Accessory Making: Crafting with Leather | How Did You Make This? | Skillshare

Accessory Making: Crafting with Leather

How Did You Make This?, Luxe DIY

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6 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Tools and Equipment for Leatherworking

    • 2. Cutting And Sewing Leather

    • 3. Crafting A Wallet

    • 4. Crafting A Leather Messenger Bag - Part 1

    • 5. Crafting A Leather Messenger Bag - Part 2

    • 6. Crafting A Leather Messenger Bag - Part 3


About This Class


Crafting leather goods might be intimidating, but it is actually fairly simple with the right tools and tuteledge. We at luxe DIY blog How Did You Make This? put this Skillshare class together as a way to equip you with the knowldge and techniques to make beautiful, high quality leather items of your own!   

What You'll Learn

Through exclusive video content and tutorials, lessons will highlight:

  • Determining leather tools to purchase
  • Discerning how to buy leather
  • Crafting how to cut, sew, and finish leather
  • Technique two different ways to sew seams in leather

We will be walking you through building a wallet and messenger bag in order to illustrate certain construction methods. You do not need a sewing machine to take part in this project, as you will be amazed at how much a few tools can accomplish.  

This class is perfect for anyone who wants to get started working with leather or someone who has some experience but would like to expand his or her skills. 


Though these lessons will be exhibited through the provided wallet and bag patterns, the same techniques can be used for many different kinds of leather goods.  Once you finish this class you will have the comfort and ability to craft all types of leather accessories!






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How Did You Make This? | Luxe DIY was created by the team of Kris DeGraeve and Carly DeGraeve. The website is dedicated to creating beautiful, well made things to wear and have in the home. Kris and Carly began working with leather years ago to complement their myriad of other handcrafted projects. Leather projects to date have included everything from bags to jewelry to home accessories.

The life-long designers and makers have had their work featured on H&M Life, BoingBoing, Craftsman...

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