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AWS Database- RDS, DynamoDB, Neptune

teacher avatar Harshit Srivastava, Developer on IBM Cloud, Bluemix

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Database AWS- Intro

    • 2. AWS Introduction

    • 3. AWS Create an account

    • 4. Elasticache {demo}

    • 5. Aws Database Redshift

    • 6. Aws Database DynamoDB

    • 7. Aws Database Elasticache

    • 8. Aws Database RDS

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About This Class

In this course, we would explore AWS Database services available on Amazon Cloud. We would begin our journey be learning few basic requirements and fundamental tools like AWS-CLI (Command line interface) that can be integrated with various cloud services.

After that we would be learning all of the Database services- RDS (Relational Database Services), Neptune, DynamoDB, etc. We would be creating instances for each services with practical examples.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Harshit Srivastava

Developer on IBM Cloud, Bluemix


I am Self-Taught developer who had worked on various platforms using varied languages, and involved in various Projects both Open Source and Proprietary.

I have developed Web and Android Applications, chrome Extension, worked on various frameworks, fixed bugs for some projects, and explored numerous others. I think education and learning should be free and open, not be bound with restrictions like attending classes or going to college, People from all age groups, gender, faith, race, nations, etc must get equal privilege. When entire world would act this way like being a single FAMILY, we would truly realise VALUE of Knowledge and Human Life.

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1. Database AWS- Intro: Unorganized data can be a mess. Databases keeps your data is structured and manageable. Generally with the help of tables or document. It will help you achieve a lot of functionalities such as relations that allows you to find where this relationship using primary key second Ricky and much more joints. And we'll set the operations. You can perform various operations such as coating and you're driving information with an SQL query. Here we have query some information about a person's from the table. There are various kinds of databases, such as relational, analytical, value, document-based, graph database, and column database. And there are a multitude of databases available in the market. They address different issues and are suitable for specific scenarios. You how databases can solve this problem. You can leverage a wide array of databases, undergo Loved Database has are highly scalable and elastic. In this course, you will learn various Cloud databases on Amazon Web Services. So take your carrier to the next table, you start learning cloud database. Now. 2. AWS Introduction: Hi there. Welcome to this Learning Siris on Amazon Web services, or AWS, are simply Amazon Cloud. We're going to learn all the AWS services and products on would also learn how we can deploy and develop ah washed range of applications that endures i o T Application Web application on your application are simply I storage device Or did they were housing on complex er solutions. We can wait a last strange off applications on. We will learn here with practical demonstration and would create ah sample project. Um, you need integrity. We will learn about each of the services are productive one by one in dept. So let's start. So these are some of the winders most popular renders a gender Telectronics, xpr, TCL boobies off Vodafone and all be Samson. These involve are employed the use of Amazon Web services and rely on eight of Louis Club. So AWS has a world were the rapid pace of innovation from year 2006 or 678 with simple 24 applications are Amazon elastic cloud compute easy do with elastic block storage and now it has evolved to ah huge range of services and products in multiple categories like a compute database analytics. I OD. Even it has a game engine. It has an air and we are support augmented reality and virtual reality support for innovation and development. There really is competitors in the market for AWS that includes I beams Ah, blue mix Microsoft as your and Google Cloud But AWS is ranked first among ah, all those cloud winders in various terms in themselves, market capture AWS has over 34% off the cloud share it is Ah, simple. So simple. Developers are basic developers. It is a very washed for complex or advanced developers. It has, ah, very interactive and warming on simple to deploy their applications. So these are the services. These are various services that we can, uh, use to empower application and create a huge range of applications. It has analytics, mobile development AB development enterprise have hybrid cloud management management who's it is a marketplace where we can develop and sell our Cody when to our fellow developers or any other developers, we can work in a team on who started well, process to a chain. Yeah, here we get a technical support from AWS as well as AWS also providers learning content and AWS certification is most prestigious i t certification to do. Everyone is almost everyone is seeking and aws certification If he's a little too here she related to you Cloud computing It is a very reliable and, uh ever growing platform. AWS has an infrastructure services and it has very secured in love me. So why we need a cloud. Actually, cloud is used Teoh scale ever produced. You might have an idea. What about a cloud? Computing is if you have to develop. I'm entire infrastructure. I did you host a website or a complex CLP solution? If you have to install them on a physical bare metal server in your data center right in your office, you need some stuff workers to manage them and huge amount of celery and electricity bills and networking wheels, uh, have to repair tow them. And if your data has to be skilled up, you need more racks and racks in a data center. It will be hard toe every time. Control everything for forgetting realtor. Those things we shift to do cloud Amazon host all the infrastructure networking and other parts and we have to deploy our application and get in world toe. He's the services. As you can see here, these are the few services off Amazon Web services. These are the facilities and tools that we can use from all the categories. Compute storage content, delivery date obvious networking developer tools management tool analytics, mobile services like cognitive, which is very popular these days. Enterprise applications and other applications we can employ them on we need As a developer of cloud architect or developer, we have two graphs all the key terms in world here on which we are going to do and learn each of them one by one in a vet better on is low and the sturdy piece and we are going toe master these things At the end of the course we will cover all the theoretical part Onda build a practical solution. So this image Waas Ah offer dashboard aws services dashboard That was previously every level But now it looks like this Ah arrange a product has increased as you can see in earlier image There are Onley fourth every city in the compute category is he do is he to container services elastic greenish stack and Lambda. But now it has six services. If you do light till, which is a new surveys elastic containers of is Lambda and Batch, which is a new service, another services. Similarly, there has ah increased of services in each category. Either be machine learning analytics or other things. Ah, databases and storage services. We don't see him in analytics. We get had a new service that is quicksight at in, uh, we have, ah aws deep lands the pinpoint and other services. So we will learn each of them later. So thanks for no 3. AWS Create an account: well conference. So now we're going to create our own AWS account Amazon Web services account, which is right there for excluding all that. You don't necessarily says and deploying anything using AWS. So just search on Google or any surge India. It'll lose free to your account. I simply goto a the lewis dot amazon dot com This last free now on the top, right? Just hit the create an AWS account for 10 here you would be really director too, A link where you can create an account to simply provide all the information required first . Ah, there appear Fanny Melody does provide any Well i d ah cleared Ah chick that I am a new user then here designed the border under your name. If you are an individual, you can create an individual account. If you are a company or an organization, you can create your organization's account. It is very simple. Just ah, you enter your humility. You're grading shows your password and you type the password again. Then he declared, We're done cleared a going then your contact information is required. Your address the country. I'm just ah providing some garbage. Will you anything because I would really created an account. So this is an example for a company or organization you can select for any country. Example India. This provided this information and other informations. Address City State poster for phone number and other informations. Right here, for example, anything. And to the capture. No, just provide your payment information. The David card number or great card number. Name on your card. It is very important to step. Actually, you're not charged any amount until you select any services that are not in covered in your free account. It's provide all day in foreign missions and click the very fiber turn. Then there will be OTB one time pass for requirement for a religion. We're connected with your room. Well, phone number. We deal bank a cone when it is verified. I took an amount. Is devastated from an account, for example. ā‚¹2 are 14 but any such a month, it will be returned back by the Amazon Literally then entered a It would be when it is really fired. You can move to further steps. Identity verification. Yeah. Here. You need to provide your phone number. I'm a while. Number along with the country code Ana eight of Louis. There you will receive a call from AWS and you need to enter the pin, which is provided to you. After completing this is Chip, you can move further. It may take some time for verification, but north much time when your identification is completed, you can move to your dashboard. You can say that whether you are a basic developed for our students, our business, anything just said it from them. I'm this selecting basic and click guarantee new. So this is our, uh have gone created and you can move toe dash or sign into their account and get your user name and password they use their name is typically Yuri milady, and bus sword. And then you're you can access your dashboard and all the AWS cirrhosis. They're right. So this is a home pitch. These are all the services, and this is their account. I hope this works. If you find any other, you can call them 4. Elasticache {demo}: No. We're going to create an instance for Amazon elastic. Guess that you would find from ever getting through it explored. Okay, the blues go moved in the first degree. A class tickets option. Everything you do in catch memory are managed. Elastic cat instances. So this is the, uh, the dashboard for lasting get, which is a web service that makes it easier to launch. Manage and the scale are distributed in memory catch or the cloud you can launch a cluster , connected the Leicester and manage. So the management console. So here the getting started. Now lotion. Here you have Leicester engine options. The meme case to my body cast with which is ah, high performance already catch. You have to provide the name for the settings on the configuration, providing them whatever you like. You can also choose from the customer more animated or December. You can provide a description that is are gonna do. You can provide a Injun version compatibility or the port number through which it will connect on the perimeter group the North type? No, I could be large, small, anything like that and number of because for Iraq settings, you toe the subject groups provide a name. Thought you can also watch a private group once a cloud with BC Ryan the I d for BBC and provide the Southerners associated with the Voyager record low. You can choose from the preferred availability zones if you choose no professor with automatically be installing anywhere in the world in any eight of this region, or you can select the zones like us, US East, Singapore, Mumbai, anything like there, then you can select important later toe blisters, agreed the backup. The scene i d on the weave stylist relocation. You can enable a retention failure. The main Dennis and he did create working. When you are configured for these things, you can also set SMS notifications that could be integrated with Amazon. Pinpoint in the meanwhile after degrees inherited, I did they showing. Clearly the status is creating when it is created really crucial in the green color, the north dive, the shares north and everything. With this union, you can go through the options that is living on the left hand side. You can choose from back up the desert north barometric roof. The 78 groups you were elastic, it cluster climb, earn more, can always create a catch systems. To create a client, you have to work for peace. We don't know anything like that because it is a Web service. You have to call it from any programming language that is back in the rebel A foreign language. So what? You have to be a go. It's so there are various options. Have liver here. 5. Aws Database Redshift: so let us know. Explorer Amazon does ship, which use under in the database category, but it is not actually a database. It is a columnist. Relational Data warehouse. It is a duty that warehouse were our last tango data larger than their database is usually kept and restored. Ah, let us Let me tell you a simple example for those who don't know the difference between data base in the warehouse, which information is captain database and which is kept in a data warehouse? Uh, you may have booked a real etiquette train ticket. Metro ticket. Oh, are airplane tickets mumbling? So, um, I think from the perspective off the airline agency and when somebody are a large number of people book their tickets for a particular flight. Suppose, let's say British here, Miss British Airways carries over 1000 flights party from different locations across the world. So for each flight, almost 1000 persons are 500 people of for example, 500 people book their tickets online. Ah, they book ticket in it once, usually one or two months ago, for example, they booked a flight ticket for 22nd October 2018 22nd October the information off the people who will travel through a flight will be kept in a database when the D days usually required, You can perform very validation and other forms up Tater operations after 22nd off October when the flight has landed those people, the data is not actually deleted, but it is shifted toward it of your house, our data which is not using and not being used right now. But can we used in a near future for any sort of thing, for example, of being precious? So there is a problem for insurance claims. So how can the airlines industry verifies who were boarding on the flight if they have to maintain everything? Our database, the database will show so integrator because there are 1000 flights every day and they have toe lift details of 500 passengers each day. Such a huge challenge told the Davis So all the data which is not in current use this is told in the data warehouse So receptive A typical solution solo Let US expert board is ownership receptive. Called him the Relational Data Warehouse. It is you. It is massively parallel. It can perform Palop processing you did that that can be stored here is off the scale of petabytes. The charges for your storage is up to $1000 parted about, putting it 30 deep as compared to other solutions. You can use existing business intelligence tools like W and other tools, along with the airship. It is based on post school, so it is relational and you can perform SQL queries and operations. So this is a simple architecture for their shift. It has a leader nor the Compute North. And everything is matter. The D J Road Managers, the computer north who perform columnar storage and execute goodies in parallel slices. Either way, history on other sort of his storage the leader nor performed is based on post. Rest is towards meta data about computers. It can communicate with clients using business, intelligence tools and other things. It helps coordinate query execution. So this is simple scenario. Ah, we're the difference between traditional later real house and Amazon. In traditional data warehouse, you require a lot number of teen to manage your data warehouse in a demented physical facility and talking instead of synching administrators and other sort of developers. But with the ship. You don't need to worry about all sort of things. Everything is in cloud and managed by the cloud winder. You just need to upload the data or download our free trade. I'll just forget about it on a ship work with existing business intelligence tools. The tools could be act to a burst. Yes, for soft Jerry pulled MicroStrategy, pervasive Kabalu and more. They can interact with Amazon Russia using do BBC or only busy bridge only vCJD. We see driver for languages like Java Sea. Another connect using drivers from postal is SQL and other things. This is a typical scenario where we can integrate a solution with their shift industry. For example, we have a currently A data corporate data center. Uh, where are you? Stink of corporate devices told into the real house, and certainly our company for a start, feeling that we should migrate or data on the cloud. So how we can do so, we will defined the schema conversion toe, the established certain migration aliens, then the migration regions, possible data to Amazon s three bucket that is updated storage, and after your order ties to s three bucket, it has shifted to receive Amazon under chip their data Real house. We have excellent really solutions. When we copy or remove or date are definitely from any outside renders outside of warehouses and the traditionally storage, we firstly actually upload or data toe As to the booking, simple stood a service. Then we can copy that data toe, Restrict other flow of data which is quite simple and easy to manage. So this is Ah, the guest. How the shift work? Uh, you can A person can log invitation of loose can console Check it schema conversion tool for for mescal operation went on a school plane posted on Internet They intended Gateway goes to every little it his own for, uh, ideas initiative Our data migration said with For example, if you are migrating your data from RDS for oracle for my school off or any other thing, you can migrate your data from our ideas to their ship using data Various migration service I'll demo zone. It simply migrates over there are in the reverse process. You can migrate toward a definite direction to artists are there followed a That was 18 minutes. A receipt for your travel and collaboration. We can use it for the travel and collaboration. Also, because of this first, fully managed better about a skill making your simple and cost effective toe efficiently. Analyse ordered it Using your existing be a do is yeah, it is simple. You can also generate custom reports Ah, do and elicits were using any former panel systems have level on cloud. This is simple architectural off their chief is kept spectrum a person Ah, using any reasons intelligence tool could lugging our could enter the could, Um, I need a request using the A d b C or D with your bridge from client application goes to the leader nor the leader north. Uh, controls are divided. The task to other nodes the other north goes to independent is killing the spectrums. They perform certain tasks, and, uh, that task is reflected. Toe history and promise tree. It is again faced back. And just down where we use released their ship was killing and independent is killing. We could escape independence killing state performed directly. Leadership is killing beginning scale up over data. So trying, creating your own and it every have solution within a shift gift for the fund. What if you are building in our wants application? You can build a solution based on this. 6. Aws Database DynamoDB: here comes Amazon Dynamodb. That is predictable. And it's scalable. No SQL detector art in a race you gonna store? I did have detested or your data in Key Bell a former our in document or into databases with Amazon Dynamo. So now let us explore more taste. Dynamodb the animal BB is a fully managed, proprietary know escalate every service. It is not a relational kind of database. It can be integrated with How do why elastic my produce The language is framework that are supported with dynamodb Toby program our Java Nord tortillas. Go see sharp, dark hair pulled ph be by turn. Ruby Haskell on air land are the new form of Ellen programming language that is Alexia. They are supported on dynamodb the animal, the we It is fast, consistent performance Single digit Ah, millisecond latency. Very less Later as it is. Ah, document or rented. It is highly scalable and can handle Ah, a large number of requests simultaneously beautifully needs you infestation when you go with dynamodb. So hired works consist of it basically consists off. It'll USS Decatur artist. Two types of things dynamo be me Rep. FBI and dynamodb streams where pre I It consists of two fundamental entities there. Dynamodb were digitized, stored and animal the we streams that they used to call your applications. Our float in the catch from so they indicate interact with your application in the fashion Your application since ap a request r a p it was to STK Ah dynamodb baby p a and these teams first the dynamodb maybe a scored evidence request Then dynamodb steams it's called and it tripped returns A request on your operation is continuing. Let us test a use case for this. For example, if you want to do some Melgar and analysis, um, you can implement ah solution like this using multiple Amazon services Life dynamodb our aws Lambda s a hard works, you know Dynamodb you have to a large set off database data sets are restored. That is malware catalogue on even the store. Were you restored the details off from Algiers on even the first thing that happens in your system. Is that a threat? I have been killed with malware. Hashes are recognized with threat intelligence. His script or concepts which are verified are recorded on the Malval catalogue. It's told in 1940 weeks, which is being upgraded. Then the Melbourne catalog is Report the sensors off various devices reports, often insulation evens based on that malware hashes. Then Dynamodb creates. I streams off data their triggers. Lambda were your script. Several s a script for air applications like push notification and other things. Our store and Lambda compares against known mangle hashes that my new hash is compared to known hashes, and when it is, it is compare it published Alert upon match by using SMS and says notification, email, mobile Weber notification any kind of notification? Do the A sign responsible authorities. This way you can manage a software or, for example, this is a use case for and the and the weather's form that can dick organize a new kind off lattice are well, where you can with a large number of solutions. This is under use case for dynamodb. Here we have integrated multiple solutions that is Amazon. I O. T and dynamodb an MP a. Get well. We have ah developed and I OD application where I use there triggers and I ot even taste trigger. For example, a button click. Then I ate a Louis I o T, which integrates your i O. T device posted on Internet on the triggers and quite in the script by I W is Lambda Day script uses. Certain content is stored on your dynamodb database, which can trigger another bite. Any script or any other languages are simple functions. Why Amazon AP a gateway and your arrest will states can be gender. So this loss our dynamodb it is similar to Mongo DB or other no escalate document or Internet at risk. You can give it a try, you're digitizes told in adjacent former key value. Pierre. The documents you can also store and see his reformer are simply next four minutes, but you're detail must be in key value for money. You can check out more details and whether solution. 7. Aws Database Elasticache: So, friends, we have explored their services of him is on. Ah, now we're going to explore elastic catch. It isn't not a database, actually, but it is an in memory catch, which is a very fast because it is. Catch me, Moody. Ah, the data captain Ah, elastic catch is usually in a high demand and must require a high speed nowadays that kept in plastic cage. It is also a middle ear in between the Web browser and a storage. It improved performers off applications this period, your application by about bypassing database access industry storage. Elastic kage is used for high speed data access. For example, if you have created and website where ah person is supposed to log in with his credentials and then you traveled the resources from the database. But if your website request from a liberal time off Logan, then ah, tribal and verifying all the times from the original database, it's ah, tough job. If you can store some of the credentials or hashes in elastic, it would be better and easier for you. Do do so. It's supposed to types of Indians memory cast and released. You can use either off the to that it is very fast, rapid, and it is highly integrated. We would explore eight. Ah, in the coming is light and my body cast. So how we can integrate a build a solution? This is a typical use case, Lord Elastic get we can integrate other solutions like dynamodb aws Lambda in virtual private Cloud, Our MP again tree. This is a scenario were for example Ah, get session is ah started Get Request is made from the EPA Gateway are from the Web browser , which is passed through the A P a. Gateway. Do a specific function, that is Ah, this tour on AWS Lambda The longer functions could we set up stations function, extreme processor function and listed station song sent In this case, the first request is sent to set of station function. Then that function ah is gored on some operations under database dynamodb that is no escalator base or you can say replace it with ideas. What any other form of data with, uh, the function lambda function is called. Some operations has performed on the database or data sets. They tried a verified that would be logging or other storm of things, which then generates extreme, uh, dynamodb stream and triggers another Landau function that is the stream processor function , which then triggers elastic catch. It fits just some information from elasticache, which was in the back end facing from other database or a daily storage like history. We can also be definitely triggered by another descriptively stations function. This is a typical scenario. Not a cloud architect is going to device. Let's ah, study another scenario. This is supposed a Z have learned earlier. You can also host a starting website using history storage. You just need to upload some files esteem a CSS JavaScript files online and they are You just ended up finally for index file and you just click on the link link and as toe that file and it will open up So how it could be better work in an integrated involvement with using multiple AWS services. So let us see a typical example. We have hosted our website in history actually, So this is at the bottom right side that everyone and was honestly, this is dynamic content and the above one is a static country. For example, if you want to ah, open up our website. A browser maker made a request from any remote locations throughout the world to open this . A website. He has to You are ill which is directed to the AWS cloud for inter distribution and checks . Whether this website exists or not, if it exists, it's so just doing an STD storage and provide the link and a peach available. Tolliver Broza Badly. Here we used we made use off to services Amazon Cloudfront distribution and Amazon history Industry estimates that was kako CSS. A study country was kept another scenario where we want to, uh, dying to make a website. We can use another solution where some of our content is kept in s. Terry. Some of order ties kept in dynamodb or RDS or other form of data did everything. And we have certainly scripts that our serverless are lambda functions. Later, Captain London and we have a lasting catch were some vital information that are required multiple times used to be kept in elastic kitsch. So this is an integrated solution where we need we can imply multiple types of data bases as well as the storage options as well as Lambda functions with elastic kitchen here. When a brother make a request to open of certain website, it goes to Amazon. AP I get way passes through the virtual private cloud where your application, the sites it triggers and lambda function that to me call Amazon dynamodb subset. Some information from dynamodb fetch are right. Some information to our from rds relational that ever service using any kind of database. My ex girl post clears. Ask yourself, Are that things? Um Fitch? Or write some information using Amazon elastic catch that were exploding right now on with some log in credentials that maybe we could may require I am authentication to Amazon. Mystery No. We can use elastic age for rapists So let Electoral Goddess reddest. This is an option for elasticache. It has a menace. Always use existing planes Be as you go is every level Here it is every level in all public aws region national inch. It is not available And he was secret or U S government cloud because we can't host of their settings. Uh, sorry in anything in that region that is a stricter to some communism's. So this is not really difficulty very. It is a simple solution using elastic. It's when greeting the steps off elastic. Yet you have an option to reiterate this. You can use reddest to accelerate your application. It automatically made may fuse off elastic load balancing. If you do, application instances are police carriage. You can use Catherine. Really, it is simply catch for database or any kind of rich we can use it. In other scenario, the last ticket, for example. We want to develop an hired A solution Using cloud well, we make use of multiple AWS services, for example, certain even this being triggered by any AWS i ot device, which is what indicated or reflected. Why AWS i OD service Situated Service recorded with their service hosted on cloud based on certain Tomi and logging by their device which may trigger any AWS lambda function. Lambda Core. The several escort which may trigger which may require access two elastic catch or some data which is French from easy to elastic compute cloud are computed on their behalf and reflected back to elastic catch elastic kids, then otherwise, the data back to a double Islam Die script and Landry's could perform certain types types off operation. We can devise a data in another case. This is, uh, use case. We're r i ot device creator of the Lambda Request. The Lambda function calls when Daddy dies. Very heart are with the specific very Rick. Highly required. We can make use of elastic kitsch. Oh, if it is not highly required, Very hard data. We can use a longer retention. And they stole the information and dynamodb our ideas. Or when the data is ready, less useful. The size of it is very large or quantity is very large. And we could not afford elastic cats in their scenario, actually does not need their data. We can be stored in the board. Our warehouse I did in the at least here. Or Amazon history using Amazon Kindnesses Firehouse. We can also capture data using radius. This is dinner, uh, use case similar to that thing we can capture or do analysis work. Big data analysis is a popular camp. If you we have an information about a site or certain kinds of data application, we could do analysis using Amazon kindnesses extremes from their data stores and storing I don't of the former. If it is hard data we can move to Amazon Elastic catch I don't Using energies are without using It is if it has longer retention We may use RTs our dynamodb But when it is not is for little in real time we can ah stored in that cold world. So this was elastic. Catch began make complex applications or solutions. He was English ticket. So keep learning. Keep moving ahead Que bringing a solution 8. Aws Database RDS: here comes Amazon, RDS or relational Dive in service. We're going to explode. Er right. So our aliases managed relational database services that comes with multiple relational database service options. Ah, that is a record Microsoft SQL Server and other things. Other data business. So what is rds? Basically, it is simple on forced to deploy it is a relational database. Were you can clear tables databases? Could it a schema button? Ask your equities and ah, run other back And the scripts like PHP ended the rescript different escalate. Ready? You can store your data a driver later and do all the operations that you can do with any traditional SQL based database that comes with Amazon rds aws handle scratching backup replication. Uh, it is compatible with your application. Choose among the available data basis. Amazon has its own database status aura, and the new one is Maria de we. It is fast, predictable performance. You only pay for what you can see him. That means be as you go. No initialization cost Amazon Really send it. Just be service can system will diverse solutions? Very. You can have you have dress off database engines. Manny Managed Services easy to skill and operate high performance and high availability. So these are the services? Are detectives option that you get my really? We Amazon Aurora. Oh, Erica Microsoft SQL Server. Put this SQL on my Esca. You can also create multiple data raise at same time off different windows An integrated building, integrated solution Almost in a minute. Stuff time What you can do with these databases You can read replicas. Customized performance create automated backups. Tobacco you don't need toe create replication are shirting that is automatically your done here you can integrate. I am not indication to drive. Other developers are testers. Are your team to access the data Every services, It is cost effective, highly available. And you can, uh, integrate monitoring tools like cloud words or other things to monitor the resources and everything that is used.