside, I can't raise it. Those are the days and months, and there are faster, some options. Here's force it and it's clicking. You can raise hole things here. All fields here and those are the pan tablet options. And this is the brush shape options and schism side with states like in the brush tool. This is the basic Grazer tool. 25. Width Tool: Hi there. In this lesson, we are dealing with it with tool with a lease for changing with up the strokes. I am creating a stroke here at another stroke here. Other stroke here. Run a stroke here again. Story. It's not what I want. Yeah, this is it. Yeah, choose missile and you can change these struck with off the stroke object when your power on it and said the vector line appears And if you click and rugged and it will make ah, blobby stroke or you can make it thinner or thicker. How you like? I'm changing the tear. Can't making zero here. Yeah, and changing to read off these. It's like a Stan and like those are like leaves and I will change also here, and I am dealing with handles as to see you can throw some shapes like, Ah, Leafs stamps. Throw whatever you want. Just throw a stroke. I'll do it tool. And then choose reads, uh, tool. Dan chose Read off the struck. Here you can collect a handle son making inflate or deflate like that. That's it. Best thing is, it's a stroke, and you can modify it with its handles. Your with tool changes to remains 26. Assert Warp Tool: Haider. Let's look at the asset work, too. A set work tool. You can create warp objects. What's the object? I will show it. Throw a shape the brush tool and click assets Wachtel and click it. Then click the place you want to. Other joint point I want here on. As you see it created a mash on the object. I added 32 joints here, and there are a total three joints, and you can modify it. But I want to show it with the animation logic, and I'm clicking the 10th frame and right clicking and saying in cerci frame there, the key frame here and this is the origin state, and I want to change its position here. The first pause. I want to make it Hi here and right. Click between the key frames on, say, create classic between on it creates a two in here. As you see, it falls on. Uh, I don't create another keep frame and another here as the tent. And there is a 1234 frames, 123 frames and 12 frames on that seat. It's a frame for the scene. The last posts here and here start in the up on its the lowest part. And I move it here. I want to create their bouncing effect. Most part. And you hear Then I want I have to add another key frame, and I have to copy this pause. Select all and control. See in the mag. Common. See and copy it. And, uh, last pause. Well, with the ah fault, Lowest pause on click control shift on V paste in place in the mag common shift on B. Yeah, You have to add classic opinions between these brains. I will tell what is between in the next ah section. Just I don't mind if you don't understand all concepts year folks on the bottle is a drop tool is for or pink our object and played animation. It's C. It's kind of like falling. Why? Yeah, yeah. Kulik set for as it Barbies for warping our objects. Uh, for annual objects, we can do eat, actually, yeah, I won't toe can object like that. And Colligan said Corp at a joint here. The joint here, here, here, Run here. Yeah, when I move it, I can, as you see, modify these objects like in the bottle. But the logic is a bit different, not the same. Logically, Pontell Bonta is a more professional way of think animation character animation actually s set warp is made before just small basic animations. 27. Camera Tool: hi dudes, for in this lesson, we will look at the camera tool. Uh, I want toe Ah, explain camera to in an animation I think it is. It will be much more explanatory lesson and I am opening at fault. Animation comes with Adobe. Animate the bicycle animation Double click it and open it. Here is there by school animation. I would come out and you see the frame is here stages here and the animation Ah, steps are here with the camera tool. You can zoom toe objects or rotate your camera click camera tool and the camera layer appeared here on this is the default paws off camera and at the end, I keep frame on I zoom animation on the rotate camera angle a bit. Yeah, it's a default pause and the last pose and I will add a classic between here and see when the animation is playing. I am zooming and rotating the camera and to see uh, Aunt, I can also change the teen Rather you camera. It's all right. This is ah, yellow color on teamed. Yeah, and thread ish and make a smaller green value. I can adjust colors and I can arranged zoom and rotation here with the keyboard input. Yeah, it said, This is fold and camera less becomes more yellowish on rooms and rotates. It's the camera options. I can make it in default. Sorry, it's a little bit good on this is the zero, and it is in the it's default values. 28. Hand, Rotation and Time Scrub Tools: Hi. We will look at this tool group, hand tools, rotation tool and time scrap to handle. It's far collecting and, uh, panning de stage. You can pass the each year just changing position off the stage frame and for rotating toe stage. Arjuna artwork isn't rotating butthole stages rotating, and you can make it again. Dinar. It's a bit Ah, heart. And this is the time scrap tool. You can, uh, go forwards or backwards in the time line. With the stroll in stage, you can make it here and here. 29. Zoom Tool: Haider in this lesson are subject is zoom toe toe is a magnifying class here on you can click, zoom in and choose to come out here and produced Islam level. This is far swimming in and zooming out. 30. Useful Shortcuts, Keys and Other Things: welcome a Ruan in this lesson. I am going to tell you some useful things Shortcuts, cage keys and other things. Ah, when you start to create an animation on this is a long process and you have to effectively use stage here. For example, you start a new filed here. Yeah, great. Html five commas document here. Yeah, I just say I am so Mingqing without choosing room to the short cut is hold the control on ah turned mass. Feel here. Yeah, and it zooms in and zooms out. And another a short cut off this process. Hold control and press plus button and class minus button for zooming in and zooming out and value. Ah, just no drawing or doing something else. You want to pan through the stage and shortcut is this pace bar, part space bar and character turns hand tool and click and rugged to make upon here. Yeah, we can't easily upon with space part and holding control and the mass real, we can easily looming and room out. We can effectively use the stage. And when you're throw something you want, like a thing, you don't have to go and click the selection tool. Uh, temporarily, you can turn your selected tool to selection tool. Just click on hold control. It turns the selection tool on selected double click. It will select or just click it and select this part if you don't take for part. And if you're ah old contract, click are an empty place. You did that's like everything it's like eight on Continue. What other trying to do? Select It may be changed color and continent droving Select dates, but you don't want toe make you think again could hold control and click a empty place here and everything. UH, you can't set to stroke color here. Field color. Here I am drawing strokes and it's throw color works. I'm drawing fierce and fiery color works, and the some options appears. Here's the options Older brush tool here, and you can swap this colors so feeling struck here on Do you can choose color years. This is the basic Web safe colors, but here we can say much more detailed color list. It's the color picker. You can make gradients. Yeah, I pick a gradient toe my palate on, and I make two years with this gradient here Ah, has. And remember when I unchecked this, I can't see the whole gradient. But I if I checked this Grady and starts from here to here, and I Why there? I drove the guardian feats this ah scale. This is the local scale. Radiant. This is a global scale. Radiant. Yeah. You can go on here. We can teach defaults. Watches are, uh, you can make Maybe, uh, switched library on open source library here. Group it great and use watch. Save it. And this motion presses for and align panel here and transform panel here. We will use all these properties when we create a riel animation or html five it of advertisement. You will see the whole process here. And this is stage. You can create new layers with this tool. That layer still just Ah, click and drag to the dust bean Here on this is the camera tool again, I can arrange it. It's late path depth panel. You will talk about later. And this is the some information about stage Create on empty blank for a key frame on. We are in the night night frame. We can change here. I want to go to the 17 frame and it goes. Don't teach frame on. This is the second Ah, every second Our timeline bar here. This is the 2.9 seconds here. This is the FPs frame per second. Ah, value off our document. Those are pretty Rewind and go to next. I think here we can insert he frame here or score two, uh, next key frame previous key frame or insert a key frame here. And those are the drawing Mars or in skim arthouse lions. We can multiple frames and we can modify our markers. Those are a bit Ah, this is the advance team. And this is we can loop our stage. Our loop here just seeing gets on The information I want to do is just like that. When we go in depth for creating animations, you'll see whole process and feeling things 31. What are Symbols: Hi, everyone. In this lesson, we will talk about symbols in adobe. Animate symbols are reusable packed graphic objects. I define them like that. There are three types off symbols graphics team boys, movie clips and balls and bottom symbols. In other be animate. I will talk about in Dept Ah, for long, Les Sons. But I want to show how to create a symbol. And ah, what can we do with them? Actually, yeah. I want to create on symbol here on the drawing. Actually select all on insert new symbol or right click it and convert same board and given name out symbol rectangle soon, boy, I named it and choose the small type. Move Philippe Bhutan or graphic, whichever you want. It doesn't matter now I am clicking, okay and is the symbol now I cannot change its ah feel color and stroke color or other properties directly. I have toe choose it and double click it on. Enter inside off that symbol. As you see, the background goes pale and this is ah reachable ting and I cannot select out of things. Just deal with symbol. Uh, this is the focus mode off a sim world I am focusing on these insulation. It is insulation. What? I can change its parties here and in the library panels. I can see this symbol, the icon. This is more deep and I can often move. Move! Khalid is like that. And the name off the eat. Ah, I can reuse them. I can click drag and drop instances off thes symbol ish. Those are instances. Actually, this the origin symbol and those are instances and instances are exactly the same. I think with the ordinance symbol. If I double click and enter a symbol and change its properties, as you see Sorry. The area instance off. That symbol has changed and I change. I think, as we uh, they are changing. It's a continuously all changes I did. I can see the effects off it and I can use them for animation. Or just if it is a bottom symbol just for some clicking and how ring things, operations, I can raise them. Ah, that's the basic explanation. Off symbol to sum up. I can say this again. They are reasonable package graphic objects. This is this pack. And in the inside, off that pack there's a shape that it can be more than one shape. And Strug's or feels are whatever everything we can make in a symbol we can hold actually, animations. I'll talk about deeply following lessons. 32. Graphic Symbols: Hi, everyone. In this lesson, we will talk about graphic symbols in other Be animate on to make a graphic symbol Just does something And it right Click uh, they commerce symbol, we say and given Name s lying I do this name on and sister type off the Sim boiled and which fall Or I will put the library route Or I can make any folder on making. Actually, I want to make it a new folder to show you a peek. Boys, I give this name and they're advanced options. Does our action scripting? And since thes file is not an actions to grip three file, this is the HTML five file and we cannot see doors options here on this the registration point off small It is important, but it can be changed later. You can leave it here. This is the center point. It asks me which point will with Centrepoint. If I choose this the left corner off the whole object At this point it would center off the symbol or if I chose it It throws a rectangle outside off the object. Ah, not physically but conceptually throws a rectangle and takes the midpoint it. Ah, it's this point, I think, Yeah, I believe it. Like that. And edger seeds is the meat point. This is the registration point off. Eat and show it I It makes a graphic symbol. Also given name Joan, for example. Register here. And as you see, the registration point is here in the same. But it is here. Both registration points and the midpoint is here. This is the point. It's here, and the registration point is here. We can change it publicly. Here on more eat and the restoration point change can change Also the a meat point with, uh, free transform tool the ads in the middle now, Yeah, those are not so important It they are actually important, but it's not important here. Toe tell Talk about Seymour's. Yeah, delete symbol and take a look around library. John is here directing a symbol from produce a lesson. It's year. We can get it right. Click and bleat. And as lines in what is in a graphic symbols folder. This is like a regular folder off your computer. John is here. We daily deleted from the scene, but in library we has we can actually delete him from the scene, but a Sline symbol is here and click and drag to seeing you. Can you raise it? And I will double click it and enter inside off year. You see, we are in the same one and they in the slide. Graphic symbol. This is the icon off a graphics Timbul on. As I said, Symbols, holes, different things. There's one there. Maybe we can make another layer on drove. Ah, there's that frame here and throw other shape here and yeah, here and the five A frame. Fifth frame off the timeline. Insert key frame and double click it. Move DoubleClick. Eat. Move on and it's a frame. Double click moves. Double click moves on 15 frame again. I moved. Um, yeah, here press enter and see the animation here. Yeah, you have to choose 19 and insert frame not to keep frame. That frame contains the same thing with the key frame. I will talk about keep framing animation section. Just do what I do and I want folks on these frames I talk about later. Yeah, there's, ah, very zt. A loop. You can press lube on widened rage toe hold alot frames and press enter and it's loops. This is the graphics in both animation. It's a silly animation, but it's good for showing you something. Yeah, press and to run policy it that uncheck this option and click this scene here or DoubleClick outside of the symbol, an empty place or the collect scene, uh, name. And we are in this scene now, not in the same world. And we see the first layer off symbol and you fight at normal frame here. As you see, this is graphic symbol, and at five it changed it and 10 changed changed. 20. It turns the first ah, frame off the graphic symbol. The graphic symbol Holtz just 19 frames. But in seeing the graphics, Tim Boyle is on stage for 50 frames. And when really come toe 20. Eat. Leave. 20. We see the first the first frame off the ah graphic. Same board on it's the fief to frame a tent 15 on 19 frames. Again, graphic seem bored. Place continuously without stopping. We can see in the scene. The graphics team boss other, uh, frames. Yeah, actually, we can click and he's or keep rhymes year and lead them on se trenny. Yeah, See, trainee but fault for again. We see 20 because there is no 40 frames in the symbol, just 20. And when it comes to it on it starts again. This is the end and start again. And after 20 frames, it's does again. Again, again, again This field last forever till the end off these layers. Frame count. This is the graphic some boiled. 33. Movie Clip Symbols: Yeah, we are continuing to meet the movie clips symbol. More clips. Invoice is like graphics team boys, but real time playing is different from graphic symbols. I will bleed the instance off that symbol at I am placing. Yeah, rectangle double clicked. Feel an insect. Everything on right. Great comment. Symbol. The shortcut is F eight on This is the moves in. Boiled your name and choose clip register from the center and put it in the library route. Or you can make it another folder. Movie clips seem boys. I did it on. Okay, then the more clips in boys ah folder created and this is our symbol here. This instance we can delete it, and this year again we can drag and drop to the stage. Seen and dry, double click it and through this symbol and again, like in the ah like we did in the graphics. Immoral created on move creates a key frame, and we'll object and sort key frame, and we eat a bit Sirti frame beads. Sort key. Frame on might have it. Yeah, little Pete's press and turf. As you see, this is, uh, silly animation movie clips and boil holds that animation. Yeah, and click seen name here on return to seeing on to create a new layer on put ASL Einstein boy. Here, layer two horse s line symbol on day one holds move. Seems symbol in the properties. When I select these see the, uh, which symbol we are dealing. Wait, this is an instance, but it hasn't a name. We can give a name and reach. Reach it. Access it. We are this script on This is the type off symbol. We can change the type off the SIM boil off the off this instance and those are the position and with and hide options, you can spray bleeding. Largest the filters on HTML five, doesn't you much more option for those futures on? We left them. Now here I will create and other instance Off this in more this is most seems embroiled also in the properties panel. I will change this instance toe graphic and I will resize it as you see if you change the instance off the symbol. Ah, the origin and symbol doesn't change. But if you and through the symbol and change for example, a property make it here. But you know in the 20 Read it yellow, making the one yellow. Also you change. Actually, we can see. Yeah, you see, the it is East senses, states are changed Also. Yeah, because we changed the symbol itself. Not instance. Here we change size off the instance. Here we changed. The origins seem bored. Yeah, As you see, when I played this timeline here, click Not Click Press Answers Edge. See, those are This is graphic symbol and this place in real time. And this is a movie clip symbol. But instance is X acts instance ex like a graphic and we can see it's animation in the real time also, but this is the orginal symbol, and it's more clip it horse again an animation. But we can't see its animation because when we clips don't revealed themselves in the real time in the stage. If export the movie, we can see it's animation. Just hold control and press enter and seeds exporting javascript HTM and five file and we are seeing hold animation. This is the final rendering and we see the animation off the movie clip. But in the scene in the timeline, we can't see its animation If we don't make it, make the instance. A graphic symbol. Yeah, this is the basic difference off the ah movie clip and graphics. Tim boys. Ah, they're basically the same. But I think in the scene changed according toa those symbol types. 34. Button Symbols: Now it comes to button Simba's buttons Symbols are a bit different from the movie clip Orographic sim bars. Those are bottoms on, act like a button and I am droving rectangle on Say it, He's he's, uh, Martin in button and I take it here on properties. Make it black. Yeah, this is bottom. And when I convert Sim World Major Yeah, so but on I just really library roads, Boys. I created it, uh, folder. As you see library. There's a button small folder annual robustness here and you can double click it or right click and add it in place you can select. This is applicable for all types off symbols editing place. We are dealing with it in the place. As you see, The internal timeline is different from other symbols. There are states off the bottles. This is the abnormal state of the bottle, and this is the over on. I said, insert key frame and choose a different color. Yeah, when I Howard, it would change its stroke and few colors. Andi, don't state click it it again changed change colors on, say, in the overstate our states on yes, press the bottom the hits here is for defining the ah clickable area of the button when it very in your lift blank. Ah, the whole area is clickable on the button because this is a suitable button and all areas are same. Uh, we don't need hit Ah, let's hit frame here. But I will show how it works and let's return to stage and seeing one and agency. Nothing's happened. Nothing happens because, uh, in this stage we can't see the orginal states off the bottom because next in five file in control there is enable simple buttons option here. But this is applicable for just only action script three files and click. Sorry. Hold control and press. Enter on, make tasty my five file and you can see this is the button. And when you however it it changed our state. And when you click it, you say it's press, it's the click state, and I will timeline And to find the hits area here, it's sort key frame on the needs. Yeah, it free size. Oh, the ah hits area and contra answer. Yeah, this is the ault. A stone on high file and whole area is clickable horrible, but in the ah, new wasting five. Yeah. This is not harboring any more here. But when you enter the applicable area, the whole states comes and you can press it. But you cannot dress here. This is the logic behind the hits area. You can actually change to hitch area outside bottom. Yeah, Contra and turf. Everything is possible on No how are above? Yeah, this is the hit area. And you can when you enter this, it's area bottom can applicable and horrible. This is the logic of the bottle objects. 35. Some useful information on animation: Hi, everyone. We will talk about animation in this lesson. Animation is ah, seeing pictures, uh, one by one. And in a ah period off time Seeing some amount of images and our brain makes this looks like a movement. Actually, nothing is on the stage is moving, but we are seeing frame by frame Ah, different images. And if our brain says that Ah, those are moving things we perceive that, like of moving things Ah, there is no moment. Actually, As I said, there are just pictures. Ah, the ah amount off frame in a second defines the animations FPs value Here, this is day 24 FPs file. It means that in a second we will see two and four frames. We can change it. For example, I will do on animation here. Double click, comrade it as symbol Not that bottom about movie clips above on and five insert key frame. In the five second, I started a key frame in the first frame. Our bull is here on in the frame 120. Our bowl is here. I see. Nothing happens. But when I create a between as you see, it looks like it moves but actually in the frame on its ear frame to its here There's a new image in every frame and when I press answers I saw that in five second it reaches there. This is because ah, 100 and 20 frames cowers five seconds with a 24 FPs If I change it 48 FPs As you see, the times have changed on 2.5 2nd we will see this animation I press enter on and to say it most quicker on you Fight choose 60 frames per second in two seconds The animation with stop Yeah on if I choose 120 frames per second in one second, I will see 120 frames. As you see Ah, the human eye can catch 24 frames in a second. Ah, our eyes are designed for this FPs Ah, But when I changed this FPs in a higher amount, I can perceive its much more seamless, much more smooth animation. I can change its 12 frames per second and animation last for 10 seconds and I can see ah, uh Jaggi animation here Not a good animal smart animation, but a bit tick, tick, tick, tick, tick The animation here, as you see to sum up animation, is about images we are seeing in a period of time. And ive we can perceive it As it moves. We perceive it as moving object and animation medical cures. Ah, and we can interpret everything with this. Ah, frame by frame method. I will talk about some animation techniques. Ah, in the following lessons. 36. Frame by Frame Animation: Hi there. In this less sun, we will look frame by frame animation. This is an animation method used by old cartoons, and in adobe animate, you can make frame by frame animation. This is the basic animation type. Ah, for this animation. Think I am using pencil tool and throw a lie. And then the next layer I insert a key frame done. I will drove and it's a guest, but I will news on your skin mode's Yeah, I won't see what is in the previous Ah frames. Yeah, just see, I am on the frame five, but I can't see what is in the frame. One. Yeah, I will throw a bit Ah Curie line and canned second Zo returned frame. I insert the key frame key frames for ah, you know Ah, animation. This is the A keys off the animation. You will understand it much more better when you're finished. This section in the frame. 10. I'll throw a bit courage, Tink on in 15. Insert key frame on street or Gina. Orginal stroke and toe Be Tamar Curry on 20. I sort of frame and lead orginal. Think, and it say it is empty As you see if a key frame is empty in the time line, it looks like this and it is not empty. It look likes thes on into any. I will grow much more jury and 25 frame and the lead it on dro much more circular on it becomes circle. This is frame by frame animation and you see uncheck science. Kmart on press enter is see frame by frame. It becomes, ah, circled on Make a loop. I want play. You have had shows this friend much more and in sort of frame, not the key for him because this is a frame connected to this key frame. What is in this key frame is also in this frame. As you see, just keep frames, make change, not frames. Make a loop on clay and you see that line becomes circle. This is frame by frame animation. You can make things like that or move things like that 37. Tween Animation: in between animation. The key frames Ah, are ah drawn first. Then you fill the between these key frames that is See how don on So it choose black on just a basic Sorry. I do. Yeah. Thanks, Andi. Hence, in the first pause, it's like that on in the last post in Ah, two seconds. It's our key frame and I will make it's hands are no up. Not that it's just the left arm. We go up. Did you see? Ah, in the bottom. On the up I will turn on the onion Skin Mart. I will add some key frames here. Sortie frame every 10 seconds. Turkey frame, sir. Key frame, certain key frame and more. This to 50. Yeah. And you see every 10 seconds there is key frame and I can't see the final movement. And I will complete this Armagh 10 and I am Ah calculating this base needed in one through 234 in four movement. It goes here. 1234 Yeah, uh, arm should be here 20. I am raising on and choose castle. Tool on. So sorry. Right. Sorry. I would choose brush and draw. Have it's higher on con sturdy raised arm You raised much just armed. Try to raise Yeah Andan Torti because of its higher Yeah, in 40 The leads are you can't see every position here and into 40 Made the tire 50 last post as he lets close Alliance King Yeah, this is in between ing Ah, I mean the keep pauses here on the first keepers hiss years in between there are four key pauses I drive them according to my first and last key pauses loopy It's loop range a range and presenters, As you see it makes higher. It's our This is 24 FPs I can change it 60 Sorry. Stop Animation Press and Theron 60 right, 60 here on type it. Yeah, it is much more faster now. This is in between ing on the other will be any mate makes it automatic With the symbols, you will see the Tween types 38. Motion Tween: in this lesson we will cower motion three in other way animate to make a motion to me. And I have to seem boy drawing a circle double click it on what? Click convert symbol and will sleep Name isn't reported for now. Yeah, In the 2nd 3 I insert a frame not a key frame motion between works different from classic to lean on shape between And I am right clicking on Say, great motion Tween Yeah, as you see it turns a different color from gray and it and I click this layer and move Eat here as you see it records my movement and create between I can actually deal with this motion line This is the path and it is shaped this symbol for lost This line, I can add it is the's. It's like a regular line and I can deal with it This tool under the pencil, Comrade anchor point tool. I can make handles, make handles, make this car returned Those and I can't change the pets on it follows it. Yeah, it's perfectly good press And you see, it goes like that. Uh, that is so good on you can add and other moments here. As you see, it goes down first on, it goes up again and he if maybe goes here, you can make any complex animation as you want. But you have to be careful. You can spoiled animation, uh, in terms off timings. 39. Shape Tween: hi. In this lesson, we will cower shape to being in adobe. Animate for these I am creating circle. We told Shift Key. Hold it. I drove a double. Click it and move eat in the 2nd 1 In starts, a key frame Key frames are the keys off the animation. Yeah, I will move them more. It's on and I will deform it. Habit. And to a second I insert a key frame on selection. Tow it. Beat on with the sub selection to I will before it's a bit more. Yeah, in the 2nd 3 Start a key frame. Double click it. I'm a weed on press space and turned your tool toe handle and deform. It's a bit more. Yeah, Aunt, See? Whole stage. As you see first it is like that. Then it's like that dance like that. Done like that? Yeah. Ah, if I want to create animation like this Ah, I have toe drove frame by frame but adobe animate make it's possible for me We just creating shape Tween right click and create a shape to in here the shape to be in here and shaped in here. I just see it turned shape with my steps. Yeah, I arranged moved range and press enter, as you see, Change shape. Name off to venous shaped green and deals with shape. This is it's make sense. Yeah, but its entrance Stop it on a I can't actually do without this tool. Key frames, I can delete them. And the date EADS three tickets on and the frame. But I have to remove all frames here. Select all frames on, you know, frames. Then put this here on. Yeah, shape doing is still here. You can primo shape to me on at shape. Doing here on it is much more smoother now. Actually, you can, uh, tone and shape from one to another. Yeah, I will believe this Type A here, but it is a type of object. The teen doesn't work and you see it. There are that lines here. You It means that to me, it doesn't work. And I have to make ah regular shape right quick and break apart it on. Did you see? It's a regular shape now and you can see it changed from ah regular cycle toe on a double klieg stroke and laid it on as you see out of animate called place The shape shifting Like this. Yeah. This is the basic shape twin. You can turn anything into anything else. 40. Classic Tween: Haider in this lesson we will coward classic between for these great and file and our filers ready for creating classic careens We need symbol I will draw a single here a circle Hold shift on throw it on a double Click it or choose everything and press F eight or right Greek commerce symbol I am converting the symbol Sarko, your name registration Okay, Uh as you remember in meaning animation that are key animation frames Key poses The first post on last course the first ports. It's here in last Pot's It's here Yeah, with classic between Adobe Animate feels in betweens for me I don't have toe move it in every frame but it will do it automatically The main logic behind the other be animate, is it? I just click anywhere between these key frames and right click Then create classic between Yeah, is you see turns purple and there is that So are you There's an arrow here it say's from thes thes I am doing in between ing, as you see does in between Inc and repeats Maude and play and see it because there I did not dro every frame but other We animate feels in this between ing in between frames. But you have to make a symbol toe, create a classic Tween without a symbol. You cannot do it at past. It allowed us to make a classic between without some boys, but now it's more strict and doesn't alot asked. May classic between without Sim boys. 41. About Terms and Policies of Google Ads: Hi, everyone. In this section we will create an HTML five animation and esteem and five advertisement for Google at Network. And to do this, we have to know what Google wants from us for creating HTM and five inmate. It adds There are some terms and policies over the Google and we will search for them. I am type ink go image and required requirements. Yeah, this is the terms and policies off to Google image ads. Yeah, uh, we are looking at the some restrictions. Yeah, it's a it's important. Intimations that last longer than 30 seconds. Not a lot. And this means we have to ah, arrange our animation under 30 seconds. Ah, did not say its shorter animations can loop or repeat, but must stop after 30 seconds. This is important. If you read, create an animation last longer dented seconds. Google reject it or if you loop it forever's Google reject again. And this is the first condition on. We have to look esteem and five ads I collect. There are some requirements. Those are some information about estimate five ads and this is the conditions all aged in my five ads must be in a zip file and it it have to contain Ah, it has to contain HTML file and others assets on that are supported sizes. You can do whatever size ah listed here, but you cannot do everything. You have to choose the most used to us and there's ah, another. There's another term here. The finals zip file should be on 100 and 50 kilobytes or smaller. This is important. You cannot upload bigger than this ah amount and this is terms for Google. Web designer. Html five EDS. We want to in Google that designer and it is not for us on this is for us again. This is ah, the fires requirements in the HTML file, you have to declare thes and there should be an HTML type and body talk and head attack. And in the head tuck you have tow. Contain these line with proper, uh, wheat and hide off your image yet and meet that and exploit and tax ah will not be accepted . Sorry in nine ending tax may not accept it. You have to explicit and tax. This is the wild type and it's not while it yeah, those are html things and ah we will just look at the final HTML file for these things and we'll check and we correct if there is anything different from here on a in the file or assess shall be included But ah if you use JavaScript file for animation you green sacks is a lot and create yes is a lot And those must be ah sourced from the servers in your zip file You don't have to host creates yes or Green Sakshi s fire And yeah, you have toe Ah called them from the this from these hosts on Google gives us place that it hosted on and we have to keep in minds Beautif eight must be use for Nana See characters on Yeah this is the regional Originally available sizes in Poland this size these famous are in Russia These red Sonja we will create ah general html five at and we will do in my rectangle this and then create a scare file and credit white with file and great verticals . Ah, file Ah, and dying You will have seen all type off sizes on you can create other size 42. Planning Animation: Hi, everyone. In this lesson, you'll plan our information. I plant ah, step by step animation here. Who? I will create four scenes in scene one. I had just filled with the intra Oh, the animation. And there will be a local animation. I think this is important for people to know. Ah, Reach Cos Animation advertisement it is. And in the scene, too. Ah, that's a little bit an image. And as the gun on in scene three. Ah, Caribbean image Answer 12 and seen for this week with the Ultra And there will be a logo, animation and contact information and other things. Our images here I created a imaginary an imaginary company. This is a construction company selling homes, living areas for people. The name is Blue Diamond and you will see the logo I created. This is a stock log. I have a free vector longer from Internet. Uh, on when you create the rial company animation, the company will give you the vector logo off it. Yeah, it's opening in Adobe Illustrator. There is a bug in my adobe illustrator and I have to open it manually. It's opened. The logo is like that This is the some boiled off the logo. And this is the name of the company. It's Blue Diamond. Yeah, And here there are two images here. The first image is a big image. Dimensions is written here at second image. You will see the dimensions because our animation should be under 150 kilo bytes. I have to resize them in for the shop on and take for the shop here opened. And ah, in my plan the size will we actually the maximum size. I think 450 is okay for me. When I create animations first, I make those arrangements and this is the father show part. And it is a selection to Yeah, I made the fix it size. No, not fixed. I Sorry. Fixed ratio 1 to 1. Because I want to cut thes square. Yeah, on image, crop square and image sighs. And this joke pixels. Yeah, You have to look, we don't height ratio. It's OK. And I am saving it. We control us or command as in match. Yeah, that's good on this against racial want toe one selection tool. I selected part and image crab aunt. You mean size 450 by for Underland 50? Yeah, command s or control as that's okay. Now my images is autumn eyes for the animation. And I have rector logo and those are slogans. I found them in the Internet. Does a random So with us anyway, off life BroadVision. Careful talk, handcraft design. And for the this far seeing to this is for three on. This is far true. Yeah, and I only use this image for seeing tour on this image for scene three. I planned my animation, and I am ready to ah, create this animation. 43. Setting up File: Hi. In this lesson, we will set up our file. And this is the basic folder free off the animation. This is the name off the folder. You will create a folder like that and great and other following site. These, uh, with the name ads and another one with the name assets in the assets. We'll have our required assets here reviews When we create animation, this is Vogue a images signed out of things. And in the ads, we will create folders for our animations houses. Let's great these size 352 150. Yeah, we created and under the animate create a file with this size. Is it? Sorry, I just typed here 300 by 250 and create these files. 302 150 html five come mess created before going into animation. Ah, I will set up to publish settings here this the publish settings publishing jealous script and HTML. Yeah, we will publish like that. And basic top. The outward name isn't so important. And luke, timeline okay, include hidden layers. Okay, And expect document as picture. Better performance, larger size. But we don't needs larger size export image assets. Yeah, that will be a in a folder called image images and images in the animation goes there. Combining just into spreadsheets means that people use that these two images Ah, adobe animates. We'll combine them into one file. Ah, and used it, uh, in the animation. Yeah, it's okay for me now it can html and yes, we will use Yeah, only publish overwrite html five because we will check our animation again and again And we host our libraries Other the animate uses create yes. And remember, in the Google terms and conditions it says hosted libraries are allowed and we will use hosted libraries. We call the creatures from server and compact shapes. OK, in the settings, uh, we want export document as texture. You're people export image assets here and combine images into a spreadsheet. The former not PNG values J pack. Because if you use PNG, we can't reduce the five sides. Maybe then we will Jay pek and the quality is 80. It's OK for now we will export ah, in quality 80 levels and we will see the size off the final defile and maximums broadsheet size please. These this is very big, but it won't create a very big file because our images are smaller than these there. And fonts. Vivant use animal points. We will to use the phone once in the in our computer. Yeah, This is OK for me. Done. You press. Okay. We control. Yeah, I was to try Berries. We set up our file and now say this fire go file and say in the blue Diamond Ed folder and adds folder and under these folder give a proper name. Okay, it Say it now. We will continue by creating animation. 44. Creating 300x250 Banner Ad Scene 1: Hi, everyone. It's lesson with great our animation. And you have to keep in mind that doors are my methods. Ah, I create animations, html five advertisements. Those methods and different people can do different things. And this This is my experience. I want to share with you, Auntie. It's my experience. I learned that Ah, dividing animation in scenes is better and the scenes should be We clip sim bars and the first frame off the scenes will be a dummy blank dummy object with the same size with stage . Yeah. Ah, the first thing I will do is importing logo drug and rob logo here on the dialog box opens and you say import don't change anything. Yeah, this is our logo. And I don't need this background, actually. And lead it on select all and right click commercial symbol. Still be logo. This will be more clip. Okay, this is our lover and the lead from stage It is in the library now, Louise here. And just choose rectangle tool on throw a rectangle The leads stroke select rectangle and arrange Break the change here. We don't want look within hide because I want to make it is. Yeah, this is the same Size me to my stage. Select it. And in the align panels on my interest. Age it now perfectly aligned to the stage. Yeah, and Cliff the color and I for the past of the color. Make it zero. And there's an object here. But you can't see because it's Alfa is zero and Control Z. Take it to the back and right click. Come on, some boy, This will be more clip. It doesn't matter. It's more clever. Graphic. Let's do it. Clip. So it's Donny. This is the dummy object and December will clip. But I create Tommy. I create another symbol containing this time symbol on right click and comment symbol again . It will be a scene. What? Yeah, now double click it. You see seeing one. We are in the same one in the same one in the first lay off the same one you see, dummy clip. That's oh, create any live and create. And you he frame at the two he framed too. Sorry, I forgot something Set up sitting up my file that ah people use 24 FPs Yeah, this is the default. You'll use this Because this is the nature of way of seeing animation. Human eye can see animations, wheat toe in four frames per seconds. Yeah, on Dhere, you'll take our logo. It's right. I need a background here, create another layer and draw a background The leads double click, stroke and lit stroke Celtic shape and make it three hundreds by 250 on a line it stage. Yeah, And because it's blue Diamond, I will make a blue color here. Just take Alfa and I'll choose graduations to the gradient here and in the color penalty. Ah, it ain't your guardians. I don't want Blake Double click here and choose, uh, blue color here. Yeah, that's OK, but don't forget who start in the frame to frame one. Onley contains stuh me and everything is in frame two on and you create a logo animation Here I will break apart this Ah, locally object because I want to use other objects here, comrade symbol. Sorry. Right. Click and break apart. Yeah, right. Quick and cards. Tomboy Diamond top right. Comments on board diamonds. Bottom right. Diamond bottom left. Uh, I don't left. Yeah, and symbol this text. No good. It takes blue. Copy it, comrade Soon, boy. Diamonds lover text diamonds. Yeah, we have now 12345 and six. Logo elements will collapse. Invoice. I will choose all of them and right click to make animation doors, movie clips. Boston boss should be in separate layers. Correct. All right. Click and say it's to be two layers, as you see, are the symbols are on separate lives now. Three the proper names. That's the good. And I will make animation that last for one second creates inside Keep framed here. Multiple selected on right click and inserted key frames. This is the background leave. I can make debit. Ah, long. Yeah, and I will lock it because I don't want to deal with it. I will make an animation at first they become this on that it lasts for at last they become this. And at first they are. And where else? This is here with shift all shift on drug it achieved and rockets shift and rocketed and I'll shift and write it. I told shift and rockets ached under of it. Yeah, they will come from those positions here. Click and drag your mouse This in betweens, Select doors and right click on credit Create classic clean. Did you see there's an animation here and selectees again The properties we will at easing what is easing? Yeah, you'll Proview this animation. And this animation is, as you see readily linear The speeds are is the same in every movement but natural movements. It is not like that. The Pete should be going to slow are going toe rice. And so, like these greens Done. Sorry. It is the easing click Classic ease ve vill make slowing animations. The movement will be faster. It's start and slow over at Aunt. This is using out and you will use a queen easing out This means that very slowly it starts on according to secure it. Ah slows non pro. You eat press enter. No, you can't apply. Elect, He's out, Queen Publicly it? Yeah. Now it's okay. Press enter as you see. Even loop. It's animation. The low pink range I arrange. Yeah, play. It starts first on the aunt. It is much more. Ah, slow. Yeah, this is the lager. Blue Diamond. Yeah. It created this animation and Logan interest the scene. It will be in the scene for two seconds. Select them and at key frames done. They will disappear again. Not doing the one second, but it was less than one second. So like doors and still keep frame and take them to hear. Select these layers Click Crave classic between sweet cause. But again it should be ah ea's way. We should add easing here There are different easings take here it'll using this means it will go faster and faster. It will start slow animation. It's low animation and and suites First reanimation It's easy and we've illegal back using That would be a movement slightly to the right and then it will go toe left. This is, uh ah rule off animation anticipating ah movements when something will go left, it's better to make it go a bit right first, Then make it go left here. Okay. And we can select and delete these leaves right quick and remove frames. As you see it is, it ends in 19 Ah, 19 seconds. But you want toe make to calculate more. Ah, easily select them and move to the for second here. Yeah, we know that the logo animation will last at a frame here to make background last here, but actually I want to make disappeared background and right Click it. I don't know it first and select right click on the same board seeing one batch and insert key for I'm here. Insert key frame here on Craig's classic Teen Done. Take the pre transform tool. We'll shift and make it smaller and smaller. Zoom, hold control and it must resume chieftain and slower and slower and slower. Yeah, the size off Dan Height thes and on blue Diamond Gold There the grant will shrink. But again, you need a ese I will use easing back has c star information comes logo on goes comes lager . Andi goes, Yeah, our first thing is our 45. Creating 300x250 Banner Ad Scene 2: higher. Let's continue with the scene too. We are now in this scene. One with clip and to return to orginal. Seen. Nixon won the origin. Seen one here. This is not more clip name. It's the scene name? Yeah. Ah, the scene. One it lasts for for second. And in the ordinance scene, that should be frames for for second. Yeah, and create any layer here. Rename it. Seeing one. No. Okay. It didn't Except the minus. Sign your tool. I mean to down the score. Yeah. Yeah. Now again, I will use dummy and sent straight to the stage on. Right click Comrade Sim will to Yeah inside seem to start from the ah, next frame. After four seconds, double click it on scene to move clip. And you see this is a dummy object. Here. Let's see Properties. Yeah, dummy on. Create a new layer off. You saw a key frame here and we need now that from each let's drag and drop here This our image image is bigger than the stage. We will resize it here, blocked, uh, proportions and make it 303 100. Yeah, this is good and center stage first thing you have to do is designed lust. We all the seen here on this is the image at any layer, sort frame I'll create at rectangle Andi due of its rectangle. Primitive solved. Aunt, get through the stroke. You cannot bike Select a stroke in the rectangle Primitives over. You had Oprah make operations here on the color. It was a black color on que some for On this fighting 60 is good. Sorry. 60. Yeah. And with all the object fight should be 250 and weeds on. Look, the racial wheat. Yeah, that's cooled half. I know that this is 300 one under 50. The half off the scene and I will move. It snaps the, uh, stage frame here. Yeah, and I will copy the scene. Clues. Slogan here. Paste it on with control. A command A in Mac select a low and changed it. Ah, size after corrector here on have I left text put it here on. The color should be different from black. Maybe white Uh, this is Ah, this is the advertisement off Blue Diamond and I will make it blue here. I think I will make okay. It's blue now. Yeah, The final scene is good. I am happy with that and turned this into, uh, symbol. Yeah. Seeing to slow down. Yeah, on com wrote some would seen, too. Just I want to use it in the scene. Three also, and I will give a different name. Uh, transparent black. I will give this name. And did you see when I turned this into a symbol it a will. Ah, go on top of the other things here on. I will fix it. Okay. I have to turn this Also similar from each one. Okay, on select All dance to beat layers here. This is the blankly is I will select them and eat them. Yeah, this is slogan movie toe on top off the other layers on image here. Yeah, the animation here also goes for one second and start Keep frame on. These image comes from here on. This comes from here on. This comes from here. Select thes right click and create classic between as you see, it comes and I will make some, uh, easing effect here. Select this image Dream on. He's out because it was slow down and make it back he's out the image, we go a bit higher and done. Yeah, sits bottom. Yeah, here also I will do it is he's out Tween, I'll make Yeah, it slows. And for the slogan for text I'll make he's out Queen, I think. Yeah, and first image comes. Then you'll see image for to say Constand on a black background and text come to the scene and I will that Krames here select them and in sort frame, not a key frame. It's the frame. Regular frame has loop it As you see it comes you'll see the image Have it tomorrow I think that I had to read Use the time. So like some frames on right click remove frames. Done. I will see what it looks like. Yeah, you see the image done. The background came here on the tax came here. Yeah, and we see those for two seconds. Actually, a bit more than two seconds here frame and dead at 2nd 7 to go away sort, frame and sort key frame here Practically you sort key frame. Then all will go, uh out of the stage Your last police shelter. This will go bottom bottom. No not by the Minister of the Left. Andi, it's really go. I think those two are, uh, going left together. It controls e so like this and hold shifts. Erectus correct part of her man All the shift. Moved them to the left and create years like here. Likely greatly 16 here. Ah, same meanings. Sorry. Same easing using. We will see you back on. Actually, those are real back. Easier. Yeah. Now I will expense my look French on Put the animation had here start. Yeah, it comes done. The text comes here and go away. Yeah, It is good for the scene toe. Andi, I am happy with that. I will continue its seen three. 46. Creating 300x250 Banner Ad Scene 3: Hi. Let's continue with this scene three on before. Continue that scene three. Well, checks into it. Ends in the 2nd 7 and returned. Or you have seen here on so unaided by four. Andi to last. Here you start frame on. We will see its animation years. Remember that Those are the movie clip, uh, objects, more clip symbols. And we can't see animation here, but it's not important. We will check. Let's check this animation. Hold control and press enter. It will export and we will see. No becomes here and image calms done. Yeah, it is good for now. And it would start again. Okay, I will continue it. Seen three again. Create a layer that will clinch the name and change it. Seen tree and in sort Whole teams are selected on. I can remove them, but it's anti, actually. And insert key frame here on from library. Take Tommy. Yeah, and century to the stage on right click commerce symbol here on Tracy Moore here. Yeah, and treat at sea on the later won the domino object. Same thing. And actually, I want to copy the this, uh, with clip here. There are two ways we can make a duplicate and change its contents, or we can paste what is inside this clip? I will do a second method. I havent seen three and select. Oh, in scene three on right click copy frames. Uh, go to seeing three sleep, double click it on. Select a frame. Dan paced frames. It would create all required layers and team C years. But I don't want Tommy. We'll be in a river friend in sort blankie frame. I did. The dummies is here. Just here. Not here. And other frames. Now, this is the image one, um, clip. I will duplicate it. Right. Click on DUP, Kate. Symbol give a name. Hamish, too. Okay. Why? I am doing deeds. If I modify the image, one movie clip it will affect seem to also. But I want to make difference with sleep holding at different image here and, uh, sister image to not image one. Then I can continue here double to eat, and, uh, we are inside the movie clip. There is that image. There's an image import another image here. I mean, the image to more clip and I imported, and I can delete this. Get it on. True. The image Dan image to it is in the library to see image Juan J. Pick and image to a J pic here on selectees. In the image to move clip. There's an image selected image and, uh, it says instance off. Image fun. No, We want instance of image to Let's swap this images Click through up on choosing Mr Jordan . Okay. Yeah. This is the easiest way off coping animation and complicating symbols and things like that . Return to seeing three with clip. Here is this image to here? I thought this is in each one. Some boy people stop it. Also it image too small here, on here. Great. Me too. Yeah. You swap meet Mitch too. Okay, The animation is good. I want I didn't change and think just changed symbol. And here I will change that text here. Do you think these I will duplicate this symbol? Seen toe slogan? No, it's just scene three. Okay. And I could eat since three. So gone. Uh, here this frame and choose this. Seen trees gun Interesting. Yes, it is. Ah, new A movie clip. Now I will enter Unit on copied its slogan on control A and control V paste it delete. That's start. Take everything on. Get smaller on Put it here. I think line height. You're buried small, little on start Any paragraph years. Starting photograph here. Yeah, it's good on. Guy will change its color to white here. Yes, that's look at our animation Here. Look, feel here and expand range. Put that here on. Let's play our animation. Second in which comes on a black background Seem to re texts on They're going out. Yes, teen tree is also over and I am happy with that. We will continue with the last scene. 47. Creating 300x250 Banner Ad Scene 4: I Let's continue our animation and finish it. Ah, you'll look at scene three its fourth, just seven seconds and turn our stage. And at seven seconds here, stop here. You start prayer. Yeah. And create a new layer. I mean, for sorry to make underscore. Okay, Andi, insert frame here again. Just can drug Tommy here. Right click public it small. Yeah, it is seen for. Yeah, Aunt Dumb here on, sir Key frame here and, you know, nuclear on Take the logo and I want, um, blue background here. Seen one back. Just resize it a bit. I am resizing the instance off that movie clip. Not the original clip on it won't affect the animation. Ah, in the scene, one or anything else. It is the It's under the blue background. Take blue background fried. Click on Ah, arrange santo back. Yeah, You'll see the oh go here and we toe for ultra. We have this text and lights base in Cuba. Your aunt I want done line here, but I can't see it because it's not a ah more clip or another symbol. Then it goes under the same boys I cannot put. Make it no to go on top off them and contras e I will under my changes. Throws line here, Dan, I will select on group it right click. But I cannot. Growth eats under the modify the group control. Jeez, the shortcut. Yeah. Now it's that grew up. I can see on top off the other things and double click it on change. Throw color here. I think it's much more lights or on click. Not for just true. That's took it. It's OK now I have a done at the bottom here. What year? I teach if I don't want a stroke here. I created the direct angle Primitive tool because I want toe make its corners Some others. Yeah, well, corners here on read all key holders. Drac kiss. It is core peak margins text, I say. Is it us? You make it uppercase because it's but own button. Yeah, I would change the color off tax two years. My team. You can use your black off that good double. Click it. Double click This scare here on it feeds uh, said export off them on in the ally not to stage. I will align to themselves horizontal and vertical line. Yeah, it's perfectly right now. Make it a bit larger on be taller. That said it again on themselves here. Yeah, they are. Good. Now done. We can't at some, uh, address information here. Some street number 15. 14. It's another unlike you company. And why? See, And trying to write and major steps contrary. A select older and a bit smaller. Make them smaller. Yeah, so? OK, on the calories. White. Yeah, this is good. We can go another thing. Let's image one. Let's take this. Um, we clip here on locked ratio between tonight on thank you. Toe under efty on. Put it here on and top off that Create a new layer at key for him here on rectangle here on property Select, Select Struck and the lead Select it on in property De and it's not important. Takes up selection to say it's Ankara. Well, it here Yeah, it's that good triangle Read. Decide if I beat Yeah, controversy, actually. Controversy compete Andi on a new layer Insert key frame control shift. We paste in place with contra shoot and we and take these. Choose it on right click distribute layers. But is it? Yeah, here, understand? Each one in which Juan And this is the triangle and right click train. I will make them in musical. There's a one triangle here and right triangle holding Lay around State mask. Yeah, Our image is under the mask now, and those are looked on, looked at and with the shift did here, then locked them together. Yeah, this is good. And it's like everything And which shift key Hold it clicked this background and control X create a new layer. They are on top of everything sort Keep frame here on Contra shift V. Yeah. Okay. Maybe I can select both of them with key and take a year. And I can make have it for years 80. Okay, now I am happy with this. Uh, he's on passion on with this side. You'll see the mask, the images under mask. If you don't look those, you can't, uh, put it. Yeah, I'm lactose And who eat and look again and you see under the ah, a mask. Yeah. Just looks good. I Can I I think I can make like that. Yeah, it's good, actually. Yeah, stays here. This is a happy accident. I don't believe four The leads I don't need I want to make ah overlay shape here. But it is not necessary. The image is good with the text on it. Yeah. Now we will do our animation here. Select bought line and ah, text. Right click Common symbol. Um I mean for text you the name this clip this is them weekly also on commerce in world. There s yeah, gone are small. The bottom here Us. Okay. The image is a symbol. Yeah, it's not a somebody on a ticket. Right? Click parts board. Why triangle? It's not about some clip, okay? And this is the final. Ah bu auto Ultra seem far. Ah, so I cried Click and street live four takes he If you're longer background here on right click, it is on same layer with slugger. Ah, distribute layers. Yeah. Squeeze thus on address. Still be players. Where is it? Yeah, just year. Today you're six logo a three mask. I know deaths image lier just frequently. And the dummy I will use dummy in other sizes. You will see it is not necessary. But, uh, it's a habit from old versions off the adobe animates in newer versions. Maybe you don't have to make dummies. It's inhabit off me. Yeah, as you see you create. Sorry, we have created our movie clips are Simba's No in 20 late 20 frames in Sochi frame. And it's well be Come from here on this will come from here. Come from here. This is also come from here. No, you just stays here because this is a masked imagery. Can't see unless the mask enter the scene. Yeah, on a visit. Us comes from here. Onda address. We'd come from here. Yeah. Crates. So they select the frame in between on critical 16. Yeah, I will. Ads. Sorry. This is background layers. We'll change its size from I want one. Uh oh, yeah. The background. I will close the slayers. Let's the background easing. Italy's out. Uh, let's make bondage. Yeah, it's a challenging, bouncing FX. So there, balm Stan image. He's here And the a mask causing Supreme is out on too frequent. He's out. Yeah, on logo that comes from here. I want it. They're back. He's out. I will use back. He's out for a dress on for But in here Queen is out on or text queen is that? Yeah. First background comes screen down logo its logo. That's pretty. If if I had put here, the mask will affect logo. But if I put here as you see, doesn't affect longer. Logo will come screen. That's the and start to frame something here. Yeah, on background and logo done ground. So go down. Slug on here. Sorry. Tax to you on the You mean she I don't need any two meaning here. Just clicked this final place and move it to here and get it off the ah. Between done, a mask will come to screen done, visit us, become screen and on lasting address. We can disagree that I think image should be and through the scene, um, before everything. Ah, but logo will come first. And the image this is Lago. Okay. I will select down with shoot on. I'm here on I put this. Yeah, on images here. Done. Text comes. Yeah, it's OK. Now that's luck. This on and loop it. Yeah, yeah. Goes click it. You don't want to see the outside off stage? No, I think the text comes first. Then the image comes. Stop it and logoed antics you. Two years? Yeah. Background and logo done. Text. I'll give you additional frames here because we have to see logo and then concentrate on what is coming and to extend. I read the tax and done, which comes. I see the image. My brain perceives it and done. Visitors body comes. That's put frame. See if that's put a blankie frame. I don't want Tommy. You okay? Reached us and done. This is not so important on after these dust. These address Campbell on screen? Yeah. Let's make it loop here. Yeah, start. You Okay, That's plate. Grand logo. Done. Text. I think that shouldn't be any addition of frames between. Ah, image on, uh, button? Yeah. Now I play poor Pete. Okay. Okay. I did on Yeah. Maybe this can coming screen earlier. Aren't that's plates? Okay. Yeah, it's OK, but let's put this text here, Dan, the lead some. There's sort of some frames here because I don't want to wait too much before seeing this image. No, that slow beat. Okay. Yeah, I am with that. Just I will arrange this button here. Local kids, our you start key frame, make it blue and make this white and don sort keep friend. Same thing I don't want made No for you to see what is going on. Yeah, this is the dawn state or the button and hit area is the same with the ah rectangle here. I don't want her to end. Think years. Yeah, I make it five seconds. After five seconds, it will stop select everything and remove frames here to step the smoke, playing again and again, creating your layer. And it's 30. Frame it and on hold all key, double treat this frame and actions panel opens. I had to write this that stop on brackets on semicolon here. Yeah, this is the script for stopping americal playing. You don't have to worry about javascript. Just know this script. It is. Okay, then return to seeing. Yeah, I think it is There. Five seconds. Sound scene. Five seconds. You It's sort framed on at additional layers on sort Freyre double click it on these. Uh, yeah. Stop playing here. Yeah, I think are, uh html five supplies mint is finished. Contour that answers to see what's going on. Blubber butt comes. Yeah, it goes, image comes. Yeah. Slogan comes on all the goals and second image comes. Yeah, it's good. I can read Tex on. Yeah, but as you see, there is about here, last for a clip. Why? It's happening here. Yeah, same team. It stopped here. Actually, maybe I have to put a so frame done. Save it on. Controlled answer. Let's look at it. Masking doesn't work. That's Lok. If it could Look now what I Why? It's happening now? No. Maybe we can get rid off frame numbers, play cause content. Bought it matters. And with Major, Some brothers. No, there are no heroes. Parties 1000 work. I don't know way maybe unmask everything. And the lead slave. And as in chief on, give animation to this image. Keep praying. This is the last position of the image. I'm not sleeve, aunt. Yeah, the police is okay. Aunt, Come from here. Let's unchecked this on. See what happens. Insert Uh sorry. Creatively activating and user back. Yeah, logo. Look, Everything ago will be here. I see. Shoot, I move. Yeah, it's OK. It's your time off here. Yeah, it's bottom now It's ok. Let's see. This will go up. Yeah, it's OK now I have to arrange disposition. Click, meet and see the exposition. This copied controversy. This expedition here. Where are you? Go? Well, that are you. Oh, I cannot see because it's checked. Yeah, click it. And it like explosion control. V paste it on. Press answer. Yeah, on this is my position. Copy. Eats on. Come here. Paced. It's here. Yeah, so? Okay, well, so, uh, done. Okay. Country s on contra enter. See what's happening here. Yeah, it comes. Yeah. Yeah, that's it. 48. Creating 250x250 Banner Ad: Hello In this lesson will create 250 by 250 size off this advertisement. Semen or seen here on this is safe. Yeah, it say it. Say it is not, uh, do you and changed it Size off the stage here. This is the compass, you know, properties 24 FPs. And we'd not 300 parts. 250. Yeah, but Contras e we can do by advanced settings. I want toe beside it from centers and okay. Yeah, this is in center now. Double click and enter it. See? Yeah, but logo is outside of the boundaries here. I'll select them. That background I am ever with that. It's not so important. It goes outside of stage on its holding shifts to select it. Um, with actually now there is a better right here. Yeah. Here, Make it 60 time. Yeah. I don't changed ratio about locked ratio than make it 250 with on stage and said amigos down and the heights changed the big hunter inside. Now, logo is inside the stage, but not background. I think I have to double click the background, and this is the background on. Make it. Maybe tomorrow Arrange. It's Yeah, it would snow turn toe scene one would clip. It goes Allah. It's good now. And second we'll see. I was shrink. It's size of it again. Lock it on. Make you 250 to here. It fits perfectly on. Just I have to enter the transparent, like booklet on precise it of it. I'm not holding any key. Just Besides, it's would do transform tool. The text is good. Uh, okay. Last frame. I can make the flower on here. Uh, again, I will do the same thing on D. C. I changed transparent black movie clips. Uh, what is inside the transplant Blackmore clip. As you see, it changed here also. That's okay. And lost. Seen. Let's see, out of the bond Ray on May Heat. This is the dummies. Good site. Yeah, you can change Tommy size. You know that the dummy fits the stage. Ah, we don't hide. And as you see, I changed eight by dummies Be denied background. Okay, because I changed background in the first scene. It's OK. Yeah, it is good, but I have to make it a bit bigger, but I can't changed content off the image. One more clip. I will change this instance. All shift and all too. We'll cheat and out. Yeah, that's good. Now on trial say raise. It's great in your folder. Claim its size on Yeah, that's good Contra Enter and check animation. Yeah, it's good. OK, it's good now. Yeah, I'd schools again. Good. Yeah, it's OK. The size is finished. 49. Creating 300x600 Banner Ad: Haider. Let's do the 300 by 600 sighs. I am opening the origin for us file here. Yeah, on I will say what? Say us the appropriate size. Give the name and que clicks A and it's a it's now and ah, I have to change the size of stage and with settings on change size from center. You okay? Is there vertical stage on? Enter here and c he adds, Sloga, but background 1000 feet until here. Aunt on, Check this. All right, we'll be there. 600 on center it to the stage. Okay, let's see it. Yeah, Blue blue goes away. Onder here and there is there are stored There is additional space here and I'll arrange my animation according to this, and I'll make it. I am here. Here? Yeah, my image, cause here done, uh, black transplant Blake background. And check this out. I'm sorry. This should be on hold off key and resize it with control and the Mars real. Here, hold out. Key on and yeah, the height 300 actually. Sorry. And but I want to change something again here on this will be like that. Okay. And it's will be here. Andi, I'll vcenter eight on after this clip. Selected text and align the text from center. Yeah, I can make it a full black. Okay? And I put on extra Lee, You're here at the bottom. Off the image I put it. It's a key frame on from library. Take longer. There's a little here besides it. What should he hold it? And I have to see the logo. Yeah, make it hundreds. No, I can see local, but I have to put it here. Okay? Yeah, but here on brand name is here. Yeah, it's good. I want at an animation here. Schools, schools and black background. Come. Screen creates cross to mean on. He's out back. No, this is the transparent plague queen. Tease out its will be the cuisine the queen tease out. Okay, on. Put this out on stage on these out of the stage matters and, uh, y position of the text. Copy, Control, See, on based here. Okay, those will be glink. No! Yeah, yeah. Control C copy, disposition and come here. Abilities control. Shit! We paste in position contro See this position and here the lead it on contra should be uh, you mean she's okay, But it should be all over the So a stage here also, that should be out of the stage. Yeah, Com's goes. I need to my position on God see on this type of issue, Marie with same throne we on still be out of the stage on this will be out of the stage here. Sorry. I have to create start key frame here and turkey frame here. Now it's really are the stage. Create close between back. Easy using back because the black tonight spent black background back is in, everything is back. He's in. And the logo also will be back easier. Yeah, I'll copy the logos, frames, fake them and calling prayers on a your answer here. Good deeds. Out of the stage on. That's okay. No on scores. Uh, that was everybody. Center stage on. Great. And you lay off same frame with transparent black. Right click here. Pate frames. What is this year? Never comes on. I need y position here. I see. It would be Yeah, goes on and I need the's contra seat on politest control. Shit. We I want to see Don't believe contact should be Okay, Going last frame. She'll be out of the stage. Andi, I need this. My position. Controversy. Contoured V. Yeah, it's schools. I want to delete these frames. Removed. Frames? Yeah. Okay. Control s save it. Let's check this. Yeah, of those. She'll be here. Lock it. Yeah. Okay, now on logo should be You're on center stage on the text. What is it? The father? Yeah, just text with, uh, up. Better off key. Press it and take it to the top on stage What your baby own. And it's OK now, this bottle should be center stage on this should be the body. Yes. Vivo fixed their position. Background. Okay. On local center stage. First position also center stage and I stayed center on here. I need this Y position. Hunter a C click it by publishing control V Yeah. Should be at the bottom and its size. Also same. Okay, Aunt Center stage here on at the bottom on center stage. Okay. And I need it's why Progression contro See. So thank you for me. Yeah, it's good. ControI s contra and surf export it. Yeah, it's good. Those which comes on Brant slogan comes on, image comes on. My God, they came and last seen. Yeah, it's good 50. Creating 970x250 Banner Ad: Hi. Again. Let's continue it. 970 by toe under than 50. Let's open the origin file. If kit in the advanced settings, you know, decided from sensors, Aunt Precise seeing converse and save as it be proper fall around file. Name Small. OK, on the name of Yeah, it's entered a first more clear first scene double Click it on. Unlock this, um, centred to the stage Start. It's blue on its appears. Okay, Enter here. Yeah, I will put it here. Yeah, with shift. I moved it on and move it. Also double click on and treat on with all key. Hold it. Resize it here on a still mean key. Hold it. Find two needs on and it's really black. Um 33 with online text. Online stage here. I put logo here, create any of layers sort frame here. My very take longer on oversized beat. Okay, double click answered. Transparent background black and make it solid. Transparent. Make your park. Yeah, two years. This here a bit. Yeah, it's good. Now I will arranged animations from the other man. Maybe two years. It should key. Hold it, mo. It's good. Now on should be, I think after from here. Yeah, bringing this. Why position, See on org. I think this should be also come from here. Down logo. Start key frame here on. Come from here. Create three. Right. Click and look at this. Quaint. He's out on his out. Queen. You make it com's and calms. Yeah, Our friends are key frame. It will go here starting back Easing. Yeah. Close to being using back. Yes. And I disposed in controversy copies object on thesis on contortion V. Okay. I want to see the lead it on. Controversial to be on image Contra C lead contruction to be Yeah, and ah still be here. Okay. Yeah, on. I need this. Why Position control. See on control Be on it comes here. It's okay on he'll be here. They're your day comes on. Here they go. Yeah, Double click the end up to place and return to origin stage and enter it again. Sorry, I have to copy the logos. Animation called frames on the street. Create a new layer cased here control. Right click on pace frames. Yeah. I will delete these extra part so I can remove frames. This should be here. All shifty and weeds. Okay, on hold, shift key and move it. The F on Put it here. 19 alliance stage or is until you Yeah, I fix animation. You should be here. Should be coming from bottom. Okay? And I need this my position until a c on starting points. My position also be the same. And it should be come from here and should also come from here. Okay. Aunt Love is okay. Background here. It is not okay. The image. She's not okay. Also, Contour seek Open this up Check. Come here. Leads. So I should be Aunt Contra CEO Object contra shift B. I want to see object on gun control. Shit. We It's ok here. Should people here this should go if Okay, the shoot car. You're if I need this white coalition again Controversy and control be Let's look at what we did. Okay, good, good. Yeah. Scoot. Now the last scene. Yeah, should be here a bit bigger. Hold shift key. Yeah, And center it Stage centralise off stage years to see it. See here on the rest. Let's stay here. I don't We can make it precise it, but it's years Yeah, that's better. Now I fixed animations. Contra C, The lady onto Russia three. And it comes from here Controversy the lady it's going to issue to be It comes from here all chief on wheat controversy Read on to a shift to be It comes from here I want to see. Please contact your three to come from here and lager controversy leads control Shit be It comes from here. Let's check animation, background, logo text, image, button and address. Yeah, control s and save control. Enter exported. Watch it. At the fourth scene, the logo disappears in asleep way. I will fix it on exports again. Okay. Double click outside of stage. That will create here. Yeah, I will select No go here. If I make this, I can see outlines old objects there are in this stage. I can select them on make dumb. I'm here part my team get I need toe deal with everything. Just select these local ears on hold shift So they hold out. And who them here and done 10 years. I want them to go dark. Yeah, I first let me do it again. I first copy those because positions are like that. But select the logo frames and hold out key and move. I'm here and copy them toe here, and then I move them. Father. Yeah, This is okay. And control that search. That's watch it. It's good. It's good. Yeah. Yeah, everything is OK. I think the vertical white Ah, estimate fire at the advertisement. Size is OK now. 51. Creating 336x280 and 200x200 Additional Sizes: Hi, everyone. In this lesson, we would create additional advertisements, but those will be very easy because the height, width and height ratio is the same in some advertisements Formats It's ratio is the same. Here on this ratio is saying with this and you'll create advertisements from origin files. Yeah, this is eat, click advanced settings and it's scared Content check. It's on type of wheat on it. Arranged the height and click. OK, Yeah, that's it. We created and say Was older on Save it Contra answer Export it. We can't watch this time This happens sometime. If this happens, you have to enter here and click this html five. Then you can watched. Yeah, You see, it feeds perfectly. Yeah, I don't want watch till the ant return will be animate Done Open this size And I will create this size. Yeah, I opened it and yeah, I can do here scare content and I paid on that seat. Why Ways say the proper place on the proper name and contrary. Enter Exported. Yeah, we can watch. Yeah, to see it. Same with the other square advertisement. That's it 52. Arranging HTML File and Zipping Files: Haidar in this lesson, we will arrange our HTML files. It's remember there are some policies off the Google for the estimated five ads here. All HTML file. That's Yeah. You can see on the other. Those are there requirements, Aunt, Let's in the ads folder. My ads are here. On in them. HTML files are, uh, aunt. We will search for Asterix. Start html. Yeah, right. Click on open wheat, not pet. This is Doc. Type on. We see it's here. That's closely on us. That type is here on HTML talk. It's here. And the body talk. Yeah, you'll see. It's the body talk. Okay. I was are good and called create years. You will see. I think type off tag isn't here If you know talks are closed. Good. Okay. And done. Google hot create years is that and we will host it. This is the create Yes, controversy. This on this is the other be animates. Hosted creates years on. I will paste it here. The Googles creates years and I will delete this. I just think can make trouble here. Question mark in after it believed. Okay. And this should be inside the head. Tuck Yeah. Under this Matt that size This is the 200 by two hundreds on save it. Because it Andi, I will do are more open weight. Pet, it's here. Copy this. It's great years posted. You are l on crop. It is? Uh, yeah, this is it. And the hate quite come through. It s on its OK. I will do the rest and then continue to record. Yeah, I arrange all HTML files and people's deep them. Enter this. You have to zip. You just folder HTM out file and yes, file. Right click at our chief I'm used in Iraq. You make sleep compression that best to make it smaller. And yeah, it is under the one under the particular bites. That's good for me. This is the spreadsheet. As remember when we are set helping our files. He said combine images in a spreadsheet. This is a spreadsheet and adobe animate grace. Ah, proper file. We're working with this spreadsheet. Okay. At our cheer seep I to go normal. Did you see? I am not. Is the pink adobe animate files filet file? Okay, but what if our file exceeds, uh, one under them 50. Your right. I'll show you up to your door. Yeah, Here. I can show you. You have to open image in the photo shop. Yeah, what a shop you see? And you can change its size here. It's fire size, actually lower its quality and for size drops. And you can do inside the animate. Also, I will show it. Oh, sir. Yeah, You can open it here on I'll So it was. Keep it here. Let's look at its size. The's sound to seven kilobytes on a Zajec pick save. No, no, I don't want to replace as a copy. I will say no. A copy. You'll see. Ready? Still much quality. Okay. You see the difference? Yeah. Doesn't drink very much. I think I say with a lower quality Korpi. Yeah, I want to replace it. Yeah, threes. Okay. On now, as you see it drops. Ah, but being drop, you have to make the fine name. This not adding copier because html five gs file. I cannot see these because inside those files other animated vein defined this image as with this name. Yeah, I will delete it. Also, you can do it and it out of the animates and to publish settings on you're in setting squad to 80. Drop it 50 or something else and look the advertisement size. And if it requires much dropping quality, drop it on. Say it. Yeah, Zip it. Enter and search for zip. Yeah, are ZIP files are here. We can check them.