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Abstract Art


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    • 1. Abstract Art

    • 2. Abstract art 1111

    • 3. Abstract art final


About This Class

This is fun class for, who like to play with paints and creat some iback ground.

Some Materials used were the: 

Black- Martha Stewart Living Textured Metallic Specialty Finish

Gold- Martha Stewart Living Textured Metallic Glaze Speciality Finish

Silver- Martha Stewart Living Textured Metallic Paint Specialty Finish

Americana Carousel Pink Acyrilic Paint

Apple Barrel- 21393E Fruit Punch

Spectra Glitter- Brilliant Silver

Canvas- 16' by 20'

About the Artist:

My name is shalina chranya Self-Employed Artists based in Lawrenceville, GA. I have taught many art classes for both adults and children. I have much experience in Acrylic painting, Watercolor art, Mixed Media designs, fashion designing, henna designing and making, and Oil Painting. 



Canvas painting Embossed Art design Henna design 

Watercolor Art 

Acrylic Art
Mixed Media designs Canvas Printing 

Superior organizational skills Studio management 



- Taught mulitple advanced courses in Art, Fashion Design, & Beauty 

- One of my collaborative art pieces was published in the Ismaili Magazine

-Donating artwork to silent auction during the Action Walk/Run since 2011 to helping to raise money for poverty in third world countries 

- Raised $5000 for global poverty through painting donations 

Art Teacher & Artist
Self Employed -  GA
Have taught multiple classes in Kids Painting, Fashion Design, Beauty, Henna Designing, and Acrylic Painting 

I am on facebook as http://www.facebook.com/paintingsbyshalina/