ActiveCampaign Quick Start And Switching Guide | Rob Wilson | Skillshare

ActiveCampaign Quick Start And Switching Guide

Rob Wilson, Building Business Through Technology

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14 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Why This Course?

    • 2. ActiveCampaign Overview

    • 3. People Not List Centred Marketing

    • 4. Switching From Mailchimp

    • 5. Switching From Aweber

    • 6. Your Lists

    • 7. Single Or Double Optin

    • 8. Finding the Single and Double Optin Settings

    • 9. Getting People On Your List

    • 10. Creating a Simple Autoresponder

    • 11. Example Automations

    • 12. Automation Lead Magnet Delivery

    • 13. One List or Many?

    • 14. Wrap up


About This Class

Imagine your business having more powerful and profitable automated email marketing. Where your follow up is more intelligent than just sending one email after another. Where your potential customers feel you are talking about them and understand them.

ActiveCampaign is a powerful tool - Advanced Tagging, Sequences, Tracking, Segmentation at an affordable price. If you want to be be highly effective quickly with having to read a huge manual or work through disjointed training videos, then you have found the right mini-course.

Over the course of 18+ video lessons and just over 1.2 hours you will

  • Quickly get orientated in the ActiveCampaign Dashboard and terminology
  • If you haven't switched find out why you should and what you'll get when you do
  • Find out key steps to moving from Aweber or Mailchimp to ActiveCampaign
  • Not miss out on vital steps and powerful features
  • Create your first lists, forms and automations
  • Workout how to get people on your list and deliver your freebies/lead magnets
  • Get a good grounding in the fundamentals of ActiveCampaign.

‚ÄčThis course is an introduction level course to get people off to a flying start and learn how to convert from other systems.¬†