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9 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Income Sources for Creatives

    • 3. Class Project

    • 4. Expenses for Creatives

    • 5. Donating Your Work

    • 6. The Engagement Letter (Terms of Service)

    • 7. Tracking Your Income and Expenses

    • 8. Working with an Accountant

    • 9. Conclusion


Project Description

Get started on your accounting the right way!

The project for this class consists of three parts:

  1. determine the types of revenue you want to track
  2. modifying an engagement letter to suit your needs, and
  3. identifying what you need in an accounting app.


I don't go in to extreme detail about pricing your products/services because Peggy Dean has a really great Skillshare class on pricing creative work. You can find it here.

For more information on what expenses you can claim in your business, check out my Skillshare class: Bookkeeping Boot Camp - Eligible Business Expenses.

I have attached two files for your reference:

  1. The Engagement letter template is a word file you can download and adjust to meet your needs. Instructions are provided in the file.
  2. The Keep More Money Workbook is designed to accompany my book Keep More Money, however, you can use it to make notes about what questions you'd like to ask a potential accountant.

Student Projects