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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. What is Revit

    • 2. Install Revit 2017

    • 3. About Revit

    • 4. User Interface

    • 5. Options Dialog

    • 6. Open a standalone Revit file

    • 7. Starting View

    • 8. Project User Interface

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About This Class

Revit is a design and documentation platform that supports the design, drawings, and schedules required for building information modeling (BIM), and allows for coordination among all team members.

By the end of this class, you'll be able to:

  • Know about Revit and BIM technology.
  • Starting the software and recognize user interface.
  • Control the saving reminder, assign default view discipline, apply color theme, customize the keyboard shortcuts, control the working of double-click mouse, and place the location of ready-made templates and library files.
  • The safe and easy way to open the standalone file.
  • Assign a starting view.
  • Recognize project user interface.

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Samaah Sultaan

Mechanical engineer


I am a mechanical engineer, I worked at many disciplines: drawing, maintenance, technical and design. I'd like sharing knowledge with others that's why I started teaching five years ago during work then online, My wish that all people can get knowledge easily.

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1. What is Revit: Rabid is the design and implementation platform that supports the design drawing schedules required for Building Information Modelling. Bim and allows for coordination among all team member. Beam is integrated workflow built on coordinated radial information about project from design through construction, and into operation. In the Redfin model. If a drawing sheet, two-dimensional and three-dimensional view, any schedule, is presentation of information from the same visual building model really provides gradual quantities and material takeoff to quantify and analyze the components and materials used in a project. How many times you've changed your design? And start over again and washing. If you have a tool to buy you more time. Revered, give us a tool to explore alternative design in the building model. And develop, evaluate every design building components and rooms within the same project. Which means you will get a collection of possible solutions for particular design problem. When you're working on a design, you need to refinance good according to the system you're designing, software to calculate. And another one for modelling. Likely all of that is provided in the same environment. Irrigated. Revit provides a great tool for energy analysis to generate energy analytical model around in energy simulation and calculate heating and cooling loads. In blend mode, get. If you change an element in section view, you must change it in all views as well. Aggravate. Parametric change engine automatically coordinates change made anywhere in model views, drawing sheets, schedules, sections, and blebs. 2. Install Revit 2017: After downloading Revit package from Autodesk, psi, start following the next steps. Don't install the program. Double-click setup. Setup dialog opens up abortion. You find software name, and release. Instruction language, which is related to selected language or the software. And install button. Click and install. As a lawyer version software researching for previous installation for that package to be isolated. Then adding the new files from the list specify your location. Except Autodesk terms. Click Next to precedes the setup. We have here for items to be installed. The means of two air content libraries to use inside the program. Content for rendering. And the disk desktop. It's useful for Canadian software files in your device to your account. At other this scour updates and new versions to be installed and manage your account. Let's focus on the means of 28. Click the arrow to extend this thing. Check all these boxes. You can find discipline in this list. Specify if you need to use UK content libraries are not. Click the arrow to reserve to Broderick list. Clicking the arrow for the second item, you can select desired contents according to measurement units, or even unrelated to the contrary. Scroll down to find the country you live to. Scroll down to say, the default content by selecting the item from the list. And you can find saved location for each content, which can be changed as required. So if any contains need to find templates are missing or something like that, you can reassign its location easily. You can specify the location by yourself. What like an in both Proust to specify the location. You can keep it as default. Return to vertex list. You can find them installed files in this directory, which can be changed as well. By clicking browse and specify the new wealth. You can see that require this space for the installation. To overall frisbees in your computer. Click Install to receive the setup. Follow the breweries. And here you go, you will get lists of items. Item has green correct sign. That means it installed successfully. If God's residing, it means it's filled. Scroll down to see the whole product list. If you look at the desktop, you can find icons for installed product or even ended now, click Finish. The closer they wrote. Software, division is requested. Click Activate. And what serial number and key. Then click Next. The software has been activated. Click Finish. Douglass wrote about this, get this GitHub it as a left hand sidebar. You can find my updates, which contains all of this, of all apes in your device. I have here of this for reverse of two here. Other discourse on feedback that come from users about slow a troubleshooting and other issue or software then makes up this to fix these issues. That's why is 2M border to install updates, either downloading from your account at the desk side, using the other disk desktop manager. Sullivan required of it. Then click on the button to precedes the setup. The app starts to recognize system files at your device. Then there are loading the package. Extracting dialogue appears. The downloaded bucket needs to be extracted before installing. To specify the same location. If you need to change the above, select Change button, you can give it as default. Click, Okay. Click Install. Follow same steps specified Aegean except terms. Then click Next. Then the extension I need to install. Click Install. Click Finish to close the layer. Now you can follow the course tutorials and perhaps materials to vote what you've learned into action. 3. About Revit: Rabbit is Iranians is gradation platform that supports the design drawings and schedules required for bedding from mission Modelling, BIM, and allows for coordination among all team members. By the end of this chapter, you will be able to know about Dravet and Ben technology. Starting software, Erik of nice user interface, control, saving reminder, assigned default, view, discipline, applied color theme, customize keyboard shortcuts, control, working with DoubleClick mouse. And police location of ready-made templates and library files. The safe and easy way to urban standalone file. Assigned starting view. Eric organize projects, user interface. 4. User Interface: Let's start if it's software, starting with user interface. On the left projects section within the reason project lists. Use open when you cannot find the desired location in the recent project list. New. To give a project using template from installed libraries. You can pick up one of these ready-made templates, which can be changed as you desire. Isolate them very well. Ready-made templates for different disciplines. And family section within the recent families. Use open when you cannot find the desired family is a list. Use New to create family from scratch or use block made in another software. And other this to seek to download product. For using your Revit projects. To access commands easily. Use Quick Access toolbar at the upper left of the skin. Wherever it with a release year and the file name can be found at the upper middle. And the right. There is an Info Center for logging on, alter the server, exchanging eggs, and searching for specific subject in the community. Press head drop-down list. To read more about subjects. Use helper button to know about was a lot of this in Revit click Watson. You also provides some to scenarios, article and answer to get more knowledge and functions for software. That resources list is needed. The internet connection. 5. Options Dialog: In riveted, you can control the saving reminder, either assign default view, disciplined, do display, select discipline tool to display in the ribbon. Apply Color Theme, Customizer keyboard shortcuts, control the working of DoubleClick mouse. Improve the performance of graphics. Please, the location of ready-made templates and library files. Choose wherever the rendering will be done. And specify is file's location and control appearance of tools such as steering wheels and UQ. All of these are provided in the options there. On the upper left corner, click on Application water. Application menu appears. We have here many commands to use. Click option to display the dialog box. Select General in the lifted bend. You can adjust the time for the saving reminder alert for the project while working on local or centroids. Username reserved to display a 360 account username or your computer username. Options to set the default view discipline that will be displayed when you append the new Project. User Interface been to manage his or tools that display in the ribbon. If you do not need to click to uncheck. And it's going to be hidden from the ribbon. Shape the tool if you need it. Revit provides two color scheme for upper bar and tips, a ribbon, light and dark and gray. Click active theme list to select the desired one to sign, or it is the keyboard shortcuts, click Customize button. To look for the command. Click filter drop-down list. Select the same command name is a search text books. Bunch of commence a beer, cylinder desires one. Impressed new keys, textbooks into x100 shortcut. And then press Assign button. Selects the shortcut again and press Remove to be deleted. Also, inboard shortcut text file. Notice the file extension x m, n and TXT file to be used in another computer as XML file. To specify this object. Click mouse working, click customize. Customize, double-click settings appears. Press family list, select Edit family, environment into drawing area. Double-click the window. The family will be opened in the family editor. Go back the options data again. Select Edit type. Double-click the window. Type properties dialog box appears when my candidate or change the windows I as needed. You can select the behavior of others as well. To improve performance. And graphics pen, select the graphics moon that matches with your computer working and projects you're working on. Also, you can assign the drawing area, background-color, click Background Color, menu, click the desired color, and click Okay. Then you color is applied. I have received complaints about missing of the ready-made templates, which means rather the temporalis didn't install. Or the locations need to be placed again. If the tuple is our library didn't install, you may need to re-install the library, again, using as remove programs due to soil. To place the locations again, click file locations. If you have this list and the templates is not showing in the project section, pressing the fixed box for each clinic small button and browsing until you locate the template buff with desires you on it. Then brace open. For other templates. Templates, click templates and click up or down arrow. Also add a new template. Click add value. Well done. Assemble it to be added to set default buffets for other files as needed. Chesbrough is for each to do so. Also, there's more places for robberies. You can look it such as imperial and imperial detail, runbook, area book, and building block. 6. Open a standalone Revit file: It's risky to click River fire Tobin. Probably the projects will be crashed. The safe and easy way to open standalone file is using Open command. There are many ways to do that. You can select the file from the list using the application button, clickable list, and select project. I mean, dialog box appear. Navigate to the location where you have saved your file. Select the file and click Open. You can use open and project section. 7. Starting View: When you open a recent phi in the last assumed view will be displayed. You can specify which view will be open. Started up in Revit. So to begin, I want to assign the 3D modern as my starting value. Click Default 3D View icon from the ribbon. And manage project panel. Phrase starting from this drop-down menu, select 3D view recipe to exist. The day look. Click XI, going to close the project file, the yellow box, a prominent click Yes to ACIP saving the file. In the project again to see the 3D model is sine as starting view. 8. Project User Interface: To access commend easily, use Quick Access Toolbar. Quick Access Toolbar is located on the left side of the toolbar. In the Quick Access Toolbar, you will find tools such as open, save, undo, redo, take text and switching to 3D view. You can add or remove any tool from the toolbar. Click the arrow of the dropdown menu. To remove or add command. Click the tool icon. The ribbon contains tapes, and each of them includes panels, which contain most of tools we use to design our project. When you need a justice, things from a different discipline. Use tools or the current debts such as VAC. We can again, plowing, imbibing, and electrical. Status bar shows steps to help for doing the command. Drawing area, sublist item, and design the modern control bar to assign scale, item, presentation, sky and shading, appearance. Isolate and hidden items. And the unknown, the V log. To apply a dissolution item, use option book. In the drawing area, click the accession. Other option bar, enter width, height, and upset as needed. Pick up the desired value from each list. Project Browser is important to organize your project files. You can call the window from user-interface drop-down menu. If you look on the file, click views took subband. We can find mechanical and plumbing discipline. Under h0 discipline. The reviews on sections. And each category has many subcategories depend on the complexity of the project. Also, we can find lesions, schedules, rewards, sheets, families, groups, and link it fires. It's really amazing to have all these files in the same place to find whatever you want to work on. You can absorbs the CYP as when societies are litter and the upper portion of properties palette, click drop-down menu may appear, which can be selected as well. When you need quick access to view section and family use properties palette. If you cannot find the problem is valid. From the Libyan view label. Windows, Bannon, click User Interface, drop-down menu. Click properties shape box. The properties palette appears. And there is contextual tab which appears with the item is selected as this is'm. It has to construct cell types. One, chose tools for the item itself. And the other four relation between the item and whole system.