Acrylic Flower Painting: Learn to Paint Loose Roses using Acrylics- Rose Painting | Meenakshi Muthuraman | Skillshare

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Acrylic Flower Painting: Learn to Paint Loose Roses using Acrylics- Rose Painting

teacher avatar Meenakshi Muthuraman, Artist and Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Part 1 Requirements

    • 3. Part 2 Brush Strokes

    • 4. Part 3 Learning from the Reference Photo

    • 5. Part 4 Drwaing the Outline of the Rose

    • 6. Part 5 Painting Rose using a Reference Photo Basic

    • 7. Part 6 Painting Rose using a Reference photo (Advanced)

    • 8. Part 7 Final Painting (Base Layer)

    • 9. Part 8 Final Painting (Finishing)

    • 10. Class Project

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About This Class

In this class, I will show you how to paint beautiful Roses using Acrylic colors. This is not a realistic painting class, but I've explained a fun and an easy way of painting roses. This class is perfect for anyone who likes to begin his/her journey in acrylics and also for those who knows the basics, but want to experiment more. Acrylics might seem challenging, since it dries too fast. But, it just takes a little bit of practice. That's it!

In the class,

  1. I start off with the supplies you'll need and then I'll teach you some basic brush strokes;
  2. Then, I explain you how to choose the right colors using a reference photo.
  3. Then I'll be teaching you how to draw the basic outline of a rose (in any angle).
  4. After that, we will paint roses using our reference.
  5. At last, we will do a Final Painting,a bunch of pink roses. 

When you're done watching the class, you'll be able to able to paint roses based on your own reference photo. This is absolutely a fun class!


  • Canvas Board (size 9*12 inches) [But any surface would be fine- Acrylic painting paper, wood ]
  • Paints (Scroll down for colors)[I used Camlin Kokuyo acrylic paints. You can use any good brand]
  • Painting brushes
  • Waste cloth¬†
  • Water Jar
  • Palette

Colors for the Background:

  • Blue Spa Chalk paint from Itsy Bitsy (If you don't have this, you can replace it with normal Acrylics)

Colors for Roses:

  • Deep Magenta
  • Medium Magenta
  • White

Colors for the Leaves:

  • Sap Green
  • Olive Green
  • Permanent Green¬†Light
  • Brilliant Yellow Green

Paint Brushes

  • Detail Brush
  • Filbert Brush - 18, 12
  • Angle Brush - 8

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meenakshi Muthuraman

Artist and Illustrator


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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is Meenakshi. I welcome you all to my class. I'm an artist and a teacher. I work a lot on acrylics. All my works would have something to do with nature. I love painting words and lovers. If you are interested in my works, do check off my beach in this class under teacher to paint Joses roses are beautiful. They are a symbol of love and they're also easy to paint. So in this class, we're gonna paint Joses, but not a realistic one. But the other use of simple, easy and fun way in this class, I'll be teaching you right from the basics, starting from how to use your brushes for actual legs on how to choose the right colors, using a reference for door. And then we'll talk about the palate and then I'll be teaching you the basic brushstrokes. And then I'll be teaching you to paint using a reference for dope. And that last will be doing a final painting off a Flubber Ways by the end of the class and be confident enough to get started with actor licks, and you'll also be able to paint closes off any angle you'll be able to paint any reference rose. This class is designed for big nose, for anyone who loves to play with colors and for anyone who loves painting flowers. This clauses for you I'll see in the class, but by 2. Part 1 Requirements: lastly, the requirements for the class. Your first requirement is Candice boot or not. Acrylic painting paper on. And I would start just you to prom yourself face before you paint on it regarding the trains I'm using. Camel actually pains, but you can use any brand of your choice for the roses will be using shades off Majin down White Way. I gotta paint being close. ISS on for the leaves will be using sheets off green regarding the brushes will be using few filbert, few round and a leading rush. And, of course, you need a job off water to clean your brushes, and you'll also need a waste plot. That's all regarding the rig. Romines. Just a recap. So if you already with your materials will get started to paint, feel the next session by 3. Part 2 Brush Strokes: Hi. Welcome back. Let's see the basics as mentioned earlier. Amusing actor legs for painting the center part of the rules. A musical detail brush. First of all, that the Russian. A water jar and drain off excess water off the brush. Now fully loaded brush with paint. Can you see my process fully loaded? Now let's start painting. You're just gonna paint to jokes for the center. One up and one down. Start painting broad and narrow at the end. That's it. Once again, we try it. Draw to the starting point, and Natalie at the ending point, will practice. Few more strokes this time are taken. Number eight on board, fully loaded with pain, the same concept. But the bigger stroke brought to the starting point in Ottawa. At the ending point, it might be challenging to reach some position. Remember, you can always change the orientation of the canvas. This technique is very simple. People think painting roses so challenging job, but it is not. We just need a little bit of practice. I would suggest you to practice to still you get control. So that's it for decision. I'll see in the next class while I'll teach you to paint, using a reference. But by 4. Part 3 Learning from the Reference Photo: Hi. Welcome back before you painted Rose using a reference. The fourth step is to observe your reference photo. Well, first, paint a base layer on will add additional layers to the base, and the question is how to choose the colors. We'll take the Strozier as a reference. First, we'll see how to choose the base color basis, the darkest color or the shadow color off the rules. So we have this nice brownish red shed as a base color, and for the next she'd be choosing a middle color, which is neither too dark nor too light. And we had this nice read. This would be our second layer and for the next dawn will be choosing the lightest color off your reference. I know. Adding a little red will give you a nice orange tone, which is also a lighter color. But for this technique, I would suggest you to add y to the middle color. That would give you an attractive look. We'll see. Another example here are deep magenta Libya, darkest. Doing on the next layer would Sargis tear to use medium magenta. Finally, real add y to the middle color and this nice pink will be a top player. By understanding this, you can choose to paint any rules off your choice. I'll see in the next session the by. 5. Part 4 Drwaing the Outline of the Rose: Hi will come back now. See how to draw the outline of the Rose Way. Don't have to draw everything. I mean the petals in the details. Just a basic shape will do. We'll take this. Shows is an example. It has a round shape and not the center of the rules. If the roses tilted to the right or the left, your shape will change accordingly. And so the center in this case will get annoyed shape. If the viewpoint has changed, will get a cup shape. So this is how you draw your outline just by observing your rose. I'll see in the next session, but by 6. Part 5 Painting Rose using a Reference Photo Basic: Hi. Welcome back. So let's get started to paint. We're not gonna paint the rose. Exactly. I mean the details. But there's gonna be an easy way since our differences aside, collaterals ongoing drama circle just up basic shape is enough. As for the base, I'm gonna use Bone and Joe's. You can use any brush to paint the base. As for me, I'm using Filbert number eight before you go to the next step rate for the base layer to dry wants the basis dry marked the centre using a white jackal pencil and for the next layer will be using a mixture off cadre and permanent truth. I'm using a detailed brush to paint the center, apply pressure and gently release it. As a result, the starting point will be brought and ending point will be narrow. No skill up the brush size. Start painting by the two petals. Meet at the center. If you are a big night, might be challenging for you to read some position. Remember, you can always change the orientation of the canvas. Follow the same steps again and again. Just fill the gaps as he moved to us out apart. Paint larger strokes, so we are done with the first layer for the next layer will be using a mixture off cadre and white. Before you go to the next step, make sure you're painting us dry, so we go to the next layer. I'm using the same brush, Phil, but number eight follow the same steps just full of gaps. - If you want, you can add another layer by adding more white. But I'm stopping with this so we'll paint the leaves now for this amusing round rash. Number 12 on the color is green for the vein. Some using Parliament. Elodie. Use a detail brush for this. We almost done. I'll see the next session. We'll be painting or those with a different down, but by 7. Part 6 Painting Rose using a Reference photo (Advanced): Hi. Welcome back. We are going to paint a rose again, using a reference but this time off a different angle. So we start off drawing outline. I'm just drawing the cylindrical shape. Not all the details mark the center and pain the base layer. And for this, I'm using deep magenta. I've only told you the previous sessions How to choose the colors anyways. Once again for the base layer. Always choose the darkest color off your reference. I'm using a flat brush for this, but you can use any brush just for filling the space way. Now completed the base so we'll go to the next layer. And for this amusing medium magenta, I'm using a detailed brush to paint the center. Just give, do goes one up and one down. Start off with a broad stroke and end up with another one. It's OK for you. Do some mistakes. We can still correct it. As we move outward. Scale up your brush size right now. I'm using Filbert. Brush them before. Just bring that rolls. Feeling to your painting by adding more strokes as you feeling completed. Your center part off your rules. Moved downwards. Add rose petals By observing a reference, you can always change the orientation off your canvas if you feel difficult to reach some positions. I'm observing the reference and painting the petals down there way have almost completed the first layer, and I'm going to the next layer that will be using a mixture off medium magenta and white. Used a scholar one Linda places where you think you need highlights. If you have this basic idea, you can use any reference photo and paint your own doses again and again. We have almost completed our flower, and I think it's really awesome Time to paint the greens and for this I'm using sap bring and I'm using a data brush. Kathleen, observe your reference photo and tried to replicate it. I'm using sap green as my base color on about this. Are we hiding highlights and shadows, So I'm using bond number for the shadows. Rideable. You think you need a darker shade can use bond number. You can use any shades off a low to give the highlights. But as for me amusing permanent Elodie, we have almost completed our painting. I'll see in the next session where will be painting off Love of us. A bunch off closes with This will be finishing the class, seeing the next session by 8. Part 7 Final Painting (Base Layer): welcome back. Having learned all the basics, it's time to apply them all. In one final painting, I'm gonna painting Closest now. Well, I didn't use any reference for this. It's just a loose painting. First, If all draught outline using colored pencils, you don't have to give full details. Just a basic shape will do. I'm gonna paint some nice 5 to 6 doses way are done without lining. Now we'll do the background for this amusing chalk paint from its devetzi in the Cullen using a sluice box. I personally love their job pains. They come in a wide range of colors and of course it. That's beauty to your paintings. But if you don't have to Spain, then you can replace it with normal actually pains. I'm using Phil Blood Rush number 18 to paint the background, paint all the parts except the outline you have given way almost down with a background. No, we are going to paint the base, lay off the flowers, as we have already discussed in the previous session's. I'm going to start off with a dark color. I'm going with deep magenta right now. I'm using Filbert brush numbered well, but it's up to you. You can use any brush. Just fin all the circles with the base color for the flubber ways. Amusing white color, and I'm just filling the whole ways. And for this, I'm using angle Brush number eight for the leaves. Amusing all of green as a base color. Time to paint the ways. And for this amusing black, we have already given a layer off fight to the base. Make sure it is dry by now. I'm using a flat brush for this. Fully load your brush with paint. If you feel your brushes to dry, can add a little bit of water to your paint. For painting these stripes, you need a little bit off control. If you are a beginner, I can try using a doula for the shadows. I'll be using a gray sheet, and for this I'm mixing white with a little bit off black undoing shadows one lead to the ages by using a flat brush. You can also use an ankle brush for this and for the highlights. I'm using White Way almost done also in the next session, but be completing this painting by 9. Part 8 Final Painting (Finishing): Hi. Welcome back. We now add Leo's over the base and for this amusing full broad brush number four and the column using its medium magenta, the same technique we used in our previous stations. Start off the broad stroke and end with a narrow one. Change the orientation of the canvas based on your convenience. I see. Move outwards. Paint larger and broader strokes. Apply pressure and gently rest in tone. Your brush. Do this again and again and complete entire rose. - Yes , we have no completed the First Joe's. You go to the next one. I'm using a line on the paint, the center off the rose. Now I have my fill, but Number four game. This is hardly paint your first layer. Similarly complete All the other roses for the second layer. Use a lighter shade, and for this I'm mixing white with medium magenta. I'm using the same brush, Phil, but number four. Using the same technique, complete your second layer fully loaded brush with paint. If you feel a brush is too dry, add a little bit off water. Just fill the gaps. Similarly, paint all the roses for the final layer. Emerging right. I'm not adding too much off white, but just hearing that rather, I think I need highlights a matting white. - So now I'm gonna paint this little body over that The same technique a Mattingly, the imagined up on a little bit off white We have no completed the roses Now we'll paint the greens first. A fallen starting off It burned in green light. And I'm using a flat brush for this. No, I'm adding brilliant yellow green All reason Arkalyk start off with a darker shade and add brighter tones above it. Novel madding mixture off sad dream and brilliant yellow green. As for the greens, you can use your own shades. But for me I both Lee loves upbringing. Painting leaves is the easiest part. You don't have to have control just a flat, fresh will do. Just feel free to explore. You can also use a round brush. Whatever you think, you need highlights. He can use a brighter shade like brilliant, a little green. You can also use a lows for highlights. - One last thing is missing the shadows and for the shadows. I'm using gree and a flat brush pain some loose straight strokes. That's it? Yes, we completed our final painting, hoping enjoy this greater the next session where I'll be discussing with you with the project by 10. Class Project: we have come to the end of the class. So I guessed by now you would have came confidence enough to get started with painting loose grosses. We also learned painting grosses using a reference photo. So your project will be to practice these roses. You can try different angles. Try using a nice reference for do and implement the technique. You can also try using different colors. When you practice a lot, you're gonna enjoy this. You can also try painting a bouquet. You can also try painting on cycle shovel basket, have your own ideas and we bow to try it out and do not forget to post your projects. I would love to see them, but by I'll see you in another class.