Adding Your Modern Calligraphy And Hand Lettering To Leaves | Joy Tay | Skillshare

Adding Your Modern Calligraphy And Hand Lettering To Leaves

Joy Tay, Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |

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9 Lessons (35m) View My Notes
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Prep: Cleaning And Choosing Your Leaves

    • 3. Play: Pointed Pen Calligraphy On Leaves

    • 4. Play: Marker Pen Lettering On Leaves

    • 5. Prep: Choosing Big Leaves For Lettering

    • 6. Drafting Your Lettering on A Word Processor and Paper

    • 7. Drawing Reference Lines For Lettering

    • 8. Lettering On A Big Leaf With A Paint Pen

    • 9. Your Class Project And Thank You


About This Class

Add a touch of nature by creating beautiful escort cards, place names or home decor made with leaves. In this 35-min Skillshare class, letterer Joy Tay will teach you how to wow your guests by incorporating your hand lettering or calligraphy skills on leaves for your events, gifts or to amp up your decorative touches.

Start here to get an overview of the Prep-Play-Display process for infusing calligraphy and lettering on different materials.

You will be taken through a step-by-step approach of selecting supplies, and the types of leaves which work best for hand lettering or calligraphy. Get foolproof methods to create these elegant calligraphy pieces that attract compliments every time.

The class is great for all levels; whether at the -

Intermediate level: Familiarity with the modern calligraphy style would be great for best results; or as

Beginners level: No experience in lettering or calligraphy? No worries! Get a similar look with your own style of lettering using supplies readily available at art supply stores.

What You'll Learn

Preparation. Joy will take you through her tips for selecting the most appropriate types of leaves so that your beautiful calligraphy work can shine.

Lettering on Leaves. Get tips on how to create lettering using different types and sizes of leaves, so that you have a large range of options to use leaves at your events. Through using three different types of supplies, including dip pens and markers, Joy aims to fire up your creativity to create beautifully worded leaf pieces which everyone will love.

Let's get creative; the possibilities are endless!

Keen to learn how to add your beautiful calligraphy on other materials? Check out how to add calligraphy on...

Keen to learn how to add your beautiful calligraphy on other materials? Check out how to add calligraphy on...


1. Introduction: Welcome to this. You will infuse your beautiful calligraphy, all lettering on these. You can call me Joy. And I'm here to take you through a specific part of the press Play on display from both so that you're able for, like, the right kind of G's truth and supply. So they all come together harmoniously in enabling you to refuse your beautiful designs on news. Now he's gonna be used as part of your own dinner event. Powerful kind of. You can also use them at Casey's. There's no American 15 role but will be using upon depend. It's up parts off this. I dare say Go as long as you can write alphabets. And I'm sure that you you can infuse your own style off lettering on lease. So come on, join me. I cannot wait to see you fight 2. Prep: Cleaning And Choosing Your Leaves: to clean your leads, just rinse them and wipe them breath a dry, clean cloth as you can feed. This is a nice leave to use full calligraphy. It is thick you can see and because it's fake. If you're using a pointed tip, it's not gonna puncture the leaf, so the color is also pretty. Even they're not so many veins that at least the win on even area. Also, it's not too classy, so since it's not too glossy, the inconvenient here to it. So these are some of the qualities that makes this one a very good leaf to use. Another thing is, I found that this particular leave it takes a while before it gets dry, so you don't have to worry about doing something in advance. This is the condition of believe, and it's three days and it's still pretty green. So you, if you have an event, you can do this a week in advance, and it will still be good 3. Play: Pointed Pen Calligraphy On Leaves: once already. You can put the ink from here in tow A well, off. Your choice makes the ink and coats the back off your pendant make so and before testing it out on this piece that you're gonna use, you may wanna have another, Another piece to see, but that the Incas depositing will. So this my going to be my file piece. And this is my test piece tonight. Feeds in close that Well, it's not enough. You may want to put more ink. Okay, is coming up. I'm gonna put the bottle in sight The media for this piece because it's one of the bigger ones you might want to write, Um, for the bride and groom where everybody else gets a smaller leaf center right bright on this leaf light on the up strokes. More pressure in the down strokes. So it is a good, um, leave to use. As you can see, I am putting pressure, but it is not puncturing the leaf. Have you On the down stroke night on the upstroke A I went to d o d the circular stroke Dan Stroke night the up strokes. Be careful when you're looking on this final believe if the pin is the thing skips. You mean when I fill up some of the gaps? Okay, I find that if I put the tip in the ink, usually it helps to get in flowing. Okay, so for the braid. So the Incas still went. I'm gonna come back when the exit bit drier. And you can see how the color changes when it's wet. It's a little DACA there when it's dry. 4. Play: Marker Pen Lettering On Leaves: If you want to do focus graffiti instead or modeling calligraphy the one that I will recommend if my liquid chrome So this the in the one Mm tip. Before you get a sheet, put the leaf in positions where you feel comfortable using. And I'm going to write bright. Now we can see the brilliance off the chrome. Be careful way The spine of the leaf is okay. You can leave it A such if you're into modern light Or if you prefer for calligraphy, find out where the down strokes are and you think in it up. So you should have heavier weights on the down strokes as compared to on the up strokes. - Okay , so this is this and for calligraphy. I'm gonna come back once. Likely not this a little bit off Asus much. So I'm gonna come back and clean it up and show you what it looks like. 5. Prep: Choosing Big Leaves For Lettering: Now let's talk about one of the full s in particular shape I have here with me, Um, leads or elephants year lease. At least that's what it's called in this part of the world. It's really cute, because if you turn it upside down, it has this. This thing, the shape off, looking like a hot is really popular at weddings. You can use it for table menus or your table guest list. Before this project, we're going to write a short bow off love. 6. Drafting Your Lettering on A Word Processor and Paper: What I do is I get on my word processor and I'll write out the phrase that I want written on the leaf. I'll have a few options on make boxes to buy six or two by eight, depending on how many options you want to look at. So here I have divided this phrase as such, and I think it's too boxy. So I'll try another approach. I was thinking, Oh, maybe I like this better. Oh, maybe you might want have, like, um, heart Trueheart in the same line like that. Maybe that works for you, so you'll play around using your word processor how you want the freezing to look like, um, I just find that great lines are very helpful because they will tell me where the center line is. So where you go if you're using word is go to view and then click on bread lines. So once I'm happy with how I'm gonna a structure the freezing, then I will transfer it to a piece of people. I'll choose belief that I want So this is a relatively nice leave if you consider no tears and the color green is quite even so. now I'm gonna determine my writing area. What I do is I take measurements. I'm just gonna write in this triangle area, okay? Because of the stuff, it's quite hard for me to show you, but my writing every is only from the top off the leaf here till the bottom. So I'm not gonna use thes two areas unless I'm sexually and into two. So this is going to be my last line. Eso I'm going take measurements, I think. Humans off. You know how long this is? How white is my last line, and then I'm gonna transfer it to a piece of paper. What? My measurements are now that I have my reference people, I'm going to refer back to my word processor, and I will write out some of the other measurements. So I know now that this is 25 cm. If you're booking in metric, and if you're working in in just then you can just write down whichever measurement is well resonant with you. So now I know that I have 25 p m here, and I know that I have 123456 Referring to my what processor I have six line, which I need to, um, account for. I also need to have space at the top and at the bottom, so I dont right at the very top. So since I have six lines, I'll just do a quick calculations on the piece of paper. So have six lines. I have 25 25 of six nines, six times. Uh, let me see if you can see the measurement. So these are just some quick measurement. So, um, 25 if I were a six times 3 18 25 minus 18 7 75 to 3.5. OK, so I got that. This blank area is supposed to be 3.5 from the bottom. There's also blank area 3.5. So just there, in rough measurements, and each line is going to be on E. Each line is gonna be three CIA. Yeah, so the lines are all going to be roughly equal. And then whatever is left over is going to be the pots that, uh, blank. I hope we get one of me. So, um what? I suppose you can cut shot all this different processes by just using graph paper. That will be a lot more accurate and can do it to scale. But for me, I would just do it in rock paper. Just rough calculations. Now it's time to do a rough drop. So referring again to my word processor, I will What? From the center line So I can see that kid. I is going to be the very center. So it is gonna be My reference is the first line I and then will will I know that the eyes gonna be here. L is gonna be here so roughly you will do. Uh, let's make sure that your eyes gonna be near the center line, so keep reference. Two years and the line for all the rest off the passages. So I will walk with you. Um, the tea if Yes, I'll write my with us. So my tea is near the center line with in my next line by is at the center and to Okay, so now that I have my center words, I'm going to write the words at the site. So this one is gonna be walk with walk with you. I will walk with you. So maybe somebody here. If you find that they're too far Tonja, you can change it when you transfer this to the leaf. But for now, this is just a rough draft. So you know exactly how the placement will work with your own, uh, brush lettering, Brush pen lettering walk with you hand in hand. The hen I know is going to be looking at my work process processor. The H is going to be, um, after this line, so I know that I was taught my age somewhere at the bottom off the A there's very useful to have a reference off your what processor in front of you as you do this, cause you know where you like to start in a pan, okay? And then I find that actually, with my handwriting, it is not the same as the aerial fund that I have. So I will have to make a note that this is Truell much to the right, and I probably will have to move it here so you can just make this is the beauty of having a draft before you transfer it to leaf side by side. So again, this one should be roughly here. so by an last line heart to heart the ages to their right to the left. Sorry. Off the f. So again taking reference. So it's so helpful to do it first on the word processor. E don't want tohave the tea like this cause maybe I have Ah, I might have a tea like this. Instead we will see Hey, so again does it the rough drop it is, you know, not intimidating. So you know exactly what you plan to look out for when you're transferring to the leaf. So I hope this is helpful. And then based on the adjustments that I have found out when walking on this drop, I'm gonna transfer it to the leaf. 7. Drawing Reference Lines For Lettering: Now that I have my reference, I also marked out a couple of areas that I want to change up a series or circles so that I know when I'm going to write it out in the actual Inc that I will change it differently from the draft and going to set this aside. And I'm gonna take my dif now. Yeah, Here. You see my leaf. I hope you're able to see it. And I will have to mark out the different areas, for example. Okay, how do I mock it out? Um what? Thanks to use. If you're gonna use leaves, I would recommend that if you're gonna put it, especially if you're gonna put it in your water, I would recommend that you don't use go wash. You don't use, um, bleep proof white. You'll be using something that's acrylic so that when it dries, it becomes more waterproof. So if you're actually think is gonna bear krilic Oh, you can either use what the color brush if you want to all use a paint pen like this. So I select the volatile one for all acrylic in white. If you're gonna market your areas, then you can have it marked out in and or picking. I'm gonna just use a black Bart marker because it's something that is quite washable. So I just need it for referencing off my lines and where I can write it on. Um, if you're not using this, I could also recommend using stead Le Pen's. These are also really nice because they are opaque and the ink really comes through. But for now, I'm just gonna use white. So we already have, as per my reference sheet, that the free areas ago be 3.5 and three cm for my written lines. So I'm just gonna market out on we'll use the spine off the leaf as reference. So I'll take my Rosa So, Steve five just mark it out, and then three cm, you could just put dots and you don't even have to write out the whole line. You don't have to draw. Just need a point of reference. So I'm gonna have six lines. Just make sure that the lines and awkward cuts or take the spine as reference the spine of the leaf. He I guess it doesn't matter for using bouncy style, so don't be too rough on the leaf. 12 I'm gonna finish up the rest off the lines. So a full line. I mean, my six lane, I'll draw my reference lines in dots. 8. Lettering On A Big Leaf With A Paint Pen : Okay, so now that you have marked out your area, you know, ready to write as usual, make sure that you shake your pen and tested on a piece of paper to see that the ink really does. So when you take a reference sheet, okay. And we tested out whether it looks, uh, okay, I think it does. I think the white comes through quite clearly and were ready to run, so you can select whether you want a piece that is more monoline or whether you prefer something that is for calligraphy. So again, I'm just gonna put my reference here. I know it's a little bit of the frame of the video, but so just put it in front of you. So you're quite clear how you gonna right? It can be very gentle, the leaf. And when you're writing, please make sure that you know you don't put your hand on it because the paint will come off. So just leave enough time for the ink to drive or the paint pen to dry. Okay, So the first word I So I always thought from the middle the second What will now draw my w e will walk with you. So again, I will start with the what with us. Hey, I'm gonna finish up the rest and I'll be back so you can see that I heard within the middle words and the use of spine s reference. So when you're doing this, just bury mind. Sometimes it gets harder to write on the spine because of the cuffed rest raised edges. So just remember to gospel. So firstly, I would do the middle words. And now I'm going to write out the words on the site so you can see every definition some of the words to the right and gonna let it dry first before I complete the words to the left. Once I did this before in the past, I actually it's much did. So I'm quite careful now to start with the center and then I don't right or the left us. I think it will help you if you are right handed and you start on the left. And if you're left handed, vice brother Um, yeah, but just pick the site so that let it dry so that you will not smudge. So that's one tip for you as you can see everything written out. Most of the words I just left the word heart here because I'm gonna show you some of the tips that you might want to take note off when you're writing on lease. So as you can see, um, I always take reference from the spine. And they're also this other spines that are present. And you just have to write very, very slowly when you're writing on them. Because otherwise it will make your lettering quite distorted. Okay, so for the heart. Okay, so what you may want to do is sometimes you may have to turn to leave because I cannot cut off the stock is gonna be used. So you'd have to lead it this way. All the need this way to make it easier for you to write. So since I'm writing on the left, I'm going to turn the leave to the left so that this side is going to be flat. Okay, so I'm gonna write the what hot, And I know it's to the left off the S. You. So again, keep taking references from what you already have. So I'm writing on some of the spines as you can see, the ease on the spine. So once you know you're writing on spying just right extra carefully because you don't puncture it and on TV, right? Extra slowly or else it will distort your letter. Okay, so here we have the final piece. I will walk with you hand in hand, side by side, heart to heart. So I tried to make sure that this cuff is quite similar to this key so that there's some kind of symmetry. Yeah. So now remember, we have our reference line. So what you're gonna do next if you are going to erase it with water. So I have some water here, and I'm just gonna take some to shoe. Oh, you can also use a cotton swab if it's more convenient for you. It's probably more precise, but I just like to afford this paper into four. And I like to fully into a point so that it is more precise case that there's a point here , and I'll just dip it in water, removed excess water and just erased off my reference line again. Be very careful that you don't have to leave. We were walking in this leaf. It is quite fragile. So just be very careful when you're handing it. I also want to tell you something about this Moloto pain. I did say that the paint waas waterproof. It's not quite accurate. It is quite resistant to water when what is on it. But if you are scrubbing it, it probably wouldn't be waterproof and will come off with the water also. But I'm gonna give you a demonstration data. I'm going to stop the video for now. But what I'm doing is what you see here is just dropping off All the reference dot I'll be back. Okay, my friends. So we have finished rubbing off all the reference thoughts, and here you will decide what you like to do. Do you want to leave it as monoline, or do you actually want to do with some four calligraphy on it? If you're doing for calligraphy on it, so s usual. You already know for my other classes, you are going to do a thicker line on the down strokes next. So this I do you think the line on the nostrils and you can't finish up the rest of well, so again on the W a big lion. And so So I'm going to do this, um, outside the camera frame and I'll be back once I finish detailing the lines off all the down strokes. I finished during the down strokes, beginning of the down strokes for most off the letters. I'm going to do the final work with you. So let's do heart together. So again, whether down strokes are you may want to do a thicker line. Decide. Okay, leave the up strokes alone. Just picking up the don strolls. So you come across spying here, Just be extra careful and go study. Okay? So you can see that there. I don't know if conceiving the camera, but they're parts of which are more faded than another. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna leave the ink to dry, maybe for about 10 minutes. I'm gonna go for 10 minutes or so, and i'll be back with 1/3 coat so that all the words will appear opaque. I've been the that coat off the ink. Uh, for all the other words, except for hot. I'm just going to do that together with you. They're gonna turn the leaf. So it's easy for me to walk on. Turn it to the site because I'm looking on the right side. Make sure that the ink is flowing well from your pen. If not, what you need to do is we can take a piece of people and you keep pressing it till the income salts movie. So my smoking well, so far so I don't have to do it. But if you feel that the ink is not running out um, smoothie. So that's what you need to do. Uh, periodically. Okay, When you're doing that, that court be gentle so that you don't scrub off the first or second coat. Team sounds stroke, then across above the tea. Be very careful when you're at the spine. Great study. OK, so, Dave O yeah. So I want to talk about this ink and I share that it was waterproof of water resistant. This is what I mean. So if I were to Depp some water on it, you can see this Trump. Let's off water. You can see that the states I'll leave is not complete. So maybe you feel that it's a little plane. If you feel a little pain you might want to do some flourishing here just to note that this is where the spine is. So if it during a flushing should be very, very, very slow and careful, or else it will get distorted if you some other ideas, maybe you might want to peen the sites here with gold. Or maybe you want to paint this area where it's empty with gold. So I'm gonna think off what I want to do, waiting for the paint to dry and I'll show you the final piece. 9. Your Class Project And Thank You: Hello again. How was it? Did you get your ideas? I hope that you inspired to create your old leave calligraphy. What you gonna do is far class project. You're gonna select a leave. You're gonna think about what kind of style off electric you like to do on it and then post a picture off your design and uploaded to our class project. Do you have any questions? I'm happy to help. You can post a new discussion bought in the community section below. If you're interested in working with other materials, I do have classes booking on different projects ranging from a gate to the key. I hope to see you another class again. My name is Joy and thank you for taking this class.