Absolute Beginner's Knitting: Make a Clutch | Julia and Susan | Skillshare

Absolute Beginner's Knitting: Make a Clutch

Julia and Susan, The master knitter + the movie maker

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9 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction to Beginner's Knitting

    • 2. How to Choose Your Yarn and Needles

    • 3. How to Cast On

    • 4. How to Knit

    • 5. How to Purl

    • 6. How To Read a Pattern

    • 7. How to Change Colors (optional)

    • 8. How to Cast Off

    • 9. What Now?


About This Class

Welcome to the Absolute Beginner’s Knitting Class. Knitting is a fun and relaxing hobby that allows you to create works of art that are both useful and decorative. In this class, you will knit a small clutch purse just the right size for a phone and wallet.

No previous experience is needed. Knitting websites or books may look complicated, but knitting is a lot simpler than it seems. This class will teach the basics in a fun and easy way.

I will teach you:

  • How to choose yarn and needles for a project
  • How to begin and end a knitting project
  • How to do the knit stitch
  • How to do the purl stitch
  • How to change colors of yarn
  • How to read a pattern

Using these techniques, you’ll be able to tackle many knitting projects. Suggestions for another project you can complete with these new skills are included in the final video.

I look forward to showing you the joys of knitting!