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    • 1. Skillshare pdf tricks

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About This Class

Adobe PDF files have become the leading way to share important information through out the entire world.They can be easily read and shared, they can be protected, and they have so many great benefits. Adobe Acrobat is the main program used to create PDF Files. This video will show you how to take your PDF files a little further using Adobe Acrobat.

Topics include:

  • Use Advanced Document Tools
  • Add rich media
  • Use the Measurement Tools
  • Create forms
  • Understand Accessibility
  • Create Signatures and Certificates

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Thomas Fragale

Microsoft Certified Trainer - 2152801073


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1. Skillshare pdf tricks: Adobe Acrobat. Pdf Tips and tricks by Tom for Galley, a Microsoft certified trainer. In this video we will cover. Have you used the advanced document tools? Add rich media to your presentation, use the measurement tools, create forms, understand accessibility and creates signatures and certificates with your pdf files. 2. PDF Tips and Tricks: I'm gonna add some pictures into this Now, this how this and has the watermark in the back. So I'll show you how we could do that. Knows how this picture appears to be in front of the other picture will show you how to do that and so on. So let's go into this kind of topics first, so I'm gonna add a picture. So of course, we have many tools. So a pick in the tools menu, and then from here will pick on it, and then you can see how you have a lot of good tools there, so I'll pick on add an image image, could be, ah, picture from your computer. Or it could be a picture from online. So let's go into the screw into my pictures folder and let's say I want to get OK, so we'll use the gas pump again. All right, so I'm gonna move this picture over here. All right? Now, I'm gonna, um, get the plane now, so if I add another image and we'll get the plane, All right. So, of course I would resize That is in the sides and handles. Now, if I move my mouth up the plane onto the gas tag. Knows how it looks like the plane is on top of the gas tank. Okay, so then there's many things that we can do to manage that picture notice. Over here. On the right hand side, we have the objects, so we have the objects section. So in this case, if we start to click around on this one, I'm gonna send it to the back and watch what will happen now. The gas tank is in front of the plane to see what's happening so you can layer your objects like that and start to make more, more dynamic presentations. Let your pictures. So I'm gonna bring that to the front again. Still have the plane select it. I'm gonna click in that same icon over here and I'll say, bringing to the front. And now the plane is in front of the gas tank. Now, when we take a look at that menu, bring to the front. Brings it all the way to the front. It makes it the foremost object on the on the page. Sent the back, makes it the item that's in the back. A Sfar asses back of everything else. If you have three pictures or more, then these two over here can make a difference. Bring forward will make it one level up. So if it was the third level that will bring it to the second level and send back, we will send it 11 level back. So it was on the first level would bring back to the second level. So this thing is all the way to the front. This brings it all the way to the back. This brings it one level up. Like if you have three pictures, we will bring that one level up, and this will bring at one level back. All right, so those could be very helpful for you. Then we can also rotate that plane. So let's take a look at the rotate tools. In this case, if I click on the flip, see how the plane is pointing towards the right now it's actually upside down. Right? So that's gonna be flip. And then this one will flip the other way. Now it's pointing to the left important to the right. Now I like to get rid of some of that sky on that planes that's called a crop. I'm gonna go ahead and click on the crop tool. You have to pick on the picture first. Otherwise, these don't light up. Ah, picking the crop tool. Now I get the black edges and I'm just going to take some of the sky off the plane, as you can say so when we have ah, picture or an image on the document, then you can click in that picture and then picking the objects tab over here. As you can see to start this is do some great things now. Another thing that I like to do is maybe I let toe have a hyperlink. So let's add some text. Er and I just go ahead and add a simple text box and I'll say, Put here to go to the website or it could even be an email address. So I have another text and I'll say, um, cook here to email support, so watch what I'll do now. At this point, I'm just gonna go back to the selection tool, and we're gonna go ahead and pick on that text when a hot at the text. Now, in this case, I want to add a hyper lake onto that. So we pick in the world link here and I'm gonna add Ah, a Web link or a document like So when I click on that, it could go to a Web page or can go Teoh a document on your computer. So we're gonna have got that text. Good. So in this case, obviously you can change the style of the link. But what I really want to show you here would be, ah, website. Now you can type in a Web site, or sometimes the history will come up. So I picked a royal training and click. OK, so now that's an act. That's a live link. So when you move your mouse star, then it will be a live link. So this let's get the selection tool again. No, I just clicked on that and it brought me to theater or website, so we made the document very interactive. As you can say, let's go back to Adobe a gap now in this way, I want to make that an email. So we're gonna add another link, will pick on lake again, and then you can see it could be, ah, website or a document to see if we get an email toe work. So I'll click there. We got hot at the tax. So in this case, it could be a page view A file. I'm gonna go ahead and try to do it. Email address in there. Now see what it just did now Because it picked on custom. I picked on actions. And then there's many things you can do from there we can exit Execute a menu item that will be one of the menus from Adobe Go to a three D multimedia view, which I'll show you shortly. Goto a page here. So this makes the link through a lot of different things, as you can say. So it's a bit different than a hyperlink. So let's go back to this again. Eso I'm gonna go ahead and click on cancel. I'm gonna pick on leg with a hot at that text again. So we'll try open a web page and I'll pick on next. So in this case, it will be either a Web page or a file. All right, so we have a great read at ah hyperlink into our document now let me go to a different document. Probably go back and forth between different documents today. All right, so let's take a look at this one. I'm actually gonna save this as a different name so that I want to use that for a different purpose in a little while. So I pick on choose a different folder, and I just call that version two. I want to use this one for different purposes. Pretty soon. Watch how we can add a hype watermark onto the back of this document. So we're gonna pick on the tools menu and I'll pick on at it again. Now, this is how we do have the watermark there, and we're gonna add a new watermark so the watermark could be text. So let's say want that to say sample. All right, this is how the word sample is there. Now. I want that to be an angle. So it's a 45 degree angle. Good. And now I want that to be not as dark as that. So look what we'll do. We'll change the opacity. Good. That looks great clicking. OK, those now, the word sample is there as the watermark, right? now? Of course, it could also be a picture. So I'm gonna delete that one. Watch again. We'll pick on watermark. I'll pick on ad. I'm gonna go ahead and replace the existing Why, which is fine. If you want to add a picture, you pick on file and then we'll pick on brows. So again, I go back to the picture folder good and will use the company logo. So let's say we'll use the planet again. All right? So pick on open and then those How? Obviously I want that to be, um or, uh oh, pick. So I'm gonna bring this back. That's better. That's too late. That's better. And then, of course, we go just the size of that eso I'm gonna go ahead and click, OK? And now we add a watermark onto the DIA document eso now another thing that we could do right from this when there is the header in the funner, Of course, the header will appear on the top of every page in the foot or appear on the bottom of every page. So then imagine the header is to the left, center and right, and the footer is on the left center in the bottom as well. I mean, the left center and right of the bottom. So I want the page number on every page. Eso let's say, went that okay on the left head attacks this fine. And then down here, I'll say, let's say what the date on the bottom and then down here will say the company name good and this point clicking. OK, and now we can see that each page is gonna have the company name. And over here we have the date and the page number. So it was called the header and Footer. Now I'm gonna open up some new tools here, so we pick in the tools menu. Let's see what the multimedia tools are like. So we're going to come down here. I will say, Rich media. Now, everybody to use the rich media tools you have to the first time that you do, it's gonna ask you to install flash flash is another adobe product. Eso you have to install flash the first time it will. It will let you know that, but what you would dio is basically go up to the site adobe dot com slash products slash flash player that hte email from there, it will give you a place where you can download that eso pick on Adobe Flash player, you know, and then you'll be able to download that. And then now, if you had to get that by itself, if you want to make flash files, you have to get the flash builder, and that would be an extra cost, but just it to display the flash that will be a free download. So let's go back to Acrobat. Now, let's check out some of the three D tools first, I'm gonna add a sound, so this would be most of your sound files will work here. All right, so I'm gonna go ahead and add a sound and then you highlight a part of the document where you want that to appear. Someone How did this part of the document? Then you select a file so we'll pick on brows and we're gonna go ahead and pick a sound Found There's how it's MP three format. So we'll go back Teoh the desktop folder and I'm a huge time petty fan. So I have some time petty music here, so we'll pick Ana, this is always to go in. Now it's important that file everybody, it'll take a second. Now, If you didn't have flash, this would not work. So it would tell you it will give you a link up here where you would be able to download the flash. Once you damage the flash, it will play. So I'm gonna go ahead and click there. Okay, so now look what happens the flashes on. But it says it's been disabled for this one file. So I'm gonna come over here and I'll pick on options, and I'll say, trust us this one time where you can also trust the document always. Okay, so now when I click on the play, it should start to go. Eso That's where you would Dio you would have to make sure that the flash is installed, and then that will start to play. All right, so I'm gonna go ahead and, uh, let's go back to the normal document now. So let's turn on those three D tools against I picked on tools and then rich media. Okay, good. So let's add some more of these now. This one is a file that would have been made by the actual flash builder program. So let's try one of this again. You click on that and you're gonna highlight a part of the document. And then we're going to browse for that file. So this one will be under the downloads folder, and I'll use this one that's called Wheel. So with this flash builder, you can make your own movies and your own animations and things like that. So I'm not going to show you how to make those files. That would be a different session, but a doobie accurate back and play those. So I'll pick on open there. All right, so I'm gonna click on, OK, give it a second. Good. Now, this one would also be where the flash would have to be enabled. So when I click there, you could see how that wheel is moving. So that would have been made with the flash builder. No problem with that. Any of the agency any of the SWF files would work there. That's fine. You can move these, of course. And you could resize this as you need toe. I'm going to say about that one. So another thing we can add on to our document is videos. So let's go ahead and add a video. And then again, you're gonna highlight the part of the document. We want that to appear and it could be anywhere, and we'll browse for that one. In this case, I believe I have it in my vest top folder. Darkness. I have this one is called Globe, So pick an open and again that one would also require flash to be installed when she installed FLASH. It will be there from that point forward. Now, in this case, I'm gonna play the video and then, actually, I'd like to see that as a full screen. So I'm going to right click on that and I'll say full screen. And then we see the actual video of the Globe. All right, so that was now that one needs an MP four file an MP four format. That's what's gonna work there. So let's go back to those tools again. The sound is MP three files. This one is going to be the SWF file extension that I made with the flash builder. And this one is a video that's an MP four file I'll do a three D in just a second. Now, if in this everybody this one that's called add three D now, that would be a special kind of foul as well. So it would work the same way. Took on, added three d, and I'm going to go ahead and hot at that section. And now it's looking for files of these kind of extensions. Okay, Now, in setting up the class, I couldn't find a file with those extensions. However, I found an example that has a three D file. So let's go ahead and open up a different Adobe Acrobat file here. So I picked on file and then I'm going to go to this one that actually does have the three D object on that. So, uh, once we have that, this would also have to be use with flash. I'm going to click on that now, Watch what? Weaken Dio with this 33 The object. Now, even here it's a ST Louis Konta has been disabled. I'm gonna pick on options and I pick on trusted for this one time only. Or trusted always. Okay, good. So now it's enabled. So watch what I could do it. That's give it a second, so I can rotate that. In many ways, it's really just three of the object. I could turn it that way. Let's flip it the other way. So really, we get a very detailed view of that because it's a three d object. So again, I couldn't really find any files. I was trying to find some files to demonstrate that here in the webinar, but I didn't find the exact graphic. But I found a PdF that had one of these three D miles on there, and it works perfectly right now. If I right click on that, then there's a lot of things we could do with that three d object. So we go into the tools, you'll see a lot of great things. Yeah. Now I'm going to go ahead and talk about the measurement tools pretty soon, but the three D object has the measurement tools, so let's go ahead and flip this engine a little bit good. Okay, Well, that's fine. Eso No, no polling questions today. Everybody, actually, somebody does have another question. Okay, that was from you. Okay. All right. So we're good with that has been to make sure wasn't somebody else's question. Eso Let's take a look at that. So now I'm looking at this. I'm looking at this turbine engine, and I'm going to go ahead and right click on it and our pick on the tools and then this. So we have the three D measurement tool. I'm gonna talk about the normal measurement tool in just a second, but I want to show the three d measurement tool. So it says, hold down the old too rooted. Hold down, shift a pan. So and then hold down the control key. Okay, so in this case, this one we're gonna try to do, I'm gonna try toe measure this eso weaken. As it said, I'm holding down the control key to rotate it. But if I start here, let's say I want to start here, and I want to see how long this, uh, this diagram, miss. All right. And then we could see it's in millimeters right now. All right, so now I want to be able to measure from top to the bottom I like. How much is this? Right over here? Some of this going drag it down so it helps you really get the exact measurements. Now notice that line isn't really perfectly straight. It's a little bit off. So here's what you dio. Even with the normal measuring tool before you drag it, you're gonna hold down your shift, kid. If I hold them a shift, well, that actually dragged the object. But in this case, I'm just going to make sure that my mouse is nice and straight and you could see the measure instead of coming up. All right, so this is the three D measuring tool. The way I got to that once I right clicked on the three d object on before report on tools and we said the three D measurement tools. But notice with that three d object that there's many things ever taken Dio. Actually, I would like to put it back in inches. All right, so now let's see if the measuring tool is going to be an inch is this time and you can see that that is an inch. It's all right. So, um, anyway, when I right click in that three of the object, there's just many, many things that we can do with that as you can say, but I really am very impressed with how you can actually manage that through the object. In this case, I'm gonna turn off the measuring tool Just gonna hit the escape Que And now we're back to being able to rotate that in different ways. All right, so now I'm gonna close this document, and we're gonna go ahead, and I'm not going to say that one, so I could use in the future session. But now let me share the normal measuring tools. So in this case I showed you, we'll come back to adding a button. Mitterrand that really It works very well when we do a ah ah form. But I can add a button here. So let's say I want to be able to easily print this this form or the stocking. So I'm gonna add a button. I'll put it right up here. Eso I'll say, print as the text, and then we're gonna say all properties and then you can kind of tell it the appearance in the position, the options have house look. But really what I want to go to is the actions. So when I when I click on that button. What is it going to dio you make you do a lot of different things. You can make it go to a three D view page view Import data. Eso we dio multimedia like I just showed you opening a file opening a web link player sound Submit a form. Okay, read an article. So there's many things we can do with those buttons. So let's say, uh I thought that print was gonna be on there, but we'll go ahead. And what if we But if we open a file, All right, so I changed. The Texas is open an Excel file. So for the actions, I'll say open a file and I'll pick on ad and now once know which file I want to get to. So open up the this address file. Good. Now I can make that button doom or things we can keep on adding more actions. As many as you want it toe pick on clothes. Now that button says open an excel file. Of course I can resize it, but I want to click there, and that really should open up that excel file. Let's see if it works if I click that well here, it's saying that the file might have a virus, but it's not. I know what that foul is. So I'm gonna pick on open. I I can choose to not display that message again. And now it's going to go into that file. And there there s there's the addresses. All right, so that was a pretty good way. Way made it more interactive with that button. Those were all under the the rich media tools. I showed you what the three days like out of the button out of the sound. This is a flash file, maybe with the flash builder. And this is a video that would be like an MP for All right. All of those do require the flash to be at least installed here. Alright, but that it comes free. The viewer comes free with Adobe Acrobat. All right, Now, the next thing I want to show is the normal measurement tool. So I'm gonna close this file and this one I can save. Now let's go back to this file and let's say I want to measure like, exactly how long that boxes this will help you when you're sitting up her objects. You want to make sure things are the same size. All right, so we're gonna go into the measurement tools or pick from the tools menu and there will pick on measure. Good. Now notice that we have the measuring tool up there. All right, so in this case, if I just go from one corner to the next Now, this is the one that's gonna help When we hold on, it's the shift. Que Well, it'll keep it nice and straight. Good. And then if I move, I'm asked if I move. My master, it says 3.15 inches watching. I'm going to keep a straight this time. I'm gonna undo that. Okay, so now I'm gonna move my mouse. You are still have the measuring tool. I'm gonna hold down the shift key, and then when I'm dragging across north south, staying nice and straight. All right, so that was a lot smoother. And you can see when I move my mouth star, it says 3.53 point 14 inches. So this is just a normal type of measurement from here. Okay, Now I want to get the perimeter. Like, how many inches is it around that object? So in this case, and clicking the porn er tool so we could turn that one off. I'm gonna go back to the measuring tool. Now, I want to see how long how, how long it is around that object that's called the perimeter. So I'm going to click on this this tool over here, and it says the perimeters will All right, so good. I'm gonna hold that. My shift key again. I'm gonna start here, Dragon across, and then I'm gonna lift my finger from the mass. But that tells it that that's one point and then drag it down again. Good. I'm gonna lift my finger, drag her over. Good. Trying it over. I'm actually clicking there and then drive it up. So then it gives me the space around the object, which is 7.59 inches. I was the perimeter. All right, So, um, this tool is just for measuring, like from 11 section to another. This is the perimeter. How How much space is around that object, this one? On the other hand, that's undo that. This one, on the other hand, is what we call the area. So how much space is within that? So watch the area. I'm going to click on that one again. We'll start at the corner, and I'm gonna hold down my shift key so I can keep it as a straight line. Good. I'm living my mass button and, um, don't wanna click there, drag it down. Good. I get that. Drag it across. Good, good. And track it up. Now you want those edges to connect? Look fat. And now you see, it's 4.1 square inches all the way around. So this one is this for measuring from here to there. This one is the perimeter. You know how much space is around that object? And then this is the area. How much space is within that object? All right, so those are the measuring tools. Eso That's a pretty going right. Fair. Let's keep on going now. Now somebody even asked about this next topic. We're gonna make a form eso a form is where we could start to collected data. All right, So, um, let's go ahead and sytem it. Use our form form tools. So in this case, me uh, go to a different document. All right, so I'm gonna go ahead and out of your page. Of course, over here, we see are different pages for the documents. So I go to the next page. Okay, that is good. You can see how the watermark is even on this page as well, so that would be fine. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and close this window right now. Um, weaken. Uh, we can get rid of this item, so I'll pick on the tools menu and then click on edit so you could see that's all text there. Of course. Right. So I couldn't believe all of that. The system my way right now. All right. So let's go to the form tools. I'm gonna go ahead and pick in the tools menu, and then we scroll down and would choose prepare a form. So remember what we're trying to dio is trying to make a screen where it would be like, you know, where they can type in their name and address and things like that, where it could be any type of information in this case. So even make a new page that's fine. Or a new document. This way, we'll start from scratch. OK, so now this guy over here will just be text, and they won't be able to type where the text is. So I click on the text tool and I'll type in a name, but I want a space where they can actually type in the name. And that will be this one. So that's called a text field. So I'm gonna click there and then move it down to here. So in this case, the field name will be the name I can make that I required field, which means that they would have to type something there or, ah, pick on all properties. And there's many, many things you can do with this. We can change the appearance, the font in the font size in these kind of things. Okay, Eso We could even make that an action where you know, when that wants to do something with that, something will happen. It's less thing we could make it a calculated feel. So anyway, we have the need that so let's have an address. I'm gonna go ahead and pick on just a plain text, and I'll type in address and I'll pick on this one and I'll pick on. Yeah, I see him. How? I'm trying to align that with those tools. Good. And it'll be the address now for that one. Obviously, I want to make that bigger, so we stretch it out and then move it down this year. Now, if I want to make sure that this items are lined up, watch for the audio. I'm gonna pick in the word name there, and I'm picking the right address, and then you get the alignment tools over here. So I would say, Ah, like, you know, we can say left the line, those kind of things, right? Eso It's nice to be able to align those items out even here. I want to make sure that this one is lined up with this one. Eso We could use the alignment tools with that one as well. All right, so looking good. Now, let's add, um, Let's add a check box here, so I'm gonna go and pick on the selection tool. Ah, pick on the, um, pick on the text and I'll say, Did you enjoy the Super Bowl now for that one? I wanna have, like a check box. All right, said knows how there's different types of objects we can add to our forms. So I'll pick on this one. And people would kind of know that, Um, people would know that if it's checked, it's a yes, and then if it's not checked, it's And now So we're making this form right now. I wanna have a button so that if we click on the button, different things can happen. So I'm gonna go ahead and click on this button here, and you could have as many of these buttons as you want, so I'll say so. I wanted to say reset, and in this case, I'll pick on all properties. Now, This time I'm going to give it an action. So we re pressed that button, then I want to reset the form. And, in other words, that's going to submit the data. Actually, wait, what would do this? And as we said that are clear. Okay, good. And I'm gonna be fine. And then I want to have another button that will submit the data. So pick on this button. Now. Come over here. You can see how it's let me line those things up and then I'll say this will be submit pick on all properties and this time will make it submit the form which is going to submit the data. Now it's submits. It kind of on. Ah, back and file. I'll show you how you can get that to liken Excel foul or something like that. It was somebody's question before the webinar. So pick on clothes, so you can see when we open up the prepared form tools, this one is going to be a piece of tech sick name address. In this question, this one is where they can type in the information. All right, then, in this case, we have a check box. This is called a radio button. You've seen those. That's where you can only pick one out of. If you have, like, five choices, you're going to pick one at a time. This is a list ready to pick foreign from the list. This is a pull down. This is the button that we just did. Over here is the pictures. This is a ah date field, you know? So that's a so, uh what? This it is. So then more used to date field. Good. And then we'll call that date and then we'll pick on properties there. So in this case, you can put calculations into here you could validate to feels I want this format now. The default value could be like today's date, for example. So now I'm just gonna make a show of us today's date because the actual date But you could make that show about his dynamic rate is that the current did it with a formula. So Dio 2020. Good. That's fine. And there's different things. We can change about that. Of course. OK, good. So let's see how this whole thing is gonna play out. I'm gonna pick on preview, so type in my name. Now if I wanted to reset it, I'm gonna cheese that button so we'll be able to see that tax. But if I pick on the reset, notice how it really kind of clears things out. Helps if I spell my name. Right. Okay, so I'll type of my address. Did I enjoy the Super Bowl? Yes. And then today's that. Of course I can change that to something else. That is how Because it's a date. Calendar came up. All right, Now, this one I remember I made that into a submit. So when you click that and that's submitted the data, then I probably want to do a reset. Now, that should be resetting that form. But then I'll type in somebody else's name and they will submit that one. All right, so we could start to make a pretty nice for him here. Now, I'm gonna go back to pick on edit. Now, watch what's gonna happen if I share that with another person. So what, You're dio on any pdf file I can pick in the world share, So I'm going to say I'm gonna send it Teoh. Now, I had this register with my email address, so it really wants a different email. Just I'm going to use my my other one that I get to from Outlook. And then from here, of course I would pick on send so you would type in the email as you need toe the subject to know that. So that really sent that good. Now I'm gonna go into my outlook and we'll see if that email came over and we'll see what the other person will see when you're sending that email. Good. Here this. So now I have a link to that document. I'm gonna go ahead and pick on open, and this person will just be able Teoh, enter the information. And so what, I would probably dio is probably down there that So I put that in my download forward to see what that looks like. So this is what the person would see on the other end. They will be able Teoh type in the information on the different fields, but they can't change that. Can't click where it says name and change it there when you know, with the other person. So I'll type in the information and then, you know, of course, were changed that so they can read the tax. But a pecan submit that So all of this data is being gathered and let me show you how you can then get that data into excel or another format. So I'm gonna go ahead and close that window. This is the one that I sent to myself. This is ah what the other person would say. Okay, now I'm back to the one that I actually made. So let me get the make it the form tools back up again. A pickle tools and then prepare form. Good. Now what you're looking for, you're looking for this word, this tribute That means you can take that information and send it to ah, different format. So look where my mouse is going to go right over here. Are picking distribute okay. Before distributing this for in the change room, it has to be safe. So of course I'll save that. And now we're going to say that one to ah, form one, PdF. Now I can send it as an email or an internal server. So let's see if we contrive Teoh internal Server, I'm going to say no. I want to send it with the data and then, in this case, see, even less presented to the best top. So, actually, let's try to send it as an email. So a pick on that *** back this tools again prepare a form, so I pick on distributed Damn! And this time we'll send it as an email. Okay, that's fine. And this this is where the data is going to be stored. Okay, into the pdf file. Or in this point, we could send it as an email so ascended to the email address again. This way, we'll be able to see what it looks like within my outlook. We're gonna send that. Okay, so now let's take a look. A If the email got set eso I'm gonna go ahead and see if that email got sent. The outlook might take a second for that to come over, but anyway, I just should have to make a nice form. And then how we can collect the data with that with that distribute. So is this the one? This is the one. Okay, good. So now if I pick on that, we can start to see, we could start to see that file, and that's the data. All right. So I'm gonna go back to a derby now, So all of that happened because I went into the prepare A form tools even here, You know, I can go to a new document, but just remember these tools. This one is where I would have just a title of the field then this is the actual field itself, Or they can type in This is a check box. This is what we're calling on option. But Nora radio, But where they have a Mr Choices, they can I pick one of the time. This is a list where they can pick from a list. This is, um, pull down or a drop down list. This is one of those buttons like we talked about. And then this would be a picture I showed you the day we could even make him at a signature into their This is a barcode. Okay, so, uh, there we have using the forms. Now, one of the big things about Adobe Acrobat is they're very aware that, you know, many other people with disabilities have to read these documents so we can make the documents handicapped accessible by showing you the following. So I'm gonna go into existing when I want to use. Now, let's go into this one. All right. So let's see if I had a cleaner copy of that. This one. Okay, good. So I want to make us so that first of all, we could make it accessible for people who might be, uh, color blind. We can actually change the colors, so that it's successful for people that are car blind. We can also make a set of this document is can be read out loud. Two people a swell. So let me share some of the accessible tools. I'm gonna go ahead and pick on the tools menu and we'll sc