ANYONE Can DRAW! Beginner technique: Contour Line Drawings | Chris Glover | Skillshare

ANYONE Can DRAW! Beginner technique: Contour Line Drawings

Chris Glover, Professional Artist

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7 Videos (41m)
    • Introduction

    • Lecture1

    • Blind Contours

    • Contours

    • Final Project Part 1

    • Final Project Part 2

    • Final Project Part 3


About This Class

Hey guys!

I am so excited to bring you this course. Most of you probably know me as a hand-letterer, but I'll be honest-- my real passion is drawing! And I want to share my love for drawing and doodling with everyone, especially people that feel like they CAN'T draw!

Let me say right now that this is NOT your dad's drawing class! 

Here's the truth-- and I stand by this FIRMLY: Anyone can draw. Anyone. If you practice correctly and efficiently and often. It's like. Anyone can learn to drive a car, but if you practice driving only using your mirrors to see and never practicing, well you're not going to learn very fast.

So this course is all about MY METHOD for drawing. I promise it's not boring, it's not fussy, and we will not be drawing and shading any circles, cylinders, or squares in this course. If you're looking for that, there are at least ten courses offering that stuffy old-fashioned way of learning art.

This course is going to go over my two rules of GETTING BETTER at drawing:

  1. Draw FAST; and
  2. Draw FROM LIFE

This course also has THREE projects:

  1. Blind Contour Drawings
  2. Contour Drawings
  3. Contour Still lives

The ONLY tools you need for this course are:

  1. A sketchbook; and
  2. A pen

So if you're interested in learning how I practice drawing and how to get better FAST, check out this course. I can guarantee its not like any other drawing courses you've looked at.

Okay-- so you may be wondering. Well what kind of artist am I learning from? Or, rather, am I good enough to teach art because this contour business isn't looking like Michaelangelo did it. Here are some of my latest works (All these pieces were done in LESS THAN an hour):









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Chris Glover

Professional Artist

Chris is an artist and writer currently living in the southern part of the United States.

She studied English and Fine Art at the University of Mississippi. Her writing focus was African American literature and her art focus was figure drawing.

Chris loves painting on her iPad along with using traditional media. She loves using charcoal, pastels, and oil paints the most.


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