Acrylic Painting: How to Paint a Christmas Wreath on Canvas with Acrylic Paint Step by Step | Elle Byers | Skillshare

Acrylic Painting: How to Paint a Christmas Wreath on Canvas with Acrylic Paint Step by Step

Elle Byers, Artist and Teacher

Acrylic Painting: How to Paint a Christmas Wreath on Canvas with Acrylic Paint Step by Step

Elle Byers, Artist and Teacher

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6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Wreath Shape

    • 3. Add Shapes of Color

    • 4. Negative Space

    • 5. Add More Color

    • 6. Final Details

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About This Class

How to Paint a Christmas Wreath on Canvas with Acrylic Paint Step by Step

Learn how I painted this little Christmas wreath on a 6x6 inch canvas step by step. All of the supplies and paint colors I used for this class are listed below.  If you paint your own wreath, you can upload of photo of your painting by clicking on the "Projects & Resources" tab below the video.  Happy painting!

6x6 inch canvas
Flat paint brushes sizes 6-12
Water to clean brushes
Paper towels
Palette paper
Acrylic paint

Paint colors
Titanium White
Hansa Yellow Medium
Cerulean Blue
Naphthol Red Light
Phthalo Blue
Phthalo Green

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Meet Your Teacher

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Elle Byers

Artist and Teacher


Hello, I'm Elle Byers. I'm an artist and a teacher.  My favorite medium is acrylic paint and my favorite subject is flowers!  Check out all of my Skillshare classes at the bottom of this page. 

If you want to see what I'm up to on a daily basis, you can follow me on Instagram.  My available paintings can be purchased on my website, 

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1. Introduction : Hey everyone, my name is L. And in today's video I'm going to demonstrate how a painted this little wreath on a six by six inch canvas. I have listed all of the paint, colors and supplies that are used for today's demonstration below the video in the About section. If you create your own wreath painting and we'd like to upload a photo. You can click on the projects tab to upload a picture of your work. And if you would like to be notified every time I post a new painting tutorial, you can click the follow button and you will receive an email every time a new video is posted. Alright, grab your canvas and paint and let's get started. 2. Wreath Shape: I am going to start by mixing a black color, a greenish black with my red and green. When I wet my brush, I'm using heavy body paint so it's pretty thick. And our wet brush will help me to thin that out a little bit. And I'm going to just paint a circle. This will help to keep me on track with the square canvas. It's easy to sort of make your read square if you start to fill in all the corners. So I like to start off with a nice dark background to give me some depth and to guide my feature brushstrokes. The ship dry pretty quickly. I'm going to give it a couple of minutes. And then I'm going to start to layer some color on top of this. 3. Add Shapes of Color: This is mostly dry. It's okay if it's still a little wet. And now I'm going to start to create some different leaf shapes, or also just some lines and dots around my wreath. You can use lots of color if you don't want it to be a Christmas wreath. I think I'm going to stick to a lot of greens and a little bit of red to make mine has messy. But there's really a lot of, you have a lot of leeway with a wreath. You could paint little flowers on it. So I'm going to take some of my fellow green, fancy yellow. And I'm gonna put a little failover blue on my palette, along with some titanium white. And I'm gonna start to layer lots of different greens and a little bit of blue. Some mixing a little green and with my yellow, going to put a touch of red to D saturate it. I've gotten a little blue. And I'm just making some leaf shapes around my wreath. In the end. Some of these will get covered up and some of them won't. And you'll have a nice mix of different greens and blues if you just keep layering like this. Can change up the color every few brush strokes by adding in more green, blue, or yellow. And that way I get a lot of different shades of color all throughout my wreath. If your paint is too thick, just why your brush a little bit. Adding a touch of red to your yellow, if you're yellow is really braid will help to bring down the saturation. And you'll get more of an earthy green. Men at the end, I'm going to put in some brighter green for highlights, but right now, we're going to keep it a little desaturated. I'm gonna grab a smaller brush. Size six, I'm going to wet my brush and I'm gonna make some smaller shapes. And I just do some lines. And the more color and shapes you put around your reads, the better I think. And a mix a little maybe like a bluish turquoise. And I want to have a few coming way, way out. And I can tell I'm making my read squares, so I'm going to fix that in the next step. Okay? I feel like I have enough going on for right now. So I'm going to let my wreath dry. And then I'm going to reshape it with my negative space. 4. Negative Space: For this next step, I definitely make sure that my paint is dry. And I'm going to use my Cerulean Blue with my titanium white to fill in the negative space. And I'm going to work to shape my wreath and the step. So I have a wet brush, I'm using size ten. And I'm going to mix a light blue color. Not to sin and not to say OK, I want it to spread. But I wanted also to be able to cover some of my page that I put down. I'll start in the middle and I'm filling in the weight and then I'm cutting in to my rate a little bit in different spots to create the middle shape of a wreath. And it's not a circle. Definitely going in from different angles. And I do want it to be somewhat circular. It's a good start. And I'm gonna do the same around the edges. So I want to reshape some of these marks that are sticking off and kind of go in between. Some others. Don't want my edges to be even. And I am trying to be careful not to create a square. But it's still fixable even if you do. I usually have to do this a couple of times to get the shape that I want. With these rates, it's more of a process of putting paint on and then taking a little away with your negative space Color, and then going back and putting more paint on. Sometimes it works out well the first time. And then other times I find myself doing it three or four times to get the shape right. And you can feel free to cut right into your reads so that you're creating interesting shapes and not one big circular blog. I kinda like that. Maybe I'm going to cut in a little more here. And I'm going to paint the sides. And then I'm going to let everything dry and continue. I'm going to go back to these colors here. If your paint seems like it's drying on your palette, you can spritz it was a little water to keep it fresh. Little more water to my brush pen, this outlet. And I'm going to let this dry for a couple of minutes. It doesn't need to be completely dry. But I want these edges to be at least somewhat dry so that I am able to layer my paint a little better. 5. Add More Color: And when I was a little bit of water and I let my read dry for a few minutes, probably about five minutes. And now this is what I think is the fun part. I'm going to start to add a lot more details to my reader. Think I'm going to hold it this way. When I was still a lot of web and that's okay. We're gonna go in with a little bit of dark paint to start. So I have my red and my green on my palette, which I'm mixing to make a dark green, almost a black. And I wet my brush so that my paint, I'll be a little smoother. I'm using a size six brush now. So I can get some thinner brush strokes. And I'm gonna make some thinner lines. And I'm just putting this all around the reed. And just try to be mindful of the shape of your ISS as you're doing this. I don't want my reads to be too perfect looking. So I'm going to try not to have the whole outside be even and want to have some areas like this where some of the, the leaves are kinda sticking off. It's gonna rinse my brush a little. Try to mix up some green. I'm gonna need to add more paint to my palette. I think it's a little bright, so I'm going to add a touch of red and a little bit of blue. And I'm going to keep repeating this process with different colors. And it's a little gray. Put on a little red and see what happens. So many different shades of green that you can mix with just blue, green, white, and a little bit of red. Everything is looking a little dark. So I'm going to start to brighten that up a little. I'm going to also start to be careful about not putting the same color all the way around the reef, want pups of yellow. And then some areas where there's no yellow. And the same thing with my red here. And that's a nice braid, or I'm going to start to add in more of this, so I get more of a Christmas e field to my wreath. I don't want to overdo it with the read just yet. I think I'm gonna make a little bit of an orange color, lighten it up with a little WIP. And I'm gonna put a little of this near some of the red just to give it a little more color. And feel like my read is starting to come together. I'm gonna go back in again on the negative space and do a little reshaping. And it makes a little gray paint is all getting really dry. Mm. I might need to add some more pain and to try to stretch it. I'm pretty happy with my read so far, although it definitely is a little square. So I'm going to fix that next. After this completely dries though. Alright. I'm going to stop and let this dry for about ten minutes. And then I'm going to touch up my negative space again. 6. Final Details : And a little bit more white to my palette. Hopefully my surly and blue is still wet enough. And I'm going to take a clean barrage. I think I'm going to use a size eight. And I add a little bit of water and mix up my negative space color again. It's a little thick, so I'm going to add a little bit more water. And I'm going to try to be a little more careful this time and really think about where I'm taking away and the shape that's being created. So I want it to be a little jag ID and my inner circle. And I'm trying to make sure the, um, it's about the same with all around. It's not gonna be perfect. But that's kind of how I'm making the decision of where to cut back and with my paint. I think I took a little too much away right here. So I'll be putting a little paint back in that area. And I'm gonna do the same thing now around the outer edge. And what my outer edge to be Jaggard. While trying to keep our, the rough shape of the wreath. So it should be circular. But yet circular, but I want my edges to be Jaggard. So it can be a little tricky. Which was why sometimes after this step I even repeat the process again. Sometimes it works out the first time, and sometimes it takes three or four times to get it exactly how I want it. What do I mean to be enough to cover but not so thick that it's an a globbing onto my canvas. So anytime I feel like it's 2x, I just dip my brush in the water. Hooray. Now I'm going to a little more touching up. I think for the final steps here, I'm adding braid our colors. So I'm adding a lot more white now. And I'm going to add more red and green just to really make it a little more Christmas Eve. And I grab a clean brush. I'm just gonna keep tweaking a clean brush. And I'm going to put in some more pops of red, pink, light pink. And I add some dots, sort of like berries. Or could be lights. And I'm going to just add a little more light green just to lighten it up right at the end with some light colors. Make it nice and bright. Maybe it's not as Christmas CSI originally intended, but that's okay. I think it is. I like colors, so I tend to overdo it with my color is a little even christmas colors. And just scrape up any colors that are left on my palette just for a few final details. I hope you enjoyed my raise painting demo today. If you paint your own reads, you can upload a photo of your painting by clicking on the projects tab below the video. I would love to see what you paint. And if you want to be notified every time I post a new painting demo, just click on the Follow button and you'll get an email every time I post a new video. I'm calling this one finished. Thanks for watching.