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Acrylic Buddha Painting: Find Your Inner Peace

Kateryna Loreli, Artist and astrologer

Acrylic Buddha Painting: Find Your Inner Peace

Kateryna Loreli, Artist and astrologer

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14 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Into

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Meditation for Creativity

    • 4. Sketch

    • 5. Color palette

    • 6. Transfer the sketch

    • 7. Outline

    • 8. Underpainting

    • 9. Portrait

    • 10. Background

    • 11. Lotus

    • 12. Details

    • 13. Finishing touches

    • 14. Final thoughts

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About This Class


Acrylic painting could be very relaxing and meditative process. Especially when you are painting so iconic symbol of peace and enlightenment like Buddha. 

I suggest you to slow down and to look inside. To feel what is it you really want, to remember where are you going. And to find your inner peace and source of creativity.

In this class you will learn:

  • how to draw a portrait 
  • how to begin paint on canvas
  • what is underpainting
  • how to portray volume 
  • how to open your inner source of creativity

How to draw a portrait of Buddha PDF here

Instructions for transfer sketch PDF here

I would be so happy if you join me in this amazing journey! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kateryna Loreli

Artist and astrologer



I believe we came into this world to bring beauty, to constantly growing and improve ourselves. We can make every our day more wonderful. We can be better today than yesterday. We can follow our dreams and be free.  Free of rules, square angles and other minds.

People always seem amazed watching artists painting. They think, artists are magicians and were born with brush in hand. Well, artists are magicians indeed. Yet, they worked hard for it. They practice every day. When somebody says to me, he can not draw, I say: “Everyone can draw”. And I am sure of it.

I am here to prove it. And to help everyone who is dreaming to learn how to draw. You just have to practice and be better every day. And together we will make this world even more beauti... See full profile

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1. Into: Hi guys. My name is Catalina, artist and illustrator from Ukraine. I noticed that people are always in a hurry. We are running, trying to chase something. In this chase, we can ignore the important things I suggest us to stall. Gone took inside to feel what you really want. Where are you going? And this class is about finding your inner peace and connecting to yourself. What is really important Because when you connect it to your inside, nothing from the outside can influence you. In this class, you will learn how to paint a portrait off Botha step by step from sketch toe acrylic panes . Buddha is a symbol of peace Wells Enlightment. I will tell you how symbols are affect on our sub conscience. Also, Buddha is great for portrait practicing because he has perfect and easy proportions. We will do small meditation to connect with your inner self to find your source off inspiration for creating artworks. So let's begin and dive into spiritual wipes. 2. Supplies: For this class, you will need canvas. I've already transferred this cage unto it acrylic panes pellet for mixing cars round and fled brushes to friends sizes. I always have the whole bunch of them in front of me. Optional palette. Knife for creating texture, jar of water, paper towels, pencil and paper for sketches. Okay, let's get started. 3. Meditation for Creativity: Today we will begin the process of finding peace and release creative energy from the thing . Make sure you turn off all destructions on, said this time for you. Let's begin. Make yourself comfortable either sitting on the floor on the chair or lying on your bed. Let's start by closing your eyes, bringing all of your awareness to your breath, taking a deeper a scene in the long exhale and again just taken a deep and slow breast and in alone exhale. Bring your anise to this very moment, feeling the ground under knees, feeling your whole body from toss so the head ground. Take another, inhale and exhale out as you inhale, feeling they coolness of the air coming into your nose and then as exhale, become aware off the rooms on the air. Leaving, you knows, recognize what are you feeling and accept it in the present moment. Just bring all of your awareness toe. Those sensations inhale. Exhale. Bring your awareness to your face. That's Ruiz and attention out off your forehead. Your eyes are heavy and relaxed. Relax your jaw. Good. Let's go off any attention, feeling your tongue, gently arresting in your mouth. Inhale and exhale Bring your awareness to your heart Feeling your heartbeat your wars Bring the energy off Gratitude into your heart I feel grateful for being alive for being well, feeling grateful for all the wonderful things in new life even for the little things that make you smile Be grateful for your body as it helps your goals and desires to come true. Allow this happiness and gratitude. Feel your heart. Inhale and exhale. Simply remember to use your breasts Whatever you feel yourself drifting away from this present moment. Really use your breasts to come back yourself right now. I want you to imagine a magical place, your place off, inner power maybe forest in ocean, whatever you like. See you that place and put yourself there. But this is not the ordinary place. It is seized with energy. That is beyond explanation. Magic and miracles are heaven here. Just sit for a moment and experience the energy all around you. You are safe. You are loved. The universe takes care of you. Whatever happened in your life, trust it. No. You see the lotus far rising before you. It is perfectly white and glowing. It stops near your pelvic area, the sacral area and it's gift to you is experiencing your life through feelings and sensations. This is the central off feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy and connection as the lot of stops it turned into orange cart. Daughters explore this floor. What do you see? What do you feel east? The floor Well and beautiful. Does it has all of it battles what? It wants you to let you know. Give your care, you attention. You'll love to your sacral area. Here begins the creative impulse craving to be expressed your destiny as an artist toe act on that impulse to show your talent to the world. The uterus wouldn't have been giving you a desire to create without also giving you the means to bring that desire to life. You are a creative being. You were put here toe express your unique gifts and share them with the world. Now imagine the flower turned into a sourcing wide light and entering your body from your crown feel swore and refreshing. It feels you of this confidence and power. This magical light is teeming with energy as it works its way down through your face and your neck, it read eats into your shoulders down your arms. This indescribable so the end supporting light continues to travel down to your chest and meat section into your belly. Then your hips drills down your legs and eventually to your feet and talks. Your body is now engulfed. That magnificent white light. What is this light? It is the energy off creative expression, and it now permits you entire being. You know, why braid to the frequency off in the way shin expressive thinking and supercharged creativity taken Woman too deeply feel the energy off art consuming your body mind. And so now imagine this amazing light begins to glow in different cars. It alternates to the colors of the rainbow. What colonise are you seeing? And how does each one make you feel? Immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope of color. Feel the love and intensity off that multicolored light feel they automate source off great duty. This is the same energy that the Vinci, because so long ago stepped into. You have access to the same energy you now benefit from the same magical vibration they enjoyed. You experience it right now and you can return to it anytime you want. Now take a depressing assess. You prepare yourself back to the world or senses a world well, you will take this newfound energy playfully creates something new. Imagine the light of a trance through you begins to condense. It doesn't leave you. It stays down and clusters in the base of your spine in your belly, in your heart, in your throat and on the top of your head. This creative energy is there for you. It will guide you through the whole painting process. You just need to let go off any fears and trust yourself. You are an artist. Creative expression is your breasts right now. Take another deep inhale. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Stretch your arms, stretch your arms and all your shoulders. Slowly open your eyes and look at the world around you. This is your playground. No. Go ahead and bring toe life inspired idea. Have a wonderful day 4. Sketch: schedule for me, either. Most important part off a process. Get ready for some big little composition tips. First of all, you want to place your figure in the right place and make it the right size. It has to feed to your art port. Not too big, not too little. It's a natural feeling. You definitely have it roughly outlined. The control What you figure on the paper. I'm starting with the face or well. Secondly, although my portrait isn't full face, it's completely static away and classy Buddha. But the middle line, the excess off symmetry. It's not really in the middle. It's more, a bit too aside. This is the basic things you have to keep in mind next. Finding the middle line all the face. This is the beginning of the nose, a bit above the eye line, so we can easily find the ice on classical images and sculptures. Boot keeps the eyes closed or he looks down. The eyebrow lines are also simple, ground and symmetrical. The other part off the face. We have to split in the middle. There is gonna be the end off the nurse I'm and find where the lives end? We asked, bleating the last part. The ears are starting from the eye, bro line and go to the chin line. Buddha has so long a lobes because of the heavy jewellery he went. And then he gave up all his riches and title for enlightenment. - In the Search I area, I've chosen to draw such spiritual as a symbol off awakened energy. There are different options. How it can draw bendy. Choose the one you like the most to complete the composition. I wanted to add more objects. Some details to make the painting look more interesting. So I drew lotus leaves on the background and a three lotuses, different sizes, big metal size and small. No. Okay, that's it for this part. We can reach ugly proportions and make sure you like his catch and let's go for it. 5. Color palette: before we get started on real size, canvas is good to define color palette and to make a mini car sketch for this purpose. I am preparing fuel small brushes and if you noticed, I have a plastic around Bellet Guys, I know this isn't sustainable way, but this is my last ballot and, unlike our stores, are not working in my area. So this is the best I've got for now. Till the current Indians, By the way, I always teach you to use what you do have in hand. Do not let circumstances stop you from creating. Also, I know ahead what car I like and want to use in this artwork. My favorite pale beige. I like how metallic pains shine. Oh, it's liquid. My hands always get dirty by work. I don't know how other artists managed to paint. All clean. Here is a bit of pearl. I help here as well, while it number pans gray, blue and cold red. And to find your cars, think of what tones you like. Is it called a war? Maybe it's one particular color, and your painting will be monochrome. Are you like loud and bright cars? If you're struggling, you can go look for inspiration on Pinterest, so I imagine my Buddha in beige golden tones for the contrast, I see some sort off dark while it to get the car. I makes blue and red and a bit of Cooper to combine all the cars. I choose to add Cooper in almost all of them. This is the trial stage when you experiment and test all combinations when you're satisfied with your color palette is good to make a quick sketch where you showing approximate picture. You don't have to spend a lot of time for this. Set yourself up to 10 minutes and don't take it too seriously. It's normal to take other decisions while painting the rial size artwork. So the sketch you need on the kite, but not through another reason I ask you, do not spend a lot of time for this. I've noticed many times quicker scares you make better result. Looks like some sort of paradox with maybe not. Maybe when you're painting quick, you make it without fear without attention, and you kind of do not attach much importance to peace. This why this piece looks actual beautiful in the end. Maybe this sounds weird, but I also ask you do not attach much importance. Toe all of your artworks. You'll see how it works. You will feel much freedom and happy. Enjoying the process and do not worrying involve the final result. For instance, I've made this sketch before filming and it took for you two minutes. And while filming I was stance and painting took 10 minutes. But I like more. The first sketch, by the way, hear their opinions splitting because half of my friends told they like the 2nd 1 Can you tell me, what do you think in the discussions below? 6. Transfer the sketch: There are two ways how transfer sketch onto canvas. 1st 1 is to draw. Agreed, for instance, two by two centimeters and to make scaled greed on canvas. My sketches 20 by 26 centimeters in my canvas is 40 by futile. I have 10 squares on horizontal side off. A sketch here is going to be a little math. But don't worry. If I did handle it, you will definitely come to it. So here are gonna be two actions I take one horizontal side first 40 divided by 20 and again to second to multiplied by two is four. Where to the size off the squares on the sketch. So four by four is my square On the rial size canvas, you can re check yourself. You have to get the same amount of squares as in the sketch and then I'm counting my squares. 12345 And on the beginning, off the six square begins the ear. I can also easily find the middle line and can't all proportions this would they scaled greed method. The second option is good. When you're sketch is the same size at the campus, you will need the transfer paper or, if you don't have any, simply turn your sheet of paper to the other side. Take the softest pan so and highly hedge the surface. - Now let's imagine this piece of paper is canvas. It's a bit longer than they need unfolding up there. Unnecessary part on riel canvas. I recommend to tape down your sketch to canvass and draw over the sketch lines, maybe using pressure but careful not to damage canvas. And in the end we get image with light lines. How to use it. You will see in the next video you. 7. Outline: so after transferring are scheduled gathers. I'm gonna country all lines with dark color. I use pans. Great. You can take black or blue paint, but I do not recommend to use rests, especially cold red, because the magenta pigment is very intense and could shine through the paint layers. I'm doing a quick contra because I will paint gradually in several layers, So I want to see my sketch lines. Some people like to paint finish one part at a time. They start, for example, with an eye and make it looks finished. Then they moved to the other parts and so on, and it's totally fine. I would say it's mostly depend on the way off artists thinking all the way. The artist was told to paint. Whether you go to the old fashioned artist school, they teach you so called an academic style the way the old masters did their art. Some kind of this method I used to. So first of all, we are going to make a rough first layer painting. That's why I am preparing my sketch lines so I could see them even through the first layer off paint. I will doing this for a while, so I'm speeding up the process 8. Underpainting: the first layer by mixing the colors that I've chosen before, according to my Minutes cage. These are Golden's Cooper beige for the skin tones. On this days, you can paint roughly let your hands go. It also helps letting go any fears. There are no mistakes and no expectations. Just enjoy the process. Watch how beautifully paint chorus the canvas. Choose the size of brush according to a canvas size. If you paint big area. Better to choose a bigger brush. Important that the strokes are overlapping their sketch lines. I'm making strokes next to each other with different teams. Here is more golden and next to it, a little bit more Cooper and next to it, a little bit more beige, but not very spotty pains sort off spill over each other. This way, I can create picturesque book. - Some parts are always darker than the others. Depends on delighting off course. But normally these are nick eyebrows, literal sidewalls Order knows under the Norse and under the leaps. That's why we campaign. This area's been darker at once. - Hair is just bulk of bronze Doc, Wallet and Cooper. I make scooper almost toe irritant to make the painting look like the whole piece. Of course. In the end, always keep in mind, delighting. Always keep in mind the lightning. What did the light direction paint? The closest part to the light, bright and the further are darker. It will help not to get confused, and you're painting will look precisely in the end. - The same methods are colors for the background, both strokes. Several teens to create the pictorial art Look. If you use one color, your image will be flat and decorated. But if it is your style, it is totally fine. Every person has its own style, and this is amazing way. - And that's how we covered wide canvas with the first layer paint. It doesn't have to be perfect. It will broken it. Step by step. Let's move forward. 9. Portrait: here, I'm taking a flat brush number six and mixing cars for the next step. I see that under painting is a little bit too golden, so I'm mixing my pearl based with metallic Cooper to achieve the desired skin tone happens all the time. I take one color and put it on several areas where I think it could be, for instance, on cheeks and beat on forehead, a spot on the chin. - Then I'm mixing a bit more Cooper and a tiny bit off while it do this first color and put to the shadow parts defined the face all years, eyebrows and the shadow on the nose. I'm also mixing the lighter color toe, the areas that are closer to the light. These are so called tease on forehead, nose, chin. The chin should be a big dollar, as it is further from the light, and it the under leap is darker as well. Do the steps as much as you need to feel pleased. Maybe the right color will come at once. This is great, too. Maybe you need to grow well. There's to search for the desire, tones and strokes. This is fine, too. The artist way is constant search, you know, - do you? - You can create diction was altered. Dry brush. Just make some Kotick strokes with different teams to the same color makes I'm adding more. While it was Cooper and painting the neck darker, the neck is always darker than face to portray the perspective. Yes, I have noticed I need a bigger brush here to speed up the process. Okay, Yeah, the importance note. It's a reflected light on the objects edge. If you want to portray volume, I'm adding more shadows to the north and to the ribs. The upper leap isn't shadow, so it's always dark. - Think off a hair like not off a separate hair spring, but like a whole warrior here are always darker at the roads, and it's great to add pitch off affected light to portray it life and shine. You are simply alternate one dark, strong off a hair with the bride part, and then ducks trend again. No. Oh, uh, looks great. Let's continue with the background 10. Background: If you have a palette knife, you can also experiment with it to create a texture. This is always fun and give unexpected result to paint with the fellow knife. You are simply take more band and makes it on the palate and then make us jokes on the canvas. Be brave experiment. The texture depends on the size and form off the supply and amount off paint you take. If you take a lot off paint, you can create a really textural spending. If you don't have any palette knife, you can also look for a sponge on the kitchen or best then try how it works with it. If you're not a texture lover, this is also fine. The acrylics get dry amazingly fast, so if you don't like you experiment, simply paint over with brush. Take another shot degree . The depths effect. I am painting the most talk apart behind the head. I'm while process we're constantly seen in new areas were want to improve, Feel free to move from one object to another. For instance, I've noticed that ice and leaves our needs more work. - Let's move to our lot assists on the background. I'm taking my purple color. It's also rather transparent than a thick color. That's why the colors sort off optical and mixes with a dark background colors and looks like the whole piece. This is also the perspective rule the object nearer, tow us brighter and clear the object behind us. It's more dull and foggy. For this reason, I recommend you to take big brush for the background and small brush for the object that are closer to the viewer. That's how we can create the space in our canvas. There is no need to be detailed in the objects. In our case, the load sleeps that are behind and how to pay attention to the foreground and to the details we will see in the next video. 11. Lotus: - you can apply the same basic principle about creating William toe every object, so the part over the battle that is closer to the light will be lighter. I am adding more white toe the color mixture, and the most talk apart will be in the area where petals are near the stem. I'm using my A brush number one with a round tip. - The lotus flower is regarded in many different cultures, especially in Eastern religions, as a symbol off purity, enlightenment, self regeneration and reverse. It is characteristics are perfect analogy for the human condition, even when it roots are in the dirtiest waters, The lotus produces the most beautiful flower. According to Buddhism, every person has the potential to become perfect and enlightened, and it is just a matter of time until each human riches delight. Buddhists believe that it is necessary to be reborn thousands of times, publishing one being through many incarnations until one reaches new wanna, the high state of consciousness that humans can access. So the border is sometimes depicted sitting on the lotus flower, symbolizing one who overcame the pain off that prevails in the material world and become enlightened, just like the lotus Far, which starts to grow in the dirty and muddy water but manages to surpass the water and produce a perfect flower. Each flower has its own symbolism, and white Lauder's symbolizes purity. Rest A year Lotus is associated with spiritual ascension. That is how you can feel your artworks with symbols. And let me tell you one more thing. The energy flows where attention goes. This is one of the universe laws. For instance, you are doing sport while watching TV. The energy flows not in your body, but in pictures on the screen. If you are concentrated on growing your muscles, you're focusing on the breast. You imagine your beautiful body and you will get it sooner. Or it least you feel more energetic. The same story about art while painting nature, beauty, bright motives, your kind off absorb this happiest symbols in your subconscious. - Okay , we're almost finished. We just need to make some final touches 12. Details: - way , way, Theo way . 13. Finishing touches: When you're painting for a while, your look becomes forget. The eyes are used for the picture and do not see it fairly. Make a few steps back and see the pictures sort off through someone else's eyes. Here I see it once the areas where I want to put a bit more shadows. Also good to make picture on your smartphone or use a mirror to see picture in it. You will see at once the moments you want to correct. I see that my painting lacks details. I want to add something and flowing lines. They bring a big life and dynamic to my con composition. Satchel eyes are also part of my style. I encourage you to experiment and at some details to your piece. You definitely have something special in your artwork. Maybe some strokes shapes that makes you recognizable. - Our Buddha is finished. I'm so happy with the result. I feel serene beauty when I look at it, a sign off, a great job and full dedication to the process 14. Final thoughts: guys, I want you to look with all love at your painting and few gratitude to yourself. You are amazing as you dedicated time to develop your skills and reconnecting with yourself . If everything was doing do, it was all heart, says Botha. And that's what artist, too. We a painting was all heart, and this is truly beautiful. I'm thrilled to see Buddha in your style. Feel free to show on our stage, even sketches. I will be happy to give feedback and answer any question. I hope you like my class. I would be so, so glad if you leave. Review. Press forward button on top. Check also my other classes about auto botanicals catching what a color body illustration and romantic and unique gift inseminated paper craft Thanks again for watching be Will and healthy. See you in the future. Glasses by