Acrylic Painting for Beginners Part 2: | Malcolm Dewey | Skillshare

Acrylic Painting for Beginners Part 2:

Malcolm Dewey, Artist and Author

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12 Videos (1h 18m)
    • Color Relationships

    • The Dune and Color Relationships

    • The Dune Part 1

    • The Dune Part 2

    • The Dune Part 3

    • The Dune Conclusion

    • The Expressive Landscape Introduction

    • Expressive Landscape Part 1

    • Expressive Landscape Part 2

    • Expressive Landscape Demo Review

    • Contemporary Approach Part 1

    • Contemporary Approach Part 2


About This Class

Welcome to Part 2 of Acrylics Painting for Beginners!

In Part 1 you learned about the essential qualities of acrylic paint. You also learned about the important painting techniques and skills needed to paint your first acrylic painting. If you have not completed your first painting in the course please do so before starting Part 2. You will be building on these skills in Part 2.

In Part 2 you will be learning more painting skills through demonstration paintings. This includes:

  1. Color relationships;
  2. Expressive brushwork;
  3. Contemporary painting approaches;

and much more.

There are many demonstrations to inspire your next acrylic painting. I hope that you try them all and enjoy the fun to be gained from acrylics.

As I always tell my students - take your time. If you are a beginner than do not rush your paintings. Rather do one over again to learn from the previous attempt. The first few attempts at one subject will look nothing compared to attempt number 10. A natural progression is part of the learning experience.

Thank you for joining Part 2 of this course.

Happy painting





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Malcolm Dewey

Artist and Author

Professional artist and author. I work in oils painting in a contemporary impressionist style. Mostly landscapes and figure studies. I have a number of painting courses both online and workshops for beginners through to intermediate artists. 

My publications include books on outdoor painting, how to paint loose and content marketing tips for creative people.

My goal is to help people start painting and encourage them with excellent lessons that they can use for years to com...

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