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29 Lessons (1h 41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is ADHD?

    • 3. Hyperactive Behavior

    • 4. Impulsive Behavior

    • 5. Attention Problems

    • 6. Social Problems

    • 7. What Causes ADHD?

    • 8. Symptoms of ADHD

    • 9. Diorders That Sometimes Accompany ADHD

    • 10. ADHD Co Occuring Disorders Symptoms

    • 11. Diagnosis of ADHD

    • 12. ADHD In Children

    • 13. ADHD In Adults

    • 14. ADHD Brain VS Normal Brain

    • 15. Medication For ADHD

    • 16. Therapy

    • 17. Behavioral Interventions

    • 18. Education and Training

    • 19. Side Effects of ADHD Medication

    • 20. ADHD Statistics

    • 21. Managing Your Time

    • 22. Staying Organzied

    • 23. Managing Daily Tasks

    • 24. Managing Realtionships

    • 25. Managing Stress

    • 26. Managing Money

    • 27. Managing Sleep

    • 28. Staying Focused

    • 29. Conclusion


About This Class

No doubt,  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a very common mental disorder, especially in children, which can continue into adulthood. Hundreds of people are diagnosed with ADHD every year and its treatment and management are important.

If you are looking to learn about ADHD - then the primary and foremost thing you need to do is acquire a thorough understanding along with knowledge about fundamental concepts of ADHD.

Welcome to the ADHD: A Complete Guide course. This is an in-depth course for anyone who is willing to gain knowledge about ADHD

If you are keen to learn Fundamentals of ADHD in depth or you are interested in learning more core concepts of what is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, what it is all about and how you can manage it, then this is the right course for you!

I have designed this course for all individuals who want to enhance their knowledge about ADHD, anyone who has ADHD or anyone who knows someones who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

In this in-depth course, you will learn:

  • What is ADHD and it’s causes?

  • Then we will take a deeper look at ADHD symptoms and the diagnosis

  • More importantly, which disorders accompany ADHD

  • Moving forward, we will look at ADHD in children and ADHD in adults

  • Statistics are equally important, and I am going to provide several downloadable resources, quizzes, latest research, and other important materials.

  • Then we will get into the treatment of ADHD in-depth

  • You will also learn how you can manage ADHD and there is much more...

Enroll now in ADHD: A Complete Guide course today and revolutionize your learning. To re-enforce learning, you will do several assignments. Stay at the cutting edge of learning new skills - and enjoy bigger, brighter opportunities.

See you in class!


Team ClayDesk


1. Introduction: no doubt attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 80 HD is a very common mental disorder, especially in Children, which can continue into adulthood. Hundreds of people are diagnosed with a D H D every year, and its treatment and management are important. If you're looking to learn about 80 HD in the primary and foremost thing you need to do is require a thorough understanding, along with knowledge about fundamental concepts off 80 HD. So welcome to the scores on 80 HD of Complete Guide. My name is minor and I'll be instructor for the scores. My team, Clear risk and I are super excited to bring you the scores to be able to walk you through complete concepts off 80 HD in a step by step approach. So let me walk you through the course agenda. In this in depth course, you will learn what is 80 HD and its causes. Then we will take a deeper look at 80 80 symptoms and diagnosis off 80 HD. More importantly, which disorders accompany 80 HD moving forward. We will look at 80 HD in Children and 80 HD in adults in detail. Statistics are equally important, and I'm going to provide several down herbal resources quizzes, latest research and other important materials. Then we will get into the treatment off 80 HD in debts. You will also learn how you can manage 80 HD, and there is much more. So who is this course for? I have designed the scores for anyone who wants to learn about 80 HD. Anyone who wishes to gain solid understanding off, what, 80 HD and how we can diagnose and treated, or anyone who has a PhD and want to learn all its concepts and techniques to manage it. This course is also for any beginner level definitions, So why should you take this scores? Well, this core concepts off 80 HD are really important to understand if you have 80 HD or someone you are close to or no has 80 HD so that when in the real world you can easily make changes in your lifestyle for people with a D. H D. And if you have 80 HD, you can learn the tips and strategies mentioned in the scores in detail and try your best to use them in your daily routine and life. So you need to master these fundamentals. I have designed the scores to be hands on and interactive to make it easier and provide several quizzes and assignments. I well, you your feedback. So liver of you if you find the course content valuable and I regularly update my courses. So ask as many questions as you like. So what are you waiting for? Enrolling this course now to learn all the fundamentals off 80 HD and I will see you guys in class. 2. What is ADHD?: Hey, guys. And welcome to this lesson on what is a d h d. So we're going to goto a brief overview off what? Actually, 80 HD is so first, let's take a look at the concept so everybody can have difficulty sitting still, paying attention or controlling impulsive behavior once in a while. However, for some people, the problems are so pervasive and persistent that the interfere with every aspect off their life, which may be at home in academic situation, any social situation or at work. That problem is known as a D H D. What stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Now we're going to take a look at the definition, so a person with a D. H D has differences in brain development and brain activity that affect attention the ability to sit still on self control. It is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental disorders off Children. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 80 HD affects Children and teens on can continue into a dark hole, so a D. H. D is a disorder that makes it difficult for a person to pay attention and control impulsive behaviors. He or she may also be restless and almost constantly active. It is not only a child or disorder, although the symptoms off a DHD beginning childhood 80 HD can continue toe adolescence and adulthood, even though hyperactivity tends to improve as a child becomes a teen. Problems with inattention, disorganization and poor impulse control often continues through the teen years and then into adulthood. So now let's take a look at the main problems associated with 80 HD. So 80 80 is normally used to describe people, especially Children, as it starts in the early ages who have three main kinds of problems. One is reactive behavior, which is also called hyperactivity. The second is impulsive behavior, and the third is difficulty in paying attention. So attention problems. We will look into these three main problems in detail. In our next lessons. Ideology is characterized by developmentally inappropriate levels off thes three problems. So this was the end of her lesson on what is a d h. D. Hope you guys got a good understanding off what it actually is. And now we'll see you guys in my next lesson. 3. Hyperactive Behavior : Hey guys, and welcome to this lesson on hyperactive behavior. So we're going to look into detail of what actually hyperactivity is and how it is cause and how it is shown in Children or adults. So let's first take a look at the concept of hyperactivity. Hyperactivity is one of the main three problems associated with a D. H D. So hyperactivity is a state off being unusually or abnormally active, it means having increased movement, impulsive actions and shorter attention span with being easily distracted. Hyperactive people often become anxious or depressed because of their condition and how people respond to them. It refers to constant activity being easily distracted, impulsiveness, inability to concentrate, aggressiveness and similar behaviors. So next we're going to see some typical behaviors shown by 80 HD people off hyperactivity. So one of them is fidgeting or constant moving, so they cannot stay. Still. Another one is a wondering, so there are always wondering daydreaming about different things. Another one is talking too much, so the talk a lot. They cannot stays quiet for a while. They have to keep on talking. They also have difficulty participating in Quite as I just said that they cannot stay quiet and patient, so they're always hyperactive and talking a lot Aggressive and impulsive behaviors are also shown by 80 HD people on their very easily distracted. So they always get distracted to different things and cannot concentrate on one single thing. Now we're going to take a look at the causes of hyperactivity, so hyperactivity can, because by mental and physical disorders, of which the most common are 80 80 in which we will talk in detail. Then there's hyperthyroidism or having too much tighter hormone brain disorders, nervous system disorders and psychological disorders. Now let's see some signs of hyperactivity in Children, so hyperactive Children are always seemed to be on the go or constantly in motion, the dash around touching or playing with whatever is inside or talk constantly sitting still at dinner or during school. Lesson or story can be a difficult task for them. This squirm and fidget in their seats or roam around the room or the main vagal their feed , touch everything or noisily tap their pencil. So in Children hyperactivity mainly to difficulty concentrating in school, they may also display impulsively, ever, such as talking out, off turn blurting things out, hitting other students and being overactive. So hyperactive Children seem unable to curb their immediate reactions or think before they act, so they're always hyperactive, and they could not think before they do something, they cannot be patient. They will often blurt out inappropriate comments, display their emotions without restraint and act without regard for the later consequences off their conduct. The hyperactivity makes it hard for them to wait for things they want or to take their turn in games so they may grab a toy from another child or hit when they're upset. So these are some common signs of hyperactivity and Children. And next we're going to look at the signs of hyperactivity in adults. So adults who display hyperactivity may display the following science. They may have difficulty concentrating at work. They may have a short attention spam, so as hyperactivity means that they're always active and hyper so, they cannot stay still at work or concentrate us at a single thing. They may also have difficulty remembering names, numbers or bits off information. Adults who have hyperactivity also probably display these symptoms as Children, So this was the end of her lesson on hyperactivity behavior, hyperactive behavior. Hope you guys got a good understanding of what it means. And now else, you guys in my next lesson 4. Impulsive Behavior : Hey, guys. And welcome to this lesson on impulsive behavior. It is one of those main three problems associated with a D. H D. We're going to look in detail about impulsive behavior. So first, let's take a look at the definition. Impulsivity is broadly defined as actions without four side that are poorly conceived, prematurely expressed are necessarily risky and inappropriate to the situation. So impulsivity is associated with undesirable rather than desirable outcomes. Being impulsive means acting without thinking about the consequences. Children with a D. H d, maybe impulsive in many ways. So that's saying or doing the first thing that occurs to them. They are also easily distracted by irrelevant things. These Children find it very hard to carry out tasks which involve waiting. Since they have great difficulty stopping themselves from responding straightaway, they will find it hard to do any activity which involved a waiting to give an answer or in which they have to take turns. Sometimes impulsive people find it easier to win if they are given or the award for waiting or some other kind of motivation. This does not mean that they have bean deliberately impulsive. It just means that they find this kind of task particularly hard to handle and need extra encouragement to succeed at it. So how do people with impulsive behavior react? People who are impulsive are commonly described as being rash, hotheaded, unpredictable or unstable that typically suffer from feelings off inadequacy that manifest with unstable emotions, unstable behaviors and unstable relationships. They're also quick to lash out at anything considered a slight, and will often fail to recognize how those emotions are unreasonable or excessive so they don't have that bother over then. Sen. There are always in an impulsive behavior manner, and they don't know how to act. The impulsive behaviors are inherently inappropriate, either in terms of skill or potential risk. Here are some common behaviors off impulsive people over sharing off emotions as they don't know how to control their emotions. Overspending over apologizing, They always do more and they don't know to stay in the limit. Another going behavior is like quitting a job suddenly frequent emotional outbursts, jumping to conclusions, abruptly changing or canceling plans as again. You can see that they're impulsive behaviors that just do it quickly without thinking. They also show inability to receive criticism without Afrin the binge, eat or binge, drink some self harm each other or even destroyed property and escalate to confrontations. So these are some common behaviors shown by impulsive people, and now we just want to look at some tips to control impulsive behavior. One of THEMIS Take deep breaths. You should take small, deep breads so you should control your impulsiveness. Wait a certain amount of time before acting you want, though it may be hard. But controlling and taking some time out before acting helps a lot keep Krakoff impulsive behaviors. TV Contract off Your impulsiveness is also nice, as whenever a situation again comes up. You know that you will have to control your selfless time. Ask a friend or family member to keep an eye out for you and also was it a therapist? So this was the end of her lesson on impulsivity. Impulsive behavior. Hope you guys got a good understanding of what it means. And now we'll see you guys in the next lesson. 5. Attention Problems: Hey guys! And welcome to Slesin on attention problems. Attentiveness is also one of the main problems associated with a D h D, and we're going to look into it in detail. So let's first take a look at the concept. Having attention problems means getting distracted, having poor concentration and organizational skills. There's also called a D D, which is called which stands for attention deficit disorder. People with inattentiveness may also involve hyperactivity with behavior problems. Students with a D d may have learning disabilities and are often at risk for repeated disciplinary problems in schools. So Children with 80 HD have a short attention span. They find it hard to concentrate and therefore hard to learn new skills. They have a hard time keeping their minds on any one thing and may get bored with a task after only a few minutes. If they're doing something they're really enjoyed, they have no trouble paying attention. But focusing deliberate, conscious attention to organizing and completing a task or learning something new is difficult. Adults also have difficulty in focusing at work offices and normal data door work and groupie. Now we're going to look at some common tractor sticks off people with inattention problems . People with attention problems may appear to be bored or disinterested in activities. They may be prone toe daydreaming or forgetfulness. Work at slopes and turning incomplete work. Their assignment male, disorganized as well as their desks and locker spaces. They may also lose materials or misplace items. This is because they're not attended at all. They don't focus that things. They just do it in a quick motion. And they don't care if the data right or wrong. Also, they cannot sit at one place and attend one single thing For a long time Now, we're just going to look at some more symptoms for inattentiveness, seeming unable to pay close attention or regularly making careless mistakes in tasks having difficulties, staying focused on tasks or activities. Appearing not to listen when spoken toe seeming unable to complete tasks or duties as instructed. Having trouble organizing tasks and managing time. Avoiding that require extended periods off, thinking regularly, losing items needed for daily life, being easily distracted and lastly, forgetting to perform daily tasks and go toe appointments. So these are also some more symptoms. Character six that are seen with people having attention problems. So this was the end of our lesson or attention problems and hope you guys got to go to understanding or what? How people would inattentiveness, react and behave. And now with you guys in my next lesson. 6. Social Problems : here, guys, and welcome to this lesson on social problems. It is also one of the problems associated with 80 HD. So now let's take a look at the concept. People with severe 80 HD may be rejected or destroyed by other people, just like people having different disorders and disabilities are rejected in their community. Many of the ideas do People also suffer from that. Their social interactions with others in their social environment like parents, siblings, teachers, friends, school workers, spouse is stash. Parker's are often filled with misunderstandings and miscommunication. Those were 80 and she have a decreased ability to self regulated actions and reactions towards others. And this can cause relationships to be overly tense and fragile. They really had stuck in a big social problem. Now we're going to see how Children with a D. H D have social problems so social challenges off. Children with 80 HD include disturb your relationships with their peers, difficulty making and keeping friends and deficiencies in appropriate social behavior. Children are cornered because the dress shop the other Children's play or damage their possessions. It is easy for a child with idiots do to become labelled as troublesome offer pains to think it is their fault for not controlling the child. Even though the Children are facing with a disorder, it issue is a disorder. People still don't understand that and give them labels, and a lot of Children are bullied. Do. And now we're going to see how adults with 80 HD have social problems. Adults having social problems are considered rude. Self Center is responsible, lazy, ill manner and a host of other negative personality attributes. The person leaves social rejection, which causes emotional pain in their lives off. Many on can create lower self esteem throughout the lifespan and do do that. Many off the isles go through depression and anxiety problems in relationships and marriages. The inappropriate social behaviour may anger the partner or spouse without a DHD who may eventually give up on the relationship. Adults can have difficulty in certain tasks off the daily basis, their work, an office and normal routines to So this was the end of her lesson on social problems of rating. Toe 80 HD hope you guys got a good understanding or what they mean and how people would aviation. We have social problems, and now I'm going to see you guys in my next lesson 7. What Causes ADHD?: here, guys, And welcome to this lesson on what causes 80 HD. So we're going to look at all the problems that cause 80 HD first, let's take over few or what are they mean causes? So over the last few decades, scientists have come up with possible theories about what causes 80 80. Some of these Jodi's have led to dead ends something exciting. New avenues off investigation. So current research suggests idiocy may be caused by genes, cigarette smoking, alcohol use or drug use during pregnancy. Exposure to environmental toxins such as high levels, off lead at a young age, brain injuries and, lastly, sugar and food additives. We're going to look in detail off each cause in the next lights. So first, let's see the cause off. Genetics Genetic, which means inherited factors are important in 80 HD. If your child is a close relative who has been diagnosed with a D. H. D. This increases their chance of being diagnosed with a D H D attention disorders, often one in families, so they're likely to be genetic influences. Researchers continue to study the genetic contribution toe 80 HD and toe, identify the genes that cause a person to be suspect herbal toe a d. H d. However, no single gene has been identified as causing a d h D, and it is more likely that several genes are involved, each interacting with the environment in extremely complicated ways, so the next causes environmental toxins and environmental agent that may be associated with a higher risk. Off. A DHD is high levels off lead in the bodies of young preschool Children. Since that is no longer allowed and paint and is usually found only in older buildings. Exposure to toxic levels is not as prevalent as it. Once Waas Children will live in. All buildings in which led still exists in the plumbing or in lead. Paint that has been painted over may be at risk. The next causes drugs during pregnancy, so having smoking and heavy drinking during pregnancy increases the risk of having a child with a D. H. D. Although it is not possible to say that these factors directly caused a PhD Brennan woman who drink excessively at certain critical points during pregnancy are more at risk off having a child, which fertile alcohol syndrome. This is a serious disorder, causing mental and physical disabilities, which includes symptoms off 80 HD and then can be to a D H D, which is a disorder toe. Another cause is brain injury. Some Children work suffered accidents leading to brain injury. Made sure some signs off behavior like that off 80 HD, but only a small percentage off. Children with a D H D have been found to have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Brand damage during birth, caused by a lack of oxygen to the baby's brain is also a risk factor for 80 HD, so the brain is somehow linked and connected toe the A D H d. And lastly, we have sugar and food additives. Attention disorders are caused by refined sugar or food additives, or that symptoms off 80 HD are exactly abated by sugar or food additives. In a research, it was found that diet restrictions helped about 5% of Children with 80 HD, mostly young Children who had food allergies. Children also became more hyperactive than the other Children, and parents become more critical of the behavior. Too much of burnt food additives can lead to a d. H d. So this was the end off our lesson on the causes off 80 HD. We started all the causes in detail. Hope you guys got a good understanding off them. And now we'll see you guys in my next lesson. 8. Symptoms of ADHD : Hey, guys! And welcome to session on symptoms off 80 HD to the symptoms of a D H d. A pair over the course off many months or years. It depends on the person, so we're going to take a look at all these symptoms off 80 HD. So let's take a look at the overall symptoms off 80 HD. Their three main overall symptoms hyperactivity, impulsive behavior and in attention. We have covered all of these three main symptoms off a PhD in detail. In our previous lessons, however, I'm just going to give you a brief or view off them again in this lesson. So let's take a look at hyperactivity. Hyperactivity is a state off being unduly or abnormally active, so it means being overactive. It means having increased movement, impulsive actions and being easily distracted. It also refers to constant activity being easily distracted and less mentioned, impulsiveness, inability to concentrate, aggressiveness and similar behaviors. So these are some common behaviors shown by 80 HD diagnosed people. They're abnormally hyper and very active compared to normal people. So the second is impulsive behavior. Impulsive behavior is acting without thinking, so impulsivity is broadly defined as actions without foresight that are poorly conceived, prematurely expressed unnecessarily risky and inappropriate to the situation. Impulsivity is associated with undesirable rather than desirable outcome. So a person with impulsive behavior will make quick actions without thinking, probably without being patient. And do these many problems can upper. So the last overall main symptom off 80 80 is attention problems, So attention problems is actually having difficulty in being attention. So having attention problems means getting distracted, having poor concentration and organization skills. Attention. Problem is also called as a D d, which is attention deficit disorder. So Adedy is kind of off main symptom off 80 HD. So a person with attention problems cannot focus on things properly and has a very difficult time on staying in focusing on one single thing. He or she gets easily distracted and has poor concentration. For example, storms with a D D attention deficit order may have learning disabilities and are often at risk for repeated disciplinary problems in schools, whereas adults adults have difficulty in focusing and office work or the normal day to day work or regain. So now we're going to take a look at the noticeably common symptoms off 80 HD, there will be three parts which I have divided into three slides, as there are a lot of common symptoms. So the measure off idiots you depend on these common symptoms. For example, how many symptoms does one person have that will determine how high his idiot city level is , or how lowers a D. H D level is so the 1st 1 is overlooked or missed details, which means making careless mistakes. Then there is having problems sustaining attention in tasks or play, including conversations, Lecture or Lantieri seem not to listen when spoken to directly. Another one is failed to follow through. Our instructions failed to finish their schoolwork, the routines and duties and their workplace or start tasks, but quickly lose focus and get easy sidetracked and having problems organizing tasks and activities. So, as you can see these air some in depth common symptoms off areas de and these three come out from the main three world problems, which are hyperactivity, impulsiveness and intention problems. So many of these common symptoms related to them, So now we receive part two of the noticeable common symptoms of 80 HD a wide or dislike tusks that requires sustained mental effort. So at a school work or homework or for teens and older adults preparing reports completing forms are reviewing Lenti papers, losing necessary things for tasks or activities. Such a school supply pencils, books, tools, wallets, keys, paperwork, eyeglasses and cellphones, etcetera. So their basic day to day things. People with noticeable common symptoms of PTSD also show being easily distracted by underrated courts or stimuli, and are forgetful in daily activities such as errands, returning calls and keeping appointment. Now let's move on to our last slide. What is the party off? Noticeable common symptoms. So people show fidgeting and squirming while seated, getting up and moving around in situations when staying seated is expected, they always feel restless. They always are unable to play or engage in hobbies. Quietly, they talk non stop and be impatient. They also blurred out an answer before a question has been completed. Finishing other people's intense is our speaking without waiting for a turn in conversation , and lastly, they also have a common behavior off interrupting. So these are some almond noticeable symptoms off 80 HD. There quite a lot, and these are just some matter down symptoms however again, these all relate to the men. Three overall symptoms off 80 80. We just studied before in slides and also the before lessons. So this was the end of this lesson on symptoms off 80 HD. Hope you guys got a good understanding off all of them. And now else you was in my next lesson. 9. Diorders That Sometimes Accompany ADHD: Hey, guys. And welcome to this lesson on disorders that sometimes accompany 80 HD. Any disorder can co exist with 80 80 but certain disorders seem to occur more than often. These are the many disorders that sometimes accompany 80 HD learning disability, Tourette syndrome, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, anxiety and depression. And lastly, by border disorder. We would look into detail in all of these disorders that accompany the HD. So first learning disability. Many Children with PTSD approximately 20 to 30% have a specific learning disability. What is also LD In preschool years, this disability includes difficulty in understanding certain sounds or words or difficulty in expressing oneself in words. In school of Children reading are spending disabilities writing disorders and our thematic disorders may appear ah type of reading disorder. Dyslexia is quite often so. Learning disability is accompanied with a PhD because usually people, as we all know and as we have just learned in the previous slides, have difficulty in concentrating on being patient and focusing on birth. And you do that a lot of learning disabilities like dyslexia and unable to read or unable to spell problems can occur Next historic single so a very small proportion of people with a D. H d have a neurological disorder called Tourette's and go People with Tourette have various nervous sticks and repetitive mannerisms such as I've wings or facial twitches or grimacing . Others may clear their throats frequently. Start sniff or barker words. Well, very future, and have this in Rome. Many of the causes off toward syndrome have associated with 80 HD as people A with 80 issue are hyperactive, impulsive and have intention problems due to that, Forward syndrome can also be, ah, part off it, and it is a syndrome, which is a neurological disorder. Next is oppositional defiant disorder, as many as 1/3 to 1/2 off all the Children with 80 80. Mostly boys have another condition known as oppositional Defiant disorder, which is O. D D. These Children's are often defined. Stubborn noncompliant have outbursts off temper or become belligerent. There are you in adults and refused to obey, so they haven't opposition to literally everything. Wherever you tell them to do or whatever, you show that they will show an oppositional behavior toe that next we have is conduct disorder, a deity. Children may eventually develop on the disorder cd. Ah, more serious pattern off anti social behavior. These Children frequently lie or steal, fight with or bully others and are at a real risk off getting into trouble. They're violate the basic rights of other people, are aggressive toward people or and animals, destroy property, break into people's home, commit steps Gary or used weapons or engage in vandalism. These Childrens or adults are at greater risk for substance use, experimentation and later, dependence and abuse. So conduct disorder is a very important walking disorder with 80 HD as it leads to abuse and should be controlled as soon as possible. Next, we have anxiety and depression. Some Children with idiots do you often have ordering anxiety or depression? If the anxiety or depression is recognized and treated, the child will be better able to understand the problems that accompany a PhD. Why square so effective treatment off a DHD can have a positive impact on anxiety at the child is better able to master academic tasks as many people with 80 used er bullied and corner you do that the face anxiety and depression on social problems as a co occurring disorder with 80 HD, and lastly, we have bipolar disorder, so differentiating beating a deity and bipolar disorder in childhood can be difficult. In its classic form, bipolar disorder is characterized by mood cycling between periods off intense highs and lows. But in Children, bipolar often seems to be a rather chronic mood. This regulation with a mixture off elation, depression and irritability. There are some symptoms that can be present both an 80 HD and bipolar disorder, such as high level of energy and reduced need for sleep. So the different trade between idiocy and bipolar disorder is difficult, but the proper diagnosis can depreciate that. So these are the co occurring disorders that can occur with 80 HD. They can continue throughout a person's life. A thought or diagnosis and treatment plan can take into account all of the symptoms present and should be essential in solving them. So this was the end of my lesson. And now let's you, as in my next one 10. ADHD Co Occuring Disorders Symptoms: Hey, guys! And welcome to the session on idiots T quartering disorder's symptoms. So this will be a small listen in which people just discussed the idiots d co occurring disorders. And then there's symptoms in this tiger so you can see the man is 80 HD. Then we have four different co occurring disorders. We have depression, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder. And then we have anxiety. And with them we have the symptoms on these sites. So let's take a look at depression. First Depression is actually problems concentrating and lost off motivation. This is one of the Corcoran Disorders with area sheet that is really common, and the symptoms of depression are feeling sad or hopeless and sometimes suicidal thoughts . Next, we have conduct disorder. So what actually corner disorder is that you get impulsive, aggressive and act without thinking The symptoms for conduct disorder is that you have no regard for consequences. Thirdly, we have oppositional defiant disorder. What it actually is that you lose temper and get argumentative. The symptoms for that is that you start blaming others for your own mistakes and refused to comply with roots and then, lastly, the Corcoran disorder with idiots do we have is anxiety, which is also common. Anxiety means inventive and fitness symptoms for that our founding hard and difficulty in breathing and then persistent, intense, fair or worry. So this was just the end of her small lesson. Hope you guys got a good understanding. And now with you guys in my next one 11. Diagnosis of ADHD : Hey guys, And welcome to this. Listen on. Dinos is off 80 HD, so there is no single test. Odin was 80 HD. Therefore, a comprehensive evaluation is necessary to establish a diagnosis, rule out other causes and determined the presence or absence off core existing conditions. Such an evaluation requires time and effort and shouldn't do a careful history and a clinical assessment off the individuals, academic, social and emotional functioning on developmental level. So first, let's take a look at the overview. Not everyone who was overly hyperactive, inattentive or impulsive has a DHD, since most people sometimes blurt out things they didn't mean to say or jump from one task to another are become this organized and forgetful. How can specialists tell The problem is 80 HD because everyone shows some of these behaviors at times. The diagnosis requires that such behaviour should be demonstrated toe a degree that is inappropriate for the person's age. So commonly people show these basic symptoms off hyperactivity, inventiveness and impulsiveness. However, if they go to a some extent off extreme level, then it should be diagnosed by a specialist and he and she can tell if the person has a PhD or not, the diagnosis can be difficult. The diagnosis of PTSD can be quite difficult because there is no specific test for a deity . We cannot take a blood sample or an extra, for example, to make firm diagnosis. All Children have some problems with self control, and it can be hard to decide where to draw the line and give a diagnosis or PhD. So I just mentioned many people show these common behaviors, so there is no specific test to diagnose 80 HD. So you have to keep track off all the behaviors off the person and then consult a specialist. And he or she can tell if a person has a DHD or not. Other problems can result in behavior like idiots G, for example, language or hitting difficulties. This taxi major disruptions in the child's life. Over half of the Children with idiots people have other areas off difficulties such as these, in addition to a d. H. D. So the diagnosis or world can be difficult. So now we're going to see how a diagnosis can be done by the pittance. Some parents see signs off inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity in the toddler long before the child enters school, the child may lose interest in playing a game, watching a TV show or made on around completely out of control. Parents can Oscar Children's pediatrician to assess whether the total it has an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, 80 HD are is more likely at this stage, just immature or unusually exuberant. If a child has a d h d, the parents can really easily able to identify it because ideology has three main or world behaviors inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity that are surely if a person has a PhD and opinion contract down all these behaviors through toddlers child's time and then can sure toe a specialist and a German whether he or she has an 80 HD problem. However, the diagnosis starts from the pants because the pants are the only one who started noticing those behavioral changes in their child. Next we have is diagnosis by teachers, as we all know, that school is a major part of a child's life, so teachers can really easily be able to distinguish if a child has a PhD or not. It used. You may be suspected by a pitted or a caretaker or may go unnoticed until the child runs into problems at school. Given that idiot D tends to affect functioning more strongly, ING schools sometimes a teacher is the first to recognize that a child is hyperactive or inattentive, and may pointed out opinions on our consult for the school psychologist because the teachers have to stay with the Children throughout the school time, they noticed all the behavioral changes in the student or how he she acts so the teachers can really diagnose. If ah person has some 80 HD symptoms are not. Because teachers worked with many Children, they come to know how average Children behaving, learning situations that require attention and self control. And then they can compare the average Children religion, enjoying idiocy, symptoms. And lastly, we have diagnosis by professions. The diagnosis, ideally, should be made by a professional in your area between ing in a deity or mental disorders, as they already had that training and specialisation that can easily identify if a person has idiot city or not. Child psychiatrists and psychologists Behavior Pediatrician's Our behavior. New lodges are most often trained in differential diagnosis, clinical social workers male to have such training about 80 HD our mental starters. The family can start by talking with the child's pediatrician or their family doctor. Some traditions may do the assessment themselves if they have the proper Queenie, but often they differ the family toe on appropriate mental health specialists they know and trust who could easily and properly diagnose it. So this was the end of her lesson on diagnosis off radiation. It is kind off difficult because there is no specific test. As we just learned in the previous lessons, the diagnosis can be done by apparent teacher. However, the that misses by a professional is the most important one, which can confirm if your child has a PhD, this was the end of my lesson, and now well, she was in my next one. 12. ADHD In Children : Hey guys, and welcome to the system on a PhD in Children. So let's first took a look at the concept. Children with areas de awful experience delays an independent functioning on may behave younger than their peers. Many Children affected by ideology can also have mild delays in language, more schools or social development. They tend to have low frustration, tolerance, difficulty controlling their emotions and often experience mood swings. So these are some common behaviors shown by Children with a DHD. Parents, teachers and professions can easily diagnose them by keeping a track off these behavioral symptoms. Hyperactivity, attention, problems and impulsivity are also the man three symptoms shown by Children with a D. H. D. So for the diagnosis off a PhD in Children to determine if a child is idiot is a complex process. Many biological and psychological problems can contribute to symptoms similar to those exhibited by Children with age. For example, anxiety, depression and certain types of learning disabilities may cost similar symptoms. Ah, thorough history should be taken from the parents and teachers and, when appropriate from the child, gentlest for waiting idiots. These symptoms and ruling out other disabilities are often used by tensions. So again, you have to keep track of all these symptoms the child shows, and then using that list, you can compare it to the symptoms off 80 HD the common behavioral symptoms of a deity. And then, if they are matching with those symptoms, then you should consult a specialist in mental disorders and then try to diagnose. If you're trial has 80 HD. Now let's take a look at the treatment off Children with 80 HD. Any energy and Children often requires a comprehensive approach to treatment that includes the following parent and child education about diagnosis and treatment. If the parent and child doesn't know about 80 HD or what it means or what's his diagnosis and how it can be treatment, then there will be a problem. So this is a must bear, including in behavior management techniques. As you know, a DSG has some extreme symptoms, so parent cleaning and behavior management is also a must. Medication is also a treatment school programming and supports. Many schools have different creating programs, which helped the Children with a D, H D child and family therapy to address person and slash or family stress concerns. on treatment should be tailored to the unique needs off each child and family, so idiocy Children have different levels. Some are very extreme. Some are toe the bottom line. Some are in middle, so the treatment should be offered according to that. Next, let's take a look at school and child with 80 HD so schools can work with families and doctors to help Children with a GST in school. Open communication between parents and school staff can be the key to a child. Success as the child's going and learning it is are in school. If proper training and programming is supply to the child by the teacher and the school, then the child can really easily be ableto lessen his or our 80 80 problems. Teachers often are the first and notice 80 HD like behaviors and can provide parents, guardians and doctors with information that may help with the diagnosis and treatment. Also, teachers and parents and work together to solve problems and plan ways to support a child learning at home as well at school. And lastly, now we're going to take a look at the problems. Children with 80 HD face trillions with idiocy often have difficulty with social relationships, which may cause conflict with family members or lead to rejection by other Children their age. A lack of social skills, combined with hyperactive, impulsive and inattentive behavior, may cause Children with a DHD to our conveys that others think are mean, bossy rule, thoughtless or weird. In addition, Children with ASD, like Children with other disabilities, are more frequently the target off bullies. So one of the main problems Children with hideously face our social problems there bully, targeted, cornered do their different behavioral symptoms. So this was the end of her lesson on Children with a D. H d Hope you guys got a good understanding, and now we'll see you guys in my next lesson. 13. ADHD In Adults : here, guys, and welcome to the sets in on idiots T in Adam. So first, let's take a look at the concept. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Any HD is highly publicized childhood disorder that affects approximately 3 to 5% off all Children. However, Children who have ideology may will still have it as adults. Several studies done in recent years estimate that between thirties person and 70% off, Children with a D H D continue to exhibit symptoms in the adult years. So it is. It is not only a child or disorder, it also continues as you grow. So let's take a look at the diagnosis off. 80 HD FOREIGN Adult Diagnosing an adult with a deity is not easy. Some recognize the creeds that have given them trouble for years. Distractibility, impossibility, restlessness and some other, as we know which are hyperactivity, impulsivity or which was just mentioned and attention problems. Some adults will seek professional help for depression or anxiety, and then we'll find out that the root cause of some of the emotion problems it's 80 HD they may have a history of school failures are problems at work to be diagnosed with any HD and adult must have child or on stead, persistent and current symptoms. So it is really ready to get 80 years D when you're an adult. However, if you have a childhood problem of idiots, didn't then it may be common to get a d. H. D. In your added cares. Now we're going to take a look at the accuracy of diagnosis off. 80 HD. The accuracy of the diagnosis off adult A. D. H D is off utmost importance and should be made by a clinician with expertise in the areas off pretension dysfunction. So only a proper specialized psychologist with mental disorders training can determine if a adult has idiocy or not for accurate diagnosis. Ah, history of the patients childhood behaviour together in an interview with his life partner or paid and close friend or other close associates will be needed. A physical examination and psychological tests should also be given, and from that, they can diagnose if an adult has 80 HD or not. Now we're going to take a look at the treatment off adult with 80 HD, so there are two types. One is medication and the second education and psychotherapy. Let's take a look at medication first so adults take a medication for a D. H D. They often start with a stimulant medication. Anti depressants are considered a second choice for treatments off adults with 80 HD In prescribing for an adult, special considerations are made. The adult may need less of the medication for his weight. The island may take other medications for problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety or depression. These variables must be taken into account before a medication is prescribed. So when your adult you not only have one problem, you have many problems just mentioned, like high blood pressure, diabetes or maybe anxiety repression. You also take medication for that. So when prescribing medication for 18 years two, you have to keep these problems in your mind so that they don't have any side effects or going cross over each other, causing more problems. The next method of treatment is education on psychotherapy. Most psycho education and individual psychotherapy can be helpful. Are professional coach can help the Indian city adult learn how co organize his life. 20 can be really helpful, very big and help change a long standing poor self image by examining the experiences that produced it. The terrorist can encourage the idiots dip a Shinto adjust to changes brought into his life by treatment, the perceived loss of impulsivity and the love or risk taking the new sensation of thinking before acting. So the therapist can help the adult patient off 80 80 and to changing his or her lifestyle , my moving step by step in his daily day to day work and routine, and how to solve some problems. Little by little and large, you're going to see problems adult with a DHD face. So one of them is difficulty reading social cues and nor wible communication. In general, adults with a deity may not be the best about reading other's people's facial expressions or body language, causing them to miss important information. Most of us would be quickly and instinctively. Partially this May, because of the idiocy, makes it harder for them to interrupt this channel of communication. They may also not be paying attention to normal, but cues because their minds are distracted and focused on other things. Secondly, we have blurting out inappropriate comments. One feature off idiocy is impulsivity, as we all know in conversations and adult with idiots, we may accidentally offend someone by saying something inappropriate the instant it popped into their head. Thirdly, we have interrupting. This is another aspect of being impulsive. Someone may frequently and dropped the other people there talking toe. The males are but into conversations. If the think of something they want to say, they may start speaking before dishing time to realize that now wouldn't be the best time to do it. So they are really impatient and in corrupt. Next, we have talking too much adults with idiots you sometimes talk on and on and on. This can be because they feeling internal pressure to keep speaking. They may also be enthusiastically chatting about the topic and miss the nor verbal signs that other people aren't that interested and would like them to move on to something else. Next, we have not being a good listener. There is also one of the problems added with 80 80 face. The points above can contribute to an adult with idiots. Gene not listening well rather than letting the other person speak their jumping in with their own points. The distractibility and travel focusing can also come into play. They may be trying their best to concentrate on what the other person is saying, but their minds have three other things going on there. Team time, for example. This can get even worse during chaotic group conversations. Second, lastly, we have coming across as distracted and spacey. This can be another effect off the difficulty with focusing on one subject while trying to pay attention to another person. They may not be able to keep their mind from drifting off or fixating or something else. And lastly, we have being irritable and quick tempered. So not everyone with ideology presents in the same way. For some people, the hyperactive, impulsive side off the conditions Schoen's up as them being ambition and being easily irritated. So this, because really problems in the day to day daily life. So these were the problems adult with 80 80 face. This was the end of her lesson on immunity in adults, and now I'm going to see us in my next lesson. 14. ADHD Brain VS Normal Brain: here, guys, And welcome to this Essen on idiocy. Brain worse is normal brain. So this will be just a small lesson in which we will just take a look at this picture and compared the normal brain. Worse is the idiocy bring. So one of the characteristic we can see in the normal brain is patient. The human brain is patient and control itself at times. Then there's coordinated. The person can stay coordinated. Then we have organized. There is no problem in the normal brain on staying organized, and then, lastly, we have attentive. The normal brain is always attentive, and there is no attention problems now. Let's compared with idiots to print. You can see that in the idiots your brain. First we have attention, deficit, attention. Deficit means that the person having a DHD have a lot of attention problems. He or she cannot stay still or focus that one single thing and always gets distracted. As you can see, a distraction is also a characteristic. So again, the person with the use you cannot stay still or at one single task. He or she is also distracted with other small or big things and cannot focus on one single thing. Then there is confusion. The idiocy person's brain is always in confusion. He or she the person would idiocy, doesn't know what to do. The mind is always in some tension. It doesn't know what to do. Then we have day dreaming. Dreaming is also common with people with PTSD because their mind is not compared to the normal brain, which we're talking about. So they always keep their dreaming about different and random things. And lastly, we have hyperactivity, which is one of the men symptoms off 80 HD. So hyperactivity is that the person cannot stay focused or patient. Person with 80 issue is always hyper and active. So this was the end of her short lesson on former being worked. His idiocy bring hope. You guys got a good understanding, and now let us in my next listen 15. Medication For ADHD : Hey, guys, And welcome to the session on medication for a D. H. D. So for decades, medication have been used to treat symptoms off DHT, the medications that seem to be the most effective. Our class of drugs known as stimulants, So stimulant medication is one of the major 80 HD medications for treatment. Psycho stimulants are the most widely used class of medications for the management of 80 HD related symptoms. Stimulant medications comes in short acting and long acting forms, so there to form short acting in love. Acting Sean acting civilians are generally taker toe three times a day and last 4 to 5 hours per does. However, the long acting stimulants are usually taken only once a day and last between seven and 12 arts, and that does. It depends on how much your professional specialists wants you to take, and it also depends on which area the level the patient is on an extreme level or at a low level, so every continue with stimulant medication. Trillion with idiots to respond positively to psycho stimulant medications. So for Children, fast stimulant medication is really helpful. Improvement is shown by people who take these medications increases and attention effort on tasks and decreased activity levels, impulsivity, negative behavior and social interactions on physical hostility. So all the major problems, like hyperactivity, attention, problems and impulsivity are controlled by stimulant medication. Now we're going to want to non stimulant medication. Non simmering medications are antidepressants, which I consider the second choice for treatment off adults with 80 HD, a non stimulant medication, which is called atomic steen, appears to have similar effects as the stimulants. It is usually taken as a single daily doors in the morning or a stew divided doors in the morning and late afternoon or early evening. So this also depends on how much your specialist prescribes you. Antidepressants and other medications may decrease impulsivity, hyperactivity and aggression, so now non similar medication is continued. However, each family must weigh the pros and guns off taking medication. Because these medications make ID the risk off side effects. Physicians need to monitor the Britons who take medication for potential side effects, such as mood swings, hypertension, depression and effects on growth. I would also make a special lesson on the side effects off the medication off 80 HD. So this was the end of her lesson on medication for idiot city in this treatment section who has got a good understanding, or the two medications stimulant and non similar, and now we'll see you guys in my next lesson. 16. Therapy : Hey, guys, and welcome to this isn't on 30 on 80 HD. So first, let's take a look at the concept there different kinds of therapy that have been tried for a deity, but research shows that 30 may not be effective in treating 80 80 symptoms. However, adding therapy to an idiot treatment plan may help patients and families better cope with daily challenges. Important strategies include being consistent and using positive reinforcement and teaching problem solving, communication and self advocacy skills. So it's not. The therapy doesn't help at all. It can be helpful. It can bring many behavioral changes in the person who is taking this treatment. So now we're going to take a look at psychosocial treatment, psychosocial or meaning behavior treatment alone, such as social skills training or individual preppies. Maybe they commended as an initial treatment. If the symptoms off 80 hdr mild, the diagnosis of PTSD is uncertain or the family prefers this type of treatment. Behavior treatment can help manage. It is do symptoms and lessen the impact on your child so this type of treatment cannot help solve a deity. But it can help make a lesson, and this is usually prefer to those people who have just started with the symptoms off Idiot City so they can quickly control it. Number one. To see how we can do therapy for Children, Parents and teachers can help Children with a deity and make them stay organized. They could help them follow directions with tools such as keeping Over Bean and a Schedule . The Journal Organizing everyday items, using homework and notebook organizer's and giving praise or reward when rules are followed . So only some minor therapy or basics unit in the life can help them. Let's in their 80 HD symptoms. Now let's see for adults how we can use her before adults. Ah, license, mental health provider or therapist can help in adult with idiots. Do you learn how to organize his or her like They can help by providing with tools such as keeping routines and breaking down large tasks into more manageable, smaller dots so they could bring small changes into their normal day to day routine. Wishing that helped them in their severe behavioral symptoms off 80 HD. So this was the end of her listen on therapy off 80 HD hope you guys got a good understanding and now lets us in my next lesson 17. Behavioral Interventions : Hey guys! And welcome to session on behavioral interventions, which can be one of the treatment to solve. 80 HD. So first, let's take a look at the concept. Behavioral interventions are also a mirror competent off treatment for Children. Web Katie HD Important strategies include being consistent and using positive reinforcement and teaching problem solving communication and self advocacy skills. So Children, especially teenagers, should be actively involved as respected members of the school planning and treatment things. So what it actually means is that you helped person who is having 80 HD by changing his normal day to day behaviors. So let's just look at some simple behavioral interventions versus schedule. Have the same routine every day from wake up timeto bedtime. The schedule should include homework time, playtime and including outdoor and indoor activities or any other activities you want to add. But there should be a proper schedule and proper timing to do things so they don't get distracted. The focus on the time and schedule and work the second is organized, needed everyday items, so have a place for everything and keep everything in its place so that the patient with a PhD knows that where is the thing placed and won't have to call the chaos to find something so you need to stay organized. And lastly, it is to use homework and notebook organizer's to stress the importance of writing on assignment and bringing home needed books. So this can keep the oppression busy, especially Children with 80. Usually they can concentrate on home berg and making journals and organizing things, which keeps their mind off from other things and last year, to take a look at how schools can help. School success may require a variety of classroom accommodations and behavioral intervention. But as we have learned before, the schools are a major part of a Children's life, so a child with idiocy in school will be have to be taken cared off a little differently than the average students. Most Children with areas can be caught in the regular classroom with minor adjustments to the environment. However, some who have an extreme level of idiocy may require special education services, which can collided with in the regular education classrooms or a special cross room that needs the trials unique learning needs. So this was the end of her lesson on behavior information to solve Rhodesia as its treatment, and now a few words in my next lesson 18. Education and Training : Hey, guys, welcome to assess in on education and training, which is a part off treatment for 80 HD. So let's take a look at the concept. Children and adults with idiots. We need guidance and understanding from the parents, families and teachers to reach their full potential and to succeed mental health professionals. Like psychologists, psychiatrists accept, crack and educate the parents off a child with a PhD about the condition and how it effects a family. You can also help the child and his or her parents develop new skills, attitudes and ways of relating to each other. Here are some examples of education and clinic, so the first is bid ending skills. Twinning This digits parents the skills they need to encourage and reward positive behaviors in their Children. Because parents can really help the trial with a d. H d, learn and change his behavioral symptoms that may get worse. The 2nd 1 is stressed management techniques. These can benefit parents off Children with 80 80 by increasing their ability to deal with frustration so that they can respond calmly toe the child's behavior. As we've learned in the previous lessons that any issues symptoms are quite severe. Children show hyperactivity, attention, problems and impulsivity, and they may also become aggressive. So stress management techniques, if learned by the parent, can be really helpful. Tow them. Next we have is support groups. Support groups can help parents and families connect with others who have similar problems , so they can need, connect, toe each other, communicate about their problems, similar problems and then try to solve them. And lastly, we have school based education and training who Some schools offer special education services to Children with idiot who qualify because energy is majorly child mental disorder problem. So schools can be a really important part in helping the child less. In the 80 HD education specialists helped the child parents and teachers make changes to classroom and homework assignments. Toe help the child succeed because 80 80 Children have attention problems, hyperactivity, impulsiveness and all the symptoms we've learned before, So it's really difficult for them to follow the same pattern as average students. That's why making changes can help them a lot. Public schools are required to offer these services for qualified Children, which may be free for families living within the school district. So this was the end of her listen on education and training on a d. H. D. And now with you guys in my next lesson. 19. Side Effects of ADHD Medication : Hey guys and working with incessant on side effects off a th dean medication. So let's take a look at the common side effects. Some of the most common and predictable side effects from stimulant medication are reduced appetite, weight loss problems, sleeping head jigs, stomach pain and irritability. So these are really, really common side effects. You do the medication for a treatment off a DHT, which are stimulated medication. The next common side effects is due to the non stimulant medication for the treatment of a D. H D, which is the non stimulant auto. Maxine What is also called Strattera. This causes nausea, reduced appetite and weight loss. Some Children complain off drives, Innis or mild irritability during the day while taking this medication. So one of the major things about taking medication for a D. H. D is that there will be some side effects, so you have to take them in mind before taking that medication. And now we're going to look at some ready their side effects. So one of them is heart related problems. There have been really reports off, sees heart related problems, such a sudden debt, heart attack and stroke in patients taking a DHD medication. But do remember in mind that these are very there, so you don't need to worry that much. Next, we have hallucinations and agitation. It was also investigated a small number of reports off visual hallucinations. Psychosis is on aggressive outbursts in patients taking idiots. The mediation took place, so this may be one of the rare side effects that you may have some hallucinations. Now we're going to continue with the rear side effects we have voicing suicidal thoughts. There is a slightly increased risk, about four per 1000 off, voicing societal thoughts and feelings while taking the non stimulant 80 80 medication Autumn Axity and next few have liver problems there have been were cases. As you can see, we're using the word where so you don't have nobody. He's already did so. It has been reported that the non stimulant a toxin McBean, causing potentially serious liver problems and some signs to watch are itching right upper belly pain, dark urine, yellow skin or eyes, and unexplained flu like symptoms. And lastly, we will talk about the last rare side effect, which is pre existing mental health conditions. So patients with pre existing psychosis, bipolar disorder or a history of drug abuse should be carefully monitored when using a D. H D medication. Evidence shows that some idiocy medications may worsen pre existing psychotics and bipolar disorder. This is because stimulant medications are as by the word stimulus stimulation. They stimulate your brain. And with that, it may cause many side affects, which we have just mentioned. You don't everybody about these that much, but you should be able to know these side effects before taking medication for 80 HD treatment, and this was the end off our lesson. 20. ADHD Statistics: here, guys and welcome with assessing on 80 HD statistics. So let's look at how many people globally have a DHD, a mean worldwide prevalence off 80 HD off 2.2% Overall, the ranges you point 1-8 0.0.1 person has been estimated in Children and adolescents. Anderson's are teens, which are under 18 whereas the mean prevalence off radiation adults, which are aged 18 till 44 years from a range of countries in Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East was reported as 2.8%. Overall, the range is 0.6 that 7.3 person. So if you add them up, you can see a total off five person off the world. People have 80 HD. Now let's see how many people in USA have 80 HD. This survey was conducted by National Survey of Children's Health, which is N. S. C. H. This graph shows estimated number of Children who ever had a PhD in millions throughout the years. So you can see we have year 2000 7 5011 and 2000 and 16. The green one, Richard 2016 is the latest one, whereas the go on 11 the blue ones are which we re conducted before. So you can see that in drawing three and millions. It was 4.4 million's in 10 7 it increased to 5.4 million, and because in 11 it increased to 6.4 million. However, you can see that by 2000 and 16 after five years, the number off Children were ever had Etienne millions decreased by 0.3 so 6.4 to 6.1. And this may be because off many people are becoming more aware of a used E. They're taking more medication on. New medication is improvised, and a lot of people are getting more training therapy. Except now let's see idiots tea with another disorder in people in U. S. A. So this graph shows percentage of Children with a D. H d and another disorder with that, so you can see we have any mental, emotional or behavioral disorder. Then we have behavior or conduct problem than you have in society Depression, autism and correct Central. So you can see the person to just we have to 70 person in this graph, so you can see any mental emotional arbitrator. Disorder is at 64% which is the highest. You can also see the dates and service from National Survey of Children's Health, so the highest is any mental, emotional or behavior disorder. Then comes behavior or conduct problem that is, at 52 person. Then comes anxiety at 33 person, then depression at 17 person than autism spectrum disorder at 14 person. And lastly, the Tourette syndrome is the least one which is at one person. Now let's just see idiocy treatment in USC. The falling graphs illustrate the Ritz and tights off idiocy treatment employed in America so you can see all these raps are among all triggered off ages to till 17 that suffering from any HD. So 62 person were taking a tht medication. One out of every 20 Children in the US are taking a THT medication. Nearly 2/3. 64 person, additionally, had another mental emotion or behaviour disorder. With that, then we have 47 person for the seven person proceeds, some type of behavioral treatment for a THT in the past year, and then we have 60 person, 60% of Children with were aged 2 to 5 years. Receive some type of behavioral treatment for a DST. In the past year, disorders included conduct disorder, anxiety, depression, autism and Tourettes send go. So these were the statistics off area city. I hope you guys got a good understanding of what we just learned. And now else us in my next lesson. 21. Managing Your Time : Hey guys, and welcome to the system on managing your time. So let's take a look at the overview. First, Coupled with time, management is a common effect off 80 HD. You may frequently lose track off time, Miss Deadlines, Procrastinate. Underestimate how much time you need for tasks or find yourself doing things in the wrong order. Many adults with a D. H D spent so much time on one task known as hyper, focusing that nothing else gets done. These difficulties can leave you feeling frustrated and make others impatient. But there are solutions to help. You better manage your time. Now we're going to take a look at some tips for managing your time. Alice with a DHD often have difficult perception off how time passes to align your sense off time with everyone else. Used the oldest trick in the book, which is a clock. So become a clock watcher user Reese watched or highly visible wall or desk clock to keep you help track off time when you started task making order the time by saying it out loud or writing it down. Next. We have used timers. I loved herself. Limited amount off time for each task and use a timer or alarm to alert you when your time is up for longer tusks, consider setting an alarm to go off at regular intervals to keep you productive and aware of how much time is going by. Next, we have give yourself more time than you think you need, so people with a deity are bad at estimating how long it will take to do something for every 30 minutes. For example, off time, you think it will take you to get someplace or completed? Ask give yourself a question by adding a few extra minutes, like, for example, adding a few 10 minutes in your specific time. And last year we have planned to be early and said up reminders right down appointments for 15 minutes earlier than they really are. Set up reminders when show you leave on time and make sure you have everything you need ahead of time. So you're not frantically looking for your keys or phone, for example, when it's time to go now, we're going to look at some prioritization tips. We have three tapes over here. 1st 1 is deciding what to tackle first, so ask herself with. The most important task is that you need to accomplish and then order your other priorities offered that one. Secondly, we have take things one at a time. Bring down large products or jobs into smaller, manageable steps, so don't frantically just do everything all together. Take your time and do things step by step. And lastly, we have stay on task Ah, while getting side dragged by sticking to their schedule, using a timer to enforce it if necessary. So try to focus as much as possible to stay on a single task on in the last week. Have learned to say no. Impulsiveness can lead adults with idiots. Tito Agree. Toe too many products at work or make too many social engagements but a jam packed schedule . You can leave you feeling overwhelmed over tired and affect the quality off your work. Saying no to certain commitments may improve her ability to accomplish tasks. Keep social dates on live a healthier lifestyle, So check your schedule first before agreeing to something new and learn to say no. So this was the end of her lesson on how to manage your time to manage 80 HD, and now well, she was in my next lesson 22. Staying Organzied : here, guys, and welcome to this lesson on staying organized. So let's take a look at the overview. First, the Hallmark trades off 80 HDR inattention and distractibility making organization perhaps the biggest challenge people face with the disorder. If you have a PhD, the prospect of getting organized, whether it be at home or work may leave you feeling overwhelmed. However, you can learn to break tasks down into smaller steps and follow a systematic approach to organisation by implementing various structures and routines and taking advantage off tools such as Davy planners on reminders, you can set yourself upto, maintain organization and control clapper. Now let's take a look at the tips for staying organized to the 1st 1 is developed structure and need habits, and then you have to keep them up to organize a room, home or office. Start by categorizing your objects, deciding which are necessary and which can be stored or discarded to organize yourself. Get in the habit off, taking notes and making lists. Maintain your newly organized structure with regular daily routines. Next, we have quit space, ask herself what you need on a daily basis and find storage bins or closets for things you don't need. Designate specific areas for things like keys, bills and other items that can be easily misplaced. So let's continue with the tips for staying organized. Use a calendar app or day planner Effective Use off a day planner or a calendar on your smartphone or a computer can help you remember appointments and deadlines with electronic calendars. You can also set up automatic reminders to schedule events. Don't stay pure mind. Next, we have used lists. Make use off lists and notes to keep track of regularly scheduled tasks, projects, deadlines and appointments. If you decide to use a daily planner, keep all lists and notes inside it. You also may have many options for use on your smartphone or computer search for, for example, to do APS or task managers. And last year we have a deal with it. Now you can avoid forgetfulness, cutter and procrastination by filling papers, cleaning up message or returning phone calls immediately. Not sometime in the future if a task can be done in two minutes or less, doing on the spot rather than putting it off for later. So this was the end of her listen on staying organized to manage 80 HD Hope you guys got to go understanding or what we studied and now we'll see you guys in my next lesson. 23. Managing Daily Tasks: Hey guys and welcome boozers and on managing daily tasks. So let's take a look at the or view first Because of her 80 HD, you may never have developed skills in organizing your sense as a child. Your parents may have needed to do this for you and as an adult. Ah Parker may have taken over many of these tusks difficulties and organizing yourself. Remembering things and being on time isn't about being lazy. It's about having a deity, and you can develop strategies to manage these tasks better for yourself. So now let's take a look at some tips for managing daily tasks. First we have is use a diary on door wall calendar, right appointments on it as soon as you make them make a habit off looking in your diary every morning to see what you have planned to do that day. Secondly, we have make a task list. Just keep one list. Keep it small and management take off items when you have done them, so you can track your progress. If you would reminders about paying bills, making phone calls and buying food except next, we have created a home fighting system. Use folders or dividers to store different types of paperwork such as bills, receipts, bank statements and medical letters. Use labels and different colored folders so you can find what you need easily have a regular clear out off papers you no longer need to keep. So let's continue next. We have developed a 10 minute tidy routine rather than feeling overburdened and all the toss you need to do. Just spend 10 minutes each day on tasks such as sorting the post, filling paperwork, picking up laundry or pots. This might not sort all of the things you need to do, but it will help you feel more in control and it's only 10 minutes. Next. Become more aware off the time minutes can feel like ours. Ours can feel like minutes. All this. Make sure you have a watch or clock nearby and keep taking it regularly so that you haven't become distracted or late for an appointment. And lastly, we have set reminders. Use visual reminders such a skull erred posted and notes on your fridge or front door, or the alarm or your mobile phone to remind you off task to do that day. So this was the wonderful lesson on managing daily tasks in managing a PhD who has got a good understanding, and now we'll see you guys in my next lesson. 24. Managing Realtionships: Hey, guys, and welcome to this lesson on managing relationships. So let's take a look at the overview. First, many individuals with 88. You have successful friendships and relationships. Like all relationships, there can be difficulties at times. Common social difficulties for adults with a TSG can include difficulty paying attention during conversations, difficulty taking turns, blurting out things and changing the subject. Moreover, forgetting to meet up for getting special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays and being late to meetings can also be a frustration for friends and partners within a relationship. It can be difficult to manage responsibility, such as running the home on being bills. It is not unusual for a partner to feel a bit like a parent in the relationship, having to take responsibility for finances, planning and organization off the household. Now we're just going to They could get some tips for managing relationships. It is possible to improve social skills by learning conversational and listing strategies. There are a lot off training courses for learning conversation and listing strategies, and people can take them to improve their relationships. Using an iconic gaiety or calendar can help you to remember social occasions and using an alarm can help you meet up on time with the relationships. It can help to work out your different strengths and divide up tasks based on these strategies, such as using time planners. Having weekly or daily catch obsessions can also be really helpful. So this was the end off our lesson on managing relationships in managing Erie HD Hope you guys got a good understanding and now we'll see you guys in my next lesson. 25. Managing Stress: here, guys, and welcome to listen on managing stress. So let's take a look at the or view first Doodle Impulsivity And this organization that often accompanies Idiot City to makes trouble with erratic sleep, an unhealthy diet or the effects off too little exercise, all issues that can lead to extra stress, bad moods and feeling out of control. The best way to stop this cycle is to take charge of her lifestyle habits and create healthy new routines. Eating well getting 20 off, see on exercising regularly can help you stay calm, minimize mood swings and fights any symptoms off anxiety and depression. Healthier habits can also reduce idiots. These symptoms, like inattention, hyperactivity and distractibility, while regular routines can help your life feel more manageable. So let's take a look at some tips on managing stress. The first section is the exercise part, so working out is perhaps the most positive and efficient way to reduce hyperactivity and inattention from 80 HD exercise can relieve stress, booster mood and calm your mind, helping work off the access, energy and aggression that can get in the way off relationships and feeling stable. So the 1st 1 is exercise on a daily basis. Choose something vigorous and fund that you can stick with like a team sport or working out with a friend. Next, we have in Greece stress relief by exercising outdoors. People with idiot city often benefit from sunshine and green surroundings. What does that make you feel more relaxed and calm, And lastly, we have tried relaxing forms off exercise, such as mindful walking or yoga. In addition to relieving stress, they can teach you toe better control your attention on impulses. So now let's move on to the next part, which is tips on managing stress with good sleep. So sleep deprivation can increase symptoms off Saturday, tht reducing your ability to cope. It's stress and maintain focus during the day. Simple changes to daytime habits go a long way toward ensuring solid nightly sleep. Here are a few points Ah warren caffeine Late in the day, I exercise vigorously and regularly but not ridden in our off time. Quit a predictable and quiet bedtime routine, including taking a hot shower or bath just before bed and lastly, stick to a regular sleep wake schedule even on the weekends. Now let's move on to our last part with the steps on managing stress by staying healthy while unhealthy heating habits don't cause it tht ah, poor diet can exactly bait symptoms by making simple changes in what and how you eat. You may experience big reductions in distractibility, hyperactivity and stress levels, so here are some points you should follow. Eat small meals throughout the day, a wide sugar and junk food as much as possible. Make sure you include healthy protein at every meal and also aim for several servings of fiber rich whole grains each day. So as well as reducing stress. Regular mindfulness meditation can also help you better resist distractions, lower impulsivity, improve your focus and provide more control over your emotions. So this was the end of her lesson on managing stress in managing a D. H. D. Hopwood has gotta go understanding, and now we'll see you guys in my next lesson. 26. Managing Money: Hey, guys, and welcome to this lesson on managing money. So let's take a look at the overview. First, money management requires budgeting, planning and organization. So for many adults with a D. H D, it can pose a true challenge. Many common systems off money management don't tend to work for adults with 80 80 because they required too much time, paper and attention to detail. But if you create your own system that is both simple and consistent. You can get on top off your finances and go to stop overspending, overdue bills and penalties for missed deadlines. So let's take a look at a few tips for managing money, so you should actually establish an easy organized system that helps you save documents, recedes and stay on top of bills. For an advert with seriously, the opportunity to manage banking on the computer can be the gift that keeps on giving. Organizing money online means less paperwork, normalcy, handwriting and no misplaced slips, so the 1st 1 is switched to online banking. Signing up for an online banking can turn the hit or miss process off, balancing your budget into a thing off the past. You're on an account will list all deposits and payments. Cracking your balance automatically toe the penny every day. You can also set up automatic payments for a regular monthly bills and log on as you need to pay irregular and occasional ones. The best part is no Miss Bliss and lips or late fees. Then we have set a bill. Bear reminders. If you prefer not to set up automatic payments, you can still make the process of building easier. With electronic reminders. You may be able to set up text or email reminders to online banking, or you can schedule them in your own calendar app. And lastly, we have taken wanted off technology. Free services can help you track off your finances and accounts that typically takes some time to set up. But once you've link your accounts that automatically update such tools can make your financial life easier. Next, we're going to see how you can control your budget. An honest assessment off your financial situation is the first step to getting budgeting under control. You should start by keeping track off her every expense, no matter how small for a month. This will allow you to effectively analyze where your money is going. You may be surprised at how much you're spending on unnecessary items and impulse purchases . You can then use this snapshot off your spending habits to create a monthly budget based on their income and needs. And lastly, we're going to see how you can stop impulsive shopping. Impossibility from ideology and shopping can be a very dangerous combination. It can put you in debt and make you feel guilty and ashamed. These few tips can help you shop with cash only lever, checkbook and credit cards at home, then cut up all but one great card when you shop mega lists or what you need, and then stick to it. Don't buy any extra things, and lastly, use a calculator to keep running. Total one shopping. There's always a calculator on your mobile phone. Use that and also just a bonus step. Stay away from places where you're likely to spend too much money throwaway catalogues as they arrive and block emails from retailers. So this was the end of her lesson on managing money in Managing area city. Hope you guys got a good understanding or what we just learned, and now we'll see you guys in my next lesson. 27. Managing Sleep: here, guys, and welcome to this lesson on managing sleep. So let's take a look at the overview. First, See, it can be a real difficulty for many adults with 80 HD. You may find that you have lots off energy through the day, but when it's time to lie down and go to sleep, you can't. You might find that you just lie in bed thinking about anything and everything. Once asleep, working up the next day can also be a really difficulty for you. So let's take a look at a few tips for managing. Seat First is keep a regular bedtime. This would allow your body to get used to the routine off sleep awarded taking naps during the day, trying not to be too active before bed. Activities such as exercising can help you sleep and burn off energy. But try to stop these a couple of ours before you go to bed. Next, we have tried to avoid a big meal or lots of drinks before bed. This can make it more difficult for you to settle or may cause you to wake up in the night . Let's continue with the tips for managing sleep We have tried to avoid stimulants before bed to this caffeine, which made through coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, any kind of nicotine or alcohol. Winding down activities such as listening to music or the radio quietly or reading a magazine or book where you are not to engage in the story can also help with settling. If your thoughts are keeping you awake to strike them by repeating a boring word in your head. The boring word can, for example, be the or on DSO. Just keep under beating them and you'll get distracted by them and you'll get tired. And lastly, if you can't settle to sleep, get up, go to another room and relax until you feel tired and ready to sleep again. So this was the end off her lesson on managing sleep for managing a DHD, and now we'll see you guys in my next lesson. 28. Staying Focused : Hey, guys, and welcome to listen on staying focused. So let's take a look at the overview. First, it isn t conclude special challenges at work. The things you may find office, maybe organization completion, off tasks, sitting still, listening quietly. And these are very things you often asked to do all day alone. Juggling idiots D and a challenging job is no easy task. But by telling your workplace environment, you can take advantage off your strong points while minimizing the negative impact off your idiots. These symptoms. So let's take a look at a few tips for staying focused. 1st 1 is set aside. Daily time for organization mess is always distracting. So set aside five or 10 minutes a day to clear your desk and organize your paperwork. Experiment when storing things inside your desk or in Vince so that they don't clutter your workspace as unnecessary distractions. Next, we have use colors and lists. Color according can be very useful to people with PhD manage forgetfulness by writing everything down. Then we have prioritised. More important tasks should be placed first on your to do list, so you remember to do them before lower priority tasks set deadlines for everything, even if they are self imposed. So let's continue with some tips. When you have attention issues where you work and what is around, you can significantly affect how much were able to get done. Let your workmates No, you need to concentrate and try the following techniques. Just I'm going to tell you them to minimize distractions where you work matters. If you don't have your own office, you may be able to take your work to an empty office or conference room. If you are in a lecture hall or conference, cry sitting close to the speaker and stay away from people who checked during the meeting. Next, we have minimize external commotion to discourage interruption. Just even hang a do not disturb sign. If possible, let voicemail pick up your phone calls and return them later. Turn off email and social media during certain times of the day, or even long off the Internet completely. If noise distract you, consider noise can see can phones or a sound machine, and lastly save big ideas for later. All those great concepts or random thoughts that keep popping into your head, instructing you judge them down on paper or on your smartphone for later consideration. So now, with the last light, let's see some tips to increase your focus pan. As an adult with PTSD, you were capable of focusing. It's just that you may have a hard time keeping that focus, especially when the activity isn't one that I find particularly engaging. Boring meetings or lectures are hard on anyone, but for adults with a GST, the may pose a special challenge. Similarly, following multiple directions can also be difficult for those with 80 HD used these steps to improve your focus and ability to follow instructions. First, we have get it in writing. If you're attending a meeting, lecture workshop or another gathering that requires close attention, ask for an advance copy off the relevant materials at the meeting. Use the written notes to guide your active listening and no taking. Writing as you listen will help you stay focused on the speaker's words. Then we have eco directions. After someone gives the warble instructions, say them aloud to make sure you got it right, and lastly, move around to prevent restlessness and fidgeting. Go ahead and move around at the proper time in the right places as long as you're not disturbing. Others cry. Squeezing a stress ball during a meeting, for example, are taking a walk or even jumping up and down during a meeting break can help you pay attention later on. So this was the end of her lesson on staying focused. Hope you has got a good understanding of what we just learned and now a few words in my next lesson. 29. Conclusion: So we are at the end off this course 80 HD a complete guide. So welcome to this conclusion Lesson. I hope that throughout my course you guys learned some valuable knowledge. I also hope you guys got a good, solid understanding off all the concept off 80 HD. So let's take a quick recap off this course in this in depth course you learned what is a D h d and its causes. Then we took a deeper look at idiocy symptoms and a tst diagnosis Murban diddly. We looked at the disorders that accompany Idiot City. Moving forward, we took a look at a tst and Children and 80 18 adults in death. Then we also saw a few statistics off 80 HD. Then we got into the treatment of 80 istea in detail all the types of treatment, for example that be medication except tre. And then we learned how you can manage 80 HD with a few tips and strategies and much more so thank you for enrolling in my course. And I hope you like this court on 80 HD a complete Kydd. I value your feet back. So don't forget to lever view also ask as many questions as you want. Thank you again. And I also hope to see you guys in my other courses.