ACRYLICS: DIY Stay-Wet Palette — Keep Your Acrylic Paints From Drying Out! | Aga K | Skillshare

ACRYLICS: DIY Stay-Wet Palette — Keep Your Acrylic Paints From Drying Out!

Aga K, I create and teach @amazingjourneyart

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About This Class

Acrylics are great! A little like watercolors, a little like oils (thankfully, unlike oils, they are water-soluble and don't require stinky toxic solvents). I love them for the bright, bold colors and their smooth, velvety texture...

There is one little problem with acrylics, though — they dry really fast!

On the one hand, this is good, because you can work fairly fast with your paintings. On the other hand, though, this can be really annoying — especially when acrylic paints dry too quickly on your mixing palette. Thankfully, there is a very easy way to keep your acrylics from drying so fast — and that's what I'm sharing with you in this mini-class! I hope it will make your work with acrylics easier and more pleasant!

And here is a little gift for you - 8 FREE printable cheat-sheet pages I designed. CLICK HERE to get it!



"The Aspiring Artist's Toolkit" - 8 free printable pages with:

» Acrylic Painting Starter Kit - The Ultimate Checklist for Beginners (1 page) | A list of essentials to get you started with acrylics.

» Color Theory & Harmony Cheatsheets
(3 pages) | Color theory and harmony in a nutshell.

» Painting Media and Techniques – a Comparison Cheatsheet
(1 page) | Pros and cons of the 4 main painting media/techniques: watercolors, gouache, acrylics, oils.

» How to Overcome Creative Blocks
(2 pages) | 13 ways to put the fear of blank canvas behind you.

» How to Get Inspired
(1 page) | 10 proven ways to find painting inspirations.


Happy creating! :)














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Aga K

I create and teach @amazingjourneyart

Hi! I'm Aga. A free spirit, a self-taught artist, a painter of imagined worlds (my favorite media are acrylics and watercolors). But before I started this imaginative adventure I was a scientist for many years - working at a university; researching new medicines to help people improve their lives and helping teach students.

I've always loved to share my skills and knowledge with others... and, having been once a university tutor, I was trained how to make complicated things easy to und...

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