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Abstraction from image

teacher avatar Tom Appleton, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Image

    • 3. Wave

    • 4. Glitch manipulation

    • 5. Adding Colour

    • 6. Composition

    • 7. Finalising

    • 8. Thanks for watching

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About This Class

How to create a a digital, abstract from a photograph using bitmap and image tracing.

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Tom Appleton

Graphic Designer


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1. Introduction: How goes my name's Tom. I'm a graphic designer, and in this tutorial, I'm gonna show you how smart saying it looks a little bit like this from just an iPhone, so just probably weren't exactly like this. It's just in depend on what your images like to begin with, sort of how you work on it as we go through the tutorial. But it's really great way of just experimenting, just creating something really random that you haven't got total control over. And you're sort of used on a website on T shirt design of incorporating my logo into before . And it's just really fun, really cool thing to play with, So this case died. 2. Image: Okay, So for this design, the only thing you need is an image. Doesn't really matter what the images like. This is just one that I took from Glass Embry This year. It's good to have sort of differences in lights and darks, lots of stuff in the pitcher stop house, but just sort of try out different things and sounds. Images with lots of dark areas don't work too well, but try the something out. So first thing you're gonna want to do is good image mode and then put it in gray scale. So from there, go back into image and mode and gets bit map and flan image. So your resolution, input and output should birth be 72 for the sake of design into a screen pixels per inch for the method. For this design, it's half tone that creates little dots, but definitely trying out all these. See what you can do with all of them. Okay, The frequency, the angles, all of these things that just experiment with there's no right or wrong. I'm gonna go with round, Okay. So you can see this is what it means by rounds from a distance. Looks like dots. Uh, if I was toe Hyundai go back flying again, 72 half tone, I make these lines. It would bay assuming different. So it's all just worth having a go and just seeing what each option does. So from here, you just want to save that. So you want to save it as a first shot file or a PNG file? Anything back groundless? 3. Wave: So next thing I do is place your bet Mop PST file into ill strata. Suppose give it rest Arise at this point. So the borrow on the top gives you the option Teoh Image trace. So you wanna go on Little Our tracing presets and such high fidelity photo This turns you photograph into a vector, which is quite effective when it's now made up of tiny little shapes that makes it completely eligible. So it looks little bit different, but still it's cool. Still still works how we want it to work so we won't do now is expanded. So this makes every single little dot a separate. That's a file from here. Like everything you want to make a copy of this dragging out to the side just in case Next one of coffee you've yet to file, go back into first shot, make a new document the width and the height will be exactly right because you've copied us first up. Always if you copy an image off the Internet if you can't be it for many, any software automatically makes document the size of the copies file, so you keep Resolution 72. Everything should be right at a press. Okay? Paste in your objects that they're smart object, all pixels. I'm going to go a smart object, and then I guy No, I've got a bit Might file back into very sharp, fully auditable. So next thing one day is made the canvas size biggest, so we can do more with this image. So we don't do is go image canvas size. It's important that this the dot is in the middle. Otherwise, when you change these factors, it throws everything off. So dot in the middle on, then for the sake of it doesn't matter to him. It's just any for the sake of this, I'm gonna put my wits that say 40 and just it doesn't matter too much. Uh, I can sense me anything, just to give it a little bit more space around the side. So, like everything duplicate you image just in case you mess up. So next thing you wanna dear, let's go filter the store. Now there's wave and Perla coordinates. These the two you can use just totally experiment with, um, birth. So I said the polar coordinates were going to use the way filter. So I want to go filter to start wave. So this is a fantastic future and for a shop don't have total control over it. But it's definitely worth just pricing with playing around seeing what you can do with it. So three types you got your sign, you triangle and you square. And these are just how the wave. So the sign is Marva, Liquefied wave, try and go breaks it down into triangular shapes on square in squares but definitely worth playing around with everything in this filter. So for now, we'll just play until you come up with something that we like. I'm going to use the sign for a liquidy effect. I'm gonna have a low number of January's. So it's not too much of a complicated pattern if you start to think that although with the looks cool, you're not getting exactly how you like it's and tones just press the randomized burn you can't undo. But like this that was awesome. And I might have not got to that just by playing around. So I'm going to use this. Okay, so this is what we get. So from here, you could then duplicate this layer hide that one rest, arise the later and then do something totally different. So you could then to start it and then use your probably quietness. Or you could even then put on a different wave. Another sign Oh, maybe just some squares over the top was to break it down, you know, so definitely just have a play with this. You can dio some really cool stuff. So for now, I'm just going to use the one I had to start with. So what you happy with how it looks? Hide your background layer Totally transparent background and you just want toe export. Save it as a backswing without background, so fertile file or a PNG file question that you want to get back into a straight 4. Glitch manipulation: So once you saved your for short wave bit mapped image as a but round this file, you want to bring it back into a strainer. So start off by just holding all juke cans, outboard or going new outboard. Always keep a copy of your previous wack. And I wanted to hear is dragging in your file serving here. We want to demonstrate Sit again. So we're gonna go there is trace the lower Wanna go high Fidelity photo. And again, this creates a little vector of every aspect of the design. So this creates huge files, but it makes images totally irritable, which is something that we touched on again. Okay, so once that's finished, just when I expand again and that's every single file. So when use your white selection tour next into the white outside there, So now there's no background on it. Still all the white in between, but it shouldn't matter too much. So put that back. So the next thing you're gonna want it there it's goes objects and angry. So this causes bitter chaos because now every single no bad is on grouped. So you need to keep track of exactly what you're doing So this is the way starts being fun . You can just highlight everything and his own your own groups. Can you see a line toe? So from here, you can use the alliance outboard or aligned to selection. So if I was to aligns, Outboard could distribute everything sideways vertically and just see what happens. It's like to all this bring um and then a condition announce of that so I could just grab a little bit and then just just alone that very cleat and distribute it to the top of the page to create sounds on s ah, just cut through the middle. The line in dispute to the center can do anything that this just just play around and see what you can come up with. If everything's in, grades can use the diary selection tool. The white, our just select a part of the image now gets a bit fiddly, and it could get a little bit annoying. But with always anchor points selected, you can then select one and drag and the whole all those on components drag in a different direction so you can craze over a scan effects like this. Oh, you could even just delete them. Cut through the meadow, track them down. What kinds of cool stuff that you can dio and nothing's gonna lose any quality because it's a life dressed. It's all vector rised. So from here, I'm gonna drag outside and just leave it where I can come back to it. 5. Adding Colour: so second bit further will start by making a new out. But it's important to keep everything tidy when you've got so many different big files going on all on Greer's. So once you got two different copies of everything into the same with your original bit maps image, just one group, the more you do this to slow your illustrated will be. But just make sure you keep saving. And just in case you lose, you work. So again Now, every single one of these tiny dollars is its own vector, which makes it totally traceable. So just like we thought, I just start off by playing around with the airline lines out bottle and station. Really cool stuff. Just see what else we can do. The very common distribute space in the horizontal distributes based on the bond. These will distribute your objects off the art bars, which could be a good thing. Could be about. Thing often means you wanna scaler thing back down to fit. It takes everything away off, but still, I was really cool. For the sake of this is going to straight to the center horizontally. Make a copy drug out. They're in a group this copy. It's important when you're working with two so glitches that at least one of them is groups . Or you can have a nightmare. Different Shane which one you work on any time. So the next thing is to just add cover and really easy. Just highlight everything. Make sure you cause on RGB such a car. I'm just going to go with Blue really bright ACI people there we can you've been. You may have to start a grayscale call first if they were just doing great skills in the original Photoshopped document says this hour. Here, the options and the color palette changed RGB and then you'll be given you cause so for this tonight, this one Pinks, I So it's worth at this point. Experiment in with Grady ins. Les styles transparency. So just experiment with composition. One thing to try on the transparency pad as you blending my so you could learn which of these does dark and often gets. What is the white on? An image could be really useful exclusion and difference that tends to put your images of negative the only real way to explain its future. Just try, but It's just interesting to say just what your lifestyles conduce over another color current, different effects. So this point, I have everything on grease inside, sing a little bit everything just to see what happens. Okay, so creates a really cool effects connecting. Do that. - You know, I'm there we go. That's something I quite happy where they could definitely continue to work into it. But it's a good start. A project for a poster you could at type to it. You could add a logo into it. 6. Composition: So once you happy with what you make and definitely just continue to just experiment experiment with areas of so full color experiment put ingredients on. So happened with blending birds The dots obviously go come from the bit map the non it bit my image whereas the wave your dots come from the images that looked a little bit softer may have looks a little bit too soft with more than one shade gun. Um, but when it's all flat, all looks really crisp. Looks really nice. So from here, it just all about composition. So I'm just gonna copy death, obviously a huge file coffee. That and I just got a standard a far document to work. So I'm gonna pace that end there is so going to group the whole thing together now. So now that we got was pasted into fresh a for document experiment with how we could competitors, maybe a poster with this design. So gonna leave this on here and we're going to create a new out bart to work in a background. So I'm going to use the rectangle toe. I just cover the whole boat, so it should just be solid white. So I'm gonna go to the grading tool for now. Credit graded. Okay. Just go for a pink and a Blair. Just really similar to what? I've got really bright glare. We could change the angle just so it doesn't look like a really standard grade in Just keeps a little bit different. Next time Dio is we're gonna hold, hold all drag it out, Making coffee. I'm gonna change the cause. Something totally different. So I'm going to go yellow and I'm going to go. Maybe Sion so good to great inns could change angle Teoh is totally random. It's just old case of just experiments and seeing what you think looks good. So I'm gonna align this to the outboard of this search. Place it exactly over the top. Select one of the great Ian's use the transparency and experiment with abundant moves. Lay in two different grade ins over each other. Just create something really cool. Something that you just might not have thought off without. So you might like something you might like Luminosity. Contract it out. I would say this is how it wasit just puts like a life. But I can then go back and edit discretion. I could change the angle and change study. I could change the that's rule type two radio could change colors for wasn't happy and just see what it does, you know? But I like to Sion and I liked millennia at 45 degrees, you know? So that's the sales to play around with bones. Gonna look these two lays downs of that ground. I'm gonna hold all always making a copy and drug it and put them in your output. So you see it most behind, So just objects arrange on bringing to the front. So where this has got blending modes on things, it's time to happen to try different things. Yeah, I think that was pretty cool. So then just start to see this size in scale. You know, I always just keep it live, keep making copies. Earth in drug grab brought out. Just hold. All, make a copy of it. You got two identical one. So now we could try something different. I could try where it's at in this round se and changing the background or even put in the background on top of the design. Something different happens. Gonna go back. I'm gonna change my colors again. Goods pink. You know, maybe we're losing at this point. It's, ah, translating that, you know? So it's just worth experimenting with anything like that. This is still fully expose. You can always on group it. Ah, highlight. And then the lines of selection auto out. But just see what happens, you know, really cool stuff, you know? And all this is just from one photograph, just just a photograph off the iPhone. Nothing special. Make another. Keep a copy of everything. Such a great lesson just to have a copy. So you can always go back, take a little bit at in. So the last thing just how the whole thing can work is one flat image. 7. Finalising: so because it's still lie effects even though it's groups you can still change the color of every single tiny little dots, as opposed to changing everything is one solid object. So just start with God and for this and just use the same great it was before on a black background. And then you get something like this. So the grading is applied on every single tiny little dot given a really cool look. The reason this in grayscale is just because of a blended murdered that I applied to earlier So definitely worth experimenting with that city areas of negative space. So you can dio it's gonna tell you this part just refined. You can always so take what you have here and add to it you might like a little bit from here so you could use your white section toe drying out of box. Such just this portion going Edit Copy. Go back of it. Two newest version and paste out. Okay, so that's what we've got. So you could now take this group it use the blacks location, told us to move that and, you know, with little consideration, you could just edit beds in Athens place. So for the second, maybe make this but white, you know, market then un group on a line it something totally, you know, a line through the middle, unlimited things you can do with this. 8. Thanks for watching: Hi, guys. Thanks. So it's for watching. If anyone has any questions, just definitely let me know. And I'm really excited to see what everyone can come up with. The worker in this style, So definitely person where it down below.