AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework

Stéphane Maarek, Kafka Guru, AWS Cloud Solution Architect

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31 Lessons (2h 18m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Pre Requisites

    • 3. About me

    • 4. AWS Lambda Overview

    • 5. AWS Lambda Console

    • 6. Deploying our first function

    • 7. Running the function from command line

    • 8. Updating the function

    • 9. Fetching function logs

    • 10. Removing the functions

    • 11. Serverless Intro Section Summary

    • 12. Create using Any Runtime

    • 13. YAML Crash Course

    • 14. Timeout and Memory

    • 15. IAM Permissions

    • 16. Environment variables

    • 17. VPC Configuration

    • 18. AWS Lamdba Pricing

    • 19. Real World 1 Overview

    • 20. Real World 1 Implementation Part 1

    • 21. Real World 1 Implementation Part 2

    • 22. Real World Example 1 Next Steps

    • 23. Real World 2 Intro

    • 24. Real World 2 Building Part 1

    • 25. Real World 2 Building Part 2

    • 26. Real World 2 Part 3

    • 27. Real World 2 Next Steps

    • 28. Real World 3 Intro

    • 29. Real World 3 Building

    • 30. Real World 3 Next Steps

    • 31. Next Steps


About This Class


A Comprehensive and Brand New Hands-On Training Course for Learning, How to Develop and Deploy AWS Lambda Functions Using Serverless Framework – (Launched in June 2017)

Do you want to advance your career by learning AWS Lambda and getting hands on with the Serverless framework?

Do you want to learn how to easily deploy and manage your AWS Lambda functions with the Serverless framework?

If you have answered YES to the above questions, then you are at the right place.


Building backend for your web and mobile applications has never been easier. AWS created this revolutionary product in 2014 named AWS Lambda; in which you don't have to run servers, you just run functions! You can then infinitely scale your backend automatically based on the load you are getting. The days of managing a fleet of servers are OVER! AWS is the next IT REVOLUTION, and you are at the right place to learn about the best tools to get started with it!

This course is designed for Developers, DevOps and Solution Architects who want a deep understanding about how to use Serverless Framework to deploy AWS Lambda functions. This course helps to learn how to develop, deploy and manage AWS Lambda functions easily with Serverless Framework with real world examples.

Course also covers all the required installations, the AWS Lambda Core Concepts, YAML, the Serverless Frameworks and all the required things you wanted to know, so that you should be confident enough to develop and deploy your own Lambda functions in Serverless framework.

This course also covers the details about real world examples such as S3 Thumbnails, REST API and AWS Automation with EC2 Start and Stop.

Why I should take this course?

  • With over 2.5 hours of videos and 35+ classes, you will be confident to develop and deploy AWS Lambda functions easily with Serverless Framework!
  • Our aim is to make you confident and know everything you need to successfully develop and deploy AWS Lambda functions with serverless framework as soon as possible.
  • You will have all the required hands-on experience and you will learn through real world examples
  • In this course, you will understand the architecture of Serverless framework, how Serverless Apps are Built and Deployed
  • You will also understand about how AWS Lambda works, how AWS Lambda is used with Real world examples and how they are interacting with S3 and/or CloudWatch
  • You will learn how to build a basic REST API using AWS Lambda, the API Gateway and DynamoDB
  • You have life-time access to this course and a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed with this course

Overview of the Course Contents -

Section 1 – Course Introduction: In this section, we will have introduction to the course. We will talk about what are the course pre-requisites, course objectives, who are the targeted students for this course. You will also have code available to download which will be used throughout the course for learning!

Section 2 - AWS Lambda & Serverless - Getting Started: In this section, we will get started with the understanding AWS Lambda using AWS console, how to install NodeJS and Serverless Framework, how to deploy your first function using the Serverless framework, how to run, update, fetch our AWS Lambda Functions directly from the Command Line Interface (CLI).

Section 3 - AWS Lambda & Serverless - In Depth: In this sections, we will learn about AWS Lambda and Serverless in depth. We will create a AWS Lambda function using Python. We will learn about how YAML works and its usage in the Serverless framework with a practice exercise. We will learn about AWS Lambda function timeouts and memory settings, and their impacts, IAM permissions, how to provision them using AWS Lambda Serverless framework, how they impact your functions, defining environment variables in AWS Lambda, how they can be used in your functions, how you can configure your AWS Lambda functions with Serverless to be in a VPC so they can access your internal resources such as EC2 servers or RDS databases. We will also understand the AWS Lambda pricing model in this section!

Section 4 - Real World Example 1 - S3 Thumbnails: In this section, we will gain understanding on the real-world example of S3 Thumbnails. We will have an overview of the S3 Thumbnail Generator Service, Docker installation, S3 Thumbnail Generator Service implementation and Next steps and ideas to make the Thumbnail Service better!

Section 5 - Real World Example 2 - REST API: In this section, we will see the overview of the REST API Service and understand how the REST API Service is built using AWS Lambda and Serverless in NodeJS. We will also learn to build the REST API and understand how the REST API Service is deployed using AWS Lambda and Serverless in NodeJS. We will understand how the REST API Service is tested, and Ideas to improve the REST API using AWS Lambda Serverless services.

Section 6 - Real World Example 3 - AWS Automation - EC2 Start Stop: In this section, we will have an overview of the Lambda Services, learn about a CRON job AWS Lambda, how to build and Deploy the CRON Job to stop and start EC2 Instances and next steps and ideas to improve the EC2 automation job!

Section 7 - Next Steps: In this section, we will see next steps which you can take in your learning adventures of the AWS Lambda and Serverless framework.


After taking this course, you will become proficient in developing and deploying Lambda functions with Serverless framework! You will know all the required setups and installations and management settings!