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51 Lessons (3h 28m)
    • 1. Acupressure for Pain Relief

    • 2. Welcome to my course!

    • 3. How does acupressure work?

    • 4. The treatment area (lower the table)

    • 5. Acupressure the right and wrong ways to perform it

    • 6. How do we apply pressure? The Goldilocks zone.

    • 7. How to get the acupressure timing correct

    • 8. Your posture and body mechanics are vitally important!

    • 9. How often should you treat someone

    • 10. 2 Very Powerful Pain Relieving Points You Can Use On Each Condition

    • 11. When in doubt, don't.

    • 12. Helping Lower Back Pain

    • 13. Lower Back Pain Questionnaire

    • 14. The causes of lower back pain

    • 15. Ok, it's time to start treating!

    • 16. Treating Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

    • 17. Bonus Section! Deep Tissue Massage Techniques for the whole back and neck!

    • 18. The best exercises for lower back pain and sciatica

    • 19. A great self treatment to help lower back pain!

    • 20. Neck Pain

    • 21. Neck treatment

    • 22. Deep Tissue Massage Techniques For The Neck

    • 23. Neck Self Treatment

    • 24. Exercises for neck pain

    • 25. Referred Pain

    • 26. Helping hip pain

    • 27. Acupressure for hip pain

    • 28. Exercises and home treatment

    • 29. Helping tennis elbow

    • 30. Tennis elbow treatment

    • 31. Tennis elbow exercises

    • 32. Helping Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    • 33. Treating carpal tunnel syndrome

    • 34. Carpal tunnel stretches

    • 35. Helping someone's Shoulder Pain

    • 36. Where is the pain coming from? Your shoulder or your neck?

    • 37. The causes of shoulder pain

    • 38. Treating shoulder pain with acupressure's most powerful points.

    • 39. Stretches for the shoulder. No.1

    • 40. Stretches for the shoulder. No.2

    • 41. Helping Knee Pain

    • 42. The causes of knee pain

    • 43. Treating knee pain with Acupressure's most powerful points.

    • 44. Knee Exercise 1

    • 45. Knee Exercise 2

    • 46. Knee Exercise 3

    • 47. Knee Exercise 4

    • 48. Helping Upper Back Pain

    • 49. Treating upper back pain with acupressure's most powerful points

    • 50. Ankle Sprains/Foot Pain/Injuries

    • 51. Congratulations! you have completed the course


About This Class

Learn acupressure massage techniques from best-selling instructor, Mark Perren-Jones today!

"This acupressure massage course is informative and enjoyable i really want to just keep going with it I cannot put it down. Learning so many beneficial acupressure massage techniques and skills this course is a secret gem. It was such an engaging and informative course which I could not put down - the most interesting and clearly explained course to date.  Learn from the BEST"

"Once again, the best specialized information. I love the way Mark gets straight to the point without holding out important information. Great job, top of the line instructor/teacher please keep it up."

So what makes my acupressure massage course so different to other courses?

In this acupressure massage course you will learn a methodical, systematic approach to treat each condition just like I do in my massage clinic-not simply learn a few acupressure massage  points and basically just hope for the best which the majority of acupressure massage courses and books tend to teach

In this acupressure massage course we deal with lower back pain and sciatica, neck pain, upper back, shoulder and knee pain. Each painful condition is structured so that you know exactly how to treat your client/friends/family or yourself by using specific acupressure massage techniques.

1. Questioning before doing your acupressure massage treatments

Firstly, you will ask questions about the person's pain so that you gather information about the symptoms/severity etc so that when you see them for their next acupressure massage treatment you can then ask how they have progressed and how their pain is since you last saw them. Or if you are treating yourself you will be able to assess your own progress.

2. Address and remove the causes of the pain.

This is such a vital step which hardly ever is addressed!

Let's say that you or your client/partner/friend has lower back pain and/or sciatica. You do some acupressure massage and give the person some temporary relief but the pain keeps coming back and you have no idea why.

Well, have you addressed what is causing their pain in the first place? 

No...Probably because firstly you have no idea what causes it so the person continues to harm their backs every day and therefore remain in pain.

In this acupressure massage course you will learn exactly what are the major causes of neck, back, shoulder and knee pain and even sciatica and will then be able to remove the causes!

3.Treat the affected areas with acupressure massage techniques and other specific soft tissue release techniques

In this step you will be taught extensively how to treat each condition using both acupressure massage point techniques, trigger point release and other soft tissue techniques to decrease tension, create better blow flow and nutrients to the affected areas. You will learn how to use correct posture, correct depth, how long to treat for , how often should you treat, and so much more!

4. Differential Diagnosis

Here is another incredibly important step! Let's say that you or the person that you want to treat has a painful shoulder. You treat the shoulder but the shoulder shows no improvement. You have no idea why. What if the shoulder pain is not coming from the shoulder but it is actually being referred from the neck? That's right! It is actually a neck pathology that is referring pain to the shoulder. So you need to treat the neck not the shoulder. How do you know? I teach you very simply how to detect where the pain is coming from.

5.Home Exercises after their acupressure massage treatment

Once again, this is such an important step to becoming pain free and i see time and time again people doing the wrong stretches which actually worsens their problem. For example, if a person has lower back pain and/or sciatica due to a disc bulge(almost all sciatic nerve related problems are related to L5-S1 disc problems) then the last thing that you would want to do or advise the person you are treating is to do forward bends, knees to chest exercises and lying on your back bringing your leg across your body-it will worsen your problem. I teach you the exact exercises that have helped tens of thousands of people worldwide for each condition!

6. Self acupressure and trigger points release techniques for home

Here you learn how to self treat using self acupressure massage at home using very simple things that will keep you pain free. I also teach the benefits of foam rolling which is another fabulous method to keep your muscles loose and pain free!

In this acupressure massage course, my objective was to create the most comprehensive, most effective acupressure massage course for pain relief. I believe that i have done this. You will be able to not only help your own pain but also your clients, friends and families pain based on my 20 plus years of experience, training and knowledge.

I truly hope that you enjoy my course!

Mark Perren-Jones