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AWS Class 1/8 - EC2 Expert Classes, Load Balancing & Auto Scaling with Practicals.

teacher avatar Cloud Learning, Your Portal to learn Cloud Computing

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

26 Lessons (3h 58m)
    • 1. AWS Course Introduction

    • 2. Introduction to AWS and its Services

    • 3. How to create AWS Free Tier account

    • 4. AWS Global Infrastructure Region, AZ and Edge Locations

    • 5. EC2 Dashboard

    • 6. EC2 Global View

    • 7. EC2 Events

    • 8. EC2 Tags

    • 9. EC2 Limits

    • 10. EC2 Instances Console

    • 11. EC2 Pricing Model - Spot Instances - Save money

    • 12. EC2 Pricing Model - On Demand Instances

    • 13. EC2 Pricing Model - Reserved Instances

    • 14. AWS EC2 Choose Best EC2 Instance (Pricing Model)

    • 15. EC2 Instances Types

    • 16. How to launch an Redhat Server in AWS

    • 17. Launch your first Ubuntu Server

    • 18. How to create a new volume or disk in EC2 Server and reflect in Linux OS

    • 19. How to Increase the size of an EC2 Server Volume along with OS

    • 20. AWS EC2 How to Luanch Windows Server

    • 21. AWS EC2 How to Host a Website

    • 22. AWS Security Groups, Placement Groups, Volumes, Snapshot, AMI

    • 23. EC2 What is Snapshot, Backup or Restore, copy to other region

    • 24. How to Do bakcup and Restore for EC2 Servers

    • 25. AWS Load Balancer Lab

    • 26. AWS Auto Scaling Lab

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About This Class

If you are looking for Expert Knowledge of AWS, This course is for you. In Simple words, see Videos, do practicals as shown in Videos and be an AWS GURU.

This course is already well famous and videos are appreciated and like for the practical based information. You simply do the things by watching practicals and learn various AWS use cases.

In this class, we will cover AWS EC2 Service, you can also check my rest courses for other AWS Services. Here our intention is that learners can learn the AWS Services with Simple way along with practicals but also get depth, good  knowledge..

Share your feedback will be happy to hear from you.  :-)

Meet Your Teacher

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Cloud Learning

Your Portal to learn Cloud Computing


Dear Learners,  My name  is Prashant, I am an AWS Certified IT Professional. I have 12+ years experience in IT Industry and worked with many Corporate companies. I started my career from scratch level and gone through various phases like worked from Desktop to Server Administrator. In the journey, lucky to get some good experience in Data Center, different IT technologies, like Servers, Databases, Network, Monitoring etc.

Now, I believe that it is time to pay back and therefore, looking forward to share my experience with you guys and in this course will try to teach you AWS Concepts in a simple and effective way with step by step Demo, Hope you will like it. Lets share your feedback and we will try to keep the journey interested.

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1. AWS Course Introduction: 2. Introduction to AWS and its Services: who had always welcome to the session decision could have even going to know about the services those services which you will learn into the spirit of Louis schools. So you know, these as these services are basically very important and very major services kind off the pillar services which AWS when it started club computing, they started with these services. So let's start one by one with these services and you will come to know that what answer this particularly they do for you. So the first services are easy to so in need of Louis is it is one of the easy to is a major services which on which you mostly won't work easy to means and what yourself, us. Whenever you have to create anywhere, Joseph us, you need toe use easy to service apart from this, easy to also provide you the option that you can host your website and is it? So when you will go around with easy to section, you will come to know that how to how you can host of upside and we will follow our demo for that. Apart from this, there are awesome featured easy to just call load balancing and auto scale, so brewer balancing will ensure that how whatever their traffic comes, do your self worth are to your website. It will get automatically distribute among all the available settles if there are any sort of us behind a website so the Lord will get distributed or dramatically behind those, he said. Worse, if one got somewhere bowed down, so then it automatically label. Deduct that we said What is down on it will ensure that the Web traffic does not goto the dancer down. So what? And it will. It will automatically distribute that their search traffic among the available to servers. Apart from this, there is a future which is called auto scaling. And again it is a very good feature. Why? Because many works with Lord balancing it become very powerful. And, uh, you can set up like this, that if you're website or if you were getting a lot of traffic and you need another most one more server, you can set up with auto scaling and their server that news available automatically good created if required. If it doesn't require, it, will automatically down the nuclear to serve, so that is fantastic future. And in this course we are going toe See all their demos, like how we can create everywhere side how toe Use your balancing on auto scaling with demos? No, Next on this is called a devious. Devious is the story service, which is available in eight of Louis, Uh, even is particularly is called block with stories, and it is used for servers. So whenever you create what you answer was, you need to assign the hard disk and obvious does it for you. So why you Yes, you can assign the volumes to serve us, and you can manage them easily. Next services out of totally this is your aws being a server. Maybe most off you might be already aware about the inner server and if you don't know about it much, you will going toe know about this invented in this course. So what out of the tree does do route off duty service? Basically, its primary function is to map your domain MEP your website domain o map your domain name with the I P address. Apart from this, you can also set up various policies. Why are out for 2 30 like you can set up Bridget Policy, you can set up who primary feel over 1st 2nd facility. Like if your primary several goes down, then it will automatically it off to secondary server. There are other policies of also available, like latency policy do location policy. And we were going to discuss it in about in discuss about it in detail. And we will see the demos for them too. Okay, Next service that is called I am Identity Access and Management and into service We will know about how we can restrict our resources toe excessive publican. So it is not like this there to anybody can access our sources. There is a future of a liberal in eight of yours which we can use and we can ensure that the authorized the sources only can access that every legal services esta is this important story service Another story solution provided by AWS and in very much in demand. Why I asked, you can store your as many flights up to five terabytes. 15 size could be up to five terabytes and you can upload as many s off. That's you want. It is basically a object business stories and it is used for uploading your fires, Uprooting your videos and lots of data in shape. Off files you can upload and it is very popular solution right now, and various companies are using this service because it is very cheap also and vetted again in aws VPC, you are going toe, you will go. You will going to learn about the network how you can set up your own company network rather than only using public network, which is provided by AWS in the fall. You can set up your own network to, and it is very flexible and you can easily set up in universe. So very interesting topic on and billions of stopping a major topic. You definitely need to learn this. Another solution. A loveless ideas service by which you can use it arrested out with services. Whatever the various databases services available in this market, like a school's over my sequel article and what is other open source databases like Mario TV on the party's most many of the Opens, there are services are off label no and supported by AWS rds. It also support dynamodb, which is AWS own delivery solution, which is which works on No, no, no database table. Basically dynamodb is a no sequel or did have a solution where you will not use did abysses . You directly create tables and you can directly simply create. It is very cheap solution and it is very much popular in gaming solution and we're not much complex square is required. Aws dynamodb is another fantastic solution provided by by AWS yourself and it was almost equal This That means that there will be no database, particularly database, not need to create it. It only gave us I very simple to use. I will show you in their demo even going toe see their demo off this on it is very interesting and very popular restaurant. Another solution is cloudwatch flood watches and monitoring solution in aws Why a cloudwatch? You can monitor each and every resource in your environment Very simple toe set up on another quite reasonable and quite popular solution. Little Migration service In AWS there are a lot of data magicians service available in AWS . If you are migrating your environment toe cloud environment, there are really a solution of label like that connect snowball VPN many solutions are available and we will go through this in the last, we will look upon it ablaze. Global certification exam. Tibbs, What? The services you need to follow. And what are the important questions? What could be the so not use can Come on. What? The specific things you need to follow to clear their global exam on those tapes will be available in this section. So I hope you will win Toe Landis. So you were going toe learn aws very well and can follow these simple tips if you go, it looks like this. If you go to the console once after signing in, you need to choose your nearest isn't. And here you can find all the services. So just a look for console Does a similar just make you family every day that this console and here you can see whatever the services which we discuss we were going to learn here so you can complete section You can see easy toe S t on dynamodb rds. Whatever the service which we was discussing, all are available here with this VPC direct connect out of 23 cloudfront bless here. All of the services we're going to learn in this course If he look on these sections, there are various So this is available as off now. But when aws it started, it started with the limited number off services and over the time they have included new services Time, good time. But if you're looking for AWS solution architect course, the media services which you need to learn is in computer section. If you look, it is easy to elastic beanstalk on then if you go to stories, it is a story. Ffs Gless here on the stories Get away Indeed Abi's rds dynamodb last cash in networking It is vpc cloudfront direct connect Rafto Totally All are important Onda in migration for solution architect or for the AWS major services the important services snowball Then it is only 22 develops the section management tool In this section we need to learn cloudwatch cloud formation. Andi no, for the requirement here then insecurity, identity and complaint section You can need to learn I am for the exam purpose and I am is very important for this itiveness also want to do this is artificial intelligence. However, it is not part of the course and it normally notice to company the course as well another important services like SCS and send us which we need to learn. And we were learning the scores as well. Who does it? Guys? We have covered all of the major services which we need, which we learn in the scores. And I hope you will enjoy this Sunday a lot and do share your feedback once you go to do with scores. And I will try to keep this course s injured and as easy to learn. Thank you. Thank you for decision, but 3. How to create AWS Free Tier account: Hello, guys. Welcome to this video. So in this video we will learn that how we can create a few terracotta If you're looking for a cloud learning If you're looking for accounts how to work with them how to work with AWS Services? First off, all you need to love and AWS and for their do breed of three die account with aws So how to do that? And what other stuff about that I will discuss about this bullet. Okay, so these steps are simple What you need to do you need toe create Ah no you need to goto log and this screen open the seawater And you are We're closer you'd of lewis dot amazing dot com is to DPS fresh Colin forwards Lurch forward slash with daughter missing. Come. You will get similar kind off screen and hair is the option. Creative freedom count. This account is guys every label for one year on In this one year free diet, you can access all those services off Lewis under limited edition limited trial addition like with the local figures. But you can tell that things practically by by accessing them on the free diet. This is valid for one year and you can access number of various applications like you can try with creating, which is there waas. You can set up your datas data services. You can set up your messaging services. You can do bulk marketing. You can do service monitoring by cloudwatch or number of services are available for one year wonderfully there. Once you are here, this will If you have already when account with Amazon, you can use that one. Or if you want to create new account, you can use this one. I will see here that I'm a new user on what I want to do. I want to create a new account. So this account is not with amazing till now for me. So I will choose lower learning in our gym a dot com and I was se signing. I slept here. I'm a new user on I will say signing using our secure server. And I need to give my conch stream on what I do here that I give my name. My name is Chloe Landing. You can go to my channels. So now we have two generals cloud learning and Chloe learning in English. Our learning generally you will find the videos and few English videos. Part two. Now I have created one new channel that is cloud learning in English that is dedicated Lee for English users in issuers, simply you need to give you a name. Your Remillard. Us, Um And on do your password. Whatever the boss, What do you want to give here and click on? Create account So this will clear to your account in you're the is Now that I got some problem here. So I think I need to do this one. What I need to do just in choose a password like whatever you want to use. So I'm good to go and I choose my first name He Millard us on and life plus one, the concrete owned and seems it's working now on I'm able to love in half like now again on the second screen. It will ask you the case because it is my personal account. I will see that it is my person. Its name, my country. I live in India. So here you need to fill all your tears. Simply select your city and give your details your phone numbers and choose this capture. And after that you are good toe. Click on this option. Sign in option on. After that, your account will be created after this is step you're a countess created and you can use to lock into your account. But to use for them. Services like, if you want to create about yourself, were in the Frieda you would require to attach air. Granted, Karl or David card with your account on the next screen, it will ask the information about how you will be. So if you choose your credit card or debit card, it will take approximately. The stool status will deduct right now. These days they are detecting to peace on that will get referred. So it did, just for the verification purpose they picked that are this so that if you are taking some higher and configuration which is not a level under dire, so for those services which are chargeable, you does accounts of those services which are chargeable. You have to pay for that if you are using those services, so we need to take care. If you are using fitted Annacone, just use the resources which are available and carefully as I said that under feta you can do as many as practice you want. But But just give the monitoring, like you know what? What do you are using And which said with if you are using is it is a label under feet? I don't know. So we will look after this. Just keep watching full video and I will show you how What are the services available in the military account and how you can want to turn them explosive further on? I'm let me just put the three days and after that I will click on next button and I will come to you with next screen eso I have put this information there on do after their due. You need to put the card information, my card information and I can log in after that. Well, here I need to put my card information on, like my name. My car number. I'm expression details. Was this information got very fight. I will be able to move to the next step. So right now what I'm doing, I'm putting my card information there. Andi offer other time clicking on next heaven will come to you. His last step has been fulfilled. Now that I have given my name and my card information there on my expiry date Cvv number Once that information has been given, there is the option to verify your card. It is once your car got verifying, it will ask for me to direct Will be Sarge's. I did that, Onda. Simply after that I moved to the next step. Which is this one? Hear what you want. Oh, need me? What do you want to do? Uh, here we have to give this capture code and you are mobile number or phone number with you. And there are two options like you can call me now once you click on called me now one automated call with come to your mobile number And once you give the they will tell you the part of one passport will be there, which will they will tell. Likes six visit or a visit. Once you give that desert and identity verification, your account will get very fired. And you with your mobile number on and we can move after that to the next step. Here. I got one pin number 1215 on. I am getting the call. Let me just received this court. So, guys, I got the call from Amazon and I have to enter this pin number in this call on once this number good will feel we can proceed further. Where I got them. A sister. My identity verification has been successfully completed. No, I can continue to the next step. So where I need to choose my support plan, I will choose Basic. Basically, there are three types of business plan. Every label one is basic, which is 50 and in this user can ask for accountability questions. Our developer is, uh, another another support plan which is available here. There You what? You will get one family contact which will ask your technical queries and you will get your answers in for 2 24 hours. Doing local business are spicing is $29 parliament business supporters 24 7 Support phone calls afford and chat support bought out of level one other spoons. Time for that and support cases on Earth is $100 per month. Judges on charges faces. So right now I'm going with basic support on like silicon country guys here I am. And I am with this. I'm successfully done my registration. You can see that in approximately 10 minutes time. We have set up my comp on, and you can easily go with this. Tutorials, if you want to go thes are simple redus and simple tutorials. Very entertaining and very interactive. On. There you go. The option. How? If you want to sign in to the console, give you our user name like my lady and your boss work logging into my account, I would get similar kind of console, like this kind of console I get on here, I can use my services. What is really, uh so you can see that easily. You can set up your account if you need to start off. Your feet are account. And here is the option to launch my server first. Joseph. What I can clear here. If you want to know about the fleas services, what you are getting and a free tile account, you can goto this place eight of us toward on reason. Com slash 50 and you can check what you can find here like you. How you can launch a line of switches machine in just 10 minutes of time on under free diet . Been doing machine. You won't do launch. He wants to run Lambert program off word kind of this old that services are available on for further details. What are ever labor like you will get 7 50 years permanent for an imaginary city stance, you will get five GB off a standard uses for us to restore the services. You will get databases services off 7 50 years per month after one year so you can run a dedicated server, uh, continuously with Davis support one million off Alemdar bequest. Amazing quicksight I am more, More, more, more. There are a number of services really on de food. I you can explore in this space and you'll get so I hope France, You have like this video and now you are comfortable how to set up your free tire account in AWS. If you have any questions or where this please do like me let me know like toe Answer your questions. Next video revealing about availability Don's huh Educations and regions what they are about Andi These are the basic architecture about aws like initial know where the jobless is providing the services. And what are these? Things are all about. So please proceed for the next section. Thank you. 4. AWS Global Infrastructure Region, AZ and Edge Locations: Well, guys, welcome to this video. So we have now located our food at account, and we should usually be able to log into there to come like so once in logging into debt. A cone, nothing. Come That how we should start to work and how we can pass the services offered with which there which Lewis is providing. So, like they're on a few things we can do like we can start. Ah, we can launch a certain what we can concert up about you also what we can check ah stories house to results outward, sign their disk and also stinks. You can create every dose of what you conclude airline acceptable or even you can host of upside also which really learn in the next sections, the coming sections. But point is, before that we shouldn't need to know a few things which are very important to actually work and it always consult. So once you're logging into this, you will find first off, all in the right side, top corner regions and these are the reasons. Basically, this is called aws regions and by leaders Me, I what? I mean that the areas were eight of us is providing their services where they have hosted their data centers. What actually have done like, if we are talking about infra part off a tub? Lewis, what they have done, they have set up their data centers in different regions. Like in the US There are approximately five reasons you can see on, but there is one South America, sixth reason. Six citizen, basically total in the U. S and Canada side. You can find out till reasons are e in you and five reasons are in issue specific issue specific ideas. So what happened there? Suppose you're living in the U. S. So you shouldn't usually try to select to your reason which is near to you nearest to you because you will get the less latency due to death. Little by little NC. I mean that to when we connect over server, how much time it will take. So I suppose it's taking to second or 30 seconds. If you his own very far remote location, it might take some more time, so we should try to select our nearest reason after that, in every reason what they have done, they have set up one of the few available the doors and you can consider everybody. Jones is equal to one data centre, so every available the dual is a separate. Logical data centers were all the things like Power Network. All things are isolated from each other. So if we are hosting 171 of Liberty June, it is total is distinguished from other heavily with the Joan. And basically we can say that if we have my people available, the Jones we are hosting over services and my people data centers. I have great Evan presentation. Ah, small. It is a very small presentation toe. Just clarify what could with things, and I already shown you like how it will appear in AWS console. So let's have a look on this presentation toe. So there is a darkness reasons and then points to reduce their dollars latency in your application, Mortimer's and rep service, or for a reasonable and point to make your request. So for every request, like if you are creating a server, if you are setting up a service, you will find some you are, which is called an point you are, and it is a entry point for a Web service. So every time when you log in or when you have to connect so that subways you need to use this endpoint. It could be idea server. It could be a server. It could be a lasting wind Stock service, and some like this some services such as I am, but after brutally, they don't support below reasons they are basically, whatever you do there, same for all listeners on there. Those things will be available in all regions, whatever the service you are creating, like suppose you are hosting or don't win in about 2 to 3 service. Also, because you have created when I can't, that will be available on all reasons. But if you are setting up a server, that is the reason with service. So if you are creating a server in North Virginia, then that several will be available only in North Religion on North Virginia. Reason Northern. Other reason. So we have check way have already have a good look on region and by reasons as I said you that we can understand that where does AWS has set up their AWS architectures or their data centers, right? No, in every reason what they have done. They have set up different of liberty jewels and one everybody. Jones is it called one data centers and what they have done that in every reason they have set up at least two data centers or two of individuals. The benefit will be like If you want toe, use your services with the Are that data olic the adjusted for disaster recovery purpose? You should use multiple Evelyn regions. So if you're one ever lived, the June or one data centre goes down us. And this will not be impacted, and it will get run from other available the job or other data centers. At least there are two everybody doing at each season, and there could be more than two of Liberty Jones. Also, in few reasons, like in the U. S. There's providing number off regions like three or four or five lesions in different regions. They're providing different availability, does multiple level, it really does. They're providing in the reason through, if you see there are total on 44 WD Don's were 16 geographical reason, and they have to ah, they have planning like 4 17 more level of religions and six more leases in near future. So maybe these things you know, that God time. But I got change, and maybe when you are reading this course, they might be added food. More reasons that all color, cloud and fry is built around reasons and everybody does. As I said, a reason is a physical location in the world. Well, we have multiple level regions. Every regions consist of one or more discrete data centers, each with rendering power, networking and connectivity, house and separate facilities. These up of Liberty Jones offer you that offer the ability to operate production of application and databases, which are more highly available and $4 apart from this, you can see here like if you are setting up a reason. If you select any of these and there could be multiple availability zones like this and whatever the service you are using, like if you are launching a several, you have to launch that. So in one available the job a server could be apart off one of individual and similar case with other services like RTs or dynamodb. Whatever you are doing, you we have to select one of liberty to third. There is one Another important part. Come which is called at location and it is basically for website service. Ah, as you know, that AWS is also providing AWS website hosting. And there could be one case like you can understand. I have one example there like supposed it is us and suppose it is Australia. And if Australia if there is one of that site who stood in US reason and there is a user which need toe access that website from Australia location So if you can check the route could be very Landy. It has to go like this on a if you are supposed this is South America. And if somebody is connecting from South America to that reason, they will definitely surely will connect faster than from the user compared to Australia. So that comes basically the latency part. And to reduce this problem that every user get to should be ableto connect. There were side with fast response what they have preferred. They have set up one education, multiple edge locations within different regions. So what is the benefit like if you are hosting outside your website, data will get cash in tow as locations. So what happened? Actually that whatever that date eyes hosted in West site whenever any user make a request . Any reason to any website? If that that Web site is hosted in Cloudfront Cloudfront is the self service, which is AWS is providing to its user and which take that one days off edge locations and used in website hosting. So if you are a website is hosting on a cloudfront service, it will take and wonders off as locations and you're users will get benefit from educations and well, they will be able to connect their website very fast quickly and with very low latency. The reason because what it will do that it will replicate it will whenever any request, suppose when user make a request from this west side which is hosted in us. Whatever the faucet question, who goes? The data will come and will get copied toe This education will get cash it. We'll get cast in tow this education and next time, whenever they use a request, the similar data it will again not goto that us Lucas and rather than it will goto their nearest education on because that data is already cash. The user will get lower latency so it could with a problem with the first time. Like if they copy the data of the castor data first time they the user can experience Ah, high latency. But whenever the second request come, user will get very little evidence. So we will see these things, how it works. And in Cloudfront devil and there we considered how it actually works give you a fair idea about education. Wiviott using this is a purpose. Office locations and AWS have set up a number of years locations right now, approximately 57 as locations are set up in different reason by AWS. Okay, so I think that these things available the Don's and point lesions and as locations is a must low before you are logging into it of this consoling starting using these services. So just had a good idea about this and proceed for the next sections. Very well. Learn how we can set up here for supper in parabolas. Thank you guys. Thank you for watching this video. If you have any query, please let me know otherwise. Feel free to proceed to the next section. Thank you 5. EC2 Dashboard: Okay guys, so first thing first, let's talk about EC2. And when you will login into EC2, ec2 is a very important service, right? In cloud computing. You will already know, right? It is, it talks about all the servers, right? You, you can have Windows Server, you can have Linux server, which and now they are also supporting Mac system. Okay? So you can create all of such your service in AWS, right? So EC2 Elastic Cloud Compute, EC2 Elastic Cloud Compute. So what I will do in this section, I will also give you that knows about all the services. Okay. So I will give you the handwritten notes so that you can understand East things very easily. Okay, So EC2 instance, and it covers windows, it covers Linux systems, right? Or almost all flavors. And now it is avoiding maps islam also. Okay? So this is, and its full form is Elastic Cloud Compute. Okay. When you login into your AWS Console, you can go to services, then compute an EC2. You will get this kind of screen. Okay? So on that top, the first thing is easy to dashboard. Okay? You see this is the first thing, EC2 dashboard. So what I will do here, I will suggesting you like what, why it is useful light. So we already talk about what are the regions, right? So it will give you the reason idea and what is the EC2 status? What are your reasons, right? So if you see here right now, I have genome stances learning. So if I open this, I will confirm the US in right now I'm not using any elastic IP address. There are two key pairs which I'm using right now. Okay? So it gives you complete whole soul idea so that I can check what is the actual status of my issue to right. Then there is no placement of rural. There is no a snapshot available. Okay. If you are getting the new things, don't worry about that. We think we will discuss about all the things in detail. But what I'm going to say, what this dashboard is giving you, right? Then it's not only about this. If you go down, you can launch a stance. You're going to see what if there is any event should do linear reason. So there's no Should you live on right now. You can use that tools like Cloud migration to simplify. And if you want to migrate a machine, so this is just suggesting like AWS's is like what you can do, okay? So what other services you can try? So this is also giving you that idea. Then it will give you the your Jonas status, right? What is don't these are your Jews, right? You talk about like there are six availability Jones right now available in North Virginia reason. So you can see that how is their performance? Dashboard is giving you accompany the status, right? And then if you want to see more, you can go to service at dashboard. You can have a look on overall services of AWS, okay? Like this. Okay, So all the things are right now working perfectly fine in AWS, so that is fine. So this is now I hope you got some idea of what is a dashboard and why it is useful. In the next video, we will see how to launch the instances. 6. EC2 Global View: Welcome to this video. In this video we will talk about EC2 global view, which is a new desorption just launch in. I will live in gentle D2L itself. Basically, there used to be an issue earlier. There to be not used to, not use to be able to see all the reasons release and do one console. Like if you see the other, the Cloud like you didn't find all the resources at one pleases, okay, for all the reasons. But here, what else do we happen that if there is a reason, we can see the sources, no instances of that particular reason if you go to that decimal, right? Now if I check this dashboard, design instances running GTO elastic IPs you what it is for this particular reason. But there are more than AWS. Aws is providing this analysis. So now what used to happen that if you graded some server into some other reason, 30 those to be loss on them. And you don't remember that? The only thing was that you can go to the billing dashboard and I can check all the CLA. Welcome this issue. Now the commodity super global view, where you can see what is the status of all of yourselves, how many reasons you have servers. You can see it. You'll see I clicked on EC2 global view. Here. You're gonna find all the reason it is like sewing diminish and this enabled, you can enable and disable the reason itself. You can see one is dances in one reason why you have only one instance in mm per degrees in VBC in some ten newtons. Three volumes and do designs. There are total 48 security, 65 southerners like this you can find OK, OK. So this is very useful for you, for you, if you wanted to see all the servers to one particularly resolving one of the primary issue. Thank you for watching this video. If you have any questions, please write into comments section. Otherwise, feel free to move to next. Thank you. 7. EC2 Events: In this video, we will talk about events. Events are two types, like instance events and volume. Humans generally used to be sometime that AWS culture do events for your dancers such as the wounds, stop audit downward. There is some issue at the backend. They want to restart the service. They want to reward your instance state on maybe they want to stop and start your responses because it is getting retired or the physical hardware is not fair. The underlying physical hardware is not violent. They want to move your star stone. New underlying hardware. In those events or AWS study only audit showed you earlier has dances for moving the servers all basically for voting. For that particular period. For the timing you will get the what will be the scheduled time value needed to do that. Similarly, volume events are also there, right? If there is some data where this portion potentially inconsistent in disabled input output or the word lymphoma near death EC2 stands by default. This will call basically your steady-state fail. And it will create a volume status even that include the cause of failure. There are two types of failures, Megan stars, event volume events. For such event notification, you can find them and do your discussion sort even its console. And if there is an underlying hardware is getting retired or if there is any dc2 stars need to be reassured you will, you will get the notification to this console. So when you have a big enlightenment, you can have a look. You can get up there, or you can get a notification as well via email that you are in. Science is good to retire. And you need to stop and to start that activity you need to do. I hope it is clear if you have any questions, please let me know. Otherwise, feel free to move to the next video. Thank you for watching this video. 8. EC2 Tags: We'll move further in the left panel of EC2 console, you will find tax option. The next option is very important. This is about two. It gives you a feature like you can add your tags to your resources. What do you have thousands of servers in your production environment and you want to manage a particular tag. You can do that with the help off minus died options was to ensure whatever the attacks are getting used in the enlightenment. What will happen that suppose you want to manage one tag, like I have one tag with backup and I want to change its value in all other instances. Guess I just need to click on this text. I need to click on Manage tags and I can select my particular servers. If you wanted to show you all of the servers who even select multiple servers as well. You don't need to go to separately in status console and then a bit that's no. You just need to choose your particular service and you can change the value of this particular pad for particular instances with you wanted to change. This is also labeled for all that regards like you, then it can be applicable for instances, AMI support requests, volumes, whatever that related things or most of the tents, it can update. At one word self. You can change the value of a particular tags of all you want to remove a particular tag you can just find out and depending all those beds, these debt-free dead is quite useful and working in a big room and definitely to use to be in big. I hope I answered your question. If you go this definition, add text to your resources to simplify that assertion of easy to architectural, you know, select stack. If you don't know about tech, DAG is something that it provided relevant information to your settlers. Like if I have an instance in my environment, I can see, I can click on this and I can go to tax option. And there I can find useful information like suppose this is a name of this server, so I can give you a particular name of the subtler. I can add like, who is our Technical Honor? Were there technical contact person? Department. This belongs to it. Which location? This is all all such application like what kind of environment it is dev board on, what kind of environment it is using. So all sustains you can use on mentioning two tags. It works on key-value basis, so you just need to click on Manage tags, link on that tag. And some Buddhist enlightenment. I went and then you add technical Sean like this, I can do save it right now if I go to, if I have a 100 or service, I can easily manage them. You can see that backside, I will never was I wanted to change value for this particular server. I can say, okay, this is plot. And I say at bag, this is giving me the warning that it will override the bad guys. Knew what I wanted to add a particular tag all my son was, so dependence will be possible. Now if I go back to instances, lose, so you can see it in adults or has had. I hope you'll find this useful and you can use it effectively in your working in lab. Okay. Thank you. What about doing this? We'll do alerts. If you have any questions, please ask them to Q and a section. Otherwise, feel free to move to message. Thank you. Buh-bye. 9. EC2 Limits: Hey guys, Welcome to this video. In this video we will talk about limits. If you see that easily to section, you will find one option which is called limits. What limits actually do? Limit actually show you You are currently mutation like suppose I am using a free diagram. There will be some limitation for my account that I can create 200 launch configuration. This limit is like if you want to see more, so you can scroll. You can see what will be the maximum launch configuration in this way. There are limit for everything. Like because it is a feedback on if we did the period account, you will get mode. Mode. It is segregated by auto-scaling. I went to see, I can see auto-scaling group. I can create maximum 200, okay? If I want to see what is my EBS limit, I can see, okay, it can create provision IOPS up to this IOPS value. Letting me, this way, I can check what are the limits. I can suppose I want to start a dedicated goes. You can see that I can't launch any dedicated host. I have d Rho limits. So if I want to run five and dedicated instance icon because there is a limit in my account and I need to contact. So now if there is a limit and you want to increase it, how to do that? You need to go to support section. Support section. You'll need to connect with your AWS customer gave. You need to go to Support Center. If you want to increase any limits, suppose I want dashboard limit and I need to create a case. I need to ask for billing support, weight, or somewhat limited. It's obviously would increase. So I need to click on Services, Limited increase, and then I need to choose what service I want to increase and I need to give the TAs. And then there are contract options available via which I can connect and increase my limit. I hope this information is useful for you. And now you know that how you can increase your limits if you got some block this while working. Thank you for watching this video. Probably. 10. EC2 Instances Console: Hello and welcome to this video. In this video we are talking about and start C-section. Fantasy section has lot of options. In the other videos, I will share each and everything in detail. But this instance console is basically the option where you can see all of your instances. That is, whenever we talk about lockout lock, we'll talk a lot about this EC2 servers or any other word to us or us. Whatever the virtual service you are creating, it may be there's also reserves, stores. It may be a spot and stores it may be on-demand and stands, whatever that stands is available. You will find into this section, whatever the service you are actually having. You can find in two instances section for this particular reason. And if you want to see, if you want to see all the reason details, so you can go to global trade. There you can do. And now, what do you want to control you or service? Suppose I have this one server which I wanted to control. If I wanted to connect. If I want to stop, reboot, dominate or start or hibernate the other actions. Like I can manage all the related things. Like suppose I wanted to in the security group, I want to modify some IAM at all. All, all those things will be there. Like stars related settings, network related settings, security related settings. If I wanted to create images, I can do that from here. All the options you can find from here if I want to see the logs and also students, that also you can do. It has complete control. And you can also launch new instances. Then you're going to also see in the command like if you want to see more information about this setup, you can find induce action, whatever the options are available, like what Emma is good. The server is getting used. What is the public IP address? What is private IP address? What isn't styles? I did all of those details you will find in to these sessions. These will be very helpful. Mid whatever the AMI ID UT's using, whatever the AMI name it is using. What is the platform? Also, you can find into recession, insecurity or debit. If you go, you can find whatever I enrolled they are using whatever the security group they are using. You can find this. All the days will be there in the detail. Separate video like what is security group, what is stories, what is the storage type? But I just want to give you the clarity like what this stances section actually doing. Then whatever the networking related it is like what the VPC it is using, what is the private IP? Again, the networking related to this, it will show you. Then you can see how many hard discs this system is using. So if you want to see like there is right now only one hard disk, often DB. If it has multiple artists, you can find that multiple hard disk. In the volume section, you can see all the details like on the left panel. If you go you can see in the volume section. But yes, all the days of related to hard disk, the disk attached with this service actually, you can find it. Now there is a new option, replace root volume, which you can use for replacing the root volume as well. Status check. You can check the status check these status sex should be going green basically. If it is not, then your server, you will not be able to connect if any of that statistic is not good. It should be green. And whenever he was stuck, you can definitely start your server to try to fix the issue. Monitoring console. You can go and you can see that whatever it is, this subtle, like what the CPU uses is going on, whatever the status check is going on a straight six fail or pass. How other CB utilization up to two weeks, up to one week. One artery SQL was different time window is there and you can see four of two different time we do. Okay. You can find out if there is some issue. Say earlier, yesterday if there was some issue. So you can check the last 24 hours report and you can find out that. Okay. How does our lowest performing the utilization like this? I can I can designate that at this particular time, my CPU utilization used to be on the higher side, or like on 15 January at 1520 to 35 VPC. Similar way if I go here, 16 delivery on to ten UTC, it was there. Then again at 2135 vertices, I can figure it out. Okay, this could be the issue of this code with contributing issue, which is giving me some points. You can see all these things in detail as well. You can click on Manage detailed monitoring and you can find out now what, what comes under like in the monitoring section, if you go, you can see the other option as well. Like how is your network utilization, how is your disk utilization all such that basically it is you don't need to enable that particular identity to server. You can do directly from console itself. Then in tax, nevertheless, you can add your important tags. You can manage them as well. Suppose you want to add some quadratic number. You can do that. Whatever you want to do. You can do that. Then. Like this, you can add. So it was technical contact number. You want to add more information like Ana. Wanted to add more information like any such reduced. You can add and conceived definitely. Tags are also very useful to find the information about the particular server, what it is. We want to use. Suppose I wanted to enable backup also, right? So I can add a tag like backup and I can keep its value yes or no as per my requirement. And according to that, we can define our lifecycle policies or backup policies. That tags used to be very important things. Overall, I hope that you get some good idea about this instances section, like what it is doing, how you can control the things from console itself. Hopefully you will like this video and the next video we will talk about these things in details like how to launch into an Excel was how to launch. You'll want to silver, what are the types you can create? What are the pricing models are available? So we will see all the things in details when we will conduct. Thank you. 11. EC2 Pricing Model - Spot Instances - Save money: Hello. Hey guys, welcome to Cloud Learning Channel. So I hope you all are doing great. In this video today, I'm going to teach you like how you can use the Spot instances. Maybe you heard of all lot of sport and stances, but there will be one question like how you can use this part of the answer. And we used to see like sport as dances in compared to on-demand. They used to give them a lot of benefit rate, likely guarding the price benefits of sport and stances. I told you many times, like it is used for short-term period, right? If you need some couple of days, so you can, you can place a bid and you can watch is according to their sport instance. Right? Now I'm going to show up practically how you can use that. And we will launch on the sport is 1000 this video and we'll see how we can work with that, okay? So Spot instances first feature is that it is bid price. Price, okay? And basically Spot instances is compared to on-demand. It is cheaper, right? It is cheaper, approximately up to 70 percent easily, right? Up to 70 percent cheaper compared to on the one. Right? So let's see practically how we can do that. So while launching your seller, okay? And you're not your server whatsoever you want to use. Suppose I say Windows Server, okay? And then you're going to like witches dancing, want to choose like if I Tuesday, okay, which will come with a memory edge UV lamp to CPU. So it will be competitively OK instance, okay. Then next, here, while configuring, your server, settings are same, but only at one place. You will find the option to request a sport instance. And it will show you like ONE. What is the current price going on? What is the current bit rate? Okay? So Spot instances, as we know that it is like AWS use lee f some resources which is not in use rate on the sources are not on the team. So from debt unused, compute power, they used to give you the resources. So they're giving me one option like it is our labor like to a to B to C, current price route is going on, you know, $0.0558 per bottle per hour, right? So this is the current cost. So it is approximately leg if it is 0.045. So you can see like ¢4.5, but are right. So it is approximately, I can say around $0.06, right? The current rate for Windows machine is going on or is for disaster. So let me check this is the bit rate, okay? What I'll do to prove my point, what I do, I say 0.05. Okay? This is the lesser price. What is the current price going on? Okay. And I don't use persistent store requests because if I check this, this means that this request will be continuously going on even if my if I terminate the server, again, whenever the new silver will be available, it will use it. Okay? So so, so you can do that, right? And what I say, 500, current price is lower than the maximum price is lower than the current price. Okay? So what I'll do, I put it right now on the lower side. Okay. What's a search request? I stopped because I don't want that. It goes continuously. Then it is fine. And I go here. Next. Now I go with the other options, like which is by default, right? So I just place my current price that I am ready to pay, $0.05. Okay? Or the current bidding price is going higher than that. Okay, so let's see how it works. So I say support Windows 7. And launching this steps are seen much indifference. Choose Windows Security Group double 38, nine, I can find it. And I can check naughty too loud is getting launched. Security group is fine. Fine. I launch it. I have this key so there is no issue with the TA will be able to launch right now it is getting launched, but if you see the price for what it is coming, 0.05 is lower than the minimum suggested place, right? So therefore it is not launching. I go to review screen again, and I change my price here, and I'm ready to pay on the higher side. Now I should be fine. Right now I can click on Review and Launch. And I can try to launch missile. And this time you can see that it successfully launch my server. Instances. Can see myself what is getting launched. And if I see now in the sport request, there are two requests got fulfilled. One was a field previously around 6000 before, and another is just now. Was, it was Windows Server, earlier it was Linux server, and now it is Windows 7. Okay. So if I go here, the stance is my satellite has been not okay to do right now initializing the status. And this is the previous server, okay, if you see the IDH B6, so even check the status of your request on the left panel itself. And here I can see so 600 before a tooth. It is, I am paying 300 dollar for that server. And it is active. Interruption behavior would be termination like somebody, the price goes high, so it will terminate my server. And if I go further discussion All clear, now if I go to saving somebody okay. When I have the option, like I can cancel that request if I want. But I need this right now. It is. Right. So current prices for Lenox, it is knocking Anyway, CCD money. So I got 19 dollar. Okay. So basically, if I compare it with the on-demand might charge would be 0.5. Okay? So it is comparatively quite less. And I'm able to see my 67 percent money if I'm seeing seeing the active cost, okay? And you can see that it is right now. I am launching tools for instances. I'm using sport as dances at this time. One is fit 70 percent saving, and one is Windows Server, which is 50 percent. Okay. So I'm getting more sitting actually. Okay. Cpu hours and average cost, which is coming for my memorial discovered that the daily information late, which I am getting, what it short, I can say that I'm able to save 67% of money. And a high level summary of your saving across. Okay, so this is fine. No, Stan's got terminated till now. It is looking fine. And if I want, I can connect my server as them. So this is for Windows one and my price is $0.060. So this is also fine and this is no issue with that. Let's go to Einstein says, okay, that's bad. And hopefully no server should be running. Running Windows Server. Let me just try to connect it. So I connect it. Start run by MSDS C, which is for baking remote. I put the DNS name or you can put up here that says the public IP address. Let me just try to connect it. So it is getting connected. It is asking username and password. So you need to click on More and then you need to give us an administrator. And while connecting, you need. So you can see here there is an image that administrator and you can get the password. I have the key file C 11, Oregon, and I can use that to check the password. Copy it. We will see it is fast. So I used to give online training as well. If you want, you can get it. Training medium could be in some settings like this, doing to my browser and nothing. Okay? Now if you see already this is IP address and this is, this is the array. Or you can go to Task Manager. And there you can see like right now, autumn ADB, memory and processes as well. So there was two processor, virtual processor to right, and which is going to use right now 1.5 dB or blogs, news like this. We can find out the service. And I hope you can see that you are taking advantage of this quarter instances and you're saving your money. Again, and it's shown you, you can take the status. Okay, So thank you for watching this video. I hope you like this video rate and you should be able to save some money by using this. Right now I don't need the server, so I'm canceling this request. Okay. So I just cancel this request. And I said, well, nor should it be deleted in some time. Okay, so now you can see my serverless TO stopping flow. Okay? I hope you like this video. 12. EC2 Pricing Model - On Demand Instances: Hello, Welcome to this video. In this video we will see about like how, what different kinds of instances available. There are different kinds of instances. One is on-demand, one is this part as cost, and that is this other instance. On-demand instance. Stance and Spot instances primarily type. This is called pricing model, how I'm going to use to charge for your service. So this covers basically this. All things come under pricing model like whatever those dances you are seeing. Some of them might be the circumstances, some of them might be as part as translate. Some of them might be On-Demand instances. Primarily, there are three types of instances, are three type of pricing models counts. One is on demand and sauce. You came up here and you will not, you are and stars, that is Commander On-Demand instance. If you haven't bought any, if you haven't purchased any reasonable stands by default and stances will get launched into On-Demand instance getting. This is the costliest instance. Basically the pricing of these type of trans is our maximum because there is no commitment. There is no commitment. You are not doing any commitment. Like you will use it for one out or you will use it for many odds are you will use for a month or refill used for years. If there is no commitment. Pricing will be on the higher side, which can be understand. This is called On-Demand instances. If you need to launch on-demand instances, you can just click here on non distance and you can choose your server whatever value you want to launch. And you can simply Tuesday or server and you can launch. Before that, it wouldn't be good practice if you can check that pricing for that server into AWS calculator. For that you just need to type AWS calculator. You can use that for G2 not tend to take place. You just need to click on this link. Aws. Buddha calculation. I'm giving you of this. I will discuss about reservoir and the sport and Sciences in the adult videos, where we will talk about this more details but Reserve Instances basically for the pricing benefit that you are doing a commitment. Now. You are doing a commitment, right? What type of commitment you are doing make units are for, you will use server for three months. All you will use several fall or Ranier like this. Due to this because you are doing commitment on you are paying the money in advance or maybe you are just committing. According to that, you will get the pricing benefit as well. It could be maybe 5270% percent. That depends. Like you can check that at the time of getting your stance, you're going to go to AWS pricing calculator calculated on AWS. And you can create your estimation there. You can click on Create estimation. And you can choose, your server. Will do that. So just watch the other videos of pricing calculator and you can find out how to lose it. Apart from this, we also have a Spot instances which can be used for shorter period. Reserved instances are good for longer periodic, longer time period. Same month. Is spotters. Chances are the cheapest and stances on the one that started the use case could be like, suppose you are running a website and that website is running on a couple of servers. Now, suddenly you feel that on the covers of servers are basically sufficient and you purchase it on reserve instances so that you can get the pricing benefit. But somehow you need that during some period that during two or three days, for two or three days, your website goals much in demand. You need a couple of more servers, but just for four days. Okay? Just for a month, for four days, you need couple of more service. It is not a good, good thing that you purchase. Reserved instances. How are you just needed for four days in a month? Domain is the load why you will pay for reserved instances price. However, for 26 days, 727 days, you are not using it. That will not be a good idea. In that case, you should use On-Demand instances. We'll do need a sidebar for just one week off for a few hours while you will go for this epsilon, then in that case you will go for On-Demand instances. So I hope you understood my example. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. In the next video, I will talk about reserved instances, like how you can by the Reserve Instances, hope you got the idea about this. Then in sport and Sciences, we will discuss about how to check the pricing. As I said, you can refer this link AWS. If you want. You can see my separate video for this. That would be helpful. Thank you for watching this video. Have a good day. 13. EC2 Pricing Model - Reserved Instances: Okay, In this last video, you have learned how to launch an On-Demand instance. Human at the best part for understanding that things, maybe you should go and you should follow the AWS documentation. I think this is one of the best documentation I have ever seen. Age and everything whenever he was stuck, you can find some solution by using documentation. Documentation used to be a very big help, which makes our life very easy. Now you understood that what is On-Demand instances when you are being for compute capacity by the r's or the second, depending on which his dancing, no longer term commitments and upfront payment, you can increase or decrease your compute capacity. Now, let's move to launch that daughters tasks. You will simply just click on Launch Instance and you follow that. But if you go for the other one, which is called Reserved Instance, that is not that easy. And you need to follow different approach for that. As a store like seven stanzas, if you want to go, you need to. But the option you will find into instances section here on the left panel. You can click on Reserve Instances to purchase. What will the use case like suppose you need to run a website or suppose you need to run the application which needs to be run on 24 by seven bases. For the complete complete months. There's stances can be more longer for one month. To ES. That's how we will do and there are multiple options available. You can pay no upfront. If you can do partial upfront payment and you can do all at once. All such actions, options are available. There is one more option, convertible and non-convertible. Non-convertible used to be. But the thing is that in reserve instance, there is a condition like suppose you purchase a reserved pool, you purchased a reserve and stars, say M4 dot dot large. Want b2 dot large. You made the payment for M4 dot loud. You launched into road large stars in your silver. Then you will not get the pressing mandatory advising by an acquit naught will be another situation that unfolded large. And it is maybe you can say Linux-based, maybe read it. Pricing benefit would not with it. If you launch d2 dot value in stone. Whatever the OS, it doesn't matter. Get that as L1 stands benefit, what do we need? We need that. We need to launch. Large. If you purchase a red hat, then you need to launch for dot Large Instance and radicalism. This way. In that particular reason. That isn't permission. Where you made your purchase. This you need to keep in mind. I need to stances and duodenum region. Suppose I am buying and I purchased one so I can buying it is very straightforward, like you can choose a platform. If you want to buy it. You're going to debt. Well, how many default or tenancy dedicated means that the underlying hardware would be dedicated setup. Otherwise default is share. So you can watch my video shared what his dedicated tendency would clarify here. But the point is that there are two types of tenancy where it's shared. Let me just call it default. Others dedicated where whatever the hardware U2, it is only for you. And CPU and memory will not be shared with anyone dedicated, but it will be on the highest. Pricing will be on the highest thing. Offer class convertible and standard convertible means that suppose you have bought em folders, you have 2M photo collage. Later on you realize that your server is sufficient. If you use 22 dot large, large amount, you can buy stances. That is possible. You can convert them into like suppose M photo large, you can convert into 2222 dots large instances. I'm just taking an example. It is like like invertible, that means I can destroy this folder large and I can use I can convert into some other instance. You need to talk to customer support with for this body is that option is available if you choose convertible. Otherwise there is a binding that you just, you just do the standard then you can't do have to use otherwise you need to sale your reserve and stances maybe into marketplace for cheaper price. That could be a one solution, otherwise, your money will be wasted. Regarding price, you have to be very careful that if you are using reserved instances, we have two notch. That is dances. In instances. Once you do that, your pricing will automatically or your discount will automatically be applicable. So suppose you bought Reserved Instances today and you'll notch the stances again into this section. So the discount will get automatically applied in monthly billing. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me that I will be happy to answer. Then here you can define what kind of instance you want to choose. Suppose you Tuesday too large, for what period? Like one month to 12 months. If I want to go, I can use this. No upfront partial of an olive adoption. I will label. You can click on Search and if any reserved instances will be available, you will come to. Now here you can see that you are getting $952 for a radiating stars, which is d tilde dot large. Okay? You should compare it with the minus dance. Maybe even test even gender by red head. Go for D3.js. You don't go with saving plan is also available. Saving plan is a better twice basically rather than the seven stances. That is a better option, I can say in compared to the stances. What do you know that earlier only reserves transfers option where they're saving plan is a new feature for which you can see that we might review. But if I see with on-demand calculation, it is coming approximately $104 per month, which comes approximately $1200. So you can see that here you just need to pay $950 and here you will pay $1200. If I think that we are just using it for one year. This way I can save up to $50 around which is approximately twenty-five percent money. I can say that is a basically the exact benefit. While using the Reserved Instances. I hope this video will be useful for you and you are able to understand that how you can purchase a reserved stars, you just need to select your instars, need to add into cart. You just need to purchase and you just need to add into card. Once you add into your car, your building will implant applied according to whatever the payment option you choose. Whatever. You just need to click on Add to cart. And once you do that, your results, you will see that in stances I will label into your Reserved Instances section. However, you are actually not using that instance till now. If you want to use that, you're billing, we'll start from today itself. You need to be very careful. Make suppose you want to save money, right? So you want to launch or you want to put unit to purchase your result and stars is when you are actually learning to use those dead stars is suppose I purchase it for good. Am I building? We'll start from today itself. If I use it or not, that is not an issue. Then I need to launch instance here. And then I need to choose redhead and stores. Then I need to choose 33 dot large. If I choose 23 dots large, I launched Sarah. So automatically I will get the best benefit. This way. You can take the benefit of reserved instances. I hope you'll find that concept useful and understood. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. Otherwise, we will. In the next video, we will discuss about the sport distance. Thank you. 14. AWS EC2 Choose Best EC2 Instance (Pricing Model): Hello, friends. So welcome to this video. This video is going to be very important because in this video we're going to learn that how we can choose the best issue tune stance. So you know that the pricing is best. Pricing is basically very important part. If you are working on cloud or in aid of Louis, we need to ensure that we are choosing the best solution. Ah, so that we can keep our resources on low prices. So this is the reason why this video is going to be very important. This is a short video. It would not take much time, but it will help you to The best is iTunes stands for your present, so let us start. And if you know that there are three types, often stances, basically first, it's on the mining stance. Second is deserving stance. 30 exporters tons and forth is dedicated and stance, which you can choose when choosing Instance type. So whenever you create any easy to instance, you get the option that you can clear, shared instance or dedicated. It stands so I included it here to make it clear that why, what is the difference between them so dedicated and stances on some higher side because the resources will not be shared for dedicated instances with other clients. Howard, which he has stance it Ah, resources like CPU and RAM, which can be shared with other clients. It gets shared with other clients. So this is the basically middle difference between shared and dedicated and stance. And if you talk about performance performances off, dedicated and senses better that shared installs So this is a point and new. We have different, kind off instances for different kinds of solutions. So we need to to scare Feli to keep our product prices low between It starts this type. So let me go with this. The first instance type is on the minor stances. And so first is only one in stances on this instance is basically of when whenever you launch and in stars we normally used on the monastery. So if you are launching any stance, it will be basically on the one of stunts. I will show you in the practical Andi, you can check that were house and believe we can create on the moon and stars. So whenever you board the option, launch understand. So basically, you are launching and undermining stance. What is the benefit? There is no time commitment and there is no advance payment like you don't paid normally for this instance you just beef or the monthly bill. Whatever the issue used for that and starts, you have to pay for that. And due to this reason, this is the costliest. Is you doing stance, which you good. Who on the price said it is highest placement And the benefit is that if you are choosing it for short time like if you need a server for food days, one month or short period, you can choose on the one instances, right? There is no time coming when you don't on need to use it like for a particular period and you don't have to pay any advance payment. Also right. The arts which you use, you have to pay for that only. So I will tell you that when you can use on demining stances that situations the second case is off reserve in stances. So if there is some time coming from like you know that the product is going to be run for the longer time off period when you us I certainly know that what will be the time period approximately. You can choose deserving stance and and why you can't do Because it will give you the benefit off 30 to 70% discount over the only mining stances. Right. So if you are certainly knows if you are no letter, a product is going to run for on our or on yellow for six months like this you can use when you can go for the seven stances right, there is a commitment in more Win this. You are insuring that you will use three or six months that in stars or one year or three years and you pay for that, right? So there are multiple options like you can do no payment option, but you're just deserving that will be on higher price were inside. If you want, you can do partial a friend, so you be the partial amount and the rest amount You will pay in months, so you will get more discount and you can pay all a friend amount in it. Waas that yearly kos, I can say. And if you do ah, payment do payment in advance, you will get a very big discount. Like as I said, 30 to 70%. So it can we go to 50 to 70% how to purchase this. So the seven stance is very easy to purchase. Just you decided which in stance type you want launch at the same kind of stance and go toe the seven stances. Just purchase it there. It will get automatically applied on your normal instance. But you need to ensure that you are using the same configuration which you purchasing these Evanston's. So I will show you that in level. So just in a few seconds we are going over there, Then the third corps part could be sporting stances. It is very good solution for the chief instances. If you want, your high capacities are us like we're CPU. Performance is too much. I and, uh, high performers service. You can go for a sport instances, but there is a limit. Very. You had to use it because there is a big press. You put a bid for the institute stance, and if you're amount is coming into bid, then you will get that issue to instance right. If your bid price goes high. If the universe is sitting stance bid price goes high. AWS will automatically pulled and stands from you. Okay, so I am the duration which you get. It is approximately for few US took and can go toe for few days. But it is not no longer supported. Like for a long time products it is not a good option. But if you need step a city, you can go for export instances, it will provide you with a very high capacity service which normally used to get very high charge. You will get in a spot instances on the low cost and what you can do. The one solution could be that you can export your letter to as three as to leave rockets. And you can use this. There were four capacity only so many companies are used for data analysis for a still in stances so many companies are using for data analysis and there or like where they have to do lords off calculations. They use this service for 13 peered and the data get process into as Terry buckets. So this is something where exported stances are using by a companies these days and dedicated the senses as we're discussing this. Ah, starting that it is whenever you launch a star said There are two types of instances shared and starts are relegated. You can choose share in shared instances. You will. The CPU and memory will be shared by other clients and if it is dedicated to you, it will not be shared of it. Other clients and all the CPUs and memory, which is a lot of a located to you. It will remain with you, which means you will get better performance. So let's quickly go to the console and I assure you how you can proceed for the buying off these service. So I'm into mice console and if you go there, you can too. Easy to stances. And if you want to go for on demand, assassins on the mind and senses are useful were you are uncertain about the time Peter, like you don't know that how many days you required and like, you know that if say, like use need force there waas in a year completely but due in sometime, like for few days, yours mutilation goes high and you need some additional service. So for the additional service you can use on the mind and for the longer period you know that force that was required? No, permanently. You can use the seventh chances and say you need to serve us. Additionally, for a couple of days in a month, you can use on the minor stances. So this could be a scenario where you can use on the minus answers if you know that the U. S. So what is going to use for a long time? You should use it is seven stances and for detailed analysis, part things you can go for the sport instances to guard their stances, you simply to stance. Goto is Ito and go to a stance. If you choose any settler hair, why and stand step, you will get on the minus terms. Okay, so this will be your on demand the stars. So here you can choose any server and you can launch any stance. So suppose you choose 22 dot x large right and you lost the server. So this will be on demon. It starts. But suppose you are Lord, you have learned this server and this is running you still have the option to use the servant stances. What you need to do. You have to go to the seven Stance. Then you need to click on purchasers of stance, and then you can choose your server. Like if you have used Land X, then you can simply to the land. It's their your trip to the same carrots capacity, like if you choose landings with squares over, then here to choose landings with the square. If your toes window simple, you should choose windows should windows with the schools are also you have to choose that option. So whatever the only one in stance is going on, you need to to same platform. Then here. Do you need to choose the instance types. So I have use. Do you do that last? So I have to use to talk about lies only. Did you not excellent? If I use on on the mind, I have to do this one. Only then I can, too, with my payment option. Like if I want to pay all up front on, you can choose your tenancy so default or dedicated and you can choose your terms. Also played for 12 months and you can send blue search. So here you can see that what will be your total cost the ice Choose all of friends So I have to pay in advance all different place. So it will be basically on cheaper site if I compare with on D minus stances place And if I use if I purchased this So my period really start from now onwards whenever I purchased this and if I have running any on the minor starts off same category or same platform, it will automatically get applied on my own Dumanis starts. So I hope now you go to the point that this are nor the separate point. This is just a building which get applied over on the mining stances you're doing. Got any separate there for the seven stances? You know, departures, but the sport request. You can do it by this sport. Request in stand straight and here you can simply choose requests. Porter stances. You can check the price history from here and you can get some options like the quest. If you want to reserve for particular duration like 1 to 6 us, you can choose that. So some other options you can get. You simply have to to the stance Kevin sitting on, but often stands. Then you have to to the platform. Then you have to to the server type and other days like your bidding price and on the things you can simply poor there on. After that, you can simply like here you can put your pricing so whatever the place you want to see if you want to check the pricing still, you can compare it with this and you can simply launch. You're exporting chances. So, guys, I hope you understood now that how you can launch just us sport result and on the minor stance if you oneto launcher dedicated, dedicated a stance. You can also do that. Why are when At the time of choosing that stance, you can choose here. I assure you that option if you want to choose dedicated in stance, so here at the time off launching urine stance. You can choose your dedicated in stance here. If you go next here, you can choose your tendency. It could be shared or it could be a dedicated. So I hope now you get that clarity that what stands type you can use in which case is if you're going for longer term useful. These other times, if you are using for short term Ah, very were uncertain about the period. Go for undermining stances. And if you just need for big Kepa 30 servers for relative price go for sported stances which are cheapest cutting. So I hope this video will remain useful for you. If you have any questions, please let me know otherwise, Feel free to move to the next section where we are going to learn about calculator, which will give you a complete idea that what could be your tentative price if you are going for any of the solution. Thank you. 15. EC2 Instances Types: Hello guys, welcome to this video. This video we will talk about EC2 limits. Not easy to limit if you go further. Topics which we have covered on the left panel. Now the next option is instances type. In the last video we have covered about instances and starts displacing models. What type of instances are available? Now, the next option is instances type. What kind of instances? What type of as dances are available, which we can launch into AWS. Aws has lot of, lot of different dipole instances Providing solution for every different kind of requirement. It is not like you can just do the different whatever the size and what is the RAM, what is the memory you want to choose? How it works in AWS, basically, there are different kinds of stars is available and you need to select as per your requirement. Suppose your parity is memory. They have memory-based statuses. Your requirement is CPU, high CPU, low memory. So you can, you can, you have to select from a wide range available where number of CPUs will be on the higher side, number of Haram will be on the lower side. I will show you how you can figure it out that but in total, if I say there are 468, this says type available as of now while creating this video. This is like concepts are same. This video will be applicable for next one to do here easily. But right now it is 2022. This is the scenario which is going on for 68 instances. Now, what type of instances you can figure it out like, you can see that in such a safe T1, T2, if you go with this Avon S4, there are different kinds of variety. There are different kinds of options like network performance. What are the on-demand pricing is going on? They are also giving now this thing. How to filter out this. You just suppose you need M4 dot large. If you are already working in that environment, you might know that I'm for that largest, very common. So if you wanted to see for what is going on for them for that photo collage, it will provide you to CPU and eight GB RAM. There is no story, there is no storage pipe network performance is motivate. Costing is 0.1 USD per hour. That means for ten hours, they are charging $1 for line, etc. Similarly, $2.4 per, per day. This is how you can find, but the other better way would be suppose you want to see likewise CPU, what to go for? Minimum for CPU like this, you can go choose less than filter. That's why it is coming to the other filters. Earlier there used to be different like with which we can figure it out easily and which gives you more understanding. But now AWS has changed some options and visibility is what I feel that it didn't not as good as previously it was. But let me just give you 11 benefit is there if you choose an instance type, you can get all the details related to this family. And this is the instances says This is what are the other options. Actually probably was not able to get all the details. So that's why they have JNI interface. Now, I'll tell you a trick on how to do it basically. Here you can see the pricing as well for any instance. So if you want to select an instance, you can, you can select it and you can filter it according to your requirement as well. Now, AWS documentation is something which is, you know, that I used to say it is the best one in the documentation part, all things are clear. Almost. If you see AWS, EC2, family, family types, if you discuss about this EC2 instances family tab You can open the A's, the left-hand document. All you can note down the link as well. If you see there are five types of instances. One is general purpose, compute optimized, memory optimized. Another is accelerated computing. And last one is storage optimize. If you see the names, it is very clear. Like general purposes for the regular use. T-type category, M type category. Used to command A1 cap category as values to come into. General purpose. Denominators are for regular use. Balance of everything like computer memory and networking. Then it can be used for diversity or workload. Most other times, General Purpose is a good solution. And you're going to these things. You can find out different stances. I will label. As you can see all that it is like if you go for T2, T2 is the small one. This is, this is the options available like CPUs for your alternators and this is your memorial, normally four times memory, you will get general purpose. Then we have compute optimize where CPU load is on the higher side where you need more CPU capacity rather than memory. You have compute optimize focuses more on compute optimize type of category used to come. To compute optimize and HPC capacity as well. Now they are covering it is like 20% higher in US networking bandwidth, ARDS, well, you can see all the details and you can see where, where it is. Most required. You will go for this. Normally the memory they show is used to read double the CPU. Suppose if you are choosing C6, C6 I dot x large, it is firing for CPU and ATP then, according to cost, also will impact because there is less memory, so cost will go on the lesser side. We need to understand what is our requirement. According to that, we can follow. Then we have Memory Optimized. We're focuses on moral memorial. And normally eight times of your memory you will get somebody who have you choose all the R6 type of family. And x is basically related to your memory optimized instances. You'll see that a shoe also like Lucy view, you are getting 16 dB them. Okay, so you can see that more focuses on memorial site. If you add having 16 CPU, you are getting 128 GB them. If you need higher memory than it is in solution for Accelerated Computing, which is related to your Accelerated Computing and stances uses hardware accelerator or co-processor to perform functions such as floating point number clarification, graphics profits, processing value needs to process your graphics on the higher side, or data pattern matching, etc. You can use estimated probability. P4, DL, infrared G5 categories at basically come into Accelerated Computing family. Couldn't get all the details here. Then more focus on stories. There were stories is optimize storage optimized instances you'll need, you can go for us to as optimized instances. You can follow this one. You can get all the details here. And all the I unless category D2, D3 categories are basically installing, optimize these five types of stories. Status, family are there. You can get the questions on this or maybe you, according to your requirement. As I shown you, is the complete details of all the different instances which you can choose. I hope this video you will be useful for you. If you have any question, feel free to ask them to Q&A section. Otherwise, feel free to go to next week. Thank you for watching this video. Bye-bye. 16. How to launch an Redhat Server in AWS: Okay, So in this video we'll learn about how you can launch a credit server, which is very popular in companies, and most of the companies use or edits or right? So first you need to login into services. Then is you two. You will get this kind of console, okay? Then go to instances. Okay? Click on. Okay. Then because it is a free direct counts, so I will choose here T2 micro, but you can choose any. And he says read as per your requirements. So there are a lot of different configuration with different CPU and memory process are available. And you can choose that one. But because this is for training and it was empty to dot micro which is available under free that okay. I'm clicking on Next. Then how many server you want to launch you can do that one. This is by default VPC, which we are using because AWS needs some network, right? Or every 78, some default network, at least one network. So we are using AWS default network. There are six datacenters available in AWS. So I'm using anyone, right? And you can use anyone and your server when we launch into that particular datacenter. So this is actually we talk when we are talking about subnet. So here in default subnet availability zone is equal to Datacenter you can consider and you're going to lose any. So for me, I'll go forth 18. Okay. Then we need public IP address by default, it is enabled if you do a default network because we need this public IP address to connect it from internet. Okay? So i2, this enabled. Then the other things are not required or we can go with the by default behavior for the shut down, it should go for a stop. If you want to enable high VNET, you have to take this option. Okay? Then we can go with the default options here and I click on Next. Then you can add your hard disk or you can say a disk to your server. And you can too, like how much desk you want to add. So suppose if you want to add multibody, it comes by default 110 dB disk, okay? But if you want to add more desk, you're going to click on add new volume and you can add the additional variable in here. I will get one more 15 GB disk. Okay? And and what else? I think rest part is optional. But you're going to add new volumes anytime if you want. Okay? Then tag is very important, like you can add very important conventions like to read it. So I save my first letter server. Then I can add that tag information like on a pressure on our Cloud learning. Then you can add technical contact like the shan't. Okay? So I'm using this one, so I'll do that. And another important thing is that while keeping this, these texts, while launching those are what these texts will automatically get attached to your instances, your volumes, and your network interfaces, okay? We want to remove that you can, okay? And additional information also you can write. So tag is quite important most of the times. One very important use I seen if you use backup, right, if you need to do backup, so you can take backup on. You're going to create a e with the name of backup, okay. You can add a tag and you can put its value yes or no. And you can set a rule like for the backup tags. Mecca will be done, right? Automatic backup will happen. And if its value is no, it will not happen like this. You can add, okay? Or you can manage your backup policy according to this. So tags are quite important. It is simple thing, but it is very important and very useful this, okay guys. I will be describing our tax now, the security group. So what is security group? Okay. So security group is something like I have blocked everything, right? Nobody can connect to my server by default. So it is kind of a firewall for your system, right? And and it's kind of a firewall for your system. And what I can say that every port, incoming port is by default block, okay, insecurity with so like I can. Give it some name like red or security group. Okay. And same host, Liskov Shun. And photo is SSH like this. Okay? So SSH is required to connect your server. So that's why I need at least need to open this port. And here its port number is 22, so I don't need to change it. And I can choose here from which source you want to connect. So if you do have any particular range, you can specify your office network or something like this, or your home network if you are not sure and do you want like anybody can connect or if it is like for me it is a test machines though I can connect it from anywhere. So I'll choose anywhere. And geodata 0, dot-dot, dot-dot, dot-dot, dot-dot slash 0 means that from any IP it can be connected. So similarly, I can add them. More popular ports are available here, like my S squared, NFS, samba, IMAP, all such available bootleg STDP. Stdp has all available pores you can easily add if you want to allow them. Otherwise, suppose you are hosting a website on your server. Molecule haven't opened the STDP port insecurity group. So what will happen that it block your traffic, right? What will happen? Let me clarify here. Okay, suppose you have a website running on your server. Okay? This is your server. And one website is running on port 80. Ok. web server, website running on port 30. Okay? Find out this which we launch. Okay? But this has one security group open here, right? Sorry. So this is your security group. Okay? So this is your security group. And if you note allowed AT vote open here, what did we do? If it is not allowed? It will block your server x's, right. So disport, should we allow that only the end-users like you and me can connect to this website, okay? User one, user two. Okay? So if you need to connect them, if you need to connect them, you need to go at this, we need to connect them. You need to go via this, right? And this means that this port should be open. If it is not a one, it should not walk. That is the reason why we allow a vote here, okay? For website, right? And SSH port. Similarly, like SSH port is running here, okay? So I can connect, As it says, 22 is open, but if it is not allowed here, it is not allowed here. Okay? So you can't connect. So this port should we open? This board should be open, okay? But this is how it should work. Okay? So I allow SSH Fortier. I want right now only SSH for so that is fine. And maybe on the latest days I would required website as well. So what I'll do, I'll open STDEV boat as well. Okay. And anybody can open my website so I am using the boat review. So you're going to view your screen like I am using tutorial micro. If you want to change, you can change it from here. Then you can check your security groups right now as a such, a native boot is allowed. And if you want to change your security group, you can do it from here. Then you can check all you and standard envoy is. So right now it is On-Demand instance, okay? We will talk about the instances, different type of instance, pricing model, liter. Then you can go to stories. And so I have to do scared 10 GB and 15 JV. Then I can show my text has been okay, So I'm good with it. So what I can do that I can create a new key pair. Okay? So what is key here? Now the another terms come with what is keep it. Okay, so we will talk about this. What, yeah, what is key pair TPID, something like a password. It is the skier is having password for you, so this file will have the password for you. Okay? So I need to, this, is this an additional security layer, or you can say, apart from security group, this is another security layer. And you can create a And you can download this. So this file will have your password information in encrypted mode, okay? In encrypted mode. So you can use it anytime. Okay? Then I can launch my instance. So myself, I will get ready. So this is my fossa radius server. Okay. I will show you another two service like Amazon, Linux and Mac and Windows as well. So here guys, if you see my server got ready now and I can connect this, okay? So there are a couple of options. I can connect this. I can connect it via what you do. If you are using a Windows system. If I can answer, use SSH tool. And I can also do it connect pen. I can kinda got so it via browser. So I show you my connecting it over browser. If it allows. Sometimes it can give you issue. If your browser don't support it. So like if you see right now, I'm not able to connect it. Okay? So what I'll do here, let me just try to connect the server via what do you do? Okay, So i in the next video, I will give you the order. That is how you can download and how you can connect it. But right now, we can see that mice have about ready, okay? And we can try to connect it via E2. Okay? Okay. So basically we need a couple of tools. One is pretty, I will create a separate video. So you can refer the separate videos which I created for showing how you can use them. But one is put D to lie required. Another tool I required put Jan. if you are using a Windows machine, right? Why I need this PuTTYgen tool, put it into, is required to convert our BAMfile to PB gay because BAMfile is not understand by putting two. Okay, so what else do? I have downloaded one file here, right? And I click on All Files. You can see I got my pen fine. I need to convert into PPG. Okay? So just understand that this is a process. So I save it as a private key and then a again give them name, the same name I need to give. But this time I just need to remove my extension, okay, and I can save it. So what will happen if I say my private key? It will convert it into PPG file. Okay, so if you go and download folder, now you can see I have one P, pk file as well. Okay? Now why I need this? Because putty can understand only pb Guifei, so I copy my public IP or does go to put D again, put the IP address, then go to SSH. Polygon Authentication tab click on Browse. Then I open my file, open it. And what this file? It has the password. Okay. It has the password. Then by default, username of red eyed machine is easier to use it. Okay? So if you see, I'm able to log in now. So this is one way and very popular way to work. Okay? Okay, so this way you can see that I am able to connect and I can run all the commands, write whatever I want. Perfect. So that's it for this video, and that's it for this video. And in this video we understood how we can launch a rider server. And you can check and you can control many things like you're going to start, stop. You can do all sorts of things by over the console only, right? You can check. You're going to stop your sorrow or you can start your server, you can reboot, or you can terminate. Terminated means the stoic yourselves, right? And the other action related things, right? So you can do, you can make completely manage it. And that it is if you go, if you select this server in the blue section, you can check all the details. Now the console also has been a change a bit. So now it is like details. You can get all those are what it is like Dan stance side instance ID, a unique ID for every server, then its public IP, it's private IP. It's status, what the VPC it is using. All I did is I will label right? What kind of platform it is. It is a Linux server, right? And then what is the launch time? What is the KPI reduce? Then? Now they also segregated the different system like security. They are covering IAM role and they are covering security group two days, right, which you are using. Then in the networking they are giving the VPC information, what do we see they are using and what network interfaces and if you are using any elastic IP address, okay? Similarly, you can go to stories and the stories, the image show you what are the database, what are the hard disk for test two servers right now it is too hard disk raid 1 is 10 and 1 is 15 GB. And if I run the command LSB ALK, I can see that, right? So one is here, you can see one is 10 gig and now there's 15. Okay. Bu devices they have. Then status check. You can verify the status of your Savoir, these two so the sword week. Okay. All right. Then monitor. So you can check in the monitoring like what other details like how your server is performing from our last one, our last three hours, 12 hours, 1D 2D is like this. Okay? So this is, this will be applicable for all of us are aware as well. So these things will be really good for other servers. So in the next videos, I will show you like how if you need more detail out to connect to your, how you can connect via SSH. I will show you the connectivity options, as well as I will show you how you can use Windows Server or how you can use how you can launch Amazon Linux. However, the stack will be same. We just need to select the template, okay? Okay guys, so that's it for this video. And if you have any question you can ask me in the Q&A section or in comment section, or if not, we can move to the next video. Thank you. Bye bye. 17. Launch your first Ubuntu Server: Hey, so hello, real lenders. You don't know. We have known. Like what? Our legions. Water of Liberty Jones and water is locations in AWS. Now, today we are going to learn how we can launch our first word. Your server in Nablus. So to live, we will learn like how we can launch our first planets over. There are multiple options available in in eight of Louis. Like you can use AWS. So do pseudo server. I don't want to several aws redhead. That defense Lee was You can so you can use. So to do this first we need to log on into our console. So if you could consign the console, it will ask your user name and password. Just feel that use any passer and you will be on this screen. No, Just remember that if you want to launch your server, you need to go to conclude section. There will be one service easy toe that we need to use before that. We need to choose the one nearest reason or the reason in which you want to set up your server. So I collected my nearest listen. It is a Shia Pacific movement and I would like to greet myself in this reason. Now let's get gone. Easy to Okay, So once you click on issue two, you will get this kind of screen. Now we will go to all this things hair you found in this console one way one. But in the start, just let's be family. Like how you can launch our server. And after that, in the next session, we will discuss about the other things which are labeled in this council. So click on launches stance that there are multiple options. Just make sure that you have selected your nearest reason. Then we need to click on Notre stunts. Once you click on this nonsense stance, you can see there are different servers Are templates available like this is provided by Iran? Lose itself on here. You can see that in the Quaker start, you can find my deeper service provided by AWS, and you can choose any one of the service. Apart from this, there is my AM eyes. If you do todo any customize ever, you can use my am eyes. There is one option eight of this marketplace. So if you want to purchase some issue to in stance. What a particular service. So ah, number of developers are there in the market, and they have provided their customised template. You need toe paid just for that instance, or whatever the service you are using. Ah, for parable basis. So marketplace is a very good place if you are looking for some customers application and this is community and my eyes were Community have provides deals customized the customers developed families. So let's start. Let's go to a quick start, and this is the first very good place to use your you create yourself, set up your 1st 7 So here you can see that you can find Amazing Landing's A missile. Aris's a wonderfully am I because it contains already AWS Command line does fight on we Paul and Jiao languages. There are other repositories. Also, every label that is Dakar PH. With my sequel posted. These so you don't need to install doom on those repositories are those soft US men Apart from this, all the other flavors which are available in the market with the latest version are really well in this pamphlets. Who have you considered it is Red line next 7.4 wasn't is available so that Sybil is available. So this is about 12 hours and is available. Want to let this sweater 16 is available? It also has Microsoft serve us right now. Microsoft Windows Server 2016 going on. So it has that too. And in 2016 also, there are different type of flavors. Like if you want to go with minimum configuration, you can choose No, no. In addition, if you want a school, several express with you, you can go for the schools that work express wagon. If you want escorts, have a repetition. You can go with this If you want escorts ever standard you come to this witness sense. So Aniston's who as per your requirements, you can choose and there are a number off leaves. So in this instance, we can use for testing purpose. We can see that we just notice one thing also, that if you're using and free dirt just you does and stances which are available in their free time. So here we can see that the yeast this one to survive this every level under fleeter. So I'll do this one. Then there are different kinds of confusion of a level. So we were discussing in detail in next sessions. But right now for just over you and four to make the Sufi family, I will describe what what are this tapes? So I know you do is basically general purpose and that purpose machines come into T two and for these categories are basically for general purpose to studio and, um for our two generation and they provide different capacity Like if you go 42 micro, it will provide you one CPU once, ever and hard. This will be devious. We will discuss a bs also in accessions. Then you can choose your configuration according to your requirement and they will be chargeable as Aziz. Their confusion goes high. That sizable amount We were so close. So I know you can see that you can to studio boto x large. It contains X abuse and 32 TV them and obviously then there are in fort particularly in this you confound much has capacity. Oh, who collect this one? You can use this im four capacity and here you can see that it can go up to 64 processor and do 50 60 billion. So it provide you much our capacity. And it also provided 25 gigabyte network and the maximum and you can two different confusion Aspirin. Apart from this, if you are looking for computer optimized Ah, your computing compute optimize servers only. So you can too. This one c $4 uh, computer up to my C four section and then see for donation. Who found are there will be processor much me at the hiring and Granville were lower so that processing power off this service will be very high. So here you you can see that you can find 36 abuse in an hour and 60 here you go to 16 JB and there is 30 started with them there. Apart from this, there are memory optimized. Where you find higher memory are there and on. There will be stories optimized where schools will be at the higher end and you will get the better quality off stories which can take higher input. I know. So I to stick to the micro, right? No, I like lickle nest. Here. You define a few simple option like Hominy stance. You want to come here so I am happy with right now Understands But you can launch Esper your requirement multiple instances to with the same configuration. Then I long we leave the costs Post stances Azaz unchecked because I want simply on divine stances. Then there is network submit or to assign eyepiece a network. Right now AWS provides by default our network to us. So we will use the AWS providing network on in future living in the future. Next sessions we will learn about BBC and there we will create your own network image. Right now, in this network, there are two sub nurse available. I'll choose one beat for this point off time and I can see that there are 4090. Vince, I pair This is available so I can use or I conclude right now 4091 service in this range order signed public I p because I want to configure it the server from Internet. So I will like to use auto sign public eye beef food enabled then by before there is no I am will need to define So I'm happy with none. Shut down behavior what it will do Money will shut down when the pelican shut down, it stopped or terminate. So I'm happy with the stop option. If you could contaminate, it will terminate your machine. Or basically, it will destroy your machine completely. And you're all data will be lost and a neighbor termination protection. It is also important thing, like if you want to enable your damnation protection, you can do that. Definition production means that if you really contaminate, it will not allow you to turn it until or unless human really. And I'm happy with the monitor and the four monitoring so it is for them over possible. I'm happy with the four monitoring. Then there are two delancy options. One is called Shared, one is called Dedicated. Shared is whenever you're sort of a run from our shared heart of instances. This is competitively priced will be cheaper for this instance, and if you will use delegated, the price will be at the higher If you are using. Shared instances are your CPU and RAM basically can be shared with other clients, so it didn't last year more than if the the pool is having Fortius abuse and flew processor . It can be used with some other commands as well In the dedicated Whatever the capacity is allocated to you, it is only dedicated to you. However, if it is not I 1,000,000 use a still day is provided. But that is not in the case Off sheer. Then you will go with the default. Other options If you want to add another I p you can add another I p from network interfaces on. We are good to go to next option Here. You can find that if you want toe add stories. So this is your disk and head. It is very simple toe adverse stories. Whatever the disk you want to, Eddie, you just simply need new volume. So suppose right now with a little you will get a TV off stories and if you want, you can add another volume and you can define your size. Somebody want toe change your current size also so you can change the size. Right now, there are three beautiful volume disk available in it of Louis. It is normally known a general possess city. It is used for normal production. If you are, if you need higher input and output, you can use province and I Oh, Piers And you can define your eye opus if you require. And third is magnetic where the input and output capacity is quite low and we will not support it on We will not services to use this. So I'll go with right now general, populous city And we're good to go with the next option. I choose by default a TV we just sufficient for me at this point of time. Then there is the option off checks. So if you want to enable or if you want to give some information for your servers, you should use texts. There is very one common Ted, If you want to give your server and name, you can do it. This one. So here you can feed and give your important information. Like I say that 1st 1 to server and I give another tag like my company S O. I give some company name and whatever the complaint, if you want to give for example, you can do oneto location, whatever that tax you want to give. Their tax will be useful like when there will be number off servers. It will provide you the required information and it is got quite healthy. So I to this information and I click on this here the another interesting option comes which is called Security. So here you can see that a security group is a set off firewall rules that control the traffic off here in stunts. So security really sure that what traffics can come to your in stones by default, all the involved pores are blocked and security, this is important question. For example, if you are so many times, you can come to know that too a white afford, uh, which you know which port is allowed. Insecurity girl. And the answer is that bite afford All the ports are locked in for inbound traffic insecurity on the space. You can add rules to allow specific traffic toe reach you on stars. For example, if you want to set up a Web server and around on a traffic to reach you and stars add ruled that allow underscored access to Esther depend on us to do people. So what? I mean that you need to create your own rules if you want. Oh, hello. Any service or any traffic which can reach able to your server so I know what I do that I give it. I'm very even named like Want to sever rules? I use. Give some description. I think this description is fine for me to So I You seem Andi, I can mention there that pulls one. Will it be an asset for connecting? I'll use these fours as such by the four port and it is available on 22 and I click on add Rule. And then other reports are label Whatever the popular pours you need normally is available in deception. If you want STD before dusk It appears I'm whatever the poor squatter, the common pools they had available in this section. Or if you want to customize your old you can choose custom, PCP or custom repeal. So I choose here Custom TCP rule If you want a world traffic, you can't use old recipe If you want to allow old UDP, you can do that. I choose custom A stick to be pulled here. Andi, This one this simple. This says that the distance, the report and its port number 30 on what is my source? I So this is important. Four saipi Right now, we choose custom, and I put Gerard erode our dinner Giorgio's last year, which means that from any source, this server can be connected. Why destitute people? I same is applied for a success port in this case. What If you want to define your any particular network names like your office network or your company or collection network, you can get to that one. Then you choose anywhere. Anywhere is the same thing anywhere. In this case, there toe any from many sources can approach here. If you want to, is to pacify your customers network. You can choose custom, and if we want to give you a source, I p that is my I p. You control this one, but the problem is that my dynamic address is normally used to get changed. So I would like would not like to prefer to use my But if you're having any source, if you have any server which has a static I p, you can definitely trust my Then after giving this valuable information, you just need to click on review and this review, you know, information that it is required like the several confusion chooses right, That's a good reporting to this right on stories option are enough for you. If you want you the stories, we want to modify it. You can change it right now at this point of time. And here is your tests. So we're good to launch our first planets over there. This 1st 1 to worsen and I quicken loans. And here the another interesting option. Come here. I choose Good it in. You keep here so deep. It is what a keeper consist off a publicly that AWS is stored and the private key for that usedto so public it will be stored in eight of Lewis and private key file will be with you whether they allow you to connect to your stance securely. And for we lose a my private key is required to obtain the password usedto loving into stunts. So if you are having window summer, you can this big ship your passport phone this keep cheerful or line except my private key allow you to securely s ascension to you the stance so they could see in coming. Ah, few minutes how we will connect ourselves with issues with lowered with land. It's busy. I'll give it to some name eso I say it is my first. We're goingto server. You going down? It was this file at some safe place. I'll put it in dark. Stop. I need to connect it with good windows machine So we would require toe pool also to connect . This one is called Booty and another is called repeating 12 stars in the area. Good to go. We can check over instances. Okay, guys, you can see that my first name is their first woman to serve. What it say's my stance. I'd instances the unique one on my son's type is too to does micro. My region is one B on my status doesn't spending right now. It is not yet created. So it will take some time and definitely it will get ready. This? Yes, I can also You can go this options and you can see that you can find out You are viewing more rules so you can check whatever the pores you open stance The student data are running your estan Saudi on And you are a my which am I in the back? And it used you Keep your name All such relevant information you can find here. What is your root device? And what is your brother device? Even find out you're publicly in his name on your public I p this I p you can use to connect it by Internet because right now it is in tow. It is the north into the fourth somewhere. And we have assignment public i p So definitely we can convert the servant. And this is your private. The innocent private ap you can connect on the other side was with help off every day, please. So I know my services in the running status on ST us. Check is initializing right now, there are two students. Check basically which say's systems for district on a Sanskrit. If those statistical failure you are good to collect, you settle. So what is systems to district? Let's have a look here. These checks monitor that AWS system required to youth and stance and ensure they are functioning properly. So what? This basically monitor the AWS system that it only system is for working fine, which is required to use this instance So it checked basically that whatever the aid of the system is required, tocar running the server to run the server are fucking friend. So if this tech is fine, we are good to go then another is these checks monitor your software and network configuration for this instance. In instances, straight attacked. Basically, we used to monitor that your software and network configuration at Papa and the average even. So, let's wait for this on. Meanwhile, we can look into it wanting section A modern exception is quite interesting. I know you can see that you can check last two weeks of street from this obsession. So if you have launch any so I didn't want it in section you will find some investing sections here like you could check your CPU regulation. How your servers running up to from last are to last two weeks. You can want it as a performance where you can check like CPU relation. Discreet disagreed. Operation What? That's true. This is going on. Describe this network in there are more people. My text you can use to monitor yourself that is quite healthy options. And there is there text which you have you so no, no, You can see that in within 5 to 10 minutes. Yourself got ready. And we are good to collect this because I'm using a window machine. So I used this public. I appeared as our public DNS name, and I need Putih to connect the self. So let's see how we can connect it with windows on in next session. Or we can see that how we connect the server to from Linus Systems. Just copy this. So let's copy the settlers and try to connect this one. There are two tool I need for this. What a and put region. So put the Janey's air tool you can find out well, would be section putting. That is a option. You will found that when you click on this, because very easy to connect this service. So you need to connect and from the land existence, you simply need to give us example like s a search. I found I your key name. Give your name and your response bian's and make sure that you attend the more off your B and file 400 so no for windows, you need to connect it via putting and what you need to do. You can go on this option. Canada using 40 and it will open other console for you where you can find out Download Putting beach and head If you go, you can find out putting and Patijn tool So just need to click don't it? Here and here You can just search party You can download your required virgin and similar way You can don't know Patijn And here it's so what's boast this To download you just need to launch Goto put the jail and first you need to create your private key for this The simple disc Illegal Lord Choose your all five section and 20 ian file which you used So I don't know Did it invest up? So let's see very this the given name Waas My first Want to Linus Solar See where it is. Ah, you just need to go to desk And here it is my 1st 1 to both beer and I don't open it and I just need to receive it And I would say we don't stop itself and I give it a name. Amy, this is moving the extension of this and click on See whether, as you can see that my PPK file coordinated And now I simply need to connect the server by putting to If I click on putting, I'll give the I p addresses or D in his name would Here. We'll do a search. What indication? My fine. I left it open. Even a small warning. And I don't need to give my user name, which is 12 You take the by default. And here it is. What indicating with my public? Give it I have given. I wanted him to put him on Heavier go. So now guys, you can see that we are able to connect to our server and you can check it by ex public experiment I p a Does it is 1 70 dude or $31. 11. 94 I learned. Check. What is the iPad? This is coming in my console to Okay. Here You can see that my I p addresses 1 72 20 Wondered aloud, 94. And here I am. They want to connect myself so you can see your present with directly. No and whatever The basic commands won't run. You can use this. You can see your current are productive also. And yes. Come on. These which we need to do. We need it over repositories and I do it by pseudo space app. Typhon, get space of death. Come on, You can use to abdicate your deposit, please. Oh, guys, I hope you like this video. And if you have any questions, please let me know. Please do write in common section like you can write in your feedback toe. I put your questions And if you are not having any question, please to suit to the next section. Thank you. 18. How to create a new volume or disk in EC2 Server and reflect in Linux OS: Hello guys, welcome to this video. In this video, we are going to learn all we can add a new, new volume, who you are easy to solve. All you consider how you can add a new Linux server in AWS. This is an example. This is the test Learning Server, which is currently having one disk of 15 dB. I have only one disk. Let me just try to connect this. This partition is less desk. Let's execute. I have connected this server simply. If I see that partition right now, there is only one partition which is 15. Good. Let us x one partition and a half and we see him off 15. Okay? Now suppose I need a one additional disk with this. So how to do that? First, which you need to ensure that you have notice download? I believe we did. Do you need to notice on that? First target? New in Europe, easy to set up. Next. I'll label as valid. Accident. How I connect. This is simple process like 15 dB. If I see, I can see only 15 dB there. Now I need to create one volume, New Orleans. I need to create an I need to notice down this, I believe religion. So I noticed on WVD don't guarantee availability zone is best to see. While loops can include new volume DB2. How much sides I went on, please say ten dB. Then. I need to ensure that I drew the same availability zone in which myself like myself, just to see what should be the same because each datacenter or in each availability zone is separate to each other. So every resource will be separate if my set of bodies in doozy, my hard disk, the new hard disks should be part of only to see data center. This is the only reason I can add it back, which I consider a second is this volume. Once this got create, know if I see this and it does. It is discrete. Now, it got created and it is available. Let me just select it. I believe or did you not do see? I have greatly now, but it is right now available right now. I did not in use. I need to attach this. I need to attach this wildly M2, which then starts the test and sounds okay, so I want to attach it with Tesla and etc. The new partition is, I see there's dev slash SBB. Okay. Let me just attach it. Now if you see there is one warning that it will replace the name S with XV. Now next we will see this as it exits. Now. My boots are both volumes are in use and this is if I just refresh it, it shouldn't be visible. No task to this volume. So now I have two volumes are attached to the settler. Should reflect in instances as well. I select my cetera. We'll do stories. I can confirm that there are two stories. What about Linux? Are able to see that? Let me just verify. I do LSVT. Okay? I can see, yes, my next partition is available. As we see that x, this will be replaced with XV. Now, it is showing us execute db. Now ten good partition is available. Now if I see my disk facility, so if I see the partitions are available, repartition is available. Disk is still showing only one partition, one disk okay. Which is mounted to slash route and it is 15 dB. I can't see the other other disk. What I need to do here, I want to use this pen gate partition. So what I need to do, I need to basically create mth. Amount folder. I can market. It is missing the membrane root. So now I need to create a mount point. Then I need to attach this partition to that point. What will be the stuff? Less? Take help with Amazon documentation as well. This is the best documentaries and Nick and see which you can verify and just be finite. I would try to help you with the planning. So LSB and we have done now I can see that I have one additional value as well. Now, on the next step, what I need to do, I need to create a file system. I have on partition. I have one partition which is x would be V. But I don't have file system here. I need to create one EFS file system here. So that you can see that on that file system I can write the data. It will be formatted with the Excel file system. I say here, we've got root user, so I can directly run the command. I can use Sudo, make file system hyphen T, which rises time. I need to create SFS and which drives less depth x Vdd, which partitions less dev slash x Vdd. I have no formatting this partition as the x fs file system. I'm pleading this file system and no Wi-Fi system. What great. You can see. Now, it is showing that whatever that new information like, what is the initial sectors? Now, what did the and sectors? So all the days of this file system, we'll redisplay here. If you face any issue, you can run this excess utility, the utility. Then you can to learn the x fs command. I'm BFS and DFS. You do BCD. If you see here. At this point, it is excluding me only and ten dB. And if a CDF, again, there is no change. But now on this partition, I have installed 15 system which is called DFS. You want to verify this one. You can run this command K, iPhone f. Now you can see that my partition, my, this my disk partition is having XLS file system. Now I have the file system. Now the benefit is that again, Monk this I'll create slash ls. I have few directories here that I'm indeed IPO even know. What I can do. Like, I grade one direct BMG EDAR, S partition, decimal point, best among point. So I created one folder, test m, with a name of test em, does the deflecting testimony. If I do ls, I should be able to see that it is created. Now, I need to mark this. How to do that? I need to run mountain belt. And then which partitions slash dev slash x v dv. And with which point I need to mouth mold it with the best knocks. You see that? I have on to this. Well, and now you see the display system. I can see that my new systems less, less, less actually a desk and it is mounted SFS. Now I can utilize the TempDB data. If I want. I can go to CDI, test him medically and I can create any flight. Dxdy. If you see, I can let the fight this, you can farm like now my file has been returned. What will happen that if you reboot the server, the amount point will remove automatically. So we need to make one more change. We need to make the entry into slash, ETC slash FASTA file that we can ensure that this fight or these mount points get automatically a debt. Whenever you are server reboot. For the safer side, what I'll do, I'll take the backup of this FASTA file just to ensure that if something goes wrong, something goes at all. I again Gopi, I can take the backup, copy it, and I can make the required changes. I have copied this file f estab as a FS as well. Now, the next step is that we need to make some money. Let's see what is the return there right now. If you see that is one more point already exist, which is mounted to slash. And this is XLS file system and this is before it. And the default options. This is attached with UUID. This is a batch with UUID. I need to find out what is my UID for next partition. So for that I need to run this code and we'll GID. And if I run this, it will show me both the partition and their UUID. One is already mapped. You don't need 919. If you see this is already mapped. The other entry we need to make another angry. What do we need to do? We need to write some particular format. And the format is almost like same as it is mentioned here. Audio can copy this format as well. If you go there, so you can copy this line. The format will be something like this. Let me show you for stamp. Now I need to replace this UUID with correct partition number. Let me just find out this is the second partition number. One X would DB. I'll copy this one. Copy this one, and replace it with this one. Then my folder name is among point this test em, okay? Pi system is SFS. Other options are before I delete the if you wanted to see them, meaning you can verify these options as well. In the following November we mount the device with UUID, so I replaced them UID to mount point, this medievalism online point. And then we are specifying that we are using a surface file system because the default and no field flux we specify due to prevent the file system from being dumped. And we specify two to indicate that it is in non-root device. I hope that things are clear. Now. I need to make this entry into FASTA file. Copy this night. We'll copy this line. We'll do CB, DC. Rather than I used. It does lead to disease. I know I made before New Mode by phosphorylation. It is already there. So for this one, I just follow this one. See if this one. Now my point, my point is enabled. Now, just verify I am just using get alone. You can see that my booth system and I will label with their duties to verify that is it work automatically or not. So what I will do, I unmount this point. Okay, guess what I say you which files are stored? So let us test em. See his target is busy this week. So what I do, I use pseudo human. I just mentioned the directory name. Let me just quickly. I know I'm already into test them directly, so that's why it is between not allow me know I'm on the chart and now I should be able to unmute. I see this one. Wow, I'd got unmount. If I can verify this point. Life, you see I have only one month point which is slashed and it is mountain Glu 15 dB, this partition and nothing else. Now, I run the command again, long hyphen a motif on a, just to ensure that my mom gets automatically, automatically get enabled, which is mentioned in DCFS tab. There are 2.1 is already there. Now if I run that command again, you're going to see my next partition is also available. By addition or so gotta, whenever it got automatically mount, whenever my system reboot, or if I do mount automatically, all the partitions will be connected automatically using this file ABC selection, first step. So I hope this video would have been useful for you. Liked this video. You can click the Like button and move to the next video. Thank you. Thanks for watching this video. Lobby. 19. How to Increase the size of an EC2 Server Volume along with OS: Hey guys, Welcome to this video. In this video we're going to learn how we can increase the size office alone. I have one server, gland x. And this size is suppose we have one, maybe some of this got full, okay, this is a landmark solvent. Now we need to have a task to increase the size of this. What I select this volume, I go to this one new gender size. This size is I can right-click on modify volume, and I can click on modify volume. Again, change the size to 15 dB on whatever the size you need to increase. Now I click on modify, modify the task done, and let me just connect to the server. This server. Let me just try to connect the server. And let's see how much is the size of the circle. Now our size Guard change. And now the size should be 15 dB. It is 15 dB. Now, let me just connect the server and see what is happening. What is basically what will happen that this will not increase the size of a server automatically. We need to increase the size in worse as well. This is the task of learning team how? But definitely we can, we can do that. We might need to do that if in some cases, if we have that knowledge that that is the illegal, we should know about that. Let me just kind of this setup. Let me just check. What is the size of this. This is my this is my key. They're just going to do this. So I've got connected. Let me switch this loop, will use it with root user command ls, b and k. You, you can use to see the partition. How many partitions are there? Now as you see, the partition size got change. Aliyah, it was in the middle only. Now you can see that X SVD one. If you try to map this, you can map this as partition was less dev slash x mu d. If you run the command LS, we'll resume. X will be less desk excludes a lot partition. Now it says genes do 15 dB. But if you see my root drive is still 13 dB. This partition map to Expedia one internally in the US. And it is a still a CB. I actually can use only ADB, particularly if I see mounted coins. I can see that it is slash partition where it is 1.5 GB use and total we have ADP in size. Now we need to increase how we can do that. The best way you can follow that. Our documentation, which is shared by AWS. You can follow that one. Let me just help you to clarify those non-competition AWS. And you can see the size EBS volume. You should find that document. Yes, here it is. You can click on this. I will try to keep it short. There is a long documentation there. I will keep it short. And if you go more extended filesystem on AVS volume, we have already increased his eyes on AVS sites. This is fine. What are the commodity you need to look, we need to run this command, LSB. Okay? Let me run this command again. I can see now x will be a partition is debt, and there is one partition, x will be a one which is mounted to slash route. We need to explain this space. To extend this size, there is a command grew apart. If you are nodding with easy to use and you're going to do that or other ways. If you are a US loading we route, you're going to come on that ugly growth. Which partition we need to increase? We need to increase. So let us devs x, x v. We need to increase, if you see the partitions, we need to increase X SVD. If you see this is the partition value. Partition values here. One. What partition I need to increase? One. What I will do less deaths, the sudo group are less depth selects x mu da. We need to increase the size. We need to give this size maximum. Partition, partition number one. In my case. In my case also, this is partition number one. I run this command. If you see now that content, the partition when you got Leanne, It was this, now this gherkins to the New World. It was, this was the start point and this was the size actually, and this is the endpoint, right? And this size gotten now NEW started from food unionized six. And it is new and is basically going to display. We've been db. Now if I run that command unless BMT Again, what I can see, all partition is available. Root partition now have 15, which is mounted to slash. Now if I do, diffn can see that it's still partition size has been in Greece, x will be A1 has been increased, but still the size is still seen. This is not reflecting in the df command, dfs to see the space available space. So this is still, we need to learn one more command of this when we glue the partition. Now we need to run one more command, which is sudo. Then XFN S phase is my partition. My current partition type is x fs. If you see current partition type is SFS, I need to run this command sudo, loaded with this one. So x CFS, underscore, group glue office, growth filesystem. Which one? Root one. I increase the size here. Now my partitions of my partition size, my decides or so-called increase. Now if you see this is updated into system, if I C naught, here it is 15 degree. I hope you understood. If you face any error, you need to install this x fs United utility. That could be a shoe like if you don't have access utility, you will face the advisor running this command, widening grow of Escalade or whatever it is there, then you can easily I'm going to wait. Okay. Then you need to just give that partitioning which you need to increase. After that, we have verified and all things seems fine. I hope you'll find this video useful. That's all like how you can increase the size of your pick. It. 20. AWS EC2 How to Luanch Windows Server: hello ways. Welcome to decision in this particular session Today we will going to learn how we can launch window. So I didn't know. You know that how we condone online X over. We have seen one example off 12 server Similarly, you can not others that wants to. But Windows server is a bit different because ah, roughly service are flavored off line X and moreover, the command and, uh, way to connect them with women seem. But for windows over, it will be some differently. So let's see how we can pursued for Windows seven. It is very simple. You first need to log in in tow. It was console as you do on then. Here we need to goto issue to service simply go to services and then select you see two in compute section. Once you go there, you will get a similar kind off screen. Now, here you need to click. Oh, not instance. Before launching the stones, make sure that you are choosing your nearest reason. So the reason should we definitely nearest easier. It will definitely going to help you toe less done latency. The nearest reason it was it means that you will get connect, you will be able to connect them faster. My nearest region is moving, so I will connect it with Muna babies. I chose in no medicine and no, I'm going to click on no insistence under it. Another thing is going important which you need to notice that you will get all off your service and easy to do days off this particular needs and only not for the other leaders. Deck means that you can't see the other service which are hosted in different other reasons . You don't you don't will be able to see that one. So make sure that for other reasons. If you need to check that either service which are who stood in the region, you need toe change, the didn't and then you can sue. You can see your service if I go to Canada. Didn't let's go. For example here I do the different prison. You can see that I not have any Stansell studio. So it is showing me blend the Darlington confused and believe because sometimes it happened that do you launch. I saw one in another reason and he will get charged for that because you didn't notice that you have lost That said, Coming back to Mom ladies. And moreover, the stubble women seem. Let's click on 19 stones here you need to to your template. There are different templates available for Windows flavor like you can use Microsoft Windows Server 2016 based Murder. All the versions are available in 64 Bit. Moved only on Have you considered to this 2016 data center? There are other service. Lee. You can have 2016 with containers. Docker. Then new has 2016. You know, schools. Our express traditions. If you want a sculpture, will expressinstall with the server. Already you will. You can use this instance. If you want a schools have a revolution, you can, too. This template like this there are different. If you want escorts, I was tender tradition. You can choose this one like this would have Intel flavors out of service level, and you can choose accordingly. That's very quiet. If you go down, I think you can check 8 2007 Thank to support the older wiser. They also provide 2003. So for the example right now, just make sure that the service which are you, which you are choosing that must be available in the Frieder and I choose here Very tired, invisible server and I choose the best solution. I click on select foreigner based Friedel Izabal. I will choose to to my crew. But you can change the information if you require you can to another different wolf configuration Then head I will define the marathon starts is and you don't leave on right now. And the other options I can go with the default by default in windows several. You will get that rtg this so the new partition will be tardy TV And here the three options you will form that are good ever. So you can too General purpose probe ism and magnetic as you in order general purposes for our dental uses Provisional where the input output transition are high. You going to prove is an I O Pius are you can too are such a magnetic. But its input output quality is quite know So we will not support all. I will not suggest you to use magnetic stories how where it is cheaper but it is not very useful. So go for it go for general purpose. As for the suggestion, I'm for their daily normal uses. If you want to add another disk, you can simply er the values on it will be like the route will be or see part teacher. This will be your d and this year will be You don't like this. You can add another partitions. According I know, I'm removing this one here. The name you need to give. I see Name the other information you can also air. Like if you want to air your company name your location and other useful information to server that tags are quite healthy sometimes because nice name from a different kind of symbols. Let's see, I say you knows Diligent one a little nest. I create a security group for this security for Windows server. I need right, No Rdp NYT, years and estudio STM airport. So I choose STD. My source could be any. That means I can connect it from any source location. If you want to give you a specific location, you're going to choose your customer Happy network if you want. Anywhere on. If you choose my feet, it will pick your source B. But normally we are using laptops with data card connectivity, dongle office, some WiFi and these eyepieces are normally used to get change. So I'm not suggest you to use my I p. But if you have permanent static, I peed. Then definitely. You can go with this, my dear. This gift will choose anywhere. Then this girl and go toe with these details and review the options we can launch. And here I can use the existing keys. I have this one, my foster one Tookie, which we created in previous sessions. And I'll use the same if you want you conclude a different key for window servers and it is good practice like you can created your different keys I lost. Or just that you need to get every key for every single server. But definitely you can, you know, make them into groups like you can change. You can have a lefty for your Web servers. You can have windows key for your window so you can have your land. Excuse your Nextera scoop is really managed them, but you don't need to definitely launch a separate Keep here for each fight. It several got it will be difficult to manage. If you have a large number off sandals here, you can see that my server is getting ready because it is a Windows server. It was. Take some time. Approximately five minutes. 5 to 10 minutes time. Uh, it could with the flathead. You can see you have window. Someone name on it will take something. So I'll take a pause here, and I will come back once. That's elegant, right? Thank you. Okay. So luckily, it didn't take much time. Approximately three minutes more on. I'm ready to go now. So here you need toe again. The public eye. Petrus? Yes. Connected. There are my devil options to connective induced. What you can do, you can download more. Next off. Fight on it was simply download one file for you. One thing you need to notice that because if you are choosing your public, I appear to us. This, I fear, doesn't get jeans normally recently, normally time. Good time. So if you have downloaded this fight might be this will not work off the one or two days because I peered. This will get changed and you need toe again down the road If you want to make it permanent . There is a term called elastic I p address, which is which works similarly as a static I p address on you get You need to use that one eso in front of section we or in further we will see that how we can assign elastic idea just And to get the password for this you need to click again that password nickel access You need to give her the PM file which you have downloaded first time. Help me pick a file is not a card opinion file only is enough. And once you don't know that you need to decrypt this one. And here you get the password to connect it simply enough file which you have downloaded. You can use this one. It will by to connect this one and it will give you your users another way you can If you are using a windows machine, you can directly use a musty A C common removed that stopped tool and you can give your i p address. But you give your I peered waas it will try to connect this one And here you can see you need to give your user name and the password which you have you any matter you can choose, not try to connect with you and had me good to go. Now I'm getting logging into my window several, which I have just recently nosed. And here you can check the duties like on the subway, which I want to talk about Micro which have one to be them. And one GB memorial and Bill, once a few. Let's see what did shoes here. And it has started to be hard x two. So here you can see you can verify it is student Michael and stance. It's private eye Pierre, this is there and the public eye peered us, which is given. They're already it starts memory is one GB s. Percy and it it is using Mt. Pleasant. The same can be very faithful here. If you check the properties, you can verify that it has one GB money. This differ but architecture Professor. On this way, this is a process of detail. And if you go to the hardest point, you can see here that it has started you behind this s sister so base Ah, one more thing like if you are connecting it into public. If you're launching it into public domain, you will also get the Internet access. So here you can see if I try to run and you website on this, I should be able to do this. You can see that I'm able to open Google and now I'm going to open your door and a really good to go. You can see that I want to open my left eye. Okay, so I hope this session remain useful for you. Another important thing. We can notice that we can assign an elastic i p address to this. So to assign an elastic, I appear that you just need to give goto elastic eye protection in easy to locate a new address, click on a located and here you will find out at us with you. If you want a tactic, just back click on it associate with the same action you can do from here in excellent action point. That's the secret and 20 stars with which starts with Do you want to associate it as acidic and you don't If you go to your stars his hair, you will see, when I paired us in blue color here you can see the elastic I purpose and public I paired us also got changed with this blue color right here Does type here this same. And now this Ipad This will not going to change until and unless you change it mentally, you want to remain, is it? You need to disassociate it so you can click on disassociate. This is to see it. And if you are not using me, one more thing about plastic pipe Airbus. If you are not using this, if you just located one at us and you will not associate it with, this will be charged him. But if you are associated with the associated with any server, this is not a chargeable. And for diesels, you want to release it. The goodness this point for long. I hope you wouldn't learn. And you know now that how you can launch window so very easily. And if you have any questions, please let me know if you need to add anything. If you have any query, you can use common section or feedback section and in Frederick section you can put your queries and I will reply to trying to thank you for watching this video if you have not antiquity. Oh, you can proceed for the next section. Thank you. 21. AWS EC2 How to Host a Website: Okay, days. Welcome to the session. In this session we will going to land at how we can host a website in our issue. Two stars. So there is some simple the steps who host of website and we need to follow that. And we will look how we can do this in this section we have learnt That's how we can known an issue to server in my next issue to sever. So you can see that if you go too easy issue to console. I can check their toe myself. What is running? Andi, I need to connect it now. So let me copy this Appeared us or public be anise and I can gonna Well, booty, you need to put your public. I be addressed. Earn another indication key. You need toe. Give the authentication G as a key. Pia, keep their You can know this from Is he doing starts to If you go to that, it is. You can find that two days here in balloon section. If I go here, you can check this. Say that my 1st 1 to Is that keep you? I need to connect it while this keep you now simply Buddha Blow Section Joe's the gift Deify and corrected. It will ask your user name and password. You need to click Yes, on this one. Give us any. It is all in one more guest Oneto. So here I can connect my server. If I unit took clear the screen, you can use this, Okay? No. At first time I would suggest you. Do you this command pseudo have typhon get I've been What did we lose weight? Whatever that software available in your system, it will update them. If there is some update of labor are their commands are late? You can use Peter Luethi Do this for present. Working directly, you can use Sudo as you hyphen. It is our pseudo simple s you It was such to don't user, so you don't need toe news. Ah, so come Sodo with every command to get the real Texas. If you used to do a space issue, you will. You can directly transferred to do tickle. Okay, so here you considered I'm Swiss loading as a rude Akono and what I need to do. I need to stall when Web server so that I can install a website industry. There are very symbolic steps to follow To do this. That is a very much There is a very popular web, several ever labor, which is known as a party of absolute. So many off you, I believe, already know about it. You're gonna start apart ipsa or directly anyone to seven. What do you need to do? I have type and get the store. I want you. It will ask for your confirmation. You can give you Yes. And here you can see that a bunch of us a good start to verify this Coppola public appear Does nobody Damon another window and see what there isn't is coming where you can see there say that it works. That means that a part of absolute gold successfully stalled And there are some other information also available in this. You can notice this one. There is a part mentioned So where it is installed, it stalled basically And once it get installed, business if file or but this this piece is coming from the speech in definitely a statement . It is located under a veritable the root of Luzern Steamer folder. If you want to change your website which you need to replace it Where this piece, all of the confusion in Venice Make change if you need But this is the Muslim bottom four file very new to change it. You want to suppose host your complete website You need toe poor That folder the website fooled. If you have ever Web developer gives you, you need to put it into this fool. So you need to goto a stable folder than put the complete foot that side folder And why are they given Ph? You can open a squat your website in this particular video. What I'm going to show you. We will change this file and you can set that how the website could unguarded. I know if I clicking on my public i p this is giving this out and let's see if I change it . What happens? One more thing to notice that I can use publicly industry. What does he in function? So if a copy, you can see what is out and again it is seen. Now let's go back to server here. You're going to see the Taiwanese. I last right now. Addition. Nothing. Because I'm into Homo do paste and There is no filing. Do this. I can use this command really special space slash, forward slash and I can come in to do that. Lets you know what it means. So there is complete the folder architecture coming now, and I can see that there is where folder Which I seen there. If I follow this one What I need to go. I need to goto where has doubled the useless Steve. So last dude like this And what I can see that this fight is the investment. Esteem it What I'm going to do here, I'm going to remove this fight. I know nothings did, uh I am going to treat another fight with the same name. What I do. I need to use the command v A. So he is their leader, which is which you can use to create a new fight. And I didn't. And distinct violence is if you look and if you use via action movie I did. We ate and finally file is already and this it will lead the current file listing fight. And every day is not there. It will create a new find food. Okay, You can use the estimate tax for this. First you need to insert Andi. It will show you the inside option. Blew it. So now I can I feel what I do? I'm just following this import tax. I'm putting this statement. Then I am using one heading. I'm using H one. You can go up 65 Lee and there are different size option Come. Which one is the biggest? So I will use this. - So I headed. I'm and what I'm going to do now I will conclude this. Okay? Yeah, with this. Damn it, we need to do this. No, what I knew to do, I need to press escape shift Colin W and cute what it would do. It would save my fine if I do. Jack here is showing industrialist even point. And just so let's see what happens. And what are The word is coming. If I'm checking my birth state a beard here for now. My somebody's all stood here and I'm clicking. Having this I paired us and see what if those so you can see that you're destroying My customers were content which I type and you know it is an excellent, simple way to learn. Aws, if you are going toe done eight hours in a simple really. I think this courses affect any for you. Same thing they check here and you can check of you the same content. Yeah, if you want to addict again. You guys in blue type less news. I'm editing here and what I do, I closed this back. Yeah, uh, open under that day, they this one. Excellent. And, uh, that I believe, which we can use for new line and I Let's see what happens. No. So here you can see the you can edit your fight according if you need I don't need to type this so simple and perfect so you can see that I can customize my fat and immediate if you want to customize all If you want to host your website, you can simply host. If you are working with any web developer, they need to provide anyone folder which you can host under this directly a statement. And in that director, you could cope in this one, but it really fresh this base to and this is a fucking fight to test guys. I hope, you know, understand that. How you can host of upside simple and easy week. Uh huh. It of bliss? No. In the old section, we can also check And how we can met this I p address and this public domain video customize Do me like, if you having any domain like www TV Don't come And you want the same dessert on your site . You can know this simply why I want out for citizens, which is every level in in Nablus. So when you go to with go to hell with the out of victory in the next sections definitely would learn to know how we can make this. Thank you, guys, stands for watching. If you have any questions or feedback, we do right in common section or in feedback sections. And I've been living Thank you. Thank you for watching. And if you I'm not having any questions, please proceed for the next section. Thank you. 22. AWS Security Groups, Placement Groups, Volumes, Snapshot, AMI: Okay, guys, welcome to the secession. In this particular session, we will learn about all the particular towns which we know and which we used to come in. So let's start with left side. And if we see you will found one security groups which we normally used to fees. Security works basically as a fire one in New York for your easy. So if you want to put a firewall behind yourself or in front of yours, or you can usually use the secret by default with each and every, so what? We need to connect a security groups on index tickle by default. All inbound traffic is Look, if you check you were installs the stars, which you have collected every time it will be a part off insecure. Here you can see my distant stars is part off the security groups. Which name is security group for windows. And if you click on immune boundary walls, you will be able to see whatever that was you have green. So what? I can see here that this is the part off security group for with those over. And if I go to security gurus, I can find this good. And if you see here, I can also verify that water in Montrose I have created. So right now I can see that I have created as to repair noted by default all in Bonn, traffic is blocked. This is important for a young point off you. Many times you asked that is any inventor support by is open by default on Brown Put our I am bite. If all all our won't, I think is allowed in security. If even you deluded this still you don't need to create any separate rule for this Our own room for this old one traffic and by default it is alone therefore also called state full state fools. So security grows, our state falls. There is 2.0, we need toe. Uh, keep in mind that one is security groups are state full. That missed we don't need to create any Are won't rule for them particularly. And second, is that all inbound traffic is by default below. So we have. If you want to open any port, we need toe open it by a manual. Apart from this, there is another house comes which is called placement baseman Group is very important, for example, into a few and basically what it does that it is not available. First off all, it is not a level into to micro stance, which is available in the feeder but placement group. What it does for you, it provides you high dispute land connectivity. So if you want that all off your servers be connected with high speed land that this off 10 gigabyte network, you can use placement. Good. So when you don't yourself work off higher capacity like if you use M 47 or C four sever, you will found are one option. Why launching placement group? What you can do, you can create a policeman group name and here you simply need to create any group. And why launching this or were you just need to to your placement good name. So whatever the server will be part off. The same placement group will be collected with each other by 10 gigabytes network. So it ensure that you your service will get high speed connected. One important point we need toe kept in mind. What example? Interview that all serve us should be part off one everybody If you want to keep yourself in same placement group. All those service will be part off. Same available to Jews. Other times we normally feels that is called GP. So keep yet is ah, authentication mechanism level in it. So once you create a keep here, it's public God captured in keep you certain. Here you can see whatever the keeper you committed. That is one fingerprint which, having the public information, it comes here. The private key part will be with yours and you will get downloaded This so like you can see that once in our foster were when we created one. Keep here. We have downloaded when file that is called dot PM and it is about by with key. So with the public and private key, once it get authenticated, our service get order, order indicated, and we are able to love it. And over summer another time is elastic. I p. So if you want to give any server a particular static, I peered us because by default when we launch and the server, when the launch and easy to a stance it get public. I appear in public. Deena's the public I p has one property that it used to get change over their time or if you re starting or suffer because they are dynamic in nature but elastic. I abuse that, starting in nature so you can use elastic. I please. These are freely, I've furnaces and it is provided by a 50 from eight of Louis. And if you look it any last week, I people any easy to stars, it'll would doesn't charge for them. But if you associative if you allocated and not associate ID just like this, then you will get charged a nominal fees by items because threatened IV's are limited. So Aws warned that we used plastic eyepiece whatever. We I look it whatever we locate for us. So here, if I associated with any server, I am good to go and AWS will not charge anything for but another. There is one more condition adding to complexity, like even if you're so what is shut down? In that case, also, it almost we charge for last night. So the condition is that your aws, easy to cast must be lonely. If we look for other options, you can check the options tax. You can check adoptions report so that whatever their tax you use in your environment, you can find it so you can see that windows ever have total. That's one instance faster. Windows over is also have food tax. And when it stance running like this, you could check and many of your tests. So whatever the attacks you are using, you can find it elaborately. And this screen, if you want toe, put out some reports for you are easy to a stance uses. You can use these reports section This is starts you can find at what is easy to start uses going on for your settles. You see Tony seven starts utilization. If you are using any resultant stances in your and vitamin, you can get the report off of its chances to. You can also verify what are the limits. Every level in your comes like because I'm using a fitted accounts right now. Allow me 20 stances at a time, and if I want oh, create more than 20 incenses, I need to ask for this like this. Whatever the adult limitation in your count, that can be verified and you can see that I can't not only one Of course, because I'm using accordingly. I can, Until verified, we will have another points like what are the different stars? This type. So that will be another other normally one town we used to face, which is called Volumes. So whatever this I waas you create, whatever the hardest whatever the disk attached to it it comes in two volumes. So here I can see that my Windows server has one which is did you my one toast over the Land X over which we have knowledge it has led me. If they want, I can create another wall. You and I simply I need to create it and I can attach one major point. We need to focus that we need to keep the same available June in which of us are so the wall you showed me the part off Seamer Liberty June's off summer. It seems that us both matches. Then we conclude one can attach anything. We speak about backup in AWS. We need to keep in mind that there is a town which is called the snapshot. So any time if you go for backup in AWS, we can use snap shorts and why hasn't shores. We can take back up off our service. We will check in other sections in the Abia section how to how we can take the back up off the service and how we can be another part. Come, which is called a my eyes and am It is very important for Lewis. And normally we use it number off times. So if you want to create your customised template if you want that you have to install some application in your cellar. Anyone that it used as a template you can use, am I? And it is a wonderful future. In my next section. You will go with am I And we will see how being can create our customers. Thanks, guys. I hope this one this session will be notice No visible for you. Defend any feedback, any flare and come in please, Like me. But if you If you don't have any other comment, please proceed for the next session. Thank you. 23. EC2 What is Snapshot, Backup or Restore, copy to other region: Hey guys, So welcome to this video. In this video I'm going to talk about too, is an AppSource. Aws is national so many times and you might heard about a snapshot towns in AWS and we will learn how we can use the snapshots in multiple things and how to use in EC2. Ec2 console. If you go there is a section EBS, Elastic NACA stories and you normally uses snapshots, right? So this is, this is something which is called a snapshot. Okay? So what I'm going to do now, let's come to the practical part. This is an instance. And this one is, this is my server going on. And this is volume, right? So this stance has one disk. This one. And you know that this is attached to one limb. Correct? So if I go there, this ID is 1, 0, 4. If I go into volume, if I check 1 vw for and this volume is attest to this instance. Now what happens if my surrogate remove got corrupted? So definitely I will loss my data. So we need a backup technology in AWS. So here this towns is snapshot come into the picture and this is why we need the snapshots. So whenever we talk about backup and backup and AWS, you can refer it is a snapshot. Same is with RDS also like if you are using RDS service in AWS, you will create a snapshot there too. So most of the times you will find that the snapshot is used in AWS for backup only. And with most of the services, right? It is not like that. It is used only in snap PC2. It is also using other services like RDS, elastic cache, and lot of others. So what is the difference between volume and it's snapshots or what things you need to take care. So volume is your Savoir disc, which is attached to current volume, and a snapshot is your backup. So suppose at this point of time I want to take backup of my current server. So what I can do that I can take I can create a snapshot from this volume. So my this disk backup will be created. So what I have to do, I simply need to select this. And I have to click on Create Snapshot. And these snapshots can be used for these Tuition also. So let's see how to do it like backup. Thence. My website, CAL website. What is date? 0992019. You can add tag there at tag name and whatever name you want to give, you can give there. Okay. So where it is and my current beca will get ready. Okay? So suppose my server got y1, remove if it got corrupted, whatever it happens, I have no issue. I can take p stores from this server. How to do that? That is also very simple. So I will show you in a while What more thing I can do with this snapshot. So a snapshot is used for multiple things. So here, like it says, you can backup of your data of Amazon EBS volume to the Amazon S3. So these snapshot are used to store in S3 service, right? So Snapshot got used to store in S3 and S3 is an a and backup. You know that our three stories is quite cheap. So a snapshot backup will not be costly. Ebs volume, EBS storage is costly. But if you compare these, a snapshot will be keep in S3 stories. And S3 storage is quite cheap compared to EBS, so pricing is very low for snapshot. One more thing like a snapshot site incremental backups. So it is not like that every time you take the full work-up, whatever the changes happen, it takes only those changes, right? So this is a snapshot can be copied to another reason. So this is another good function of is an absolute. So you can copy what a snapshot two and the reason and you can create volume from a snapshot and you can attach it to the server. That means you can ready a server from a snapshot to another reason, right? Volumes you can't copy, but it's now force can be copied to other reason. Same case with a MIT. Then you can copy and you can share a snapshot to interruption is also supported. You can create Amazon EBS snapshot. That is fine. You can delete, you can copy. That is fine. Ebs snapshot information out to view. I will show you and sharing an Amazon EBS snapshot. You can share it with others. And you can also automate EBS snapshot via lifecycle policies. So where in the lifecycle policies, here it is. So here is Lifecycle Manager where you can create a snapshot backup policy and you can specify the lifecycle settings, right? So there is a separate video for this. You can go for this and you can check the snapshot policy. So my backup is ready now. And if I want to restore, it is simple. I need to create another volume from this. Ok. And keep in mind that the volume should, whatever the volume I'm creating, it should be in the same availability zone where your server is hosted. Because I believe it is own datacenter. So if you put it in different data center, then definitely you will not be able to attach the greatest volume. So keep the availability zone, which is your EC2 instance level, right? So let's see. So here is my instance and I can check my stance. It is in one beat. So if I'm current volume goes corrupt, what I have to do, if I am restoring, I have to put it into one. Be okay. If you want, you can encrypt us. For that there is a default master key available, so you can use that. Otherwise you can customize your import keywords in different years and simply create volume. Okay, I missed that if you want, you can give the name also. That is to restore volumes. So I say these total volume, right? So what do you need to do it is you are corrupted volume like original one got corrupted so you just detach it. It is, if it is if it is root volume, you need to stop the server and then detach it and then replace it with the newer know how to replace. Just attach it and choose your server with which you want to attach and attach it. You can also check with which partition it is allowed US, it is an asset, so it has dev slash x we deviate. So attach it with symbol. Okay, so that will go this way. Snapshot you can use for these tuition purpose. That is awesome, right? If you don't want to take everytime manual backup, use Lifecycle Manager. So that will be also very easy. If you don't know or if you want to know more about life-cycle, Amanda, check the video in my playlist and you will, or in course and you will find the details about it. Now. If you want to share it, you can share it with other account. So you can make it either public or you can share it with any particular account. And you can add the permissions accordingly. So you can find the account details and you can add a tax is simple. And you can, as I said, that snapshot, can we copy to another reason? So you can easily copy to another reason. If you want to copy the snapshot to some other reason, you can do that. And you can also encrypt that volume. What else? If you restore from a snapshot? So the volume size will be the of the given size or even can be on the higher side, but can't be lower, right? So if I'm if I'm creating a volume, so minimum size will be like if because it was off ten GeV, so it will be minimum ten dB if I reduce, it is not possible. If I want to increase, ESI can do that. Okay, So I hope you get some good idea about snapshots. If you have any questions, please let me know. I will be happy to assist you. And if you don't have any questions, please feel free to move to next video. Thank you. 24. How to Do bakcup and Restore for EC2 Servers: Hello is so welcome to this video. In this video we will going to learn how we can back up and silver. So till now we have none. How we can create an EC2 servers, how we can create virtual servers in AWS. But it is also important to take backup of your servers and do the backup. And these two are for us, our debt is a town which is called a snapshot. So every time remember that whenever we speak about earned at a, we need to take backup in AWS. That means we need to create a snapshot. And we are talking about snapshots. This is very important to know that Tom of snapshots, every value will find, like if you are creating RDS database data also you will find that we need to create snapshots. Wherever you go in the backup lumps, we will use a snapshot. So there are two ways basically. Create backup. One is via creating backups of volumes. So as we know that all AWS servers have their stories, are tasked with it and store it. This got attach with types of volumes. And we can create a snapshot of that volume. So whenever we create a snapshot of that volume, it gets stored in the section of snapshots. Remember, it is important to note that all snapshots get stored in S3. So all snapshotting which you create, it will be, it will get stored in S3 and the backup will be implemented by environmental policy. They will use incremental policy to backup. So whatever the new changes happening in your volumes, they will get back it up. Ys snapshots. So one way is you can create backups of your volumes. You can choose which volume we want to back up, and then you can manage them in snapshots. And then what mattered is that you can create an AMI of cyber, an image of ourselves, of what it ultimately in this behind the scenes it will do, it will create a snapshot for you. So whatever the sidebar you are choosing for creating EMC EMI, once you create am I, it will create a template for you, customize template for you. And in that backup in the back-end, it will create. It's an app stores for you and for the ones which are in that data set. So let's see it particularly how it will happen. Once you login into your console. Just go to EC2 section. Go to your running instance. Had a point. I need to note that the server is one. And this is the volume, which is our test to it. So let's see what is in the volume. So what I can see here that there is one volume created and this is attached to web server due to one. So that's how I can figure it out. Net. Which volume is related to itself. Now, if I want to take backup of the several, what I need to do, what do actions. And involved in action, you can find multiple options related to volumes. Like if you want to modify your volume size, you can do that. If you want to modify your size 2, suppose higher size, you can do that. You can definitely go for decrementing size, but you can go for an agreement in size. So here is the option. You can increase your size. You want to do tasks this volume, you can do that. If it is not getting detach easily, you can force detach and head is the option. Create a snapshot. And in tags you can put the important for mission-related bu, this volume. So if I go to create a snapshot, it will ask me the name of my backup copy. I'll put web server backup to the date that is 4 fifth, November 5th, LeBron 17. Like this. In this course. But it will start that process in the snapshots. Here you can see that it will start setting up the snapshot. And here you can see you have sort of a backup duties. One is getting greater roots snap for this. And right now it is in pending status is right now it is 3%. So it will take some time, approximately two to three minutes because it's just a new server and don't have much data. Is there. So it will soon. Right now is 3%. But I think after total immunity should be ready. So let me fast forward it and I will be back once it the volume that ready. So I'm back. Took much time. It takes only one minute and now it's ready. So head you can see that you have to somehow get backed up. And in case now you have this volume, this production volume goes cut up. You'll have another backup option. You can use your backup. So let's see some with some example so that we can check how we can these two. So this is the part like how we can backup of a seven. Now, if you want to restore this hour, what the action you need to do. So let's see. Let's try to figure it out. And I'll say this, this volume somehow goes corrupt. And what I will do, I name there. Our debt is very less downtime in AWS. Normally your volume will remain intact. But somehow you say that this volume and how now I can these two are from the store or my phone, my snapshots. So I say this is corrupted. What I need to do, I just need to detach this volume. Now it will say that because it is attached to root volume, it will not allow me to detach. So what I do, but let me just put out my settlers and their shutdown status. And I scoured myself. And till the time you get a stop. Let me create another volume from my snapshot. Now working fine. So I have one working back in Luckin Coffee here in the snapshots. And what I need to do that my backup, my volume got caught up, so I want to replace it with my working one. So I need to go on create volume option. Here I will choose, I will choose my volume type. And 1 here we need to remember that we need to ensure that our liberty don't seem as of our EC2 server. So I need to check my availability join here for my current server. This is, this is in one. So I'll choose 1 eighth. And now, while taking great volume, calculating the volume of this, I know two twos. I believe we didn't want a and that's it. I just need to compute the volume. What did we do? Know that we start getting another one. So this was my corrupted one limb. I know my, another new volume has been created with the help of snapshot. I'll put it said website. We're going to put her desk to know I should be able to do it because I stopped our server. Hey, we need to wind down the device number 1. So here you can see that my boot volumes are available. Now, what I don't want to use corrupted or distort volume, and I'll, and I'll put my device ID and magic. Here you can see this one with or against nash shots. Let me try to start the several known what your tab. You can see that the sun will go to earn starting now and then New Orleans. Working with this amazing point, you need to focus that the availability George would be the same of the distort volume. And you should test it with the root chain would be ways which it was attached with earlier. So I need to put it as deafness as D1. Once it got attached properly, do is go to starting this ball working again. And here you can see if I go to volumes. Now my corrupted what stood out my gut up to a limb I am using maybe stood on. Okay. So this is the matter number one, pretty simple. Just in Polish steps you need to follow and you can make your service backup copies and you can restore it whenever required. Now, there is another one, method Mode which might be used. You can see that it is not like sometimes you can use it as a backup, but the proper solution of picking up on his side, what is the volume method you should create a snapshot so field volumes to take backup of your. So it was. But another method could it be that you can create an image for a server? What does that worry you are running? You can create an obese for them. It is very simple. We have seen in previous section also that how we can create an AMI, you just need to select your Savoir, go to Actions and click on amaze and click Create Image. You can use it. And what it will do basically, it will create an AMI for you. And in the back-end, it will create another snapshot for this volume. Once I do that, let's see how it's worth. Here you can see it is my old BMI, It is the Northern New Moon. But if you go to the snapshots, you can see that the snapshot is started to create and it is creating via AMI. Here you can see that I am a reference to and this will get created 01:00 AM. I will start creating here. So I know there's only one. Let's just wait for one or two minutes. And it will show you how to start included. So basically in the back-end, what is an actual art on what am I do? It, it actually create a backup of your gut and volumes. We can see now this volume snapshot about graded and no EMI process should be started. When it is. You can see that my AMI also got creator now and it says web server backup. The AMA which we have created. The benefit of this, whenever you want to list all your sidebar, you just need to use this. Am I launch it? And you just need to select the configuration of your server. And by default, we'll pick the volumes which is stored in your backup snapshots and all the data which was I believe well in that cell, what at that point of time, when am I going to create it? It will get copied with this new cell. So again, this is another pretty simple method, backup and we stood during virtual servers. I hope you enjoyed this session and other couple of things. You know that if you want, you can create this, copy this AMI, do some other, another reason. So if you want to copy your this, am I to another destination. Another reason you can do that. However, there are other the otherwise there was no matter how much am I gave us the capability to copy your data to another listen to. And similarly, if you go to volumes Also, you can copy or volumes. There is option to copy. There is no option, so there is no option for copying these volumes to another reason. But via AMI, you can create your, you can copy your data to another reason too. So this is the major difference. Basically, EMI only provide you the capability to copy your data to another reason. Otherwise there is no method to do that. How it, if you go two snapshots. Snapshots also date is when matter that the snapshot you go to Action and then copy. Let's simulate option, you will rotate. So BMIs and snapshots, there are two methods from which you can copy your data to another reason, same, you can't do while loops. So I hope guys know This is clear that how you can take backup and restore in for your service, for your EC2 servers. And I hope you enjoyed this session. If you have any questions you can write to me in feedback section or in comment section. I will try to answer those questions quickly. So thanks. Thank you for watching this video. And if you don't have any question, please post it for the next video, for the next topic. 25. AWS Load Balancer Lab: Okay, guys, welcome to this video. So in the last video, we have gone through the critical part off nor balancing and auto scaling. We understand the concept off load, balancing an overdose, killing we if we understand how we have to use and where we can use load balancer and auto scaling. Now this video is a left park and the we will do. That thing's practically we will create a load balancer and we will check. Ha load balancer works. So what I have done, I have set up to 30 years. Who is your doing? Stances? This is ever 1 December two and what I have done, Uh, let's give it the name off West Server Gero Gero too. And these two servers have different most states. So to show you, like how it is actually load balance are working. I put some different content on both off these settlers. So where it is coming? Welcome for AWS running. This is over. Welcome piece. This is serve on. And this is the word to which says Welcome to Citic. If this is a lot home piece so an ideal guesses what basically happens that we have to put the same content on both off the service or all of the service which are veer, which we are putting behind the load balance. But to show you like how load balancer is working. Actually, I put different content on these servers now to set up a load balancer. It is very simple. Just go to load balancer in easy to section step head of it, you would find create load balancer option! And there are two different three different kind off few options. It is showing no and network load Balancer is quite relevantly new. So what? Actually it does. You can see there too. There is a little classic load balancer which is used earlier. And now it is off previous simulation and we can see that it is now on the state off. Retired in the placement off. Ah, previous classic load balancer it. Others have put network load balancer which supports TCP and there is a application or balance that with support s too dippy and Esther tippy a sport. The difference in these load balancer that via classic load balancer you can create all the pores which you need as to DPS to DPS and TCP. But after that, after some time they have differentiated and created some another load balance at which called application load balancer. And it only used to support a two DP in Esther TPS request and for TCP earlier, there was a Lear. Still, we need to use classic load balancer, but now they have differentiated it. And now they put on a truck load balancer which will support only to see people's. So this is the major difference between these load balancers. If you are hosting of up site as to DPS or STD P or S to TPS application load balancer, it's registered. If your application is hosted on some other port on some other tasty report, you can use network load balancer. That stuff will remain moreover, the same in boat load balancer. So let's see how we can create a application load. Balancer, This is very simple. Just need you need to click on create put your lord balance and name. So the first step that we have to put our Lord balance her name and I'll put it refs Server Lord balancer, This is Internet facing. You can also use internal load balancer if you have different free PC in your environment. If you have your own way PC, which is using by your company, you can use internal load balancer. How are we need to exit from and dinner? So I'll put a night suggest to use Internet facing Lord balance I paired us. Type is we're using, like before technology. So we will go with I p v food here is the listener. So listen, Eliza, thing where your request will come. So somebody put and the website name that request normally used to come toe 80 Put when? If it is secured you can also use secure the study p and then the Lord will in support will be 4 40 So there are two options to choose in listeners. Your request can come on as two db or as too devious. If you are putting yesterday appears in the next step, Next step you need to use you are SSL certificate which you can buy from, um is in itself or from any third party company provider. They will provide you one certificate which you need toe upload and all off your transition which will happen in the website like your credential when we are used to put on Web site, all the convention and all the things which is going through your laptop from your client to on the websites of Web server will be secured by using this SSL put. So in this case, I'll choose Esther Dippy and in the of Liberty Joan, if I go, I need to select. There are right now to have a liberty dune available. For my reason. This is I'm using movement is it might be You are using us who's And there could be some where people of liberty does available more than two. So this is the best practice, basically that whatever the service you are putting, very, you have to put them if you want to put them toe in different, every liberty dooms, Obviously they will give you the benefit that your server will be part of different data centers. So it is best practice that we should keep our service among my people. Everybody, Jones, if all sir was are part of one everybody June and suppose that everybody June goes down. So definitely your services will be impacted. How are you have put in multiple servers. But even if your data center is good, don't. You're multiple instances will not come. I take one example Lake, if I want to show. Ah, simple example. Like I put one side of Tucson was in same every liberty June and that everybody June goes down. So how will I am using to serve us? My services will be impacted because that every religion is not everyone. But if I put 171 everybody doing. And 2nd 7 another absolutely. June, If my one where server goes down or if my one ever Liberty June was dulled my services Willis tourism in every label do do another of a liberty to So it's better practice. You keep multiple Everybody doing here. In tax, you can put you're detail. So in that Kiva Lukey, you have to put the key name like name and you have to put like with ferocity, gifts your location or, like USA department transport. Something relevant information you can keep here. Learn quickly, go next. So he did give me some warning that you are not using its two Gbps sport and Howard because it is more secure. It is suggested that you keep as to the pierce poop. I know we can ignore that. And after that again we need to true the port which we want and it provided by default. Vpc port we pieces security group and there s tippy port is by default Open. So here I need to go. And I can verify this one if I won't. So if you go too easy to death there should be one security group of level with the name of the four vpc This one And here you need to ensure that your estrogen report is allowed so headed You can see that it says all traffic is allowed, but the point is that it is refering toe this security group. So the incident stars is resisting military toe. This and security group will be able to access. But there there could be one problem. Like if any server which is not connected. Like if you are accessing it from your client, like from your laptop or from your deck Stop! Why Internet? You will not be ableto access this because you are not part of the security group. So the better practice will be that we can keep this for testing purpose any So what I'll do. I said that it allows all traffic and I choose anywhere. So source could be any. Well, what I can do, I can choose another group also like this one. And I would choose what boat I want to allow. Suppose I want to allow only Esther tip reboot and as such is not required. Actually, I want I can delete this and can save it. And I can use this one. So let's play. Let's check with this. I choose one does a rules and I click on next. So in the next part, I need to create a target group. So what is Target group? Target group is the group of the servers where we need to target. It is our endpoint, the service which we will have toe put behind the load balancer. So for that we need to create one target group. And to create that the simple Give a name. That's settler Target group. I'm using a study reports so I will choose a report type stances. You can also choose i p if you required I want to point it to the stars is again my head check. It provided me the option off health check it always by default will keep monitoring off your environment. And it will just need to know what is the port you're using? I'm using yesterday's report. And if you have any customers file like home piece dot PHP or something like there, do you need to mention it? I am using when an industrialist email file. So that is fine with me because it picks by default. If you go toe advance hurt, check settings, you goto port. So the port which we are using is right now the same port, like the request will come on a people. And my application on my website is also hosted on the people. If I want to put over right what I want at my request community put and it will get forwarded to some different food, I can do that. And I can mention the Newport number here right now. In my case, it is fine because it to save held the threshold. So the number of consecutive health checks access is required before considering and huddled unhealthy target healthy. So suppose your target goes unhealthy. So it is that threshold Ven it considered the target point healthy. So right now my target is an LD and it will try to times to connect if that its forces coming. So it is one attempt than another time will attempt. And if second time that a time will come and the response will come. So it says that Okay, my target goes healthy right now. My special is five. So it will pray five times before considering a unhealthy target to held it under it. Then this is the threshold event. It will consider that. Okay, my response is not coming. So how many times the failure should come that I declare that it is unhealthy trash and I'll target So I know it would right? Two times that first time that request goes. The response is not coming from the outside. It says that. Okay, my target is Hon LD but the count is one. It will not declare that my target is unhealthy. Then again, it will try and it will try to times and again. The response will not come. So it says Okay, my target goes unhealthy. You can change it two from 2 to 10 and I'll keep it The Louis figure so that my response time will be quicker on my lord. Well, in service update quickly. What is that? Dymo tape. So it is the time. It is their time. That amount of time in second, during which no response means that feel healthy. So it can be due to 60 seconds right now This So five, I'll put it bluest or two seconds. So if my request is that side is not responding in two seconds, this is a health check failure after how long it will try. So ah, the interval. Basically that approximately amount of time between health checks, often invisible target. So how many times off Bahaman in diverse review trait. So right now, this fire 30 and I will keep it on newest on five. The source scored. Its success like 200 is a success court. So whenever that X reply comes with the 200 source code, that means my website is successful. So I have sort of my target group to taste my target name. My health check protocol, which he used to check as to DP and Nitra unwanted, are also has jack settings and I keep it lowest and I will do next. This is the most important part. Like hair were actually putting our service behind the load balancer. So right now what I'm doing, I selected my boat off service. Giovanna and Julia to both have different websites and I click on a to register. So now, once I click a storage door on Port 80 So that means now's my service are actually got behind the load balancer. If you don't do this a step, then it is a failure. So you need to ensure that your service should be put at Tourister and should be behind your load balance. Now you need to click on review and we can check the settings. If we need to do any change, you can go to edit option and you can definitely do that. So I'll just review. After all, my Webster name is where several l B. It is Internet facing. Requests are coming honest people, and I'll put the settings and it is OK for me and I'll go and just click on Click on click . Great option. Now what? It does actually in beckoned right now. My load balancer started provisioning, so you can check all my duties in load balancer here. The most important part is DNS name, which you can copy from here. And I think it will not be working right now because of this provisioning. Let's have a look on the my servers the state of once. Oliver, it says, Welcome port It always learning. This is our well compares. This is my second piece and what are different. You can notice. And they are putting on one behind Lord balancer, which you at least this one. So right now it says that we're not fine, which actually it should with a case because right now it is under provisioning. So it is making them ready to work and all the load Billions of the days I can verify. Here I can check the DNs name. I can check the status VPC availability, Joan applications load balancer. And what is that going to do it these days can also be fined from here. The status is right now proves meaning. These are the tastes. And if you go down, you can also change your everybody. Joan, if required, you can change your security group if you need and you can notice that on which target group it is going. So right now it is going on Web server TG and here you can added the rules also, if you need right now, whatever the request is coming, it is going to this target group and target group information you confined from left side are good group. And here you can see the required are good group where the request is going. So here you can see I'm fine with it. Right now it is going to have 30 g and it is fine for me. You might feel that it is but complicated. But if you do it one or two tens and I believe you will be able to get a good understanding of that. So on the listener part, that is fine. I good with this, it is going to help support easy. And that is what I just want to know. And I can check my load balancer performance also Ah, from the monitoring, which is also provided by eight of Lewis. And they don't don't do any extra charge for that last two weeks report. You can find out right now. There is nothing much for it because it is right now in just very new in the environment. But if you have something, you can check the things like, What is your residency? Whatever the request, you are coming and excepto accepted. It is and tax. You can also find your element information. You are related to your account. So let's check what is the status right now? It might be active. So here you can see that the status goes active and this is basically the working status off a load balancer. So you can verify from here that my lord balance there is active or not. Let's go toe. That's my tons x my service directive and do Let's put, We're fresh on my load Balancer. It might take some time. Couple off minutes. Let me disc. Ah, peed! This you are lame again on open into a new tab and clothes The's one on it says that it is not working. Let me try because I used this U R l in this soup browsers who might be I need to check in it in different poser or it will get refreshed after sometime. So here I am in different closer and I drive with the Lord Baron said OK, now it's working. So guys, waas my load balancer goes active. You can see that I really starting receiving the request on the request with air traffic which I am requesting. It will goes to one off my server to verify that my lord balances distributing the traffic or not what I do, I just reflects the speech and here you can see that the next request goes to a second server. So here, if who I requests, refresh it again. You can see that it is Gooding teach and the requests are coming way around robbing like one time request goes to one Sarwar and at second, because goes to different several. So let the Lord is getting this table to it here quite easily. And this load balancer also has the capacity that if my one server goes down behind this, it will automatically. It will automatically work and it will automatically forward that all the questo the active so it will not forward the request which is through the several, which is don't. So this is the capability in the cloud in for itself on in eight of this environment. Quite transparent. You don't need to do any thing change. If you're any service goes down, it really go automatically. So yet? Ah, we can see our load, balancer. It's working. And how you hope you like this video. And you like this lab. Ah, probably if you have any questions, you can let me know otherwise. Load balance! Circulation is quite simple. Task. It might feel you but do complicate in the starting. But if you do it one or two times, you will get in. Get a good idea about this. So thank you guys, for watching this video. If you have any questions, please let me know otherwise. Police pursuit for the next video in which we will learn about auto scaling. How to set of the auto scaling? Ah, in concepts rain with a load balancer. So thank you 26. AWS Auto Scaling Lab: so Hello, guys. Welcome to this video Onda and this video. This is basically a lab for auto scaling. We re learn how we can set up auto scaling for issue to on it. ISS We will check with North balancer So because auto scaling will best work with nor balancer, it is your choice. You want to set up it with load balancer or not But it is obviously a good choice if you set up it with a load balancer. So Esper, our last lives Introductions, lights off! Load balancing and orders killing! We have reached till this point and we was trying toe this. Get this picture been practically so. Tell love what we have done. We have set up one elastic load balancer here and that was working fine. We also it was able to put these two servers behind the load balancer. So this part also has been done. We have chosen food. Absolutely. Jones have lived the June A in every liberated you'll be and no, we won't boot. Set up our orders, Kelly. And now we will try to achieve that Orto Scalea Asper. This diagram One thing we need to keep in mind that Oscar auto scaling girls set up in two parts First is launched configuration and second is or setting up auto scaling group. So a launch configuration, Basically, we set up a server image. So we set up a configuration where he's decided the new service will be created. What will be water data it will contain. And what What will be the minimum size? However, the confusion we can change. But at least data Daredevil we picked by this configuration only so launched an physician very created confusion which has information about new server ritually launched in order Skilling using am way So we should have We must have one Am I which will be used to launch a new server So we need any am I sort of which has the same data which we need for our new server to launch an auto school hope it clears setting a second part is setting up auto scaling group in s in auto scaling group. Basically, we will define over our auto scaling policies like conditions on which basis of a new server will get loaded so there could be multiple conditions. In this particular example, we will put the CPI or ridership, which is, I believe, the best available option, however there are other options are so which you can set up and you can set up auto scaling on Good policies are on those conditions. So let's go to this point. No, I have signed it into my AWS console. And if you go as I said that there are two parts. One is long confusion and second is Auto Scaling Group. So once I click on loans configuration, I need to click this part, create Auto Scaling Group. And once I click on this here, you can see the first part come good loans configuration. It is my Iemma and the news arrival deserter from to see anyway. And second is Great Auto Scaling Group, where we have to decide a lot of Skilling Group and we have to maintain the number off in stances and their number. And what is status? No, rascally Coleman's configuration. Here you can choose yourself basics of us. If you want, you can use it. A Louis given the mice and it will create a pure server with the plane several. Basically it will not have any data. Martin in practical scenario or in production. This is normally notice that nor the case Normally we launch or normally we have to ready a server. And we want that there is some data which we want under it off. The current servers should be there. So the best practices that you keep your aim is ready. You create a my off your existing website existing server which for whom you want to launch the similar kind of server. So we have to make an image. What I have done right now I have created one Vab city gaps The website which you have seen . Uh if you go toe this easy toe, I have to running servers out of this. I on one side. What? I have portrayed one website. You can very five from here and probably I have created when a major off the server When am I of the server? So that I'd know don't need to stall a Parchin need to set up this website Clinton again and again. So in order, Skilling, I will use one anyway which have the same later like this and I will use this phone so I to serve well ferocity. Calf Unlikely. Gone. Slept in the next step. I can set up my configuration if I want to change. If I want to go some higher configuration, I want myself for new. So I will have some more hard configuration. I can choose that one right now. I'm OK with my current. So what configuration? So I'm happy with this and I will go ahead. But if you want, you can choose different configurations to and this part is available in loans configuration. Here I see you have seven launch configuration. The four adoptions I go again, the off before it Hard disk which was using their It was their ZB and it has my data, like a party in stolen my Web server settings. If you want to add new volumes, you can also do that here again. I need to make sure that my have the quiet port available. So I have a sturdy report that is fine with me. It is giving me when warning that I don't have this port open. Don't you to pour? So let's put me this sport in security. Good offs on Dhere. I'll go and I heard it. May Ford and I heard as a search for two. I am okay if it can be connected with so many locations. So that is fine. And here I too was no my security guard nearly because, you know it is repressed on. I have yesterday Venice's export boot. Now I just need to refresh it. I need to review the configuration. So here you can see I use my Emmy, which have somebody said date on it. I am using 22 dot Micro. The new service you'll get ready will be off 22 dot micros confused. It has one, will you and secret group which are able to connect. Why? As to DP assess it, I am happy to use my I want to see our configuration key files. So I will use this one and I'll set up this configuration. So the confusion part has been ready on disk configuration. You can see you can verify Here it will be available in the launch configuration part if you go So this is my vegetable configuration is ready. And here are all the details. If you want to see, due to write my grow the configuration and whatever the other parts are there you can verify from here. So my configuration is ready till now. As off off now 11th off number Because it's 17 now, the second part come into the picture, which is Auto Scaling Group. So I need to set up now here the orders killing policy. So I give this name I need to give a name to this auto scaling group. So I say Web server or toe scaling group This is how many groups size group sizes that how maney several You want that it should have, at least So I said that at least I should have to service in my environment. Then the network part is by default taking the default part. And there are two Southerners in my reason. So I am moved by reason and there are two summers and I want that the new machines, which will get launch in, get located in these two southerners or two of liberty June's for that on the air purpose. So now a first I have a launch, it will be launched in tow a B south one B or one A. And the next time I will be every label in next June because I chosen to different servers . If I choose only one sub net, then all the servant of servants will which will be launched. We'll get put into this. Don't only a piece out, one B which I don't want. Because if this Evelyn religion goes down, my holes are machines will be impacted. But if I, too, was multiple, everybody, Jones, I can put one server hair and 17 and another June. So this is the best practice. Tutu's multiple, Every liberty juice for the our purpose. Then I go to add one setting. And here you can see that it says advanced settings Load, balancer. And here you can choose received traffic one or more load balancer. So here you can choose your load, balancer, from which that you want that that traffic should come. So I have set up on north balance that here, this one and I I should I will use this Lord well and said I want that this load balancer traffic should come toe my auto scaling policy. So let's trailer Let it come. So here I want that this load balancer traffic should goto the daughter scaling group and here because it is application load balancers. So I need target good up information and the target group is associated this steps over TG . So let's go back to auto scaling, setting and here because it is the application server. So I need target Group, which is contracts are busy. If you are using classic load balancer, you can choose it from here. Then the health check type healthy active on which you want that the health checkup should be done. Aws providing you with a basic monitoring off health checkup. And if who Your website, if you are any instance goes down the alarm. All the information will be given by eight of Louis for you so that you can know you can set up health check up on two things on elastic load balancer or issued in easy to if you select. If any issue to goes down, it will give you information on if you select e l B. If your elastic load balancer is not working that will that information will be given to you And what is the health? A grace period. So here you can see that the length of their time that was auto scaling. Wait before checking an instance. Help the status. So the grace period begins with when an instance common to service. If no values provided a default off, 302nd will be used and thats zero for no grace period. So it is the length of time that orders killing V. It's before checking. In instance, Help the students so once and his stance come active. You want that? At least it will take five minutes approximately or whatever the time you want to give. Let's say I'll put it 2 40 30 minutes off 34 minutes or I would would like to go 33 minutes . So I hope that my instance if any new new server got launch, it should be stable in 20 minutes. So that is the health agree spirit. I want to give it its stance. Protection If you want that. Ah, whatever the seven news ever get launched, that shouldn't come down automatically, and you want to make down by yourself. You can choose a stance production protect from scaling because I had no protect from ah, it will allow toe. I hope the server that Miss news ever can get launched. But if you want to protect from a scaling so that new servers dull, the new launch server will not get down. When the when the situation get to stabilize, you can just do this option, then the next part come they're aware of, we have to actually the actually have to set up the policies that actually have to set up the conditions. So I choosed here minimum two servers, the group size minimum to. But if you want to change it, you can too injured here. So here are two options. Give this group at initial size all you want scaling policies to use. So if I you want, you can choose your Skilling policies like scale between two group toe five instances. So you want that you your minimums are ushered with two and it can go toe of 25 instances Or it could remember 10 whatever you want. So it will ensure that it will limit your server configuration also so that you didn't get charge unnecessarily. Now in the scale group size, I need to name it here and what I want. I want some different policies to try to diss option and here you can choose You're increased growth size or your decrease group size. So, like I say, Hey, hear that new server at on? And I said one, Allow me, I want to set one. Allow mares. I click on air New Alarm and I'll put some notification here like I create new topic. So new said What? Ed? And I'll put my email lady like this and I'll put some configuration here which say's ah, what the condition you want. Like if my eyes maximum CPU relation goes high, approximately from 80%. So in my city or relation Rex immensity relation goes 80% equal to or greater than this for at least one time for consecutive five minutes. So my simulation goes 80% for continuously five minutes, at least for one time. Or, if you want, you can change it like to, so you want that one allowing short of is created, so I'll put it here. So now I set upon alarm condition that if my CPU relation off the available servers goes higher than 80% for continuously five minutes, it the accent. It is in alarming situation, and on this I can take connection like Ed or certain does like something this. So I see that ad one said what one is stones then my situation goes 80% again. The one of time. I want to give his 302nd by default. Similarly, I can set up the crease group size policy. Also for this I need toe. Give the alarm. I need to create another alarm too. Here's suppose I want I You won't use this one sort of remove notification and I put my email address there and I want that van. Mississippi lesson goes minimum toe 30% like this. So I said that my sip, your relation goes less than 30% for at least five minutes. So my servers are stable and if this is the condition, I'll put it low to make it more relevant. So for me, this is a good condition for me that my service are now not overloaded. And I'm okay that I can take some action like I can remove on server from this environment . So I see it move one instances when my stipulation is less than 30%. So kind of these things I can set up wire auto scaling policies, and you can check that it is a very healthy future. And, moreover, I can set up it with an existing load balancer like I have truth, my load balancer there. Let's go to next. I want to add notifications so you can get that one. And here you can do the notification list and you can choose venue won't notifications via email. So if any and any new server get launched, terminate our failed to launch or failed to terminate in your environment, you will get notified on your email address. Here. You can give the important information which you want to put you're or does killing go up to 50 tax you can put there and here you can review that things. So I found it. It is fine for me right now. It's a Web Serotta, Skilling said. Group has been set up. It is alluding to everybody. Jos Target Group is rips that were targeted in a Web server. DJ, which is my load balancer. New severeid condition is like everyone starts when several direction Woods for higher than 80% like this and I said a medical its policy. I said of notifications for this emailer does. When launched her mission failed to launch a full term. It comes under just fine with me and here I am creating the new policies here. My auto scaling policies has been set up and you can also revise it from here. This is your orders killing group which has been set up now and hear all the information you can verify. And even if you want to change the configuration, you can do it by simply clicking on added option. Whatever your activities. Three. Right now poster was all getting launch because I set up their that their food women even to service every label. And it is using my e m I, sir, which I choose. This is my Skilling policies. If I want to change it, you can do that. This is your stances status, which is right. No good things ready. There are. These are two stances which are getting new at it. This is your You can monitor also your environment. Here. You can see that easily. You can monitor your environment like weren't harmony number times stances have been terminated. What is your desire? Capacity of what is your current district, US all together, all information you can verify from here. This is like notifications. Tax. Whatever information you want to set up, you can choose it, and you can check it well. Auto scaling policy in action Also, you if you want to delete or edit, you can do that. Let's see what happens actually in the back. And I said that minimum tours senses should be ready. It is desired, and it can go up to a maximum tank service based on the condition. My sippy situation goes hard than 80% and I go to instances. So guys here you can see that my to service was earlier already in production. And I don't need do service right now because I sat on my auto scaling policy and it created my to minimum servers, which I required. So what I'll do, I'll stop these or I'll terminate the settlers, and right now you can see that I have to service or to scale, which is set up by Auto Scaling Group. And this these are coming into picture right now, are not running completely, So let's wait for their time, and I'll come back to you disinter seconds. Okay, so you can see here that my to service, which was earlier behind the load balancer got terminated. I deleted them. Now those would have different data on these servers. And I only have. Do you serve us? No. Which escalated by my auto scaling policy and which used one server which has only one Web server, One kind of website data. So let's check. Is it My lord? Balance is still working. So I go to Lourdes Bellas and I'll pour this in formation. DNS name there. I'll copy it on the best It here. And you can see that my data or my Webster traffic is coming in. Previous lab off load balance. Have you already tested that load, balancer? How it works and we distribute the data behind multiple servers. And this is the same case here like my to service are being load balancer. And that is this getting distributed among these two servers. So I hope that you like this lab. And if you have any questions, please let me know or otherwise. Please pursuit for the next section. Very. We learned about craft with pretty service. So thank you. Thank you for watching this video. Please share your feedback and comments and do come in sections. Thank you. Tense case.