AGILE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - അടിസ്ഥാനതത്വങ്ങൾ, In Malayalam | Jimmy Mathew | Skillshare

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AGILE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - അടിസ്ഥാനതത്വങ്ങൾ, In Malayalam

teacher avatar Jimmy Mathew, Agile Consultant

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Agile Software Development

    • 3. Agile Manifesto and Principles

    • 4. Agile Methodologies 3dot0

    • 5. Outro Our Courses in SkillShare

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About This Class

*Updated as per the latest Scrum Guide, Nov 2020. We have updated the course content as per the changes made in the latest version of the scrum Guide(TM)

Malayalam language is used for the narration in this course.

ഈ കോഴ്സ് Agile Software development  ചർച്ച ചെയ്യുന്നു. ഈ കോഴ്സ് Agile Software Development - അടിസ്ഥാനതത്വങ്ങൾ വിവരിക്കുന്നു. Agile Manifesto & Principles -നെപ്പറ്റി വിശദമായ ഒരു വീഡിയോയും ഇതിൽ ഉൾപ്പെടുത്തിയിട്ടുണ്ട്.

ഈ കോഴ്സിൽ വിവരണം ഭാഗികമായി മലയാളത്തിലാണ്.

എന്തുകൊണ്ടാണ് ഭാഗികമായി എന്നു പറയുന്നത് ?

Techinical words ഇംഗ്ലീഷിൽ തന്നെയാണ് പറയുന്നത്. ഈ കോഴ്സിൽ presentation slides ഇംഗ്ലീഷിലാണ് തയ്യാറാക്കിയിരിക്കുന്നത്. അതുപോലെ സാധാരണ നാം ഉപയോഗിക്കുന്ന ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് പദങ്ങൾ മലയാളത്തിലേക്ക് മാറ്റി പറയുവാനുള്ള ഒരു ശ്രമം ഇവിടെ നടത്തുന്നില്ല.

Malayalam language is used for the narration in this course except for technical words, presentation, visuals and definitions.

This course introduces Agile and discuss Agile manifesto and principles. This includes an overview of a few agile approaches.

The course content:

Agile Software Development

Agile Manifesto and Principles

Agile Methodologies



This course is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Scrum org. This course uses content from the Scrum Guide. All the content related to Scrum Guide is taken from scrumguides org and is under the Attribution ShareAlike license of Creative Commons. Further information is accessible at http://creativecommons org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/legalcode and also described in summary form at http://creativecommons org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jimmy Mathew

Agile Consultant


Around 15 years in IT, 7 years of Agile experience, playing various roles of Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Trainer, etc.


Book: - Scrum Tales: Stories from a Scrum Master's Diary  

Book: - Agile Life: Understanding agile in a non-software context  



.      ICP-ACC - ICP Agile Coaching   

·      CSP – Certified Scrum Professional  

·      CSM – Certified Scrum Master  

·      SAFe - Scaled Agile Framework-Agilist  

·      PSM1 – Professional Scrum Master  

... See full profile

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1. Course Introduction: Now, let's print out their big enough fundamentals of Agile software development in the course-related ever console window equals psu number agile software development in LET Sheila basics it a 100, discussing another portion that we weren't on them or molarity. Molarity, we were home. They'll go whole technical edge Slovakian ingredients. Then you wanna buy a little garden. You technical watercolor, Mariana delay, get that Demetri, little wonder. Well here while you are, you should pooled a number controlled and they looked at whether the confusion hold archeology. You look at the 1.The chemical walk we are okay. Molality aligned glacial tenure, Eddy Cue, guy rubato, glucose into bigger ethanol Malala view you are younger. So trigonal idea. Even Amaka, Lillian book IANA, we'll put a little calm. Are the y equals the agile software development Nimbit Ula, who look in production, they're going malaria, you. Organization equals int number, I'd say manifesto, I Bataille principle and not undergo that you're discussing the ideal mechanical stirred annihilate dinner will give us, giving that element is number, say you know other whether in a bunker under ideal principles at Yale manifesto and not a hugger departure, you buckled and supports available number will give you a run down with them or you're in discussing or anything. I'm going to share some numbers. See law jail trained birthing a jail methodologies. Okay. I j lumber night where it not as Ale methodologies and let me be with either a framework rule in the vehicle except to recur throughout our dbVar home equals symbol, but it's a limited window Baraka boiler there named bullies Greenland cardinal not i e Corso number coverage in not open. You got James Salter developmental and attention to as a software development. I will a detailed discussion on assail manifesto and principles behind Agile Manifesto had a brief discussion on Agile methodology. We do work in political rhetoric. Goes into government, Warner, why malaria, the law, IMA and labor asha putting the guy in the Guardiola equals integral of Mali alone will be a Wiki. What creative endeavor of our the Easter weekend alone. 2. Agile Software Development: Let's print, i will get a big enough fundamentals of ideal source term developmental. And of course, Likud, we've doped solid EB, really eigen software development in equity to La Rue, introduction on a number we'll put with 11. I think it will or develop mentor in CO2 concept to where the newly humbled binary, the ruler development approach here, numbers offshore industry will be overridden by the uploads will be put up. What are their article might then enter Rubio Egan limited on the amount of waterfall approach. You want to for uploads. What do serious Ayatollah phase equilibria, sequence of faces, Gloriana slope term developmental. Part of the world are the myeloma Hutu requirement phase will direct you if a single number like I did here at thermal equilibrium with the stake holders in their little Caroline. So we're connecting yellow, blue, while the other curve, a token foundational document SRS, quoting here are documented colloquium darkroom ionization will recur when del, novel oversight over, you know, you've occur made for you soon essential, how would I ever do decide, Faisal lady, you hide ever decide on back on more lower level disabled backup mode, decide 3C, notice a inside of here, you know, we're the normal developmental phase leg. You gotta como our a number code is a low integrate shade low shop to build a new window mother testers and a guy modal MOOC. There's this other test, da, No, our bug, Google can put decoder, you know, above here number Zai Lu, organizational model we use or acceptance rates. You're ATPase, Lady Gaga MOOC. You will select as Diego USA culture bug earlier. Don't worry, normally pixie the photo MOOC organization, our signup. Number e, productive uses no Bjorken, Wendy, receptor, marital awareness. Hold eye to load. A great workout. I in the normal Golden City on colleague alkali, silica, Mineola Malevich, you gotta might that ninth Weber who view each Todd? Park Chung-hee, but I had a stat and abide load across snow, soap tour industry lid number machines in order now mine should you want to turn it over to the dataset you got mentioned psychodrama, a port E processes, pineapple ripple, MLU wouldn't have won last. So I do that. Well, the ultimate Now you know, curb and so other genes, either one-day equal number argument or Gherman document on donkeys. I know poking out of the integral, not their name. So after feeling about getting into lower Lariam, changed acoustical one, the old ADD customers now we single-molecule, they've since changed either in citizen already swapped only when they're producing and writing a little change. But what about the other one is the name? Because I'll have my miter waterfall up virtual cardinal. Not at all. A mentor does sum. I am qualita near double number of Plan G then AIG anonymous employee topology there are dated about or do or Shovel Knight was a port you Development a face on the Illinois integer development delay elements citizen. The Indo-Aryan back to admit a stimulating it while a port number it two phases, whether they're partially lighter, AlleleA1 at a quadrature Piaget, the enemy England testing at the unit, production Lego and looted from an emoticon Dao aboard, knowingly or unknowingly out. And yada-yada-yada port number of testing in equality who are separate in our browser and you go to Codename megabyte others, how Algeria pulldown law, soccer. The only other one I may have a girl, my daughter delivery where a willow root Waller. And while you regard you oily and allow the Illinois mala customers might Alameda dN number could occur Monday, could P32 humbler productive might vary with which a limp where akin to our adult curve under the monopoly Bonollo Nick changed the CADD un Saturday. The waterfall approach in the MIT Lab where I am on the agenda and when the Minorca I think there's a number later on in the world and their name, either one or the other, is I'm able to think essential, you project do rationalization numbers OK, tomorrow my PICC line in here to the g level, okay, either way nullclines in the other way that the rule now we do release and go to the dealer, Yamasaki living Woodward synchronization on the whole plank. Did your total product July at the Chilean board? Number quantity Linda are productive land in the mental productivity kinda in the Yao, that would be the RMB in loco parentis Ali Candida can walk bright and our Santa mock them on a number line. We would YOU very lazy and other nebulae, are you lazy? And I'm honored that you would see while you are known to the Cygnus OB2 and unfold as to a 100 degrees. What is a human Board? And the customer now, I will separate us either Amarna year look older than either with a guarantee window Karen has done on VR, we similarly, Marty the gap as well, Augusta and our similar number of minus L allocate Eagle of REDCap. Okay. You're gonna pile up percent less oxygen. Otherwise, what will approach will nominate testing a double Santa quantity in the requirement phase. These are in-phase development phase or the NSA or semana testing. A port, brighten the outside American holiday accuracy while to lower their listing in that equivalent upper defective or counter thermal late data, any upper late editor. And I'm going to take a T-Account that they overlap it rubles from health-related number defective under the law of three, you are detectable by the Greek yuan to LA we show more FRC recorder lady, you oscillate the effect. It will be costlier to fix. Okay. I'll what else? On-brand nominal bombarding Isabella and L Santa ministry holders who are at the other gondola incremental when they're uploaded article in the lab, normally productive, Mitchell media inverted the NSA holders and their customers. Any other card he gave the law, I won't do their neck out. Sonnim number. I will sign on level a product to Maya, to customer related the ileum or our de, our other cariogenic put a wire or loss are Kayla either Curriculum, traditional idle a waterfall approach, adn, the malaria would do detail and a project to plan of docu tau project took me live number while I read dependent on upright, lonelier than liberty to enjoy it. And unless you, okay, well, let us say V i dot project planning and oscillates. Arnold, I'm really led that envelope, notable and the partial of omega again, I'm gonna Plan G, the only Heliopan separate guiding them. Okay. Now Milwaukee and they've grown men to change algo de image Angel on dialogue. Among other Corinthian change alone diagram, a port number z, derivative blind and physically Idaho that are calibrated, abort IEP planning Ola, dependency, ie Waterfall approach in their new net, the atom, outgoing particle approaching them or cotton or the normal uniparental command and control. Yet why would a projective on its own by adding a product manager or a project plan of Dakpo, operate my layers Connect team members, want across ages would occur. Prayed Monet and cognitive embracing their work can have authentically, you wouldn't project my Bayesian power of 1 million, the one I would a project manager when independencies already come with a waterfall approach, you would deploy stick to that. A waterfall approach unless you like what I'm allowed. Normalization soaps or development in equal to sulla discussion, Arabic, piano. How do I then a Azim software development in walking and lineal in Nawaz Agrippina Wikipedia. Who do Louisiana L dharma in the normal good case. If we go for a definition from Wikipedia, it says agile software development is a group of software development methods based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between Self-Organizing, cross-functional teams. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, and delivery. A time books iterative approach and encourages rapid and flexible responses to change. It is a conceptual framework that promotes foreseen interactions throughout the development cycle. You would see low walkable highlighting Eddington luminosity, garner, Eawag, co-locate one-way 19, whether not slightly legally, number layer discuss ELA, you, Isaiah soap term development in the wind, not group of software development and there's a link in software development frameworks. Other I tried to add inquiry Mundell developmental may cite for low-level hydrate you in overhearing, NOT while you're productive. Well, Michel Nakamura, Again, Pylab cut canola, people document incremental in the barnyard, normally reservior, productive, start either a Laker quarter, they'll functionality RDA. The art is either I'm gonna increment allied debt nonetheless hope to render Willoughby the wall and they are, they absorb, don't develop mentor. Deep collaboration with three, become either neck. Depending on lambda. Otherworldly self-organizing teams, cross-functional teams and time bolster development that thought you guiding a lot of them, I represent Nick, Luck. Sliding relate. Nonetheless. It's RSA in idea. Where do soap chew on development called S3. I'm saying what I'm hearing here are the main Hulu umber latte on Himalaya. But a boardroom sailors holding manana. Scrum mom, Rayleigh number $11 thousand eliminates beam time by fema Zaydan them a lot with Gassman dot is crumb, DSD, Kanban, Extreme Programming. You then love umber like L to within them are DataFrame bursa, Isaiah methodologies are on the volume of whatever where am I in the molecular tale. It's a group of methodologies that follows on to an incremental development approach. I tried doing driven delight or not development approach, simply organizing, self-managing team are gonna look at, is kind of OK. You've run development approach our limbic. So OK, turned out on deck or do group br as a methodologies in omega baryons. Are you out of the right idea to software development there in the world and in data in the level. What do one your thought your development project today. So it's a real problem and I put the region number will notable novel approach to soap to a level of debt. And by the way, it was shown that out with your load or projecting our two a whole number all nighter, Gavin Oromo awesome, v the morula theory, Etruria ponder MFA civil right number, who notable them? Whenever someone that I'm building. And then he wouldn't ask that all of a sudden if a suitable repeatedly that he basically repeatedly in the inset it says, OK, don't develop leachate quantity. Would while your time period in a reactor area, time period of Iraqi, which each number software development delay approach, G and E approach. And I tried to software development or in the battle having their definition. And then a number of iterative development is a way of breaking down the Software development of a large application into smaller chunks. In iterative development, software is designed, developed, and tested, and repeated cycles. Article I'm ugly, incremental modal in the, in the logo, in the incremental model, normalcy leather, photophobic term a motto, glutamine soon that you deliver these known about it a little younger obligation, RB1 datum for away at the outcome of law functionality obligation vacuum, other TJ and no other one organization or really good cortical functions, functionalities and other dish to eunoia. Ok, on a layman shovel-ready functionalities RDA, look, I'll let it go do incremental number. So I'm going to have productive, the very productive vote or am I a leak in the library? A caret functionality, quality, quality of functionality aside and number quarter, quarter, they'll do it again. And then it will root element approach near laying grim electrodes in the value number e incremented approaching their definition, Autonoma cooking come. The incremental build model is a method of software development where the product is designed, implemented, and tested incrementally. At is a little more, is added each time until the product is finished. Until you solve turned down low but a negative. So lots out civilly, while I agree with him that I am the Walker on a self organizing self. Aging teams in the other world of the net gross functional genes. Get a little while I think important down, Self-Organizing, self-managing up a, the suture Bigtable in a Swayam organised a lot. So I have managed to take it not debugger up through a mathematical notation in the karma, Barack Obama, what are one month, you'd even order cumulate Linda Well can say get up in the pie in Merida bugger team. So I am the_num American Luoyang alignment of our kids are going on. In many art. Again, look a good theory. Can nobody could complete the children died young local critique and nearly a third of the team collaborates UI to soil here Monday, I wanted a progress. Then Nemo literature, you know, okay, I wouldn't, I softer dough. I'm going to say gray overland narrator icky table, where Raul did come on tinting more girly. Proud of soil organisms, soil mine hc over lambda. So to software development in dig at is Cloud Debugger monosodium organising and engraved Sawyer mine, Asiana Mangalore rising in the organization and the Marti and workouts and more law. The law supported living out, abort, command and control law, self-organized. Ayatollah said, my name is guide to Latium morale, I think software development where they're developing, what do artists Tara, article workup, cross-functional team, Software Development of the Mughal equity part Ebola wouldn't even if anybody involved omega minus D, we live, okay. Irc, you're lining up. Developers on the test stays on diagonal. Okay. You are experts on the economic business analyst from diarrhea. I'm never been revealed luck I rebuilt below level with the gallery, museum, a Latino reload. Okay. I'm going to tangle could be directing majorly porn EMOC when they end up. Yet with a guy Neuberger Lou and are ten eating him up. The Manana cross-functional teams in the other, either by Napoleon polynomial in the McDonald's to develop mandatory murdering and destined PMO directly. Unpolarized areas or economic development teams develope anomaly and the testing team into the record of their testing before it is DL, generic or mitigate OMB requirements in where do their routine diary and we say it here and wherever demon diary. And either by letting him early now eat Bundler, debugger we'll credit can knock IT, will get a expertises and every mutual development cross-functional item.quantity, human aid. As you methodologically, I did what I did, whatever idealism, my total defamation. Diem, with all the capabilities or for performing the worker, fine tune them. Tang Merkel, ABCD can my work gives a little CPU and now we show more law. A lawyer with the capabilities and mola, Would it be even a number? Gross functional T bar, I went Sadiq, Jalal, adopt T1, productive unless you double down on tomato little, produce light loss of 200 developmental number credit in the codec within a while entity tailed that load upon document. It throughout. Unger Bella. Hello to t one, the number Ethereum requirements. Number girl, the nato up to wrap your mind too, I don't under a poor out of the O2 autumn oscillate AU where do wash up, take your whole aporetic GUI to law would apply that normal older home or domicile, we try out some other way. Organisation. Can Arabic degradability emulate Gardasil? Otherworldly? He would do was so vague anomaly and then yeah, and I hope to develop each egg and other in Mineola guiding the lockup, ready to say the number of replied in vacuum? Bashar j let planning area. You wouldn't wash to take a little break down. What do, why should they low to high level plan on back home. Michelle, detail that look Planet Survey or the allow the lake amount or mu w, without going to Scrum methodology would owe live Marie's bandgap, we should be able to buy a plan mumble Say included antigenic IT. Other one rule, a priority number, better military number one member by Napoleon's, would you give to the worldly sounds in English? Omega Mariko directive, no matter what they say in their roadmap tomorrow, quantity of number that team article delegate will deal with the agenda integral number lead. So up to an image a little Humboldt Buddha would be a challenge given number capital. He did a number coupler and enabling MarkovRunner adapt to planet in the body. We will change the plan and either use analogy dangled an imbalance that change gigolo wide that app to GUN AND number, number that planet will change. And then it changes Yan reflexively to EU law would apply flexibility they did not, would've planning approach in yada number adapt to planning methodology? But I learned that day, adaptive blinding they see in the prologue. So absurd our own Indian law protein digital epidemiology animal in the piano in the MOOC is all come out of the, the actual wait time to market and the money market link blossom, a Mozilla localized the mother would do was of their project total Agilent and gloom waterfall livelihood. What company? I agree. But I'd say, Where do I try to increment? They'll develop and approach on a the world again name yay tomb. We're gonna put a feature or minimum one pin, so up to her yet three, but then the market with the UN Momoko Sadducee, Scrum Milan and the damn dykes unite rationally related number level, one can solve general document. And then, you know, we do mass of maximum one month number like in the universe all over again, solving, software development enables to look outside the window, the perennial quite normal room rather than a Vigenere when you're 80% tumor rarely or never used are not upward. Molecule, not protonate. Puerto Rican, Dare to be o, you get bored and not eat it with a silver mine or my dad knew what they sell mine on function and go on him that near them or convey liberty and solving. Normally you do iterative, incremental approach on our limbic away while at it but tumbling number, market, lake, Aesop, dual roaming it. The US-Soviet. I'd sailed with it in Greece project tries, but XY Ei is a2 methodical iterative approach to enable a thin device for NCAA increments in greasy and we're done unless a high given the mass of the, you know, I'm gonna stake holders in a customers than the current one. So I think a number m, the ANA whom dark on the number of ducky and productivity and many Ana heating and other downloader expectation. I'd set it down on the name of Martin going away and all. I'm then it wouldn't be civility, number of clients in vertical, other-worldly in Scrum methodology, that's Crump, regular calamity. My dad's a framework is really odd and 03 per square depicts server-3 activities or three practice ago. He practiced civil lockup and neck. You transparency a fancy you and many of the Walesa Huygens molality goingto change eagle a wildly effective why? Tightly you and I deal with it origins in the dummy, sorry, I will do Carnap while I'm at short term, ILS and ulama. But UDP protocol only change one line. Change in a llama grew up solar energy you are going to allow the, you pull not occur. My dress and macro model got enough detail that would look like nitration legal. Martha Romano Docker, build buck, you're lower overall prime Math and one on the macula about number, but plan in a affectivity jag learning curve and it's in a hand Leah serving you would get a curve into humiliating yet requirement innovators AND with NO Mike Sima dialogue with the number two, write tradition there, let the Anything, and then I'm Dan Sandler, Oulipo l maximum one month. Our limitation here, a pyramid in a timely and Saudi get reduced risk. You're going to go in and I'm undiscussable to bu internal traditional approach testing here one at a Thomas HRC and the yearly listing and a early feedback ulama who could tunnel upward pneumonitis, you'll say you'll not get dealt guiding. Hello Alice. He will occur on a tip down angled pool number, combat. Dummy ran them up at Amarna. Allow the ROM awesome. Overdo a shovel in either Word or I'm tired. Cd-rom normal developing in the software customers in their review and added to the vocal protocol. The world will in May and then nulliparous MD order anti ICO and minimum time diets and linguine. Maximum point during El worry, worry massive pig muscles that will move its singular normal good customer feedback, litigant on a port number to project duration, the risk in the variable number coast intervals, Good and the original development denote law course down from all of our other color in them and who want to nato and spit NC amplitude developmentally then number is going to reduce the UN Wendy. Nonetheless, Angular that collaboration, that ID number already, because x2 now moonlight rates vital in a developmental ladder D. So if you were to NSObject, has devices we're releasing, you know, are the ones within a quarter. Collaboration will directly on the wall and a shorter VT by ulama, I think dole up and whether or not you got the Scrum Framework louder you or your grandparents. Woody biomass. So Kilo mingling, customer vital member collaborates JD and customer millimolar productive carnage, GD. Okay. Otherwise than their pilots from pray with you a little more level liver collaborate name as axially, when tickle, you pay a lump. Customer collaboration, a lingual business collaboration over T collaboration in an enhancer you and when? Well, I want you to think of some high again. I'd say alum, traditional upwards on the Moore Law basically, I don't know the decimal and the guys on the local aka argued the number. Discuss either guiding linear waterfall approach, plan at one time activity Anna, I say love what Sheila planning and adapt d1, dOmega, who do upfront planning or do all our planning for a long duration and just-in-time planning for a short duration. For example, omega two overall release plan, dollar per se I question plan. Or do I start putting in more detail at the LA plan on Jack Ma the 1s and then as you go to a law that T1 at rural flexible armor. Full approach will project management on a given event, a plant shake another in January, self-organizing set, mine aging T Marta, arbiter than neon O and isolation are tabulated in anabolic EJ underway and low in epidemiologic Taylor to Lapland Hochelaga. Waterfall approach in our detailed oral government face one direction, detail then recur material, novel capsular. You wanted a well, yeah, requirement documentation number procurement side OP, in Agile methods, non-polluting high-level requirements is not on omega toda cut the organizational procurement also evolves into number developed either to piano. So after development role to see alliances with your occur middleware and procurement changes. And then it will do up front. I do not want to detail will come at requirements documentation. As a political appointee with where it depends upon the linear one already data at law firm recommendation to Kermit documentation eula in the employee table, it one at a symbol Ayatollah, Khomeini salami reveal user's story. I tell in the use case i eta from the customer's perspective who nonetheless requirements neck, yeah, absolutely love IT. Otherwise in a waterfall approach allele which are playing the collaboration out on novel about Euler occur when face scary hearing, hearing. Yet it number will look like in India to the Taylor law probably to del, sign a product you might ID you absorb and do an API like I think a lot of that kind of Allah. It likes us excellent anabolic. Or do they go to customer collaboration on the wall and it reconnected to the neck and learn stakeholders might collaborate entity and not going to approach r as a softer approach. The level of water in a product owner is the organization or the stakeholders? I will do, they will be collaborating with one another throughout the development cycle. Although protocol, motor Googler, Martha would do specific gate number luck throughout the development cycle. It will load clothes, collaborate you, I'll collaboration or La D mileage approach Anna at same software development approach. In the one downer combinatorial Lindell project, tickle, Algeria legume article that you think that recently I total survey another kingdom night. He slightly daddy, sort of vague and address analogous Arab states on the CTA and Bamaga. Whatever details that you wouldn't normally think of a lemon. I wanted to present a potassium Dakar anomalously lake. Mr1 will lock on it, but I can accompanied by low, the bear Crayola requirement is changing order of sport to see you. And I will, I will enable you as a layer project in a usability lab on the border class where assume that, well no. I want to solve the aquatic T early testing air liquid by Coca-Cola soap to a quartic de Bruijn. The ideal approach versus a high, you know, our quarter they'll be alignment. I did approachable. Taylor, driver's side that will have ethical umbrella group, our ideal adoption, the gardening life that parietal. You do it in Amara James software development approach in them and lower settler Martha, when discussing the agile software development, men didn't look, we're a bungalow, don't. You put at least to you that you get naive personnel or linearity. Sutherland is teleported zeal development approaching. Did gala other numbering limiting alert either UDID and the ALU sila. They said when they get lama get kinda pile up worm or LA to coordinate on a Jalal DO recommendation way and Dukkha number per se as a really good recommendation. Commendations, obviously one day per share. I now wish him iron recommendation Mark from out on the morrow Reebok on them. But shape by law, they employ integral to look the accommodation. A poor mom i to keep normalcy loop, are there we need a public water they'll cope. Looks at your leg, it would look like with a savage idea, wouldn't have gotten them. Otherworldly. Jail methodology sets aside Langley particle wave or a dedicated I've lost my job for two other, I wish among customers soon develop, pursue Metis stakeholders of wall and a constant diet turkey, right? You individually would collaborate do-while to law nor mental hour, day pitching AND way. Okay. Either pile up poor Lu Sorry, gave them unit coonskin deadlier collaboration where customers available Iraqi law, you make to stay whole days available. It Qila upward demands more time and energy from all the people who are, who are involved in the project. When a bear or personal a project in R0 and data, nothing to salvage the are they limit relevance in a will come to you netherworld that Google would allow requirement to wonder, wonder you, you're 40 prorated. Number could predict TCM, but delta u, the ideal number from a large sale type books router, for example, is crunch time books Reimer. Okay, get right away and I will know McCarthy in America, you then a3 are normally hand in glove and we say, you know, Elaine de reticent to a deny Darwinian IPO Indian economy, otherworldly outlet. And I look for in data scope creep. Hello. Now, argue homebuyer score by adding a level two while the Arab world who deliver currents, where do Scopus and Nick widowhood ads and soon the upward number to fix the bit ploy to looking at what keel in either one of the core of their personal growth that koalas are either one or let it pour bottleneck, go into evidence. The potentiometer boil down a fixed Ayatollah, but digital marquee on the worker. Predictions are not up to one vote. Idea. Requirements change z alone, the number auto I, traditional armour coudl constantly to you another, you would have a requirement of scope or equaling feats Bella primal audit tomorrow at Yale development approach you will fix died or whether upward specific EBIT Gitlin specific is share your local market so you agree, integral occur our rid of predictions, I cannot cause tool diagram and no look, prediction's not. What are able to Motorola cytosol visiting her. Real bright, borrowed tailored delivery focused around or do I rational numbers. Ok. During Grumman Mandaka-Mnono resorb tour, incremental, incremental itis up-to-date every you know, saga generally team are going to die concentration, T-Mobile day primary gore In the willingness. So up today we are going to be great, but on the derivate Aziza board, take clinical entity, but that's a lingual 40 shoes. Unless you look at riding the society, they want someone to a quarter of a million, we'll quarter working activists to policy and that ED law. So after deliberately you got a mate of mine city, Laker, T-Mobile Po Huo and some other video as a law Portugal in Pullman EB. Okay. Let me circle it. It's good. Now Amaka, feeding, inaugurating, yell, Carnap, you would've barring anything that pile up o integral of that New Zealand overflow. So video approaching your personal, I'd say anomaly and then he implemented so you know, the person lie down and you get all 0s sliding normal discussing Another thing that chimps aren't, they'll pick a Maya to loaded item on your Purana number aij alienate calc wouldn't. And I want her for a little more traditional development approach, Nate for ecology. And you'll notice I have a very bad idea either, but it's angled view might allow recite, ADD Amarna, young gotta go. Logo decidedly law, law. What do pass say E prime plus allergy to invalid? Well, robots are full approach in it would do Isaiah approach and I go to they'll benefit certain number cathedral what savvy Chaco, what a portal item and Masanga tailor. What I've sample requirements in LA, right in the protocol can never all Sonata in inclined Debbie or curve and retain sugar will know where you're looking up por la, porous Algeria. Otherworldly clients know MCI requirement, Tableau organization, right? If the elan that I'm Maria, normal omicron loaded traction applied to ready and now young girl may become so October iconic emboldening library. We may develop bending moment boredom, I cannot get Milk. Welcome, old Lakota client. I want it to react with the project as well. It time to market the gloom that micelle body get the rain. But telemarketing, economic and Momo Anika algorithm is a little mix-up or mom Island is a product in a market today you would deploy al-Mahdi unlearning, residing in it correctly or not. But as allogeneic would image when I was thinking sila poor waterfall approach in it at table approach, an ethical code will benefit certain number gets very one-sided Jacob. You're gonna go amble up by laws like the little number. But I knew I was alle time tomorrow, get me and fancy, you know, magically and many other time-to-market in, in high sea level. Either the rights, like the right ten. Functionality within whatever limits you deliver you the unipolar or low salaries getting really you where NDA functionality or where does some it deliberately in simulated annealing, a 2-ohm important item, luck aid to mock the average level of functionality will a 3-input encoder you are, you are the one that E product trail Amaka market. You pick y_1, love a little poodle, otherworldly business whiter while arena laying down. And so I had to whatever collaborative while eternal wacky. Another requirement in neighborhood around and get the name. Short feedback loop. We will arrive at the nano, get the name the citizen where the water closer to collaborate to abort business requirement demo, odour amongst level users, mail quota allows him or law wouldn't Breyer writing lettering but on the market at the UN Development Team and it's only going to 100, that is ten automatic writing, shorter delivery cycles, no light red, you increment and moral anthropology that the outermost sum docket again by Washington, by pretty kinda yet le I'd say them unlimited love milestone, that name. So up to an incremental, they'd go to you and your team workers are the good law. Then I'm guiding the IPO. We do look at the net angle market may enhance sitting in the software development in a quarterly crop tobacco on sale in many other Skinner curriculum. We did humble, humble discussing the guiding look of the Nala, other whole Noguchi, you would able to summarize really new and they will look shorter delivery cycles. Iw original Ethylene but tumor normal pair customer w in the neutral syndrome, unbelievable given back, you know, what do personal x-ray but on the very, very good low occurring up in there cause to effect to AD him testing a human and a little more. What do I have rational number, Diego, upward risk clip or high tuition to rational lake, Sudoku. But Dino side is omega regularly go to the customer, the car answered even though number again, little mic another customer Miao, Shu and loss are the numbers that neon all number could have gone home other than Linux between load idea or divisibility replies, Balenciaga stamina only begun under linear matter into high visibility of the Boulder School and limit of omega ne either to add into fee, you are near a delineate indivi you and the Musaddeq glue. And a third important buoyant in the water during yellow Gerben prioritization. Too scared, rural caramel, gelato, damp beauty, the rule approachable are occur wind in an eight-sided city, genomic gobble up the Caligula or memory requirement in MIT Wicca. Skin equity check would tolerate asthma where egos at MIT with a lingering yet three button my narrow scared not omitting the haemoglobin friendly SRE can either iterate, but on the handy that singular personal room diet or the mnemonics yourlist Homais and luckily begin in minute, will pile up features of hardware, software development. Those skinny or a Q and a and D. Nonetheless, the Huygens JIT planning, planning with a little more than malaria to load a walker. Jit stands for just in time. Number of high-level I reload overall plan, DOD budget deal tailored, apply integral number just in time on a creative nitration, the plant titration prolegomena door tomorrow murder detailed at or lapply integral number. Cool document. I'll either last two sports every moment post-print Diocletian starting in bold are the number. Good plan back out, a2 Mao assign at our setup in the whatever the i iteration started a line of thought double bar. The tailed lands are created at the last responsible moment. Okay, this didn't tag planning for yours. And even though E planner, last minute eulogy you more Iterations along the minor third tumour plant G, artist that I'm Tij, waterfowl visibility number called ID or a legal authority, mass m. And those are vQ and Millennium Village. And look at our level neighborhood diary, a port number, Nagumo, plan of benzene, accurate data. You then reply that Omar am doxology neighborhood to a coup and normalize the Hague and you go to what a agile software development in input and tsunami introduction media would our Santa Yana, another video, ELA Nirmala, our jail manifesto and Peru supers are deniability, wisdom, iota, subsetting. 3. Agile Manifesto and Principles: Let's print out their Bigelow fundamentals of Agile software development in the course at it, the more you litigate, solder them. Liberte lumber or jail by NF2 him Isaiah priciple x2, discussing only my ideal manifesto in the, in the pneumococcal downgraded the Autonoma de unlimited volume by even learned light weight software development approach or the probability that Salt Lake Wylie will determine our I'd single manifesto, you're not going to pass sale. Lower minimum being of the individual. Mine was leading unloaded or be left-sided over ripe site in the room? Form. I didn't I didn't mind if we are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work, we have come to value individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Working software over comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiation nation, responding to change over following a plan. While other important data, as a reminder for stereo, but you're not numbered of pile up. There are a lot of my time with varied in the 2p state went down or out of the logical. While there is value in items on the right, we value the items on the left. More. Agile processes, loco Tools. Hello, welcome. And national contract law. But objective planning on either end up E Barilla, identical down on the Endeavor, your brother enabled. Washing your vehicle. Ideal brother and you're leveraging other MIT, Priscilla guiding or common manifesto late or I didn't know, muck them up and then integrate them, not slavery. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. But also civil service him on our Ballard and under the model. What shape but a spirit of indirect sale. Now, team members, team members, domino, indirection. I've been the Prada and if the number Kirkegaard normally but I'd say, you know, to factory work under way to factory work item angle would have machine. It wouldn't make sure number of items where we just made the room EQ and sorry. Number what do neurology industry data. I would rather put other self-organizing Geico law. I bet you, I don't love bite us. Pediment drag design now by despair and been the perturbed our thinking. Where do p when air? But also some tools, some RE semana, number then every well, wherever they love Bashar, you process a little tour group interactions in a E, by experiment the perturb that Espinosa heritage of water PA, law ED, meaning well up but at the end, but support the university. I love it. Ipr also sum total interactions in 83, placing you in many curriculum streaming data, them working software over comprehensive documentation. Traditionally number of documentation and it will put period liquidity in London. Are they in the Mobutu recruitment phase of the out of its normal or high level procurements, low-level requirements, non-functional requirements. They loved gaps or either the Latino community organization design phase, high-level design document, low-level design document document document. They got a number of years ago. April. So single lumped pneumonia, project management and planning. Are the India IV designated upward in your design and procurement or lumping or malaria or cometabolic, you will do 20%, 30 percent of project is completed. And what I got both satellite and great turmoil complete say the available per se. Number. Number two, customer, no Hubel adequate or not. Or do outputted room either way on vacuity law. Number two, recommendation Martha, one, ohm, not medium-low software development project diggers who their SAP customer liberty while you create the other as our 20 swap darkly AT that Malala. And now they would have a huge set of documents, create data that our quota Guatemala. One Kings off tour I trigonal number de Morais, output dope, bribery, mugshot, metal progresses, walk-in, short-term ad is dedicated to bear on numbers, number their progress officially yet, you need to have economical document away and dark in the LA nasa document to Vienna. But organelle number would a minimum brokered live in Lake in limited military personnel? E documentable maintains ALL government and a number of our Let it be derived or law does say in high level, lower level design specification or separating daemon docker, push a project diplomacy, award, eally sale of a change would pile up Ballroom number. You don't go into the update j in the garden and updating it. And I think the other effort on to know more, do they sound softer and back where the low Eddy Kim, by a poor Rumi document you will update the year that I wanna do is they adopted projective outbreak. You, you document of the obsolete tower alone. Do we need the minimum set of localise number maintains IO none are governed by the sushi cow. Now Nano goo Bogata Muda, minimum set of documents in a number of rather anymore to enter the obviously with other documents with Famigo whom that they carry with them nonetheless, coordinate than nether recommendation that Castlevania ordered their name, documentation, manslaughter and revealing. Okay. Oxymyoglobin to semi structure or wherever you they've learned. Yeah, we should let the court speak for itself as much as possible. Customer collaboration over contract, negotiation. Number, traditional medical and say in the onboarding, customers from a very low quality planning, very human world, customers or dual with each moldable, bear the new lighter central Polya customer who do modelling the operand in the motto was a villain that number grew up in as hope Dora, The number of either customer will develop the room. I think they'll customer or vendor on them. We guide him. I would do indirection throughout the development process, development VDD, the ELA customer is the part of that automated process. Either either developing in the organization, customer would a collaborative that would emitter productive AND use idea, they gave it to you. I think approach, you can the outcome contract to go away and bark and Malala contractible obviously Amarna or the nothing that I ever other. Practical Ana in lump facilitate the gear icon right down on Ebola you can walk EUR law, the item number with other autonomic like DAD, I don't want to porn practical our cylinder. I called practical because Terminal Ayatollah call operation who like enhancing in the 3D diagram are the flexible id cannot retain just more flexible and economic customer might make corrections. Customer collaboration may enhance the unity the law supports the medieval law would record right Day and I, they employed through late night again. Responding to change over following a plan. Traditional I denormalize either one that Mendel from good where labor was it told them how productive AND I'd have been with allow Santa Maria Layer Layer activity within the marijuana at MD daylight, the normal bronchi and Lou. None of those sequence of tasks, calendar, number, good, critical bottle the leaves under bugs, early start and late finish date organization than blurb agents. And I'll see you in the in the, in the located deviations from low income under Reagan though, are then DE are academical, no root cause analysis, not other dirigible annually he will do it and somebody Kilimo. Salama, traditional approach typically get subsets. I done a good change of him changes unexceptional, mirage Ale Plato, it changes expected. Okay, I jingle project apply and you can eat age in a absorbing you and changing behind DO EL prop them IT. Other 20 number of God, as he put, it, was a long duration event. You're lucky Taylor. Who data, data item would go on to rationality or little overall applying detail blind with a short duration where democracy might arrogant Amaka, I'm not going to allow they RE logo to guide you. They are just done. A Maki would have long duration of AND OR a detail lead platinum on back on the line. Either saying civil order one at equilibrium, I spoiled the UN mumbling Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock. I'm gonna say you learn a model, which area you would have not a Como about a middleman to Timothy Segal. Are then whatever current all the way to do it, a hoodie, nautical go, step by step by Turner, ideal point to a number blinds either another detail dive into in planning. Say that number of free city helium or the grinding out some unknown number blinding, you'd say, you know, the with the level of validity, with the talent relate planning and singular normal diploid to plan on dilemma, GoDaddy's blind and boy MCI, oppression playroom done, parsing the utility planning number ever existing time planning. Eddie comes out of the whole detail plant with a short duration of AND plan now semi precious planet, say in the i iteration. Start with the landlord, delivered in a more jazzy do away and looking at individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Working software over comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration, over contract negotiation, responding to change over following a plan. Any of the other principles behind the manifesto? Agile principle says, Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. Normally they won't go to manifesto. I took undue working software over comprehensive documentation. That's the normal workings of dura while you are on a YOU probate IGA in normal order number deploy material degradation either at the earliest novel providing and either incremental Ayatollah immemorial memories. Because here the incremental iterative development you knew right at the early history of implanting meal site number e, customer YOU sought to provide is yeah. Other economic number by priority and how they're set up documents about Coverity either Enola, agile principle says, welcome changing requirements even late in development. Agile processes harness change for the customer's competitive advantage. Rj manifesto in them are going to do with responding to change over following a plan. It changing hands museum. But the non feasible, I think it's OK to a development framework, miracle, wonder. As a welcome changes. As you change your gonna solve a continual change. Labrador specter, Ayatollah idea, my data, I jail Caracalla, identity associated with each integral. So all of that energy and juggling, handling a learner RBA or you work on semi-colonial, book them on nominal Kunda, I iterate. You don't have Mentor incremented delivering their love. Ethereum Jean Julie, one at a high level Toyota, hardly an ideal weather event. Profitable. Customer number, YOU create either a normal Nana number issue, a port number changecolor prevent is a yes Remy cheering and number of creating in the wild you deliberately in the soap to a customer who began to put on the IED Gibeon the ER there with a guarantee or the ones that I did where there's a change ugly. So our then j changes are there. But Chuck graduated around couple assumption I interlock expected guided by a jail changing like either Customer member, a market that do a decent job principle says, deliver working software frequently from a couple of weeks to a couple of months with a preference to the shorter timescale. Either art in their current school might say earth Hawaii again, dial nine number while it is going to either continuous or if the consistent ICT Syria I address in a little while you customer map without rather than Scrum Million. Damn diarrhea. A lingual maximum mass of P would have delivering customer or the shear. Your portico to shorter timescale learner, I think whether already said. But for me, I wanted on a Scrum sprint duration, maximum length of a sprint these one month, one McDonald's bring Janata government my X1 to ration. Our job principle says, business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project. Normally they remember by the ballroom, discuss a that collaboration in the Oticon SAP term, Hebrew Superman's, would you be a little bit of the key words in the other day the polymer specific antibody London. Either requirements or remodeling the microbiological numbering you've ever know 3D viola number on customer, I'm getting collaborate tied to walk. Yea, the product may induce or appeal customer Kolmogorov governments, a number of others, it is yoga YOU gritty in either a government during the autumn, awesome. Getting your delivery Go to come back as a voltage, a leather, whatever constant I own it daily basis. Customer Mitre, even write to either collaborate UI to allow it to work and R4 Madonna as ailment that or as you go. Our job principle says, build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and the support they need and trust them to get the job done. What do IJ alien would own Mendel's success near theorem. And even though the state of the art torso, wildlife a detail and I do love, but also civil Oil. Success in Athena mining another motivated I2 now self-monitoring Ayatollah. I'd jail Ayatollah team over our art team, all covariant Doc Savage, anyhow, socially total going sour, getting all our teamwork, marketing, who and where and support to go to Guantanamo Diana. And then it motivator I D whom our team and made a number that we saw. So Amarna, I'd say lead productive day success emptied anticoagulant. Agile principle says the most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation. Normal audience undermine who's to ICTR, individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Otherwise, the water in Sierra Leone, we can now go to Pensacola. Either team members in any Lula, in brightening team members a metastatic called a SAM, either logger interaction, changing. The more efficient Ayatollah a2 with actuator Lieter phyla for them Ayatollah, where do interaction? Face-to-face conversations on other other year token up out of the mine or MCU at Ostia, they converging un Assad Egan that put us here at the mineral part Animoto and sorrow begin now, Margo, face-to-face conversations. You but I do edible, but also some room to room. Okay. Older away. Okay. E in directions in a face-to-face interactions and actually place a in the area he interactions in a supporting, in a way you can govern Amaka REM Scrum, co-located team in a And peripheries, ALL these stupid 13 they've got it was Columbia Domingo sitting in the hierarchy, you and co-located table or the neon on labor. But she, even if they're savagery theropod a ballroom, Momoko co-located PMM, sale price. Or you might again, low than to be with a partner and maybe give them a repeat member CD. And I'm going to win in board. Now I'm looking at the Maya were also say hello to order group on diet, economic, carry both them face-to-face implications in L and C, U and Wendy, I interactions and Happy Monday or a regular demon Dave stakeholders and Emanuele equal do ruined by total number of select TO carry both of our operations and M8 chip. But otherwise, I'm going to sort of get along. Agile principle says, working software is the primary measure of progress. You do not want a wallet. A detailed edit is gonna say, you know, repo, internal number, number, real number deleveraging in the volume or the either working so up to around a normal deBroglie doesn't allow the auto set of documents under normal customer mailed YOU delivery day though, you know, lower economic numbers, backtracking India, China are the world's num older progress in measurement. Agile principle says, agile processes promote sustainable development. The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely. Sustainable cones tend to pace indefinitely. Sustain CME, but delivered is bearded. Other interconnect tied the nomograph follows yell but didn't that appeared a number maintain G protein, there are 24 bar. So Anwar preaching the rage and Apollo the our bullying him, burn out either in MLA than designable at the one-year ledge, only going to grow it into Oceana. Think am I doing? You're in an older one level that the Maya, I dread to develop mental ward at number one on the wall with a constant pace. Bamaga sustains a yummy, but don't that would of course, and basal number development in progress a year. Agile principle states continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility. Technical excellence and good design. Ideal practically, the same odor onetime activity and love. The same evolves as the development progresses. A light resume, Aruba say in what are called ID, number, would have minimum, sustainable, flexible, maintainable as stem several Ayatollah disabling start a UDP server when Wade and say, does it have a cow similar idea, these are the salient a humbling Clancy would do. Ideally T would be same ideality variant among them legged non work on bottom. They say they're going to take an eagerly excellent diagonal, will never not be sane idea. The extensible Ayatollah enhancing am button. What do they say an idea? If there, there is a rotor architecture would do agility. You might've honor casing humor in it while adding overhead applied along. Agile principle says simplicity. The art of maximizing the amount of work not done is essential. What I'll call confusing I load is due to mechanical, either L number of customer in a while you go to Google incrementally to Google, no, continuous. I have to go to Gmail and look appalling and you bought bought anywhere and number let's say ya the regular walk could worry alone no more caught up in the world of basic. And while it is singular, minimum work, maximum value. Prioritization. Number girl, who do their volume or the energy in light imminent Nokia, while you dealt with them, while at a coat on your YOU like dividend locale, number, conduct all of this in the Varela. While I didn't coin, you're guiding military the one that quarter there while you create these Ada in the law and invent a number of single mother cornea While you were looking, while you luckily might rely driven in the monopoles point say that higher while you actively number quarter, they'll constant eta, you allow their work, could say, yeah, there you know, la, la, Superbowl dealt with a signal. Agile principle says, the best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams. Multiple brains working in synergy, synergy character collaborate TY does for organizing air to working in a team on the other and ideally day that you pin it then rotate among them. They organize themselves out of soil organisms. Soil minus our salvage getting L1 is the local node and they come out with the best possible result in that situation. Dangled us out within England. Dumb luck upon needy kinda tasks, co-worker, yet don't know local center to my E, self-organizing, T-Mobile, ideally they will know to undergo agile. Principle says at regular intervals the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly. Inspect and adapt to nasa if they are not equal. Superman noting as ALT immigrants self-organizing are self-managing, L is self monies went Indonesia earlier, Bardot on inspection and adoption. I'm not in any atom we noted over the tangled up rover sending IANA downloadable also signaling any Allah. They're going to want to keep saying that either looking animal article with the care under the umbrella Bella, he never IN mediocre, contrary, genuinely frequent director a constant time in the immigrant inspect is a, you know, would element then it is Columbia integral lever prospecting. They inspect then on prospect to themselves and come out with ideas foreign bloom. It's our inspect DJ, the Swayam related, the family quarter. They'll ethnic TY, quarter loud, Portola, quartile product, Dui Ta De Mai mightier to go one way. And the action item on our swaying got antibodies and other implemented without avoiding either video was how did the lead you in a lineal geological framework, girly would do reef Ayatollah overview. Number three in the lady here. 4. Agile Methodologies 3dot0: Let's print out a billion them Fundamentals of Agile software development. In the I did, the more you litigate, solder them. Cr j omega neurological liberty, again, framework roulette, pity, Hula, who will say we are given an Amarna EVDO. It will put the reality where someone in the bed of love who come in and out of the eye them. Now with the state of our jails are available. It would account as you together. You build on the Mogul monosyllabic word solving the level in the knee level will be only can attain methodology really. Um, but thoughts are the mono Scrum framework follows a liver and the MLA. Otherwise an interesting item, ACLU, clinical environment. So the GI Scrum, Scrum, Scrum speak hybrid. You the moon would actually our lab. Neoliberal love, ideal methodology. You will saying they guarantee with a certain amount of wu wei. Are they on the McGuire's crumbling Repartee of Logo route Syria discussion, Lady Gaga. Scrum is a lightweight framework. It helps people, teams, and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems. Are the moments that are gondolas clumped in MLA would reframe worker the Roman law other than a set of techniques or setup clauses on the window, you Framework and Dad look them or commit to buy their economy to grow. So similarly work, you'll be illegal inside of you. You think a framework camera IV framework would be only to Guam, Luxor, otherworldly adapt two-way libro locks in a while I felt a part of them i to accuracy you and when deciding among Scrum inequity perimeter is a lightweight framework. Now, what does it symbolize? Understand my one bar. Let us employ LeFree, embark on a cache file up another miter. Either ingredient is a UN high-level otherwise to mask to a GUN while in a difficult Ayatollah who favor upon it's confined burgundy, parallel abortive features on the piano, more competent scrofula development phase and a V with the isolation or lighter you visited to get to ally the Ottawa somebody who was someone who integrate tonight were to muscle through cou.items, rational light. You can look at rationing less Columbia Mulligan, the Beta, Sprint, integral and nano crumb, DMR, self-manage and across functional team molarity given to them. The more you can do, as well as crumb ensures continuous flow of why it is that the customer has pneumonia, whatever continual PSI types a two link robot lived in a while. You can already see that in the bananas Coumadin they shipped orders for indeed day unless you're working. So up to and I'm increment or forking. So it's Camila planning and have to honor predict you allow. And then I'd like to planning in the low number of undue. Either one I may scrum in a material there that high alignment of IT and business isn't as collaboration Scrum in delta ignite rational. We citizen wiretap collaborate to IoT. Really loud AS crumble, notable event maybe with the order going to be with that event trigger. With the artifact during the real lumps come differentiator. The other detail at Adobe kind of regular metaphor where two bones in their article slide ellipse can differentiate it again that Sheila rollover like okay, I'm not in Scrum India. The moon roller law, medical engineering and product owner, developers, scrub master, pioneer were SCRUM daily, led to the development team and made a Lew whoever syndrome. What do SCRUM daily life developed based on a development team innovator parellel, product owner, requirements in all genome, single source of requirements for the team or to even when a team Segundo and nobody in the Euler Product Owner are developers honest sign up tonight. A lot of government, we do want a king, so up, don't occupy 200 with the ideology that I will appear some marker Amarna, so up to her old Bible, I will a Scrum Master, Scrum Master to throw out the scrum team who don't love product on, on, on donor multi universe clump principles, Scrum framework and I say to him monosyllabic unknown but other, our inactivated under our other search general thing can work in MOOC. One takeaway that did not go to CR1 and other Scrum Master Scrum Team anodal name would have been soaker, Uzziah Lu throughout those come Maslama ibn AS commonly rollover. You don't want to ask rumbled eventually recognizing our ceremonies or legal defend decker scribed Ayatollah events on the sprint planning window, sprinting leg Activity Plan G, you look, I'll worldliness from viewer the sprint retrospective. You wonder, how will your daily scrums folder? I'll well-lit productive by global currency. Absolutely. Hitler or row spring lynching in The Guardian neighborhood jeweler, our plan capsular a year in the spring, TBI Grosvenor, Ebola monomyth, ie, Ala, ingredient in naval artifact title in the earth, crumb Caracalla. Well, according to your canal, Mel malaria is a wrestler I might load is already a monadic Lipscomb monomial Assam humans already theism and Don. You brought along within their caravan Donald minus leg R1, the envy. So siano Scrum in the horizon mother would do, I'd say yield frame number lambda clear, we did not go to Isaiah framework are on sale in the whirling around Burleigh to amount of ideal op-amp or like a legal ideal group vinegary scrum can wear. Dsd is stream programming and let it piled up layers of ij, ij, umbra latte, military, other agile methodologies, no ideal framework of law and the buyout law group, not by law or not a scrum. Otherwise, coulomb integral gala, involuntary yelling Scrum are the most used are jailed methodology. Methodology on the Walker's governability per ion bolt pie in the xj less collaborative framework out. And they didn't have the name or the way you weigh in love that originally were emits variable novel, Brave Scrum is what we are dealing with minorities and labor is one of the agile methodologies and it is the most lucid as elevate their Odyssey. Economical pilots or kanban in the walk in the earth come sign border, a lingual signal in the melodic development team winning overburden, she or they. Continuous flow. While you continuous, I would while you end-user megatons or pumpkin, none would have some amount of combat. Can buddy order what K2 with a series of still a lingual workflow stages loader cut on the wound. Either o to r theta, both the economic stage you gotta cut on the bowl. Either argue, develop either the manufacturing industry level company called collaborative production line ever in a production process in bruising in the rubric and some item a Kanban. The My Little another identical. I'm putting the outside Otho to Woody Toyota. Production Line delay. Bought tilda movement dope to me such a, you know, willingness standardized C. What is this commit I might use in a repeated Kanban. Benefits in the continuity. Yet what a particular stage it or law work in progress. Inventory here up Berkeley midterm, Kanban in reducing the products, some of them, but I swapped ordinarily due to who are the saints? Dad would until quarter light tingle or S IN party law. I limited testing stadium. We do knowledge coudl features who recently at the old diamond party, either system or burden to our stay very well. Material walk in partnering and WIP Alivio barking probe those limits and nobody another with a particular stage will hold Bao Gao nowadays I'm able to allow the maximum number of while titles, Indiana. So would you begin? You thought tonal, okay, gotta murder. We need a Kanban system for software development depends on our Kanban in the ISA with until they get one. Either we do lean approach on a softer Noble event, your library leaner per Jana in India practicing the simple syrup, okay, on the other in the piano in melanoma compatible demo. And then principles on the girl and more calm detail. Discussion leg in America whom they love. The Kanban principle Start with the existing process from Nala, Nepal. So similarly, the non-orthogonal, you agree to pursue incremental and evolutionary change in the level of the parcels in putting into continuous improvement. Are the incremental d, the number of changes in liquidity in the current processor conundra roles or responsibilities in a Kanban board plays a role in the behavior and that our current roles and responsibilities with respect to, you know, I don't want a situation of leadership at all levels. You know, kind of Kanban philosophers can bind a practical under. I think the other, the visualized them flow. Screen with an egg on our novel, a Kanban board. Okay, get terabyte craters. Yeah, that last 80 level number k, tombstone, that visualization. I'll well-heeled image work in progress. Wip limits on what I've already does, crusader Manoj flow. Number four, we shall also see you though, one can process a material older mnemonics, you know, getting Lotus DAD, Robert and album though, all of them Nicholas than citizens that nobody's familiar and not allowed. How will it make boluses explicit? So Festival locally on it. You will have interviewed bug Luke, Luke, feedback loop or customer really now on outside this is certain naloxone stupidity. Buddha stays Eagle Tabula. The medulla feedback loop we're going to be the delta will put up in Brew collaboratively and to evolve experimentally the Cara kanban practices. And by mechanical geometric Susanna is slightly Canada. They lead, lead time and worry. Another number can buts is the task one. Task coupon Amal slices turkey would ask who were the mother thought, but So slip will not ask a port of the bolo Variola type any time or the cycle time in the world of the again heat task in a Allegri was created. There were also see yen made the number somewhere. I'll either E worker ends up in-progress stage while you know the thought that you were created through love Walker, Combray, towel, and lower your Lutzomyia. Though it is UCI begin early work that they'll want to Madame Nikolai across AMI and all one could say either will know Indiana cycle time and the only sports type in the word hearing elevating Taiwan. I'll either we do particular height doesn't work is down to say, you know, the way you throw some Am I did an assisted the way DAW. Okay. Time starting from the moment the item in the system to the moment when what actually Dart contact would wasting their money. And I'm not your response. Things which begin with them. Throughput or in the brain. The guru time PAD at Thrive stimulates this temporal also see in the integrand equal. And when it's crumbling, persona would come by. This phenomenon is liable. Gardens. For example, scrum Miller, number curriculum fits within the address and score display dilute a honor processing and Lacan by India. And that this green dearly loved and been in the worry though to continuous flow of why you continuous flow of items through the damn bad Sistema. Sprint dealer. Really saying that the end of every iteration over I press NSA shop, however, are the released and stakeholders elegant product on our approach you on angles from windows of the or I address niche AS Amarna or do release time or Mother, Russia, Canada and the other continuous delivery honor, I took up the tiger in your Yet I didn't really see release Alma. So there are continuous delivery. And again, when the alto molar drummer, Sheila rollover, defanged sewage speeches, water product owner, Scrum Master and development team, scrambled if engineering or older hour let Dan Meyer and especially I rode along the Scrum India a2 MLU metrics and we're in a velocity or velocity and the run Urania, yell, What do I throw up? A mondo Barker is crumbling completely to e2. Then the Ramayana velocities which begin another key metrics, src. And when you're looking at Mr. normal operating cycle table throughput alum interleaved, I wonder about a scorpion a handling in the spring delta otoscope it at the evening in the sprint planning meeting or meeting it up every sprinter windows that are going to enumerate them. Good. A sprint planning meeting, aspirin, quot number theory, Madigan, the planning meeting out. Pressure can buy looted Pool system AMA working, broken as limited as editor. I would I would aware, consumed on a level with a particular stage in work-in-progress limit to the diarrhea and it will do what the stage a little Natalie will put you right that this is stipulate and our poultry analytical know that a portal system on change in the marine others, sprinter as groundnuts engineer, will come to you in little of them within the sprinter Scrum video, the changes, I love it, I love passion. Can find out the change at any time post-war political year item Kanban sister delay here the forever I lived for a year. Scrum kanban data ij's that combine to say that allowed him at the door of the Ana's combat scenarios come Indian Cambodia with hybrid or in the wire, scum Monday prescriptive Ayatollah, nato ally, the certain events, certain invokes senior within iteration. So you are the well again, by their whole system. Okay. Limiting work in progress, ok, but stays in the limitation. If you could kinda that combined j that will allow you to hybridize it. Louder methodology are scrambled in the water, in the pan. Their process, their at either visualizing the flow, limited work-in-progress occurred putting here and perpendicular, what are their nest Colombian diverse could do nature accompanied load of hybrid methodology areas come back. Go item among extreme programming, but A-level non-OECD software quality brewing. Customers pertains to the customer changing customer demand sin alpha for the my accuracy autoregulation load would evaluate to one. They are not as been programming met the Hegelian, whether they're going to have one or a specific airline engineering practice. We will introduce a and node emitter Woody Allen, extreme programming thing done by a wireless Wendell India. They are all groomed. B, Deputy detailed discussion, regular market on the left. While US Communication, Simplicity, Feedback, arrays and respect is pure. Ors is made of Kanban Napoleon law, scum Animoto, MS. Preload defined diagonal are all Hollandaise pico which SBB customer is people or grammar dry on Clustal. Psp. Engineering practices or what are the specific engineering practices will introduce a low, elegant, attractive Zulu below you can go and normal bargain away and looking out on loci that it's a lot like the celebrity Nirmala awareness liability or disk OC. And the other is with a practical planning, game driven development, onsite customer pair programming, continuous integration, refactoring small releases, symbol design, connect to quote, ownership, system metaphor, coding standards, and sustainable pace. When factoring in the ordering them, it'll know LA malaria Ebola Coordinator normally improves ILO. Podium number mecha, put them in the innovative image support. Other monosyllabic UA code, a little palm dark on Monday. I'll in a quotable extensibility on dichromate away AND either YOU WT Gautama enough AND other main danger here, I'm going to go to your local McCullough innovating. The Coimbra City go to cumulative AND union ever be wiggly Shinjuku AND number coordinator unity in nonlinear coordinate bruising in the hood abroad. So Sinek, quarter refactoring in the vanilla. You're put on omega Sammy will know their Palantir idea. We sit here in the upper arm. You would say you, now what's going to happen? More than one example, Ru Guo, Who are the C chord changes within a coordinator Merlin brew at C and D will, I'll include quarter revealing ruins, comments, wearables overboard, and error factor z. I leave it to duplicate code, number, go to specific mode. You lied to oligos, bespeak by their diatom a tabular or useable dialogue. We record a duplicate it and I'm quoting piece of code to duplicate it. And I'm gonna go to critical McGonigal, Tom Wagner, if I actually look at your razor Yeah. Example around London, driven, developed by anyone in older neck, drives the lower-level test development Nidra IV with a assignable metal Lola, I'm gonna test case Illinois are the net targeting mobile coordinators are the number of tests to othering under the umbrella of the parcel unwieldy or law or a minimum coordinate window Camala coordinator in fact clear the anomaly, bruising, little other test-driven development, having guest dipolar or stepwise summer logo on again. Until the native feats are wondering at our feet, circumvent our test case come la. How does case REM provision of article order, nebulae LA, a port artist case and all around G And what other fade-out organization you'd test case passed, Alan bandgap, minimum core numerality. We'll do our test case and allow us kids pass out our limitation number RD the r coordinate, Ambler refactoring our quarterly and murderous Dan Dirichlet economic obey and liability get Nirmala coordinate and Brugia. Ipr also surveyed a repeating test-driven development in it. What it is symbolized the escalator as either a woman and jail framework girdling beta-globin. Now in a video and normal not occur though you put out there while I really go much approachable idea flavors in an elevator on the DSD. Safer. Lead feats of David and development, behavior developments isolates you developments. While any either them or their development in the live animal that could still land nonetheless. Because see in the lower three, whether the global scaling framework, Google, they'll say you've Soyuz, it's calm ofs comma x so less I'm going to ask what the scaling for a be room for pushing among number of discussion you would add emoji, Yeah. You know, don't worry, ideal software development enable to do 30-year Erdogan reduction cores, you could say, Would I pulled the idea? You end up with a real permanent autonomy or the money metal worsen motor beam to Ghana in the visual signal. Thank you. 5. Outro Our Courses in SkillShare: We would like to provide an overview of our course is on the the the the the the, the opinions.