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10 Videos (44m)
    • Establish Your Job Interview Goals

    • Research and Preparation for the Job Interview

    • Dress for the Interview

    • Make Small Talk

    • Tell Me About Yourself

    • Have the Proper Job Interivew Mindset

    • Have a Strategy Memo for the Organization

    • Rehearse Your Interview on Video

    • Ask for the Job

    • Give and Get Feedback


About This Class


Imagine walking into every job interview knowing that you are going to come across your very best! Imagine getting your dream job!

You will know how to showcase your strengths and accomplishments in every job interview. You will learn secrets in preparation and planning that go beyond just checking out a company's website. Employers will take notice of you; you won't be lost in the pack. Finally, you will learn a foolproof system for eliminating nervousness before any job interview. This course will take several hours to complete, if you do all of the exercises.

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interesting course !ee vn though it covers mostly the basics, it is always good to get a refresher and some ideas to prepare for a job interview
Very profesional and up to date advise, I would strongly recommend to other people seeking quality information to succeed in their interviewing skills.
Maribel Reyes

Graphic Designer and Maker

Very helpful and insightful course.





TJ Walker

Public Speaking and Media Training Expert

TJ Walker is the founder of Media Training Worldwide and has been conducting public speaking training workshops and seminars since 1984. Walker has trained Presidents of countries, Prime Ministers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, Super Bowl winners, US Senators, Miss Universes and Members of Parliament .

Walker has more than 100,000 online course enrollments and more than 16,000 online students.

His book, "Secret to Foolproof Presentations" was a USA Today # 1 Bestseller, as well as ...

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