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Adding Spirituality to your Business

teacher avatar Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D., Powerful Fun Teaching

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Adding Spirituality To Your Business - Introduction

    • 2. Why Add Spirituality To Your Business

    • 3. Benefits of a Spiritual Business

    • 4. Rewards of Running A Spiritual Business

    • 5. Getting Employees Involved in Your Spiritual Business

    • 6. Eliminating Conflict With Your Spiritual Business

    • 7. The Energy of A Spiritual Business / The Wrap Up

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About This Class

Adding Spirituality to your Business

A lot can be improved and accomplished by adding your own spirituality to your business.  When you bring your spiritual life into your business it is like sending a shockwave of energy through it.  You will start to see results you may have never seen before.  You will feel proud to be within your business and flow with that energy that is carrying your business.

Your employees will see a difference, your customers will see a difference and the universe will see a difference.   You will start to attract to your business, the customers that are a right fit and a pleasure to be around.  Your employees will feel the energetic difference and you will start receiving rewards like crazy.  

Sure you will start making more money but more than that you will start having a peace of mind like you have never had before.  There will be an energetic reward for you to just step inside your business, or scoot up to your computer on that will thrill your soul.  

Okay, enough talk lets get started with the class...

Peace and Love,

Rob Alex, Ph.D. 

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D.

Powerful Fun Teaching


Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. is brilliant at coming up with outside-the-box ideas. He is currently creating fantastic courses available on around creative marketing and relationships. It's fascinating how the relationship skills he teaches to couples crosses over to authors and entrepreneurs with their relationships to clients and fans/readers. He had a spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences. This encouraged him to bring more spiritual perspectives into his work - metaphysical concepts alongside practical ideas. He teaches how to use ancient wisdom to expand your thinking while creating more personal life energy and how to direct that energy to develop amazing relationships (personally and professionally) and live the l... See full profile

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1. Adding Spirituality To Your Business - Introduction: everybody, it's Rob Alex here. I want to take the time today to introduce you to your business, a spiritual practice. Now many of us think of spirituality is beef, you know, going to church, worshiping the Buddha, doing things like that. But your business can be a spiritual path. The way I look at spiritually passes that anything that can bring energy into your life can be a spiritual path. So I want you guys to understand this concept as we go forward, that the energy of your business is powerful and it can do amazing things. And if you harness that power and make it and use it just right, you can bring a lot of wealth into your life. It can bring a lot of happiness into your life. It can bring a lot of freedom in your life. So that's what this class is about. Is understanding that your business is a spiritual path and that we want to treat it that way. 2. Why Add Spirituality To Your Business: Okay, so why do we want to treat our business as a spiritual path? Why do we want to go out on that way? Well, because, like I said in the opening statement there, there's there's energy in our business. And when we can bring that to the forefront, we can create amazing things in this world. Now I know most, officer in business for to make money and live a great life style. But there's much more to your business. I mean, there's the the aspect of community and sharing light love into the world. And when you do, you understand that. And you can focus on that, too, with your business as well as making money. We know we all have to make money. Amazing things start to happen. Your business starts to reach out to people that you would have never had his customers, and they just kind of happened in because there's an energy around your business. So it's very important that we put our spirituality are metaphysical approach into our business. You know, I, o often would set in our business and focus energy around myself. I would go in before anybody else was there when it was closed and I would focus the great energy, I would put this protective bubble around my business. I would, you know, even as far as you know, I would just try to charge up the money and stuff that was in the cash registers and things like that because I wanted energy flowing in and out of the business. You can't just expect energy to flow into your business. You got allow it to flow out, too. So we're going to bring all the spirituality and metaphysical principles into our business . Al, our business to grow and so many ways. So it's vitally Porton that you understand and you open your mind to this concept because it's relatively different. It's relatively exciting. It's well, it's super exciting, I should say, but it can take transform your business from just blah ho home. Um, hate going there, too. I really want to be there. I really want to be there. I really enjoy, You know, the customers I really enjoy working out really enjoyed putting things together. I really enjoy doing these classes. All those things and the energy around. Your business starts to swirl and create a vortex to bring the money in to bring people in and to let it go out and help the world, the community, the universe, However, you want to look at it. 3. Benefits of a Spiritual Business: Now, the benefits of bringing spirituality and metaphysical approaches into your business are more than just for you. As we talked about in the last video, Your customers benefit from it the world and benefits from a community inventive benefits from it. But then you know your employees. If you have employees or people working underneath that they benefit from it to, they start to feel this and they start to incorporate those things into their life because there in the center of it I mean, if you can get a practice of going and allow your employees to come in and meditate for 10 to 15 minutes before they start their shift, amazing things will happen. I know a lot of people like 10 15 minutes. That's you know, how much is that gonna cost me? I'm gonna tell you it's gonna caught you a lot less in the long run. Then if you allow them to do this, get their mind clear before they work, because when they come into work, there's clutter in their minds. They're thinking about what went on at home. Maybe they just had a fight with their girlfriend. Maybe they just had an altercation with somebody. Maybe they had a flat tire. All those things that allows them to clear that out of their mind, ready to go home, toe work and be happy now. And it goes way beyond that way beyond your employees. Let's talk about our families when we're happy at work. When we're have this amazing energy at work for us and our employees, you know that spreads out our families that starts toe make it enjoyable for everybody, not just the person going to work, not just the owner of the business, but the family start to feel that energy, too, and they start to want to be part of that energy on, and that makes the workers work better. That makes it easier for you to go to work when you're, you know, your families behind you there fully supportive of you there, you know, enjoying You know what you're doing and how happy it's making you. You know, your family didn't starts benefit, and then their friends and other extended family started benefit. So you kind of see the ripple effect that goes here. It's not just us that benefits from this. It's not just our community being a staple in the community, are business being the center there. It's not just the energy that we send out, but it's the way that we have start affecting people well, and it starts rippling out, and more and more people get to enjoy the energy of your business when you put the spirituality and metaphysical approaches into it. 4. Rewards of Running A Spiritual Business: we're all in business to make money. There's no doubt about that. And bringing the spiritual peace in the metaphysical peace into your business here is a lot different, you know. Yes, it could bring in the money just like you want. You know, you can have more business, more people coming in, but you really need to stop and step back and take a look at how it really affects your business. For example, have a great friend. That is a you know, that I've done a lot of work with. And he is a does heating and cooling. So when I have a heating and cooling problem, I call him and he's more than happy to come to my business because of this energy that's around it. This is a previous business, obviously, but because of the energy was around it and he would fix that those systems and then you know, then it was soldiers reflected in the bill to because there was something about it the energy, the charge that he got from working on at that business and seeing the people and seeing how everything went, you know, it was it was electric. How did and you will start to see this. Your suppliers will start, you know, maybe giving you great deals. I know. Well, you stone a bar a long time ago, and our liquor distributors would always because we were nice to them. And because we have this amazing energy around her business, they were always looking for the best deal for us. So they would be like, You know, you know, if you just do this, you would get this much product free Or that it would cost you this much less. They were always looking out for us. Sure, they could have just said no. We're not going to say that we're gonna let it go and be done with it, because but because there was this spiritual metaphysical energy rotating around our business, those things happen. Tell you one of the simplest things I used to always do. Delivery people, delivery people, the guys that bring in our beer that would bring in a food that bringing our products, things like that close treat them like they were your son or daughter. You know, when they come in, I'm like you guys couldn't get you guys something to drink. you know, I would buy them lunch from time to time, and you wouldn't believe how much that paid me back. So this revenue would come back, you know, they would go the extra mile. They might move this stuff closer. They, you know, we had a delivery guy that would even know you know which cooler everything went in and he would divide it up. I wouldn't even have to divide it up. But because that's because I treated him with respect and dignity and allowed that energy to flow out to him. So start thinking about called the Deliveries. You get all the people that work for your business that, you know, help your business thrive and start bringing them into that spiritually metaphysical search up circle of your business. And you'll start to see amazing rewards come in that you can't put a price on on. And those were the ones that are so super valuable. Yes, we can count how much money we make. We can count how much we spend, but those things that are super valuable to our our business are those things that we can't put a price on. The friendships, the people that go the extra miles. You can't put a price tag on that. And that's where the spiritual aspect of the metaphysical aspect really allows your business to take off. 5. Getting Employees Involved in Your Spiritual Business: that Don't hide this from your employees or anybody that works within your business. Let them know what you're doing. Let them know the process. Let them know what to do and ask them for their and put what metaphysical or spiritual practices do they use? Maybe they just pray, and that would be great, you know, to allow them to bring that into the business. Don't Blatt. Don't shut the door on anything I feel so strongly about this. So many religions out there will just say it's our way or no way, you know, be accepting of everybody's lifestyle and everything that they do and involve your employees in that and ask them what makes them feel good. What would start their mornings off, right? Maybe it's calisthenics. You know, there's a lot of cos that'll do calisthenics in the morning to get your blood pumping, especially if you're doing like a manufacturing type of job or something like that. So it's not just it's almost like the stretching before you work out, you know it gets you ready mentally to start doing those physical, that physical labor that you have to do. So start thinking about how you can incorporate your employees into this whole spiritual metaphysical practice of your business. Maybe you have a group meditation. Maybe you guys all hold hands. You know, a lot of a lot of places will have team meetings of the star. Now, get silly and crazy, you know? And if that's part of your business, it part of your business is working with customers all day and having to have that one on one interaction. You know, maybe just being silly in the mornings will get you in the right mindset and get your staff in the right mindset. Really Take off and run with this. So start thinking today how you can incorporate your employees into this and don't shy away from it. Don't hold it all to yourself, because your employees are those extra lightning rods around your business. I could really make a difference in the spiritual metaphysical aspect of bringing that revenue. Bringing that money bring those great things into your business, cause I'm telling you, happy employees, um, make business so much better. You can't put a price on that. You can't. You can't even you know you can't even judge it. You can't figure out how much it makes a difference because people just want to be there. They want to be around them. So just make them extension of everything you're doing and allow them their input. And, you know, take it very seriously and see how you can work it into your business that spiritually and metaphysically. 6. Eliminating Conflict With Your Spiritual Business : now, when you would get all this stuff focused, you'll see some dramatic effects, and one of those is conflicts. Start to minimize. When you get, repeat your your staff yourself. Everybody around your customers start to census. Conflicts will start toe decrease. Now. We could never be conflict free. Things are gonna happen. People are gonna get upset. People lose their cool every once in a while, but they'll start to diminish. They'll start to really take a back seat. Your complaints will start going down. You'll start getting better reviews on your social media. All those things will start when you start putting this spiritual energy into your business . And I understand that you want everybody to be happy your business is there to make. Is many people happy as possible and going that extra mile and being that spiritually metaphysical person and having that energy swirling around your business starts breathing into your customers to, And that's that's something that's awesome, because then your customers start to feel like they're a part of the business. They start to feel like their energy is important in the business, which is very much is an irate customer can really bring down the energy level of your business, but a very happy customer, very energetic customer customer that's ruling to help out were to be patient with you really up levels of spiritual, metaphysical aspect of your business. So start thinking of your customers to and how you can incorporate them and helping that energy. How do you make that experience for them even better than it was yesterday. How can you keep giving to them? How can you keep putting energy into your customers to? Because, I'm telling you, somebody comes up the counter, the front desk that cash register whatever and the person that treats in there with a positive energy, a positive motivation. A positive smile can change the whole way. Their experience happens within your facility or with online, even if you're doing that. So start trying to figure out how you can incorporate this metaphysical spiritual aspect of positive energy light love into your customers 7. The Energy of A Spiritual Business / The Wrap Up: your business has now on track to become this super nova of business energy, of positive energy, of emotional energy, of exciting energy. And that's what you want it to be. You know, as we were wrapping all this up together and we're putting it all you know into place, you're going to start to see amazing things happen. You people are going to start to want to come to your business. They're going to want Teoh. They're going to know it. They're just gonna drive by. If it's a a physical location, they're gonna drive by and go. I want I want to be there. Let's go see what's going on there. And that's how this supernova starts working for your business. It works online to as people are going through the Internet, they might see a little, you know, a Facebook ad, or they might see a post that you've put up, and all of a sudden, something of tracks into. It's almost like a magnet. The supernova positive energy from putting spirituality and metaphysics and our business start to act like a supernova super magnet that attracts the right people to I mean, that's not the real it's going to attract the right people. So it's not just gonna be the big masses. It's going to be with people that you want to be in your business, the people that you want to come in, the people that are gonna give back to your business, the people that are gonna be positive when they come in your setting, a whole lifestyle for your business. Your business is now taking on a personality. It's taking on an energy of its own. And it started with you by starting to put these spiritual and metaphysical principles into your business, allowing it to go out to their employees, allowing them to share with their their families, allowing them to share it with your your customers, be it online, offline brick and mortar store, whatever on. And then those, you know, and then allowing the service people that bring your goods and step in to, you know, bring in mawr energy. All of a sudden, you know, it's like the sun, um, in the in our universe, you know, it's what everything starts to revolve around. It's not just you revolving around it. We always revolve around our work, you know, we can't get out of it. But when we love it and other people start to revolve around it and start to play in their , you know, their their lives around it to amazing things are gonna happen. So I hope you guys have got a lot out of this class comes part. May I help? You can go back and put some spiritual metaphysical practices into your business. You know, meditation. You know, uh, uh, drawing down amazing energies into your business, putting out positive vibes All those things to make a world of difference in your business make it thrive bigger and better than you could ever think you bring in the revenue. But most importantly, it'll bring in a positive, amazing community of people around you.