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Ace Essays:The Body of an Essay - Get Top Marks

teacher avatar Shellie Cleaver, Visual art + academic writing classes

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Ace Essays Body Content Introduction

    • 2. Body of an Essay

    • 3. An Example

    • 4. Why

    • 5. Referencing

    • 6. Class Project Ace Essays Body

    • 7. Thanks Ace Essays Body

    • 8. More Classes on Essay Writing

    • 9. Academic Teacher Introduction Shellie Cleaver

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About This Class

Join librarian and experienced essay tutor Shellie for this 11 minute class that will help you achieve better university marks. We explore what the body of an essay is and how to write one, step by step. We address structure, content, purpose, and referencing.

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Shellie Cleaver

Visual art + academic writing classes


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1. Ace Essays Body Content Introduction: Hello. Welcome to Ace Essays, Body content. Hopefully have watched my first class on a seeing essay introductions as this class will teach us how to write the introduction which forms the structure for the body of your essay . So if you're ready to stop with the body of your essay, let's get going. My name is Shelly and over your teacher for this cloth. My qualifications include a masters from Melbourne University For a degree that was very academic focused through this, I learned the out of essay writing as I saw my own work and marks improved of the time. I'm currently studying to become a library in my work in an academic library, Let's get started. 2. Body of an Essay: the body of an essay is where you demonstrate to the reader that you understand the question and it's content, develops the response to the question and supports it with academic references. Usually, the body of an essay will be made up of 2 to 4 main points. The number of main points depends upon several factors. The essay question, which may specify a number of factors to be covered. The word count for the essay as it is difficult to effectively cover, for example, four main points within a 1500 word essay. In contrast to 4000 word essay, I would be expecting around four main points to be covered within each of these main points . There are usually 2 to 3 sub points that you used to demonstrate the idea you are presenting. Each of these main points needs to have its own structure that follows introduction 0.1 point two conclusion and then a joining sentence to the next main point 3. An Example: But let's examine in detail how you would write one of the main points off your essay. Let's say the main point is claiming that the sky is blue. In the introduction, you might say the sky is the space above the earth. There has been much debate regarding its color. However. Research is now claim that it is blue. First, the context around this debate will be outlined, followed by exploration off the latest research that demonstrates that it is blue. Now that you've created the introduction to one of your main points and you've listed two main areas you're going to discuss, we move on to that main area number one. So you may say things such as the debate around the color of the sky began when this continued throughout and perception started to shift when most recent research has resulted in a compelling argument that it is in fact blue. Then you would move on to the second aspect that you were going to discuss. Recent research has uncovered that, and this has impacted the debate regarding the color of the sky by well, there. Some claim that the evidence has been carefully assist by and has leading experts claiming that then we need to round off this main point with the conclusion this conclusion sums up the two main points it may go. Despite the long held debate around the color of the sky, recent research has revealed evidence that proves almost conclusively that it is blue. These findings will change the way people experience the sky as when they look up towards it. They will be confident of its color. Now, I know this is a silly example, but the point is to show you the actual structure and to give an example of some prompting sentences that indicate to you the kind of things you may speak about in the body of your essay. 4. Why: By following this structured approach to writing each main point off the body of your essay , you are ensuring that it follows the structure that you outlined in the introduction. And this means that your arguments are more likely to be logically explored. This is important if you want to see your university s A marks improve because you're your marker is looking for you to demonstrate what you have let and your ability to convey that clearly and a really central part of cle communication is a structured approach, a methodical development of ideas. And you need to really make sure that you're not jumping from idea to idea throughout the essay. And that's the purpose off a structure for an essay. That's the purpose off in your introduction, spelling out what will be covered in the essay. And then as you write the content of the body of the essay, you must reflect that structure. You must carry it right through the essay. This is how you get improved marks 5. Referencing: a vital part of writing and academic essay is using referencing Know if you're new to university. Referencing may seem like quite a foreign concept, and it's a framework that exists purely in the academic world. The purpose is to demonstrate to the reader that you haven't made up what you're saying. It provides evidence that you have researched, and the research backs up the statements that you make any time you make a particular statement, any time that you make her direct quote, any time that you state figures or effects, you must reference these now. There are different qualities to references generally in academic writing. You would not use, let's say, a blogger or a non rigorous source. So part of developing as an academic writer is learning how to actually assess the quality off a source. Generally, academic essays reference journal articles because they have bean peer reviewed. That means that piers off this researcher have actually reviewed the article. It's gone through a feedback process. It may being returned for changes to be made and then resubmitted and assessed again by the time of journal article actually is published. It has Bain, um, assessed to such a point that it is now a reliable source. A published book is a reliable source. A government report is a reliable source. Web pages published by organizations and government bodies are reliable sources when you're referencing their different styles of referencing, and this is another key point is a p a. Harvard and more. Your university library should have guides about how to actually apply referencing styles, and it's a matter of learning. Teoh see the detail in how the references of formatted this formatting applies to in text references. So that's where you may say Jones states that blah, blah, blah. And then there are reference styles for the reference list, which is the list of the end of the essay where you list in alphabetical order the sources that you have used, you need to take note of things like, um, the use of capital letters amongst titles off articles amongst titles of journals. I need to take note of the use of full stops and brackets. You need to take note off where the space is. Sit in the references. All of this will cost you marks, if you if it's done incorrectly. So learning to reference correctly is an important aspect of academic writing, and it requires it's not difficult because you're following an example, so it just requires a little bit of patience to go through it and really look for the detail and make sure that what you've done reflects the referencing guide that you're using . Occasionally you'll come across an unusual source and you don't know how to reference it. And that's when you can go to university library and ask for some help. 6. Class Project Ace Essays Body: for your class project, you need to follow the structure outlined in this cloth and right, one of the main points often essay. It would be great if you could post this in the Project forum and I will review each of these and I will offer feedback and suggestions for ways that you could improve your work. Make sure that your project follows the structure off an introduction that introduces the Raider toothy general topic that you will be exploring in that point and that it clearly articulates two or up to four million aspects that will be addressed in that point. Then you move on to aspect one. Then you move on to aspect to and then you conclude the point which involves summarising the main parts of what you've been talking about and following that conclusion. You then right, one linking sentence that will connect that main point to the next main point 7. Thanks Ace Essays Body: Thanks for joining me on this class on how to ace essays, body content. I hope you have found it useful. And I really look forward to seeing your projects and answering any questions you might have if this class has been useful, plays like it and leave a positive review so that other students know it is worth taking. Thanks again for joining me. Happy writing. And together we'll see your marks improve. Well, the best buy. 8. More Classes on Essay Writing: I've recorded many classes on academic essay writing, so follow me on school share and you'll see all of the classes I've done. Here is the follow button. Click on this, and if you hover your mouse over this part here, it'll take you through to my profile as well. Under my profile, you'll see all of the classes I've created, and you'll be able to see the range of classes you could take on academic writing. He's a sample of some of the cake classes I've made s a success. Answer the question. Academic writing Basics. Ace essay introductions Boot camp. Start your essay today. Distinction essays, Secrets to success and s a success. Critical thinking. As you can see, there's a large range of classes you could take with me to improve your academic writing. I look forward to seeing you in these classes and to hearing your feedback on how your essay writing and your university marks have improved. So let's keep learning and improving and let's get started now 9. Academic Teacher Introduction Shellie Cleaver: academia is an entire world on its own. And unless you've come from an academic family, you're likely not to have any idea even exists. Before 2013 I had no idea what academia waas. I studied a finance degree. I was working Rito and I was ready to do something more skilled and more meaningful. So I undertook a masters at Melbourne University, and this two year degree was very, very academic, So I had to learn how to write excites from scratch. I'll never forget the experience of trying to write my first master's s A. I had five different guides in front of me, and I was literally pouring through them, trying to understand. What should a body Vanessa be? How do you conclude the essay? I had no idea, and I achieved a credit or possibly my first say, and from then my lob steadily improved. I'm now completing my second masters degree, where he academic library and I'm going to be a librarian. So I wanted to share my knowledge off academia and essay writing with you guys just to help make your journey