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Acrylic Painting Daisy Flowers | How to Draw Daisy | Step by Step Painting

teacher avatar Renjitha Anoop, Artist, Educator, Flower Lover

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. How to Draw Daisy

    • 4. How to Paint Background

    • 5. How to Paint Daisy Using Filbert Brush

    • 6. How to Paint Daisy Using Round Brush

    • 7. How to Paint the Center of the Daisy Flower

    • 8. How to Paint Stem and Buds

    • 9. Finishing the Painting How to Paint Leaves

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About This Class

In this flower painting tutorial, I teach you how to simply paint daisy flowers using the easy and quick method with acrylic paints. This acrylic painting tutorial is designed for absolute beginners in painting as well as experienced artists.

In this class, I cover the below topics:

  • Art supplies needed for this painting.
  • I teach how to draw daisy in a systematic method for beginners
  • Step by step full descriptive video on how to make daisy flowers and leaves.

What I provide:

  • A downloadable sketch for you to practice.
  • Project work with step by step guide for you to apply the painting techniques learned and create daisy flowers and leaves using round/filbert brush7dec1800.jpg

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Renjitha Anoop

Artist, Educator, Flower Lover


I am a freelance and self-taught artist with an intense passion for painting floral artworks with simple painting techniques. Creating art is my greatest passion and I'm thankful and lucky for the chance to share it with you. I like various painting techniques such as one stroke, double loading, oil.  My favorite painting technique is one stroke painting technique. I like teaching and sharing my knowledge with others and have taught several students from Canada and other countries.

 Visit my website or follow me on Instagram @onestrokeart16_RenjithaAnoop if you want to see more about my work or simply say Hello:)


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1. Introduction: Hello, my name is density. This glass, he said board how to paint and how to draw the z using symbolized easy method. We will talk in detail how to draw the flowers and leaves. And I will demonstrate the painting in a step by step, the process. So here are the, some of the things that they cover in the class to help you get started, I will share my industrial must-have arts assemblies that do require to create this beautiful artwork. You have this guess that ACF lover using some measurement and it will be more easy for you to draw the DC flower. We don't. In this case, you can easily draw with this technique. And I will show different policy of their deities or you're again explored that we deal with. And you can create and design you would on flowable limitations with that. Then a DAY good within biotech name for painting, creating Bagger new seeing. Again we did Carlos and how to blend their governors. And also I will show how to Bain Daisy flowers using different pressures that are on then for a bird version and goes I covered all the find the deals, techniques for learning technique and included different pressures, different strokes. And I show all the easy meadows to for you the bane of flowers and leaves. And I included very named their color. So it will be more easy for you to do for loader shades and please don't, don't send us jobs or their destiny that we are going to use in this class will help you drain your hands and minds. Create d1 corn Firenze Dupain flowers and leaves. And they included small projects, photo to tryout without Dennis Gage. And I think it will be easy for you to practice and not if you're curious to learn this beautiful painting technique, welcome. Can share class. If you are a beginner or infrared experience artist, everyone is welcome to my class, indoor grenade for loamy and stay up-to-date, divert my new class. So let's get started. 2. Art Supplies: Hello everyone, welcome back. To help you get started, I will share my list of sampling-based. I do recur to play in this beautiful DC painting. First start with precious Dupain, the daisy. I'm using two different brushes for The Beatles were nice round and oneness with WordPress to binders and lot of lover. I'm using scarf feverish and for vine details are using fine line avaricious. Next year near these beads for this painting, I'm losing, made it limited garden. And these other brand of acrylic colors that I used for this particular painting. That doesn't mean you need the exactly the same brand. You can use any brand. Set your hand. I have mentioned all the color details in eater session of the bending medial. Finally, urinate canvas. If you don't have canvas at your hand, you can use normal paper. Mick said media paper or event at equilibrium. We're works well for this painting. So let's. 3. How to Draw Daisy: Hello everyone, welcome to this transition. In this video, I am going to show you how to draw daisies. Died rather Daisy must do how to draw a circle. And inside that circle there should be a small circle. That means incarnate to circles. Split this outgas into eight sections. So find out the sender. Then you do drop DES and online. Then you can just split into eight equal parts. For this drawing, you can either use normal br pen, audio candidacy micron pin. Here I'm using MI a Kanban. It's not day compulsory thing. You again go with any pain at your hand. Draw the sender first, then after that, no row eight, friend betters using that guidelines. Now it may need to add more betters behind enough friend petals. Now it's down to small circuits. Now I am going to add some details to that AC drawing. So for that I am draw lot of thin lines around the base of a 3D printers and also from top of the vectors. So it away give more that the two the drawing. And also you have to keep in mind that your D leaves some species while adding those thin lines. But it's you again follow the same process for the inhibitors, do give more richness and detail to the flows. Now in the drying is finished, I hope it is easy for you to follow. You can also erase the guidelines are given in the beginning of the drawing. Next, I am going to show you a drawing that the flower face inside. Advice. For that I use the same technique as the previous problem. Using dual circle and dividers are going into eight parts. First draw this and then fairly descent videos things more cycles as we done in the previous session. Now draw eight friend petals using the same method as we done in the previous. Clever. Now I'd bet is behind an eight petals, tried to make it random. So it will get more realistic. Look, do that drawing. So again, follow the same method as we learned in the previous globalization. Drove it, it didn't lines and from the base of every pet is less pressure given equal length lines for narrowing. So you have to apply a very light pressure by losing their pin. If our played too much pressure, there will be declines and Dean, it won't get definition to their drawings. So make sure that you are applying very light pressure. Migrant but nice Brady held for, for achieving this a small thin line strokes. And also, you can also work with ballpoint India Deborah one, make sure that you are applying very light pressure to your. Next. I am going to show you how to draw an opening by or Daisy barn using a single technique. So first, i, I draw a small circle and from the side of that satellite draw some guidelines, some base to the raised to add the better. So as you can see, the neck is over. Then I split that into three by four. If a North gone for a new Kenya CEO's, they've been sent to mock the race, then you can use the bend. So I'm writing the first debited and I'm full disbarred painting and some buttons are all overriding them under and under pattern. So you had to focus on that. So I am adding the first half of the first beta's. Then in-between. Am I adding some bad? Does that cover the other betters? So for other same VA, didn't it? Now given that it is using the same technique as we done in the previous graph, was given less pressure, gives equal line. So keep in mind leg got pyruvate and less pressure in the beginning. You won't get that. How do I play the pressure? But in few avid fifth practice, you will get it so you can form a MOOC. I hope you enjoy thereby infection. It is to avoid ISI flower with confidence in a dead guy if you need any guy, density is legal. Discussion. See you in the next session on how to make it easy. 4. How to Paint Background: Hello everyone, welcome back. In this session I'm going to show you how to do business in Burbank known using very limited Kayla's border fraud. I like. I think this video will be helpful for you to learn how to create simple backgrounds. I'm using very limited colors. I have mentioned the color details in the left side of the video. So let's make it. The first step is to a moisture again was or the beanie templates using water I'm using is prayer board will displace some water and wipe off the excess water using a paper tower. For this Moglen creation I'm using if it were British and a more bridge to blend decorous softly. First moist or British, it was inverted. Wipe off the excess water using a paper Dowell, then randomly up later colors one by one. For this background creation, I'm using beans grey and white. If you don't have that big gray color, you can use any other colors of your choice. Garbled black, black, white, LED combination box made it better for Daisy painting. So create or you can choose the colors according to a choice. And placing their colors vary randomly. There is no particular role or collecting area for lowering IMR blend their colors that releasing domain a's and so pour my fair word. That the only thing I haven't always keep in mind when painting the background. So I think it would be easy for you to follow and online create will differ bag along with very simple Boolean limited colors. So we did Ryan let me know how it goes. In general, lacquered rise very fastly saw, again more sure bridge in between the application of debate. Now I am using a more bridge to blend those colors very softly and you get a very smooth finished with a barcode. Instead of this mob dish, you can use any kind ofs in they take or dry brush for blending this colors. You can also use makeup blending brush for this particular purpose. One thing you have to keep in mind, East Lake while blending colors using a more British makes sure that the paint is still wet. Otherwise you won't get the exactly the same texture or donors would finish one. Once you upgrade your blender darker, don't you can't just wipe both debate being from the British otherwise, the white and blue mixed together so you can, and by removing the excess pain from the British, again foreign or this same method and same procedure with any other colour combination. And you can create very different kind of barebone Fordham fluoride bugs. I think this we're doing CAD helpful for you to learn a very QC and easy backbone for you. So GAVI, they're gray and let me know your thoughts in the comment section. See you in the next video. 5. How to Paint Daisy Using Filbert Brush: In this part I will show you how I paint them petals using a Greenberg british. Before that, first you need to draw this case on the canvas. You can download this case from the resource section. If you want a free hands case, you can see how to draw the AC session before. Start by moistening the bridge using water, then wipe the excess water from the Wriston. Take the bane. He and I'm using white and carbon black, making a gray shade by mixing more than one no black then mix by to make it light gray shading. This will help them adopt to pop up and give more depth to the BD while mixing the pain, make sure there is enough consistency. That means no, don't take a note to watering. This will help the getting the stalks property. For that, you're going to use water or you can use any meetings. But as Deb distant first, then released already didn't live to the British very slowly. That's how we can achieve this trucks. Maybe in the beginning it may be difficult to see really pointed stroke. So you have to practice few strokes like this and then come to the opinion. And dead is normally a border point. It's dropping, cause we can cover that by binding the center of the flower. So you have to just focus on how we can achieve the petals using a fresh, you can just practice these strokes on a plain paper before starting painting on a canvas. If you don't have a faded, but you can use their own bread instead. I will show how to use that on British In the next position. Now I am going to add more whiter Daisy battles for that. Take white colour and Lord the brash rate-corrected windowpane and do the same stroke moment in between petals are shown underneath the gray shade hips that dopant density ababaa bought. You again, see, put them here. Dislike while I'm playing the white colored, the petals are more why brand? And it is more visible at this point. That's why you use a gray shade and that beginning and on top of that and in between we cannot play the fresh patterns. So it will be more like a realistic and weekend count more petals on Odysseus. And if engage you a canvas by adding to a widespread deaths in the beginning already for trying to practice the same Flavel. You can store by adding seven to ten petals. In my projects session, I have given a very simple project to try with minimal stroke movement and minimal. So first you have to make it dry on that and recreate the same and enjoy the process. Once you're getting gone, forensic Indus drugs, you're going come again here and you can add more better sewer daisies. And you can just recreate the same project using my skates and my tutorial. I hope you enjoyed this painting process. See you in the next session. 6. How to Paint Daisy Using Round Brush: In this session, I will show you how to use round brush for bending dependence standard by voicing their bridge using water, wipe the excess water from their ballistic. Nor the British with NF beat. Here I am mixing white and black to achieve a gray shade. First, upgraded gray shaded petals. While makes in their Bain makes sure that there is enough consistency of paint on your brush. That means no duty cannot do running. The correct consistency will help in achieving this drug's Bailey property. So holder brush first, but as formally and more underbrush downwards and live to the branch where is globally to achieve this trucks, you can see you're going to achieve the same stroke moments using it on British. As I said in the previous video, you have to practice this dark made it that lay before going directly to pain-free hours. So it will give you more confidence by Beidi while using that out-breath for pain independence that dopamine the better and sometimes shouldn't be very sharp. As you can see from here. It's something different from that. Ok, so Dover New World that begin guarentee 2i, maybe simpler method. I will demonstrate that in the next section. Now the first delay pedal is completed. That means a gray shade or when it is complete, now we are going to apply a white sheet betters, that means pure white color. On top of this gray shade, the byte corner will want buffer. So here also I am focusing the same thing that I did steal on the previous video. So you heart below the branch with white collar and do the same stroke moment to achieve this favor it. Now that betters at almost ready. I hope you enjoy watching the binding process and learn some techniques from this glass. I included a symbol project for you to try out and just give it a try and recreate it. You can submit your work here. I will give you direction and guidance to your works. And also if you have any doubts regarding the painting, please let me know. I am always happy to help you learn this technique. You can practice more and more to get the stocks by 50. So see you in my next section. 7. How to Paint the Center of the Daisy Flower: Hello, welcome back. In this session I'm going to show you how we do pay in the center of today's Flour. Using simple and easy method. For that, I am using a angle discard free press. If you don't have the same brush at your hand, you can also use a flat brush. Lord the British in the same way as I'm loading this car. Feverish. W're brush like this so that the colors will blend together. Now start painting the sender by some blip or as WSDL as Sean. You can follow the same method. If you are using a flat brush, you just need to press the Bristol vertically, slightly lever darker area like this. You can see this shadow and highlight in one stroke moment, if we're not getting the stroke using them flat brush, you can use it on Brush instead. If you're using it on bridge one, how to Dewey's first outlay burned down, whereas the base color, you have to give the whole circle a base color of bond and been. Then use the saved on the British Lord within law and gave the shade on sides of the base color, leaves some sand that Ada RCTs, and that's how you can achieve the same kind of sender folder Daisy. So just give it a try. And if you have any doubts or if you're not getting the strokes properly, you can come and your doubts so that I can give you feedback and I can teach you learning this beautiful technique. And also don't forget to post to your class project on disk and share websites or to get L and give it a try and practice more. And if you have any questions, you can just start a discussion in the discussion session of the class. As always, I will be answering the question as soon as possible. See you in the next session. 8. How to Paint Stem and Buds: Hello, welcome back. In this session I'm going to show you how Dupain stems and small bots for that M using Elana British of phase number one, if you're known how the same size or you couldn't handle and embrace, you can use their own garage instead of that. You know, I'm mixing my green color with the widow of brown color to make it more darker. Why? Because that background is with light, so light green won't be visible. So I'm making it more darker tones so that we can add HIV and aids and it would be more visible device. So I'm mixing my green collar with little bit of brown Carter. Make sure the color you are mixing, having their good consistently as well. We use liner brush to pain. If the babies do theta, we won't get the shape or sharp lines and enrichments jump in somewhere and won't get the extract of floor peer pressure. So always tried to make the pain with sufficient water or always mixed with the sufficient and we'll know marker and make sure that it will be very flowing and you can use it very easily. So always keep in mind that the writer moon of order or any medium dot weeks to make their icons of certainty. And then for a lot of process, our shop. And how the run exactly the same sketch in the project section. And you again now a den for Rayleigh. And also I England at a small project for you to try out with step-by-step instruction. And one special thing and what the project didn't give any is there is no need of escapes to pain the disease. So you can now take the project in the project section. I think it will be more easy for you to dry out. So give it a try and submit your project. I will give you guidance and feedback. Do rocks. As you can see from my bending process, I'm using very less or more Nevada to my paint and he did the brand itself gave the exact flow and thickness. Or you can also follow the same way using any medium. I am adding some extra details and extra debited to the pain by giving a few branches. So if it comes with a nice it would be more like it's very pleasing to their eyes. So it's all depends on your creative minds or, or in generally in my mind, for lost some methods make, arrange some flavors, do placement devastating. But after painting or in between the painting, I will get the idea. So if i arcs up to here and there, it will be more like it will look more goods. So you can also change your mind or you can change your creativity while paintings non fixed and let your low-paid in this way. You can also develop your creative mindset. While paintings. You're going to use a very small drawn branch to pay in the delta EC buds and the stroke moments I have the similar and the same as we paint the DC Flaubert. So follow the same procedure and process to create the DC. But I didn't you like this video and see you in the next session. 9. Finishing the Painting How to Paint Leaves: Hello, welcome back. This is the final stage of the painting process. In this painting session, I'm going to show you how to be inlays really quickly and easily using round brush. You can also use will bird branch instead of round brush for binding the leaves. Here I'm using it on bridge. I'm loading the round brush with the dark green color using an FM or no for that. And on top of that arm bridge, I'm loading with light green color. From top to bottom. I am placing Wave Bridge from dog and slightly lived british and legislate to get the sharpness in the end. You can also do in their diverse state lake, you can follow the same pattern with a reverse order. Like, but as seeing though to steal from the inner side, do the outer side, I will show that mother later in this video. So please stay connected and follow the steps without skipping the video. Here I'm using and the Dutch style to the leaf by pressing radius slightly in the beginning and I am just pressing hard on the meridian and release radius of lean, they end. So you can actually do 23 kind of leaves with the same method and technique. It all depends on how much pressure and where you are applying the pressure. So firstly, you need to practice all the strokes. In the beginning. It may be very difficult for you to understand how and where to apply the pressure or when to apply the pressure. So it all depends on the creative mindset like how the leaves look like or what would be the outcome. So you cannot play the pressure according to where your leaf to be wired and, and where to be thin. So focus on that and keep practicing with your brush moments and engage your hands with the creative ideas. And you get and you can start practicing in different different directions to achieve different posture to the lease, I didn't. It will be more helpful for you to achieve or different stroke moments and it may give more practice your hand. And as you difference with different dawns and different leaf structure. As you can see from this video, how easily we are creating the leaves using very simple technique and very limited color. So I think you have to dry this and you can feel how easily we get creative, beautiful art using very simple and very limited colors. So make it dry and let me know how you feel level disbanding technique. And also don't forget to dry out the project that I have uploaded for you guys because it's really easy and there is no need of in this case and you can follow its symbol insertion. I have mentioned all the instructions and before going through that project, you can watch the video and it will be more helpful for you to understand war there. I am showing that in that project sections or I think it will be more easy for you to follow after watching this video. And if you have any doubts regarding this paintings or even the stroke moments or the materials, or even the pressures you can comment or you can discuss in the discussion session, I I'm happy to answer all your goodies regarding the paintings here, MR. adding a more digital lives by giving a darker green color and they need the lease so that some leaves a field lake it's been and more that the painting so you can apply the same stroke moment with very light pressure so it won't overwrite the executive leaves, but do you get and use some shadow to the leaves with the same stroke woman and the same size bridge. So hard to practice that before. Like you are painting because I'm dancer in the beginning, you won't get exactly those drugs or sometimes the leaves will override the colors so you make sure that you practice it build. And you can, you can make some changes to their needs by adding Carlos like this. Now the bending is almost finished and now I am removing that, Dave, actually this pain, this step is very helpful for its leg. Really bleed growth like Dupain one-way over flow or the side. So we will get very sharp edges to the building. And so I'm recommending you do like this or you will get a finished the work of drawer. And now I am giving minorly deals to the stem by adding some high related sites by using a very light color of green colors. So that's why in the beginning I adore leg, you have doubly weighted darker. Darker. Don't do their stem in the beginning so that the highly D will be more visible. And it really gave more depth than feeling to the realistic look. Or it will give the painting more, more colorful and vibrant and it will be more pleasing to the eye so you can follow in that. I hope you enjoy rising this painting sessions. Practice more and more to get this drug specifically, in the beginning you may feel some difficulties, but after a few days you will get it perfectly for sure. I haven't included December projects, so don't forget to download that and give it a try and you can just share the project on this session. And I will give you corrections and guidance to your work. And also if you have any doubt, say guiding them painting, please let me know. I'm always happy to help you learn this technique. See you in the next video.