Acupressure - Treat Your Health Conditions Naturally, Feel Healthier, Happier And More Balanced! | Mark Perren-Jones | Skillshare

Acupressure - Treat Your Health Conditions Naturally, Feel Healthier, Happier And More Balanced!

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

Acupressure - Treat Your Health Conditions Naturally, Feel Healthier, Happier And More Balanced!

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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36 Lessons (1h 51m)
    • 1. Welcome to my course!

    • 2. Download the summary of this section from the resources here

    • 3. What is Traditional Chinese Medicine and why is it so incredible?

    • 4. The meridians and the points in more detail

    • 5. How to perform acupressure correctly.

    • 6. Welcome To Section 2!

    • 7. The Master Point Of The Head

    • 8. The Energy Booster Point

    • 9. The Cooling Point.

    • 10. The Happiness Point

    • 11. The Chill Out point

    • 12. The Gynaecological Point

    • 13. The Neck and Shoulder Tension Reliever Point

    • 14. Look how much you can already do!

    • 15. Let's start on the various ailments now

    • 16. How to do acupressure for better emotional and physical health

    • 17. Acne, Eczema and other skin disorders

    • 18. Hay fever (Allergic Rhinitis)

    • 19. Arthritis

    • 20. Asthma/Breathing problems

    • 21. Poor Energy Levels

    • 22. Using acupressure to help with emotional wellbeing

    • 23. Colds and Flus

    • 24. Constipation

    • 25. Diarrhea

    • 26. Insomnia

    • 27. Well, don't I feel like a fool.

    • 28. Eyestrain/Red Eyes/Blurred Vision/Dry Eyes

    • 29. Hot Flashes/Menopausal Symptoms

    • 30. Hangovers

    • 31. Stomach ache/Digestive issues

    • 32. Menstrual Irregularities/Pain/PMS

    • 33. Smoking Cessation

    • 34. Earaches/Tinnitus/Water in the ear.

    • 35. Memory/Concentration

    • 36. Congratulations!

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About This Class

Start learning acupressure massage today so that you can treat your own health conditions, or for loved ones or your massage clients using Mark's proven combinations of acupressure points.
Mark has been a massage therapist and an acupuncturist for over 25 years and has received rave reviews from his Award winning massage clinic for his pain relieving acupressure and acupuncture treatments.

Now you can learn exactly the same powerful acupressure massage point combinations that he used on thousands of clients in his massage clinic for over 25 years.

In this Acupressure massage course, you will be able to treat yourself and others with these incredibly powerful acupressure massage point combinations that Mark has devised over years of clinical experience.

You will know exactly which are the most powerful acupressure massage points to effectively treat:

  • Poor energy levels

  • Memory and concentration issues

  • Hot flashes/menopausal symptoms

  • How to balance your emotions

  • Hay fever

  • Insomnia

  • Constipation

  • Colds and flu

  • Smoking

  • and so much more!

There is a very good reason that acupressure massage has been around for 5,000 years and is still used by millions of people every single day throughout the World. It is a highly effective treatment for pain and various ailments and it works!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Perren-Jones

Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students


Hello, I'm Mark.

Mark Perren-Jones is a bestselling massage course and pain relief, instructor.

He is also the owner of the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, a highly regarded massage therapist, acupuncturist and Pain Specialist and his youtube channel has well over 2 million views. He has more than 25 years experience in the massage and acupuncture field and has worked in spas and clinics throughout the world. He has massaged Presidents and their families, Olympic athletes, professional sports people and celebrities around the world.

Mark's spa earned an incredible 100 out of 100 5 Star Reviews on Tripadvisor! ( 100% 5 STARS). In just 6 months after the Isla Verde Spa opened, it became the No.1 Ranked spa in his highly competitive. It was also ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to my course!: Hi. My name's Mark Parent Judge. And welcome to my active press. Of course, I am so excited to meet you acupressure. We're gonna look at health problems are gonna teach you how to get more energy more focused , more concentration if you need to have a trick digestive disorders, headaches, everything. We're gonna go through a whole lot of things and show you these wonderful acupressure points. They're being used literally for thousands of years. I'm gonna show you points with you in combinations or just single points that you can just press when if you think you're stressed or you're frustrated or you just say you need more energy or you've gotten nausea and so on and so forth. So we got lots to go through. But first of all, I need you to be really focused and concentrated. Now may be a bit low on energy. So what I'm gonna do right now let's get you started on seducing acupressure straight away to get us more focused in proven memory. I get more energy 2. Download the summary of this section from the resources here: All right, so let's get going into the course now. I want to download the pdf bars, and your resource is because that will give you all points, the locations, everything you need to know of all the conditions. So if you forget, you know what, it's good for insomnia. Then you could just go to that sheet and have a look back through them and find out the locations. Now, As I said before, I need you focused. We need to concentration. We got a lot to go through. So let me show you some points in a great concentration or the 1st 1 is right on the top lip right in the center. There. You can actually use your finger out of Press it gently. This is actually known as a great point to help concentration. It's G V 26 governing fish 26. Now tell you the points through the course. You don't need to know the names of them, but I'll tell him out of interest. Anyway, this point is actually known as the revival point. A resuscitation point. In fact, certain vets used this Teoh wake up unconscious dogs helping with the having a Konica Risk arrest respiratory problems. Don't believe me. Google G V 26 dogs these dogs horses to revive them now. So we use this point. You could just pressure. You're thinking out for 30 seconds to up to three minutes and I'll go through all this throughout the course, so that's a great point to use. And another point is, do 20 focus, Go up the angle of the ears right up to the top of the head right there. You could just use your fingers and gently press there. This point is really, really fantastic for clearing their head so you can use that point. You can connect them both and used both like that. And I teach about breathing and so on and so forth. But let's just start off with this now. But you said it. Hey, look pretty focused. But I've got no energy. Well, you've come to the right place. You've got no energy. Let's go straight for what's known. That has been known for centuries as the three mile point. Why you ask? Because China, the Chinese people would use this point on still do to this day, of course, because it will give them more energy and improves the immune system. And, of course, it will make you walk. Allow you to walk three miles more. It's called Stomach 36. It's an incredibly powerful point and I'll show you. You go back four fingers Now, if you're this is treating yourself, it's always gonna be off the fingers off the person when we do measurements. But I'll get into that, too. So bottom a few kneecap, go full things down, put your finger on, issued by and then go one finger without and if you flipped your foot, the message will fuck up and your on the spot that you could do that on both sides. That will give you more energies of your lower energy. Stimulate that. So if you can't focus because you you're blind energy. Well, there you go. Just stop doing that. And so, just like this, Rob Rob, you could wrap your fish on it. Alright, just pressed normally. Okay, you said Mark, it's stuff that I don't distressed are uninterested of calm to focus. Well, let's go toe straight to hear the intent. The third eye point sit back, takes a day, press you present like that. We could press it like this, taking long, deep breaths and why you go. All right. So let's get started on this first section, I'm going to teach you a bit more about traditional Chinese medicine. How do acupressure in general as we go through. So happy focused. I'm concentrating. I have good energy level was and you not to come. 3. What is Traditional Chinese Medicine and why is it so incredible?: I don't want to just give you a little bit of an introduction to traditional Chinese medicine because it really is fascinating. When we started active acupuncture at first year, the whole year was all about theory. We never even put in a NATO. Just the whole year was Chinese medicine theory the second year. That's when we started putting in NATO's. In fact, I I started acupuncture and I was so scared of NATO's. I absolutely hated them. So we had to when we were students. But the second year we started putting needles in, they said, You need to practice putting the natives in yourself. You should have seen me. I was a Rick because you're trying to put a needle. I don't know how diabetics do this Say the truth, but trying. I would sit there and I would be dripping. I mean literally dripping in perspiration. My flatmates would come home. They got a look at him. He's trying to put in natives again, and because I couldn't look, I couldn't do it fast. And then I just pick myself. I wouldn't even insert no present further deeper in, and then I try the slime. It made. If I just go started and you can make it just pressing in and it's just breaking and wouldn't break it was so traumatic for me until finally, you know, I kind of got got the hang of it. But anyway, traditional Chinese medicine. So it's a 5000 year old empirical system of trading people. It's still one of the biggest medical systems in the world today. Now traditional Chinese medicine is all about balance. Now it's all about yin and yang yin you the balance of yin and yang. This is where really breaks down, too. So Yang is a more active, hating part of the body. Guinness Dunmore that more female aspect that more supple were more cooling. And so it's all about balancing yin and yang all right there opposite. But they need each other. No Chinese medicine that will look at the person in question, the person observe them, check the pulse to not check the post because you put three fingers on the post and each of them relate to an organ in the body so that we're checking the strength and the quality off each fingertip of which checking which organ in what what's going on if it's depleted, if it's overactive and so on and so forth, so that would be post diagnosis that also do tongue diagnosis. Check the color of the tongue, the quality of the tongue and even the coating on the tongue. So there's not enough coding. There's too much what calls stomach fire. So there's too much yang, too much heat in the system. Likewise, if there's too much code, too much work but white coating on the tongue, well, that's too much damping the system. So there's too much again for me to bring it up so that will use force systems generate when it comes to treating might be herbs. And Or they might use exercise such as G gorm Daichi, that sort of thing to create bells to get better. You and yen acupuncture and also message acupressure Tween, a former Chinese massage. So they used these systems that use order, but they got days at their grasp. Now the other thing I look at is diet. Now, when they look at foods that foods have a quality to them, not like proteins, carbohydrates and the new trees like we look at them they were looking for someone that's got too much hate in their system. So look at that. Everything has patterns in Chinese medicine because I've looked at people for centuries and I'll see these recurring patterns. So someone's got a big, booming post. Think of someone that's got high blood pressure so they're bringing politics OK, It's too much heat in the system that hates heating things up. It would with boiling water, said that person with high blood pressure think that they have a red face, red eyes and be headaches. Be prone to outbursts of anger, frustration, irritation all these characteristics and that. But that frustration here. Attack irritation are related to the liver because each organ has an emotion attached to it and liver anger and irritation. If you already stressed and frustrated, you will have the liver could have fire, which makes you got the fire hates up in the body and that had these symptoms said. What they do is they got too much yang. It's a liver yang excess yang. So then they tell a person stopping all these yang foods, which a hot and spicy foods alcohol off coffee off tee off cigarettes no chilies, no hot spices, no fatty foods, greasy foods highly processed. All of these things, that eliminating from the diet to bring down the Yank the same time they will start talking about. You need to have calling foods pears, salads, thesis things to bring that getting yang back into balance and likewise, give a person person excessively. Worries, like students have this a lot with a lot of study to the exits. Worry in the system that is related to the spleen and stomach function. So if someone's overly worried that they will have poor energy, poor digestion, loose stools and so on and so forth with this poor energy that my pale skin, because there's too much in the gang is getting too pretty. So what they do No. No cold drinks, no ice cubes, no ice creams, no raw foods. You need warming. Food would bring your like warm root vegetable stews, curry spices, cinnamon, ginger, these sorts of things. So if you get understanding, it's all about what it comes down to. It a bounce of yin and yang. I just touching on this to give you a little bit of an idea, because it really is a fascinating form of medicine. All right, let's move on 4. The meridians and the points in more detail: So when we're using acupressure where stimulating things called acupoints and we're stimulating the body's energy system, which is nine Chinese medicine as CI now. So let's just go back with in the body. You have 14 major meridians meridians like channels of energy like rivers going throughout the body, and all of these channels are a murders will have a name associated with them much them have names of the organ. So, for example, right from the start here, it's the start of the lung meridian. It'll have an internal connection to the land and will go down here so it will be at will affect the lungs by treating the lung meridian. Likewise, the large intestine brilliant comes up here through here and goes right up to large intestine 20 right here, and so will be able to treat your bowel complaints and someone so for diarrhea. Constipation by hitting large intestine. But other things happen on the light of test. I'm not just a larger test on because larger test on four here, which is contra, indicated in pregnancy because it can abort a baby, but it's incredibly good for any hits called the Master Point of the head, so we're going to be stimulated these points. There are hundreds of points on the body, but I'm just going to show you the most powerful ones that I've used for over 25 years in the spot. Now the points will have their number. You don't have to remember them throughout the course, but I'll let you know about them anyway, so they'll have a Chinese name. They also have a name like Like I just said, Large intestine four, which would be shortened, abbreviated. Just be written down as L four. Now they also have a poetic name. For example. At this point right here, it's a very, very calming point. Its conception. Vessel 17 which is saving 17. It's noticed a sea of tranquility, so it's a beautiful point to help with to calm people like I told you on the left three mile point. So they've got these poetic names associated with them as well, and it's either a crook of the elbow or about the location of it, or it can be about the function off the point as well. All right, so let me show you how you go about doing active pressure properly. 5. How to perform acupressure correctly.: Okay, So when it comes to treating the acupressure points themselves, you can use other your thumb. Now, Really good method is to have this shape here with your hand here, and that will strengthen your thumb position here. And it's a line with the bun, so that's really good. You can also just use your finger. The middle finger is the strongest, so that would be your best one. You can also double them up like that, and that would give you a lot more strength as well. You can also use your knuckle and are bigger point. You can use your fist, Aziz. Well, all right, So there's your different methods you can practice with now, when it comes to the amount of time you're going to spend on the point anywhere from 30 seconds to three minutes optimally around about that, 2 to 3 minute mark is best. Okay, if any is better than none, you know, it's a few 130 seconds. You could only do 30 seconds, but if you could get around about 23 minutes on each point, that'll be really fantastic. Now, the other thing is, when you're when you're pressing the point is, you wanna use your body weight, just like with mass, and you want to use your body weight to help. So you're not just using muscular effort, Not just like this. So if you want to lean on to the point so wherever possible, just lean your body onto the point where you can All right? It'll make it so much easier for you to keep your shoulders down. Alexa, don't do this. So you should be down. I'm relaxed. So let's say I'm doing this point here. And I just leaned down on to the point like that, as opposed to appear in just pressing like that. Yeah. Just pressed like that. Just It's a lot of hard work for you. So you want to make it sounds really 80. So just lean onto a like that, all right? Now, the other thing when it comes to pressing, is you don't want a jet. You know what is going? Uh huh. Front. You want to go slowly down and then slowly up, it should be, You know, a really nice, comforting feeling. Now, as far as pressure goes, you want to feel generally happy what I call a happy pain. So you get to a point where you feel you're that that just want a good pain. Happy pain. So much doing that. Well, yeah, I could do that. Make sure it's not painful as such, where you get tensing up, you know, you know that you grit your teeth. That's not therapeutic it all. So just slowly down with your way and then back up. Once you've finished, the other thing I want to do is breathe. You do deep abdominal breathing, relaxed, deep abdominal breathing when you do it. So this is your time to treat yourself. So you just and I suggest if you can close your eyes, you have your home so forth and as you do it and focus on your breath, okay, as you do that and get get deep abdominal breathing. Now the other thing, that is good. What I do as well is to visualize here. You don't have to do this, but I think it's better therapeutically, I've always done this. I feel like I've got energy where it's coming down through my arm into my thumb. Or what have you so feeling? Visualizing that energy going into the system. Okay? There's a really good thing to do. So we're doing a point here and just think of this. So whatever works for you, but feeling that his healing energy as you're doing it as opposed to you know, it's gonna press here. Another email. What's that? Yeah, they're just doing back pressure. No, this is your time. So they're the elements to three minutes. Ideally, use your body like slowly and surly out down for two minutes or so. Breathe. Focus. Energy going in. And you can do this a three times a day. All right, so you do on a daily basis three times today will be really, really beneficial. 6. Welcome To Section 2!: Okay, So in this section of the course, I'm going to show you just several of these really incredibly powerful points. So I'm going to show you point combinations for specific health disorders. But what? I'm going to show you now, just like if you couldn't remember any of the health disorders treatments put combinations , I'm gonna show you just like the best point for energy or the best point on the body for nausea or the best point for calming, for example. So I'm just gonna show that so again, if you couldn't remember the combination, this would just get you out of a bunch of any more energy stomach 36 or frustrate him. Stressed what? Mark said. Oh, yeah. Okay, let's get started. 7. The Master Point Of The Head: Okay, so the first point we're going to look at is large intestine four. Now it's a very, very famous point right off the bet. If you're pregnant, you can't use this is gonna bought the baby was premature contractions. So this point is Contra indicated. If you're pregnant, if you know. OK, president now this point is on the larger test on channel. I'll show you how to find it. So you see this crease When you when you make a finger and thumb here together, there's a little high point on the muscle. See that high part there, right? That's right. Living with the end of the crease, basically, and that's it. Impressing towards the finger who? And you'll feel it when you press it so you can present like that as well. Okay, so this point well being on the large Intestine channel, it's a very good point. Any lab test on issues So constipation, colliders, irritable bowel syndrome, these sorts of things. So by all means, use it for that. Its most famous because it's the master point of their head, and it's a it's your go to point when it comes to headaches. This is the point now I will say as we go through the course, you going to stay when they're? If the point is not on the center line, you're always to buy electorally. So you press both sides. OK, A West collegues. So all right. So you gotta press this point here that anything to do with the head so headaches, migraines knows great, too. Thanks. Earaches, dizziness, anything to do The head. This point is, when you want to stimulate, so it's great for But also just any pain throughout the body as well that uses in surgeries Anastasia in China on this one, electorally stimulate with electro acupuncture. But pain it musculoskeletal pain, but also things like stomach pain, menstrual pain, any pain in the body, anything to do with pain. These are the ones you want to steam that as well. So let's take away from this one. Headaches. Absolutely pain. Absolutely. It's a large intestine. Problems such as constipation? Yes, most definitely 8. The Energy Booster Point: all right. The next point. We've already looked at the start. Of course, this is Stomach 36 another incredibly famous point and famous for energy immune system boosting energy. So if you're run down, this is your absolute point that you've got a hit. All right, start 36 3 mile point, as it's known. Okay, so remember, it's four. Thing is down from the base of your patella or kneecap below, unique up, four fingers down, Remember, is gonna be your four fingers and then you go to the shin bone and then one finger out one finger width out of this So bottom of the naked four things down, there's the shoe bar. One thing without and there is when you lived your leg, you throw the muscle pop up, you're on. So both sides and lean in is a said you before and person you could do both at the same time. You could stimulate them by rubbing them. You can run circles with fists. All right, whatever you like. You could do 11 at a time if you want to. But that point there stomach 36. Let's say it's fantastic. Any stomach disorders UM poor energy levels to boost your immune system. Colds and flu's absolutely want to do that point. It's a great point for knee pain as well, locally. So if you've got any pain, then absolutely, you hit that as well. It's a really fantastic point for any pain. So if you've got low energy at a painful knee, well, you're in luck at you because you could do by 2 to 1 stone if you like. All right, so they go stomach 36 Stomach problems locally for knee pain, but really it's most famous for its three mile point for energy. Boost your immune system if you need to get up ago, get up in press. 9. The Cooling Point.: All right, let's have look a larger test on 11. So we looked at large intestine for and a large test on 11. Now it's at the end when you bend your bend your elbow right at the end of that Creasy dead easy to find. Okay, so that's it right there. Now this point, of course, locally, it's a very good point for elbow pain, especially because, um, electoral side tennis elbow so this would be appointment. Always stimulate right at the end of that elbow. Cruz, bend your elbow and you'll see that so good for elbow pain. But this is really most famous for its cooling abilities. It takes heat out of the system, so think hot flashes, fevers, red sort, sore throat Because Chinese medicine, I'll say that as hating the system. Heartburn. Getting that would see that is hating the systems is it rises up, heat rises up. So skin conditions that are red. So X smoke dermatitis. These red skin kitchens again because China's medicine they look red, being fired, being hot. So they say red skin conditions. There's too much heat, so they use this point as well. So I just think of this as a cooling point throughout your system is a really great point, and that is what most most famous for to cool your system down. 10. The Happiness Point: radio. No liver. Three. This point is absolutely brilliant. The liver, the the emotions are related to the liver function. Our anger, frustration, irritation on depression. So if you have any anywhere on that scale outburst of anger, you're stressed. You're frustrated. Irritated. This is your point for you to If you're emotionally stuck, the point is called greater rushing. What this point does is get you moving. If you are stuck emotionally, then this is your point for you as well. So it's between the first and second toe. Turn around on the webbing between the first and second toe about an inch up. Now it's still on the It's not on the barn. Let me show you right there. You see that? So slide up and you feel it when you're on it. It's generally exquisitely tender. So this point and of course, would be both sides. All right, that point there. So I'll come back so you can see me. But obviously wouldn't have you put up in the air, Did that the camera. But you can come down here, And if you're work now, you have your work and your boss is giving you a hard time really stressed this point. If you're stuck like I say emotionally this point, it's great for what's called liver cheese. Stagnation, which is a person is just say that stuff emotionally. They might be prone to outbursts of anger. They're frustrated, irritated Things are not going their way this point. It's really, really beautiful. So that liver three point there it's also a great point for pain so that I had a client of mine back in Melbourne that he was one of these stressed guided Come up to this. Come upstairs with my clinic room and beyond the find. The whole time, you know, you be like this. He'd be completely manic. He come in for a weekly acupuncture session. I don't want him with living trees first. Now it was like I shot this guy for a morphine when I but I hit. When I put the pin, my first went into liver three. It was like the guy is, like, injected the guard for more thing. He'll be like this. I did that. I put the period. It was It was like that. It was unbelievable. It yeah, and his phone was off had been the phone from the family, right from the car away every week, every week. It is exactly the same on the whole thing. You know, like those stuck record, you know, like bye bye sells it. All this sort of stuff. Little three would chill this guy out unbelievably. So I put those in and one in each of large intestine for which, in Chinese medicines called the Four Gates. It's actually traditional. Treatment has been used for centuries to just basically, if someone's like that to chill them out. So just four points it's called the four gates to on Liver 32 on each test on four on it. So that is a great point to really just calm the system down. So liver three, you're emotionally stuck of your prostrate, you're stressed, and things are going like these sorts of things. It is the point 11. The Chill Out point: Now we're going to look at calming points now. I did say points plural. I know. I just told you that this is one point in each section, but I'm gonna break my own rules in this one. But it's really easy. So you don't have toe worry about how you're going to remember them. I'm going to show you two points that are incredibly common when you already know from the start of the course, that's a yin tang. The third eye point right between the eyebrows. Right here. Okay. So, um, you could do it in a pre oppose president President on a report. So you're pressing on it like that with the middle finger just like that as well. Now you could just do that point and you could just do this next point that I'm talking about. But what I show you is combined to which I think is even better. Right? So that's Yun Tang Food. I poured. Calming, calming, coming. So I think if you're you're you're strung out. You need to calm down. You need to focus your anxious. There's your point. Likewise, this one cv 17 I mentioned in the court earlier this sea of tranquility just sounds coming . So it's on your breast bone. Now, remember these on the center line. So you're not doing the bilateral. You don't do both cause there's only one. So this is good. And the sternum, Your breastbone writer, where drops off there. But there's I thought process now four fingers up. And that's your point. Four fingers from the base of the sternum. That breast pipe and right up there right now said it has. General little depression There for most people is directly opposite the nipple line. Okay, you press that they're now this one. Your mind with my voice. This this one I find generally feels better for just gentle pressure. Not so much deep pressure, but see how it feels for you. So this one here, you could just remember you be sitting back breathing now. But what I suggest you do is due. But, uh, why no. Connect the two. You said, get this connection here and just meditate on those two to calm yourself down so you could do just this one. You could do that the other way. That this one could be stimulated as well is the backs of the thumbs on this point as well . So if you would like to pray a lot, you're in this position a lot. This might feel better for you. They might give you a better sense of connection. So you could do that one like that. That one like that? Well, as I say, doing them both together. All right, so see what feels better. Seven people think this one, you feel more connected to third. I point my big more connected to the heart area. Or but see what you feel. 12. The Gynaecological Point: now the next point is not as spleen. Six. The three yin intersection it's known as What that means is it's the only up point in the body where the three of the meridians, the liver, spleen and kidney all could join at the same point. So in being more feminine than it's incredibly important, point the women and for gynecological problems, Mr Regularities, Dismay, Maria. Amen Arria Menopausal symptoms. This is you. Go to a point. It's also energizing. So it's not just for women. It's for men as well. Let me show. It's four fingers up from the center off your inside ankle, I'll show you and they just slightly off the bike. So four fingers up out of the center, off your inside ankle, four fingers up. All right, you feel about the tibia, Just come back slightly and that's it. They're like a finger with back there. Now, if you're a slide your finger down, it actually drops into a little depression, so to know you're on the point. You can actually just go down there. You'll feel it drops away, and that should point. So explain. Six. Energizing so you could couple that up with stomach 36 if you wanted to. Preston. Both. Absolutely. It's a mystery measure. Irregularities. So to bounce a mention menstrual cycle for menopausal symptoms, tone and so forth. It's also good for men, for male impotence as well. So, really, is the gun much good point? 13. The Neck and Shoulder Tension Reliever Point: all right. And now I want to show Goldblatt 21. So if you've got neck pain, shoulder pain type shoulders, this sort of thing this is a point that when you get back in your chair, massage press down to hear their thumbs, you hear? That feels great, right? This is Goldblatt 21. Now all you do, you come out from the neck and it's on top of the trapezius muscle. You'll feel this big ropey band and your feelings on the high point of this model. It's not down Forward into this trap. You gotta come back of it. It's basically midway between the spine and the shoulder. But you're feeling you come up here on your feelings of regret bands. And so there it is, right, You'll feel it. I should just come up here is right there, right in the middle of it. All right, so this point is wonderful for your showed attention, shoulder pain. You know, when these, as they used to say in the clinic, if you wear your shoulders as earrings in other words, you you got your shoulders have stop it. You're like this all day. You're driving like this First of all, you wanna drop down, but this will help release, or this tension through these muscles releases big roping bands here. So these ones, it will be a favorite for when you're you're getting all wound up and this want you back down. 14. Look how much you can already do!: right. I know you've done those points. Now I just show you how much knowledge you already have, just from knowing those few points. So let's, for example, say that you're feeling alone energy. All right? You're low on energy. You got a headache because you're really stressed. You run down, you got your stomach and digestion. Zehr upset. You got a headache. Your Charlotte time has been a really long, stressful day. All right, So look at everything that you could do now. All right, so let's start with just a physical stepped into you've got a headache. Okay, Let's go straight to large and test time for O. R. Work that it's a large intestine for for my headache was good for pain. So that's great. It's welcome. My shoulders are really aching shoulders. Yeah. Do you go about 21? That's great for my shoulder paying attention, But I'm also really stressed. I've been frustrated and irritated. Day. My boss has been an absolute so and so stress frustration emotionally stuff. Liver three upset. Feel better already? I should my headaches down the ways. This is also good point for pain marks and as well Oh yeah, now. That's great. Live with three. Great. I said I feel better. My stomach, still upset. Loved it. Wait a minute. Stomach. 36. That will give me more energy. That is good for stomach problems. How did you do that? You know? Yeah. Yeah. Workdays, stomach, 36 years. Stomach pain. Oh, yeah. Get more energy. I feel a lot better. That's a little bit. You know what? I just heard for these calming points up? There are a lot better. My headaches gone. My style is feeling better. I'm there. Just focus. It takes a deep chris and meditate. Uh, exactly. You've already got a huge toolbox that you can use. Maybe, you know, I'll put in a cooling point, cause all this stress is giving my upsetting my expert. So I put that cooling point in while I'm also using my other points. So if you just think about this because I'm going to work for this course as we look at more core reasons for these problems. So if the person has digestive problems, we'll have We'll have a look at your Is it due to excess worry And they will put spring points in so I'm going to really give you more, more ammunition to help. Rather, Just this stomach point. Let's have a look. Which is what I do in acupuncture. Why? Why does that person have that constipation? Why that person getting outbursts of anger and all these sorts of things. And so we're gonna look all of these things now as regard to the next section. 15. Let's start on the various ailments now: Okay, So now we're gonna go into the next section where I'm going to look at, show you how to treat specific conditions that are going on within the body. So All right, so energy up. Good. Let's go. 16. How to do acupressure for better emotional and physical health: All right. So let's say that you wanted to you know, you don't have any particular issues at the moment, But you want to have good energy. You want your body to be balanced. Just like if someone came in to see me for acupuncture for like, they just wanted to get a tune up, you know, so you could do this for yourself. I'm gonna show you the points to give you good energy. Get your body more balance between Yin and Yang. Get your chief flowing help with your emotional well being and your physical well being regards to pain and so on and so forth. In other words, this is what you do when you want to do a daily chin up. Do this every single day. If you even did it just once in the morning, you'll see fantastic benefits. So what are the points? Mark? I hear you ask one of the points. Well, guess what? You already know that a picture The host points that I just gave you. Yes, you can use them as one offs. But if you use those exact points every single day, they could do it several times a day three times a day. But let's just say you go into a morning ritual of doing this. This is going to help balance your body. So this is why you do it. Start off Liver three. I'm spinning around. Start off Never 34 You know, if you want 01 at a time. So do you live a three, then? Splaying six. Stomach 36 on work. These points a couple of minutes on H so liver three. Spray six. Stomach 36. So your liver t moving there is great, like I told you about helping emotion. Emotional starkness. But it's also just great. It's in chargeable tenders in the body, so that's what's great for and deliver. It's in charge of all emotions in the body, so it's like the master control. And then, of course, you have displayed six stomach 36 points. You're helping you change and kidneys she living through Explain six and help me Energy news. All right, so there's your 1st 3 points on other side. They're gonna move up the body. We're gonna go to pericardium 6 to 1/2 to three fingers from the wrist crease between attenders. Now this this but also has a connection with the liver. So it's also very good to get your liberty flying. So it's really good for well, being as well, apart from the nausea. So you do you pericardium six. All right to live in three explains its stomach 36 pericardium six. You could do this at work, then go on to live for a larger test on four clears the head scratcher larger test our function. Great pain. They bring them to a larger terror. 11 balanced. The body takes out access yang again. Larger test on function. So do both of those. And then you got to go 21 give her this tension out of the shoulders. Start off the day with the lovely soft shoulders. You remove that nick neck and shoulders to tiredness. So work down here both sides. I just feel so good anyway, so go back. 21. Get rid of that weight off the off. Why did the world on your shoulders stop wearing your shoulders? Earrings. Just release those muscles right through there. And then finally you're in Tang and CP 17 and you meditate on doing those at the very end of what you got there. So if you were to do this every single day, I promise you feel so much better. So, like I said to you, start, of course, this is your time. So if you meditate Yeah, this is this is very much like a meditation moat, where you really want to just get centered, focus on your breath and focus on the energy going into the points. Just focus within a supposed to check in your text messages or something like that. So breathe. Hold him for 2 to 3 minutes. It will release endorphins. When you when you hold the points for 2 to 3 minutes, it releases endorphins, which you feel good chemicals in your body. So you get a natural high as well as an extra bonus, or are so that is what you should do as general maters, a daily dose of wonderful balancing acupressure that you should put into your life into your daily routine. 17. Acne, Eczema and other skin disorders: So let's have another treating skin disorders acne dermatitis X most arises these sorts of things. So the good news is that many of these points you already know So what we need to do now in Chinese medicine, the skin is what the lungs are in charge of the function of the skin. So be looking, treating lung points as we go along. But we need you really balance the system. Right now. A lot of skin disorders are stress related. So if that's the case, remember, you want to drink the stress points, so I'll treat this drink. This whole section is if it's you, that's got the problem. So the skin is or I'll talk to you as opposed to your talking. You're treating someone else, all right. So this is where it becomes important as we try and diagnose through the core areas of why , let's say why the person has this problem or that problem. So skin disorders, let's say a lot of skin source, as I say, out stress related so calming points. Absolutely. You try these coming points to do that, to help with stress. If it's your lot of frustration, irritation by all means do Liver three. Okay, so we're looking at treating the emotional level, or the emotions are intricately connected with the organs of the body. So if it's dressing frustration, absolutely anger liver three. Go straight for liver. Three. Work that you can do all of these, by the way. Yin Tang CV 17 CIA tranquilly Get the president. You do this several times a day when you can to calm the system down. Now the other point that your use and lots of research and studies have shown that this point is brilliant. A decreasing itching from your dermatitis psoriasis. And that's have a buddy large intestine 11 at the end of the elbow close. You absolutely want to do this with skin disorders, whether it's itching or not. But especially pre writers, which is itching, Definitely, definitely want to be working that good three minutes. On this point. Both sides OK, but all skin disorders large intestine. 11. Most definitely the other two points you know, splayed six and stomach 36. We're gonna boost the system to give a better balance on these two points. Perfect. Now, remember, Stomach 36 I'll come back. Four Biggest down one finger out and they should stomach 36. Now, you could do spring six at the same time. Remember spraying six four things up four feet up in the middle off the ankle. Four things up. Just back from the buyer. If you go down, you'll feel a little drop so you could do both those points at the same time as you sit there. And then do the other side press this one and that one. Remember, use your body weight, so I just leaned over. Don't slouch. Lean forward like that. Nice across your shoulders for good posture. So you just work those points there. Now I'm going to put it. So let's just go back there. Larger test on 11. Okay, stress points. If it's a large stress component. Liver three and your two points here. So large intestine living. Both sides stomach 36 is printed on the legs to balance the system to increase the body's chief on blood. That's exactly what these do. All right, now, the other point, this is a new point. I'm not gonna give you up to new points, but this is a new point. This is the kidneys and the kidneys very nourishing for the body. And it's very easy to find. Go back to the middle off your ankle bone. I just come out to where it's between the Achilles tendon and the ankle. By what they're We're, uh, press into that. This is a master point off the kidneys. It's absolutely fantastic. So middle of the ankle center for the ankle and why you go. So that's kill you. So when you're doing these points, if you want started kidneys and then to stomach 36 splaying six, it didn't work out like a systemic a system systematic. The problem is systemic. That's why we need a system in a systematic meta metta. Okay, everything that English is my first language, all right, so could be three splayed six stomach. 36. Those are nourishing the system, balancing the system, creating home your status of balancing a year. And yet that's what we're gonna do now. Large intestine 11. That's gonna take heat out of the system, which will help help the rest. And I said, there's been so much research has shown how effective this point is, but for itchiness as well. So okay, so that if it's special acne, um or, you know, extra dermatitis, then large and test. I'm four. Remember the march, The point of the head. The master pointed ahead. As long as you know, pregnant and sail. Repeat that throughout the whole course. So large test on four. Alright, and then we'll do some local points. Now, the beautiful thing about using the in tank it's a local point. So these air cold, distant points points of her away from the area of concern. All right, so these points down below a list there was, but these it down further down the leg if we're treating the face okay to their district points. And these are called local points. So someone had facial acne. This not only treats locally, creates blood flow, stimulates the acupuncture points, is calming, doing a whole lot. Not only that, but then we'll use these points. I kid you not stomach. Three. Actually called facial beauty. I know. So this is at the bottom of the cheekbone. Press up right there, so it's still letting local circulation. All right, so if you want to save time, you could actually do that too, hinting on days. All right, so that's what you won't do that you do 33 time today. Make sure you have 2 to 3 minutes on every point. I'm actually do them bilaterally. Each side. Okay, so go. We'll go there very quickly. Go back through or us there in your notes. So but let me just show you. So you know, kidney three Used out there splayed. Six. Stomach. 36. Do it out all the three minutes each point, so you're doing both at the same time and then swap. Give me 33 minutes and then days, and you come up large intestine for large intestine four, then on to the elbow. Larger test 11 Large intestine. 11 If there's a stress component, because this is why, with persons getting the skin disorder, usually the three liver three put that in as well. Usual stress related points. So on also, local points stand free if it's a facial acne as well. All right, so that's how you treat and balance the body. And by the way, they've Most of the studies have done with acupuncture, but using these points, they found incredible benefits of clearing skin disorders by using days 18. Hay fever (Allergic Rhinitis): All right, let's have a look at hay fever treating hay fever. Now, there was an article that I found the German researchers last year 2018 treated over 400 people and they had three groups off that old head what's called seasonal allergic rhinitis for over two years, which is hay fever that all suffered from that. I have a 400 of them and they had three groups. One received acupuncture. The other group save share, my acupuncture and neither group new, which, whether they're getting sham or not, on the third group of control that just had hay fever medication. The group that did the best with the acupuncture group, the real acupuncture group. Okay, so I'm gonna show the points that they used. They did it on eight weeks clinical trial. You can look in your resource is I've got the link there for you. But the point that they used again, you know most of them. So All right, so here's what they did large and test on four. It's great. Master point of the head. They used large intestine 11 on the elbow again. All right, so you already know these ones so large and tested for large intestine a living Did those points they did. You intend? You know, those three points and then the other one they did not going to show you two points in there right next to each other. These air, new ones, larger test. I'm 20 and there's an extra point right next to it. So right at the corner of your nostrils and what you are. Do you wanna press them upwards? Diagne a towards the opposite? I All right, So you want it done and it really is fantastic for your breathing. And then if you take your pressure off, I just come slightly upwards. There's this extra point right here. Okay, so there's largest on 20 and just kind of slightly He's gonna slightly around and press up sort of towards the bridge of your nose. You could immediately film your breathing get better, so OK, in 10 logic test on 20 Your extra point right next to it. The largest, 20 extra larger tested 11 large test on four. These with the local points and in the upper district points now, like I talked about skin disorders, they also put in three other points. Now there's a list of different points of about nine points that they would alternate with . But im just cause I'm gonna give you the ones that are on the list that you already know. All right? And that's stomach. 36 Spring six liver three. All right, so we'll come back here, remember, stomach 30 ships splayed six person together. So these, once again balancing your system. So that's why am I doing Or, uh and then level three now? Because you could do but, you know, defensible. Do both at the same time work on the same time. So living three, Remember on the wedding? So there are three points. So let's just go through. So go through with me. So do I. Liver three and four figures up. So it's so easy because you're using the same powerful points and, in fact, depression. I culture acupuncturist in the same thing. Even though we know hundreds of points, we have their favorites because certain ones, they're more popular because they just were really, really well to this what they call master points of the most potent points. So I can number three split six and stomach 30 at 36. Yeah, Bowflex. So you start off with that. If you want, just like it did with skin disorders, and then come up working with the body, then go to large test on four, if you know. Yes. Got a lot larger test on 11 to the end of the year over Chris. And then So that's working the body from the core. And then what we do will go larger. Test on 20 up towards the eyes. Cigarette, huh? And in the extra point beatem. I'm directing that more towards the bridge. It's just you feel a little rigid just underneath that and then hinting, All right, that's it is so easy. It's so effective. And I see these clinical trials, and that was an eight way clinical child. So give it a go if you've got rhinitis or you know, anyone that suffers from this for hay fever, so many people didn't. My father suffered terribly from it. We should know back in the day. So there you are. 19. Arthritis: or so Let's take a look. Treating rheumatoid arthritis Now there was study done in China that are having your notes as well for you, where they had an 83.3% using acupuncture and moxibustion. Now, moxibustion is something we're using Chinese medicine. It looks like a black cigar. You like the end just like you would on a cigar. And then you put it over the points to direct hating him. Because in Chinese medicine, because generally arthritis is worse in cold weather, right so they would see that is, it's worse in cold cold makes it worse. We've got to get the balance by putting more hate in right to Yeon. Let's give it some yang so joints that worse in cold weather, you hear these people that say I know it is a cold front coming because my ankle starts to hurt. What have you so they would put moxibustion into him? Now, I've got a work around for you with that because I'm suspecting you don't have sticks of Mark Sebastian at home. But I've got a work around for that but will work just fine, right? So what they're doing is that boosting the system through the kidneys again. And the stomachs plane like we've done before with skin disorders. Now they talk about using bladder 23 bloody 20 letter points on the back. You don't have to worry about that. Here's what you gonna do. We gonna warm up the kidneys and stuff, explain function so fists on your back and just rub up and down, run up and down those back muscles. Okay? You could do it, circles. We just straight up there rubbing up and down those points to and just goes higher to comfortably cannot. But, you know, got as high as you can. Comfortably, they don't get both blood in 23 which is the callback shoot point of the kidneys and bladder 20 which affects this plane. So we're putting warmth into the kidney and sprained function. All right. Okay. So that we're going to do now. They're more familiar points. It's Well, kidney three, bladder 60. That assist. You don't know. But look, it is so simple. It's charts play kidney three. You know, between the Achilles tendon and the ankle on Gladys sixties on the opposite side. So you're just gonna use a pincer grip and your stimulate both look middle of the ankle kidney. Three. Upside is blood of 60. So just squeeze all right, that simple, obviously, both sides. Then once again with building up. So that's helping the kidneys again. Stomach 36 is in there, so it I would suggest you rub them, get walked into the stomach. You could just stimulated like that or rub them like that. Now there's a new point coming up. This is a great point for headaches, hip pain and arthritis, of course. So my stomach Terry sits right. We got that there. Now come across and you feel that bony? No, that's your fibula head. Now, if you go just down sloppy from it, you'll feel a tendon you want to be in front of attendant. It's a little depression underneath that bone, fueled by God below the bone, feel attended. Have flick in front of it that afflict attended too much, but that's it. It lets go Bladder 34 so you can't twenties stomach. 36. Go to Goldblatt at 34. That helped all the hip pain has pain in her side. All right, so Kidney, three better 60 stomach 36 then across to go about 34 you rub your back on your way up. So I would suggest use. Always stop the bottom When we're doing ones like this because you're building up you're working on. You're your body from the ground up, and it's easy to remember. All right, Rob you back. Yeah. You could do it for a minute or two Washing. Okay, now watch off Here. They've also good triple warmer five, which is a great point for arthritis. And it I'm going to triple one before and five. Very easy again. Your tourist crease. Bend your wrist back. It's about 2.5 fingers in the center. 2.5 fingers just go. Three things will go to figures to go slightly down, right? Bang in the middle. All right, so that's that. That's a triple woman five. Now, if you got your wrist back, you'll feel those tendons pop up right in. That little depression is triple warmer. Four. So those two point to compress the same time. Now, if you have you yourself bad arthritis, you might want to do this one of the time and use your knuckle or what you could do. You could get a pencil. And because it was too painful for your thumbs and fingers, Get a pencil and you know, there's a little races you get on top of that you can buy to slide on top of the pencils that have, like, a pure middle sort of shape. Any. So that would be great. You can use the eraser to press them like that. So let me just go through 2.5 fingers down, right the center. And then there's that one there on the pinky side, off the tendons. All a tendency in that little depression. All right to do that, both sides. Okay. And then you got a row buddies large and test on a living large test on four. All right, remember, Great for pain. So there you have it. So I have a look through your notes. You got your points there on, uh, s a lot of them. You already know. That's a couple of new ones. That is a really, really good had 83 0 wait. Don't go. Don't go. Like I told you had a work around for the moxibustion. Here's what you could do on those points Get, like a huge ing rub. You know, a target bomb something like that and rub that on to the point. So stimulate the points and then rub it onto those points. Okay, you're now doing I've got a cup, of course, on this, but I've got this called aromatherapy. Acupuncture acupressure. Beg your pardon? So rub those. And then if you've got a little microwave hate pec, pop it on hot. What about? Or something like that? A town you could went with warm water. And you could do that on those points. If you want to get even further sitting a warm bath or something dual points once, but yet get something heat like a hating, bomb hating rub. Put that on onto your points for lows and then it worked beautifully. 20. Asthma/Breathing problems: All right, let's take a look at breathing problems and things. Things like to ask for other sorts of breathing related problems. Okay, Now put in a new point for you. The 1st 1 is it's called. It's lung One. We're gonna long one long, too long. One is actually known as letting go in Chinese medicine, the lungs, the emotion associative the lungs is grief and lost. So this point is very good for persons grieving, grieving, and so I'll show you how to find it. That's a great point to strengthen your lung, chief. Okay, So what do you got? Your alibi? Not just about this. They could see better. So I got your collarbone. Just working. Where? Cross underneath the Taliban. Until you your feel your shoulder muscle. Come of it. It's in that gutter. Basically where the crease comes up from your arm pitcher Axler. And right there. So just underneath the Columbine, put all three fingers there because I get your long one along to you. Just work in those points there. I could see that. Okay, so that would just get them all wrong. This here a lot. A lot of channel long. One along, too. So you're working there. So this is a really great couple of points to use and once again, the other side. So just underneath the collarbone, you're not on the shoulder of self Just coming off, you'll feel that muscle come around, it comes down and you're into this depression. That's where you're out there. So you work those points their loved one long to or are now the next one is on your your back next three, actually, no, si seven. Your big bump. The big surprise. Back and neck if I take my ship. So I got this big vertebrae. All right, Now, the first point, you're actually gonna be on the spine between the joints. So you feel that big bump, which is sees seventh survival vertebrae C seven and you're just gonna come underneath it, so I'll show you a lot of just dropping. So going to pay between that and the next vertebrae. All right, so you're just there, and you compress on that gently. It cause you any pain. Don't you have to go degenerative disc in the neck? That course pain, they don't do it. But you can just gently work that point Now, what we're going to do from that point, these air extra points, especially for asthma, and it's just slightly out. So we're going to be working this and then we got a blood of 13. But let me just show you from this port where you go next, These next ones because they're not in the central, there's two of them. Okay, It's just like a finger without all right, So it's the same level. You just literally go out about a finger with cases, didn't one, and this is two points. I used to use a lot with Asperger s, my clients. All right, so you're working that one, and then after that, you're gonna come out just slightly further, so I'll show you as long as you could do this comfortably. And that's blood of 13 which is the cola back shoe point for the Lums. So if you if you really didn't know where you were that sort of thing, you could just really just press around that area, the whole press, you know, all that general vicinity, both sides. OK, but don't worry too much if you show up from some when you can't do that. We're gonna be hitting other lump points as well. So these went here? They could see loved ones here we talked about. You can also see if tranquility Remember, four fingers up right here and you can work this point as well. All right, so we got that point there. Okay? Now we do along the long channel, remember, Long Channel goes, comes along off to the thumb now. Well, long nine along 10. And then that's it. You have to remember anything else, OK, so if you bring your thumb back like that at the risk pressure will see little, you feel a little invitation. That's where Lung nine is. So you're gonna be pressing into that and right in the middle of the thumb. Right here, General. Be quite sure that's a long 10. Press both the same time. A lot of the time, if you like to save yourself time. So into that depression and right on the ride them in the middle, there on the master of your time. Okay. Says long on long. 10 Long wanted to obviously both sides CV 17. And then if you can back on the spine there GV 14 and in the export. I just show you go. 123 Like I say, you know, if you're not quite sure we're going usual your fingertips with or I'll show you so you could just steam like all that area there where there is really potent when it comes to helping the lumped. All right, so that's what do with breathing problems and an asthma. 21. Poor Energy Levels: All right. So let's have a look of treating poor energy. So you run down your fatigue, you really need to get energized. All right, So you already know stomach 36. So I'll give you three points to do that. Really? Fantastic. Justo, boost that energy. So stomach 36 spleen six. Okay, You know where they are by now, right? So those are the ones you're gonna press on the legs. Okay. Stomach 36 Splain six. All right. You worked those. Now there's one more point. That is a new point. Really easy. And this is conception Vettel conception vessel. See the six. It's two finger. It's below your navel on, right on the center line wrapping up. So get your navel to finger widths below. Jenny President there. That's called the Sea of TCI. All right, so this point is fantastic. That was also giving you energy. So those three points splitting six stomach basics C v. 62 fingers below. There. If you feeling run down and you need to really pick your energy up, they wants 22. Using acupressure to help with emotional wellbeing: So let's just talk about emotional well being and just helping that if you really stressed or anxious, you're scared of fearful, these sorts of things grieving. So just go through these Now, I'll keep this simple for you trying to narrow it down to separate emotions. Right? So we'll do a calming points. This I would absolutely do on every emotion for coming down because they come you are. Then, the better clarity of thought you could have. So So if you are, say, frustrated, irritated, remember, So add in liver three. Okay, so yeah, so so you. I would do this first, both feet. Okay, so work that. Remember I told you. Emotionally stuck, frustrated, maybe angry. Irritated. They there the emotions of the liver. So liver three, you absolutely, definitely want to do that. The other one you want to do is now. If you can do about this, it doesn't matter, you know, just to deliver three and then go to these, then that's fine. But if you remember this pericardium six, remember three fingers from the wrist crease between the two tendons. That point as a touch is really good for nausea. But it's also very good for it's got a relationship with the liver, the liver as well. So living three Except frustration, Anger, irritation stressed out emotionally. Can't let go your stuff, then pericardium six on the wrists as I was 2.5 to 3. Thing is down between the two tendons, liver three, as I said to you and then come to these points as well. Now, by the way, if the person should go so you, if you're really, really angry, there's a point that I haven't taught you, but it's really easy. So don't worry. It's a point you don't live in. Three up here, right? Live in threes here. Well, if you come up, if you come up to the wedding there, that is liver to so what? You could just do it. Shouldn't come down there. Work there. Live two and number three liver to is the fire point on the Liver Channel. So remember I told you about that hate rising terms. Who said that stink because a person show super angry red face or this five point puts out the fire, so they used a five point to put out the fire to release the fire. So if the the particular motion is really about anger, a supposed just frustrated and irritated then used that liver to live a tree on living to writing that living there. All right. Now, if it's more to do with the person's really worried. Remember that the emotion related to worry is displaying, so they're definitely put in explain. Six. Remember, we come down here for fingers, so if you're really worried, then definitely add Spring six and then go to here. Okay, if you're fearful, if the person's really scared, they're fearing something that that's related to the kidneys. So what I would do if you could put a kidney three. Remember that one right there and work those points there? And also remember, we worked the kidneys to rub your lover back like this. All right, Rob that Or you could put your hands around. Just work those points with easiest ways to rub will make soup bowls as that's worth the kidneys for fear on Then come down through here and persons grieving lost this sort of thing, then Lung 12 Okay, these points here. So the good thing is, you know, these points now. So get first to work those you work those this points called letting go. So it's a really powerful point. So use that as well. Of course it go there. So this kind of fine tuning the different emotions anxious, really sad. They don't have joy in their lives. You know their hearts. Seven. The heart relates to positivity Enjoy so happiness. So if a person shines really, really sad really down then by always putting heart seven There the risk grace, Come on. This side of the tendon right at the risk crease there. Okay, let's talk a little briefing. But you definitely want to do these to say to you but those were just fine Tune for the difference of emotions. 23. Colds and Flus: All right. So let's take a look at treating culture fruits. All right, So what we're gonna do here now, if there's we'll go through? This is a few points in here now, in Chinese medicine, they think that the pathogens come through the wind. So you get sick, your coat off because of the wind, so have a wind disorder. And if it's a if if it's got fever that Taito you wind heat on Children's wind, cold and stuff in this wind damage something you have to worry about, any of that. Okay, so the wind point right at the wouldn't work these points at the base of the skull. Right? So I'm going to show them now if you don't know exactly where they are, As long as you go underneath this ridge, you'll be fine. But I'm going to show them anyway. All right, so the first point here is right at the Depression, right at the on the spine, between the spine and the skull. Here, I'll show you at that point there. You want to work. Okay, This is a wind working wind point. And so we need to help expel the wind or and then you come from that point, you were kind of slightly electro so slightly out like that. About 1/2 a better half an inch of finger with their onto the rope muscles. Now, remember, you're under the skull, you know, upon the skull itself, I'm just underneath it right underneath it. And that's bloody 10 or I shall show you that. Okay, so you're on those ropey muscles. All right? So these ones you want to work as well, and then you go out into the depressions so you can keep going out. And that's Goldblatt 20 right here. So the ways to do the best way to treat these sit back and use dropping head onto them and you struck hit back. This point was called Gates of consciousness, Cold blooded 20. So you want to press this one as if you're pressing towards this? I and the other one towards this, I So you're pressing up up diagonally, Okay. She worked that. And then you come in slightly onto the rope muscles on there, and then just one hand in the Depression, above the spot. They were this one right here. All right, so those points there. We wanna work first. Now, if there's fever, you're gonna use large and test on 11. Remember, Clears hate. You're calling point that this favorite above. Then use that as well. Okay, then your large intestine. Four. Unless you're pregnant. Large intestine four is known as the great eliminators Master. Part of the head, as you know, it's alternate is a great eliminator. So you wanna press large and test? I'm four. So 123 If this favor larger test on 11 and large intestine for these points are to release the pathogen. Okay, I treat people with acupuncture in the 10. All the time. They came with Colton Fruits like any other treatment that if you get to a quickly, then you got a great shots of fixing. I would pick, pick two people with bronchitis or drink people with culture and fruit if I have someone with a cold or flu or cold or flu, You invited them when they just getting the symptoms. I have least 80 90% chance of clearing that really quickly. And some point being, make sure if you start feeling cold and flu, Come on, stop doing them Did points or so what we do? We do with clear the pathogen first. Okay, Right. So we got that. Now I would do is strengthen the immune system, strengthen immune system. So this is what I would do back in the active culture. I would put these pins in first, leave them for 20 minutes, then pull them out. And then our trick, the next points to strengthen, because the theory is that if you strengthen the body first, you will strengthen the pathogen. Okay, so you need to remove the patron and then strengthen the system afterwards. All right, so how we gonna do that? We're gonna do that with Lung Juan. So you work. So after done those points now, you start strengthening long one. Absolutely. Do that here. Okay. And there's another new point just under the collarbone here. You feel these body notes on? Just go underneath. You hear the doctor collarbone just underneath there? That's kidney 27. That is a routine. Just do it like that. Just underneath between the ribs on storing sternum, just off the bones in there. This part is really good for clearing the lungs as well. So this point and your lung 12 points. Okay. Doing strengthen knows they're all right. And now what we're doing would do stomach 36. Where? You know that issue number? That is. So you do stomach 36 after that for local points on the face for stuffing like David, Maybe you're stuffed up What you would do. Tai Yang. Sorry, hinting Tai Yung's here. We haven't talked yet. The temporal headaches in 10 you are do now on the other points here. I know this is quite a lot of points. I'll go back through this, but what? You look them in the notes, you get used to them bladder to. This is great for headaches across the I. Yeah, we naturally do this. You gotta head out here and do this pinch hit. Well, that's exactly where the points out. If you come to the at the end of your eyebrow and you'll feel a little depression. Yeah, that's bladder. Two points. So you could do this. Yeah, You could put your head down like this. This is a great point for Sinus headaches, this sort of thing. So they're Andean tang as well. I'm blocking the knows where the large intestine. 20 at the corners, off the nostrils. Okay, Member Going towards other high. Now, do you stomach three as well, Which is at the bottom of the cheek boat. Now, you could definitely these together. Do you do that one And that one there. Tradition pushing up into the bottom of the cheekbone right here. And that one. Okay. And if you can remember the one the extra point, it's just this larger test on 20 on the corner here, the nostrils slightly out. And we're pointing to the bridge of the nose. You feel it? Mainly feel. Yeah, Your Sinuses clearing. So yin tang. Now, these ones are. If you've got these symptoms, is a local point. If you have the system, City systems, symptoms. So if you got this, your side of the head I can hear your blocked up blood to the in tank. If No, you don't, you don't need to do it. Oh, blocked up in the nose. Come to this one. Largest on 20. You could do that with stomach three. Which of the ones? Right? The bottom. The cheekbones. Here they will clear your sciences. Okay, So listen, I'll go quickly back through those. The three points just really go along the ridge of the head. Drop your head back going along the ridge if this fever large intestine. 9 11 If it's not, just go straight to test on four and then to strengthen your system. You gotta do long one. Okay, So back into here, Kidney 27. This will clear the lounge. I stomach 36. So it's really not that different under the ridge. Larger test for at this, if this favor and then one to stomach 36 3 and any local points if you need them. So that's how you treat for courses. Sinus headache of that sort of thing. Definitely do that as well. So these are really repair for points I've used for years in the clinic, and they're absolutely bring for helping codes and or fruits 24. Constipation: Okay. Now, when it comes to treating constipation, this is an easy one. These are all points, you know. All right, so larger test. I'm going to use a larger test on four unless you're pregnant. Large intestine. 11. All right, They both really great points in the large intestine stomach 36 for all stomach disorders. And then the other point is C V six. Now that's the one that's just two finger. It's below the navel directly below, then able to figure it's OK, so large intestine. I'm four larger test on 11 to the end of the elbow, Cray says. You know, down the stomach 36 and then see the six conception vessel sits right below two figures below the navel. That's what you treat. That's what to do to treat constipation. 25. Diarrhea : okay when it comes to treating diarrhea now, first we want to strengthen the system. So we're gonna use a big energy points. Excuse me. That energy points, which is C V six about the same as we used constipation to finger. It's below the sea of cheap to figure what's below your navel. And then we're gonna work. If you want a boost. Stomach and explain. Chief. So stomach 36 Splain six. You want to work those as well? Okay, so a strengthening, strengthening, strengthening. Now there's one other point for diarrhea after special point for diarrhea. On that is three good should go. Go to your navel again. Three finger wits. Let true figure which get your figures vertical right next to the naval. And it's three finger wits out other side. OK, so both sides there and you want to press those gently as well. All right, so stomach 36 plane six. Strengthen. Strengthen C V six underneath, unable to fingers and then three finger. It's out from the name electoral to the naval, right, Little, same level. And then you press those gently. All right. So easy. 123 four 26. Insomnia: Okay, Now we're gonna talk about somewhere in some near and what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna do this lecture a little bit differently because you now got such a told you so many different points for different conditions. And we've been going over them and over them, so I'm going to test you out. All right? So if someone's having problems sleeping, they can't say, Uh, then what? To calming points, you know, off that you could use to help calm, calm things down. All right? Yes. You take a C V 17. The sea of tranquility. Alright, so that's that's great to the person they could like. You lie there in bed. You could just do one. You could do this prayer position right just on this one or this one here to come. You know, if that's a public a perfect can't sleep because you need to calm down now. All right. So what if the person wasn't sleeping because they were really just frustrated? Irritated, angry? They couldn't What? What would you add to that? Get them to use that and then do that. Yeah. You use everybody living? Three wouldn't. So liver three, it was particularly there particularly really angry, then delivered to us. Well, right, because I remember that That's the five point of the liver tail. So you work, but these points com assistant down to get the emotions get the chief line liver chief flowing on. Then go to that point. There were these points to hear. All right, so that's great. Now, what if What if the person was really scared? Okay, they That's why they're not sleeping. So this is a job scared, not sleeping. So what would you do? What organs are related to fear the kidneys. Okay, so where the kidney points so and the kidney three between the ankle and the Achilles tendon, you rub that one first to strengthen the bodies CI and the kidneys to help with fear. Also rubbing the lower back. So if you were treating that's a child again, you could just rub something. Warminster Lower back. Maybe seven was a Vicks vapor rub or something warming like that, or yes, or something. Or just a little heat pack or something over that kidney area to put hate into the the kidneys to help with fear. And then these points here when I wanted to. Adela points. Good. So you see how we again when you're starting to, uh, up the ante a little bit, you're going okay, We're going to refine the reasons for that in some You Okay, now, another point is kidney one right on the bottom of the foot. It's the lowest point on the body. This point is really grateful grounding person. So if you can't sleep because your mind is just racing really scattered that this point is fantastic. By the way, if I was to do a little bit of massage and that sort of thing, you could just do acupressure massage for insomnia. I would always go straight to the feet. That's why in a spot I always started people's message on the fate. Always always because it draws all that excess yang. That energy out of it draws your attention out of the head. So rather just starting on the back. It's the wrong place to start, in my opinion. So you started to feet and that feels good and all that excess energy, all that thinking energy, excuse me or their attentions now drawn down to their thing which draws energy down so bounces out their energy. So I just think of that working the thing now if you you can obviously work your I'm fake asses well, but we'll get a tennis ball. Put Little town the grounds for the 10 sports flick off, you know, across the room and get a tennis ball. I'm in a golf ball. Get a goal for running that underneath your feet. And that is a great way. Grab something great to do before bid. Okay, Kidney one. All right. So this is if your mind is racing, it's in what is known as I read this person called the buttocks of the fate, And I know So you see here, so this I guess it could be considered the buttocks of the faith. Anyway, when you flex your foot, you'll feel a depression about from the the bottom of the buttocks, if you like. In the center of it, Baron inch down on that is kidney one. So that draws energy down, says the lowest point in the body. It draws the energy down on the head, so that is a great point to work. Feels good to great point to work. If your mind is racing as I say. It's very grounding. So once again for your work, me all scattered. That's a great point anyway, to use. Okay, so let's say the person couldn't sleep because they're nauseous. What word would you use? Pericardium six. Okay, take up. No. Wash it and they can't sleep. The feeling sick, Qazi pericardium six. That be a great personal. What if I got a headache? I can't say I got a hit like chest. And for the other points, you could work a swell. These words back here straight around from the ear. Goldblatt 20 right back there. And urinary blending urinary bladder next to it on the road. The muscles just underneath the skull. Those points are also great for neck pain and headache. Okay, so you start to find out the reasoning for the insomnia and so that you could just adapter treatment on yourself for a person in regards to, you know, to complain why that person is not eyes not sleeping. So it makes for a better treatment. 27. Well, don't I feel like a fool.: Now I wanna talk to you about his insomnia and using 11 Doyle apart from acupressure because I had personally incredible success, not only with my with my son, but for myself as well. You know, I've got the aromatherapy courses, and, you know, it's a bit like the gardener has the worst garden. And the mechanic has the worst car cause they're always caring for everyone else has been not there are, you know. Anyway, So, Liam, my son wasn't, um yeah, he'd wake up a couple times a night and targeting massage and that sort of thing, and I keep recommending lavender for sleep because it is so amazing. Good on. Why using that? So because I'm silly? I guess so. I put a drop of lavender oil, honest, a little teddy the states with. So I put a drop of 11 0 it's like, you know, unbelievable. Now, of course, you're probably going to go. Of course it is. Of course it is. 11 is amazing. It's famous, you know, worldwide. I know. I've talked about it at nauseum about the amazing effects of a calming effects. 11. I know it. I just didn't do it. So and and may as well. You know, I wake up time tonight. You do everything you shouldn't like. Check my phone messages and so on and so forth. And I know I know you do as I say. Not as I do so very well. I thought I would put him. It's beautiful. I'm gonna put some 11 droll. I'm a pillow lame. Sleeping so much better sleeping all the way through the night. And I did the same. I don't this good in years of its I know. So Levin a power from the acupressure points. Putting 11 hours a drop of this on your pillow or your teddy or just on a cotton bowl or tissue. What have you defuse it? I just found you just right there. It is just amazing. I feel a bit foolish, really. But they stopped sleeping. Well. 28. Eyestrain/Red Eyes/Blurred Vision/Dry Eyes: All right. So let's talk about having eyestrain. You work in the computer for too long and so sore. Red eyes, dry eyes, my strength. So Okay, well, first local points around the eye, so you intend. Okay? And also blood to we did this before. Remember, at the ends of the eyebrows, right, The little indentations. So you press him up with your thumbs. A system like that. Okay. Really good for tired. Sore eyes, The other ones right at the bottom of the orbits. Once again, you feel right by the people. And you feel there is. There is. You'll feel a little indentation. Just go gently. Okay? They come down to the other one. We know. Stomach 30. Stomach, stomach. Three. This is called Facial Beauty. Very good for room. Give you a more beautiful face, I guess. And our strain. And okay, so one to stomach to right here, then stomach three underneath it. Okay, now, because we're gonna get just test you here. Just testing. So what point? What could I use? There's those local points, right? What point could I use that it? Because it's the problem with the head. What a point that is very good at trading anything to do with the head. I'll give you a hint for those you know, not getting this. You can press it if you're pregnant, latch into his turn four. Yes, the master pointed the head so press does as well in Tang, Flattered to stomach to stomach three Facial beauty and then the great eliminator. It's known large intestine for another point. That is really, really good because the liver in Chinese medicine opens out into the eyes. So when a person is liver file, have red eyes. So think of that person that's really stressed and frustrated, really angry. They get red eyes that they can get red face, high blood pressure, red eyes. The liver opens into the ice. So what, We're going for that one? That's right. We're off. Deliver three to help the eyes. So liver, three large intestine. Four liver. Three. Are you to district points that you use for my pain and our strength? All right. Today got local points one four in total, not just for liver three to help yours 29. Hot Flashes/Menopausal Symptoms: Okay, so let's have a look. Trading hot flashes. Now, what is the one point I'm gonna get to test your knowledge again? Now, what's the most important point for women? It's the three year intersection point and say I use it all the time. It's great for menstrual disorders. That's right. Splaying six. So splitting six. You absolutely want a trip? Okay. Display six for menopause. Post menopausal, menopausal hot flashes. Absolutely. The other point you want to do is kidney one. It remember I told you, draws the yang that he out of the system. So remember that one on the foot there between the foot buttocks so you could do those together, Kidney one and Splain six. All right, So you want to do that? Of course. Both sides. So those the 1st 2 points you want to do kidney one and splaying six. Remember kidney wanted scraped for if you mind scary for just calming down grounding and person lowest acupoints that trump's a point on the body body. Okay, kidney one. It's places. Now what is the point that we used for cooling your cooling point? Yes, of course. It is larger just on living remember that point favors getting with the hate out of the system. So you definitely want to do those ones as well. Large intestine. 11. Now, the other point. Okay, remember the point? I said at the very start of the course, where you go up, hang up the angle of the years straight up and you'll feel a little depression at the top. This is due called Do 20 or governing vessel 20 right at the top. There to your straight up, send up top. And Jerry feel a little depression there. Okay, this point access like the valve on a steam bell, you know, in a pressure cooker. So by pressing this is like releasing the steam if you like. So this a great point for headaches, dizziness and calming as well. Really? Good point concentrating. So right. Does it feel the depression there, as at that point there. Okay, so really, 84 points kidney. Want the bottom of the foot Splain six. We're gonna balance the system largest 11 and do 20 to release hit case of balancing points and boy to draw out the gang from from the top of the body and cool the body. Kidneys are very cooling and removal of young out of there as well 30. Hangovers: All right, so let's talk about treating hangovers now. So Okay, so you probably got a headache. So we're going to use vertebral started with local points. Okay, so you know these points. All right. Blood to for headaches over the I yin tang got these frontal headaches. You can also use Tai yang, which is just go gently here in the temples. This a new point to you, but Tai Yang here good for temporal headaches. Okay. You knew stomach, too, And of course, stomach three under here as well. Okay, so that your local ports for the headaches also for headaches, come to the back your skull. Here, go back 20. Bladder 10. And the point government got investors 16 right in the middle. Yes, remember, remember, when you're doing those points, you won't drop. You sit back, drop your head back and we're underneath that skull. Okay? So there's much of the back here, and then let's talk about you now. Of course, you know the point for a headache, Master part of the head large and test on four. Definitely want to do that as well. If there's nausea, you use your nausea point. Right. Pericardium 6 2.5 to 3 fingers down between the tenders. So that should yours. Your point and the other point you definitely want to use is liver. Three. We want to get the liver working. So whats again? Nobody. Liver. Three differently that now if your stomach's upset, you're low on energy. Your stomach's upset. Stop. 36. You see how easy this is getting told coming together? All right, so stomach 36 as well. Okay. And of course. And as a local points through the head, not just for just work those points and go easy on the tequila next time. 31. Stomach ache/Digestive issues: No. One of its stomach problem. Stanic pain, stomach, eggs, digestive disorders, these sorts of things. All right, The 1st 1 A local point C V six, Remember, two fingers down. That's a really good point. I just go gently if it's painful, that sort of thing. So you could do that one. All right. It's without a general digestive problems, stomach pain, that sort of thing. Okay, now, of course, you have to do stomach 36. Just wouldn't be right. They say Chinese medicine Stomach 36 I said, Cures 100 diseases. The magic of the saying is whatever you trading, put in stomach 36 quite rightly, it is such a powerful point for so many different things. So stomach 36. All right, so then 76 Stomach 36 pericardium six. Maybe that one his parents are kind of six is good for nausea. It's also good for stomach upsets as well. So that's another really good one there, just working there and remember as a upset along if living three large intestine for a very good for pain. So with this benefits re painful, larger test time for definitely, and you could do liver three as well. These both. Both of these parts are really good for pain relief. So anywhere in the body. So it is pain associated with what you're treating, then always at those in unless you're pregnant. 32. Menstrual Irregularities/Pain/PMS: All right. So let's take a look. At what? Menstrual irregularities. Your PMS Menstrual cramps. Maria Dis Maria. Any sort of Mr Disorders and I'm going to show in your resource is you'll see some studies that have been done usually get acupuncture, but really successfully helping a measure regularities. So what I'm gonna do, I'll show the point. What I suggest is just all of these points, okay? And you know, every except one. You know them all. OK, so as you see here, they put they injected vitamin K into kidney one. They were sold on the bottom of the point on the bottom of your foot and explained six. Now, remember, Splain six is the only point that has three in meridians or intersecting three in intersection. So what I suggest you do now, these are the points that use a couple of extras. But you'll be fine. Just using these ones now. This was very successful, dismayed Arria or excessive bleeding. So remember this kidney one here. So work that point their kidney one. And then they also used liver three so you could do both of these here sitting here kidney one on live three no problems at all. Course. Spleen six and stomach. 36 were used as well. So kidney one liver three, splitting, six stomach. 36. Really easy to remember. Okay, Because you do that Both sides. So you just say, do you could do a kidney? One with one hand? You could do both. Does just like that. Kids living three and kidney one at the same time. Okay, They come up to hear what you got there. The other ones that use the one you know is see these conception Vessel six c V 62 fingers down below your navel. And the other one is simply CV four. And that's forefingers below. The navel did easy, and that's it. So get your navel there. Four fingers below the navel. All right, I got that point. Now go to fingers below. There you go. We got both of them. So that's it. All right. So that any sort of menstrual, irregular regularities, spasms, cramps PMS and accept ese kidney. One living three started. 36 displayed. Six, then two figures and forefingers. 76 see before. All right. There you go. 33. Smoking Cessation: All right, So let's talk about giving up smoking. Let's talk about giving up smoking. Yes, of course. Now there is a point that is being used quite successfully, I'm told, which is a point called I got People Now giving up smoking. There's a point that I would use in acupuncture when I was treating people and actually got a couple of people to give up smoking. One of those things about you know, you have to give up, and that's what things. Apparently this helps. Or to the taste off the cigarette or the flavor. And it's in your anatomical snuff box. So I know you've got an anatomical snuff boxes accident. It's actually a part of your body, and I'll show you where it is. So this is when they compress or you if you're a smoker. So when you extend your thumb, turn around here too big for you, there's so you say that a little. That's a long nine right in there. But you feel that tendon. They're your thumb. 10. When you extend your thumb, I just come this side of it, right? Well, they probably that better. Now you see that little indentation that is what it's called. The anatomical is not books. Put some stuff. Oh my God. So that's the anatomical snap, boxer. You work that point there Also. What I would do is get the person to work heart seven. Alright, calm them for anxiety, that sort of thing. So, Chris, marker this side anatomical snuff box this side seven. And you could also do lung one as well. All right to strengthen lung function because, you know, being a smoking need to strengthen your lung function. So long. One anatomical snuff box d on me and have seven. Good luck with that. 34. Earaches/Tinnitus/Water in the ear.: Okay, so we'll talk about is helping earaches water in the years, that sort of thing and tinnitus as well, which is ringing in the years. So it's really easily to do this one, but I all I really am at OK, if you put your middle finger in front of your ears, open the jaw and you feel where depression as your door opens out. Feel that whole depression? OK, that statue point for your middle finger and then there to exit person points above and below. So you just located with the middle finger and they put you other two fingers right next to him. Okay, so we don't know this, but there. Yeah, And there you go. So you press those there. So there you first points. And then there's another point right behind the flap off your ear. Right there. Go. Go gently on this one. So right behind the flap of the year in towards the head just got very, very gently, okay. And then, of course, what's the one we need to do? The district point master board of the head large and test on for all favorite. It's pregnant. So in the jaw So this is great for tinnitus water in the years earaches and then behind the flag of the year and then larger test time for it's already. 35. Memory/Concentration: All right. So we've come a long way from the start of the class now, so I'm gonna go back to the memory and concentration on what points and see how you did. So now you've gone this far through the course. So you probably remember that we did this point here. Remember, this is a revival point that they use on animals veterinarians use on animals and also someone faints. And humans this sort of thing. You can use this. It's also great. If you're just getting really fatigued. You can use this point here. You know, you're driving and you want to construct more. So it's a really great point like that, of course, studying and so on and so forth. Okay. Is that remember? Do 20. Right Here is a great point for concentrations. Well, which torture at the start of the course. Okay, so the other couple of points that great now which you know, Goldblatt, 20 gates of consciousness. There's a hook if it if anything, So it really is a great point. And right next to it on the road muscles, bladder. 10. So those points are great to help with coping with them concentration, memory and focus. Okay, So 123 and four. Now, the other thing I want to do is say, now, you gone so far through the course, if you're not focused because you need to come, you can't remember. Maybe you're doing exam, and you can't. So coming points, okay to do this one, and they end up with your calming points. Okay, Maybe it's because he had been studying for allergy. Just, you know, you're fatigued. All right, so that's good. Stomach. 36. Start working. That one. Look at it was plain sixties. Also energizing. So stomach 36 splitting six. You could do those. Okay. So again we started. Use the nuances of why you don't have your memory concentration. Okay, Maybe a stressed you can consider it could. You're stressed. You're really here is headed frustrated. Liver three, then okay. And then I always finish with concentration, no matter what. Others were put into it. This is where I do it like it's a meditation because one of best things to get mental clarity is through meditation. So, you know, I mean, they stressed got an exam. OK, stressed. So I did my liver three point and do the other point that I showed you. Okay, But then come back to get focused. So there everything is getting focused. Teoh, help with your memory concentration. All right, so there you go. Did you remember from the start of the course? 36. Congratulations!: Okay, well, there you have it. So now you've got this whole on knowledge, Hopefully that you can apply to all these different conditions. And I hope I've tried to make it so that you know that you can remember these easy. So we're using the same points. So you could you know, it's you don't have 300 points to try And remember Now if I haven't covered something in the course that you really like me toe to film it and put into the lecture that you'd like me to add to it, please, by all means 70 questions. I'll add them in no problems whatsoever. And I'll keep adding to the course. And also, if you wouldn't mind writing review, it's really important for us as instructors to get feedback. So I greatly appreciate that. So thank you so much. And if you need any help allowed to any questions for my students and thank you so much watching my course