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Acrylic Painting: How To Paint Sea Waves

teacher avatar Debasree Dey, debslilarts | Acrylic Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. Hello & Welcome back!

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. 1: Sky Part 1

    • 4. 2: Sky Part 2

    • 5. 3. Sea Background

    • 6. 4. Wave Line

    • 7. 5. Shadows Part 1

    • 8. 6. Shadows Part 2

    • 9. 7. The Waves

    • 10. 8. Distant waves & Birds

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About This Class


Have u always wondered how to paint sea waves in a seascape painting!

In today's class, I will teach you how to breakdown and create a gorgeous seascape painting.

I'll also teach u

  • how to mix multiple colors and create the sunset sky textures
  • how to breakdown a complex painting into smaller chunks and progress 
  • how to create amazing textured sea waves with shadows

This is an advanced painting but I want to invite the beginners also to try it out and following all the steps, you will be able to create your own version of this painting.


1. Acrylic Paints (listed below)
2. Canvas Paper / canvas board / stretched canvas
3. Brushes - 1 flat brush and 1 small round brush
4. A plate - something to mix paint on
5. Water
6. Tissue paper

Colors I used in this class:

1. Titanium White
2. Chrome Yellow
3. Pink
4. Orange
5. Black
6. Violet

By the end of this class you should feel confident in your ability to create this painting.

I recommend this class for everybody - no prior art experience is necessary. If u haven't painted in a long time and wanting to brush up your skills or if u haven't found anyone to mentor you in your creative journey,  or if you are not sure you will be able to paint, or if you just want to paint pretty landscapes just to feel good - this class is for you.

Look forward to seeing you in the class


If you are new here, do check out my other classes and create masterpieces:

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You can purchase all the items I use by clicking on this link.

This is an amazon affiliate link, meaning, at no extra cost to you, I will make a commission, if you click and make a purchase. Thank you for your support :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Debasree Dey

debslilarts | Acrylic Artist



Download my eBook. 


Working as an artist for 7 years, I have carved my own path into the art world. There were many big stumbling blocks and also bigger accomplishments. All of which lead me to become a Thriving Creative.

Collecting my experiences, I have built this ROADMAP for you!





Hi, my name is Deb. I'm a self-taught artist, acrylic art guru and a creative entrepreneur based out of Pune, India. Academically, I've done MS from BITS Pilani, worked in corpor... See full profile

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1. Hello & Welcome back!: I bent it all of these cityscapes couple of months back. And you guys appreciated a lot on Instagram and asked for a tutorial. So in today's class I'm going to be teaching you're one of those escapes and how to create this beautiful rehabs and the shadows and the beach and everything. It's such a soothing painting. When you created and put it up on your boil, it just transforms your entire mourned every time you look at it. I have been having this put up on my boil for quite some time. And the absolutely elevate my emotional level every time I look at it, it makes me completely to the beach. I haven't been able to go to the beach for this year at all. And it just did, looking at his paintings, transport swing back to the beat every time. So this class I will teach you how to create one of these beautiful sea steps. Hi, my name is Deb and I am an acrylic entail from India. I have been teaching art professionally for the past five years. If you want to know more about me, head over to my sculpture profile and you can learn a lot more about me. I read. So if today's class, I am ready to be teaching you this particular painting, and I'll teach you how to create these frothy we've textures with this highlights, because the highlights and the shadows are a very important part of creating this waves. And how to create this sunsets guy with the blend of gallows, mixing it up absolutely in the right way to create such textures. I'll show you each and every step, each and every budgets my process that I take to create such being things. So follow along with me, join me in the class, and you will come up with a beautiful bean thing at the end of a couple of hours. So I look forward to seeing you inside the glass. 2. Art Supplies: Hey guys, so glad you decided to join me in this class. So in today's class, we are going to learn how to create this painting. And in this video, I will be telling you about all the art supplies that you need for creating the speed. So of course you need a canvas or I'm using a canvas board for this class, you can use a stretched canvas. I would not recommend using up people like our regular sketchbook paper for this painting because it leads are not of blending of colors as you can see. And if you are someone new to acrylic painting, lending it on our sketchbook, fema can be a little difficult, so you can use Kansas people or acrylic paper because that still will allow you to blend effectively, but endless would be really good for ID, for this paint. Ok, so this is our nine by 11 just people, sorry, Canvas. And this one idea to on infighting sites. So you can see the difference in size. And for this painting, for this size canvas, I am going to use this flat brush. I think the size would be pretty good. And I will keep one were brush a little handy, which is a little bit because when you're working on a bigger size canvas, you'll need a brush accordingly, the size proportionate to the surface area that you're covering. So I'm keeping this one hand is well, if I feel I might switch the bigger one and I am giving to route brushes, one is a little bigger size. This is size three, as you can see. And I think this is a is one. So a little peanut brush, as in liner brush kind of thing that will help you create these waves really well because they're like really a lot of small lines as you can see over your and add a little bit Oberon to create the broader lines like over here. Okay, so that's all about the shoes. That's all you need. And you need a glass of water, some acrylic bins. So for today's class, I'm going to be using fluid acrylics, but if you have only Peabody pins, pick body acrylics with you, you can use that as well. Okay, so this is the one that I'm going to use. It freely cradle accurately colors. Grumpy delight. You'll get this in India or I'm not sure if you get it outside as well. So this shared is chrome yellow. And I'm gonna use this one which is called violet. But I think depending on the brand, the names can be a bit different and the name of this she's just speak. Okay, so what do you normally do is I deselect 500 daemons, Right? So it's kind of difficult to use them. So what I do is I try to dark dollars into this nozzle bottles. These are like misogyny ketchup bottles and make all the colors in it for easy storage is the usage. So the colors that you need for today's class are yellow, orange. Well, a and B. These are the four main colors. And along with that, we're gonna need or white and black as vents, all federal F6 colors that you named. And that's about it. So that's all the art supplies that you need for today's slurs and gives them distribute those handy that help you during the painting process. So I start by ticking off the canvas. Okay, and I'll take out the colors as well. Oh, I forgot to mention that it so you need a blast valid or paper back plate, whatever you have, magnetic or any valid is totally fine. So as you know, acrylic colors drive fast. So what I do is I generally take out really less paint initially. And then as a man, I need more Vint. I, I keep taking out more. So I'm starting with this four gorgeous, beautiful colors. Yellow, orange being. And for blue. And along with that, I'm going to take out some white and black. So that's our color palette for this painting. So in the next video, we will start with painting at state one. 3. 1: Sky Part 1: Okay, so let's get started with creating this beautiful beating. I think I'm going to start with the bigger one because this will help me cover a bigger area in a small time. So I'll start with that. So the first thing I'm doing is I'm not taking any water because I'm using WeChat release and I wanted to use the color as it is on my doubtless, starting with a vigil, white, and start thinking of orange and B, we get this beautiful color that you create by mixing a lot of weight with a bit of orange and pink. Don't pick up the scholars a lot. You really need them lists and mix them up with a good amount of light to dark in, into a bit more. So I want you to understand the way I'm playing with a balance over your. So as you see that, and I'm not really mixing all of it on the ballot. And sometimes I'm just picking up the color as it is from the ballot and mixing it all that bandwidth. So I really want you to watch a debate and understanding what is happening in the blending of color, emptying probably you can get into the detailing. So our first step is kind of covered the canvas up as much weekend. So getting a little bit of both of them also to mix up with a bit of pink on this side. And one more thing that I want you to see is that I'm holding my brush, really lose. Okay, so I'm not really trying to apply a lot of fields, but playing it really smoothly, okay? Also, as of now you can see I have blended it quite a bit, but we do not really want to bend it. Blend the colors a lot. So I'm just dividing the horizontal lines or whomever is in line. And I'm adding just a bit more open over here. Now, rather than warship off my brush, what I'm doing is I am switching to my other brush. And adding of Vigil, orange and white says you could see, I did not mix it on the plate. Rather, I kind of picked it up gently, adding it gently on the gaps. Because this is something that I prefer by mixing up with scholars. But if you find it easier to mix it up on the relative can't do that. So right now I am using only orange and white. And then pick up a Fe2 yellow also. Because guitar sounds, it's kind right? So we're going to have to play around with so many colors. I mean, just three colors or come up with variety of shapes do apply and make the sky in MOOC cultures. Ok. Who's just different colors once in a while. And there we are. As you see, it's pretty much more of yellow ray. So with that, I'm just taking a beach of being being can yellow mixed maybe. And mixing up to be just so I really love this collar shape that you formed by mixing yellow, sorry, orange and pink. And just adding it to our Canvas is pretty much filled up. The sky section is pretty much filled up, right? So now what I'll do is I'll add some more colors on top of it to give it a final nuke to seal off. Okay. So the whole canvas is covered now. And now we will go on top of it and add some more colors to make it look really nice and vibrant. And start off with this brush because this has a lot of peak amplitude, right? So I get to those colors once again, taking morals, being very softly, adding the chance. In some places here and there. I'm holding my brush and fairly loose and just creating up love shapes like this and taking more of focal are valid. Whatever the shear that you have not trained to create some lines. Do you notice that I'm trying to create some lines or number of bit of white to go along with it. And I'm not trying to blend them a lot. I am trying to keep the brushstrokes visible. You see that? Modify it. So I'm picking up actually quite a bit of weight when doing this thing so that, you know, good amount of weight that stays on the canvas. And I'm like, yeah, how this dictionary showing. So exactly the same thing I am going to do with that little bit of yellow and orange mix up, wait, a bit of white. So this cut-off, Now, I'm going to go and add a bit of a hoe. The Background layer hasn't dried completely. So do not put a lot of pressure, because if you add too much pressure on top of it, it really mix up with the bottom lip so we don't want to do that. We, that's why I'm holding my blush, really lose and trying to create some of these lines which is like a layer on top of the previously made a beach more yellow. Over here. You can see how nicely aid starting to form. 4. 2: Sky Part 2: And I'll add a b vigil, Tosca, bottom area and also on the top of it all. This is just another stick and laid off being on top of the flaws layer. Such beautiful Be still achieves that you will follow me. So this is another theme that you can learn from this, the painting is how to create instantiate. So all you need to do is a lot of weight with econo. And it'll give you a really nice Institute. So that's really fun to create essentially Anzac, create beautiful paintings out of it. Because it's just such a joy to see this bunch of colors when you have them on your wall. Okay, so coming back to more, and I'm going to add a bit more being white because we don't want to put a bit of a shell. And this is what we are going to continue in the water section also below. But let me first complete the complete sky area. So see it's getting dark. We don't want this dark shades over here, so I'm going to do is add more white on top of it. And even if you're a little bit below the horizontal line is totally fine. Because like I said, we are going to continue this color down. So you can go a little bit down right now. Okay, so I take the shields up, starting to look really nice. It's pretty rich right now as you can see. Now, there is no right and wrong where you give due as much you want to do. If you don't like this, you can add a bit more, whatever color you like. So I'm just going to add a bit more of yellow. I somehow feel that if you have these two brushes, any settings is fine. If you just don't have to wash off your brushes every time to switch to a different color. So you can test really clear on really nicely with toothbrushes. So I think that's a good way to approach dig because there's this dance of Alice happening in this painting. Great. Since adding a B2B, orange hill in the middle of the dof strokes, visible. Sea. You can actually stop here. So it's pretty much done, but I just wanted to add a bit more external debt into the painting. And so I am doing what I'm doing right now. Adding a bit more. You see what happens? So I had some yellow on it and then when I switch, it just made it made the color of each Monday over, he'll say. So just don't wash your brush, just wipe it off. And I miss a separate or Bologna and resist or added on top. Ok, so it's really easy to connect. Actually begins. I need more by each monetizing that pink that's looking pretty nice. What I normally do is when you are involved in the painting, so engrossed in a Ducati, see what is happening. So what I'm going to do, just take a break, have a look at it from a distance and see how it looks like. And that we can know if you are going overboard with it or if you need just dogs. Okay. I just want to add a b to yellow, orange lines. We wrote the bait of bike lanes. Okay, so starting to like the axis now, I just don't want to make it do not, but sometimes it can look a bit dog who keep on adding colors on top of each other. Moral flight. So this was my boldly brush, so that's up the bubble. I switched my brush and this one, I have more of orange. So orange dotted into the hole. Okay. I know each Ganesha beach confusing what is happening because there is no right and wrong. So feel free to do within your own way how ever you fetus, right? I'm just going to add a bit more of white dwarfs. Yeah, because white and yellow, because this is where the sun's rays are falling during the sunset sits. Some added distribute morals, yellow to give that some reflection. And I think we are pretty much done. Thus guy bought. And I feed that white is just a big joke visible. So I'm just going to leave it a 100%, but I am just going to leave it a bit so that in all the weight is not so prominent. That's a radar. 5. 3. Sea Background: Now we'll start creating, covering up the canvas for the C area. Before I do that and just add up each of yellow over and let stuff. So we'll start by applying all the colors that we have to. So I'm starting with yellow, orange, and white. So there is no direction and nothing to follow your gut. Just keep adding all these scholars, all these beautiful sheets on your canvas. Not so white. Since this is why I recommend using a canvas for this great painting because on the invisible dual doubly beings so nicely and you get this beautiful Fest and shoots. C, we got random adding this yellow on top of it. I am trying to add it in little bit of mine froms using the deep of this branch which is pretty lame like right. So I am adding, I'm trying to create this and lines on top of this a bit. So we are going to do all of it quite a bit by right now. We've been just started doing, listen, as much. As we are. Moving down. I am going to switch to a more modest way and think. Just mix it up a bit with orange so that it's not Absolutely. And as you come down, I am going to add a Beatles overlaps of it. See the whole student. I'm moving my hand in the horizontal direction. So just while covering it up, we will move like that and gradually and show you how to change the direction. Ok, so now the complete area has been covered. Now see what we are going to do is I am taking absolutely less beam and I am moving my brush in this direction and creating this beautiful effect. It's, it'll be just jumping. And in this area, wherever the strokes are ending, you can just gently kind of blended off because this is all going to go in the background and once we start creating waves. And in my other rush, remember the other brush that I had. I haven't watched it yet. So I'm just taking a bit of Bhopal and adding it on this file. Upbeat. And over be here and you see the yellow, I'm keeping it in the same dog because that is where the sounds that ablation is directly falling. And as I'm moving on the site, I am switching to more of orange. And the more of orange and the MOOC. Just making it a bit darker, not beta. So beta. And again and just blend up top area. Just add beaches. Strokes on soil in between. Not do much as you can see, I'm holding my brush really, really lightly and just adding, just a hopeless choice. Says add beta flying. I really like treating this disease right now when you're doing your D will not understand what you're doing. But once a complete painting is done, you'll see this lines actually. So nice effects. And that's all. So what I'm gonna do next is wash off bogus mind fled brushes. And this is one other thing about j's do not keep your brushes. We begged for a long time, otherwise Deal where going to spoil or they're supporting them legally immediately and completely and keep it, keep it aside. And in the next step now we will start creating this fraud. 6. 4. Wave Line: Okay, now we start creating the frog or that lived right in. Okay, so first thing what we want to do is so now I'm switching to many small brush. This is the number three brush. And I mix up black and fopen and create the line. So what you guys can do is if you are, I was about to eat with brush jackie. Well, you can do is he could do it with them being satisfied just above the line so that there is no mistake. And they didn't dump and built up. Okay. Now he doesn't have to be a 100% accurate what I have done it a little bit, you're in them because it's just we're fluent on rate. So it can be however you want it to be. But this xi back to me, definition to the painting. So now I'm just increasing this a bit more. So this will be the shadow. So when the wave is coming onto the beach, this is the shadow that falls below the wave because of the, because the light is coming from the top and this is the shadow that is falling below the width. So that is the part that we are doing now. So if you understand what you are being deemed, it actually helps you understand and created in a way. Ok, so that is pretty much it. It's done. And since I have this dark shadow on my brush, what I'm going to do is create some amora shadows that are being formed. So one I'm going to do is say I'm trying to do ask teen line AS possible. Activism to get your doctor maximum beam because I don't want too much of beamed. Joe. Just a PMO diagnose your. So there's going to be lot more shadow lines that are going to do innovate. But as a technologist, a few, just to keep up complete understanding of where he is he wants to know before washing of the brush and moving on to why it took the fold of the waves. And what I wanna do is just key a debate of the horizon over yo. So not that doesn't have to be accidently black. So that's why I'm taking one of Babu and saved up with white and creating that are exemplary, malign sleep. So you could make some beetle SPB to think. And 20 people, I've got three nice. And also try not to do it like Absolutely, yes chief lines or whatever you do. Creative. Think, Maybe effect. This is just the first layer that I'm doing. And later with my the_num brush, the liner brush, I am going to add a bit more definition to it. Okay, this is just the first one. Okay, now I am watching my brush and just wait for it to dry a bait Tamar and add light for bold, it's not absolutely white on top. See why you're doing it. You might feel I'm not sure what I'm doing, but just trust the process and continue doing it. And he will get there eventually. And it's a bit tricky to understand by the load in the middle of the process, but just follow the simple steps and you'll get that varies. So as you can see, this is not absolutely your white, right? This is a bit of a mixed kind of greyish. And that's fine. We are going to work on it and make it look more widely known. But however, before moving onto that, what I'm going to do is I'm going to create a little bit like this shade, which is like black. Oh, but add little bit of white, makes it a little bit on the darker side. And I'm going to go on top of these black that we did. One more shadow host for noise. So the black is still there. I'm not covering up all of the black. I'm just doing a little bit below black. This is just to give a really nice shadow definition. And medulla looked up waves more realistic. And this exact same shadow, like look little bit Dhaka one. I am going to hold an act or C, we need to add the loudest. Those but these are just a few of the ones that I am at the at the beginning, which is more like Doc while shoot. Okay. So that's it for the time being. You never had to add more shadow Stuart. Now why does complete the MOOC? And I'd love to take lots of white and stocked QED. The waves. Okay. See I feel a little bit this hasn't giant obliquely, so it is kind of blaming the doc back. I've got other diag done. So I will be going once again. This time, I'm not really adding a lot of a lot of the issues in eight. I'm just going to be fast and adding does the Bosnia because I'll be gone topple Vt once it chives and add more definition to it. Okay, so that's pretty much done. And really do dry nom by just give it 1015 minutes and then come back and add one more layer on top. What I'd said now my white area of this wave is completely dry. As you can see, I've given it's like 10-15 minutes anomalous stock. What do you want to give it? Really nice definition. So see this white is kind of mixed up with all the paints. So why I am taking out just a bit more of flight separately. And I went to work on, I had twin peanut butter Auschwitz use like I think size one. Okay, so let's go and do that on. I'm going to do is try not to take too much of what dope. And region three is lines. Yeah. Also notice one thing that I'm trying to do is I am getting onto hope this shadow up it whenever I get. All right, so I'll add a feature more with his men. Read up, adding up shadow lines. Okay, so that is our main. We've learned that we have finished doing completely. And now we'll go inside and add all the smaller waves at that shadows as well. Okay, so now if you understood the concept of it, every way has up shadow, which we accreting with dark purple mixed with black or black as well. So over here you see the directions are pretty much like this overshoot in some places I want to make the distinction more like this, just making them riot amount of BI tool. But it's not absolutely symmetric and on through out. Okay, so that's pretty much the day. Liking the, we've been the main b1 by debate and on the front, although it is increase the too big to walk because it seemed to fetch. Okay. So that's it. 7. 5. Shadows Part 1: Now what I'm going to do is wash off my brush and add all the shadows that again as much. This will give you an idea of where money shadows are going to come. So mixing up black folks. Okay, and rather than using this credential or that I am also going to do is we just reached the mind even p-naught Raj resist like numbers 0. Okay? And have quite a bit of water while you're doing this because the Brush History teaming tend on who are the lord of beamed. So first thing what I'm doing is I'm a bit of shadow Vader voted. It's already added just to give a little definition to it. Not too much though, is to put it in the net. We come back to you and I'm really annoyed to all of that later. But for the time being, I am moved more and add some more shadows over here. It's Healy fun. Lots of guys get a handle. The concept that's happening. Yup. So adding though waves, sorry, the shadows at the NB equal one tuple fate and add all the weights. And you'll see how beautiful it MV listing announcements who finished. One thing you don't want to go and copy as it is in the picture. You can go little bit on your own, just adding a few shows here and there. Because from my experience would have undistorted is if you're trying to create, you might miss it up more. So we'll try to go with you about filling and add as much you feel is right? Okay. So I have I did why did we do shadows over here? Now what I'm going to do is tell shook my brush and add a bit of white to this. Much another pointer we hold. So this is somewhere between white and the dark shadow BED, right? So now we just go a little bit on top of it. So this is not on top of blacks, as in not adopt like this. So if the black is here, I am adding a buh or this medium shade, just a layer on top like this. This is just a gave more realistic look, Jool, your painting. And then on top of these we will go and add white, which would be our finite. Ok. Just be patient and keep doing this. Spatially it becomes steeper going and what you're working on this really smaller lines. And while I'm doing this, I can see that the gaps in between so many small gaps. So while I'm, what I'm doing is just adding a few more waves of this small lines are weak IAP. Basically the shadows fight. It's at all in the shadows of the waves. Okay, now what you can win at beautiful black believed about the new one site on it. It can't be upbeat. Ddos put the results that your gate of the endophenotype are amazing. It's worth all the effort that you put in. So just bear with me, keep going slowly. One step at a dining and evil we get that vary, so okay. So I have done all the shadows. So you see already the shadows are starting to look quite nice. What should my gosh completely and move to white. Okay, so digging absolutely lays amount of weight at the tip of my 0 liner brush and I'm going on top of it. And this face, you see how much I am being careful and adding really slowly. I'm trying not to cover up the budget drew lines that I have done. But in some cases, you might feel like you've done that. That you can always come back again n at those shadow, there's still people. Like I see all the ways that you can not make mistakes, even actually banned because you could always use the other complimentary color to make up for your mistake. And here is the Beagle wants at the end. And in interesting. So I don't want an extra much off walked up, so I've just having just a bit more of it. And see, I am giving a v of a, but I'm going to be the wide at Going on top of it doubled the shadows that we have better. I hope you are understanding the concept of this live makings because once you get undestand that concept, you could actually pick up any bending with waves. And a very easy way to do it. It kind of gets dieting little right away. You're meeting all these small details. Ok, so now I have completely covered this area. What I'm going to add is a little bit more of waves, very smart aligns with white. Just hear them there. You'll see these are so tiny that I'm not even going to go and add more shadows with them or anything. Just a little bit of smaller white lines. It's not really dodd I'm trying to make more of like a dash. Immemorial like yeah, because I have, I can see this a lot of space overhead. So you really, really need to use them to confine a liner brush to be able to move through this. Because if you use a thicker brush with, even with the novel One, I was finding it difficult to do web. So that's why I switched to 0. And this brush saved, I have added in my Amazon shelf that defining the link below in the description box. So you can click on it and you can see the brush disclosure is by all meaning blush steps. So you can get it for yourself. It's, I'm really loving this. Said that I've bought recently. And for all the finer detail in realistic paintings, I am using these brushes. Okay, so I think that's pretty much it. That's a lot of my new geodetic. And what I'm doing now is even though we did it before, just adding one layer of this overshot. Okay, now I'll add, you see the small areas over here also lets us add a few more long wavelengths. Ok? Now, this small team, we, I feel like it has become more of weight. So what I'm going to do is add this middle shaped a bit more significantly. So there are three shifts. If you guys got it white, then black white mics in the middle and then black bulb at the bottom. These are the three sheets. Ok, so I'm adding that middle shaped a bit more to give it that shadow effect. Okay. And I think a little bit of policy shadow, the middle layer. So I feel this corner is pretty much done. I am, what I am doing now is that a middle shadow? I just adding it to compute the normal of this new white ones I added, remember, I know it's a little ds job. Baghdad, david Me and you will create a beautiful building in longtime. It's up daytime functioning IP. But to create a beautiful painting, you need to dedicate it. Dying also, right? Okay. So well that's starting to look for leading the mice. And what I'm going to do is I feel the lines are little shorter. So in some places, not all of them are just going to increase them. Like make the dashes and little bit nautical. That's it. Now we repeat the same thing over here. 8. 6. Shadows Part 2: So it's not all, I hope you guys about this area completely. And now we're going to start doing the same thing on this side as well. So first layer is the shadow layer, which is basically black. And so just to make decent weak base, so I just do one line over here also, this is the darkness Lab, which is the Shadow Lake. And I am going ahead adding all the shadows, all of this media. You see I am doing that. She's mostly but talking on the phone. Since unlucky enough to live dashes and be just water mixed with eight value on mixing the cutoff. Because if you have more than lotto, It just think sealed movie and brush in ice. And without much of a restriction. See, we had added some small dash is also even between. It's not odd long since a mix off long and shock meshes. So as of now I'm keeping me to only this much. And if I feel I need to add more, I might add more, but not immediately. Also notice how I am randomly doing that. They are not because I'm fond enough. Symmetrical pattern right? To all my lines are kind of pretty random. So don't try to create a pattern out of it. And the board random, you make them data it looks because it's flow of the waves and they generally don't follow a pattern and flows in a random direction. Okay, so I'm leaving it up to shore and I'll come back to it and act a little bit more detail me, you know. So as of now is just this much. Now what I'm going to do is my second layer, which is a pixel white to this layer. And that just repeat multiple books. So this is my secondly, which goes on top of this previous level. Okay, so here is my second year. Again, I add more of a what do you make it smooth? And so this one over here, it's a bit tricky because this is like a big wave coming on top over shore. I'll do this one at the end to show you guys how to get that one right. So before that we just do all the smaller ones. Eids, EBITA ink. So if you need to take a break, take a break and come back and do it. And I feel like when I commit to doing the sort of beating, which is like a little diary and doing the same stuff or what an order for all of this. I find it very meditative elsewhere. It's like, I don't care authentic events I can keep on doing this or outliers and anomalies and don't think of it as how you're going to do your final feet hollow final meetings would look like just enjoy this process and you will feel so much more joy in that just doing the smaller thing that you don't even know what it is looking like, Harvard is YouTube dot out to be, right? So does Enjoy the process while you're doing it. One thing that I have noticed is that people want quick outcomes. And because of that, even me intuitive like I am not dealing that everybody else does it at. I don't I don't think that that's what I try to do. My being digs deep blast to get to the final destination as soon as I get. But as you do, I'm starting to understand that the joy and the happiness is so much in the process and that journey and not in reaching the final destination. And it cosines. Say for example, if right now it is getting, getting upbeat dining, but defined, don't focus on what anthem to get at the end of it and focus on what I'm doing right now. I actually enjoy the process so much more. Also, this B, D, I've done up an offense before. And every time I have been at rush through it because it gives morning to do this. And if you don't know, joy, I haven't read it. Desired outcome that I want to say. It's really important to take your time and do this nice leads event. You get these amazing results at one shot. It's also why I'm looking, if I would suggest is if you could do it on a smaller, say Skype as late as the one I showed you guys at the beginning. That is the one I did. You dont E5 size and it was done pretty quickly. Okay. Do this one. This is my media. So I'm pretty much done with my media. Are you getting that nokia x-dot where we want to add the white list? Mix it up with water, give it, make it do they need dilute? And this is how you all are doubled. This is final state bright. I hope you're enjoying doing this. I am going to decode to speed. So you see, if you see a wish Yoda have leftovers of gap. So what I'm doing is I'm going with the white line and did then I am going to add the shadows for some of them a little later. Okay? So a webshop, it might get a peach confusing, but luckily bacterium that is comforting to find important to much. So I would just be up this demo before and add to the puppet piece meal. She's like waterfront lines that either that the shadows are not that feasible. So that's why I do too much with the shadows. If I need if I feel like the need to add the shadows, I believe pretty much on the stack with you a little bit over here also, same thing we want to do. 9. 7. The Waves: I think I'm starting to like it. And I'm going to add a few more in between here has been to skip feet up a little bit the gap and add shadows. Sorry, more waves. And I can see I'm adding so many smiling with white lines, which does not have a shadow yet. So I'm updating all the white ones. I'll see you again at some channels today. Okay? Now, you see overall this cases college null. And now what I'm going to do is add just to be just small ones. The smaller ones in between. Whenever any white space, just like the way we did all that and that small agar. Okay. Now, these spot she remembered this but I do do guys at the very end. So now I'm not doing a really vague way drain however, just AS mall one, very, very small one, as in using my liner brush to create a very thin line. So you see this is what I do. So when you have too much of paint on your brush, you cannot get appointed to on the canvas. So just twisty and brush like this and you get rid of the excess paint and then you have lake up made by DID deep that you can use and go on top of this created from line. Okay. This has been done. What I agreed to do, insist in this. So this is basically the wave is coming like this and you're going to go add a bit of small white lines. It makes sense. Okay. It might not it might be a bit confusing, but just follow me and do as I am doing. And you will get this. So we will add beat more shadows to this one, the big one, because it has a lot of shadows, right? And I've spent a bit and to see how much away to the need for this. Okay, it's pretty much done now we are going to find deal not fuel, that things are working hard to make it make the waves milk of more realistic. Okay, so well what you already a kind of a second layer of wage on top of the previous one. In this direction because this is the direction of the wave. Okay? So it's pretty much done. Just want to add more of nucleons with your little elongated dash. Ok. Now, you see we have created a lot of ways. We don't have really nice shadow. So I'm going to go do I previously on the show and just add not too much. So this timing, people notice I'm not be adding that third layer. I'm adding the middle there. Okay, so that's pretty much done now I feed the black ones, the more prominent ones out, pretty much dry it as it is pretty much gone and done it. So whatever you do do is stop. Final one. I'm going to add a bit more of black and bopper. That bottom layer here. And this one I would do make it a bit more from me it now I'm not going to add this black in view. Few of the places I would just need to add that to give it to beat moral channel. And okay, I think that's good enough. Okay. We have finished the wave area completely now. We need to tie it up a little bit with these inherent goes always yard, it's pretty clean and all of us had a lot of ways like I made so far that we are going to create some more ways in the background. So I'm starting with the middle there. These are again, the shadows, but not quite at a distance, right? So we're not going to make them to doc list a few here and there. Not too much. I always feel like, you know, adding the shadow flossed really gives me a direction sense of where I want to go. So I like adding shadows was, and being the white ones up doublet. So that's due to the waves on top of it. And you see it's starting to look. Yeah, the I altogether, these waves are normally separated. Waves coming at the back. Paintings tucks to look for now. Okay, I am going to add a third distinct ones. But for the distance ones, what I would suggest is don't use like gov, DD a lot of the way, so does dilute it. So. Though, the density of doorway does a little NOR and Daniel boo and add this lanes faint over literally we read. But they are pretty much at the distance, right? So we have not visited. So this actually been willing to help you achieve that. So that's pretty much it. Just a bit more at once that snooping and Y00 team that I would like to do is see this is a distinct, we're really at a distance, right? So for this one, I am going to add a field of wide lines into it. Says to joining, don't, we don't want him to like really dark wanted The aimed. Okay. So let's talk a little bit more. And we'll add just a bit of white just at the bottom note. And we adopted the waves. I feel like it was distant one, I just wanted to add just a beech more of this. But we'll shed student a bit more is not too much. Just balance it out with a big tomorrow's white. 10. 8. Distant waves & Birds: The final thing that we're going to do is add the birds in the sky. So for that I'm doing the brush, not feeling the 0-1 step by creating the Center. If you feel it's too fast for you, you get actually use in enact teen liner brush which invite is comfortable. Because it can be a little far. Some people, I also did it. Glasses that people find it difficult to being bullets. So Chai anneals we'd give up pianist brush that you have and are fitting the shapes and sizes. You don't want to get to the speech to write, but I never crash S value and tried chanting with that. Yeah, I think, I think it's coming leaving nice with this. But then the_num brush. These are really here to create this small bodies flying. And they have so much of definition to the painting art. So it's like living creature in this painting object. That's, that's a member of okay. Now the final layer, the final touch-up painting because I not satisfied with although waves that are done. So I'll just add little bit of touch ups here and there. So this is totally optional. If you want to watch it, you're barren or you can just leave at this, however, it is done. Okay, so all I want to do is add a bit of shadows and created a really nicely. This is what I like doing at the end of it. So I'm going to wash my brush multiple diets. So this is basically the same thing. Adding those list, I'm just going to go and define some of the ones that I really don't like much. And that is why I said it's pretty much an optional step. Just here and there little we don't touch ups. And whenever we like this to give more debt, more realistic look. So I hope you have created a really nice painting by now. And let me know how advent. Because like I said at the beginning, you don't really know what you're doing at the beginning. But you see once all the steps have been completed, you'll see that a really nice painting is lying in front of you. And one thing that our Wes mentioned is a picture of your meeting and look at it and that's how you can see how good your painting is looking. So I keep doing that a lot. So while I'm waiting, I can't really see what is happening. Say look to the camera to see how nice it is something or if I need to change something somewhere. Okay? So if you have finished doing this painting, a picture, and shared it with me, but then share it with me on it. Or you can uploaded here under the under the project section. So however it is, it has done to our first attempt. Don't blame yourself too much, at least at least feel proud that you've tried doing this complicated being Dane. And with step-by-step guidance, it's actually not that difficult, right? Okay, just a bit more. And creating this shadow and making it a bit more data. Because this is complete shadow here. The wave is at the back of it. And we are done. I really love coat and started out. And I'm going to do the final thing which is signing. So I'm going to use a mix-up is the black. Actually, I'm kind of mixing up all the colors so that it's not two prominent standards matching with the base scholar. I hope you enjoyed this. You had a lovely time creating this being doing along with me. And I can't wait to see what you guys did. So please share it with me. Finish creating this beautiful painting. I'll see you in the next class. Have a creative leader at Madison.