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Adding Light and Glitter to Images in Photoshop

teacher avatar Alex Edwards, Video Editing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Building

    • 3. Path

    • 4. Lake

    • 5. Mountains

    • 6. Ocean

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About This Class

Todays class is exploring layering by using images of light and glitter and photoshopping these into various pictures such as landscapes and buildings. I’ve seen quite a few images edited like these on Pinterest and Tumblr so I thought I’d show you guys how I went about creating my own. 

All light and glitter images are from google I don’t take credit for any :)

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Alex Edwards

Video Editing


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1. Intro: one thing I've noticed a lot recently on Tumbler and especially Pinterest is glitter edits whereby an image of glitter or lights is overlapped onto an ordinary shot off a landscape or portrait, for example. These images on the screen are that it's after myself. I'm going to be showing you how to create. 2. Building: so they said, I just dropped on the light image that I was going to use on. I had it so covered half off my image, which waas mainly just to cover the sky. Then I clicked on the quick selection tool on. I selected all of the buildings. I clicked onto the layer, which had all the colorful lights, and I directed puts so that it was my first layer, and then I clicked, delete. Then I dragged on the picture of the light again and had it so that it covered the bottom half off my image. And then I had this cover, the buildings on the floor. Then I had every layout apart from my building picture. I just went through and selected all off the windows. Using the quick selection tool, one side selected all of the windows, either inverted the selection on click back onto the picture off the colorful lights on click delete so that it just revealed the light where the windows were. You need to make sure that you're doing this on the right layer, since you do have to pictures of the light now, then I change the blend mode, too hard light and then also load capacity a little bit. Now it just looks as though the light it's reflecting from the sky off the windows need to drag on the picture once more so that it covers the ground. Then you need to go to blend mode again and then select screen. Don't just lower the opacity off the picture. Just need to go to the A razor on click on soft ground than raise everything that isn't the ground. The last thing I did Waas merge all of my layers and then go to you come a role filter, and I changed the temperature and the tin so that it was a little bit more blue and pink. And then I just up the clarity and the saturation on. That's what I did for this picture. 3. Path: for my next at it. I plain and simple, just used the polygonal tool on selected all of the pathway on just deleted it. I did also crop my image a little bit. Just so. The path was at the top of the screen. Then I duplicated the image I had of lights, all of the images that I'm using. I just got off Google and then merge them together and then copied and pasted them a few times, just so that the lights were a little bit smaller. - I duplicated them a couple of times until I was happy with it. One of the things I noticed on pin chest was that some of the images have a mosaic style to them. So I just went to filter gallery and added one on, and I made the tile size for I also edited the colors a little bit that, as you can see, this is what my final image look like 4. Lake: So for this next edit off a lake, I destruct on my image off glitter, which again I got from the Internet on. I duplicated it so that it covered all of the water. Then I met those letters together. And then I learned the A pass city to what I was happy with. I then just used the soft round raise up Andi, just soften the edges, basically around the top off the lake. - Then I went to the quick selection tour and just selected all of the dock on. I went over this a couple times, and then I went back onto my glitter image. I and then click delete. I tidy this up a little bit with the polygon a little just to make some of the edges a little bit sharper, but then increased the capacity, and that was all I did for the bottom half of the image. Can I also add it a mosaic tile effects of it. But this time I went with a size three. I also have a little bit of a play around with the saturation and just increased. It's likely I also increased some of the pinks in the image. Then I dragged on my glitter image once more on duplicated it just so that it covered this guy and I merged these two layers together on Click the blend mode. Lighten on, just adjusted the a pastie a little bit. Then I went back onto my lake, shot on. I just selected all of the scar and then inverted it and went back onto my image of the glitter and deleted that selection. 5. Mountains: So if this mountain shot drugged on the image of the lights and I just duplicated it a couple times so that it covered the mountains on, then I'm urged all these layers together. Next I hit that layer, and then I just selected all of the mountains with a quick selection tool. I think I inverted the selection and click back onto my image of the lights and just deleted the section that covered the sky. Then I went to blend mode and clicked screen on, just lowered the A pastie a little bit. Then finally, for this image, I made it black and white. I just prefer the way that it looks, and that's all I did for this image. 6. Ocean: the last image I edited was this picture off waves. So again I just drag my image off glitter on top off the picture on Just how did say that it covered the entire screen. Then I loved thee. A pastie on went toothy raise. It'll on. I made sure that it was on soft ground. Then I raised anything in the picture that wasn't a phone from the waves. So all of the blue water, all of the rocks and all of the sky. - Once I was done, I made the blend mode normal and just love earthy, a paucity. And then I just cleaned. If any edges on, that's all I did for this image.