ATTRACTIVENESS FROM WITHIN: Be attractive to women BEFORE you said a word (A man's guide)

Benjamin Schwarz, First Dating Expert (for men) in happy relationshi

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5 Videos (38m)
    • Introduction

    • Authenticity

    • Attractive Attitudes

    • Self confidence

    • Wrap Up of what You have learnt


About This Class

In this course, You will learn how to foster personality traits that will make You instantly more attractive to women.

These attractive traits are:

  1. Authenticity
  2. A positive and curious attitude
  3. Self-confidence

The attractive effect of these 3 personality traits are proven by dating coaches worldwide (including me), science and even women themselves.

To be honest, it's just common sense.

If you are authentic, positive and self-confident, it shows that You are a sympathetic and strong person a woman (and people in general) can trust.

The problem is: How to become really authentic, positive and self-confident?

Do You really know, what it means to be "Yourself" or do pretend something just to be seen as "cool"?

Do You increase Your self-confidence daily or do You let people and small incidences put You down?

In this course You will:

  • Find out what authenticity means so that You can live Your life and not somebody else's life without even noticing
  • Uncover powerful attitudes so that You can confidently approach and speak to any woman WIHTOUT being afraid that she might reject You. If you were nervous speaking to new women before, this can free you up
  • Raise Your self-confidence with 3 simple tricks so that You won't be underestimated anymore but be seen as "that cool guy".

This course is part of my 5-hours-Masterclass called MAKE HER WANT YOU - PREMIUM.






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Benjamin Schwarz

First Dating Expert (for men) in happy relationshi

Every man deserves to experience love.

I was that typical nice guy: Either unnoticed by girls or just their friend...but never their boyfriend.

Frustrated as I was, I've spent years studying Pick Up books trying to find techniques that would turn me into the next Casanova...although what I actually wanted deep inside was just somebody to love.

None of these techniques really worked out. They brought me a couple of (painful) relationships but with the wrong girls.


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