ANIMACIONES INFANTILES (estructura, juegos, consejos y herramientas) en español | Ana Blau | Skillshare

ANIMACIONES INFANTILES (estructura, juegos, consejos y herramientas) en español

Ana Blau

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10 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introducción

    • 2. Vestuario

    • 3. Materiales

    • 4. Preparación

    • 5. Estructura

    • 6. Juegos

    • 7. Pintacaras

    • 8. Errores y Problemas

    • 9. Recomendaciones

    • 10. Despedida y consejos finales


About This Class

Cómo ser animador infantil para celebraciones: cumpleaños, bodas, bautizos, comuniones...

Aprenderás a hacer una animación para entretener y divertir a niños en fiestas. Te propongo una estructura y comparto contigo una serie de juegos que funcionan para diversas edades, en interior y exterior, con y sin música, para que puedas ofrecer un servicio de calidad. Comparto contigo mi experiencia: qué se debe tener en cuenta, cuáles han sido los problemas que he tenido, que materiales se necesitan, etc.

¿Qué aprenderán los estudiantes en este curso?

-A afrontar una animación infantil.

-Conocerán diferentes juegos y dinámicas que entretengas y diviertan a los niños.

-Sabrán como estructurar animaciones para celebraciones.

-Estarán prevenidos ante posibles problemas que se suelen dar

Estudiantes objetivo:

Animadores infantiles, animadores de tiempo libre, dinamizadores, monitores de campamento.


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Lopatto a fool. You go. It's a bit of 40 number. See, your king will seeing LaPierre DNA altero will CDO Okay. The velodrome potato sack intento simply lamented contrasting a simple formula pony a t t colorists Intention before CBN Move, move. And so the today, Bob up with a single potato. Let me say this was the yes in the negative about this coma. McCaughrean the practical simplify battle The portable going 10 support him. Blow last because cumbersome checks it the way many of them in the three longer the the arse clown to be in a number of Florida. Florida to parity. And Gasol will people. Yeah, I know, but it was so cool. Looks this tomorrow. Go look at this 3. Materiales: our third solo rucksack. Pork Am. It's only the way student. They both start any moment Kctv in a piano. But also about oils. No, it's for the I was discovered. HarperOne a embracing con Graito. A secret Penis. Get a bottle of flying before you look at the beach and I'm literally There are laws. 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I definitely fall in the movie and little Alamo harnesses that's different. This elementos get falta anonymous feeling just below tell us and global is the horizontal normal is noble of the global flexes. You know Rondo's new LoC Whereupon you need to do a stint as a tailor in the elements Indian agnosia, moochers, eagles cacia Sam begin use You know Pacey Macho U S Embassy memo Chila community NATO simply all goes well to think of the event Kadaga Falta ola money that pays only New York tambien this market either man they've ever seen Brunelli State taken total a hole goes yellow Catania Simply water having little Seattle Peto foresee the repent 4. Preparación: Labra, Brazil. Camo Minimal Burundi and testiness. Comida case has sector Mental ago Dennis Cafiero Gun Days, according discussed are three meter preventing Google and Google maps and your and people Regrettable Eyes smartphone via E three people. In the beginning of this, a coma Diego I bodies in the rubble You filed your housing blows there rattling flower but a global flex ear sediments, other potato A little star O Donnell Storrow doing the necessary Besar like Justin Lower team on the field in cargo playlist. Last Barcelo the Young, this Porc Aiello. 5. Estructura: the quantum Poco Morgan. Your most personal contact. Okay thing I don't think a Sona alluringly esta with regard a whole host of tea. Thean Esparza Boys took a local author. Kingsley Persona is our colonial complained Ninos. Now Hamas, they got a city. If they're going to grow about 2% that's it. Has to number the any mother. You, all of you. And now I mustn't the third if you want to say they were almost over the whole boat Tony Montana Antonio Todo where did you get given you and doesn't Kalumba far Logan fears when I say the Hoyos Romero locally Farrell a persona locally perilous path. You present our Telegroup overlooking persona like a seal Mina l milligram block a solo Who goes a portable Timo helping Teknologi Mara Survival assaulting Most think all the f minutos made me Santa s a pony and Tillerson feeler But up in Alaska, boy face on the payroll Locascio he poured everything local Nothing. I mean allow order Bush Casella person either experience Ekiti Parry say the a V I'll get it back A simple but around the back And I want to be part of a collateral. Pretty vehement And the 6. Juegos: That's how we literally anything We get the police saying the surface album coordinates Ontario's mean your sea level Ramadhan. Open the lumber. They're going to pay for school. Our movie dynamic goes that Bring Phoebe Okay, Siente income a group. I mean, we were starting medical school at the U. S. But employees or two personas, But I sort of see this year's we know no more. Sica equals battling for the next person executed secular Florida Capasa Look Nokia's anticipated for same father war I felt that are sticking with Colarossi Salem in under the solo sail Immune NCs is the field Kyoto personas Holan, Kitona, Syria Que Alyona us a persona asked me to say, Oh, come part unless Syria also go home before Let's see in Toronto. So I say Syria is moving, he said, You know how to him in a competitive castle Keeper Luca say no. No, Tenga has said the most. Gonna from funeral Musica Joel upon WASI on that is impracticable still. About a year ago, Garrison, about the whole been under and mature intestine global normal torrid on those things that seem simple ago, you know, inclusive. Look, how about a financial Total poor came in the store just opening Fieler if paid under just about Who Wonder Bean Koto assistant follows a t o and water goes the coffee ago Musica is the little moment says so. Barnacle A persona que same wear a sale Amina Understand Corporate table OK, so the group Morgan on the phone You're going to promote Ahok through the eating in category Collateral or Habito How throws e t give us our A game which has everything. It didn't both labour and the third no person about your opponent sake La manga in t well, there goes forth in a movie in Alaska Lfyou nous drink because consumers conqueror graffiti number Fierro black and silver momento photography exacta Chaos in lost by Ledeen is they will be the clip musicals You know, when I say the confusion having barony news, getting fotografia con corretta Okay to tell him in just a moment the song Some of you I think a lot of sand and sun loading amiga caffeine of a one thing True, But I m. Pei pei one true second bailout them. But then they went on to Yes, they say, Well, omen photography I love movie me and those corn or a tricky it raka raka Children Tricky, tricky, tricky affair Local radio I'm motor cough. You know, this stuff gave a happening Conrad Online. Say what? I'm into the saber two years. Luna's the memo Guerra in Killeen Os stories. Some 1000 rubles address, you know, is that if you care about that But I will tell you they're selling killing my godmother, Cissy. But if ah yes, that's what about it? Is that slowed robbery? He whom does for my wanted to it. Interesting, but just like salary in order. A body? Yeah, baby in a studio Istanbul hotel and group of the formal Una casita con drinking. You know, dentro But every scare elaborate care that scoring it coming in the city in Killeen overlooking killing Morecambe in the group Boys to come in the Cassa Utara Finn, Alice there Amato. It'll amano se meth crisis following a foreman group of Yes, yes, it's about Michelangelo is or the mammography. So el momento the remote. They're easily with a very much arena. You know about a fever is Macedonian always. When I fruit that I paid us Montana's rose was in beta blood and they come in the CDO Macedonian fruit. That's a dollar minyan in years to come in the city the same way on the case Seller passing being in existence more in winter than use the welcome intercourse documents Another company A does the big a hole Banya little person I'm area going Manolito. Yeah, it does feel as the ninos learning this time around house And you know all those and three headquarter Think Remember Cassie in Arizona. And if a luna leather percent Corrine e l Keiko help Manolito promedio ecru fell Alinea They keep Ghana. See Crew Fassel, Alina But its top persona Army a sequel Moose Tomatoes, Porky Karapetyan A poker Read more. Yes, Stan. Competitive. Okay, 100 getting here through labor. Better sort of. You know, when you might feel get him a Horace or they may be a hold us, they hope will go the way of an idiom. Local media. We told her personal where things get lost Any a c t on their complaints. As you know, mass, they keep momento playlist. See your people 7. Pintacaras: until the whole thing doesn't feel See how global Marilou feel on the whole way home. Us? Yes, because the group, the whole thing, the whole the whole team of the FBI photos but us thing was to to benefit the colores e tengo una city The cosas que your success alakazam reverb even got Opare A Professor Raven Peter Mariposa Big data Mahama knows Joseph Nacchio Lots of happy cool. There's a better the new home. A three I don't know. We'll look with Russell Very They just look at the wrong opinion. Mutiu Gayle has Bean is the super everywhere So get pains that they're entirely Superman or three Come up into your Superman Toyota Californians in Dr Italian in the defeat of the Superman Jalape o Neill symbol Oh, this would mind the fifth inning when they saw that. Then everyone has to check a theory Local Oda's skin color thing We don't tell him Archila having Timothy Umbrella Mattila also Barkalow going up with Pinter Color stand down some Lando's e you know, being teller skill Early fruit ago Pass mbm for global standing candle No one in your constituting pink that is getting beat That Nala painted. You saw a dollop lagoon. The open, incipient, anonymous Porky. I bothered him asking Nokia ring, then progress in something every second Alfano Castle. 8. Errores y Problemas: more Now we're comported continue and say they rode a scale You're committed to improve blame asking me and Sophia no solid mass movement Tasco the go knocking at the door and say OK, 18 Italian canoeists post the articulable and became a target for getting and doing. We're gonna sell Salik on the invoice. Full name in In a sign of Sal Khan Tim Casino Meniscus R Eric, you know, get the new policy got important to the mechanical steam coming with them and 1/4 to them in the ward. Sister Togusa boys seem market normally paid a little mapping Tallulah cada onto the import Foresee tobacco Madison precedents can be set a little different this impressive. So based to our use less different this impressive No take a bogus even after winning my phone call line a little bit e in the past pedo than England getting ink Ibaka report tiempo The started to think mass Better not the gay vis Master Notre Get out early, My lord, I know to drive a ho problema scarier than either a Run the Motor Timber 1090 My thinness in genetic are never going to see report under the gate up where law is gonna stand on the issue. They're going to look at the second I can possibly think of or in the general car sharing below the story. Compare their coaching. Imogen Moffat. Part of What do you mean? You can be out of the rope? I'm a gorilla. Yep. It Oh, no film for accomplice sitting. Assume Peto Home bundle, Infinite problematical quarto or hold on. No snaking Marius depended. I mean, the people there back to give it. But you are not going to say that conveys the people a food fanatic. Peroni, my fianc? Quarto opened the infinite. Okay, No, no. My family started louder. I was picketing Be done on complain. You also decathlon in my field glasses on the city. Sanyo's gabfest according to handle. More, more, more Barco escape! I am a bogus momento Standard Poco e! Yes! Look, I e o maybe stylus interference alone Me more power to him. We still get nothing. Yes, And feel I Conrad alone in a film but in your stand than than beginners bearing a cigar. So last solo there was the Paciencia's different courses. Even the little cutting Gasela hose mask. Tom Mboya Besar came in your movie begin using in your movie Mallya Racing is a castle Tina Scare Market The Ba Theo for a period little Medearis case had a turnbuckle up again You know the big fear who are at a low tanto tempo in your opinion, is there does global up again Your whole you know the whole of majorities You don't mean anything Die for local guerrillas Quit goes just a point and party part of the whole where my duties are you picking? You didn't see a simple Okumu integral key contained at all I am me about Salo. Dig our ah three. You could have you sit among other seven women. I mean me and the Children. No Amendment Albatross. Oh, made me confront that a person of 1,000,000 Far can. Okay, thank you very much to both support to simply they feel able to feel Namdaemun gondola to yucky, yucky, interested in other cities. Okay, you go hold Quadrophenia straight. Mean you can. We spoke about who are they can move to musty and body armor and look at it. Sort of intent that in Caritas on my door I would think a pickle hospital number The bad? Yes. So attaining. Considering Quinta Catuna, this clown within Audra Dilemma Game Mucci C Most ninos say caso on this. 75% So much in a very high ing ever contenido Donny Mallory's esto no boy said or the thing go a particle. Under nine years you've been going companero companion era to denote America Tenere toe glass It was Lady is the empresa through those well, uh, goes and miss path you might see about your Thank you See you packing Wigan and the more complete go all the way there Lohan in Grubac Mafia parody e m 40 more thing. We are going to the body S o. B. Because some were on the market that rupiah first person said morphine Ito Frio said that I said that they're going to hold a massive deportable 9. Recomendaciones: I recommend that never the is it a more general? Just TV. If you know what fresco local coal or see a standard part in the words of the two areas where the whole fist the cocaine. Okay, Gadhafi s since it's the most the most professional in T mobile order persona. Get home. I m okay. Let me know. Problemas says Toronto bottled empresa Novelist Nuka Moloto said you have a mother to her for two aces. Bueno a Brazilian. Clinton didn't lindelof in. There seemed particularly along Kasay's the castle and dinner toe affair Donkey The Gargamel in the dark with our personal trabajo Ah determinant in took gig are based evil. Yeah, this Coca Cola ropa no Nokia normal e g Best coaches yelling and coach come into popular use embrace in the state. But they said Oh no, Maybe about those Ah Nora, think when talking Christmas torassa must be 15. Did you see anyone feels that now is the time. Maybe. I thought I made it to hold it in a specific order book. Oh, doing it here. See? Banga said of the whole A terrible in local, Ahem body, huh? Okay, so you know so well fed a movie pasado in the way of our simple, most value r e t a r t. No person other The Logan Thomas Love Footing Tomorrow, Roberto The rest even Montero. Photo. Nope. Asana is simple. Catherine Russell field goal. More sip wears an and by listen in who goes inclusion of poverty Is your whole toe hawalas particular? Generally fruit on much. 10. Despedida y consejos finales: one of the Obama health in elastic Or so you can t you Aafia low commitment from total oestrogen escape personally far ah, felt overseas. I end up in the millions. Then it feels different. This one also must at rallies Mustaine Atticus, support given Empresa from the V a gay Afghani. My fear is that that Kathy and stay mass Lamia mask more horrible women is the element. Is the person on the okay? So you also know Mafia seen. Okay, a just having you there. The animal oils I m isn't trabajo more. Gonzalo starts in order. Dandelion Andrea. Kyoto's consuming in India. Interesting. Like we are here in Guantanamo. Que Where comatose Difficult line. And here's a little Lola. Both commando, the Queen and Panya Momento Alcohol. Okay, is my focus on the same level of your companion Said well, for anybody Have it to the local you know, persona gold. Next thing you want, it already happened for four. The only reason you became a u the u Out the High Court