ADHD Study Skills For High School, College & Grad School - Secrets of a Prof & Therapist with ADHD! | Alina Kislenko MA RP | Skillshare

ADHD Study Skills For High School, College & Grad School - Secrets of a Prof & Therapist with ADHD!

Alina Kislenko MA RP, Reg Psychotherapist with ADD spec in ADD

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16 Lessons (1h 48m)
    • 1. Unit 1 Getting Things Started!

    • 2. Unit 2 Why ADHDers Learn Differently

    • 3. Unit 3a What is the Cordrenaline Effect

    • 4. Unit 3b Mastering Cordrenaline

    • 5. Unit 4 1 of 2 Relationships & Mindmaps

    • 6. Unit 4 2 of 2 The Super Student Method

    • 7. Unit 5 Flashcards

    • 8. Unit 5b Mnemonics for Memorization

    • 9. Unit 6 Avoiding Slide At All Costs

    • 10. Unit 7 Building Your Accountabilit

    • 11. Unit 8 How to Study for Exams The ADHD Way

    • 12. Unit 9 STRESS Analysis

    • 13. Unit 10 2 Part Break How to Start Hard Stuff

    • 14. Unit 11a Quick Tricks Part 1

    • 15. Unit 11b Quick Tricks

    • 16. Unit 12 Accomodations

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About This Class

Learn to harness your ADHD superpowers and start earning grades that match your ACTUAL potential and intellect (without sacrificing your mental health 8 sanity)!

Award-winning medical school professor, author and psychotherapist Alina Kislenko MA RP, who has ADHD herself and specializes in it (so....she gets it) takes you through cutting edge, research-supported methods and counter-intuitive approaches that you've likely never tried before. AND, you get to learn all this in short little videos while laughing along with Alina's absurd analogies, dark sense of humour, and fun graphics (she'll do anything to help you learn, including embarrassing herself and the ones she loves :p).

Alina herself went from almost failing out of undergrad to graduating in the top of her class from her graduate studies and wants to show you how you can too!

These methods come from her own successful experience improving her grades (and her husband's, who also has ADHD) as well as lessons learned from her thousands of clients during the decade that she's been obsessed with this field.

In This Course, You'll Learn How To:

  • Predict The 3 Parts of Most Exams (& The ADHD Way To Study For Them!)

  • Convert Your Learning From Bottom Up To Top Down

  • Why ADHDers Learn Differently & How to FINALLY Harness Our Intellect  (Including a short neurobiology lesson!)

  • Apply Quick Tricks Right Away To See A Boost In Your Grades

  • Learn Relationships Between Concepts, The ADHD Way

  • Memorize anything, including ADHD-friendly memorization tricks

  • Do The Super Student Method

  • Avoid & Recover From The Dreaded Slide (The Cause Of Most Of Our Pain)

  • Tame The Last Minute Monster (And All About The Cordrenaline Effect that Causes It)

  • Start (and finish!) Anything Boring & Get It In ON TIME!

  • How to Start the Semester Off Right

  • Recognize Your Procrastination Type & Prevent Episodes

  • Self-Advocate & Access Accommodations and grants

The videos in this course were filmed all over the world while Alina was travelling for international advocacy work, including Bali, Cuba, Quebec, and Italy, which adds a bit of extra oomph to the course!

This course was made for us ADHDers, but would do wonders to anyone's grades!

What people have said about Alina Kislenko's Previous ADHD Courses:

"I wish I'd seen this 20 years ago! They should teach this in school. My son LOVED this course, and you usually can't get him away from his video games!"

              - Dr. Loraine Murphy, Cardiologist

"I've tried dozens of courses on ADHD and this is the first to have changed my life."

              - Erik Wong, IT

"Alina is silly, brilliant, and definitely one of us! So much better than learning from a stuffed shirt who takes themselves too seriously Her classes are professional and informative, and the first place where anything about ADD brain chemistry ever stuck!!"

              - Pat Rodrìguez, Paralegal