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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. About Class

    • 2. Bounce and Overshoot

    • 3. Realistic Animation

    • 4. Details : Shadows

    • 5. Details : Grain Noise

    • 6. Adjustment Layers


About This Class

This class is for you to learn how to animate leaves, layer style effects & more in after effects, and i’ll teach you my ways of do animating it

in this class you are gonna learn :

  1. Bounce and Overshoot.
  2. Realistic Animation.
  3. Details : Shadows.
  4. Details : Grain Noise.
  5. Adjustment Layers.

if that's something you are interested in see you in class

Head to " Your Project " tab to download Ae Files


1. About Class: Hello. Want welcome to advanced motion graphics class by floats In this class, we're gonna be taken A look on how to animate this scene step by step from the lives animation to the details like shadow on grain is in design and animation principles. You will also learn a lot of tips and tricks that will help your animation workflow lots and learn their quarters off adjustment layers and how they can help with the final result in this class, I would provide the project files to download so you can follow along if that's something you are interested in to learn you on the right place to do see you in the class. 2. Bounce and Overshoot: to animate this, uh, lives we're gonna use in one of the main principles of animation, which is overshoot to the larger. We're gonna animate the rotation on scared off this lives. Okay, let's, uh, take this one as an example. Let me duplicate this for a second. Okay? First, we have to parent the leave Madrid to the Mandria. Then we're gonna put the anchor point here so we can rotate this lift from the bottom, like so, No click on arter with the rotation properties, then shift as to reveal scale. Properties go to the beginning at the key frame, G 08 seconds. Eight frames later. And at another one go another age, not eight. No. Let's set the scale to zero the rotation for 45. No, the rotation should be mind stand. So you have the overshoots on a scale of 110. Then it go back to five, then 95. Then it goes back to the original 100. Select all your Keefe aims at night. There you have it. No. Let's jump to the party, which is realistic animation. 3. Realistic Animation: And to give this animation moralistic, we're gonna add more details for the leaf animation by Edin an effect called CC Bend it. Go to your effects and presets and search for CC Uh uh to belief. No, we're gonna have this two points. One for the start. On one for the end. Select the end on top of the leaf and start on the bar. No, we need toe animate. Sell a key frame at the beginning. One here. Like so you see, when we animate the bent, it gives it more realistic animation. Let's make minus Stan is good that it goes back 25 goes picked the original zero. Let me animate the end also, because we have a cut here. As you can see, they see this. So we're gonna have to keep them at the beginning. One. Here. It's this good. We're not gonna change that here. We're gonna change this to you, then go back. Diversion. Select a rookie framed and F nine. Now you have realistic animation. We have to do the same for the left media. So we just could be the effect give to your least made it and control veto based it. There you have. You see House more than a realistic it is. That's your original leaf animation. And that's what the bending, cc bended do. It gives it a more realistic animation. Now let's jump to Part three and we're gonna talk about details. 4. Details : Shadows: So I know that you have done the animation part. We're gonna add some details to it. And let's start by any mate in some shadows. Let's create the shadow here. Let's go to the end of the animation, select your pen tool here and create a shadow as you wanted to be like, uh, exam. You're gonna dark this point like this. Let's make this block. Let's start more this'll like you need to be curved. Okay, Let's look like too much. Should be. Looks good. Yeah, that's no. We're gonna meet the shadow by limiting the bath off the shape. Select icky free. And then he made the bus. Those animation. First you have to burnt it to the leaf. So it moved with it like this on gun animated. Teoh comes in. So here it should not be revealed. So we're gonna drag this until it much the 1st 1 Uh, so and we're gonna drag this into the animation, finally feel that looks great. I don't mind this, uh, both going out the shape you couldn't dio search in the effects and research for set months . Mates. Rocket on your shape. Let's find what's the name of this leave it's number 18. Then you could go here and search for the 18 at four. Do you see only going to show hair on the left? So you don't mind the shadow going outside and you can do that. Oval leaves? No, let's jump to part for which is details. But this time we're gonna add some great 5. Details : Grain Noise: So now, after we animated the shadows, let's apply some grain to the lives. And to do that that's first folks on this live here, the blue one. You have to right click on the shape, go to layer style and go to in the shadow. Click on that and do house this, their styles. Here you can see here if you dropped on the layer styles you have in a shadow here and as you can see here, No, let's change the position of it. This looks great. The distance should be like, Let's make it 15. That looks great, then the size of the in the shadow so we can have it fade into the blue like ingredient. And the great parts is when we increase the noise, you will have the green. But you all see on the 20 animations Let's make this five made me 10. You see, that's just for the grain. I don't think there is too much of it for it. Let's make this purple. That's great. Then you can go be a layer style to the other lives that's changed the one for the White because that should be little bit watcher. No, let's jump to Part five and let's talk about adjustment players 6. Adjustment Layers: I know that you have everything done. Let's add the adjustment layer and add two billion displace. Go to right click New adjustment layer go to effecting results on social to like this place , let's make the amount eight the size seven on the complexity to eight. Then go to evolution and click and hold. Hold Thank click on stopwatch, then the right expression Time times 5000 And why am I gonna do that? It's because it gives life to our seen by giving a wiggle effect. As you can see, if you school, you could see the wiggle effect on the edges And to make that moralistic, let's add effect Gold noise. Let's make the amount of choice like three threes. Enough. I guess Now you can see how it, uh, give smaller life to it. If we turn it off, you will see that the edges is so clean. And when you any made some stuff, you have to this the trendy style. You don't have to make it look like this, but I have to teach you it. Let's make this render really quick. Turban displaced. Make the renter so slow. So our suggests you may doing it until you and the animation. That's the final result. So that's just for this class I have collected. Make sure toe check my 1st 1 They don't know the project file from the Hlinka description and they see you in my next one by