AWS S3 Command Line | Peter Fisher | Skillshare
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11 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. AWS S3 Console Tutorial 1 Basics

    • 2. AWS S3 Tutorial 2 File Upload

    • 3. AWS S3 Tutorial 3 Upload Folder

    • 4. AWS S3 Tutorial 4 Filters

    • 5. AWS S3 Tutorial 5 Download files

    • 6. AWS S3 Tutorial 6 Copying Buckets

    • 7. AWS S3 Delete Buckets With Contents

    • 8. AWS S3 Tutorial 8 Sync

    • 9. AWS S3 Tutorial 9 Permissions

    • 10. AWS S3 Tutorial 10 Move File

    • 11. AWS S3 Tutorial 11 Dry Run


About This Class

Welcome to the AWS S3 command line course from How To Code Well by Peter Fisher.

This 11 part course will teach you the fundamentals of managing AWS S3 buckets using the command line

Practical Hands On Approach

My approach with this course is very similar to my other courses and that is to offer practical real world examples of the subject. Each lesson will be based around a challenge which we will accomplish together in easy to follow steps.

Why Should I learn the AWS S3 command line?

If you master the AWS command line you will be come more efficient as a developer.  S3 operations will become much faster as you will not be relying on the Amazon Web Services GUI

Class Requirements

  • A basic understanding of the Linux bash shell
  • A decent Linux distribution
  • The AWS CLI configured
  • AWS account





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Peter Fisher

Web development teacher and consultant


My name is Peter Fisher. I am a freelance web and mobile developer from the UK.

I am the host of the How To Code Well YouTube channel where I talk about web development and have lots of coding tutorials on programming and web development skills.

I have nearly 2 decades of web development experience working with at web hosting companies, digital agencies and scientific publication companies.

Come and learn web development or brush up on your programm...

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