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Ace Essays: Write essay introductions for high marks

teacher avatar Shellie Cleaver, Visual art + academic writing classes

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Ace Essays: Introductions

    • 2. Your Ideas

    • 3. Research

    • 4. Structure

    • 5. Editing

    • 6. Class Project

    • 7. Thanks

    • 8. More Classes on Essay Writing

    • 9. Academic Teacher Introduction Shellie Cleaver

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About This Class

Join librarian and experienced essay tutor Shellie for this 10 minute class that will help you achieve better university marks. This class will explain the purpose of an essay introduction and will break it down into sections. We explore ideas for your essay, research, structure, and editing. Join me as we explore exactly how to ace university essay introductions.

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Shellie Cleaver

Visual art + academic writing classes


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1. Ace Essays: Introductions: Welcome to Ice s A introductions. My name is Shelly and over your teacher for this class. My qualifications include a masters from Melbourne University. For a degree that was very academic focused through this, I learned the out of essay writing as I saw my own work and marks improved of the time. I'm currently studying to become a library in my work in an academic library. Let's get started. So what is an introduction to an academic essay? It's the first thing your reader comes across, and it is the part of the essay that orients them to your essay, the point you're going to make and tells them what you're going to write about. Think of the introduction as a road map for your radar tells him exactly what to expect. It sets the same for the turn of the essay. Don't forget that the raider of the essay you're rushing full. We're also the markup of the essay, and so you need to make it as easy as possible for them to understand your essay so they can award you with the best marks possible. 2. Your Ideas: So you've been given her university assignment. You've got an essay to write. There will be an essay question that tells you what your essay should be about and your mind will usually be racing with. What should I write about? How exactly am I gonna tackle this? And how am I going to make sure that I get the best marks possible? So the first thing is to organize your ideas, to spend a little bit of time just to sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and just stop thinking about what will be your main focus. Usually, an essay has a word count, and Theis word limit means that you really do need to focus in on your ideas and be very clear about your purpose and your intent. 3. Research: after your initial brainstorming, I d. Where you tried to clarify what it is you want to write about. You most likely need to do some research because the purpose of an essay is often to educate. So you yourself me to learn about a subject you wish to write about, to spend some time in the library, searching online, reading through resources and get a sense off. The particular key results is you may wish to focus on in your essay and also uses time to drop down your ideas and flushed him out. Build them up a little bit in preparation. We're starting to write your introduction. 4. Structure: so you don't the groundwork about thinking about your essay question and the focus off the essay you're going to write now it's time to start working on your introduction and thinking about the structure off that introduction. A very important point is to ensure that you address every point mentioned in the essay question and that your language reflects the same language used in the question. This makes it clear to the marker that you have read and understood the question and that your essay will be addressing the question and the question only when starting an essay. The most important thing is to orient your radar. They have no idea what your question is or what you're going to write about. So lead the reader into the essay with a generalized gentle leading to the topic. So you may start off to the sentence that that draws them into the subject area generally and then builds on that and moves closer and closer to your focus area. You can't simply jump straight into a very specific topic without gently leading the viewer into that. Now that you've oriented the Rada to the general subject area, you now need Teoh. Use a few sentences to lead the view of further into that subject and lead them into the focus area off your essay. This may include telling the rate of why this subject area matters why it's important for this essay to be written. Need to tell your Rada why it's worthwhile reading this essay. Now you need to tell the Rada exactly what the purpose of the essay is in one or two sentences. This is almost like a basis point. No, a topic sentence. It has to be very clear and well articulated. With no ambiguity. The reader must know precisely the purpose of your essay. Now you must tell the radar exactly what you will cover in the essay and in what water. I usually do this by saying, Firstly, this essay will examine dr Dot Secondly, he says, say, will address, dot, dot, dot and finally, this essay will consider the impact off. Dr Dot Try to use different descriptive words in each of these statements, and generally an essay will cover to 23 main points, depending on the essay question and the word count 5. Editing: Now that you've had an attempt at writing out each of the sections off the introduction, it's bottle that you edit it. When we write, we tend to use clumsy language and use more words and necessary. So the editing process involves going back over what you've written reading through it doesn't make sense. Can I improve the wide express, The idea? All that extra words here that are dominated but are contributing to the meaning? We must be very careful in our use of the word count in an academic essay. The purpose is to actually still the essay with as much meaningful content as we can within that word count. So you using superfluous additional words. Having poorly written, lengthy, messy sentences does not achieve a university student. Good marks. So go back through your essay at your introduction and review it when going back through your introduction and editing it. It's very worthwhile to look at the essay question again and to make sure that you've actually addressed every single part of that question. Because if you miss anything you're going to lose marks. You're very came to get high MOX. It's also worth and looking at the marking criteria, which usually is supplied with the essay question. Because this tells you exactly what they're looking for. You need to really make sure that you are addressing every point mentioned in that criteria . There's no absolute rule about the length of an introduction for an academic essay. However, a good guideline is 10% off the entire word count. 6. Class Project: now that we've learned all about what makes an essay introduction and what its purposes and how to write one well. But you'll turned to actually put this into practice. If you watch these class, you're probably university student, and I imagine you have an assignment coming up, so why not sit down, read through your assignment? Question generates an ideas about your focus. Perhaps do a little research to clarify what we're gonna write about and then sit down and full of my step by step guide and actually writing introduction. Once you've written that draft review it edited. See if he can improve the writing. See if you can reduce the extra words that don't add value remaining and saying, If you really might clear for the radar what to expect in your essay. This puts you in good stead for them following your own introduction as a guide for writing the rest of the essay. Please post your introduction in the project section and I will view it and give you some feedback and awful ways to improve it even further. Have fun 7. Thanks: thanks for joining me on how the ace essay introductions. I hope that what I've taught in this class has been useful for you and that you gained a better understanding off what the purpose of an introduction is and how to write one. Well, if you'd like Teoh, write an introduction for an essay that you're complaining the moment and posted in the projects. I will read through it and give you some feedback. And then together we can see your marks improve and improve. Thanks again. And don't forget to like this class. 8. More Classes on Essay Writing: I've recorded many classes on academic essay writing, so follow me on school share and you'll see all of the classes I've done. Here is the follow button. Click on this, and if you hover your mouse over this part here, it'll take you through to my profile as well. Under my profile, you'll see all of the classes I've created, and you'll be able to see the range of classes you could take on academic writing. He's a sample of some of the cake classes I've made s a success. Answer the question. Academic writing Basics. Ace essay introductions Boot camp. Start your essay today. Distinction essays, Secrets to success and s a success. Critical thinking. As you can see, there's a large range of classes you could take with me to improve your academic writing. I look forward to seeing you in these classes and to hearing your feedback on how your essay writing and your university marks have improved. So let's keep learning and improving and let's get started now 9. Academic Teacher Introduction Shellie Cleaver: academia is an entire world on its own. And unless you've come from an academic family, you're likely not to have any idea even exists. Before 2013 I had no idea what academia waas. I studied a finance degree. I was working Rito and I was ready to do something more skilled and more meaningful. So I undertook a masters at Melbourne University, and this two year degree was very, very academic, So I had to learn how to write excites from scratch. I'll never forget the experience of trying to write my first master's s A. I had five different guides in front of me, and I was literally pouring through them, trying to understand. What should a body Vanessa be? How do you conclude the essay? I had no idea, and I achieved a credit or possibly my first say, and from then my lob steadily improved. I'm now completing my second masters degree, where he academic library and I'm going to be a librarian. So I wanted to share my knowledge off academia and essay writing with you guys just to help make your journey