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AWS Fundamentals : Getting Started with Amazon AWS Part 1

teacher avatar Three Millennials, Development | Programming | Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Region

    • 4. Availability Zones

    • 5. Compute Overview

    • 6. Introduction to Computing with AWS

    • 7. Elastic Cloud Compute

    • 8. Creating EC2 Instance

    • 9. Lightsail

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About This Class

Do you want to learn how to take your application on the cloud, Do you know there were around 18 million cloud computing jobs globally. It’s one of the hottest skills of 2019 and of course, one of the highest-paying professions.

Learn AWS and be a part of cloud computing ecosystem. Amazon web services is the market leaders in this field. popularly called AWS, is a comprehensive and secure cloud services platform provided by Amazon. The AWS Cloud or Amazon cloud offers a wide range of infrastructure services, such as storage options, computing power, networking and databases to businesses, helping them scale and grow. Amazon delivers its services on-demand with pay-as-you-go pricing policy.

Try your hands on AWS and cloud computing with the help of this course. This course will help you build a strong foundation on AWS.

Let's see the Pre - Requisite For course

It can be learned by anyone from scratch. The cloud infrastructure is used almost by everyone in various ways. So, you need not be a technical pro to grasp It.

Myth – You should know coding to learn it.

Fact – To try your hands-on, you can take cloud computing courses and begin using a public or private cloud computing service. You need not be a coder.

Myth – CC is a niche domain only meant for techies and developers.

Fact – Anyone can learn it. It is transforming the way companies conduct business and this involves all the internal stakeholders of the enterprise. Therefore, It is equally important to be learned by managers, marketing experts, system administrators, and developers. Yes, approaches and specific aspects will vary with different roles and responsibilities.

Myth – You should have previous IT experience to learn cloud computing.

Fact – It can be learned by anyone from scratch. The cloud infrastructure is used almost by everyone in various ways. So, you need not be a technical pro to grasp It.

With the growing buzz and exponential rise of cloud dependency, demand for cloud computing professionals is not going to decrease in the coming years. The best way to learn it is to enroll in cloud computing courses and practice through hands-on labs. The lab sessions acquaint you with the actual AWS environment.

Kickstart your endeavor today. Let’s meet in the cloud!

So what are u waiting for Let's get started!

What you’ll learn

  • Cloud Computing
  • Fundamentals of Amazon AWS
  • Recognize terminology and concepts as they relate to the AWS platform and navigate the AWS Management Console.
  • Grasp the foundational servers, including Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS).
  • Understand AWS management tools, including Auto Scaling, Amazon CloudWatch, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
  • Understand the concepts of AWS Infrastructure, Networking, Storage, Databases, Scaling and Monitoring.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic Knowledge regarding IT, Networking and Communication

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who are keen to learn how to get started with using AWS.
  • Individuals who want to migrate their businesses on cloud.
  • Individuals who want to step in the cloud ecosystem.

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Three Millennials

Development | Programming | Entrepreneur


At Three Millennials, We share a belief that Sharing Knowledge is the best way to Increase Knowledge.

We transform students who are just beginners into paid professionals. Our courses diversify from Web Development to Mobile App Development (Both iOS and Android Development) to Python Programming, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and much more.

We believe that the knowledge we share today will become the leading experience for tomorrow. Our primary motive is to help others learn variety of skills and give them sufficient knowledge, so they can excel in their careers.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have regarding our Courses or any questions for that matter.

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1. Introduction: make a list of numbers and cheese on your dad in 15 starts every four on some few technology areas. Elastic compute cloud, elastic, elastic. - How do you monitor and scale your application? In moments reveal. Use Amazon Cloudwatch and auto scaling. Finally, we will examine how you can secure your environment and ADA blues and manage to a cloud with application revealed over the course off the glass. There's no according requirement for all of the examples and demonstrations devalues the AWS management console. In the next segment they begin, but then one of you then they will talk about AWS regions and inviting through our application, introduced six Compute Services and nine people into Amazon Elastic compute, after which they will have a look like service quickly. Education Just a long to help Make sure you're on the right track. So again, welcome to this fundamental getting started with AWS 2. Overview: very come back. So let's give a quick overview, wake up less and services. So the first question is Borders Club for Exit. What is either blue? There's many definition out there, but we are going to go with for the school. The idea often on the mind. I see. So this is they are delivered over the Internet, each one of those parts. I didn't work it the idea often on the month. You don't have to make any advance contract with AWS. You don't have to use what you what are your requirements, and I don't the moment you need. So this is like story and compute on networking. They're available immediately without any advance contracts, which goes to the scene as soon as you grow more that you don't have to have any people tired, there's no minimum requirement that you need to pay to aid of this. To use a deliver. Nobody in dinner means it's secure and every living anywhere for you and your business. That's what bloated but a better question can be. Why do we need AWS in first? Some people might say it's just a substitute for what you have on your mind. But I see if we look at the idea off fighting a series of actions, and some of them are very important to your business, and some of them are common everyday. Everybody needs compute. Everyone needs toward it. Everyone needs. I didn't get in my judgment. They don't exist to every minute. All those undifferentiated development they're your I T department needs. This means that you can spend time working on Waters Strategical unit to you rather than doing those repetitive common tasks that everyone has to do. So what are things like? AWS provides that there are some obvious things that we have already talked about. The idea off Compute Bowman Media's that you can do all your calculations. Story off all different types networking that allow you to have your own time. Also, AWS has a high level of security that many security features written especially for your operations. Team AWS has automation suits designed to deploy all of your applications. All of your database, all of your environments automatically. I don't think so. There were that can be delivered soup to nuts, right? There is a part of the service media services, artificial intelligence machine learning em and then adopting. So this is like game development. Identity management augmented reality, virtual reality, Big data analytics and the list keeps growing. So this was a quick overview. Oh, wait. A blue next topic. They okay how aws distributed service globally. 3. Region: they come back? He won't talk about how aws actually the pleasant services originally. So you start with that. We want to ask a question. What is a region then? To start with? A region is a geographically self contained area. They're all the resources union for your application, while the compute oil, the storage oh condition it's going to be inside us in the country boundary bounded by a single sector flaws and they're right No located. Boil it on the way This always Oakleys our regions For you, I look a decade. Consider this is a B C. D. Every region design yourself continues many regions all over the world. Every region design to be a self contained. You have all the assets one need good. Running is a British little reason prison is the right region for your business. It turns out there are four specific questions for considerations that you need to ask when you decide which one off this many global regions is going to be the right one for you. The first question. It's pretty obvious and it just do it. You have you go. It's make It makes a lot of sense. Thank you it does he There are your customers located. If you have got your customers, for example, they are living in a region already place, which is nobody. Then you have you go. Let's make it makes a lot of sense to run your application out off a simply because speed off, like is going to be a lot closer. Sure, you could ran over from B, but the distance are under group to get to your customers. It's going to cause that extra bit off leg that assembly. I know where David. That's just bit off light question so that spill your cost. OMA has you in a moment priority and certainly you can see becomes first consideration that therefore, each region will have the Franco each different country as their own. Set off tax laws, their own financials, intuitions. We will find the exact same services in different regions. They have different cost. Therefore, each region will have different cost for the same service off the cheaper regent's different regions. For example, our region is a wonderful place if you are dealing with militancy issue for your real customers. But simply due to local Texas, it also happens to be a little more expensive than many off other regions. So if project is one of your strong considerations, you make love. Look, we don't like off the cheaper Regent's, even though the agency, maybe more United States, came but examines, Oh, you might have European Julie PR requirements politician altogether, then this is the third consideration that we have to take care off bridges regulation. You might have specific United States anti be double it environment. Or you might have European Judy PR requirements e region. But anything that this complains outweighs any other consideration because off legal restrictions. So make sure you invest in the country. You are pregnant as a environments that Medicaid, everything right of it. Finally, the last consideration is service. Every beauty we try to rule every feature are He's, for example, a green there. AWS often releases dozens off brand new services, and those may take a few months who actually get into every region around the blue. So if you get released, for example, a Green men AWS often releases dozens off brand new services, and those may take a few months who actually get into every region around the block So here you want to pray one off the brain you services. Make sure you know rich region they are operating in. It might be operating over and regionally, or perhaps the Region B. You will find the right location for you eventually developed. Probably be running in every region. But if it's new and you want to try, check the region first, so that's why you choose one region over another. 4. Availability Zones: very come back. So in the previous lecture, villain port is a region. No. We want to ask what those region actually made off. What are the pieces back together? Comprised geographically separate. 80. Our region is a collection off every pretty zones. No, you can think often Availability zone as if it was a standalone Rita center. No, The truth. There's an alert easily might actually be more than one day a customer. Do you have a liberty zone? Can be made off to war. Three buildings, but it is still considered as a single object. Let us consider this box has then every duties one. A region always comprises off more than one l Utzon. There should be at least two allergies, ones inside a region necklace Mikel books to re present another realities on insider region . So this region has to alert seasons A and B This goes on. I said critter by my use of distance ends off my distance and this is done to protect your data to protect it From what? That they could be many reasons a natural disaster. Tell amity Technical failures order national emergency due to some dangerous started again bookies but this all things can cause enough trouble that you could lose connectivity to everything and that allergies. But you don't have to worry about it because AWS pigs get offer by creating multiple area so a region is made up of multiple Elliott easily. One is to not worry about the distance between them because AWS connects those duties with the proprietary high speed fiber network. Multiple lines between every absolutism, so you can treat it as a single area. But you can run your application simultaneously across all of the air beauty zones. You might have application servers, negra inboard, dozens, and you might have a day tubby's that you have got your master in one energies on. That connects to a standby in our different earlier diesel. The idea is, no matter what happens to analogies with a hurricane or a tornado or not quit, you don't have to worry about It doesn't matter if there's a temporary loss of connectivity to end allergies, because your application runs in both off them at the same time. This is how you can not only be effective, the scale able but also highly variable, all while running in a single region off your choice 5. Compute Overview: Hi, everybody two of it. Of course, we are going to be bringing out Soren List that I have a table application to show everybody how different it of services can work together to build an application. If you look here, you can see the stranger architecture we are going to use. We are going to have traffic coming and through the Internet to pick an elastic load balance. Oh, what we will call and he'll be from. The PLB will distribute traffic across our amazing elastic compute club. Or easy to instances. We are also going to use Amazon's and postal rates office or vestry to store doctor for a replication. And we will be using different types of databases behind the scenes Amazon dynamodb or on his own relational database service. What ideas? Let's take a look at water application is going to look like when everything's all certain he was our application. You can see we already have data populated in that application. You can see some students added in the table already, so let's go ahead. Okay, so I'm going there myself. So let's end of the name, Then enter the bed. They will enter the subject is a double s and finally the number. Let's interrogate off Bert and your And here we go. Let's click on it and the duties and soccer. So as you can see, the new entry is inserted at the bottom of the table. I may have a good man. Look it. So let's change it. We can change it back looking one, the date of birth. And it's so this is what our application is going to look like. They everything's one set. I have mentioned a few services like Elastic load balancing you see you doing is Genesis industry. Don't worry too much about Tech. For now, we're going to cover this Ndtake toe the rest of the course. 6. Introduction to Computing with AWS: Hi, everyone. Let's talk a little bit about computing with AWS. In the previous lecture, we introduced the concept off Compute as being one of the core services offered by AWS. In the upcoming lectures. We are going to dive in tow a few different compute servicers such as Amazon, elastic, compute or easy to and I'm his own night. See, before we get too much for Let's define what we really Mean like compute services. In order to power your business, you need some sort of compute capacity available. Do you put on your applications in the traditional environment? You will first need to estimate how much compute capacity you are going to need by the necessary harbor to support that capacity and turned up the computers. Also good on your application on. Once you deploy our application through those servers, you must maintain its over from the physical maintenance for perspective as well is drama software perspective. In contrast, then you're building a cloud application. You can shift to using a compute such a source of this morning, which allows you to provision and consume, but all compute also work capacity over the Internet, but pay as you go pricing. This will take of it the burden off standing up and maintaining those physical servers while still loving you to have the control over what type of hardware you need to run in the soft difference on top off it. In addition to building out and maintaining computer infrastructure and traditional on premise environment, what happens if your initial estimate off capacity was not enough or too much? If you are no provision resources, your users will feel the effects off a slow application or service laden's. He leaves to user dissatisfaction, which could impact your business. To remedy this, you need to go out but just more servers and follow the same process off, installing, setting up and maintaining those physical servers. On the flip side, if you are a provision, well, you're going tohave going to be paying for those idle resources, driving up the cost unnecessarily. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just provision the capacity you need on the mind? This is what AWS offers AWS Compute Services allows you to do just that. Those compute services can easily eliminate the pain off under provisioning or over provisioning resources by offering flexible, scalable and configurable computer sources in the club to meet your specific needs, AWS also offers managed compute options like Amazon, Light said, that allows you to use the compute capacity without worrying about provisioning or managing the underlying heart of it. In addition, AWS has other options that go beyond rose over Capital City. AWS offers container services that allow you to use docker to elastic container service or the Syrians is also offers your serverless solutions like AWS Lambda with the flexibility off AWS Compute services. One Kendra in virtually any application in the club in the next section level, discuss a few compute services specifically. 7. Elastic Cloud Compute: very come back, know that we have this post like a high level. What computer services AWS has to offer. Let's talk about one in particular Amazon Elastic Compute Club, or what we will call easy to from your owner is a compute service that allows you to provision virtual servers on the month each virtual server You provisions this call and easy to instance, just about anything you can do with the silver. In a traditional sense, you can do that with an easy to instance, They would have to purchase those machines, wait for the delivery off those machines installed them, lay down the networking and storage systems for those servers and then maintain that in infrastructure, who have any off the applications running easy to allows companies to provision servers on the mind, the doubt acquiring massive capital to build out that computer infrastructure in a double it. If you need us over, you can just loaned one, and it's available to you in minutes. Easy to instances are flexible, and you can configure them to meet your needs. You can commission one for many instances easily, and at the end off the building cycle, you only pay for what you use. Then you no longer need an instance one minute or stop that instance and you will stop and gutting charges the configuring ability off easy to extent to the platform you want to run . AWS supports a range off operating systems, including Lee Nuts. You're going to bring those and more who select the operating system. You choose an amazing machine image or what we call any Emma and AM I contains information about how you want your instance to be configured, including the operating system and possible applications to be installed. On that instance. You can launch one or many instances from a single AM I, which will create multiple instances that all share the same configuration beyond the operating sister. You can also configure the instance type and size, which corresponds to the amount of compute memory and networking capabilities available. For instance, this allows you to control the underlying hardware and the capacity off the card. With just with a few clicks or lines off court, AWS offers many different types off Missy. Two instances, different types of hardware, our best foot for different situations. It's instance. Type is a grouping off hardware technology that are optimized for various use cases. The instance types you can choose from include compute, optimized, memory optimized, storage optimized and more. For example, the G instance type is optimized for graphics intensive applications, which would work best for use cases. So just to de visualizations what really were in quoting the great thing about this technology is that you are no longer look into hardware decisions up front. If you choose an easy two instance type and then later realized a different type would have been back there sorted for that application, you can easily change the underlying hardware if you decide that you want to resize your easy to instance, that isn't a problem in the cloud. Either you see to is a very sizable resource with a few clicks in the console, or it can be done. Program medically through any P acorn. This enables you to embrace the change over time. You can do this changes manually, but a duplicity comments that you are to make the sorts off changes. But you can do with this using some off AWS are those offices. So how does this impact your business? Virtual servers are not a new thing, but with the flexibility and low cost me turn off easy. Two instances the ease off provisioning servers allows for program was and businesses to innovate more quickly. You can spend up servers for a short amount of time to run, experiment and find optimal configurations for your applications. This ability to adapt to change and act on insights into your fleet off instances is very powerful and achieving cost effective and performance system. So in the next section level, launch and configure and easy to instance to see how all this works. 8. Creating EC2 Instance: they come back? We just got done. Talking about what? An easy two instances. No. In this lecture, we are going to launch an easy two instance, and we're going to deploy our student dynamic table toe the PC. Two instance. So as you can see, we are already logged in to AWS management concert. So the first thing we are going to do it's to play on the issue to service console. So let's click on Issue toe. This brings us to the East E to Dish book. From this point, we can launch an easy two instance pretty simply, If I click on launch instance, it will bring us to the screen that we can select any. Am I? We have oil do define what any am I is doctors on his own machine image. It allows us to configure what operating system reps over what other software that we have running on the machine. So we're just going to go ahead and select a maze only knocks to, which is the 1st 1 right click select, and that brings us to the screen that we can choose an instance type an instance type again , his waters controlling the underlying hardware and the capacity that hardware can support. We are going to select, but you do micro because it's free tire eligible, and we will just click next to configure the instant details for the instance. So as you can see on the speed, the network option allows us to select a VPC by default. It is the default pieces selected. We can also create our own VPC and use you. I've ensured this and a little section for no. Let's go on with their different techniques. So at the bottom of the feet, we can see option for user data he was a traitor. Allows one could find four type of scripts will run once you're easy to instance, has launched. When you launch any issue two instance, you have the option off passing user data to the instance that can be was to perform common automated configuration tasks and even transcripts after the instant starts, you can't pass two types of user data. Do you see Shell script and cloud in the director's? I am going to use this script villain stall in a party so over on the A C two instance and then start After that, it will reach out to the source code and maggot up and download the court and move the contents toe. Celeste Celeste the w slash html, which is the starting point for the party's over. This user data script has been attached as a resource. So now that we have our user data, I'm going to go ahead and click next to their storage. We don't have to worry about this for now. They will talk about that later. I'm just going to leave their default and skip through text takes out a feature that I love you to categorise. The only easy two instances common pegs will be things like Name where you can name your instance or department so you can figure out which department owns Dark Instance. We are going to go ahead and add a tag. I'm just going to give it on me demo After this, The click next to configure the security group since we want that to be accessed over the Internet, which uses as 30 people cocoa and hence and the security group will create a new security group having type http and then we will select their new Since I am already clear. Good one. I will select the existing group. But you should select of a new life. No, We're going to click one review and launch it will. Sure. Warning ignored there. So on this page we can review our settings. Before we launch our instance, we heavily next machine that we are going to be launching. Well, you don't mind that to worry, Am I artistas type? Is it to you to Doc Micro again? I don't the Langhart of it. We have a security group that will unable at your GPS s as we schooled on, we can see the tag that redefined as well. All right, so go ahead and let's launch. As we learned, eight of let's ask for creating a keeper. So simply create and you keep it. Give it some name like a demo key and don't know the key. I have already created Lucky. So I'm just going to select the existing key and acknowledge that I have that existing key . So finally, we have long style Instance. It's going to take a few minutes to come up, but we can scroll down and click view instances. We are back at the easy dude eligible. We can see that that instant state, this banging and our status checks unusual izing. We are going to wait for the status checks to pass, and I didn't so state to be done. So as you can see, our status checks have been passed and, as two instance is up and running, and we can go and access the instance through its public i p address. So let's elected public i p address and based it in the dark. And here we go. Our application is life running in an easy go instance in a Web server. Recreate her. So let's Jake. If the application is working correctly, it's under the name batch Date of blood. Here we go time number and the subject and click on it and the rules and such as you can see at the bottom. So are repairs working successfully. So let's recap what we did. We decided to launch an easy two instance we selected and am I configured the instance Type gave it some user data which reached out and deployed at application to this instance, and then it was a so this is all for now. Now go out and create your own web sober using you see two instance 9. Lightsail: very come back. We just talked about a wide range of things that can be done on the Cito and compute at AWS , some off your dough. We just want to simplify the whole process. You don't want to go to the process or spending up any Setu instance. We just want a solution to running your application. AWS has a solution called lightsail that has a number off fabled options. You simply select, flaunt and you're done. For example, you might just want the WordPress site. Lightsail has won all irritable for you all. You have to do a selector, and for a few dollars a month, all of the management is taken care off on AWS site. So whether it's a WordPress site or perhaps an e commerce site lights, it will take care off all the choices. Techno you don't have to Me like still offers RuPaul. Jumla read my blessed and a whole variety of different options, also a depth and wide on my developers, good working with different options off lamp stack or a mean streak, but also Dr Environment. No, let's show you a quick demo off how lightsail books for their just click on build using virtual servers with lightsail on the AWS management console. A new lights help. It will open up. Click on Let's get Started, then, but we'll show you the instance. Location, for instance. Image. Consider I do you next or where it goes. Then we're going to create our first site. So but its electoral prints there are many other options you can select from, like lamp stack. No Js cumulus, magneto, RuPaul. Whatever you want. Toe. For now, let's look low. Press and move on. There's are devising plans and we will select the 34 Force Month plan for right now. Then just another instance, name and click on create and in no time, for instance, will be created. So, as you can see, this is our wordpress instance we can access our places using the public eye. Peered just so we will put it into other tap. And you know, people, this is our life. Say so. This is how Lightsail does this thing in minute