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API (Application Programming Interface): 11 Langkah Membuat API dengan AdonisJS

Elvis Sonatha

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12 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction

    • 2. 2 Adonis Installation

    • 3. 3 MySQL Installation

    • 4. 4 Konfigurasi

    • 5. 5 Adonis CLI

    • 6. 6 Route

    • 7. 7 Controller

    • 8. 8 Migration

    • 9. 9 Model

    • 10. 10 Authentication

    • 11. 11 User Registration and Login

    • 12. 12 Bumblebee


About This Class

API (Application Programming Interface) digunakan untuk keperluan skalabilitas, kompleksitas, portabilitas dari satu atau beberapa service yang saling berintegrasi satu sama lain, atau dari sistem ke service dan begitu sebaliknya melalui apa yang disebut dengan system calls.

Didalam API, terdapat banyak fungsi fungsi yang terhubung melalui request dan response dengan format yang serumpun


1. 1 Introduction: Hi. Salam aleikum. What off? The lawyer who would have to I must say I would be so not that team leader Men dollar Dan Coats. Terry doesn't weapon come the course? Kali, You need come Work and pleasure, Langberg. A minimum of what? FBI application programming interface. The nine art on STS Silence had to wear framework there in Notts Young Me, Lipton and sites on the Web framework that he paid speed. He ate a lot of fell Come work in Wana Juca Node.js by the monetary Install A C No con accident And that Abi's I don't SJs Maluku Embrapa database They do Madia Devi Microsoft sequel My sequel What I call possibly sequence then a secret life system School task in the world can only I don't least the anti Romney Adela Justin Webb Hawkins do you wait? They dandy dollop of yuca cassava Commander Response Come work on my neck and our police Bumble Bee transformer I don't He's Hanieh polluted talent Can The terminal art only served Destin's death anarcho Tony's security fault. I can't, John can. But the poor you got got bigger. We got come with your Moto can Postman FBI Salama Koteas, Rural curriculum that cars Collini some more government fired then Baraka 2. 2 Adonis Installation: Okay, so Garden column also Katara in Saleh See at all this? Yes. Langston said yet protect. The pros are coming, Antonis ts dot com Does that conclude our landing pits for the evening? Do you know what? A scan in a quick, quick star. Then come work on the head Tito route and on top Magellan can machine Adonis. No, we got a little problem. Oh, yeah, I sublet more I think about what I don't see s and even Budokan foreseen. No. Yes will be Daddy Laban. And am that I shouldn't love me, Daddy Got so by Kenya the installed lbw Jonah my socom No. Yes, Dan. Really? Since waiting an operating system Come follow. Get about that Make Wes my take. I didn't communicate that. The ninja Blue star? No. So the last of the same star seat. Take note when feed this is to come Weapon really had Hawaii say will mark a new chairs fantasies wound then Kitaj alone can and PM and we have seen um Okay, come walk on. Moto can steal I Yeah, I do. Come in, line the face on. Remember what parent Adonis done in Java? Critics who go and I am and Ben E in game at I don't he's just cli She thought a prince's toe can access terrible stress aside. Battle 24 German up. Wouldn't the senior hopefully for the sites? Look, I think Adonis New online store. That's S e p I on the by any ambassador and eBay on me. I don't He's Montagnier Deka model boilerplate. Yeah, but that might allow full stack Our Toby said simpleton and model it application young, but it's eating in front end. Done back in that inability for bologna younger You are the only I'm not gonna need. It's a party motel Lumen at the slim Best be. But our DP turned you got off last coordinate with the cattle a slim come with Fatima Khan . Just a slim the black one Candidate after the go get the anthem Is it so I don't STs I cannot Must taken wanted a Tory younger Budokan Adela clean they bloom the pocket commodity . India can clone the art. Honest? Yes. Adonis FBI at Come again? Yes. Can install project dependency. Come with the NDR gunman Copy and vitamin valuables. T n t Get that my soul. Go quarterly and elected of what he adopted. I see that Scotland get Magellan. Can Masin Adonis There people port in the park Out on these Latika, Cambodian Kalyan Muscle Kaprow seven. Dan Cathy, Local horse. You got You got you Intercom only had little other quitting Heather work. Ingesson Dunn was in I p A. Come see up to no good. 3. 3 MySQL Installation: Okay, Scott on its policy My sequel Listen me Come work on Matlock. Okun is fallacy Mexico where they make Os tonight Homebrew in a Jetta 10 whom bruise you better install tan color bloom comma Bisa Install Homebrew The Ninja chick Deter me now Kali Martini then can you watching me, Misaka Mood about Gun Did the scoop see? But as we do any so the process in Stella She's aside Jack Fantasy Homebrew Young said back A movie star The ninja roaming free But jihad fell C homebrew Dirty or s cover Combating my sequel installation could they grew in for my sequel on Talked About Can proceed Barhoom during my sequel Little is it literally had my sequel Trabajo Adele Affair Acetyl are planted in No to take him a bless Come with the end Attack update Who Stall Sequel Updating homebrew So blooming Install my sick well on brew Torpedo Detective repository idea Marca de Brito converted the other formula Young deeper Barbie then Diem angel hair or by their my sequel to happen They didn't know they had the God bless God Nestle Dad that he saw I don't know Good. Yeah, come will be sad and then move can through upgrade my sick Well, pick it up, ending to lose. So try to get to and can make a sequel. And yet that an Jenna through several pieces start my sequel surface. Mesic. Well, so they're detail and can come will be someone that can prove surfaces. They start my sequel on top Marie Start that in my sequel Self righteous. Needy? Nah, always a buka that apiece Does anyone can. My sequel, That Office to You I graphical user interface somebody sequel pro although hey, District Well, other May sequel book pens I'll tell you in lane here, my so kind number one xy No horse Cambodian Is he house finance attitude Worked with you? Did they know that? You know it is a young when you can look all of us to sanity Go within yourself Name, you see Didn't route I don't know what you got Wouldn't this connection recently had connection succeed by the connection Suitable housing click metaphor for its They're not gonna want to release any young from senior Kara Kita, Tita, Bruel and Colin What connects? He could have copies reconnect. Okay, so Karen connects eenie Mexico So then, at that appease at the what bottle Get that Rondonia Licinia Delight Online store Come wanted up. Willy Moon can smart See then don't heaviness. Probably Mouna Khan Lisboa Sebag upon guarantee Spicy newborn yonder That apiece according Come on Really beauty After happen from senior, you develop on Angela on top of Jamaat can have absolute character young identity Tony Any more Later the handsome It set some play by the rules from Japan China Pilon, Philippine, Spain, Arab India, Daniel Alayna The Escalation Come B separately, You have a loved one. Sandra C. I Coalition. I paid two coalition that are to run young to look under the peace on top abandon Can character really an eye death by the Saboor character set? Now that the studio skeptical the video record? Yeah, come were cannibalized General Morocco can conflict Rossi our doneness of legacy or lane Storm Cadet UPI's 4. 4 Konfigurasi: Okay, so, Karen, come a black circle pan Conficker. Classy. Like a piece we can do, Lou, My sequel. QE Don't God ended, Booker, you got ta comes your toe into created development in fireman. You see this? I have market for its well court open for dinner. D minor at honest, that is all. Now in your happened struck toe story, Daddy at Tony's may have been a lot of little file dot e and fie. Before the vote, Kelly had a conflict that I see well, the house, once a park, not in fireman stop. Okay. Developments that have blown up Econscene then an upper in this important states deployment . I didn't know the colorful Are you claiming you can hang your toe? Yea, two states development. Younger dressed. It's taking, I thought Stitz besting. Then enter the Cardella states production, stiff development and the state's key manner. Applicants sees it and a lump on a jihad. Then Sauron programmer passed the ACA contesting than the parking. But applique a senior than any of that book in black 20 states production. I lose tryto precocity Nike and States taking one of the test software tester back Sell it any day Mobile BDD The strongest s Africa city American states production You need a happy Kasi Yung one some proper amended and karma starting intelligence. Can the name no mop legacy go Modena f you about? Could that be a defensive Jack Gulbuddin? A kiss for use one to remember when infuse car rental. Well, I'm wondering application into the detail it can done for name Young Gulbuddin at the ft. No secret. Keep that the look on secrecy in tow The Mesquita. This is under the big connection. Okay, My sequel to co ordinate a DB horse. Get up! Okay. Local horse. You know I p near Seattle blood. You do not know that no matter competent. If it part report that in my sequel 20 Katica No, now it's I wouldn t be user so swayed in my sequin commodity Have a candy, adela nobody and maybe a password Somewhat an NDP bustled and that of Sydney You didn't get the setting so that a base near it's up update on my store The young Rahil Adalah Hess driver get some more now can be clipped from senior and clip. See password talk about online Young couple who can. Good yet I don't know that I piss Telemar Tony's. But go, come numb that apiece. NATO Maria db I will be so installed here An antenna and am install my sick? Well, no. And PM in Seoul, My sick. Well, too in the incessant income. Cody and younger dweller. My course off a sick well after m s sick. Well done. Angela and Preemie Stall M s sequel. Bigger. My Sequels the Nanterre A and B M Install my sick Oil. A pole and Payment Stone, My sequel to Young Combat Rajkot, An entire A and B M Installed or eco TV Young Colima, sq Light the then Angela and paying stall in skill like three. Let me come work and move Can that I'd be sent to the corn down my sick. Well, Gordon, come with German gun applique. A senior comus in pants. Sharon on camera cannot like a senior. I don't He's served Yes, Death staff Guitar begin temporal. But what? You didn't get that curl? Local horse park near Jalandhar. Katica Tika Tika The interim Greetings. Hello. Work in chess on young double Luca Adela. Keep tumbling. Install and PM install my sequel to and PM Done Bombing G of the Nadella, not modules can toddle the route Young summered in that only store Now may sick. Well, you said that you start. Okay, We just London yet come Oaxacan pledgers From time I don't see a lie. 5. 5 Adonis CLI: okay, at least yes. Cli combining a terminal. Consider Camel that they can Tony's done end them yet attorneys come will be someone after environment That barn install you The great new attorneys? Yes, application so But the angle collected up wet the report we didn't see then, sir, the ticket touched him knocking yet you know I don't need served. Come again Key candidates Coconut Its secret key for the app then Kalyan Misa From what? Come in. Controller hand rub Exception Hope listener Middleware migration More data provider Seeing it's right and few the don't see Ally. So the idea down migration, migration repress My Grace simply said all back run status. Come with another comment. Good lease. You two went after someone young Sudan like its Lassie coordinator Iran Instruction. I don't STs mark a metal. The framework? Yeah, toe m frizzy. More data? Few controller young. But by since single Thorn. Do you mind? Not Modell, but repress and Mexican class. Your little hope wounded And that had been stable. Go down for you, Marie Place and Mexican Sambolin. It's on average. Chessman that contemplates at Sonya. Could Carmack a moon? What Africa C b I the ability Name Modena Deaths Controller, young Marie press and tastic and formula and motored. And few. Can you Wonderman? What controller called the semi so? Cough order. Yeah, controllers, It's TTP. Can we get that? Making fire young my money. You sort of control over that? Yes. Well, what That topic unfolding toe before there that they can control us. That what lucky order did? Um, Controllers No. One? Yeah, its GDP. Moroka Moody in Quetta. Begin file detail. Um, it's city. And then that one yourself. Calm Fuller. Don't gs get them with families. Quanta do more reading under street in the class. You said corn? No, my classes oId in the member fire. Come again. But get that ice sport. We'll get that sports You, sir, did the safe. I thought that I would be too. Yeah, certain and cli common line in the face. But that was once we get that that they can you tell me now Tony's make controller that this type this didn t got a night Conservative attorneys I took tow people. Yeah, but that Montana is still be I am going to add a web socket. Get out of a plastic gun. Why control your get up? What? The latinum people. It's DDB, but more delicate. That's number test test resource. The internal intel. Yet a pilot Jedi ever missing the quiet at acumen name. They seem to get that time back. Makeup 11. It's not a pneumonia. It started a balloon controller. Plata yourself. Enter yet. Up and ready. Great EP controllers STT be user controller dot gs So there. But what I can tell you this is me job and you sit upon threw up attorney Suderman, What can untie metals index, create that store so and eat update and destroyed metal metal. Any dhamma walking me Daddy U S FBI metal You don't care in a pose at a port a top, It's I don't really Okay, I won't be sub begin control early and lions got out. Don't. I'm telling someone that nephew deals and I didn't yet come work and build larger down road 6. 6 Route: Okay, get that My so route road from what applicants become will be supper in taxis. You know, system line savoury banana tart, tongue less FBI. The present, that's, you know, state turns her application programming in the wastes. Kudo engineers rest Address what to ask Inspector Metodo Kamikaze and local state TV on top of Oakland at that, then metal in the spring. The trap Candomble com Banana Blucas The minute that Johnny had a love on top. Majestic and system young normally keeper for money and bite to part then motor So the command can scalable Tom a car and stressful FBI Maliki. But combine and printing detail I'm here. The entire Onodera um really signed STD Me requests. It's DTB response, then four months response. John, you are designed. It's class all users Celeste New user slash After two serves, that leads Virginia. But the lesson it's the TV requests requests the Remington Dooku napkins, but it might order Kamenica seeding themselves up. I got a saddle for among article with one unity mean dollar climb before Obama today to underline Angela get a dilemma today still to be request. You can talk him but dumbed about vendetta. I'm done yet. Get so that's all. You set us my kind of terrorist. Little you, sir. I can't campaign. I thought amenable detail the Najera get stressed. You, sirs. Slash s i d s are to do Africa. My God. Data. You served in an I. D. Saturday swastika and tumble the modernist. It to be pause. Either me, today in the Kunar condominium can request. Jumped on the idea that Bose slash new yourself. We said it somebody then that task young people Luken and young polluted Kim can I want to be Kalala intel? Um, sell for Cambodian pats today. And after that, John John yet that's slash Update yourself off the port side Didn't do so. Come on, recycling can rubber that that although the Kalala lesser for young Elena Della STD b delete have pushed John Tony and delete slash use of class idea Saturn Guernica. My God at that You settled in and I decided with the guy in the hat was younger dweller. It's did me response. Nicaraguans back a standard is sassy In four months he has a request by the client combined he got on this road. Rhode directs traffic on the fire start, Scott dignified it too. No. Get in four the time. Hi. No most Yeah. Help! He's gon happen! Yeah, you too, man. Thought quotes come. I didn't get that scene. But thank Italy had machine Adonis off the masses. Sassy running then call a title and can be seen. That's cool. Local horse Kathy Katica thing that did Tom lock wetness TTP care the man Islam Bank undone and get They're in for that I'm back in school. Que tanto! Hi! Nothing I must say, Officer. Not that leader. And torture and costly Cool. It's nearly Atala printing Mukhin can went off. Mindich the Daddy Atocha support surfer. Come. Would you give me something when I can't force men? Young can come Remember Comic A C B I Okay, we do. So I didn't yet get that on someone can both the controller 7. 7 Controller: automatic controller. If we do, it's a long year. My access messing messing is still to be requests. Come more harassment. Oresteia. PTTEP metodo communiqu asses about beginning Road Get road, Boss, both full. Both delete. It's the wonder Think that it'll come will be someone Recip Athenee. Oh, this solves, it's you, says Thomas Garden, going through another kid kind of babson. A lot of money. P I welcome back and people are cannot only solitude in an e p a. Only the FBI on me, Tim. But Jelen can Well, still no. But the oppose Thomas, of course. Local horse. Poor yourselves, I said, of course, on macaca Mobilised, um, back and to use the controller I don t s But it's called Tell aumento my sins index. The number didn't response. Don't just on. It's none that the seats, it's it's Hi. Will I be Doesn't plan Get that jalonick unlucky. Come be separate gun graphics. But I would come home. Yeah, you come with Ambac and group My dad goes because they can defile start growths. Yes, it's donde McCann prefix pp I see one get that must go Angela's charmers. But it i d a Panther gente Yeah, Milken Because Allah home you don't vote no town McArdle the and then local horse for the cutting. I think it's less you sell us. Do you get the gun Karna suggested about perfect season on the mark. Andy to plan a p a you Selves and then FBI Do you want you says no in laminar. I wonder what that week. So when they get there can't be someone that country me Now that the console then they can but at only cli You know, Brenda, I don't miss road this. Come when you have descended wrote a b soc and get up. What little do you have? A lot of what you ever designs But the any FBI, it's last 31 So that's you Selves. Do you get gonna build a consulate? The and middle index, Come with me And he'd be a for a free one. Uses the amendment would pose. Do you happen when you do a user controllable Metal store Cambodian FBI for you one you service. I don't, But I might have I d send that Kennametal cat McAteer Magellan can class used to control over there and metal show e p I 31 You saw us then, Barometer. I d happy May thought put other pets my body among But I use a controller. Then we thought update Cody an e p a free one You service in Parliament I d. I will never admit really the animal joke. A user controller metal destroyed. So Karen cannabis access maximizing road. Come on. He said it was cool. I told me Motala getting enforcement. If we just like it yet come organ. Will I jump down my creation? Okay. My name probably to deport such a remote. 8. 8 Migration: my correction Deport in a virtual mom, but and motive casita stable. That would happen. Come among all that. What morning? Because in here, by parable of entropic, she can't adjudicate on the table. Well, what migration will be some windowless Adonis immigration status? I don't make creation. I can't be said your gun. He got out of his connection. Come to sweat and conflict Applebee's. You gotta come home with my secret plastic. So every move. My seat. Well, too. I don't really have filed regulation on a Saturday and that you're not money and Bloom. Come on. Who sell yet? Migration Do my so called bets proper where it's in England Duke and income in migration. Corporate clients can, but a default in Selassie delicacy Adonis. I don't need to our fire migration young but not use it. Don't open God. I'm what? Migration Bharu on Angela Adonis made migration profile Really great table. That beast sitting. One Scotland. John can not only see immigration studies now that's a month's total idea to profile scheme . Rabuka filing. Yet they come profile skin past profile scheme. Saddle up! Daniel could water down. We talked up the can. Christie what Yeah, I started to love me. 32. I think I could time Magellan. Can I noticed migration route, miss Any After that, we're not gonna do what? Table number, number profiles over the place. But what I feel nine people dartanyon. Yeah, but that mind elephants name will be ad last name with the end E mail. Lalu phone by Luke on was dead description. It's definitely fall. Outdoorsman Bony. I will. Time stems, General Mattis, You What will fill number Obama created that running water are to do that when the methadone we go now. But the gods judgy Rollback, Brody. But I had the gun. But what? Nama tables you know, they create. Then the idea drops out of someone. We'll get him back, John. Gun and idleness. Immigration status that don't done Tony's migration run. This is not only had that that is make grants in success. Well, Tony Drew, Boba sweating and Obama, one CPU embarrasses Scored. Daddy feels killed Tom Exciting there at Tony's recreational stutters. No, make it today. Yes, talent, but settle I can get I repress Bellavista. When daddy was home digitally instructor, that bastard got a little bit the Antara Tony's my creation. Roll back. You have impressed that that my God, a little top. It ended up what he profiles yourselves. And broken Italian died on this migration status. Dada said one young democracy there are good and I got lucky. My police, my creation. Brian. It's logical. I give that a biscuit before us. I want to look at the guy that really profiles Coniston yourselves. Okay, but since I am moody Kabul, a city bank got the contract. I do stop service, Connie. Okay, If you do, Sergeant year from working blood of what else? 9. 9 Model: okay. Motivated in a class young window. Badani under a plea guy Seed intended hobbies. More a daily France at new update The late record Can you come in on any joint table by 1 to 1? The one to many after many too many. Why you dancing? Don't come. Little handwritten year. I don't. He's more Narcan rooted Motel can implement as he very actively court pattern the nitrogen . More terror on panico Until man sparked a political for aging Down where that thing persistence Many general asi under model but the 1 to 11 domain e until minutes Many Jega coated the clean Cater's and settle on the Mattachine Death on the fly That the same realization Michael Ngai serialize of property Coma Taxi minutes win for Matonga. Done. Must be done yet, You know, when you down on you Gothic attorneys make motel. We'll file the videos. Prove Nia most of them in both profile Skim Good Scotland. Come, We're gonna What? Controller five My saying it couldn't get on you Gothic Adonis Make control of profile, John Bottom back And the sources Really people request then my circus stock Would that Dunbar kind did l um wrote group graphics, FBI princesa tu So this but file five control B I Onley case got on my soul. Good app, controller. Well, five times import profile moderate and could take the address. Dilawar's class file controller. What else? Gen profile my so committed in next. She took up the gun. It done await We'll file. Oh, don't get us in one yet myself. Let me know tell yet Adonis Lease. I don't want your B I 1st 1 profiles come a bill wrote profiles in a or dental and condemn placement. He had a junior? Yeah, Empty. He added that a piece? Well, I don't that got income. Working with record people file combating car controller Fire control that Tom back on buddies, but emitted store to corns. Brookline away five. Fine or create male quietus body email Moved a hand. Fire marts the course. Oh, didn't get the same bond. You know you're not gonna wait your turn on the back Palace ponies, the chest A P and G myself. Oh, wait. I don't make thought on Duckman. Anti Saleh saying year Well, I hadn't process city then. My most open up in there for assistance. in saying Well, D n profile and a lot more Delicata gave me wine I need to find or create Masunaga, chica, you can email, but a request 42 per minta and me until in part time my country s C five Nadella update that I did. But that means you got to die there like Do you have anyone? But I don't know fighting man. It's a todo can When Wisconsin Moya Dirty requests All medallion, some banana It's a team sport dance that was near my car Get that that balloon sounds of what it's what The units Some more on a question indicating How can we must win down on profile away from Attenborough Profile Safe. Come on, Delicate Chatterton responds. Jason, tell our guy Depots man myself a pause again. Want and believe body Roy. Really? The lesson So I station We didn't get a C done first name Double some a condom and structure. Yeah, I don't see any when they created that updated that at a recent Mathis happened when you seen and then Danglard and jams that the guy records don't report. Okay, get the gun. The apparent teddy. But this once about the live aboard subjecting and got that impress. No, I Did you? Yeah. Somebody could get. It's India calm. John can metal index, but about aquatic ones for Sen get down. Double sided at that last name. Alfie's last names are not ministers, by definition, like, yeah, come worker blood authentication. 10. 10 Authentication: with indication. So they're public asses backgammon. I can't school it. Us Tellem. Cynthia Pre question indicating Cassell for Yeah, I don't East. Yes, at them. But my German tennis out indication. A two season basic. All G double new team, then persona FBI talking. What indication? Any Hanieh can be broken. But FBI applicants see Temple stack my seeing again. Don't thank General board. Yeah, Mocha file conflict. So that's all. Don't Yes. Coming besides, can pick out in the cattle and then says in I think do you wt FBI? Oh, yeah. Stanton authentication does needy. What indication, Tobar. Kim jetted workout according to state full up. Then set this off station under out educational purposes that will use the dragon but in track Seek a somewhat yet and bombing getting along. Good. NCL steadiness all when we took and credential said they have Qari Yousef happened Requests . I don't need me, Deacon told Then help Ariana Capital Malone Juncker 20 buddy at us. My son Collini for spiders had toe in the cattle. You do? G w t. Okay, Billy authenticator G w t on bass. Tikhon body starts less apt. Don't Yes. Soon die, Dad. All afraid toe. But you didn't get that by sound. Near roads Profile Get that time back on the meter Where Oh Tim Pyle. Melancholic postman Now Scott on profile Canada Where G Now the minimum number can be Tell it all my Kakheti Gotta requests by Tom really had a tough time himself. That's edible. Fire at New Profile added for five. Really profile Harris Malema t Mental Well, and they produced London Year Come, work and blesses someone. What restaurants user? 11. 11 User Registration and Login: Okay, well, don't be something. I said something. The kinship. The live it down. Get out of my number. You something. But after I did that Opinsky Teleni Adela. My so called fire start foods from the end back and little group boat cause slickest her control of look, it's tough. Moved in together became road boss Welcome. All I think it took on Chateau Lucky Control early on pneumonia Tony's me old control. Get that little mark in the sauce. Danta, you need to be the quests. There must go our controller. Get that bacon metal san. I kissed her course response. You get tough on you, motel user. Yes, sir. Yeah, Look twice a lot of number. Wait. Listening. Last request. Import a meal. The quest Import, You know? Sure. The quest import my sort. The top number Monday Motel cause that you serve to run away beside to pine. Yeah, I will not go. Daddy e won't Dallas You, sir! Did you got done by Goto? You told him? Course spawns if you have to get that power, Satu Lagi But I meant to my circumstances. Time the most requests he mailed on password. Do you see me in real boss work. But Daddy Quest O it's for again talking in a way. Go again. Met the crisis function Cautious young city A can only at Tony's I checked Parker Mills on a bus with young kidding into art Adam the Mosquito calico Stevia malakwen has checked good spawned stand chests Arms the email e mail for 10 talking in a pistol. You got the time with the Miss Bones. Okay. What about the postman? What's that battle Then? Met with Pose Another 20 other sports. That was so good. Like a star. Yeah, I know. Does home okay? Fix the I s e one sister, but I see 40 in that role progression Chesson That was kind. There's a name now. Well, 10 classwork I received and then call him. Get that thing Got a placid in my soul, Italia. Tea biscuit. Come in and Guardia, the life And I see me. Okay, It's got a ghetto, Jim. And then with the course E c and murder bustle the blueprint, But the same I don't know, but can talking. You can get up now. The authorization to improvise if reduced Like it. Yeah, come work. And another for much. That response 12. 12 Bumblebee: a p a time for multiple Friday. Addressable our library. Young India can present a C 10 tons for my sea lion. Do that and complex surrender. You could be sitting on a condom. More African. 10 million Come can respond. Very requests. Yeah. Dhoni's it be advanced form of fried dough in time, you know, side of the year you don't Manama I don t stumble. Be Nelson said yes. Get the install aloneness. I will be the new Jonah Adonis install I'd only spent will be No idea who can see. Come with me and her Children. Set that instruction. Daddy, I don't respond. Will be Utah has passed Sicken then my so kind of me. It's that supper Friday. But be good. I'm stopped at Yes, Get up by someone in Sydney. What do you get? The Constanta s provider. So I don't get a multi pack Sandia an antenna. Get that begin cause I'm that profile. Last one, Mother don appetites One mother Well, five times for Mark. We didn't get them. I still kind of my thought. Get that American. But I'm utterly transform. Listen me, Coumadin. Brutality, Intolerance. One collection. Okay. Did this name but fired me. Would you get up? What violence Woman? Sarah Adonis. Make trance woman little file. Try and swollen. Yeah, I kind of want Joanie. Cindy, The photo of me flights are swimmer. Thank you, Thomas. Go for fire control. You want to get that done by me? Can make a scandal call a vigil. A gun. Both index. That profiling me. You can prevent those with the evening. It's happen. Nobody. Me? They become Santa for file a weight. But by law, I don nobody at us get that all important yet so far. Profiles last home again. No gun and threatens Former with 10 profile friends Former. Yeah, defense. I swarm. What? You didn't get any time. So this form collection five. Go file this one work. It was implying Dalia Hassan yet listening that that weapon you want at that The profile size? One more. That indeed in that motel. Yeah. So demand. - Okay , I'll be someone. Number can listening the number ignition quality. I think you need sat on the side. Wouldn't collection did that feeding in my kidney testing plan. The 10. Any time, then my symptoms. Come on, Daddy. Response. Democracy from down. Well, bless component. That's under the FBI. Some of the, uh, 15 Somali commode law