Adobe After Effects CC: Lower Thirds Motion Graphic Titles For Beginners

Will Bartlett, Video Creator & Entrepreneur

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14 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. After Effects Lower Thirds PROMO

    • 2. 002 Quick Overview Of After Effects

    • 3. 003 Creating Compositions

    • 4. 004 Creating A Basic Lower Thirds Title

    • 5. 005 Adding Animation and A Background

    • 6. 006 Basic Lower Thirds Title Part 3

    • 7. 007 Basic Lower Thirds Title Part 4

    • 8. 008 Creating A Professional Lower Thirds Title Part 1

    • 9. 009 Creating A Professional Lower Thirds Title Part 2

    • 10. 010 Exporting Your Lower Thirds Title

    • 11. 011 Using Shape Layers To Create Another Lower Thirds Title Part 1

    • 12. 012 Using Shape Layers To Create Another Lower Thirds Title Part 2

    • 13. 013 Using Shape Layers To Create Another Lower Thirds Title Part 3

    • 14. 014 Additional Mask Techniques And Final Thoughts


About This Class

Welcome to the Adobe After Effects CC: Lower Thirds Motion Graphic Titles For Beginners Course!

Adding lower thirds titles to an edit will increase the production value of the video, but creating professional looking lower thirds that animate with multiple layers is very difficult to do in programs like Premiere Pro, or other editing programs. Utilizing masking techniques inside Adobe After Effects can create impressive looking, high quality titles that will take your video edits to the next level. You will learn some of the same techniques used in broadcast television commercials and large budget web content.

This course will start off by walking you through the basics of After Effects to bring you up to speed, this will include a quick overview of the various panel windows, as well as instruction on creating a basic lower thirds graphic, to teach you the fundamentals. From there, over several lessons, we'll walk you through how to create 2 additional professional and dynamic looking lower thirds titles, using 2 different methods.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create Professional Lower Thirds Titles in After Effects CC
  • Export your finished lower thirds with an alpha channel so that you can effectively overlay your rendered title to see the footage below
  • Create and control text layers, solid layers, shape layers, masks and more
  • Animate keyframes to produce modern looking dynamic motion graphic name titles
  • Masking techniques to hide and reveal layers
  • How to create HD and 4k compositions and export

Your instructor for this course is Will Bartlett. He has been using After Effects since 2006 for commercials, feature films, and animated creative projects. He is the founder of an established video production company in Toronto Canada, and has been the Visual Effects Supervisor and Lead Visual Effects Artist on hundreds of projects including feature films and television commercials.

If you’re a complete beginner at After Effects, you will be able to follow along and learn how to create professional looking titles, however, if you’re looking to learn other techniques and functions of After Effects, please check out our other course titled “After Effects CC: For Beginners” where you will get a complete overview of After Effects.

If you don’t have After Effects, you can still take advantage of this course by downloading a free 30 day trial off of Adobe’s website. Thanks for checking this course out and I hope to see you in there!