Ace through Ten of the Minor Arcana of Tarot | Heidi Snelgrove | Skillshare

Ace through Ten of the Minor Arcana of Tarot

Heidi Snelgrove, All you wanted to know about Tarot

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11 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Aces and Air

    • 3. Twos and Fire

    • 4. Threes and Air vs. Fire concluded

    • 5. Fours and Water

    • 6. Fives and Earth

    • 7. Sixes and Elemental Friends

    • 8. Sevens and Elemental Enemies

    • 9. Eights and Elemental Neutrals

    • 10. Nines and Tens

    • 11. What's next?


About This Class

This is a look at the first 10 cards in the Minor Arcana in relationship with the four elements.  After this class, you will learn how to use the Minor Arcana Card’s suit and number to determine its meaning even if it does not have an image to work from.   We will look at decks that use Wands as Air and decks that use Wands as Fire.  We will look at decks with no clear association at all.  At the end of this class the Minor cards will be clear to work with and add this to the Major Arcana for Tarot Meditation class and the Getting to know the Tarot Court class to become comfortable working with any deck, even if it is new to you.  The Project for this class will be creating a quick reference Grid for the Minors.


1. Class Introduction : Hi. Welcome to minors. One through 10 of terror. This is the second class in a three part series introducing you to each of the cards in the 72 card Tero deck. The first class was called Major. Are Khanna In this class will be focusing on the minor are khanna but particularly the numbered cards in the minor Khanna as opposed to the face or court cards. The third installment of the class is the face or throat or court cards and getting to know the court carts. The other topic that we're gonna be discussing in this class is the elements learning more about the properties of each element and how that relates to Touro and how we work with a system called elemental dignitaries To get clues on how the cards you're gonna interact with each other during a reading. Yeah, again, My name is Heidi Snow Grove. I've been reading tarot for 30 years under the name Mystic Tree. You are welcome to contact me at Tero at LH designs, treat yourself dot com, which is the business I do my art with when I'm not reading Tero. I'm a glass artist or you can look for me on Facebook under Mystic Tree Tero. Get to the page there. You'll find some information in both of those places about what I have here. It's Gil share as well as other services I offer for it with terror readings. In this lesson, we're basically just doing an introduction. So in addition to the information I just gave you, I want to go over the class project because the class projects an integral part of this. You're gonna want to download this grid today after this lesson and then have it available as we do each of the other lessons. If you're like me and you listen to a lot of these things while driving, that's fine. But take a few moments after that to go in and fill in this grid where it'll get away from you. There's a purpose to this. It's not just busywork. What you're doing is by creating and adding to these this grand in each of the three classes, you're creating a quick reference guide for you as you're learning terror. We all have those bad days where you can't quite remember this or that, particularly in the beginning and having a crib sheet that you yourself have filled out as opposed to using somebody else's. That's got short reference and short information that keys into you helps. This one's a little different than the one we did in Major. Are Khanna here? Were the top grid focuses on the elements, not the cards, and asked, What suit is that card have to do with What suit is it friends with what Susan neutral with and what suit suits does it have an antagonism with? And we will be talking about that during the elemental dignitaries. Portions of the lessons. The bottom grid is the cards numbered Ace to 10 an air fire, water and earth because that's how we're going to talk about the elements. As you collect Tero decks, you will find that, Ah, lot of Dec's don't use the traditional associations. You may not always have a queen suit, or I not seem to many that don't have a cup suit, but ones and swords can fly pretty loose, too. And so we talk about these numbers in terms of their element. And as if you took the Tero structure class than you saw that one of the things that we did when we were reviewing or getting to know a new deck is determined what element it was using. For what? Of the minor cards. So it all comes together here. All right, well, I'm looking forward to this class, and I will see you in the next lesson. Download the form. 2. Aces and Air: welcome back to the minor Tero class. In this lesson, we're gonna be focusing on aces and air. This is Heidi, and I'm glad you joined me again. All right, So aces, obviously an ace is equal to one. If you played cards much. So yes, it is the first of the numbered cards. But more than that, it embodies the the symbolism of one which is unity and beginning. So what we see in the aces is the raw energy that goes with that element. And as you learning to the elements, that will become a little clearer. But when we look it in a large way, we're looking at coins as a lot to do with productivity and fertility because it's an earth card. And so what? We see how we see that reflected inside the aces with material success. So if you see this in a reading, a lot of times, what you're seeing is this idea that there's gonna be something good something a new period of success happening in your life. Wands tens reflect air or fire, depending on the suit you're working with and swords again could be error fire. So what? You seal for those two is if it's an intellectual card. If it's an air card, then you see the beginning of a new cycle, the starting of it. If it's a fire card, then you see it is a decision point something, but it's Yeah, you've made a decision. Something new is beginning. So they have a very similar energy here, and you'll see that a lot. As we go through these 10 cards. Cups always deals with emotion, and the base most primitive emotion is Rajoy. And so you get the joy of the beginning of of a new process. To me that's always keys into the first day of school or the beginning of a new project. I'm full of hope. I'm full of just raw energy to see what's gonna happen next. And that's the joy of the ace of cups. That said, I want to backtrack a minute and really talk about air with it and what this element is about. You see it? It could be a wand. It could be a sword, depending on how the deck is put together or how you've chosen to put the deck together. Because remember, as we said in the structure class. When it comes to deciding whether a deck is swords or wands. Which ones air? There are two schools of thought. There are some that say you pull out the little white book, the L WB, and see what the intent of the creator of the deck is. If they tell you what schellman it is, and most of the time they do, then that's what you use case close. There are other people who believe that you ought to look at the imagery yourself and choose what matches mucks most sense to you. What's gonna be the most intuitive, do you? The third idea is I have the way I do it in my mind. Sword row Is this wander Always that I don't care what the author intended. I'm gonna do it my way. None of those wrong. But whatever you start the reading saying this is how it's gonna bay. You have to continue the read the entire reading. With that mindset, you can't change ship mid journey because that won't work. But the Terra Dekel worked fine with you, no matter which way you do it, as long as you make a decision and you stick to it. That said, Let's talk about Air one of these two that go back and forth so it could be ones. It could be swords. It always has to do with intellect. It always has to do with what's going on in the head, the things of the mind, and along with that, we have the saying I'm too much of my own head. So you get eternal internal issues, an internal struggle, an internal journey. All of that together comes in to make up air. If you remembered from the major cross, there's a lot of yellow. Yellow is the color of air that's supposed to reflect the sunlight, the warmth, the clarity of their. And with that, we finish our first element. I will make your notes in your grid, and I will talk to you in the next lesson. 3. Twos and Fire: Welcome back. As through to our journey through. The miners were on cards number the twos, and we're gonna talk about the element of fire today. So the twos, it's not going to surprise you that the key word for two is duality. This has to do in each case, with two things either joining together or in conflict with each other. The coins is always about again. Prosperity futility are, I said, futility. What I meant was fertility, so it's not surprising that when they see duality, the coin cards is a card of earth, and it's looking at harmony wands or swords, depending on how you're choosing to read the deck. But think air focuses on joining of Will. This idea of bringing two things together coming into a mental agreement together is what you see in the aired the air twos, the two a cups, same concept, Ah, commitment, a joining of two things. Ah, marriage, so to speak or the striking of a deal, that idea of joining two things together and we get the sword. These air, the fire cards is really about fire more than swords, although I attribute fire two swords and in this. What we're seeing is just the stellar opposite here. That that duality comes into conflict and becomes Thean decision being of two minds having two choices and not be knowing which choice is the correct one. And with that, we see the conflict of fire. Why is fire of conflict? Let's let's look at fire a little clearer. It could be wants. It could be swords. I've told you that for my purposes. I'm my default position. If I can't tell, anything else is going to be swords. But it makes sense that fire has to do with passion. It has to do with desire, but that also often leads to have this group of cards having kind of a negative set of definitions. They tend to be the biting or the cutting of the sword, more action than thought, which is why fire has always seemed to me to be more of of of Sword and Wanda. There is, I think, of wanted something. You used the use of a wanded being something that requires a great deal of intellect, great goals, precision and the use was sword. While you have to be trained in precision to be good at swordsmanship. It's a heat of the moment thing to pull out. So that's where I get that at that concept. Okay, but you will see that there's a lot of negative within fire. I want to circle back around now that we've looked air and fire and talk a little bit more about this one sword thing. So you're making a call moved on your chart that says swords. You could almost cross that out and put fire and then use those definitions for either one . Thes two are so closely tied together that their meanings air almost the ability of going one way or the other. And as I said in the first in the first lesson, it doesn't matter which way you use a deck as long as you have a consistency throughout your E. So for me, the passion of fire is always going to go in the swords unless I'm working with a deck that very specifically imagery zit another direction. And then I try to make my adjustments. To be honest, what ends up usually happening is that sent those decks aside, and I don't read with him because they don't line up with my brain Well, and there's enough variables in a reading that you don't want any variables that you could take out of the equation. So having something that doesn't quite align with me is something I can take out of the equation. But you could just as easily if the deck your primarily reading with has them reversed and you want to use them. Reverse. Then when I have the word sword written down on on and on a new number, write it in the other call right in the wants column, it's up to you. I would take your grid and actually label them sword and then rather put a fire our air, whichever one you're gonna be using so that you don't have to be second guessing throughout this process. Which way you put it together. All right, that was a little bit longer than most of these will be. But I want to make sure that we get this clear at the beginning. Make sure you're failing out your grid, and I will see you in the next lesson. 4. Threes and Air vs. Fire concluded: Welcome back to the next lesson on the Tero Miners. One or a through 10. Today we're gonna talk about threes, and we're going to continue to talk a little bit more about the air versus fire thing. I'm really kind of hammering this in because this is something that most beginner struggle with tremendously when they start trying to use the elements in their readings. But first, let's talk about threes. I like threes. Three is considered to be a number of perfection. The idea of husband, wife and child that that set of that nuclear unit of three being stronger than just the two . It's considered a God number. This is for it. Out of this is where we get things like the Holy Trinity within the Christian tradition, the idea of Oasis, Isis and her Horace. And if you can tell, I Egyptian tradition is not my cup of tea. You see this in the three fates. You see this in the three crones. There's a lot of threes within the religious community, and three is always a power is always something of strength. It always denotes a completion of things. So what we see when we approach. The earth element of coins is the probability of skills. If I thoroughly know my craft, it will be profitable. So this is what reflected. If I have complete understanding of the craft that I work with with me, it's glass, then that will be profitable with the air card in my case. Wands, what am I doing? I'm planning. It's the completion of a process in your head. I have to get done with the planning stage before I could move into action. So with this is that completion of the planning stage in air with cups, we see the completion off the goal. What do you get when you complete a goal? You get success. So here you see success. The completion of a goal, one of my all time favorite minor cards, is in a debt called the Pagan Terror. And there's a couple of different pagan Tero decks with word pagan in their title. But this one was actually called the pagan terror, and the image for the three of cups were three young ladies sitting on the floor or no, I actually think they were sitting in a booth and they were toasting each other, and they had their books of their craft sitting on the table, and it was the completion of whatever working they were doing. And that speaks very well to this car. Swords. This is the fire that I'm using a swords, and with this you get complete completion but complete upheaval. It tends to be the stellar opposite of the others. So again we see that negative connotation. But it's the complete upheaval, and it's usually denoted by, ah heart with three daggers in it that it's not just betrayal. It's complete betrayal. It's not just okay. Things didn't quite finish the way I wanted to its they didn't come out the way I thought they would it all the stellar opposite of the others, where we saw success and cups. Here we see the exact opposite, the upheaval in the fire element. Okay, this air versus fire thing. I want to go over one more time just to make sure that we've got it down really clearly. So you have the intellect that his heir and the passion and action that is fire and they're closely aligned with each other and that it's hard to have success with one and up, not the other. If you live in your head and you spend all of your time thinking about what your next move is, but you never actually act, you will not succeed. You need both sides of this coin. So what do you do if I'm used to reading one way and all of a sudden there another way? Well, again, we talked about this a little in the beginning, but I'm gonna go back over it. You go with what the deck says. If you're comfortable doing that, if you're just learning, I would say always do it your way. I think you will start out in that extreme of I learned it this way. This is the way I'm going to do it. And then you will see yourself pulled back to a hybrid of the two. I don't just give in. I had one deck. I have one deck. I dearly love dory with a river that regularly. And if you will pull out its little white book and you read what the author said, the author is absolutely sure that the sword cards are fire in that day. No, I'm sorry. The sword cards in that deck. She swears up now on our air, but the background on two of her sword cards or flames and my brain can't get there from here. So I read that deck different than she wrote it every time. And that's fun. You just want to be consistent during a reading about what you do if you are intellectually capable of doing it, and you're a better person than I am because I'm not. You could sit down and do eight hours or the readings and change the way you did this in every reading. I think you'd be crazy at the end of it. I can't. So I start off the day with the decks I'm using. I try to make sure that every deck I bring and let people pick from has the same alignment . And if it doesn't, I've already pre decided that I'm going to read it. Same way is everyone else on the table because that makes my mind easier. All right again. There wasn't anything new in the elements section, but make sure you're filling out the number three data, and I will 5. Fours and Water: Welcome back as we walk through the minor number cards. And Tero, we're going to be working on card number four today. And then we're going to take a look at a new element for a change. We've talked quite enough about fire and air for a little while and we're gonna talk about water. Okay, fours, fours or different Nomadic new numeral Logically four is considered to be a well grounded number. A very earth in number. A cornerstone in a house is always foresighted. Indeed, a house is usually in the more traditional structure. You think of everything is being four sided. So it tends to have a lot of earth energy. And it already which has always fascinated me that coins the earth card has to do with the grasping of money. So what? This? It's not about the completion that we had in the last card. And this one it's Ah, I need Maurizio gathering in bringing Maurin. Remember that Earth is prosperity. We've said that a couple of times and we'll talk about Earth in detail in the next lesson. But it's about prosperity, and one of the aspects of prosperity is you have to bring it in. You have to create, um you have to create productivity. You have to create fertility. So this is the grasping at money at money and holding it close kind of is a juxtaposition of that. We have wands which is being at peace if you're well grounded. If you're completely stable in balance, intellectually, that brings peace. And so you get that intellectual piece, that intellectual calm for cups, which is all about the emotions of water. What do I get in that grounded moment? I get memories. Get the looking back at all I had of all the blessings that have been stowed me and ah, lot of times. If you get a four of cups image a card that has an image in it, it's very similar to the image you're seeing on your screen where you have somebody looking at the cups and just I'm going over What I now finally, you have swords. Swords have been kind of at action it in that movement in the passion of fire. What we see here is something different, though. When it's this grounded, we see the piece that follows the upheaval. Three was upheaval. So with four. We see the piece that fought for the rest that follows upheaval, peace and rest. I can to use those words very interchangeably, but in reality they're very different pieces about an intellectual calm. Rest is about a ceasing of action. So this is what we see in the swords. Is that ceasing of action? And a lot of times, Unfortunately, the image that it's that you see on the cards is the image of somebody's coffin. They fought the good fight, and now they're at rest. All right. Water. Water is the element of emotion. Think about the emotion of the of the tides of the waves crashing. It becomes all about the emotional moment. It also has a signal. Water, always saw, has symbolism in the subconscious. We saw that a lot in the major are Khanna that it's what's going under the surface. What's going on? You know, you can get upon that looks crystal clear and still, and there could be Ah, whole sea of things going on just under that surface, and that's where we get this. This equation with the subconscious psychic forces. Water was always thought and again, I think it's the it looks one way, but it is another way is where you get the psychic piece of this. Also, some of the first crying was done in pools of water. And so there's this connection to the psychic world, and then finally, family relations. That may seem kind of unusual to you, but think about it most your family relations air about emotions. But the other thing is, you have the whole process of motherhood, the great cauldron. So family relations are a natural fit inside the water element, and that gives you your element of the day and your card. For this lesson. Make sure you've updated your grid and we will talk in the next lesson. 6. Fives and Earth: Hello again. Let's talk some more about the minor numbered cards of two row. We're gonna talk today about five an Earth, and this will be an interesting lesson, Cause Five and Earth are both very interesting subjects. Start with five. What is five. Five is the sum of two and three. Duality and perfection. Two concepts that really don't go well together. Size also one and four God are are perfect. The perfection and earth. In other words, it's a very confused number. Fives very rarely mean anything wonderful in numerology, and we see that played out in these cards. Think of it is a table that was meant to have four legs and somebody shoved another leg up there randomly. It doesn't quite work right, and that's a pretty good description of the way five works in the Tora. So when I look at coins, what's five about loss? I was grasping for money in the last card, and then it just sort of fell apart. It's not put together right? It's it lost. Um, typically, if this is, if the two row has images on their numbers cards, would you see what this is? The poverty stricken two beggars in front of a church is a pretty traditional image, which is what you see in this card looking at air and wands. What you get. His obstacles. I was at peace earlier when I was in card. For now. I met Card five, and what I've got is more than I need, like one too many cook in the kitchen. The image, quite often see, is five guys holding ones that they've somehow gotten all tangled up in each other. You know, maybe if there were one less of them they could get get their crap together. But with five people there, they just can't do it. And that's that concept of five with cups. You see the cups that we saw on the four of cups where we were looking packed back at memories and success. And here we see the cups overturned, or at least half of them are overturned. It's almost like he was trying to carry four, and he was good. Then he tried to carry five, and now he's dropped half the cuts on the try, and so it's never one of the It's actually one of them worst cards to get in a terra reading because it means something's wrong. It's always kind of funny to May I get more shivers when I'm doing is particularly like from doing a light readings like I'm in a party or I'm out of a craft fair and I'm trying to keep things like pity and dead ended up. I hate to see this cardinal reading. Give me the death card. I know how to defuse that thing because it really isn't nearly as bad as people think. It iss this card crap. It's not gonna be a fun conversation. So that's the cups five cups. Then we get the five of swords. Another word for sword is tongue. What happens when you get too many tongues? Wag Ling, you get slander, and that's what you've got here is too many People have been wagging their tongues. Too many people been flinging their swords around, and now what you've got is a lot of mess, and that's what you have with within the fire cards for swords. Earth Earth is one of the easiest of the elements to really understand because most was understand, grew up saying that were phrase that's grounded or that really grounds may. And so the idea of that grounding that that I feel stable, I fill it piece. I feel level. I feel balanced is something we really understood. Stand And then there's motherhood, which to me, was the most grounding process I ever went through. Although when I think of motherhood, I'll be honest, I think a little bit more fire. But that's just because I my child, was a fire child. I couldn't drink enough liquid the entire time I was pregnant. But the process itself is just the salt of the earth, its grounding its mother. We also get along with that fertility comes prosperity, which is where we get money issues. Earth cards tend to have a lot to do with income. Well, along with income, we roll right into trade skills and talents. So if you've got somebody that one needs to learn a new skill or needs to make useful skill , they have that they're under using. It'll be the the coin cards that show up to tell them those things, and that gives you a look at Earth again. I'm going to sound like a broken record and say, Remember to fill out your grid. And I'm looking forward to the next set of lessons because now that we've gone through the 1st 54 elements, we're gonna take time to talk about how they interact with each other, so sixes and elements that Air France 7. Sixes and Elemental Friends: Hi, this is Heidi. We're talking through a through 10 of the minor, our Kana and Tero, and we're going jump right into it today because we've got to topics with a lot of material in a first of all sixes. Six is a combination of two sets of 32 sets of perfection. So we're going to see perfection again in what we're looking at and that idea of perseverance, the continuing your successes. So first we start with the coins. When we left the coins and card five, we were looking at beggars that were looking for lost success, loss, prosperity. So we swing to the other side of the spectrum with sixes and now we see just reward. You had the heart, You did the work. You had some prosperity. Then you had some hardship. And now you're going to get the rewards for your labours. And that's what this card reflects again, carrying that theme out in the last in card five, we saw ones that we're all tangled up together and couldn't get their crap together. So what we see in the wands in the Sixes is okay. You finally did get it succeed you got it on the mess untangled you got it done and now you fought hard for it. But here's your success. So hard won success. When we left the cups and five, we were in kind of a dark place. Half our cups had fallen, the other half were barely ahead of the other two were barely hanging on. We had lost over half everything. What kind of dark and dim? So what happens when we get to six? We see a re union where we saw people in the winter in the harsh times with the cups. Now we see flowers and sunshine and the cups filled with flowers, abundance and re union. This is one of my favorite cards to find in a reading, because often it denotes somebody or something that you thought was gone from your life. Coming back in a positive way. The swords of the fire card always has to kind of be it odds with everybody else. So this time what we're seeing is a difficult journey. If you remember all the way back to card three with the swords. It was a very dark card with three swords stabbing through a heart it was complete upheaval . So when you multiply that by two to get six, what do you get? You get difficulty, the image on the writer deck and it's a pretty traditional of image, you see repeated is the idea of a man with a boat full of stabs, swords trying to guide somebody across a river. A difficult time, a difficult journey. And that's where we leave the sixes. But now we're gonna take our first look at what all these elements, why it matters, why everything ties back to these elements. So much for May. And this isn't just May. This was a tradition of the golden dawn. It's a traditional breeding method that you see practised by a lot of people in Tero and the idea that if I know the elements of the cards and how the elements interact with each other, I can add a layer to my reading and see how the cards and on my table relate to each other . So the first step in doing that is to really come to understand how the elements work together. I mean, it's pretty obvious, but I have a whole card full of air than your in your head, but very few readings air like that. You usually have multiple elements. So the first set of multiple of elements we're gonna look at his elemental friends, and this is almost like playing rock, paper, scissors. It's something that's really basic. Once you get it, said the first time, it's hard. It's like Oda, but it's not done until somebody says it. So firing air friends, you gotta have error. We can have fire have there without fire. But you can't fire without air. They kind of need each other. An air rises when it's around fire, so it which intellectually is a good thing, so the two of them belong together. On the other hand, water and earth have a much better relationship. Think of the ebb and the flow of the tides. They come up and kiss the sand, kiss the shore and then recede and kiss the shore and then recede. There's the circle you learned in elementary school, where water evaporates from the ocean and it goes up into the clouds. And then it comes down to the earth and it feeds us in the plant life, the animal life and then Eventually it goes back into the water table, which eventually leads it back out into the ocean. And the cycle continues. They have a relationship or a bond, their friends. So make note of that in the top part of your grids. First time we're really using that top part as well is filling out the number six in the bottom part. And then we're gonna look on. We'll look at all three different states of this, and then we'll talk about what it means, So I will see you in the next lesson. 8. Sevens and Elemental Enemies: Hi again. So we're going through the minor. Are Khanna a through 10 and talking about the basis for elemental dignitaries and how they work. And this lesson We're going to talk about the number seven an elemental enemies. So the number seven in the last lesson we had six, which was two sets of three perfection, doubled in seventh. We have three and four perfection and man or Earth Or that that basics of four. And if you remember back to and you look back over the definitions of your four cards for was not the most pleasant. It wasn't the worst but wasn't the best. And things kind of went downhill at five, and then they kind of rallied it. Six. And here we are at seven and what we're going to see it seven is kind of another, another ebb in that ebb and flow. So in the corn cards, what we see is the halting of progress. We were going gay investors a few minutes ago. Now it's going to slow down a little bit. It's not impossible, but there's a bump in the road. We see a laborer, he's taking a break. He's got a large pile of something he's dealing with and a ways to get before he could do the next task. It's not awful. We all have these things you just got a motor through. If it were a major problem you'd be seeing Major are Khanna show up. Not this minor card, Then we're the Juans. We were seeing success in the last card and now we're back to difficulties. It's not awful. It's not as bad as five was. We're not seeing everything tangled into pieces, but we've added another rod to this pile and it's gotten a little trickier. So we have to kind of work through it and figure out how it happened. It's a season of difficulties. There's some challenges about In the four of Cups we saw memories and a little bit of looking back in the past. In the Sevens. We see a relationship to that card as we now see this person get a little bit daydreaming, not really focused on reality at the moment. Looking at all the possibilities there two ways to read this card. I have had people read. It is a very negative thing. I think it's it's a moderation thing. It is good to have dreams. So if you me if this is a season of dreaming for you, if you're stuck in a dead end job and you're trying to figure out what you're doing next, or your high school or getting ready to go to college or so many of those other periods our life, where we need to do a little dreaming this is a good card. What you've got to be careful of is that you don't get stuck in this card. I have a couple of clients that read for regularly. If you see this card back to back in a couple of readings with same person, that may be an issue. You may need to motor. Pass that get out of cups and get a little sword going on your life. Moving on to the swords, we saw heartache and the last one, and we see some more heartache in this one. What you've got now is hard feelings. We're back to that slander that we looked at in card five, and now we're seeing the results of that. There's some hard feelings. This guy. I mean, you can't even look at this image and really think it could be warm and fuzzy. I wouldn't want to be carrying a bunch of swords around by their blades out, and that's kind of what's going on here is he's getting cut up literally. All right. Moving right along to the enemies. This is pretty straightforward. We looked at friends before. We're gonna look at enemies now. What's the enemy of fire? Water? Old times. How did you put out fire You dumped water on? Nowadays we know better. But its base image back in time. That was what Wisdom Waas, Fire and water don't mix air on Earth. Okay, that's a little bit harder to imagine. Erin, Earth don't seem to have quite a negative thing, but it's more of the Earth. Is he down below the heirs up top. They don't like to mix with each other. Air doesn't like to be thrown on Earth didn't like to be thrown up in the air and air doesn't like to stay underground against the danger you have when miners air trapped without oxygen, we will start putting all of this together in the next couple of lessons. But next time we will be looking at the neutrality, ease and eights. See 9. Eights and Elemental Neutrals: welcome back as we go from a stew. 10 in the Tero Minor are Kana and we're on card number eight today and we're gonna talk about elemental neutrality za as well. Our eight you eight numerically is two fours and we said for was kind of awkward. It sort of balance, but it it's it's human energy. So it's kind of an impure in perfect thing and, you know, when you double it, it's still what it is. It's kind of ah, impure in perfect thing. But more to me, the eights instead of the new the number of the numerology. It's about the story arc we've been telling. So if you look at coins for seven, we were talking about a frozen process. We weren't getting anywhere. We were trying, but nothing was happening. Well, what typically happens we're after you hit that that wall and you keep pounding at that wall till you break through it. You gain something new. So what we see in coins and eight is we see a new skill, a new success, something new you can put under your belt. And so we seem on a workbench, working on his craft and that's that one skill that came out of that resistance. We had a moment ago with wands. When we were at seven, we had difficulties. Things were not doing well well. Out of the what comes out of difficulties. I need a sense of urgency and need to get stuff done. So that's what we see in eight is a time to get going, guys, Yeah, it's hard, but we need to get motoring through. So get a move on with cups. We were busy daydreaming. We were looking at all the possibilities. Well, what happens if you stay in your daydreams too long? You've a lack of order. So what we see in eight and cups is we've kind of let the things on this plane get a little messed up while we were off looking at the other plane to have a lack of word. We need to clean up our mess a little bit with swords. At seven. We had we literally said the swords were cutting them up. There was hurt feelings, an injury, and we were in a bad place and there hasn't been a pendulum swing here. What we've got now is we're simply bound up. If you think about it a lot of times, when you get your feelings hurt, the natural response to that was hurt. Feelings are the pull up in a into a cock into a cocoon and just close yourself off to the world around. And that's what we see in this image is they've been bound. She's not been bound by third party, though, understand that she's been bound by those hurt feelings we saw in the last car. So while this is restriction in its self imposed restriction that we need to get past, it's well within this person's power to get past this. Okay, neutrals, the concept of neutrals is really simple in elements. If you are not my friend and you are not my enemy than you or somebody, I don't care one way or the other about your a neutral. So with fire, I don't like water. I do like air. How do I feel about Earth? Yeah, who cares? So Earth's it's neutral and vice versa on the same level with their I'm passionate about fire. I'm cool with earth or I'm a little not so. I'm not so friendly with Earth. Take water or leave it so these are the neutral's. What that equates to in a terror reading is they don't affect it one way or the other. If I've got to water cards in an air card, the air card is not going to be a strong is the water cards in the reading? But it's not gonna be devastated either. It's not mitigated or or lesson. It's just what it iss. And we'll talk about those levels as we get a little bit more into the reading during a follow up class to this one on elemental dignitaries when we started when we talk about the building of story in terror, which unfortunately is beyond the scope of this little class. But we are going to take a look next at nines and tens and then try to string a few things together for you still after grid, and I'll see you soon 10. Nines and Tens: we're closing at the end of our journey of a through 10. We're going to look at nines and tens today, as well as to a little housekeeping on the elemental dignitary piece. So let's move right on into those nines. Nine is five, which was kind of an awkward card married before, which was kind of an awkward card. So what's that going to do to this journey? We've been on only last left coins. They had learned a new skill, so things were looking a little bit up. So in nine, what we see is this idea of this, this person, this trades person standing on their own two feet. I'm good on my own. I can do this. I got this. It's kind of the energy of that card with wands. We had a real sense of urgency in the last card in the in the in eight. This idea that if I want to get past this trouble I've been having, I got to get moving. Well, what do you have to do? After a burst of energy? You have to take a moment and pause, and that's what we see it. Nine. Is this. Take a moment and pause on these little journey that we're taking through the It's true them wants cups. First we had daydreams. Then we had a lack of order ends and problems there. So what do we get next? We see some dreams come true. The granting of wishes. Pardon the background noise. I have a cat being silly behind me. So what we see is the granting of what wishes we We've gotten some of that. Yeah, swords. The last time we looked, we were really restricted. What happens if we stay in that head space? And we allow the things that have bound us up in the emotions and the hurt feelings to remain? And we stay in that passion in that fire. And we never bring intellect into the situation and start being rational and calm down. We end up in great sadness, which is what this cards about is a lot of regret, a lot of sadness because we didn't deal with those feelings. We stayed bound up. And this is the progression of that. So I hope you're seeing that while with the major are Khanna. We talked about the hero taking his journey through the cards within each of the suits. One through 10. We're seeing that same journey in smaller microcosm. And we have that as we continue on to tens will stay with the coins. And nine. We were saying I got this. I'm good alone. Well, what happens once you become self sufficient? The next card is property. I'm not just good alone. I have acquired things. I have done something. I am prosperous. The tens are where we saw an ace. That raw energy of the elements into in in the tens. We're going to see the elements realized. So what's the realization of the earth? Prosperity, Productivity. So that's what we're seeing in in the journey of through the coins. So then we look at wands. And when we left left left wands. We were taking a pause to catch our breath after that Urgency. So what happens after we pause and we catch our breath, We pick up our burden and we continue on the pause isn't everything. It's We keep going. And so that's we end. Intends for wands is yes. I've been in my head. Yes, I've been doing this. Yes, I've been struggling. Yes, I've been making myself go. I took a moment. I caught my breath And now it's time to continue my journey. Continue my struggles. So in cups we saw the granting of wishes in the last car What comes at the end of that commitment? Family? What? That is so much the be all end. All of this card and of the emotional journey is I feel complete. You can only feel complete when you've completely given yourself to the people You love that There you have this card. Swords have been kind of a dark card all the way through. We left in great sadness. We had been in in eight. We had seen the fact that we he were incomplete bondage from our own emotions. We had the regret of the nines and in 10 complete failure murder of it. Actually, it looks like somebody has used this poor guy for a pin cushion. You know, the slander that that all those things that we saw as we made that journey through fire We now see it come to fruition. And the fruition is not good. This is not a journey we want to be on when you start seeing a lot of sword or a lot of fire cards in the minors. In somebody's reading, they need to have a tower moment. They need to have something that dramatically changes their past. Because the conclusion of this path is not something you want. And this is how you start reading these cards. You know, I've talked a little bit about it, and I want to put a class together and talk more about it. But why? Where did these elements and how do I get all this red together? Well, you have to not only know the little white book meanings of the of the minor cards, you have to understand what their journey, our Kias so that you can talk intellectually about the cards and talk about, you know? Yeah, I just had a three card read for you. You're sitting here. I've known you for five minutes, and I just got a tensile words and probably the next thing I'm going to say to you is, you know, is there something going on that if you keep letting it fester, is gonna land you and kind of a bad place? Is there something you're not? You're holding onto your not letting go up. Well, am I reading the meaning of the 10? Yes, the tens. What's giving me this clue? But I'm really leaning back on the okay, here's a 10. Can we go backwards and figure out what the Frick happened at seven. That landed you here so that Okay, this is where your rat or this is where you're headed. But but can we back pedal and figure out what caused it and move forward so that we can fix it? And that's where this guy's. And that's how this comes together. And again, if I see a lot of cards that are friendly to each other or support each other, those cards are gonna have more weight in the reading than something that's standing alone or five fire cards and one water card. Well, he's a minor player on the field because the fire guys have got him outweighed. He's they don't lend him any power. They drain power from him, and he's gonna be a minor player in the reading. So if he's the only good card in your reading, got it. Bunch of swords In this one little water guy, I don't care if he is the six of cups or the seven of cups and he looks pretty and he looks great. He's not the focus of the reading he might be. Would you like to have happen? But you're dealing with this. So the question becomes, How can I deal with this so that I can get there? Our I'd like to talk some more about the story where the next lesson we're gonna talk about what comes after this class complete your grid because we're gonna be talking about turning our project and in the next 11. What's next?: welcome to the last in the series of the Tero Minor cards one through 10. All we're going to do today is type solutions. Talk about our project a little bit and then we're going to talk about what's next. So let's talk about the other classism ball. There are three classes in this series. The major are Khanna, an introduction which you may have taken before because that's kind of my perfect track. But if you didn't, that's okay. Getting to know the Carol court cards, which is the rest of the miners that we didn't discuss in this class. It's the page night Queen King, and they're a little more complicated, so I wanted to spend more time in them, so I shortened them off by themselves. So that would be the next logical place to go after this class. And that completes the Siri's. But what we've been working on his definitions and an understanding each of the cards. There's a leap that happens between I know what a card means, and I know how to put them together in a reading until the next piece that you're that we're gonna do is a class called Tero storytelling, and the purpose of yet is to tie it all together. So that's what we want to do next. But your next stop, if you've already done May Drawer Khanna, is to do the getting to know the terror of court. Fact. I do that one next. Either way, and then if you need to circle back and finish off with the major, our economy, that's fine. But while you're in the minors, you might will finish the miners. All right, let's talk about the project. You want to make sure you filled out that grid that you've got Both the top and the bottom grid filled out that you've completed the Eyster 10. You've got the element you've made a decision about. Which element is swords, and which element is wands for you, and the purpose of this is deposed it now. If all you did was copy down what I put on the sheet, then if you post it everybody's, they don't look the same, and that's fine. But what I'm hoping is if I tried to give multiple keywords when I was talking through it. If some other word made more since you the one I had written down. Put it on. We share these for a reason. Different people will make different notes in the different columns. And if you look at each other's, it gives you an idea to reinforce. And on the right track of my getting this down, am I starting there? The more you read these, the more you see them. You begin to memorize them without having to sit down and make yourself memorize it. And that's important. This is a step stool tool. It is something that you're not just gonna want toe post and then forget. You don't want to keep it around. I still have the ones I use. I don't use them in a reading anymore, obviously, but I refer to them when I revert to them. Back in this class, I've referred to them when I'm writing with terror and what I'm doing. Meditation. It's a continual process for May, so having those cheats helps. And when I first started crafting terror stories, they helped a lot. So that's what we're going to be doing in the story class and the next class. We're gonna be working talking about the court cards, and we're gonna finish out this grid by adding the court card piece in here. I hope you're enjoying these. Please post the your project. If nothing else, it's a way of letting me know that you got something out of this class and that that's important to me because I'm very passionate about Tero and I. I want this to be something that you have, really, that that's a value, and I look forward to seeing you in the next one. Have a great day.