Abstract Universe Illustration: Paint Sphere with Watercolor | Anna Koliadych | Skillshare

Abstract Universe Illustration: Paint Sphere with Watercolor

Anna Koliadych, Illustrator & Watercolor Artist

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8 Videos (23m)
    • About this class

    • Supplies

    • Techniques

    • 3D Sphere Understanding

    • Color Combinations

    • Patterns Practise

    • Time to paint the Sphere!

    • Conclusion & Share Your Project


About This Class


This class is about watercolor and how you can create step by step a beautiful Abstract Sphere in a special way! 

I launched Abstract watercolor workshop in London this winter and I've noticed that for the almost all of my students were difficult to paint some abstract illustration.

So, I decided to create a detailed class with steps, tips and instructions of how to create the abstract artwork. I have thought the Abstract Sphere would be a good example to show you. 

I am sure if you will follow my simple pieces of advices, at the end of the class you will be able to paint your own unique Abstract Sphere.  

This class is suitable for any watercolor painting levels. You don’t need to have some special knowledge or skills to start this class.

On one hand, you will learn watercolors, enjoy playing with watercolors and express yourself. On the other hand, you will be able to create your own professional Abstract artwork! 

You will learn: 

  • Watercolor techniques
  • How to paint a sphere in 3D
  • How to choose colors
  • How to draw patterns
  • How to paint an Abstract Sphere 

So let’s paint together and enjoy a fun way of painting the professional Abstract Art with watercolor.

Please share on Instagram with me and other students your beautiful Artwork by using hashtag #dearannart_abstract

Music: www.hooksounds.com



  1. Basic watercolor class: Magic Watercolors
  2. Color Wheel






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Anna Koliadych

Illustrator & Watercolor Artist

Hello, I am Anna :) I am an illustrator and watercolor artist based in London. I love creativity and Art. I have been painting since my childhood and want to share my passion, skills, and experience with you!

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