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API Testing Using Postman: Ultimate Course(With Newman, Jenkins and CI/CD).

teacher avatar Pramod Dutta, Software Engineer By Heart.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (3h 5m)
    • 1. API Testing Using Postman Part 1 ( What is an API )

    • 2. API Testing using Postman Part 2 ( Understanding HTTP Methods and Authentication )

    • 3. Postman Collection How to Create & Manage Collections API Testing using Postman (Part 3)

    • 4. Postman Environment Variables API Testing using Postman (Part 4)

    • 5. How to Work with CSV File(& JSON) in Postman and Dynamic Variables (With Demo)

    • 6. JSON Schema Validation How to Validate JSON Schema with Postman

    • 7. Conditional WorkFlow in Postman API Testing using Postman

    • 8. How to Work with CRUD in Postman(POST GET PUT DELETE PATCH) with Example

    • 9. Newman Postman How to Run Postman Command Line

    • 10. 7 Essential Postman Features for API Testing That You Should Know

    • 11. Working with Spotify APIs in Postman[CRUD]

    • 12. Testing GraphQL Queries using Postman With Example [API Testing using Postman]

    • 13. Postman Tutorial How to Use WorkSpace in Postman

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About This Class

What you'll learn

  • Advance your software testing abilities by learning API Testing
  • Good understanding of the APIs & API Testing(HTTP Basics)
  • How to test API using the POSTMAN(Chrome extension and monitor them using Jenkins)
  • How software tester in the company test API and validation used by them
  • Web Fundamentals & Understanding Continous Integration Delivery in Big Companies
  • End to End API Testing and Web¬†


  • You should have a basic understanding of the PC, Chrome and have an idea about chrome extensions
  • You should know how to install and run commands in the terminal(Optional)
  • You should have a basic understanding of the Testing(Optional).


In this course, We will Master the API Testing, We will learn how an Experience Testers Write Test Cases for the API Testing in the POSTMAN(API Testing Tool) and Create an Automation TestSuite to run it regularly and Integrate it in the Continuous Integration Delivery Stack(CI/CD Stack).

API Testing Basics Covered : - 

  • Introduction to¬†API¬†&¬†API Testing.
  • HTTP Methods & Fundamentals.
  • Authentication & Cookie basics.
  • File Upload and misc¬†Web fundamentals.
  • Test Coverage and Code Coverage.
  • Approach of API Testing,¬†Writing Test Plan and Test Cases.
  • Performance Testing Plan and Execution.
  • Best Practices of API Testing.
  • Load Testing of the API using¬†JMeter.

We will explore the features of the POSTMAN :-

  • Installation of¬†Native App.
  • Environments¬†&¬†Variables.
  • Setting up¬†Pre-Script/ Post-Scripts
  • Writing Test Cases in POSTMAN.
  • Exporting POSTMAN¬†Request in Different Programming Languages.
  • Validate JSON Schema.
  • Advance Use of Assert Framework(Chai assert framework)¬†in POSTMAN.
  • Consecutive Request¬†in POSTMAN and Passing variables to Other requests.
  • Collections.
  • Test¬† Runner.
  • Import/Export Collection or Test Data¬†or Request.
  • Newman( Monitoring POSTMAN Requests)¬†& Running Test Cases on the Docker Jenkins
  • POSTMAN¬†Interceptor.
  • Proxy Settings.
  • Generating¬†API Documentation.
  • TEAM library.
  • Sharing Collection as¬†V1/V2 format.
  • Debugging Request using Console /Dev Tools.
  • Mock Servers.
  • Notifications.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • How to be a Part of Community of POSTMAN.

Assuming Beginner in the API Testing, First, we'll learn about "What is API and how do we test them", after that, we'll create a POSTMAN Test suite(collection) and add our validation framework to it. After finishing our Test Suite, we will run collection command-line and add it as Jenkins Job(monitoring purpose). 

Next steps will include the Test Coverage for the API-Testing and how to perform the Load Testing of the API using JMeter and More Advance Concepts in POSTMAN.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for Software Testers/QA who want to understand how to test WEB API using POSTMAN
  • This course is for Beginners which don't have any clue API
  • Anyone new to Postman & Newman
  • Software Developers using POSTMAN daily for debugging
  • Software Testers or DevOps

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pramod Dutta

Software Engineer By Heart.


Hello, I'm Pramod Dutta

With more than 5+ year in Software Industry, Taught Over 4500+ Students since last 2 year.

Main Expertise, Test Automation, Passionate about Blogging, Youtube and many more things.

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1. API Testing Using Postman Part 1 ( What is an API ): Hello, guys. Welcome to the testing occurred Me. My name is promote, and in this tutorial, we're going to learn about how to do a peer testing using postman. So this is a part one of the cities that I'm that I'm working on right now and it will be extensively, you can say, a practical guide, how to do an extensive AP attesting, especially using the postman. So before jumping into it directly to the postman tool, we need to understand 13 points about the FBI's and what exactly we have to do if we are doing any protesting. Right? So let's get started before starting out. Just wanted to let you know that about a little bit about myself. My name is promote, and I have been in tow software testing and that sort of mission field for nearly around five years. And I have a word with, like, Lord, so different projects related to banking domain automation, marking of marketing automation, especially little to a B testing at all. And we have bean like running lots of different task assist using selenium, great docker swarm as well as I know beyond moving to Cuba night. So, uh, you can. If you want to follow, you can pull up on my website. The school has dot com, and you can go to the testing. Look at me dot com where I'm putting lots of photos related to selenium. Abia testing on May list of letter to test out a mission. It's a group where we share lots of information and it will be great if you'd join it. So let's get started. So before starting toe this tutorial, I'm going to give you a review. What, exactly you were alone in this city's. So we are going to basically advance your career, especially to total self. Protesting and protesting is important. Three orders off it a story. You want to increase any kind of domain expertise, especially in a protesting, and it learning a protesting is important for you, and we're going to learn more about a B A B testing in certain s. Typically, methods are very well run. How we can do certain request or enforcement specially using get put post and how, as a separate at enterprise Level B are doing industry standard. I'm going to show you practically and how we're liberating, especially the post mental the human too, especially and running over a certain kind of a protesting discuses on different kinds of Dhaka grades now. And so let's what you're going to learn in this tutorial. So you're going to learn about about the basic stealthier and or the basic stuff will include, like, what is a B a. What is an AP attesting? What is the differentiate difference between it? So as well as that s Stabia And what of the woman type? So box, that vision early a counter maybe using they be adjusting. How do do a protesting and why we should do they protesting these other things that we're going to explain and the last in the last two points. I'm going to explain extensively about the rest. What is rest and what is it? It's full service services and I'm going to explain your different constraints. Specially letter toe the a p a. Especially the to to the arrest. What are the six meter constrains arrest that make any kind of a p A restful like Salako, one of the big concept. And in the last photo, in the last part, we're going to install our first most men, and I will give you a small walk through about the postman, right? So let's get started. Don't before our so the first question comes into right. So where's the Napier AP? I basically stands with the application programming interface, and it's so basically you can say the collection, certain collections of functions of processor, which basically allows to communicate between two applications. Let me give you a very simple example. Are, as you can see on the screen right now, suppose are supposed to go to a restaurant and a B A is basically aviator that takes your order on from you and tells you tells that chef in the kitchen that what exactly phone he needs to be repaired, right? This is like a simplest example. We're, uh whenever the clients give certain kind of order, Aviator takes the order and give it to chef and chef After getting the order. It could basically this phone back to that line. So right now, the military is acting as a baby aviator here, but and well, that we have discussed previously that a B is basically you can say these are just said no functions or you can say procedures, right? And if we come up with the technical definition, then it will be a p A. Is interface between two any two software application, like so our let's understand what other types of baby especially available when we're thinking about the very P baby is right now. So the 1st 1 is role. So descent, RBC Examiner, obviously and rest. So these are like four major types off a piece of label, and we're going to discuss more about them in an imminent. So before that, we need to understand what is in a pair testing the simplest way to one. So this is that testing and maybe a is a peer testing. But whenever we have, like front end and very have bacon and there is a a PS sitting around right, we need to test those that the creator AP whatever the application programming interface, the second off give us that has created. We need to validate that if they're like Mitchell Ear, agreeing that these AP works because if anything breaks in a beer is basically a problem for different 10 clients, I will have a major impact whenever there's a problem in Abia. So we need to test except extensively about the integration. And with the service is right, this is the simplest example. Simplest, you can say they're tickle our definition of a protesting. So the next question and it is that why we should perform the pregnancy, right? So I'll give you an example is the simplest. The 4.7 men changes that the 3rd 1 is. You can look, look around, It's a developer will make mistake and they will create a buggy ap. So then it, for example, labia can be like there's a particular setting. We expect a friend and is expecting that 21 keys to come in adjacent format. But it is the coming s don't even and in front. And there was a logic to calculate the number of keys. And also it will break the US right. And it will be a very, very bad impact on crime site if there is a particular buggy buggy Nikkei. So we need to test the a p a. Right. So we should perform a protesting extensively on his right. No, As you can say, Internet use this like millions off a pH like Quito slack AP a Instagram, a Facebook AP and so they're likely number of millions of a prayer request right now going on. And so they should be tested totally. And the first point, as I have discovered that many of the services that we use every day they are basically relies on a PS interconnected re a PS. So we need to test them totally right. And one of the important factor is that be require validation of a p A. It's very important whenever we are going to make these a pair into production and right, the portion arises that what is what test in a right and these are like four. You can say important points, but they're like what protest in a P A. Is very long list, if you are doing it practically but inter tickle concepts. What you're going is that basically we're just verifying that how a peers are basically behaving whenever there is a particular book or whatever particular invalid response. For example, we're just testing different kind of what kind of state that's called this just coming. If we are sending in invalid, paler and what kind does if if we're doing the protesting we require that decent schema Acela's example scheme are should be validated on We should do certain for the keys, especially the keys coming in the FBI s a za response. We need to validate those keys we need toe check. The boundary will lose if but clearly a responsive according to about three of your system . So these kind off like off major for contact the approval and other things like we're but we have to do in a protesting is that we need to address toe Koroleva perform, insist how these AP A's are behaving whenever there's a particular lord off Best performance test Basically how a particular kind of lord is coming on these a p s how the escapees are behaving and these are like major things that we have to test in a right I object makes sense till now we need to understand what isn't so so it is a type of any p A . It's a type of any where if you think about the full form of Soviet citizen, a simple object access protocol right ex service T messaging protocol that allows you do like program, you can communicate with any any kind off. So border and the kind of service using this, what we call it a soap envelope where it contains certain examine type of the US deal Web services there the definition language kind off. Oh, structure Often maybe a year were clients, said Sensor Request, according Toa This envelope and serve a response back. According Toa, this example bits architecture right. So abuses as like similar to the rest Abia it uses. That's typically methods, and we have extensive or differentiation in the coming slight. So before that, we need to understand what is rest. Rest is nothing, but it's very presentational. State transfer. It's so you can say it's a design back down for an A p A. And it's so the rest architect. Just basically describe the six constraint. So these are assists major constraint that any Abia if they follow these kind of six constrain, we call them arrest pullup services or less well, maybe being so. Let's understand what is the major difference between the soap and rest for guys? Please understand. This is one of the important major interview questions whenever we are doing, especially for labia testing. And so the major difference is very simple. So is basically an example of this messaging brought protocol, whereas the rest is our collective style. Protocol or rest is majorly simple Middle East, similar to the design pattern of an A p A. With the six constraint where a soap is adjusting messaging protocol between client and so so follow the W. W s bill. What is it? So it's a Web services definition language where you have a certain language to communicate with service with your several right. But whereas intrest, you can use exam ill or is there any kind of decent or to send and receive greater right under another? Next difference is that so, so so basically and walks using that. We see these, like request procedure calls, whereas if you think about the rest, rest in rest. What you have to do is that you have to make a request according to your Ural part, right? If you're doing a get, just get what poster? What you love to do certain kind of how you will be provided a certain neural, and you have to do this these requests according to that right and most of the time it's We have seen that soap is a service clean and well, a based its contain certain and will apps to saying message. So generally it's not human readable. Bavaria's resident arrest most of the time they response coming is based on exam. Ellen Jason, which is can be easily be interpreted by any kind of human, and another for the fifth Mind is that both of them operate over STP. But where a soap can operate over a 70 beard, a simple meal transfer, political as well as for with FTP. Also, it's a file transfer protocol so it can work with SMTP and FTP sold one. But whereas in the rest especially later, do that S T, v P Matters and a Z can see, the six point is that the JavaScript call can call it so. But it is difficult to implement. Whereas Este Pius we can use any like Java JavaScript, a call to use it right? And generally the last point, as we have seen mention, is that performance is not great as compared Toa rest. So soap is slow, it's complex, and it's and will abate, So I miss immersive, irritable. It's a complex one and it's so you can say performance is not great whenever we're sending it. So whenever we were using your soul, baby, especially whereas in the rest of moments is much better because we're just sending the low . Or you can see very small, very not smell small, actually, with only the pay Lord in Jason's and examples and they are not very much you can see pure extensive, right? I hope you have understand. That's what is the difference between this open dressed. So let's more one. So the question arises that who uses this? STP especially were concerned about the rest AP s right now. And so who uses basically our duty Arabia, Lyndon B. A. Slack or Este pH are everywhere If you're like millions of millions of requests, all right now use our militia millions of users that, like no user STP a, for example, a simple application that you are using an android. Basically that there is, for example, and then stuck around me. Instagram expecting the user using the rest 88 is feting any kind of user information likes for loads, whatever it is using the STP, so rest is everywhere. Nearly around, so I'm going to explain you the six meter constraint of rest. So these are very important to understand. And most of her time. Sometimes they are also commonly interviews. So please pay attention about the six meter constraints about the wrist. Rest right, so rest we've talked about. If we talk about and the first constraint, it's a uniform interface. It basically means that, as you are seeing in a slide, it basically, they say, is that that the clients, as ever, has to communicate and agree to a certain rule based resources being. Basically, it means that there is a line. There's a sober, they need toe, communicate each other, and they have to be have a certain kind of rules they're needed before. For example, if they're communicating than client will send adjacent request to the sober, then so what needs to understand it? And server has to saying that request in Pella Jason. So they need to agree on it. So it the interface that we have, it should be uniforms. That's what the uniform interface means. If they're using a prop, for example, the client is using a certain kind off, according of your it then. So what has to respond back into that? The same kind of including so that that is like a simple you can say uniform interface that someone of that you can see constraint. If an A B is a restaurant, let's come to the 2nd 1 Second. One is very simple when it's basically means that that state less basically mean that server does not remember anything about the users who uses the idea. For example, Klein first the client the first line made a request to We're getting a user so will respond back and forget about it means this is a state Lescol now this over will not able to understand. You are not able to remember what kind of because they have us. So it's a totally estate less going right. The third important constraint is that catchable. But it's basically means that that data that so what sense that So they never client request a particular thing for number user information from a civil. And so what can send the information and it can send whether this information has to be sh catchable or not, for example, neither did I schedule. Then they might contain certain kind of words. The numbers and that birds the number but somewhat makes Took a shit cashing possible, for example, toe the survival. Tell that. Okay, you can catch this resource as off now for for the particular Taylor. Better off, right? This is one of the constraint. Uh, the another one. Another constant basically means that there are, like, client. There will be a client, there will be a silver and they will be like a two different entities And they so they behave independent. They can't be here independently. What I where it is. So they're no, not like club with each other. This is one of the constraint for this strike, and this is the layered system. Constrained basically means that there's a client. There's so that we can have any number off layer between them. For example, we want to include a security layer between them. We can have it. So it means, as you can see in the sliders, that we can have any kind of layer between the client. And so what? It doesn't make until until there is a client Davis over. Then we can have. We can have this EPA is that it's full right? This one is optional. The cord on demand. It's the last sixth major important, less constraint. Sometimes we call it this. It's so optional one. It basically means that s so we can send can store the court or logic to themselves and transferred it whenever needed. Look like, for example, the CoreLogic off. Whatever the court things are going. For example, if this client sends what is the one plus one? It's called the function. And so what is sport back with it, too? Client doesn't know what kindof logic that they have been to do this right. But eso someone can store the information and it can reply back the court whenever they designated whenever clients are scored. So these are the like major six suggest constraint explained. And if any appear follows this six constraints and so we call it that it does rest well, being right, I hope that makes sense. So right now what we're doing is that we were going to install, uh, the simple Boasmen. So let's move. Let's move toe or Demo eight. Hit it. This So you were able to see that like Mick and form one thing. Yes. So what you can do is that to start, you can go to the get postman and we're going toe. Basically. Expect him to explain you what this post men supposed to mend right now. It's and you can say, an integrated development environment for AP especially. But B is a software tester we can use to test this e, especially that lifted the stay. PSE contested right. It's so right now becoming an integrated the environment. But we had live raising it according to our knees, right. What you can do is they're just go to the get postman dot com and click on this get started and download the X. It's a very simple process. Step by step, you can download whatever was in your place. If you're on Mac, it will. It will give you info option to download the mechanisms, right? Harris When install it the first time you will see this this window. Let's understand it like one by one. What's exactly going on? This is the 1st 1 is new, so every everything in the post manage. It's a kind of a request, right you are making and we are going to understand this request or different kind of festivity methods in upcoming Kadoorie. It's so right now. The first to go toe click on the first, but 1st 1 it basically gives you a certain building blocks, right? You can clear the request. You can clear the collection. What is a collection? It's a kind of you can see collections of request. For example, if you want to make a collections only letter to the log in page, then there will be a collections or requests according to your college. According toe, they only contain the requested to log in right and you can create. And more mint environment basically means the certain kind of global variables are variable that you are going to use in your request. So that will make much more sense whenever we are doing is probably in second or third part of the series. You know, as I ve mentioned that most men is like no becoming an integrated development environment so it can give you a feature leg documentation marks over as well as monitoring the baby right here it is again if you go do this, but you can create your new collection if you want. Oh, for example, lets me created Dymo Collection, and you can give the description like anything you can, even on 10 to get this collection. For example, if anyone wants to use this collection, he needs to have certain kind of authentication. You can create an e p a KI, and you can do some pre scripts. The scripts are basically the scripts that are going to run before running this collection , and a few collections are basically, for example, you flow off, request simplest example. Every give you is that, for example, there's a user. A user can create a profile. And after creating profile, user can perform the frantic quest So there will be like multiple requests. We can do a create account where, after creating an account, will get the user I d use already, then makes a request to certain things right so they will be like four or three request. Like so. What we can do is that we can protect all this number of requests into a collection, and before running this collection, you can run this pre script. It's so right now, the scripts will be in JavaScript and merely the syntax that they're falling is JavaScript , right? So you can create any very ballsy want to use in this collection as well as after running the test. You can run after learning this collection. You convince certain test. For example, if I have career today a collection that can that basically return Certainly I use varieties and anything like dynamically after from sober. You can write certain test cases around that I am getting the you've already and it's a value. U s already right. And you can mention the variables also what kind of very well, this collection is going to use they alike. So this is the main and one. This is the main window here where you have, like, different, different kinds of methods. Most of them, that s typically methods were are simple s to be metal letter to get post put back thes all kinds of matters. I'm going to explain next comment, Orioles and what you can do, you can do as I am and tender and the rest api, especially that you can arrest, appears votes and believe in the Urals. So you convention the Ural and what kind of authorization that it needs. And you can insert the body exam politically control. You can mention any kind off distant request that you want to draw. You click on any kind of decent Equis. Pray I'm going to show you a day more off one of the simplest application. Ah, simplest demo off. Get. Let me let me go do this. Um, so it's a fake you if you go to this request response, that is a cute not and escape us kind of a big data. Especially so what you gonna do If I want to get the data list of users, I can do this thing. I'm going to put this your and, uh, probably this. So this is the simplest request. I'm going to send it. Okay? Yeah. So if you go to this year, it'll basically get the main domain. This is a main domain, and especially that this is an endpoint off a PC. Users where we're get, we want toe, get the list off all the users and up to the pace to is a query Param Eter, And go to where my dad is there too. So you know, we want to pages right and on the pace to We're getting that response in Jason forming if you take a to take its adjacent former right now, right? And it's so right now Postman has prettify it, and we're getting the three response that these are that three users. They have different ideas. They have email, first name, last name, and there is a particular image of them. It's a dummy AP a. Right now, Editor Danny and we can ask for the 1st 1 also, and it will give you the 1st 1 right? And so what exactly is going on here? Makes basically making a simple get request traceable. And this AP can be used by any kind of have a replication even, and simple and good application where you have to show three users to a particular client or any and in Android, right? So it's so basically a review of the Postman. Another important thing that you can do is that you can sign up. You can sign in so that you can see if you're whatever collection you're creating in postman. It's totally free, and you can do it about it. These are notification, especially, and this is a setting And if you go to the second, this is important part off most men. Where you can do is that you can do it. If you have, like a bunch of different options, you can change the team. Also, you can go to Darty, and these are different kinds of shortcuts. These are like generals say thinks what you can do language, addiction and all Pretty much we don't have to mess up initially, when we're doing don't have to measure mess up it. The most important one is a self certification verification. By default, it's on. For example, if you're working in staging and Mormon, I would suggest you don't switch it off right now because it will give us a celebrity and the data you can export the data. Also, I don't right now. You don't have requires certification. Proxy update. Now most of the thing right now in his sleep, we don't we don't require Ondo. Another important point is that environment on three. But this is one of the important thing that you need to keep in mind. You can create an environment environment, basically contains something kind of variables. This can be global variables or a normal are very but there are, like different types of very but in post man. I'm going to discuss them in the future. But these variables, you can use it. For example, if you want to send a particular key, My lady, What you can do is you can mention that email lady in tow, this environment variable and you can mention the possible also, so it will be like secure and set. It will be a separate from your normal request. Right. And if you want to pass example, there's a particular first request is creating a user and you're getting a you've already you can save the you already into environment and use it into your next request. You can do that also in the post men, right? So this was like a basically basic them off. Most men as well as I have explained, you're different, less constrained. And what is they were testing and how we're doing it. So I hope I have here like District Victoria, let me know in the comments below means. How do you understand? It means what any kind of bouts you would like to end. I just wanted to know about. I really loved toe. Get certain feedback for this video especially. And so see when the next one. And don't forget to, like, subscribe and comment. If you're watching and you do so and the heavy nice day and in next. In the next tutorial, we are going to understand the basics office DPP methods, and we are going to run certain we're going to perform certain kinds of practically different methods, especially these ones. These all of them. Generally most of them were going to run, and we're going to understand art relation more. Right, So have a nice day. And by 2. API Testing using Postman Part 2 ( Understanding HTTP Methods and Authentication ): Hey, guys, Welcome testing. Look at me. And this is a part two off a pier testing using postman series on in this tutorial. But I'm going to explain you what are the different type of s typically methods and how you can do practically different. I both as tpp matter, especially in post Mint. And we're also going to cover a little bit about the indication coffee. So let's get started. So what, you're going to learn? You're going to learn more about what are the different is typically matters, and I have discussed earlier. And what is our authentication and different type of cookie basics and how, exactly that's TVP works, right? So let's understand what is our STV PST? BP is, ah, hypertext transfer protocol, right? It's basically if you are you under standards, very clearly your practical world. There's a client, there's a sober and they're using a particular kind of a transfer protocol that clients want to send sir quest. And so we want to this phone back to it. So it's there. It's so it's a protocols sect off rules over the hyper ticks against hypertext protocol, whereas clients can send you certain kind of methods. The matters No one has get Post would batch believed right? This kind of my thirds took home naked with us over. Right, as you can see in the client, is that as to be declined consent to request using do the STP silver And they are communicating using certain kinds off methods. Right? So this is known as a stupid piece so as to be transfer protocol. It's a state less protocol basically means that whenever clients sensor request so sober after responding back So the client is just forgets about it. I mean, it doesn't know what kind off information I have, but it looked like and has asked, Right, so innocent. Bless manner. Let me explain you the in the simpler diagram that there is a client which is a browser brow, you go to a website like the level com google dot com. What happens that you made a request? It's a get request to get their documentation to get the resource. The resource resides on the plane state and its human and request. So after requesting it is, the plane will response back to you that this is a response and this is a document that you want to see. So they here it is. You like so over this. Whatever you were seeing on, whenever you are typing your line But seeing that we will dot com it's happening over the hypertext transfer portable What you can do in the U. S. If you think about So you're a contestant different kind of entities. It's very important guys to understand the 1st 1 is as TVP why we mentioned as to be pure simple article. So we are using a Stevie irritable. So right now, as you can see, there will be a Stevie P s, which is a secure words. Enough s tpp. And what do you have to mention in the second part is your host name host name can be a domain name and you can be an I. P also right. And after that you have to mention port by default it is used. So whenever you type google dot com by default, port is not sure, But you can use a different ports If you want to use acting different services, then you have to mend gender a sore spot where it is recite. So if you don't mention anything that default before value. Openness to estimate. Professed. But if you want to get a particular resource, you have to mention the plan. But by slashing into, like a directories, right? And also you can mention certain kind of query pet of parameters that you want to send with Client. For example, I I'm going to send the simple perimeters that I won't use the red even. And the name should be promote. Then definitely it'll return new my details. So suburb Elevens kind of fix, uh, understanding that. What girl? Creepy perimeters are basically coming. So this is our with simple euro sector works on as DPP. Right. So we need to understand What are the different types of STP matter? This is like one of the probably you can see any protesting. Most of the time, the questions are around this s tpp methods. So as a beard, basically understanding that este Ph. D's and we need to understand these matters especially very carefully, and many we should have a certain kind of hang zone right to understand these kind of matters. So if I give you a brief, if you would just that particular with you on this one. If you are making a get request to a sober, it's basically to request. It pays toe really beach kind off, and similarly, when you're doing the head, request its request to read the Web's header. What kind of had our information are there? For example, if you make a request off ahead, you can get the details are different. Kind of details. What kind off page it is, what kind of expiring the pairs so all the headers kinds of a mission will can't get using . Only the head matter will not get any kind of body whenever you're using the had matter. Similarly put you can use to store a webpage host you can use to upend or create and believe you can believe that resource, particularly on trays. Basically, it's so echoing off equal incoming resource. We're going to understand this conception, particularly in a post mint. Just get just get an overview. What exactly will the important one is? Options. We basically already well, what are the different kind of STP methods this hours supports? Or this request, of course. And there's another coldest connect, which basically reserved for future use but doesn't have any kind of limitation right now. So our and another important thing that we're talking about this tpp that is hyper tricks transfer particle that you're thinking it's that informational state a score whenever we were sending a request door. So what is funding back? Our two with the second kind of responses, which is known Any state escorts, though, if we are getting a response Electric do the 100 Syrians. Its informational response that information about Okay, whatever it ISS on 2nd 1 is successful. Toe 300 series every directions 400 cities. Most of the time it's a client Raiders and 500 liquor bills over the most. Like a few of the state outscored. Definitely you have known, like 40 for note phoned Ivan dreaded or so what? Or 200. Okay, respond 200 for creative response 33 or 70 directions. Three or one direction's. Definitely. You have heard it this term a different kind of start to ST at school. But you're learning something like so These are the STV P status for nothing else. These are just certain kind of estimate. The state escorts. Okay, so we need to understand how to be resting people. Traffic. Right. So what I This has I don't do that. We need to understand, practically I'm going to do this stuff right now. Practically in front. Off you were going toe this your This is a period of my Jason or any particular we can go to anything you're and we're going toe go to developer tools of a chrome to understand what exactly kind of the friends to repair request they're using Write code That makes sense. So let's do one thing. Let me share my screen. No, I have shared my screen toe. Let's do one thing. I have a particular get your ill here. Let me cope a 10 to a particular best. If you go to this year old, you can click on right click and inspect in the windows and let me do this thing. And if you're on Mac, they re particular shortcut also right to right. Click and inspect. And there's a particular shortcut. All surgically are to go to this. You can goto this net, network them and just refresh it as you can see that there's a particular request going on if we go do this. And what do they had? Their spot. We can see that it's a request. Ural, the request. You really is this and what kind of protocol were using? Very Right now it says T p. P s right. And what is the domain domain and seaQuest and what does the resource part? It's a part is a PS slash users and the query bedroom there more passing its pages secret one. So all the things that clear right and we're using a request mint Third, get and we are getting 3013 or one is 13 years. One if we go toe again. Our oh slave then 301 is basically it's a series of three directions. Okay, so after the direction, they're giving certain ones right? And there is a remote address, Basically the i p off this resource and here it is done from amazing information about it. So whenever be ascending, we never be ascending a request. We sense our certain kind of request headers accord along with this request. These are methods we haven't sent right, But these are actually upended by Browner's right. So we have passed certain kind of requests headers and request headers, and we are getting accepting kind of different responses from the sober. We got that as this control, different kinds of developing. These will be key value pairs. What is a cashing mechanism means about the cash and what kind of things the service basically inserted the so what is made in experts. So they're mentioning about that Express what kindof encoding they're accepting. And in the request. Also, we have basically mentioned that we are going to expect as a test examine Jason anything letter, tow this thing. We're going to accept it as a client. Well, and the language accepted his US different kind of header. These are the headers, right? And upcoming tutorials are probably here. We're going to learn how to and our own headers, toe authorization or cookies. You can see the cookie also right In the request, we have mentioned starting cookies. Very cookies. Are you explain you in this upcoming in the next part, right? So this is like a practical example, and only the get respond we can most of the time we can see make using the browser. If we want to make a different kind of request, like post put patch. Then we have to use our favorite tool postman, right? We cannot make them using chrome as off now, probably in the future weekend. Right? So let's do on. Ah, let's are Do one thing. We can do school too any different to you a little and see what kind off request they're doing, right? Okay. Before starting, we can just go to inspect, go to a nightclub there and here we were going for a facebook dot com. Right? So, first request, it's a get request. I and we have several directions here with the three or seven right, and after the directing you to go, we have again directed using a get request and Lichty three major request. After that, if we are redirected toe STB, ps, Marzano, Facebook. But we're just giving a Wonder state school. There are different request going on as a get, and you can see most of that request or get right now because we are just getting something kind of responses. All right, let's do one thing. Let's go toe scrolled as dot com and see if we have certain post or not. So Basically we're interested in certain post request. OK, so days Oh, no, no. Under the Muslim time or prosecutors are generally created whenever we want to create something or we want to send something as a creation part of trade. So most of the requests you can see our get requests. Oh, there's a force a quest once again. Yes. So this is Ah, this is a post request which is basically going toe this Ural and were opposed to quest. And whenever we're sending a post request, we need to send certain kind off body to it. And the body were sending. Right now it's a formed the former form form basically contains. You can see key value pairs and here basically a certain kind of fields information not sending along with this post request, right? Let's so do one thing. Let's understand, is using this example and we're going to a favorite tool postman. Right? Get example I have already told you about in the previous tutorial what you can do. Let me give of you that again So you can goto this Ural and re Rx asking the different kind of users and we're asking the first page of the you that we're going to send the request. And here it is. We have a response. It's in Jason. Justin's is nothing, but it's a key value. Pair it. This is a key that this is the value. Okay, I hope that makes sense on. And so now what? We're going, we're going to make a poster, Chris. So if we goto this year or delegate and there is a syntax for post what you can do, you can never end point the same. You're going to plus icon and let me do one thing. Let me teach you one thing. You can say it. This request click on Save s. And here it is. We can mention that Get get the ghost. And here we conventional lease the users. Okay, lets the users we can mention them into a request and you can create a one collection users . This is our first collection, and we're going to add this request into this collection. Right now we have one request as again, good again. We're going to get were just mortifying it to post. And here it is. Dyin point And oh, here we are just mentioning that Europe as a poor Suppose I do the most empty I'll get that responded for beautiful nose poem, right? Because there have whenever I want to post so this year how sorry this again. I promote this one anyway, a post em do nt post. It will basically return back me that it's created. So right now a p a is no dis AP is not properly 100. We haven't send any kind of body and into it. Still, they have created something with the idea. We can get this information also on me. Goto get the single user id similar. It's similar to this. We can just go to duplicate and here they have used. You can goto this and began mentioned there, and it will be an apparatus ones at eight. Yes, it's still it's several beautiful note phoned by. It's a p a. You other state and we have created when you was that like let's see, right now, it's giving the center because we have created empty user. Let's do let's create one user in this over on this over, and we can use raw and go to discern, and I know I'm going to create my own user promote has a job as a leader. I'm going to click send. And here it is. Ah, user is created. And this mentioning the response. We have a strict escort off 201 letter. So 201 is created and we're going to get this. He was a great using this. And here we have this same word and hit it. This response. Okay, we have slash. Okay. It is not giving us that. It's once away. Let's get a single user. Do we have created one? Died 90 s nine beauty. It should book Let me see once again, - only So guys, it's a fake a p a. So that's why oh, it was not able to create it. But you get the gist that basically peeled away Post request It will give you the I d and you can get the response using the idea. For example, if what I have been is that I have just mentioned what is the I want to get the results off to idea of the user, and I have here it is right and we can save this request. But I know I just get user Heidi on DSI became e may save it as, uh, create user. So now we have three D quest. What you can do Interested Klay Is that how you can use the environment right now is that we don't have to mention this again and again by you can just do this and you can create new and warming he envy invariable name. We're going to use a your initially we're going to mention it as the same I and and giggle impaired and clothes and in front of down, Just like that moment. What you can do is now you can use this very well now, as your request, OK? No, if they do again. Okay. These are leg double. It will become colorful Feuz and it will work against the same one. Know what you gonna do? You can do? You can't replace all the request, Gorton. Pretty boots these your cool right? And it would hold the same as right. So are two method we have seen we have seen get mattered. How? Get matter is working. How post matter is working. And let me tell you about different things. You can pass the perimeters also But if you want to send second going to perimeters, you conspire pass ABC and the value can be CDF right? And basically it will be like as a quick you're a very maturity one. If your server supports it, sometimes we need to support them. Alteration. I'm going to cover the N. It means you can pass any kind of a different kind of authorization. For example, if I won't want to pass sabbatical basic investigation, for example, this server is only allowed visibly only allow get to create a user only if you pass it and kind of authentication. So I'm going to pass a dominating and send it right now. It will just give you a certain others because this over doesn't response. But if we have basically medication said so this so that definitely it has responded back with this that Okay, this is a correct one, but without using and password. If that operation was was there, then it will be another night again. The headers There will be certain temporary herders which are automatically identify certain you can say browsers. And most important, one is our tradition. If you're seeing it, it's a base 64 like there is a basic devote overuse, the name and management with minimum passport. It's getting send ID. It's getting sent into the temporary as headers in head Does the information about alteration was sending on the These are like handers. You can add anything you want, for example, if you want to wear it, except we can mention Jason, except on the edges on whatever it is like you do piers, you can add, we can now it is the important one. We can have, like different kinds of body, we can say with the Post one you conserve send form data form originally means off example , Have you? If you have seen that, there's a sign up form. For example, if you goto facebook dot com to the sign up, create create first name last name. These are like form based. You need to enter the names off this year, Lou players and their value and directly for this. And when you came in, you can create the resource you can use X, these Alec and coded form of reform. These are Leggero that we are using right now. Roy is basically as it is with only mentioning that the answer is Rick Cities and request You can pass boundary basically any kind of file if you want to select any file and send to it. Example like reason this file and you can send directly. I know it will give you a better because the district isn't support and you can do graphic you'll queries also this to this Europe, and I have covered this into my testing a commuter channel. You can goto this u can write second graf, killed here is incredible autographed You'll very wells along with it. And the way post request put into it right well is a little bit different from us. TPS it said. You can say more at one towards another. STP good. So that's what are the post request. That's how you do. It was simple. Posted question to most men and get I have already explained to you, right, let's do another type of request, which is put in, put another important one and what you going toe? Same. It's a very similar to post we can do is like duplicate this request and just mention it to and here that you're in for the What basically we are doing is that we're just putting putting a user, and we want to kind off. You can say totally replace this entity the user to was already created on the So what we want toe completely change it with these really was more name or face and job this right and what you can do are you can goto this year. It'll hand again, does your early same. It's very similar to The Postman, and where were mentioning our response is a different country, and now I'm going to send a post. It would request it basically response back middle. Okay, that I have made the change similarly, and elect me rename or let me rename it This is a put so let's say so. It will change to portray similarly Patrick West. If Patsy quizzes. Basically, it's very similar to post, but only if you want to do certain kind off minor changes. For example, in this example, it's changing name and job again, but what we can do is only if we want to. It's only change name that we can use diverge the patch to quest batches like small batches . For example, only want to change name only want to change job similar to post and only changing certain values. Dispatch. Right we can do, sir. Send request and again on it will change Only the more you can say only chains that live off name Field doesn't end the value of doping. That's it. Bad seaQuest rate. Oh, sorry. I made it put. So let's pull back. Okay, great. And here it is. Patrick West. Great. Okay. Lets do obligated and change it to food so that we have or don't. So we have, well, post match and put similarly, we can believe the resource, but just need to one Just need toe Go to this Europe again. Let's copy duplicated and we can be deleted. We need don't need to send anything. And this Just mentioning that. Delete the user dough, That's all. But they're delete s typically matter when we do this Basically going to respond that no contentedly did whatever test right? And it really give us a response of 204 So these are like most are important functions. If you think about a credit application, create rename, you end up data that I believe so most of the functions are created are already covered. You can create ahead had request also. For example, this is a get request. I'm going to change it to only head. If you do this, you will only get the headers information There's nobody, right? So this is how head books. If you want to get only the header information, then you can use the head options. You can call this function to get the results are means what kind off options it supported . So particularly, basically, sometimes they replied it all right now it is not implemented it. So they're going to reply you that we are So we're supporting for this request Get what kind of defend options years supporting and a different kind off. Another request are coming like birds lock and these are like very new ones We need don't need toe shoes. That means we are not extensively using it. But you can try it out of a different kind of links if you want to learn more about them. So let's understand our so these are like very much STP methods are covered. So let's understand what is a authentication make? So authentication is basically is a process by which the credentials for why did are compared to the file over database, and we basically are. What we're doing is that we're authorizing a user example if we want to create it. Facebook profile. Ice on. And I have been a terrible particular propellant born to log in again, right? So this is like a pebble implication. We are going to pass that can kind of authentication certain kinds of information that Okay , I am promote. I have this user name password. Please log in to my website. How? Log into my Facebook. Right. So I'm learned to pass, pass attain authentication. That's our indication. Walks. Syndication can be like different types that the 1st 1 can be like no tradition, where there will be no relation, though another like basic, a basic investigation. It looks like this where you are just passing your user name and password as a base 64 Cordy, for example, I have ah, basic authentication where I just need to pass. I've been element as my user name password, and it's going to convert it and do this format transition basically before, and it's going to be embedded in the head of So we read that. Okay. And they had, er, use Any password is coming. Okay. Best Basically indication Bill book. Right. And another important. Too important for the type of violation that I want to go. What is that? That digest? I just is authentication by transmitting passport into encrypted form, which is much more secure than be a 64. Because that basic before the canticle posh What can't be seen directly if we convert the basics to 14 to tickle every record that receptacle right in the phone based, you can pass as a He was an impasse word. Basically you some. Most of the time there's being the Facebook and all these guys are using form, form based authentication, right? I and another type over the indication there Diomede, I need to show you like here. Is that best? I just I have covered. You need to pass you the name of possible that certain kind off information letter to your sober these information yet that you can get from our yourself information that what is Arianna Buddhism? New ins? No. In sizzle. A kind off A. You can see a key to secure your user name and passport any count and you can mention these details. And after that you just do a central question. It will respond back to you. If you are authentication books and I just put into operation would be bark a warning in the better. It is very similar it. So you have to mention in particular token. You will get out and to get to it were so what? They and basically what you need to use an impostor that we have discussed. And another important one is or what one? What one you need waterman and ought to be. Basically, these kind of requests are used by certain services like AWS. Certain kind of authentication for number to turn. I guess they use or one and two and get help. Sometimes use your toe to authorize a particular user were you have to mention tracking kind off key secrets, authentication, token and secrets. So what would Whenever you create a new profile or any kind of VPs generally used by a certain kind of GPS, where you have to get their information to get authorization, I would suggest you to goto this grotesque dot com and school does dot com and click on this feed but and I have, like, explained this all kind off different kind of authentication in this tutorial. Let me give you notice the link. Let me see. It will be here. I would suggest you to Goto described as dot com I have, like, put lots of different extensive tutorials for this. How to handle authentication in Postman Me? This is ah, some tutorial everything. And I believe it's awesome. And I mentioned about every kind of authentication and how to do that. How to do that into your postman. Basic court hawk even out I just develop heart But her festival, how it works and dlm authentication hawker the indication and other kind of what kind of aws in nature even being heartbroken, different kind of always kind of different authentication I have covered in this tutorial, right? No, this spirit is little bit long, so we're not more doing it now. So we need to understand one more cancer, which is cookies. So cookies basically means that it's whenever several receives and has to be a request and you can send it said cookie headers. It is it really sending do ahead of us. So it's basically a browser ports into a cookie jar. It's a you Conseco cookies are basically certain kinds of information which basically our sewers use to identify the clients. Right. You can use the cookies for authentication purpose also. But they have, like an incompatibility with the rest ap s right and what you can do instead of kisses, tokens, tokens are like very much probably used as you have seen in this light. That alteration barrier, the use kind off authentication. Tokens are used right now to do second kind of relations. Thanks a lot for this. Thanks a lot. Thanks for watching this long tutorial, guys. And I hope you understand it. The next tutorial will be more in depth about different kind off how practically more we can do advanced stuff in Postman. And we're going to extensively create a small framework around the postman. So I hope you are liking this kind of toe. Guys, please let me know about the feedbacks on, but I would say Just do This is a like assignment to you. So that just goto this resources that I mentioned in this light just play around with the postman. How Creek. Do something get request Posed a question. Play around with the guys. You can percent more and more about them, right? So thanks a lot. And have a nice day. 3. Postman Collection How to Create & Manage Collections API Testing using Postman (Part 3): Hello, guys. Welcome Protesting occurred me and welcome to the series off a pier testings import postman . And this is a part three off the tutorial cities. And in this tutorial, I'm going to share you what? This school, what is a collection in the postman and how you can live? Raise the collection to create your number of requests and how you can organize your request to run as nearly creating a kind of a framework around it. Probably be a testing, right. So let's get started. So if you talk about what is collection investment post men in most men collection are generally a group of, say, a request like, for example, if you have a pro. If you have multiple requests, for example, you have a request off log and then after logging and you want to fetches, attend resource off for you. So you want to fetch the student data that he was, and they're like number of requests. What you gonna do is that you can organize this request into a collection, so collection hazarding properties and features have level in post meant that you can live racing, so we're going toe May and more mainly work with, and in this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can create your own collection and how you can live Rich meter or you can same other parts. Other features of the collections That boy basically Postman Royce. Okay, so the first thing, but how you can create and collection So these are the four take things that you can do after creating in collection. You can create a collection you can save a request, a collection you can say collection from history also whenever you are doing or you can duplicate the collection. So let's see how it's work. So right now, if you have, we have now opened a postman. And so what you can do is that here's a button off new collection you can click on this button and hill. What you can do is that you can create a new collection. The collection is nothing, but it's still similar to a folder structure where you can organize or put your request when request and what you gonna do off in the test runner in a collection runner, you can run the records request their best day. Alright, that makes him so Let's do one thing. Let's make a white one. Why do you want as a first collection what you can do? You can give the description. So I'm going to get this says this is a demo, Okay? And what you can do is that you can also, uh, created or tradition for this collection. Especially, for example, this collection can be run directly by passing this basically. So, for example, if I pass at men and women and if you want to run this collection, you need to pass a basic what? First But as off now, we're not going toe do certain any kind of a tradition for this collection. I am. Another interesting thing that you can do is that before running this before running this collection, you can run a pre script. For example, if you want to sense send the particular request and get certain I ds before running this before running this collection, then definitely you can live. Raise this pre request scripts and you, for what you can do is that you can write your ah second kind of variables starting, for example, if you want to generate a random number before running this collection you can do in pre pre script Example. If you want to get that today's date, you can get in. You can write the logic here in the rescript has a Java script, right and what you can do. Another thing is important is that you can write test cases for this collection specific. For example. We have certain responses and what all for the old kind of responses you can verify. Or is there your test cases into this time also? And he'll, as I mentioned you can make are you can basically assign certain variables, which can be of label directly into the collection level. Okay, these are able will be only of level in connection north and then mental global school. Right? So that's how you create a collection. So I'm going to click the create button and here hit it. This I envy hip oh, collection Created it had it doesn't have any kind of request right now. So what I'm going to do, you can favorite it. If I do the favorite, it will come first. Okay, and let's see what are the options have level. So we have a first option as a sharing. And in this light we have. We have created our collection we can save. How do How do we say so before going to sharing and all? Let's do one thing. This is the first. This is one of the basic request that I have been to get request. If I do, we're saying it's going to return. A certain did a distant response, right? What I'm going to do is that I'm going to save this into my collection. I have selected a collection and I can name it. It's on I Let's name it, Request one, I request one and Kelly concert. So now our collection will have get records as it one. And another thing we can do is their legs so fast that 30 was already there also, and let's save is again as a request to in the same collection. Now we have to Rikers in the collection, so that's how you can save your recollections. Another thing you can do is that safe from history. What what does it means that basically whichever request you're making previously. Also, it has a certain kind off history of level enforcement. For example, if this request, for example, this request I want toe. Let's go to discipline Example this request. I want to save it into a collection. I click on this and I can directly saved you. This lets request three the reclusive to my collection. And if I would come to the extent we have this request three of level also right. Okay. So duplicating the existing collection. But you can do is that if you could click on this context menu, I can and you can duplicate do bigger disconnection also. And here we have by been copy the same collection copies of label. So now we have two collections which contains same kind of requests. Right? And let's let's do one thing, Alexa rename it next inning. Name it, Whitey. Okay, so that's how you create the collection. You can say with request different kind of, because you can save any kind of request. You can see it pulls that any kind of my third a civil matter. You want to say Okay, so that so you do recreation now, sharing off discussion, you can share within the AB. This is interesting feature. For example, if you want to share this collection with your friends. What you can do. You can just click on this sharing collection and go to this get link and get the one. Get a link and just share this link with your friends and the when your friends opened this or the collection will automatically label into his postman, his or her poor postman. Another important thing that you can do is that you can share the collection with your team team. Also, in post men, we have a collection of workspace, for example. Right now I'm working with my book space. This is my personal workspace where I have justice kind of fold two fold a structural. You consider these collections, but if I switched between and I click on this one, it is going to six to the French. But space it's complete. You can say a complete, different profile where I have only one collection. It's a team collection, and this steam collection is shared with another user. But just my another email lady, right, so interesting feature, but what you're going to let City back to my my old one, But you can do is that if you want to share this with your team member, another team member. Then you can share this collection. So, for example, that the my first place I am I will be shared with me. Another email. That's why it's saying all of this year what you can do. Oh, so right now what I'm doing is that I our team works for is that I have created I can share this girl. So with that being box race now, uh, let's save the rules and let's search and see if it is available here. There are no now. So here you. So now this team collection also have this collection shared. It's a shared collection. So everything that you changes, really definitely going to reflect back in here all day, So it's just share one. So now, sharing in a dashboard that we have cover sharing as a file, another thing that you can do is that you can create you can. What you can do is that you can create a particularly estimate for mate and static button. What you going to? You can embed this court into you what you can say in Uresti on your website, for example, about President Logan on and you can share according to that, also, another interesting thing is that you can also a banged your and moment environment. Very environments also environments off most men, right, and in Mormon, things I'm going to cover in the next two total. But you'll get to know that these are basically certain kind of variables which are which are used in this collection. Okay, so these variables are also getting shared with. Whenever you are sharing your collection, you can mention it. Basically, you alright. Nixon's modifying that the information also, for example, you can share a collection, and you can just mention that that these these two team members will have it. You'd only exists, and after that, only two people left. Second, kind off, you can say read and write. So I'm not going to show that. But how you get diarrhea so are emanating the collection Managing means means these are the like, certain things that you can do with your collection you can navigate through the collection . For example, you can go who here and you can edit it and view the collection. Any time you can create a new collection with example, I can create a new folder and it will be like a so folder and I can treat So folder here. And so let's see if this have label in also that it's getting things or not. Yes, it is getting sink right. So this is a shared collection, right? Let's sit back to my mother. My personal personal you can create new one. You can reorder the collection. For example, I can do like second request with the first ones off their this will this will be done. And this one favorite off a road I've showed you means they never do you feel whenever you do any kind off Whenever you click this start, I can It will be good. Share our favorite and it will become as the first You can filter out the collections also . And oh, for example, by searching here, for example, If I want to see only by the electric then my dealer takes a lot of people. I believe the collection Definitely there What? You can go. Let me remove that. You can believe the collection by clicking the delete water. You can recover the collection front stress also, if you believed it and If you go to this trash and you'll get basically, you can recover it. You will not see any kind off because I have no diluted. But you can click on Click the button to recover it and it will. It will definitely be after it. It will be of little again in this collection. Step right. Okay. You can share the collection integration Vigilant, adding Which link folder that I already covering. So now what you can do is that let's move on to collection runner. So I What? What I have is that I have these three requests request to request one and equestrian I want Oh, I want to run this request. What I can do is that I can click this icon and I can click this run. But now it will open a collection. Drummond This is an important one. What you can do, you can just run this collection and interesting thing you can do is that you can provide any kind of environment. So this collection you can, for example, if you want to give a hydration, for example, you want to rent this three requests 100 times so you can do 100 Spite 102 3 300 times 100 3300 times to city Quest will be done one by 1231231231 It would continents living learning as a operations, you can relay East request, for example. For example, you want a request to and after request one, we have a deal under under the 2nd 1 millisecond Whatever did one second you can mention dot You can love this request according to the filter local digressed failed or no response . You can select the data file for example, if you were. If you're liberating the CSP or any kind of Jason formats in your collection, for example, you can use the data variables from CIA certified. Then you can mention that also keep the variable their lives on leader in the collection without using store cookies. And these are like a bunch of other elections of labeling collection. So what I'm going to do that I'm going toe run again, one with no environment. I I have Let's do any moment also and run it. And as you can see it, all the requests have passed and they have just turned it right. So they visit. You can say it, you know, and you re seeing a result. And if you want to see what what happened to the request, you can just do whatever it and request Ural, was this headers? What does this body was? This and responsibility will get that small idiots, right? And one more thing you can do now you can export the results as a distant former. And let's move back. You can basically, if there's a failed escape city that that will be a little here. Looking back, you can export the results you can read. Try again. For example. I'm going to run this again, and you can do a new complete run. It also. So that's ah, collection don't know work. So ah, And so this is all about collections on how you can manage your create your collection, major collections and sheer about your friends with what? As a workspace or other team, so and the collection doesn't contact enforcement. So I hope this tutorial makes sense to you. And if you have any kind of doubt, let me know in the comments, and I suggest you toe create a collection and share with me If you want to go and have anemia, lady. And if you want to share with me and let me see means how, exactly how importantly our house. Interestingly, you are creating your collections and if you have any 100 or let me know in the comments box, I definitely going to reply back to you and see you in the next tutorial. But have a nice day. 4. Postman Environment Variables API Testing using Postman (Part 4): Hello, guys. Welcome protesting against me. My name is promote and welcome to the series of a protest music postman. And in this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to work with them or make variable in postman How you can create new and moments and how you can live raised the environment as well as a different kind of dynamic variables in Postman. So let's get started. So So guys are what you can do with them, Mom. And so most of what we need to understand what exactly is in a Mormon? It is very simple manner and moment is the justice sector off key value piers. And this looked like this. For example, You have your domain dot com as a variable that you want to use for example, ironed or in a simple manner. But you can do You can use this as a caliber assist dhoni. So whenever you use the domain, calibrates is these value will be replaced with a your domain dot com at the wrong time and you're running the collection off horsemen. So that makes sense, right? These are like even knew piers whenever to use the key with the Taliban asses in your test cases, it will be replaced with a respectively. On this. Can we dynamic me? What do you mean by dynamic? Let's understand before understanding, uh, we want understanding the environment. Let let's understand. What are the variables? Variables are nothing, but you can see a certain kind off values that you want to use, Dan immediately. Right? So believe variables are, for example, similarly, the example that I showed you You want to use domain in your discuses off post men, right? And what you can do is that you that if you use a caliber assist that that will be replaced with the your domine dot com. But what what is this school off? This means I mean to say whenever we're running that s case of most men we have set in collections created, right. So the score is like this. We have different kinds of animals. The first fun, our global variables. Global variables are variables which are basically available through our d. Postman means if you're created and global variables like global variable 123456 and they have respectively, off the names of the students, then every year. Whenever you are using the postman, you have different collections or you can have a different request. You can live raised these global variables in your in your test cases. How you can use is new, but you can do you have to just you double curly braces and enter the variable. You know, G variable name of the key very. And it will be replaced with the respective gonna meet me that I'm going to show you the practical example later. Similarly, you have a collection level variables to collect sellable variables of simple. For example, you have three collections users collection students collection under different logging collection, right? So our if I want tohave my particular Ural special specifically for this collection, I can create also this. So what I can do is that I can create a collection level variable that can be used in only the collection level, right. Similarly, we have environmental and moment type. So I have explained what is that moment? Right? So environments are basically said the key value pairs and what exactly mean by this? Let's understand. The simplest example is very simple. You can create a friend, our environments for your collections. For example, I have a collection that I want to run. It's a collection of user what exactly it contains for request log in the user, create a user, get the user and do certain things the the therefore request in anyone collection that is user What I could do. Uh, I have been staging environment where the Ural off the umlaut, especially the Ural off this stating a moment is different. It is staging one dot supposed and we have different kind off or you can say different driver authentication available and different kind of, for example, in this example that I'm going to show you I have a value off pages to and various in production. Whenever we're moving to production, we want to test this AP on. We have a value for the pages of the one and key, one key to a different keys. So what we can do is that we can search between these two environment like just a drop down , and when we are running into Newman, we can just past the different kind of Jason's. So this same set off a be a collection you can you reuse again with a different kind of any bombings. For example, you can have a different staging environments and one production environment to my paper production moments. Or you can have a different production environments with different user name. I tease means you can get the mud off and bombings where you can use. It's kind of a different and one with which where the variables different right. And similarly, we have data as well as local. Very well, also, that we're going to discuss in example. So let's We're going to use a dummy dummy AP right now. It's a request Orton and get we get requests. Whenever do we get request with a paid I did too is going to give us again present. Right. So what I will do is that I ain't heavy. Have heavy have one request I'm going to I'm not going to use their secrets. I stopped. Now let's do one thing. Let's create new collection from start Look, we're going to create first collection with or test. Let's do you buy t know next year. Oh, guest. Just one. Okay, just one. This is our collection and looks great. Okay, So this is the test one created. I'm going toe market start so that scared discover it is empty, right? I'm going to finish that it out so that we are not able to see any more. Mellon will only see this collection right now if we do that circulation. Okay. So what I'm going to do is that I don't have any kind of environment right now. Created you how you can create. Then moment. What you have to do is that click on this ranch button in the Postman And here we will have the environment window open, as you can see. Then one minute it's had so variable that you allowed to search the context of the request . Right? Mean the context request can be staging environment protection, my mentor, anything else, right? And an interesting thing that the image in and warmers can be shared between the multiple workspace. So right now I am in a book space. This is my personal experience. I can create new workspace and I can share this scene and marmot with other another workspace right and expressed concern that I have discussed in another video. So let's create one and moment, right? I'm going to click this ad, but it And now we have one and moment. So I'm going today. Name. It s stating so stage. So what I will do is that I'll enter the value off page variable. It will be too going all you do and say and close. Ok, so now we have one request. So this is a request I'm going to encourage. And this is the page there. This is that this is basically there and full in. Well, you can say the in point of the very book. So right now, if I do the request, I'm getting the results of list off users, right? Three users. I'm getting in the piece to. So what I'm going to do is that I'm going toe use one variable, which is based beach, right, baby him. But when we do, ah, hover over it. It's telling us that it's unresolved. Variable, And if so, what? Merely what we need to lose. That we need to search through this environment. So Venice's to this variable. Now the value is two. You're saying that the school is in warming, right? As you can see the score Busan moment, Initial values to current really is also right. And if you click this icon, you're going to see everything. Everything. What exactly in this environment and what kind of variables? This whole post when Kaiser's right. So we're using pages ical Toto initial alludes to it. This is no change in the current value is still to you can change also here if you want to , right my will. Not as off now. Right. And global variable is older Also said so well and stand a global very well after it. So I'm going to use this in red right now. The same Similar results are coming because the value of this is to write. Similarly, we can create another example. Another another you can see and warming. I'm going to cooperate. No, this is the duplicated. Norman wouldn't, right? Yes, sir. Stating to is created. I'm going to name it s production broad. And the value in production is different. It's three. Next. Oppose. So what? What I can do is that elects closer. And now let's make a request with the production three. And we have different ISMs, right? And the value of you right now. What's the value of pages No undersold by Oh, yeah. The variable name is not defined in the production. Likes to contruction the variable names. What? Empty? It's probably somebody or something. Okay, now it really will be 23 right? And here we have different ISMs. So now how you can live raised in more maintains that you can have two different moment. The value of sector variables are different right now we need to understand that what is global? Very well, right? So kick on this I range button and here we have nobles. So global variables are basically that's our variables feature and label everywhere. For example, if you will notice global variable forever spirits I know very well that always a little in the scope of all space for this personal work space. These are available everywhere. If you create new collection, right, let's go create a new collection. And if we want to use this if one to use this and your will, then definitely, um will be of live alone, then collection, right? And since this is globally available But we can do is that weaken? Delete this and we can use directly. You are right and ah we hover over it, right? It will give you the scope is global and the value is this. Now we do the request again, we'll get the same results. Right? But here are two different variables are used. The 1st 1 are global and 2nd 1 is school off. And mommy, right? Cool. Another interesting thing we can do is that suppose we want to use. We have a concept of data as well as local variable. So right. And so we're going to understand this thing. Another another thing before that you can do is that you have created two different variables, right? And like store a different thing. Uh, what I'm going to do is that in the previous three another thing you can do you can create . You can create your environment very well as well as global variable from here also in the police kept as well as in the test. So in the pre script, we have set global very well they so you can set the value off any global variable. So right now the US I'm going to set the value of your is globe who will not go and say so . It will give us it, right? So what's exactly happening if I do this? So now the value off the global very well exchanged right? We have changed in our pre skip before running this test. We have made modified our request off your and it is no chance to google dot com, so you will not consolation very whether doesn't they didn't. Actually we are getting the 404 So that's how you can set the value as well as you can get the value also if you want to get devalue off. So if you want, I want to get the value off it. And what I can do is that if I do consoled outlook consoler, Logan's work works on horsemen on a hill, and if you open the console Goto view show postman console and it's going to take it one second and I'm going to enter it. So now it will print out the value off your your It's a global very and it's basically, but it would be also the get request that you have here and here we have. We have learned how to get a global variable set, a global variable and Similarly, you can dough dough this with and moment variable and you can hear the global variable also right and right. So this is how you work with the environment variables as well as global, very of us, right? Another thing that you can do is that you can create certain local very. But for example, let's create one toe. Beethoven, I'm going to right there. That one is it to right? Right. Know the value of pages three light and we have ventured as I do so. But I can do Is that in pretty Chris, I can use this that even Let's flu data. No, no. But if you see the value is under assault, right, let's do a request now. The value is also it's not working late. And okay, so how we can use this, we can set this very building sectors and government were able No, I'm good. I'm going to do. Is that support this value? I want to say And the value is Do let's do that. It was not. We used to read this note returning. Why? Okay, I think basically the U Ellis will dot com. That's why because we have modified into the global variables. Remember? So we need to go to Global and right now the global variable they lose sector google dot com That's where it was giving us, right? So they're going to modify it again. Because we have septic low. We have changed the global variable. That's why we need to remove the excess last year. No, Uh, no. We do the request. It's working right. So we can now, as you can see, the value we have used, we have said its environment variable. And we have you don't. So now hopefully you have able to understand what the difference between the global variables environment variables. Right. And you can reverse these variables into defendant governments. And I have told you how to create new environment, how to work with it out. You can switch to different and moments and how you can see what kind of variables that you are using in your mom makes Definitely, by using the ICA like So this is all about this tutorial and in the upcoming total, you learn more about the postman, how and we'll use of certain more advanced off and basically alone how to create a different kind of collections and how you can leverage the collection. How basically pass on the different kind of very was through different collect collections and values to a different kind of request. Thanks a lot for watching this tutorial. I hope you like you can please let me know in the comments How, What, what, All things that you have and what country doubts You have just tried out this kind of collections or collections. I mean to say this kind of request. And if you have any kind of error or any kind off thing that you would like to know more about it, let me know in the comments, and I'm definitely going to reply back to thanks a lot and have a nice day. Bye. 5. How to Work with CSV File(& JSON) in Postman and Dynamic Variables (With Demo): Hello, guys. Welcome protesting against me. My name is from welcome Mercedes of a protesting using post. And in this tutorial, I'm going to cover what are the dynamic variables and how to work with CSP or any kind of Jason fight? He was indeed a valuables in Post Mint. So let's get started. So guys before, before learning about the dynamic variables as well as how to work with how to work with CS 50 especially in Postman, and go there protesting, I need we need to understand a little concept that is what is variable. So variable Assad, basically, if you know already that is given on the slight. Also, it's a symbolic me names that represented information you store. So variables are nothing but basically allows you. Do we use the values off me? You damn it Values in a multiple places so that you don't repeat yourself right so variable can be anything. For example, you have a u n dot com, for example, you have a your domain dot com, but you can do is that you can create a variable for this so that you don't keep on repeating this variable everything what you can do with that. You can assign any particular variable and you can use that into your a practice whenever you required in postman. All right, So let's understand what are the dynamic? Very was basically so dynamic really was. Basically, it's a concept in postman Where are they have, like, few dynamic Very well serve level dynamic variables are basically which basically gives you certain value. For example, we have on the dynamic variable which is g o a t Do any basically will give you it before style. Are you ready? Do you really? Sometimes you sometimes while making a request to require certain kind of unique dont to sang along and like we have also certain request where you need to send the u i. D. So do you where they will basically give you before style ju 80 which which you can send us over, which should basically makes it very unique for this over. And another thing that you can do is that you can send the current time stem in a particular former. So when you introduce this career, assist dollar times time into your request in post men that I am going to show you in a few minutes a couple of minutes. So what you can do is that you'll get occurrence time. Stem in, replace. It will get replaced in when you're running the running back collection, not request whenever this OK. Similarly, you can use the endowment Asia if you want to have an teachers or if you want any kind of in features to be added but and generally the endowment ages takes them basically gives you made from 0 to 1000. Similarly, we need doing Let's understand what our data variables, how we can use it so they are variable, basically Oh, like off postmen and special concepts where you can have it. Collections of request collections are nothing but save request, and what you can do you can do is that you can use these dynamic variables that will be coming from data volumes. I know it's very like sprays toe explain it right now, but in the practical example, you will get to know so data variables are basically the data value that you will get from . Did any kind of great if I, for example, a CSP origins and while anything and generally these variables are also also shown with the local services. Let me show you a very simple example. Okay, let's switch to the postman. So I know we have our favorite request. I will be using this request because Rick attitude or your area starting and we have example off post, right? What you can do is that you can pose toe this serial A B s less users. This blessed this, you little and you can feel host any kindof name or job, and it will go give your response with the i D creation book. It's a kind of creation. So now what we're going to do is that I have written a small a small program especially for you. So what I have done is that I have created one environment there. It is a production, Margaret. And what we have is that only in this environment we have been global. Global is basically the Ural unions mentioned as the O haras keyword out. Yes, articulate and started. Okay. So that global very well will be replaced from it, right? As you can see when I hover over it, right? The score is global, so I know the value is coming from there. Know what we're doing is that we are making a post request and we are making the post request using the data variable dynamical. These are dynamic variables. No, these air basically data variables. These are data variables. Were So what? You may be asking this question being so where we're getting this kind of request, right? So we're getting this request from a particular Jason. How we're getting is that suppose I want to run this collection. So what I'll do is that I will do duck and we'll open the collection mammal with windows. And here, as you can see, the involvement of selected road and I tracing the one believes notably. And in the data data, I'm going to select a particle, odious and fight I'm going to select. It is so CSP military CSP fight. If you click on this preview button right in this year's see file, there's nothing but we haven't. I d want toe for fight. We have different names and we have different jobs, right? What I want is that I won't prevent this collection for way five times and every time I need to pass the first time the future or name and a name and job will be promote and data in the second request, it will be emergency, so it will dynamically change next time. All right, so I hope you're getting this quantum. So now these are basically five. The countess five. That's weird. Iteration is coming us five. Getting me. So it will. But before that, let me show you the dynamic, dynamic, variable site we have. They So what? I could lose that. Elect me saying it. Okay. Want to let me saying in How does yeah, we concerned anything like said, like Miss Sandra? Damn evil. You innocent? I'm not going to say send this one, ABC. And what we can do it. We can send certain values, right? If I don't know, burkleigh braces, these values welcome. You can send you a t. You can send an endowment data. You can sing the time stamp, and there are do environment variables, e means and moment, Variables of labour which are available here, Here. All right. These are these tools are ultimately so let's send some random variable and it will be the place at the wrong time. They on ABC. And what, you're going to lose that we're going to run this and along with this, we're going to open the console on. Okay, so this is our control. And this is our collection runner. And I'm going to select again the fight. And we have a petition again, privy contributory hockey. And I'm going to run this so very different. Yes. So right now running the con. So what exactly going on is that, as you can see, the in the console it has branded the ID's tonight. An interesting thing is that we can see what we have sent as a head of so request. Heard over to be have said it be has sent the timestamp military. Let's see relatives. Okay, so now atyou can see what what's going on here is that, uh we have different requests that this collection has run 45 times. And every time we have different kind of If you're see a request body, the 1st 1 is a promoter, and 2nd 1 will be again. It will between dynamically goddamit, sing right, and we can hear or differently. So now Okay. So I hope that makes sense to you. right. So that's that's how you can use the CSP file with your postman. And so similarly, if we have data in Jason also just unity select the disown and again the value data available report up and you need to just select these variables. According to it, Dave Borden point here to mention here is that you need to make sure that these name and job are matched with your CSP five. So I'm going toe open the CIA civil right now in front of you. So that's how. Okay, so that's how this works. The column name is are basically your data variables, right? And these are the number of iteration, right? The first bite. If all the first column will be taken as the date of a table and these are the number of irritation that that basically of the collection will do, what a single request. So if you have multiple requests for example, like me do a duplicate now, you will help five into 10 times this time time this election will be run and it will use in the second the 5 10 This will be done five times excluded. That makes sense. Another thing that you can do is that what I have done is that in the test one, I'm just going to log the response of fiery because their response is coming right. And one important thing I feel understanding. If you send this request directly, you will get nothing, because the data variable will definitely going to send as it is right now. The data available will not be fast from the CSP file until you run the collection and select the later find by default. They don't have any kind of value. And so if you send on a single on nothing, really, but they will be satirically send as a particular spring. Okay, so I hope that makes sense. And you are able to understand what are the dynamic variables on what other data variables and how you can use a CSP ordered Jason file in your postman. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot for watching this tutorial and hope to see you in the next video. If you have get some certain knowledge from this video, please, like share and comment. And I'm creating this awesome really, especially for you. And you have any kind of the old just coming down below Definitely going to reply back to you. Thanks a lot. And by 6. JSON Schema Validation How to Validate JSON Schema with Postman: Hello, guys. Welcome protesting against me. And in this tutorial, I'm going to discuss about Jason Scheme of Elevation. So let's get started. So in this tutorial, I'm going to discuss about thes six kind six. You can say the topics that I'm going to cover. We're going to understand what is Jason. We're going to understand what does that door distance scheme actually and how to validate it. And we're going to understand the basic how basic, decent schema looks like and we're going to rest tested out this basic, decent schema with a practical example using postman. And we're going to live radio library known as tiny V for political. All right, let's get doctor before understanding before going to the distance schema violation. We need to understand what is Jason. If it's a very simple concept, Jason is basically they kind off. You can see the full form of the zone is the JavaScript object notation, and these are basically key value pairs where you can transform your information from as a request or as a response. For example, in the for example, we have it an endpoint way just given us a response off a user I d toe and we're getting into a human, you can say very readable format, and it's a very lightweight former way. We're getting the data, and we're getting the idea of that user. We're getting the email first name, last name and every darling. Okay, so this key value pairs are basically kind of you can say these are the decent, All right, So what is distant scheme? Actually them schema distance schema in a simple manner is basically you can say it's a data format or you can say schema, which is very clear or human readable. Or, you can say most rare diamonds in machine readable. And it says structural well, validation, right? Generally decent scheme is used to automate or you can say, validate. That is foreign separatism, right? And in the first line, name and gender discuss. Schema is a basically contract for your jeison document that defines the expected data types and the format off each feeling the response. So whatever that is supposed to be getting Oh, as a Jason decent scheme is basically defense, the expected at that time and the four men that we are getting, we'll understand it isn't human more with the example. Holy. But we need to understand the first thing that why decent schema validation required and I so decent scheme of in addition required Because, for example, we can monitor the responses and ensure that they just form A. That you're getting is same as the expected. For example, if you're getting a response So you have a Jason response where you are getting a user data and you have created a decent schema and you want to validate every time, right? So that that response for probably certain keys and extra that you're getting in the Jasons are not increased their decrees according toe, so we can create a decent schema and validate with our Jason just wants every time we want to as a protest, right? So using Jason scheme on to construct a model off your AP response and make it easier to validate your Rabia is returning the data. It should be right. It's very simple, for it's a very simple one. You can only get alert whenever there is any breaking traded your Jason response, because the validation of distant schema will not match with you, Jason. Response. Right. So, um if I will tell you that basic Jason looks like this. We haven't Harry. And in this area we have us name, last name and a numerical. So the top left there. Basically, it's the top level off that idea. Previously it was in every and each item has certain foods and we have first name last name of the strings and it isn't right. So let's create adjacent scheme. Before now the distance came out that we have created its draft for it tonight kind of a Voser. You can go to Jason hyphen schema dot organ to know more about decency and we have using draft for schema ville it has created The type is very eye turns have a proper items are basically kind of the objects and we they have property off. First name, last name unknown each and the first name is ahead a typo spring last name has a type of spring it has in teacher so a zoo can see that response that we were getting in the previous example now but we have done is that we have great religious and schema which is a kind of similar and basically you can see, basically showing what kind off type they have. So, for example, first name has a type of spring. So if your response whenever you're getting if your response for example, there's a bug in your system and in first name you're getting a number, then the validation of furious came of its sales. Right? So this is the most important point or why we are doing the Justin schema, right? And so how do you are? You can How do you very date isn't schema. So let's understand step by step process. What you can do is that, for example, if you have have a decent response as expected in your a p a what you can do, you can go to Jason schema dot net and create your a p a. R create entered the response off your Jason and create a particular Jason schema. Know what you can do is that you store their schema and basically you're going toe match. You're going to mash that response that you're getting every time from your from your a p a . But the schema that you were stored So scheme eyes. Now you're expected desert, and the actual result that you're getting is response from your 88 right? So I'm going to show you, like in the I'm going to show you that thing in the postman. No, we're basically how we're validating. They're using a small library, which is tiny. Validate Irving four, which basically there's a function where you can pass the expected result story actual ism . So schema that schema object right now in the slide, It's so you're expected result and big eyes that you're getting into Children, right? So Oh, let's see how it work. So this is our our Ap example Right now we have. So we have aided up. They don't the kind of you can see object, and we're it has a different properties off idea, my lady. First name in it. Okay, so what we're going to do Is that so now we have a decent ski marked. You can go to Jason schema dot net and in the scheme options. What you can do is that globally they're using you can use drop seven as well. A drop six. It looks the same. We're going to change it to drop six. And what? We're going to let this is a response, right? So what I'm going to do is that this is a response that we're getting right. I put it into the postman and now we have the response. Right now we have made a get request, right? So I'm going toe Condra. I'm going to cope eight. And basically we are going to generate Doesn't scheme up for it. Now I'm going toe based and after wasting, I'm goingto basically I need to change certain things. For example, in object I want every property should be required and in number. I'm going to make sure that you use the number nor dying teachers like so in detail a number that will be different ones. I'm going to click this in first schema. Basically, it's going to create the schema. And by default, 400 ations you can like these are like exterminator information. You can definitely. If you want, you're gonna inject them also. And you're going to click again? No, it will give you the distance. Came a properly, as you can see in the distance schema. What's exactly going on are these Alexa tomato informations and only the data is required. So object air we have mentioned that objects acquired properties are optional, right? So they should be there. It's required every day is not coming there now. Adjacent ski Meisel trouble till and also in the properties. Also, we haven't turned that idea. These is also required. So any off this field is missing, then our validation will fail. Right? And our revolution would also fail if the type off, for example, if I d is not a number, then definitely religion feel email is no this spring than it will be. Okay, So now what? I'm going to lose that I haven't done this. In example, what you can do? This is the request that you have made to get right and we're going to the test step now. What do you have to do is it's very simple. You have to just copy this thing. Click on this Kobe people and the pace detail. We're going to enter this information into this as it just this once. This is so This is what expected one this is now becomes a lot. Expect tourism's right and what you can do, you can leverage DigiScents. You can use the time maybe before validator and the hair if it bore down, there is a use of uneven later option, but you can off use this template on one dimension, then mentioning the description. Also, it's a very simple when we're going to liberate the PMO bmdo test function. And in this were quality for celebrity by default this piffle libraries available in post man test tester and we're going to call the validate result function. And now, whatever that is bones that we're getting. So the spawns off this one response off This request we're getting this is our actual result and scheme. Eyes over, uh, expected result we're goingto do is that if the result is valued, they're going to control it out, and we're going to expect it to be true. So we're validating that isn't schema without expected data expected schema. And this is how you're doing in Postman Now I'm going to run, I'm going to send it. And as you can see that there's a fail often right expectation feel. So why it's failing is because and we give an example. So but I have been especially is that I have made it a little bit changing our scheme because I have made ideas going to spring. That's why it's failing. So I'm going to change it number and no, the reserve A pass. So what's happening is that it's very simple. What we have created adjacent schema out of of response. And now we are evaluating the Jason response with our distant schema and if anything, little toe the properties off this schema and distance response are not matching than this festival going to fail. So this one of the important concepts of this distant scheme of elevation. So I hope you have understand it clearly and I will share this details and I'm going to share this details Also more all the ladies and discreet tales in the description also and like we know if you have any kind of question letter to Justin schema validation. And I hope you have like that, please, like Syrian subscribe. And this will basically encourage me toe create more water videos about it. Thanks a lot and have a nice day. But 7. Conditional WorkFlow in Postman API Testing using Postman: Hello guys. Welcome Traditional can be My name is promote and in this tutorial off a pier testing using postman I'm going to show you how to use a conditional what flows so condition of work for the very important while creating an AP attesting Facebook. So let's get started and see how it works. Here we go like ice, so condition will close. Basically, what are these? So basically, these are you can just a septic subsequent requests that you want to do based on certain conditions. So if you if you have been like following my different tutorials, what you can do is that, for example, you have a request. 1234 And what you want to do is that you want to do. It's like if the request money successful and it's give certain kind of this phones and, for example, this beer creating an employee. And if employees created successfully, then the responses the i d off that employees. If the response of the diary is that OK, it's OK, then we need to park get we need to get this employees to do the for direction in the employ you can say in the floor. But if we didn't get the idea, we need to stop the execution right now. So suppose this thing we wanted to implement in the Postman how we can do it. Let's let me show you how this practical example. So in the example that I have been using the slight. So if yes, what any kind of threw condition. You can execute this request and if no, you can execute a different request, How you will use is it's a very simple syntax. Postman don't set next request and in the next request, you're just going to mention the wish request that you want to execute in that thing. And interesting thing is that if you passed in l then it will basically stop the execution off your collection. Right? So if you have been following my tutorials, then you need you will know that we have created an employee credit operation and in the crowd operation, we have already discussed about how you can do a different kind of, as typically methods. So we have one. We have anywhere very simple, very simple. You can see creation often, employees were, But we're what we're doing is that in the rescript we're creating a unique name with a random variable. It's a Jan animate label and we are creating a very any kind off employees. So what exactly is going on is that it will return a certain kind of fighting. So suppose what I ever return here is that in the text example in the test of what I heard is that if the decent would I be If we're getting the I d, then it will exist and the condition will be true, right? So what I'm going to do is that if it is true, I want to get their employees. So the next request this sequence will be will be executed. But if I didn't get any kind of i d then the post metallurgical assist now, so it will stop that collection. So if I run this using a collection right now, right now, it will execute perfectly because we're getting a particle owed him. I D. But sometimes support your rapier is not working and you want to like the idea what Notre turning what you want to lose that you want to be executed fronting. Then what you can do is that you can pass the another another thing like another. Any kind of next request, Your next request. If you didn't get any kind of Heidi, you can do an exquisite and unitary moved in. It's very simple. So, seven, By using this concept off using a set next request, you can use it in a certain way light. If this occurs, then unitary do this request. If this occurred, you need to refute this quest gift. All of these start feeling you can exit Terminator dominate any kind of flow while running this collection in a postman. Right. So this would like small tutorial toe give you how conditional works. Well conditioned workflow basically works in a postman. I hope you're getting a certain value from this tutorial series and please, like, inch describe. And this will give you a boost to me myself. And thanks a lot. And have a nice day. Bye. 8. How to Work with CRUD in Postman(POST GET PUT DELETE PATCH) with Example: Hello. My name is promote and welcome to the cities are protesting using postman. And in this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to do occurred. Enforcement Basically third means create a great three name and believe. And how do you different has to be remembered enforcement with an example the practical guy . So let's get started. Is it? Hello, guys. Welcome. So let's first understand what describe soak Red basically means to create being created the name of data and believed off any kind of resource. Right? So what we're going to do is that we are going to live with this dummy Appiah. What this dummy appear basically gives you is that so crowd often employ. So what you can do is that you can create an employee. You can update the employ, you can get employees. You can also get the list of oil implies, and you can update it. You can believe it. You can create it. So all the operation let it occurred. You can do it is using this example, or you can say this, dummy. So what I'm going to do is that I'm going to switch to my post men and I have, like, created something dominant. So what I'm going to I'm going to start again with a fresh one. I'm going to do name it Cried 11 audio. Let's name it is a demo one. Okay, The first thing first like me just like this And this is the clear demo won't like me started. And so that s coming. Come will come toe upwards as the first result. And what I'm going to lose that Let's do one thing. Let's create first of all, clear. So if we want to create, let's get the first word placement and And if we want to create something, then we need to do a post request, right? So be that they have given a simple seaQuest. So what I'm going to do is that I'm going toe enter this request. So also, I'm going to create a new and Norman. So let's name it e m p. And we are going to enter the US So we are making this your lazy mm in moment of your life . And I am going to this bill most of the eighties. Our moment of beetle, even parties, Everything is woman, right? So I'm going to make it like this. Hey! Heavier and couldn't really also I'm going to believe it. Okay, so now or you're really is basically have Will will be available through using our environment variable. And I'm going to cyst my environment Now what we can do began Liberator, where environment were able here. Right? And we can until you are right. And if we do this, there definitely were getting the results. And if you see using the I basically the venue who were over it, right? And it will give you the information about what is the value told exactly victory. And we can also click using this by Britain and that you will use this notice the slash also. So right now we're not using slash. OK, but what should be idly you do is that we need to change it. So there slash is not presentable. Sometimes created confusion. So I don't want to get confused a bit. And so that let's do like this. Okay, then it makes sense. And we're going to save this request camera, save this request and I'm going to say this requesting do crowd demo one, and this will be a request off create and employees. Okay, so here we have our first request, which is a creation of an employee. But the problem is that whenever we're sending and in post Request, we need to censor 10 day. Terry, we need to send the values. So we're going to send were in body. We're going to click row and it will be adjacent request. What were we have to send is that we need to send it name, celery and H right. If I send this, I will get another dead. Since the name is unique here, the name is a unique So we need to send some random every time we need to send up your window name or you can see a new employee. Right? So what I have been is that I have created a pre script. It's varies small, prescribed that I'm going to copy from this just goto rescript. And what we're going to do is that we are using a dynamic variable. I have explained this concept it and invariable in previous videos. What we can do is that what it will do is that it will replace with the summer certain random and teacher thrown 0 2000 and promote. So promo 0 50 0 promote 3 96 So any number will come. And what we're doing is that we're setting this value in an environment variable with meaning. Okay, so now or any will be promote and some random variable between 0 2000 So every time, we will get a unique name and we'll send this unique name here. So how we can send you kids using a local variables, and we can use the meaning. Okay. Make sure you put this into his double cards, okay? And now I'm going to create it. I'm going to send this request. So here you can see that promote toe to 16 is created, and we're getting in a I D. Right. So what I want is that I want to you this idea into my next request by using a Getman. Right. So, uh, basically, we're drink good, right? And I'm going to copy this request from this one. So let's make this a level here. Right there, then typing basically what? This request is that again we have This is the thing is dissolved already of level as a us . All right, so we can replace this, and we're going to save the request and still employ employees. And we haven't i d where this ideas coming from this side is coming from because, ah, here in the test, we need to run some logic that because the the response contains an idea. Right. So what I will do is that I again copy some request. Copy this from my another test that I haven't read them. So it's a very simple program. Basically nothing. Have them. I created one test case in Postman, and what I have done is that whatever response I'm getting, I just put into Global variable. So whatever, Jason, Good idea. I was getting I just put into e 80 and you don't say so every time. That's what we need to put their than to him in a clear request after this is a pretty good , pretty good pretty request. Right before running the request, we have generated a unique name. And after the request, we have basically have an I d. And we want to use that idea into our next request. Right? So now if I do, if I click on this and it will create a new new name and that idea. 63697 And now, if you over over it, right, then the values automatically getting set. He was in global variables. In this variable is available in two global date, and we can send the request. And here we have the employee's details getting in. Right. So this is how you can use the post requests and consecutive that post request the variable that you are getting in the response to wear next. Well, next request, which is a get request getting me. All right, So now what we're going to do is that we are going further. We need to up their this also. So now we have over employee I d created and what I'm going to do. Is that the name off the employees from 1 to 6, right. I'm going to a bear. This resource, the of it is similar to it's very similar to them. I'm going to open my existing one, so the rate is very similar. We need to just use the put matter, and we're going to give a new name, right? I'm just going to me give a hard coded name right, And we need to pass the idea of this, right? And so what? We can do this one we have already know. So I'm going to just copy this in here now the help. And we're going to make sure that our you girls are coming from over in bombing and we'll see and know No. Oh, basically be. Oh, this is already exists. Next way. So we're going to just do more did. And here we have the value off this employee with this idea is now updated. So the 1st 1 first we had the name of remote 1 to 6. Now it's subjected to promoted, right? The idea off this 663697 know what we're going to do is that we can come up with this request. We're basically going to do obligated, and we're going to make this now again. So now we'll get we get this. The name of that resources abraded. So that's how you can do so it's create the name and a great so only think that remains that delete. Right? So, again deluded, it's very similar. Do any kindof get request here. So we're going to do Obligated and Hill. I'm just going to name indeed. And instead of making him at third as a gay union, they're going there just using the delete matter. We need to pass the i D. I d is already of label in the moment, so we need to just be there. And matter is not allowed right now, because this as they're saying, Let's see. Okay, that's it's not similar, actually. A similar do. Poor sequence. A beard request. Okay, so still here, Did you hear? It's a similar one. We're going to replace this and we don't want to be with this one. And here. We're going to believe this is Mr I. Let me see if I can't believe this. Delete off that you are ill and delete a day one and two. The idea is here, and I'm gonna do so. I know they're not alone, Mr Big, but yeah, you got the point. Means how you can delete it, right to let me see if I am not doing anything wrong. Justice. Probably. We're going to need to pass a peer the one day someone. Let's see if this basically believe successfully delete. Get with it. Okay, We need to bust like this. We need to posit delete. Okay. So again, just you can use the same of what you can do is that you can assed there saying also that you can pass the lead also, to delete this as a get request. Again, we're not very investigating errors, but you got the point, right? We can delete using this island matter. So that's how you work with basically cleared operation. Basically creation of an employee. Really name again. Apply updating and apply and believing it. So just make sure that while deleting any kind of source that you are building a proper resource and believe request are very You can see that even people sometimes and we have seen while doing the large software industry test cases I have been like lots of those cases and where we generally don't use believed request because it's creates, like, normal order problem, right? Sometimes. So, again, I hope you have get some value information from this one. And I have, like, put my morning from my my heart and soul in this small tutorial for you. So if you're liking this tutorials, cities and looking like wanting these likes are Syrians. Ascribe and see you in the next tutorial by 9. Newman Postman How to Run Postman Command Line: Hello, guys. Welcome protesting Again. Me. My name is promote and welcome to the city's away protesting using postman. And in this Siri's In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to work within human it come online tool for postman that basically allows you to run your collection that you curated. All right, so let's get started. Allah. God! So let's understand. What exactly is Newman first? What? What? What you're going to learn in this tutorial? You're going to learn what is a human, how to use it. And what are the different commands that we had done The leaves and, like be are using Newman like extensively. We have lots of different scripts or skills, basically postman scripts. Or you can see a postman collections created and we are using. And basically we're running those collection using Newman Newman only right now, and we have been using extensively. We have a large set of collections on everything that you can think about from perspective off any. The application where we have a heavy crude operations on we're using human. So human is a very powerful tool for your collection stolen, and if you have created a vent defying the appeared s cases in most men, and you have created verifying you can see collections. Then you can learn using your sportsmen are using the Newman What's inhuman Human? Actually, it's a command line collection runner for a postman, right? So if you have any kind of collection, you can run using human except Nord Program. It's a no utility, basically and basically allowed you to run or test a poor postman collection directly from a command line rather than using the UFO postman, for example, if you have a servers, for example, you're running a running your discuses uncertain. Kind of so was their daughter. They don't have any kind of your way, so you don't you will not have post menuet running their you know you need a command line tool, and that will be your Newman very a collection kantra, right? It can generate lots of beautiful reports that you can use. It can generate a similar board, Jason reports, and sometimes it will also give you a text fizzles, also basically going to print out all the details off. Whatever the connection that you have run its past failed every single detail into the Come on. OK, so how do you install postman? Right, So we can install postman using NBN if you don't know what is NPM Endgame is a note back it manager. You can in court to nordea's dot com and order start o r t alert and install the Nord first . And when you install the North, you're basically able to get the PM command directly available to your, uh BC or text or whatever it is and you can use install inhuman. And after installing the new menu, you have to just type Newman run and your collection. You need to be in the directory. Very. Your collection. Jason was there. What is your collection or Jason? It's basically you can say, export off the collection that were created in Postman. All right, So, uh, I'm goingto do everything in front of you. I don't have a human installed in my machine. I'm going to install right now in front of you. So is installing right now and before So since it's stolen, What we're doing to do is that I have a simple collection. It's a very simple collection. I am certain request. These are get request to a particular my favorite dummy FDA. If you do the send request basically going to give you the user any user with toe y d any these disinterested, demoted quest. And this this basically will give you where you can get response. Offer any user better idea. Three. Okay, so what I'm going to do is that we are going to export this collection. This is a collection office, this collection, right? So we're going to export, and we're going to excuse their 2.1 words. And right now it's very commander and we're going to save in the direct. Really, I'm saving in tow. This territory I will really saved previously. So let's replace it and it's successfully exported. Right? And let's see if our newman in store So Newman has installed successfully. And if you do the area since I'm in Windows, I'm going to Ruby IR. If you're on Mac or something, you can do ls. And here we have our collection have level right before starting our let's toe. Let's under the Newman and see what kind of details is basically getting. So it's right. Don't give giving us two options. You can get the words and let's see what What's yours? And it is so minus. We use its 4.5 point five words. And right now I'm using, and I'm going to amuse minus I store head. So help basically will give you Give me a very kind off. All right, So help basically will give you man What covered other different commands available, right to get definable command. You OK? You can use you can find. For example, I want to know what is it? So I'm going toe use the it basically gives gives me more options regarding this right that you can use an m r Maine e extraction What I would suggest you go to than npm. This and bmd is dot com Newman, where we have a lot of very it's so basically deposit three off Newman and Hill. They mentioned how you confront your first collection you that we're going to use. So let's run over first collection before starting. I want to clear it out. So, Newman, friend, and here we have hand. Okay, so slash It's not slash you. So it's going to execute this collection now. As you can see, it's executing any. It has created a report that Okay, these are executed ones. And I have done one iteration, three requests. Zero failed. Everything is passed, and I have done using this taken nearly around 1.7 seconds. And whatever the data, So we have successfully turned over first request. What you can do is that you can create. If you do, you can get a link and you get running to Iran using this collection. All right, if I do this, it's, you know, mentioning directly the Jason file means don't know downloading or exporting. We can use the right leader link off the shared link off that request. The same thing will happen, so I'm going to clear it. So that's how you can use our Newman. And now I'm going to show you the different methods for, like, different, different I'm known methods, different commands, especially so interesting commands that you need to use the 1st 1 issues. How do you then we remain sick, right? So I'm going to search for any more mean I know. Yes. So if you mentioned minus key so but you can do is that you can export your and more men don't. Right. So I can export by clicking the hill and hill X export and let the school or directory Lately it's and document Ramon, Remember? Reports mint. Yes. So here it is. And let's copy the name. And if I won't run this collection with mine Moment of living. So I'm going toe. I can do that right now. This collection will run using this and warming, right? Right now, we're not using this environment, but yeah, you get the point, we can use it. Right? So the your list, dummy a pH right now until Okay, so let me do one thing I have created, like we have created one or example off this crowd a p a in the previous will be right if you haven't Borchard Portrait. Now, this is a credit application. So I'm going toe export this application and this will be the name of it. And this this request is basically using the e m p and warming. Right? So what I'm going to run is that I'm going to rent this collection now. And let's let's see if this name is coming. Yes, and my Nestea Now I'm going to pass so new Mandarin name of a collection minus e and warming, right, I'm going to enter. And now it will run the collection according to that. So now everything is run and we have, like, done all occurred operations, right? I hope that makes sense. So another thing that you can do with this is that you can export your global's. Also, if you go to environment again, right, click this wrench and goto Global's You can export these how we can export these down religious and yes, no global will be liver and you about how you can do is that similarly minus G and this is all you can use your global's Okay, so Newman run collection name minus the environment named minus G your globally right quick and one, Prescriptives ultimate is basically going to tell you. Another thing that you can do is that you can generate reports you can export the environment after running, you can mention the working that three off. You're basically the bear to read the files. If you're using working with any kindof CSU or anything like that, you can use timeouts you can mention, and one of the important thing is that you can use minus Kato disabled SSL sometimes. Well, we're testing these request into noticed APS. Then you need to mention minus K. Because most older step don't have as a celeb ratification or they have a sister letters, right? You can use delayed Equis, and they just also like, if you want to delay the request one second to milliseconds anything like this, you can use this and minus minus. Very question mentioned. The one second 1,000,000 1,001,000 1000 as a number form one millisecond. Right. And you can do is ah, another bunch of options. I do. Let's generate some report. I want to see somebody boards, Right. So they have a very If yes, if you do, minus are it's going to generate the reports, right? So what I'm going to do is that we are just going to mention slash sdm ill. I'm going to entering, and I'm going to run this collection now. And let's see if it is in a good any kind off. Ah, the folder is in his name, and it's er generated two reports now, but estimates board is not has no generators, so let me see how we can turn it a stim report STM ill. Okay, okay. You need to install one more packet to create ah, to create a steaming report. So I'm going to install it. It it's going to take very less time. Now I'm going to run this again. So minus are cli Jason J report and a stable. And I'm going to mention I'm just renting that. You need to get cli as a command line. Jason, Jason, report. Do you knit aboard an estimate report. So now it has Arjun decorate, right? And it's you can see very beautiful report as been generated as estimate. And here everything is mentioned, but of the matter use were the time taken What is the name and the request and everything? Right. So this is how you work with the Newman, and it's basically how you works, and it creates a beautiful reports around it. And similarly, if you have any kind of see a Siri or you can say Jenkins, you want to run this as a Jenkins, you can create a job and mention in your batch file. This command early installed the Norges first using Jenkins pre configurations or you can say install it installed starting plug ins for Nordea's Goater Direct. Three. Export your collections in that director used in human. Come on and you will have a C a city or you can say continents integration. Continents pill Every running a PHS cases using post using human as a common land, right? I hope that makes sense. And if you have find any kind of value in this tutorial, I would say just to do like insurance, describe. And if you want to watch more videos like this and so just make sure you shared and subscribe like toe. Thanks a lot, guys. Have a nice day and see you in the next reported by. 10. 7 Essential Postman Features for API Testing That You Should Know: Hello, guys. Valdemar testing again. Me? My name is promote. And in this tutorial, I'm going to show you What are the seven major tips that can help you to do the A P A testing using postman? So let's get started. Most of the namely, if we're doing it, we're testing or using a postman in it. Then this is the goto kind of feature that we're using specially with postman. So this is the whole thing is a kind off future. Basically allows you to import any kind of requests from abroad. Broza. So, for example, I give you that This is your postman, and let's do assembled a quest. I go to request his phone starting and what we can do now we have Let's do a simple thing. And we have I have a really used this territory, this kind of a p a in the previous tutorials. So that's why I So this is one of the get request and suppose I won't important. Oh, the postman. Then I have to write all the stuff right? What I can do is that I can right click on it according inspect element go through the network and just to refresh the step and here Or as you can see, that this request is going going on. Do we have any questions? And in the response, we are seeing that this is the responders be getting on as well as request header. What kind of adults they have saying? So all the information is available in from what we can do is right. Click on it, click on copy. Copy s cool. And now what we can do, we can import this request. So this is the important button. And if you go to this file import or that it legally called this import And here what you can do, you can import any kindof request that you have saved in certain formats. For example, this request that I have import this is a collect request, right? So this is the cold request. I'm going to taste it and I'm going to click the import bottom Now what will happen? As you can see, it is important that it leading to the postman grand all kind of header that we have used that particular browser have used as already. Like you can say important into it, right So this is one of the important or you can see very good feature. I will say it's a very awesome teacher for a postman and what you can do if you think about it, If you just hover around that you could give you what you can import, you can import any kind of Horstmann collection colt request that we have done. You can import R E M L W Ariel and open a beer finds. These are like another kinds off, different you can see here, type of request or this is a particularly connection. You can import anything like So this is the first Peter that I like most about the postman . So let's come toe the 2nd 1 man, as I mentioned you can do the baseball based has room on request and you can definitely use that. Oh, this is another important you can say feature off most men, but you can do is that you can create collections, right? For example, this I have created a particular collection of users where these air like different requests. This is a get request. This is a post request. This is Apache quest for same kind of So these are all related kind off request, but they have different kind of methods as development. But we can. What we can do is that we can combine them into a single collection, right? So what's the advantage of creating a collection? For example, if you have user, similarly, you can have are different collection. You can share your direct correct collection with anybody you want, and you can directly event this collection also. If you go to this icon and there is a button which is run and it will give you a collection runner man new and it's a runner which basically allowed you to them. This request, one by one, so plentiful to get this one, this one will be executed this one after this After this After this, After this and after this. So collections are important. If you are using postman in any kind of European testing, Definitely. I would recommend you use collections, create collections as much as you can so that you have a stock Joe secure environment for any kind of request. Turkey. Well, all right. Okay, let's jump jump to another. And another thing that you can do is that you can run your collection. As I already mentioned you, whenever you have finished your connection to run, it will give you a wonderful looking report on going to mention that what kind of requests have passed and you can just about get around means you can be bald, very clear. Full collection, one of the steps and what kind of particular request that I have been saying All right, that makes sense, right? Good. And you can create collection using this plus Booker button and right, and you can create as much collections as you want. Horsemen delouse like probably implanted collections. Even Another thing is that you're doing a peer testing using postman. I would recommend if you have a created certain kind of collections and you not expected output off them three years or 10 test scripts, I I'm going to attach my texts. Example. Sequesters example as the less another tutorials along with it. If you want to watch it, watch it out without end up where I have discussed more about how to write. But it escapes using a P A. Using AWS seniors enforcement, especially so you can live rather to test cases and if you go to this your other leg number off are different examples that I have already discussed. And it's the official documentation off postman where they have discussed how to write properties cases and how we have mortified. I have discussed that thing in my religion. So right, proper. It s cases. This is my tip number three. So I another thing you can use. It's a kind of a tape for basically I would say it's a 3.1 or three point high fight. You can take anything. So what you can do, you can create sub folders old. So, for example, you is there have certain features so you can create another folder which will be another collection, right? So you can have self folders. Also, this is another feature that we like about most about postman. Okay, Another important thing that I have seen like Lords off even advance a protesters in order placing the decent scheme of elevation. Guys, this is very important thing when we are doing the testing. What you can do is that you have a Jason Schema, for example, you have a particular get request and you know about the get request. What kind of give a New players are getting right what you can do. You can create a scheme out off it. And every time that response comes, you can compare the schema. Using that I leave tiny very little framework which is a label into the test tab off your postman. This is one of the important. Then at once concept horseman and I have a tutorial around You can watch it out. So this is like a proper if the first check off your baby attesting that the structure that you are getting is matching. For example, you have particle Arabia and you have three keys. You're you're getting, for example and you have a book in Bug in in back Back end on. For example, after Thurday, you're getting a 40 means you will not able to do check it out using a simple testing methods, right? What you can do is create a schemers and schema validations will fail. In this case, this is like one of the first check off your baby against If you think about so you can help definitely leverage this Justin scheme of elevation teacher in postmen and I have a daughter, you can watch it out. Another important thing about post many you can do is that you can use be really style discuses in the step off postman and we have used it. You can go to this, Ural, Just copy paste this first request and you can leverage that. This case is after like describing it blocks as we have in just men mocha. And whenever we are doing it, probably angular reacted little test test cases, right? And if you're if you belong to a dollar background there definitely this describing Lakis like you're not able to much understand. But if you know about how to what this protector and how be be be created an illegal doctors cases in just men and mocha, especially using Web driver Js then this is like you can see one of the easiest way to test create discuses, right? And we have tried it into over in your even we have righted and we had we are extensively using it because it creates a very simple you can see in blocks sometimes in postmen and you can leave residues discuses, right could another thing important point is that For example, if you have a collection and there's a request, for example, there's a 12345 requests and if you want, if certain conditions. For example, if I didn't get the response in second request, I want to jump before what you can do. You can use this or some picture off most men, which allows you to control the test flow so you can write in test step off most men that if the condition off idea is no, then you can go to the request number four and you can mention the name off it. So now and now what you can do, you can control the flow. For example, you can jump your collection from 2 to 4 and 4 to 43 3 to 5, and whatever you want to go right, this is another. You can say the most important feature of control. Full force man. This is a Laker. You can say bare bone off postman. You can create and more mental variable and more mentally well like and as well as the dynamic variables, which can you can liberate, for example, what you can do. You can create a variable for your application, right? For example, there's a particular collection you want to run in staging as well as in production. Now you don't have to hard core the Ural every time you can use your you can create a different environments. For example, staging environment and the production involvement in production environment variable will be different. For example, you're accountable but friendly. Logan's will be credentials were different, and in the test testing Normandy's Granger's and we'll all things will be different, right? What you can do, you can just click on. You can directly just switch from different environments, and your collection will not be like hard Quarter one, and you can live. There is this feature off awesome future or off involvement as well. A dynamic variable straight So And if you know about that environment and enable variables like they have certain types or scopes, they have global collection ones and environments, and I have described this into a separate really over there were just focused on environmental variables. You can check it out so these are like seven important these elect 7.5. I would say that seven important tips or you can see the feature. So postman that be like and I especially like it and let me know which which feature you like a navy attesting, especially using both men. And I'll see you in the next tutorial. I hope you have like District Auriol and do watch mother totals if you want to get more depth off a protesting enforcement, right and I'll see you in the next tutorial. And please don't forget to, like, subscribe, can commit. It makes my day and I feel very energetic Toe connect. Really right. I hope you have done the like cancer scrape right and see you in the next tutorial by guys . 11. Working with Spotify APIs in Postman[CRUD]: Hello. Welcome Groceries away Protesting using postman. And in this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to work with fortify a PS. We're going to see how we can, maybe a desk, this party fire and how we can do some manual does that we do generally creating over playlist on the adding fractional using only the A B A s and using on before. So I'm excited. Let's start the business. All right, let's So let's move on to this guy's also was. First of all, what you need is that make sure you go toe delivered or sport. If I don't come, you should have. The Spotify uses a type of what relation we just call less beer in Butor organization. You just need a token for a transition so every user have a different kind off token. Okay, so I have Ah, right now let's see. So right now I am. I had logged logged in with my Spotify account and I have, like a 123455 play list already created for me. Okay, So what we are going to do is that let's go to console and we're going to live there is the playlist. They list a B. So it's so basically, if you are see, it's a full fledged credit operations. Right? Create, read, update and delete everything later to play list. You can do that. Do that using these aprons. Right? So let's see other very the 1st 1 which is the good one. Okay, if you want. Oh, do get all kind of playlist. So right now I have, like, 123455 playlist. Right. And this is the simple, simple example. This is the end point. So the endpoint is your a slash v, even if the probably towards the number off there are a P s slash me for my profile and the playlist. I'm getting all the playlist off my account. Right. And I can have some Orphan El para meters means how many playlist I want. Right now, I have only five, so I don't need to pass it. And interesting thing that it requires it's so requires 10 or 30. What token? So how do we get it? Begin. Get it? If you're already logged in with your Spotify account, then definitely Just check all the options and it will basically give you the 00 we're talking to U s. So I'm going to check all of them and I will request a token. And here we have some. Are my token already created now? So this is the color request. Basically, what you can do is that very interestingly, you just need to goto a postman and inflict on import based is raw and import. And if we do the same, then this ap able start walking, right. And here we have the first playlist name new playlist. And after that, we have Hello playlist. So all kind off a list are right now of label they and how many tracks that have basically all the things it is giving us. So this is like a small simplest. One interesting thing is that if you go to hell, does the interrogations were passing as a beard, Erdogan, right. And how we can use it. We are basically passing alteration key with a beer token that we are already using. Right. So we have generated using this 45 So one of so I have prepared already prepared in a simple example for you guys especially. So how to get basically, you can search any kindof track on Spotify if you do the a b a r this using this surge one your unit to pass security. All right, now I passed Dana James, and our tradition with same motivation will work if I do the same, uh, decision is expired. Okay, the broken expired, so I'm going to replace my broken Uh, d Let's do this. And now just all the songs of later today, no audience will come here. So the first name is I'm Liuzzo and the different Spotify. There's only one drag right now, So by using this, you can get all kind off. Basically, this is a soda Arabia office party right now. How do we create those playlist? Right playlist if we want to create something we need to use posed to estimate the matter, right? Remember? So we need to pass again. The same you can say Same token, Berto criminal And the body we need to pass is basically the name off our playlist. I'm going to pass it, Y t and everything will be like same. I'm just making public as a true and let's send it out. So we're getting a 201 Basically, the playlist is now created for us. And if I do it a fresh here, there's two quick refresh and see if the playlist is created using a panel. So, uh, or Whitey play. This is no creative, and it doesn't have any kind of VP right now, but let's add some eight years, OK, so how do we add the pain and they have a particular post matter again, you can add the track and basically you need to pass the token again. I'm just going to update the token because last token was expired and oh, that we do. Okay, so let's see, how do we add the playlists? How do we have the track? Tuna. Do it lately side. So let's add this one. This is how you do it. You need to get you need toe. Harry, please. Society how to wear the playlist side of the hill when we have created our white people in the state are this is the Olivia getting OK? So we need to pass this idea. Let's do one thing. Let's go over this on another thing that we can do is that we can pass diary here, it will basically create a click call for us, so it will be very easy. And one more thing, Um, suppose we want to add right? So we need to have certain kind off a track, right? We need a track. Your A So let me get some track, you worry. OK, so I'm going to add this track and let's add hell and add one more track. Let's add at this two times so if it is getting added on or let's see excited. One time wait and see position. I don't want to mention right now, and this is a cold which is already created for us. Now we are going to import this call on here we have Let's send it out and we have a created right. So let's see if our more track is getting out the door. Whyyplaylist or not, yes, it's called headed right. So that's how you can walk with or Spotify playlist AP A. Again. It's so similar to ground operations, but not indication used is old and you need to get a certain token force and everything is very much similar to the debt you are doing using this and one more thing that you can do. So now I would suggest you too. I'm going. You giving you a certain kind of fast? So how you can do is that just try it to put some or tracks into the existing created playlist and just try to delete certain tracks from the playlist and creates a collection and share share with me in the comments below. Okay, this is a house for you. And trust me, guys, you will learn a lot when you do this. Just work with this playlist a PS fortify. It's a real world example. And this is like a similar one most of her time. They even the weirdest thing you will be working with this kind of stuff. OK, so we just tried out the playlist AP Azov occurred for Spotify and tell me in the comments if you have any kinds off issues and don't forget to, like, share and coming, So see you in the next tutorial. Okay? By days 12. Testing GraphQL Queries using Postman With Example [API Testing using Postman]: Hello, guys. Welcome to the Testing Academy. This is for more. And in this tutorial, we're going to learn how to test craft cure curies using postman. So there's gonna be a step by step tutorial with the demo that I have especially planned for you. So let's get started in this tutorial. You're going to learn about what exactly is a graphic? You'll how The graph You'll is different from the rest. E p A. And how to test a graphic your queries in the postman toe. And apart from it, we're going toe test over different craft your queries using postmen and will create certain test cases around it. So it's gonna be a hangs on tutorial with little bit of critical concepts. Toe Let's get started days, right? Okay. So if I tell you that what is graft, you will probably I'm expecting that you already know about it because since deserted tutorial about how to test the graph, Calgary's for enforcement. Right? But let's a little bit every wise about what exactly is a Dracula so crafty Will, as you already know, that it's a good language for an A base. So what you can do is that you have to just ask Planned. What exactly client can do is that he just he can ask whatever feels he needs. And he asked, The bath killed So what? It will return, whatever that it according to the fields that have mentioned toe blind, heavy bubble to ask for exactly what they want. And you have to just sending craft you alkhouri winning the point where and you will get exactly what you need. Nothing more than that. Anything less than that. But if if you think about the rest a Bs so suppose. Let me give an example. There's arrest AP A very. It will give you the old information of the user. But if you want to use only name, name and age, you cannot ask, because when you ask the name and it you put that a stay period and will be returning is everything that you want. So it's This is a problem off what we call over fitting, and sometimes there's a problem with the under affecting wall. So, for example, if we want to have the full data off a user plus something else, then we have to use multiple requests in Arrested, right? So that's how the rest and graft beautiful. Let me give an example. So let me show you. It's a very wonderful example which explains how exactly estate playbooks toe here. As you can see, a user is asking get request. So if you mentioned that he was writing you the post and followers and in the second step, you want to ask about the post what exactly the post that this user has done and in the third request is asking the followers took No. These are like multiple request has been made for it. But Gloria Stabia resource right. But let me show you that this is the same concept into a graphic. You What exactly you can do is that you have to just mentioned a one single greedy Well, you can where you can just mention the user i d. And what exactly fears that you want. For example, we won't name boast and followers, right? So we have just mentioned the single equity and the graphical so but we will basically returns you The overall response Isn't that amazing grapes so graphic you'll if you go to Google and probably if you are known to that that craft fuel is like, oh, becoming an investing standard right now. And if you go to this article, it's basically wonderful, explained the difference between the graph, coolen rest and how graphic you'll is better than dressed in needing so graft will at option is getting in Greece, so we have to be prepared. The graphic US securities are getting implemented in your rest a p a or a peer, a base or in your products. Then you should know How does does a PS and the wonderful tool that we have to test any API is is postman and the low post mandate Teoh. Let's come to the postman Supposed men 7.2 words and basically has introduced a new support for laughter. So if you open your postman, you know what the postman you. If you want to go to this get post mentor, Common downloaded and he'll if you go to this body back. And if you selected graphic you'll the hill. You can mention your graphical query and your graph Hillary built, and you will get that sports. So this is a new basically you can see kind off a feature that they have introduced, right? Let me give you a simple example how good graphical looks like. So this is basically demo app for a graphic. You'll were. But you can do Is that design in point? Oh, with a graph human change as in point. What you can do is that you can create either here in French. So what other fields we want is that any hero with names in France? So what, we're going to do that? We just click on this run, but and and basically it will turn up return, assert second kind of Jason the sports The decent response contains that. Okay, The hero is R two D two and it has a friend off. Looks like Luke sites Skywalker, Han Solo and Leo been exhibited The Star Awards. Oh, you can see here with the point. So that's how graphic your books. What exactly, but exactly where we want it basically returning so close. I don't want any kind of friend, so I just 100 this and just run it Take basically going to return the name off this here And it noted, I knew the French. That's how simpler. Oh, you can see graph girl books. Okay, so let's see, we have an example. So let's So let's do this simple example for the 1st 1 So what we're going to do is that we put our most graphical clearly, and we'll just make gender more do post. And after that, in the body part in graft, you were going to mention a first rate. Okay, so what is the first very, very insistent looks like this? This is a structure you contest scored a schema for a particle. Really? And now we're asking we don't have any graphical variable right now. And But in second example, we're going to use any graphic your query with Kraft, you'll very bold. So now we're going toe, please go insane button, and it's going to return stain dying. Yes. No. If I just make sure that you are in the pretty pitiful response. So this is a respond at the airport, and this is the response that Okay, it's a dummy. Appear so and any time you're on it, it will just knew this response. And the response is 200. Okay, a bit like nearly two seconds off. Oh, this one state you can save that its phones if you want to. So and now, how does this relate to what you can do with the Georgia school to test and what we're goingto suppose we want toe check the name off. Name of the response that we're getting is accurate or not. What we're going to do is that this is impressed thing. You can just go toe request body and we are basically interested in getting deals and value . Right, So we click on it and basically it's going to return our Jason greater political to this. So if we want to get this this especially this field Oh, let's do one thing. Let's get the turning that give the team her name is equal. Do Leonore. Yeah, I guess it's layer. Okay, so this is how it works. So we're going to this decent data and be a good thing. Will get data. So what? He tal and hero has a friend Friends for engine Eri Convene second off name And let's let's change it to I hoped. I suppose this is our data. So we're going to basically going to very fight and here we have. So now What we're renting is descended. Tizer, respond that negative. If you want to see the response, you can do consoled or lower here also. And he can get the whatever data it is turning. So it's basically going to return this a little, Jason And what I am the city's main leaves that gets from Rita Don't. I want to see the responsible. So if you want, okay, displayed the same. Wouldn't. So what you can do that Click on view. And here's our postman console. You can see that is controlled out. Logs, whatever. The logs are getting printed in this window. Right. Okay, so let's do it. Let's send it and see how it goes. Okay, so your desk is his bus and it is passing. Let's see the response. Okay, so we're getting responds, Hill. So just send out a doctor out here over. You got that? I do that friends with the name. And this is basically request, but I would It is in that you mentioned All right, so this is like, the first best that were written for this graphic utilities graphical Cody, I would suggest you to just go with, like, standard State that scored like 202 100. And one more thing you can add is that here in their adults, some Danes Okay, you can add the timing going mention also, but it won't make much sense. So let's do one another example where we are going to pass certain variables also. So these are like draft your variable. You can use auto, right? So I have one one example toe excell sportive example. It's just fortified. Amir. I'll go to a new tab. I just enter it and go toe body and select the graft fuel. So what? I'm getting okay, so we'll use this. And here we have what they will it security and basically the security. What exactly this query done is that eyes doing is that you have to mention a particular name off an artist. It'll turn you the name he made on the album. Okay, toe you can. This is a when this is like a graph variable that we're using an artist. We can use our dynamically. So what I'm going to do is that I'll create one environment to let let scored it Obama wants, and here we're going to basically mention the prop value off artist and I like to go with me. Mickey Sing. Let me look around about you also. So now what we have done you, Zack and everyone is done. Let's close it out. And you just mentioned the demo. One is to know what exactly is going on is there? Whatever the value of this artist, it's getting sick by Azima kissing toe. What we're sending is that we're basically sending a graft will curry. But they Oh, you can see at this name which is a kissing and what we wanted that be involved Name I made and albums, right? Let's send it out and see how it goes. So yes, so it's works, it works very well. And now it is returning us that the name of the artist is accusing to Let's see if the majors right image licks go to Google and see they made her the our kids. Yes, toe majors, right, This is me kissing and and we're getting the l bones okay that it is returning a second albums, right? Yes, and the full. It's basically giving us some more details like full name and more album. So basically returning us to Oh, you can get to kind off results It has to Readers on The Kuwaiti artist had basically turning into results the name he made off album. It's basically you can see a n ery with convince to artist with the name in Maidan albums and basically they're elected. What artist? Matching with me kissing to make kissing. And another one is also make kissing Narula something like this. Yeah, but that is a different one to basically will I pretty much sure this is not a kissing, but it's getting matched. Okay, that Oh, let me see with this. Okay, Okay. This is totally different. It doesn't. Okay, so we'll let me close the control. So now we have reserved off this so we can try to particular test case, like, go to this test care test you can write. Oh, what we can do is they just do it. Jason Milieu. We want to first check that if the name the artist that we're getting is kissing or not so decent, no data don't really did. So let me go toe creative artist and Cincinnati. So we're gonna do with zero women dot name and so it should be me kissing the 1st 1 Pokey, This should be kissing, right? And what we want is that we want the first album. We want to check the first tell Mr Dinamo don't toe. We're going to basically to get this thing. And this is like hell boned and foams an ex entity. So the 1st 1 you will busy wrote one So it should be there in, um and I'm just going to GOP and based here it's diapers. Dady So let's see. So let me send it again and see if this case is a past. So one of the best places feeling so election is saying that there was no deeply master with Data Nam. Okay, Toe, What we can do is there. Basically, it's a sting with Matt on what? It is a mistake. So we have to mention me a name tonight. It will measure, you know, let's get this bust. So it's a well, like a small civilian here you can how you can test your graph killed queries within postman. So if you give a certain linked to really doubt, this is a mean that side of graft. Your daughter or you can go through it. I'll mention this tool examples, and I would suggest you to read this article. It's a very wonderful article. Done. However, the difference may in different within the rest and graft you will and how rest care less TBH. They're basically have a limitation off. They have a limitation off under fetching and you can say over affecting. And you can play around with this this so Dracul Curie playground and let me know if you have any shoot. So I hope this makes sense and toe place libertarian like motive, obviously to do interesting selenium investing at me. So I hope you like it and thanks a lot and see you in the next one. Please, like into scrape by. And I have one group later toe software Test automation. You can join with Goto for his were dot coms, Lester or rest. Oh, it's a school test nor dot com and where you will find a group. You can join that group and I'll share like daughter are different, important points All you can take a lot because it around it. So see you in the next month. Thank you 13. Postman Tutorial How to Use WorkSpace in Postman: Hello, guys that come to testing again me and welcome groceries over here distinguishing postmen. And in this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to work with space enforcement, right? It's alleged standing. So why workspace that basically used getting used off? Experts are basically in a postman are basically used to organize your A P ace means if you have a particular workplace. But what you can do is that you can clear certain kind of rules. Do that workspace means only these works. Place will be accessed by certain users. And don't. They're like two types off workspace, personal as the letterbox base theme based. So if you have a personal workspace, well, you can have certain kind of collection that you want to work with, right, and you can share those. You can share the full workspace with anyone. Also, you can have a team workspace where you will have different kind of collections. If you're doing a proper proper auto R A P A. Testing you can have certain kind of collection in being workspace where they can create or you can say change. Different people can change their different kinds of H P. A's and collections, and they can book in a single box place, right? That's that's what that's what. What makes the workspace more powerful. So in the personal workspace, you can keep your separate works and organized only. You can see your personal work space again. You can create unlimited, a more important space or in post men right now and as well as you can organize your collection and one main global variables. Another feature, another kind of teachers in the team workspace. It is very interesting You can allow are basically can create again unlimited workspace with a free postman claim you can invite your team members toe basically change. Or you can say update the collection that you have created a Nadine books face, and you can maintain the source and make sure, and you can also make your workflow more efficient by worsening for poking and merging that I'm going to show you. Okay, so another again sharing or a P A collection, a PS elements. That's what you can do with the workspace. So let's do one thing are I'm in a postman right now, and if you go to this team workspace the 1st 1 is the my workspace. This is the by default the workspace where you have different collection that we have created. Right? And these are the collection, like personal to me on that, no one can change it right now. And I can Today on this is the team teamwork space were if I switched to teamwork space. We have to shared workspace. Another email lady. Okay. And what you can do is that you can create again. You can create unlimited personal. You can save workspace, right? I'm going to create my workspace or the blue s one. And I can basically write anything I want to write, right? Basically a description on this and I'm going to create right. So now I have to personal workspaces. Similarly, you can create and mean unlimited amount of teamwork space. Right? Interesting thing is that off example. I have created one collection here. He and I'm going to write one small request of google dot com, That's all. It's a very simple one. And I'm going to save this this this collection right? Know what I can do is that I can share this collection, right? And another thing I can do is that here? If they do this and I can invite So this workspace means any, my lady, If I have another friend, I want to share this collection or share this box paid workspace with this with any kind off this. Basically, you can say that. If so, now you can invite any kind of user door. So this workspace right, and you can give them a generate link Or basically you can Men is the roles also when you're working with a team. So if I Swiss to teen box space you What you can do is that if I goto this hear clicking this you can manage the permissions and also and you can invite to the workspace with the permissions means who can see the who can create the collection who can address the collection These kind upon recent also you can work with, you know, postman. So this is like a quick tutorial regarding how to work with the workspace in a postman and in the coming to do is I'm going to show you about how to 4 march and used words in controlling in their workspace. Thanks a lot, and by