Acrylic Landscapes Tips and Tricks- Blending Basics + Clouds + Waters and much more... | Meenakshi Muthuraman | Skillshare

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Acrylic Landscapes Tips and Tricks- Blending Basics + Clouds + Waters and much more...

teacher avatar Meenakshi Muthuraman, Artist and Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Requirements

    • 3. Three Fun Blending Methods

    • 4. Example 1 Background

    • 5. Example 1 Clouds and mountains

    • 6. Example 1 waters and Sail Boat

    • 7. Example 2 Sky

    • 8. Example 2 waters

    • 9. Example 2 Tree

    • 10. Class Project

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About This Class

You have no prior experience in painting, but want to get started? Then, this is the class you are looking for!!

In this class, I will show you how to paint beautiful landscapes using Acrylic colors. The class is loaded with a lot of tips and tricks that would help you to get started. This class is perfect for anyone who likes to begin his/her journey in acrylics and also for those who know the basics but want to experiment more. Acrylics might seem challenging since it dries too fast. But, it just takes a little bit of practice. That's it!

In the class,

  1. I start off with the supplies you'll need;
  2. I'll teach you different ways to blend colors in detail. Coz, blending is quite tricky when you use acrylics since it dries too fast.
  3. Then you'll be painting with me a night landscape and sunset scenery.
  4. I'll be teaching you to paint clouds, mountains, waves, boat, and much more :)

This is absolutely a fun class!



  • Canvas Board (size 9*12 inches) [But any surface would be fine- Acrylic painting paper, wood ]
  • Paints (Scroll down for colors)[I used Camlin Kokuyo and W&N acrylic paints. You can use any good brand]
  • Painting brushes
  • Waste cloth¬†
  • Water Jar
  • Palette
  • Masking Tape

Colors for the first painting:

  • White
  • Black
  • Phthalo Blue
  • Permanent Rose
  • Opera Rose

Colors for the Second painting:

  • White
  • Black
  • Cad Yellow
  • Permanent Yellow Deep
  • Cad Orange
  • Permanent Rose
  • Phthalo Blue

Paint Brushes

  • Detail Brush
  • Flat Brush - 1.5 inches, 4
  • Angle Brush - 16, 10
  • Hog Bristle Brush (Medium size) [For the tree]


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meenakshi Muthuraman

Artist and Illustrator


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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Meenakshi. I welcome you all to my class. I'm an artist and an illustrator. A lot to draw and paint in two days. Class, I'll be teaching you to paint beautiful landscapes using acrylic panes. Don't worry. If you don't have prior experience, I will teach you from start to finish. I have designed this class, especially for big nose. So if you just love art but this glasses for you, we will start off by discussing three for metals to blend the colors. Then I'll be teaching you Berries elements like clouds, waters, priest and much more. I will be sharing a lot of tips and tricks all along the class to help you get started with the own project. This class will help you create your own landscape. If you think this clauses for you, let's meet in the next part. But by 2. Requirements: let us take a look on the requirements. First of all, you need a surface to paint. I'm using a canvass board off size now. Invite 12 inches. You can also use acrylic painting paper, but make sure the stick enough to pull the pain. Then you need good quality acrylic panes. You can use any brand, but make sure this off. Good quality. You can find the detail color description below the video, so please take a look on that. And of course, you need some acrylic brushes. I bought this Brushes from the local store. The I inexpensive. I don't spend a law German brushes. But please don't try to replace your watercolor brushes. It's not gonna work. You also need a ballot to mix the pain. I always like to use aluminium foil last iPad It two reasons Number one. It is disposable, so I don't have to clean my palette. Number two, it keeps your actually pain Read for a long time in order to use those in need of flats office. I generally use my can this for this and dragged aluminum foil over it. Finally, by the choosing a paper tape. That's it. You're disposable palate is ready. But for illustration purpose, I'll be using a pick transparent pre past my palate. But when I use paint on this paper, they drive too fast, so I use them, but only for illustration. However, any surface can be used as a palette for Activex. Other than this, you need a few more supplies, and here is a list, so grab your supplies and let's get started. 3. Three Fun Blending Methods: before painting a landscape. It is very important for you to understand the basics behind blending the colors. So now we'll be discussing three fund techniques to blend acrylics. It's gonna be super fun, so let's get started. The first technical small common. Using a large, flat brush, I start off by adding colors to my Candace. You can also use a palette if you want to. Using number 16 flat brush on Spreading the paint once you're done with the first color are your second color, which will be orange in my case. The reason why I am adding the pain directly to the can. This is that my paint will not get wasted. I hate to waste pain just like the previous color. Spread the paint on a canvas. Now take more ello and try to blend the two colors you need. Not people effect movie a brush side to side along one direction. After that, grab your large sized flat brush rule site. Aside from one color the dagger can you see we're getting a smooth finish. Next, we'll use the same technique to blend three colors. First, the fall amounting all the colors to my canvas not take a flat brush and straight the colors on your canvas. One common mistake that I see people doing is that they just at a very little amount of pain, which is not sufficient enough for blending, so make sure you use enough paint now. Blend the two colors again. You need no people effect. Finally, spread the third color. Now clean your brush and blend the two colors. It's alternate city for you to be quick because actual X drive fast. Now take a large, flat brush. Andi. Start lending from the light color to the doctor. Tune along one direction, so that's how you blend. Using your flat brush. Let's go to the next technique is the makeup brush, so we'll start off by adding the colors to the canvas. I'm using the same colors, yellow and orange. First. Start off by spreading the colors whenever you change the colors. Clean your brush. Torabi spread daughter in Spain. By now we have lots of colors. Let's start a blend. Grab your old makeup brush. Make sure your brushes try. This technique will no work. If your brushes Rhett start from the light color to the doctor, Doom just tap tap in top. This method will give you a smooth finish. You can also get some nice textures if you add a lot of pain. That's how you blend two colors using a makeup brush. The next is old of a fun technique. Using a sponge. Start off the adding pain to you. Candace. Spread the colors using a flat brush. Now take a nice drive, punch and start a blend. Start from the light color to the darker. Soon the sponge metro to similar to the makeup brush met or you get a smooth blending. Lending is very important when you do landscapes, so I hold these tips and tricks will help you to get started. Keep lending until you get a smooth finish. We almost done. We got a smooth and clean, radiant time to remove the date. That's how you blend. Using a flat brush off punch on a makeup brush, I hold these blending techniques were useful for you else. In the next lesson, the by 4. Example 1 Background : before going into a project. Lettuce First Moscow canvas. I'm using a nine by 12 Gamba's for the doping bought images. I'm using a 0.75 tape. I'll be painting to landscapes on this canvas, so I'll be dividing this into two parts for the left and right ends. I'll be using 1/2 inch marking people. Now we're going to divide this canvas into two sections for two landscapes. This is just an option. If you want to do one painting for the whole canvas, go for it now. Let us start painting a post landscape. Let us start with the background. This will be the first layer for background. Are beginning a nice bone into his color for the attack and this. Grab your large brush and just prayed the colors whenever you paint the background. Large, flat brushes are really good. It saves time. Make sure you have painted or the corners. This first laid off background is always optional. You can always get this. The reason why I'm painting this is I want this color to be dominant before going to the second layer. Please wait until your post layer dries. I start off the second layer by using a nice pink along the center, part of the Candice you conducted. Apply the paint on the canvas so you don't waste it. No, I'm using an angled rush number 16 to spread the paint to the canvas. In this case, moored rushes works good because it helps you to manage the pain. Once you're done, let's go to the next color. I'm using the same color that we use for the first. Lay up on intros using the same brush. Spread the color now, slowly drive, lending it with the previous color. Just move your brush, left and right, left and right. Take it. Time to its load. E Don't what if the great it is not so smooth. Let's manage it later. Now, as you can see, the blending is not so smooth, so I'm using a large flat brush to blend it. Start from the light color to the dark color. Do not overdo. It is better. Now let's move to the next step. I'm using the same color to paint out the part of the Candice again. Use a flat brush of wangle brush to spread the colors. When it comes to planning the colors. They have to be really quick because acrylics drive fast while you're working on one part, that apart dries and becomes a big mess. It's a big, big problem painting the background for the corners. I'll be using tallow blue. Just take a little bit off battle blue on your brush. That's enough. It's a strong color. I'm using Tyler Blue on the lower part of the canvas, since it's a strong car, light is always tricky to blend it, so the be the steps. Keep lending until you get a smooth radiant. You can also use apartment rate to blend it in case if you think the paint is dark but enough, make sure you have blended a corner smoothly or else it will look awkward. You wanted to be uniform. Similarly, let's pain the dog park. Just movie a brush left to right. Repeat this until we get a smooth radiant. With this, we have completed a background I'll see in the next listen, but by 5. Example 1 Clouds and mountains : let us know moved to the mountains. I'll be using tallow blue for this. Grab your ankle brush. I'm just drawing a line. The tip off my brush touches my canvas like this. I'm just drawing a line for the mountains. Be mixing palette blue with Berlin throws on a touch off white using the same brush. Paint a mountain, start off the joined outline and then colored inside part. I think for this you can use any brush flat or angle off result. Everything works good for this. I'm increasing the intensity for the lower part of the mult ane it's over I through to the clouds. I'm using a dry flat brush to do the clouds and the color is callaloo Whenever you do the clouds He was very limited amount of pain. Only then you get a smooth finish and I often use dry brush to do the clouds to make the clouds. You can also use a sponge. I'll teach you some other day using spawned, but today and go with flat brush. Move your brush in a circular motion I'm gonna do when other cloud here again when you brush In a circular motion, use value to the amount of pain. You can also use a blender brush to blend it. Repeat the steps until your clouds are soft. Don't make a cloud stiff and crisp Anyways. The door comes in practice. If you are a big no, don't be discouraged. Just keep practicing. We're done with the clouds. I've seen the next listen, but by 6. Example 1 waters and Sail Boat : for the waters amusing tallow blue with water to make it transparent. Amusing hunger Brush number eight. I'm painting the reflection of the mountain. I'm just drawing few lines. I just thought off, including a boat in my landscape, so I'm using a white charcoal pencil to draw the outline. This is optional if you think you're good at drawing and just keep this on, drawing two triangles for the sales. Finally, add few guidelines for the distinct shape off the board before painting the board. Let's do the waters generally, when I paint the waters like the written to Leo's for the first layer, do the dark shades, and for the second layer, I'll do the highlights. This is the first layer, so I'll be doing the dark shades amusing tallow blue I have done. You did the paint with water. You have lot of waves where the borders presence will just keep that in mind. Just gently touched a brush on the canvas. Don't apply too much of pain. Always on the brush works great for water does so I saw just to use a nice quality and will brush, and when you paint waters, hold a brush denial of 90 degrees because we need one of the tip off the brush. But you may notice that I'm holding my brush at a slanting position. That's because of illustration purpose. I don't want to hide my painting. Now I'm holding at an angle of 90 degrees. Can you see that? Don't overdo less is enough. Now let's go to the second layer. Highlights for this are mixing white with tallow blue using the same brush. I'm just touching the canvas, using the tip off the brush on. No making any strokes. This is a step value. Waters will get a realistic look. You know, do this for all the ways. Just one part is enough. Just touch over one part of the way on it may no be continues. Unlike the previous layer, have not added any water to the pain. It's ready. Think, actually, do this. You can see that a painting is getting a realistic look and a magical effect. Don't be disappointed if you're not getting the strike for the first time. Just keep trying. We are done. Can you see? It's wonderful for the boat. A musical dark shade are mixing black with Saleh blue and red. Nothing much in this. I'm discovering then dart board that you have drawn before. I'm not painting the two sales and now I'm drawing the lines that Canada cities to the board. It's very instead to do these things using an angle brush. I'm just touching the age. You can also do this using a detail brush and this line is for the flag. This the detail brush a small triangle for the flag with this were completed Our first painting. Hope you enjoyed this. I'll see in the next Listen the by. 7. Example 2 Sky : let us know who for an advanced painting. This is gonna be a nice and colorful sunset painting. I start off by using the masking tape to paint the sky. When I paint on set, I select a few collars and blend them. Here is only over the canvas for the sky. Be using a lot of pride sheets. I start off a canyon orange, unlike the previous painting will be, uses a small size on gold rush. That's because we'll have to use a lot of colors, so we need control. I'm just reading the paint on the canvas, leading a small space on the center. On the center part, I'm gonna use a nice, deep Luke Allah. Whenever you switch on to some other color, clean your brush. I start off just spreading the pain, and gradually I'm starting to blend. When you blend it, just give a nine side to side strokes. It's important to move your brush in the same direction. Let us now move to the next color. Orlin True's paying the indict or potion. As I said already. First spread the paint on the canvas and then go for the blending process. When you go close to the orange slowly Benda Carlos give side to side strokes and movie. A brush in the same direction will be the process until you get a smooth radiant. When you're done with this, use a large flat brush to make it even more even and always start from the light shades to the darker doors for the son. I'm using a nice lemon yellow color. I'm badly applying the paint on the canvas. You can also use a palette. You can use any brush to do this. We will come back to the sun after this one is dried up. Let us now go for the clouds. Make sure your politest ready. I start off the mixing cat orange with lemon yellow. I'm using a non would rush to do the clouds. Your first step will be to make a cloud cheap. Take a very little amount of paint on your brush. If you use too much of paint, your painting will lose its organic look. So less is enough. You can also makes your paint with water. Now for the highlights. I'll be using a little bit off white color from the wonky, adding colors under us satisfied with outcome. I didn't get a low for more highlights if you are a big night. If you don't have any experience in painting clouds, I would suggest you to try out the night time painting like the previous one so that you don't have to concentrate on the colors but value in the texture and the strokes. Once you're confident enough, you can try out this wall, but only regular practice will make you a bet. Artist. Soapy Practicing. Never mind if you don't get it right. Amounting some dog shoots. If you're not satisfied without com, you can always go back to the previous Carlos. I'm adding one more cloud over here. Let us now go back to the sun. I'm using Caddell you again. I had the paint one on the tip off the brush like so I'm just drawing a few lines. This will give you a realistic look. Just keep doing this. Draw lines of different sizes. We will not do a mountain for this amusing tallow Blue on a little bit off white and first drawing a nice old blind and then painting adult. We're all done with the first part. Time to remove the tape. I'll see you in the next listen, but I will do the waters. But by 8. Example 2 waters: Well, it does no do the waters because of the reflections we're gonna use of the right of Carlos . I start off with a knife, a local a and then got orange. I'm using the same brush that I used before on the brush number 16 on I'm gradually spreading the paint on the canvas. Don't worry about the blending part. We'll do that later. First read the paint. Slowly mix the colors inside the side strokes along the same direction. Once you're done with the blending that's moved the next color palette blue, which is gonna be at the bottom of the Candice Taleb. Lose a strong colors. Don't use to much of pain or else it's gonna be difficult for you to blend since it is too strong. I'm glad White. I'm slowly blending the do Carlos. After that, I'm gonna orders to the white spots. Can you see we're getting kind of a brown shade when we blend the two colors? Um, adding more orange. Slowly blend this with the blue color you side to sides, jokes along one direction. You can always go back to the previous colors to get it right. Still, the call also Lord blended smoothly, but we still have one more chance to blend it. As always, I'm using a large flat brush to do the final lending. This will be a last chance to do it carefully. Let us not do the waves, as I discussed in the previous painting, will have two males for the waves. Run for the shadows for the shadow layer will be using a mixture off cat orange and tallow blue with a little bit off water to make it more transparent. A museum and would rush number eight just drawing some lines to represent the weights. Use very little amount of pain when you are making waves on the dog. Make it more transparent and by adding more water as you move down to reduce the amount of water you use, keep adding the waves onto us. Satisfied without come, but make sure you don't overdo it. Now we'll go for the last layer. That will be for the highlights and for this mixing title do with white. We need a bright color, as we did in the previous painting. I'm just touching the brush on the canvas. The paint is one you in the tip off the brush. Hold your brush it on and off 90 degrees. That would give you a nice trip. You can stop with this. Still, your painting will be good. Oh, you can carry on to the next. Listen, right. Be painting a tree. That's gonna be super fun. I'll see that, but by 9. Example 2 Tree: Let's do a dream now for this will be using a dark sheet so I black going to your palate. I'm using number eight Flat brush. I'm doing the base for the tree. You can either directly pain the tree trunk, or you can use a white chocolate pencil. If you are a beginner, I would suggest you to use a pencil draw as lightly as possible. One day for illustration. Purpose are making it a little bit thick. I'm drawing thes small and tiny branches. Just keep dividing the brown. Just add more drama. Give some ups and downs. One more train you to the 1st 1 This one is gonna be very small. I'm doing this just to fill the space to pain. The tree trunk will be using two brushes and angle brush on deleting brush. No, I'm using an angled brush while the the tip off a brush has pained. I'm just going on without line. Here's a close up shot. You can achieve details to some extent using angle brush. I'm just turning the brush based on the direction of the branch again. 90 degrees works best for this. Make sure you keep your brush at the right angle. Can you see? I'm changing the position off my brush based on the direction of the branch. You can also use your beaten brush to do all these things, but it's gonna consume a lot of time. You can go for a little brush angle. Brush works great your case. If you want achieve details, then go for the brush or else on brush looks good. And one more advantage about brushes that the with changes continuously and that will give you a nice organic look to achieve even more details. I'm using my detail brush. We are done with the branches. Let's now go for the leaves. For that, I'll be using this whole Brazil stands a brush off reading size. Take a little amount of paint. Tap it on a wastepaper before you go for the canvas. I have paint value on top of the brush. Make sure your brushes dry on. Just tap your brush on the guns. It's a very fast process again. Hold your brush at an angle of 90 degrees. One common mistake I see people doing Is that it? Just call it the entire off tree entire branch. It will be like a big circle, but that's no the way you pain the leaves, so gaps are really necessary for inorganic. Look, what I'm trying to say is pain that leaves value in the top portion of the branch. Like what I'm doing now. Just the top part of the branch has leaves. Keep that in mind. Continue painting the lead Sunday. You're satisfied with outcome, but make sure you don't overdo it. It's all over. We're done. Time to remove the tape before removing the tape. Make sure your painting is drawing. Police found me a few more minutes to discuss the glass project. I'll see you there. 10. Class Project: I thank you all for taking my class. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any doubt in any part of the class, feel free to ask me. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Also please to show your feedback that would help me create better classes in the future. Now coming to the class project, your project will be to cry. The techniques we discussed in the class instead of doing the same painting can come up with your own ideas, change the elements and paint your own landscape. You can also use a photograph. You can also try. Painting is indifferent, blending methods like this one. I've used a sponge to blend the background. Don't worry about the results. Just take a brush and paint, please. Too shy a project. I would love to see them. I thank you all. So you support. But by have a nice day