Active Listening: 4 Elements to Boost Your Business!

Everett Bowes, Brand Strategy & Creative Consultant

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11 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction To The Power of Active Listening

    • Foundation of Active Listening

    • Ears

    • Ears: Best Practices

    • Eyes

    • Eyes: Best Practices

    • Heart

    • Heart: Best Practices

    • Focus

    • Summary

    • Additional Notes About "Ting"


About This Class

Everyone hears, but few listen.

Active listening is the key to increasing leadership equity, unlocking employee retention, increasing workplace efficiency, and so much more!

What was once considered an innate ability (a trait everyone was born with) has now become a specialized skill; something that takes effort, practice, and intentionality.

Did you know there are four components to active listening? Furthermore, did you know that missing one of the four components means you’re not listening?


“Have you ever noticed how the most intriguing individual in the room seems content to listen sooner than speak?”  ~ Richelle E. Goodrich


Listening used to be an art. Today active listening is a skill that has become a competitive advantage!

In today’s fast-paced, always-on world we have become a generation of distracted people. On top of that, we multitask while multitasking. 

This course shows you the 4 Elements to Active Listening using a clever memory device that will help you keep this skill at the top of your mind.

In addition I offer you practical steps and tips to help you change the way people perceive your listening skills.

This fun, fast-moving, information-packed course will move the needle in your business (and personal) relationships!

Listening used to be an art. Now it’s a skill. Don’t be left behind. Stop hearing. Start listening.  I’ll see you in class!

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i found the class very interesting and a lot of good tips to remember through-out life
Faye Brown

Faye Brown Designs

Great tips to become a great listener. Clear and extremely useful.





Everett Bowes

Brand Strategy & Creative Consultant

Everett Bowes is a branding expert with over 20 years of experience guiding brands to create unique, memorable, impactful experiences through various touch points.

With a strong belief that "everything flows from a clear brand identity", Everett applies his branding knowledge and principles to the world of social media with this course.

A natural-born-teacher, Everett provides practical advice in a conversational manner. His ability to simplify concepts, give examples, and explain "why" is unlike others.

In addition, students are encouraged to reach out to Everett through community chats, the We Talk Social Facebook page, and through Direct Messages.



I bring a truly unique combination of skills to the table. My experience (and passions) include the following: Branding, Business Analysis, Marketing, Creative Ideation, Production, Technology, Leadership, and more.

I am a mature, self-aware, well-balanced professional.

I have worked in brand communications for over 20 years with extensive experience creating brand experiences through video, web, social media, television, animation, events, graphics/logos, photography and more!

I am a Creative at heart, but grounded with a degree in Business (Finance). That means I am just as comfortable working in Excel as I am with Photoshop, Premiere, WordPress, and any of the social platforms; I am equally “at home” behind my desk or behind a camera.

My leadership style is anchored in my inescapable desire to train and develop others while encouraging (and expecting) excellence. In addition, my deep proficiency in business, technology, creativity and production means I earn the trust and respect of my team and cross functional departments quickly.

I learned the value of persistence, toughness, consistency, and self-discipline through sports like soccer, wrestling, football, karate, and track. I understand how to glean value and meaning out of a bitter loss, but more importantly, how to turn that into motivation for an even bigger win.

My desire is to bring this sense of “fight”, encouragement, leadership, creativity, analysis, and excellence to every brand I work with.

- Healthcare
- Non-profit
- Retail
- Agency
- B2B
- Financial
- RealEstate
- Education
- Food
- Travel
- Luxury
- Legal
- DirectSales
- Pharmaceutical
- Technology
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