Achieving Excellence Through Collaboration and Culture Change | Nicole Le Maire | Skillshare

Achieving Excellence Through Collaboration and Culture Change

Nicole Le Maire, I Create & Support Modern People Ops.

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19 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Achieve Excellence Through Collaboration & Culture Change Promo

    • 2. Brief Overview

    • 3. What To Expect

    • 4. About Your Course Facilitator :)

    • 5. Definition Of Collaboration

    • 6. Collaborative Partnership

    • 7. Collaborative Learning

    • 8. Introduction To Achieving Excellence Through Culture Change

    • 9. Fostering A Collaborative Culture

    • 10. Cultural Transformation

    • 11. Creating Synergy By Transforming Jobs

    • 12. Mapping The Future Of Organizational Excellence

    • 13. Adapt To Survive & Thrive

    • 14. Innovation Is Critical For Competitive Advantage

    • 15. Principles Of HCO's

    • 16. Developing Sustainable Change Leaders

    • 17. Building High Performance Teams

    • 18. Happiness At Work

    • 19. Wrap Up Of Achieving Excellence & Culture Change


About This Class

The business world of tomorrow is developing faster than we can measure, and many organisations are already feeling the change that comes with globalisation and the need for sustainable leadership. This course will highlight some of the major forces that shape the new world of work.

Without clear guidelines, the culture of many companies is slipping out of the hands of the board and managers must work to stabilise their leadership initiatives so their organisations can maintain a level of productivity that can compete in the modern business environment, and also has the power to influence long lasting business growth.

Keeping promises to your talent, providing for their needs and communicating successfully are the driving powers behind managing change and achieving excellence. By finding new and interdisciplinary approaches to capturing knowledge creation and flows; promoting creativity and fairness for social goals and of social impacts of innovation.

In this complete course Nicole Le Maire, founder @thepeopleengine will discuss the key strategies to foster collaboration, you will learn to rally employees behind shared values, redefine employee roles inside and outside the organisation, and master the crafting of human-centred organisations that drive performance and profit.

And we discover how you need to adopt a new attitude to collaboration and culture change, to become less power focused and hierarchical and to embrace new methods of working.


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