Abstract Painting, Dripping and Scraping Techniques | Suzanne Kurilla | Skillshare

Abstract Painting, Dripping and Scraping Techniques

Suzanne Kurilla, Painting & Illustration

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3 Videos (10m)
    • Intro and Supplies

    • Drip and Scraping Techniques

    • Smoothing and Finishing touches

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to expand your creativity and become more comfortable with abstract painting. Also, I will show you all of the supplies that you will need. I will walk you through two different painting techniques. First, will be the dripping technique and next, I will show you the scraping technique. After you learn these two techniques you will be able to create many amazing layers in your own painting. Color choices can vary, that is ok. If you want to use different colors, just make sure everything is balanced well with your light, medium, and darks. 

Class Layout

Intro and Supplies

Dripping and Scraping Techniques

Smoothing Layers and Finishing Touches





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Suzanne Kurilla

Painting & Illustration

           Welcome! Some areas I specialize in are Painting and Illustration. I have worked with children and adults of various ages and artistic levels. I enjoy creating content and helping others on their creative journey.

You can find my work on Instagram and mini-tutorials on Youtube, ArtwithSuzanne! Also, l have Art prints for purchase and more in my Society6 shop. 





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