Adding a Loyalty / Referral Program for your Shopify Store with Swell | Jessica Lee | Skillshare

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Adding a Loyalty / Referral Program for your Shopify Store with Swell

teacher avatar Jessica Lee, Developer | Designer | Shopify Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Navigating the Swell Dashboard

    • 3. Creating your Programs

    • 4. Getting Started with Swell Rewards

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About This Class

Are you looking for a way to boost customer loyalty and sales?

70% of consumers who are members of loyalty programs say memberships is a meaningful part of their relationships with brands

Creating a loyalty program for your customer base rewards them for shopping with you! Allowing those customers to earn points with each purchase encourages them to continue purchasing your products.

You can also help your website traffic by creating a referral program for your customers to refer friends and family to your shop with both receiving incentives and you gaining a new customer.

Both are free to set up for you!

By the end of this course, you will be ready to start your very rewards and referral program to start rewarding your customers.

In this course, we will cover:

  • What Swell Rewards is
  • Getting Started with Swell
  • Navigating the Swell Dashboard
  • Creating your programs
  • Adding Swell to your Shopify store

This course is for:

  • Store owners who are looking to get started with a loyalty program
  • E-commerce store owners who are looking to add a referral program

Enroll now and start learning with me today...  See you in the course!

Swell is a rewards program that provides an easy way to create a program with little effort. It takes care of the building and maintaining of your loyalty program so you can automatically reward your customers with no manual effort from you and they have a free plan to get started.

So that's two ways to increase sales to your store with no charge to you

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jessica Lee

Developer | Designer | Shopify Expert


"Use your gifts to help achieve the dreams of others" -Jess the Techpreneur

Hi, my name is Jessica! I am a tech nerd, blogger, and serial entrepreneur with a passion for business, e-commerce, and design.  I'm fueled by code, coffee, and most importantly family. With over 8 years of experience in the computer science industry, 7 years as an entrepreneur, and 2 years as a Shopify expert, I use a cocktail of knowledge in web development, brand design, and strategy building to help you create a business built on a web presence foundation that will thrive now and in the future.

For over 8 years, I've been designing, building and maintaining websites for others. Using what I've learned, I'll teach you how to benefit from tech in your business! You'll learn how to DIY your w... See full profile

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1. Course Introduction: welcome to adding a loyal, seen referral program for your shop. If I store in this course, you will learn how to get started with swell, how to create a loyalty program, a referral program and house added to your shop. If I store by the end of this course, we will go over how to get started with swell and start rewarding your customers. This course is great for learners of all levels that are looking to add a new loyalty and referral program to the shop if I store. 2. Navigating the Swell Dashboard: Once you complete thes set up of swell, you will be brought to the home dashboard of Swell. Here it on America. Lee opens up to the Explorer swell, where they're different steps to accomplish for your complete set up on the left. Inside, you will find the navigation. You will see a button for a review, so here view like toe of greats a premium. You could do that straight from the navigation, and they will like you to personalize your rewards. Papa Pins Happy review How your customers Arm points review How your customer spends points customized the referral program of pop ups. Design your newsletters, sign up, pop up, customize your email notifications and write a review on the lefty. Inside, you'll see earning points. Spinning points were words. Pop Up Rewards Page Referral Program newsletter, Sign up PFE Tears, email notification and customers settings in the help most of the to do's here will be found to the lefty inside. So with performance youve singles of the program dashboard. This will give you the overview of how your referral and rewards programs are working. This shows you the amount of money generated, how much you've invested points have earned points redeemed. You'll see a breakdown for each email each subscriber, and it gives you a pers I view of your program. Next under referrals, you will see your referral program. Analytics. Seize Yemeni shares, clicks orders you got from those clicks and revenue As you start to receive referrals. This was starts to fill out as long with the program dashboard. For the store, you can see the total revenue, the repeat customer revenue, new customer average order size total orders for the entire store. Turning points is where you can on and the points for each step that they have complete it so far. Referral program. You get 200 points every time you refer. Friend, who spends over $5 points for purchases, earned 10 points for every dollar you spend in our store on 100 points when you create an account gold spin Happy birthday punch card. So these air all of the ways that when we set up, can added in the amount of points per each step. This is where you can customize and edit the information that you use for stuff spending points. This tells you how your customers can spend their points so they can earn door coupons, and they can have pop up coupons. So we have $5 off in exchange for 500 points. Tunnels all $4025 for 2500 direct coupons is of reward or coupon that they can receive without redeeming these points. The reward Papa is here. You can customize the one that is currently connected to your account. You can create templates, and there are templates below that you can add it. See, there are premium and you have the default That's free. Horrible wars page. This is a page that is one your actual Shopify store that creates a dashboard. Four New club customers. This is available with a premium of great here, the referral program. You can see the e mails that can be sent out here. You can customize the pop up and customized, or for a program itself. Here you will see this. That's for the unique views that somebody has seen. Or click the referral. Lee moves. Let us sign up. You can add in the emails here you can add it. Hm. Customized a pop up changed the reward here. You get 10% off coupon if you sign up for the newsletter. So you have so views and you have email captured next with the V I p. Tears. If you are with, they pay it plan. You are able to set of tears for your customers. Email notifications can be customized here so you can change the from name the email. You can do it. The fall template or a custom. Simply custom templates must be used with HTML. Or if you just want to use the standard Shopify email, you can add your header image here. Then you can send preview it e mails, and you can save it for each part of your rewards and referral program. The emails that go out you will see how many have been sent, how many have been open and how many have been clicked. You will also receive a notification either weekly or daily for those e mails. Customers is we're You will see everyone who has created an account with your rewards or your referral program. You can see their current points balance how many points they've earned, how much they've Spence with your store. They're unique referral link if the input it their birthday if they were referred. All of this information is, say and attached to this customer so that you can have the availability. Teoh. Just the points could be a manual adjustment force and somebody who came in and by the extra product, but forgot to put their phone number creating a manual points balance. Adjust will update two This current points balance. You can send a reward to this customer. You can add it. It's birthday. Add and remove actions and managed to referral Lee. So I've been any time you need Teoh. Change the referral link or deactivated. You can do that here and studies you will see your merchant i d a. P I key. All of the technical information include shipping and taxes in order. Total a war points were orders mark paid. You can see that there is premium next to the ones that require a pay a plan, but most of them are said if you want Teoh sync your swell account with their parties, such as the email, marketing E or payment providers. You can do that with a gold plan, and then you'll also see the subscription that you're currently on, and if any time you like to upgrade your playing, you could do it here or upgrade to premium. 3. Creating your Programs: next, we will set up our referral program. Next, we will get started setting up our rewards. So we will goto earning points. And here we will customize the We will customize how it looks when a customer sees this, so we will enable the papa. It will load after one minute. You can make it smaller. You could make it y. Either you can change the background or you can add an image border color the overly. You can also add custom. See assessing custom job script. So once you've made the changes, you can click save changes and this will save the changes that you have me. So we see when a customer spends over $5 you will get a free coupon for 10% off and then the customer that you referred will receive 200 points. You can add it the title, the reward text, the description everything and be changed. You can also added default message that your customers share on Twitter. You can put a customize tax for your Facebook share message in the share image, so once you're happy with the points that you have set up, you can move on to spending points. With your rewards, you can ads a new coupon amount you can do when they redeem their points immediately after they complete a campaign, and you can do a coupon of a fixed amount, ah, percentage custom or even free shipping. You can name it at a description. Add a value for how many points this coupon costs so that it can be deducted from their account when the points are determined. Then you can add them here so that the customer can see it from their side. How many points that will cost You can set restrictions one. What this coupon can be used for, how many times it can be used when it expires, and if it should restrict the usage of the coupon. You can put the cold prefix How long the colt live is you can do icons and thanks for redeeming. This is your intro. So that's what will be shown when you go to redeem that everything will be managed by your clients. Everything will be managed on the Papa one. The free account. So we will go to customize Are more wars pop up? This is what your customers see as soon as they are logged into their account. Well, we're gonna do the default layout. We can match our poor Ian's change. Our colors changed the fights. So it matches closer with your Brandon. That's happy we can have s So this is where it will lay in your store. So when you are when your customers are in and they're searching your store, they will see those little Tapia that they can click to activate this pop up. So you want to make sure that this is in a non obstructive way sold that they are still able to navigate around your website without having this in the way you can change how tall it is. You change how wide it is, the finance font color font size to make it how you little like it's a match with that brand into the overly color. The sidebars here. Any changes that is made here, you will see them here and how it shows up. And this preview is how it will be seen to your customers. So you can change out any of those by now we have get rewards. Earn points were for friends. My rewards in FAA cues go through and you can update the flat sizes for each label on this screen. Next. If you wanted Teoh, change the text. When? Here. Then you can do that under the others and it will show up to the right. You can also view it in mobile view. This is how your customers will see it on their phone and you can make the changes here. Also, once you have made the changes, you can click save changes and the little red X. So now you're rewards. Pop up is sex with the referral program. It will be the same way. You can customize your pop up to make it a little bit more on brand. Any changes that are made here, you can save and then exit out. So now you're pop up is completed. You can look at how your difference. Pop ups will show. Refer, friend, get a 10% off clue behind. This will get them to create that free account. Teoh be ableto one get the coupon and then refer a friend for other rewards so you can customize the pop up here, make him more on foreign click, save and then exit next the newsletter. Sign up. You can customize the pop up. Once you're done customizing, you can click, save and exit. You also noticed that when the papa comes up, you have another type here that is a top. You can click that to select it, and you can change the text, the with and the fine and the colors of it so you can hide that. Have once you have it, how you like it. You can click save changes in exit. Since we're on the free plan, we won't be able to set up any V. I've Pete's. Here's so we'll go to her email notifications. Hear any changes that need to be made? You can. We have our analytics for tracking and we'll call to settings. You can add in your description and say, Now you have set up both. You are wards in referrals program. All of your pa Popes have been edited. You have set up all of your pop ups that needs to be edited so all of these are good to go . So once we have completed the set up, we will go. Teoh activity swell. Here we see the little green got and that is active. So we know it is currently working on our store. We'll go back to the shop. If I store now, we will go and view our store to see. However, Pearl in Rewards Program looks on our website from our customers. Point and feel. You see, here we have our earn rewards. We have our pop up that is, letting our customer no how they can earn points and what they can receive when they redeem the point like a log in. Or we came and created an account. So now we will go to our store to see how are war. It's launcher looks. Here we go. See on the lower right hand side, we sear, earn rewards. We can see the earn points for actions and the redeem points for discounts so your customers can see how to earn points and had a spin points. We'll see the update we made Teoh. The name is complete and your chi in your customer can lock in. Or they can create account to use when they make their purchases. 4. Getting Started with Swell Rewards: giving started with swell the loyal for wars program We will first need to open up our Shopify dashboard From here we will go to APS, visit Shopify App store and search for a swell We see here rewards and referrals by swell We will click it and then click. Add at this will add the ab to your shop. If I store fix, install app after you install the app you will see the on boarding page Come up. You will see your store name here and we will click Get started here we will see the selected can't pays that we have available are the referral program points for purchase creating account below You will see all the campaigns that are available to add to your count We have a goal spins been x get why Happy birthday Rewards Punch cards Newsletter Sign up Yeah, Polo Review But this is with a premium plea Paid him land custom actions Instagram Twitter tweets re constant These air all the ways that you're customers can connect with you So we'll go through and we will select all the ones that we will like Teoh activates in our program. Then we will click next. The 1st 1 is the referral program. Here you will reward the refer with points. You can do a coupon for nothing. So we will. We're for the person who refers your company. We will give them a coupon of Tim Person off and the person who they refer. We would do points and will give them 200 points. We'll click mix next. It's the points for a purchase. For every dollar spent, you earn X amount of points They haven't say here. When a customer makes a purchase, they earn 10 points per dollar. If you would like to change this, you can change it here. We're going to keep it the same. We'll click next for creating account. You can set the number of points that they receive when they create their account. So since this is a big step, we're gonna go ahead and leave it there. So then we have our goal. Spend, spend X, get why So if a customer spends $100 with the store, they can earn 500 points. This helps increase the Mount spit because of how many points you have your able Teoh make back what she spent pretty much in points. So it's a great incentive on the customer's birthday, we will reward them with the 100 points and for the punch card. When a customer makes five purchases, they earned 500 points. You can at it it and then click next newsletter. Sign up. You could have that person receive a coupon or points so we'll do a coupon and would do 10% because we want them, doesn't get signed up and make purchases. So we have the Twitter follower, but sure handle here and then the amount of points that they were received than the Facebook light. You can plan in the address for that click next Facebook share. Do next. You can also change it to a specific product or the about US page or even the instagram landing page, so that your customers can go in and go where they like on your site. If you're hosting the sale that you can change this to your sale page. So where, As soon as somebody shares it to their Facebook friends and family, they will find yourself page and be able to make the purchases without looking for that page that you want them to go to next is the twitter read sweet When a customer with tweets that tweet with i d if you use Twitter. So in using Twitter we can copy the tweet where you can click on it and grab this U R l Here we had a copy inputted right back and Teoh are I d here and how many points they will earn and then tweet about us. So put in your notice. Don't forget Teoh. Include the link that you I would like them to visit. If it's your website, you can also use a bait Lee link B i t. That l Why? To create a shortened link. So you know you don't have the long queue our rail Next, we're gonna have them re constant. This is good. If if your store has a blogger or if you have a event coming up you once, people to read about it, you can add in your really to the link to the blawg article. We'll go back here and paste it and then you can acts. Customers. What question of on the concept that you want them to answer? If the answer correctly. Then they'll earn this amount of points so well, put our question in, and we will put our answer and then we'll click next. Here. We can select the emails that we will like to sin to our were warm members so you can enable them. This is their points reminders. So let's so know about their point balance. This is a thank you when somebody they referred has actually come to the store in made a purchase. This is a redemption reminder, so if they have enough please for $5 off for free product, then it will automatically go out points used. You can enable also, so that you are where each time a customer with themes points for Kupa, we'll click next. Because this is the free version of Swell. We would not be able to connect automatically to our email provider without going to a pay plan. So we will select our pop up next. So we have the standard pop of of a premium pop up and a rewards page. The premium and the rewards are all one the pay plants. So we'll be using the standard Papa next. They will like you to choose a plan. We will be using a bride's plan, which will give us 100 free orders. A ma, they are able to create an account, do a referral program Facebook share. They can re constant, and they can do the Twitter followers when you go up. This is $29 a month for 400 orders a month, then you have $249 for 400 plus waters. So here we'll click. Let's go. And since they wanted us to add a email marketing that we were able to it, let us know that we would need to upgrade for that. So that is how you get started with swell.