ACRYLIC PAINTING Tutorial + FREE TRACEABLE to Paint along- EASY Step by Step for beginners | Vered Thalmeier | Skillshare

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ACRYLIC PAINTING Tutorial + FREE TRACEABLE to Paint along- EASY Step by Step for beginners

teacher avatar Vered Thalmeier, Artist / Easy Painting Vered

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. getting started! background and traceable

    • 3. Painting Process 1

    • 4. Painting Process 2

    • 5. Painting Process 3

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About This Class

Hi everybody, my name is Vered and I am an artist and a YouTube creator. Today I am really excited to walk you through my painting tutorial!

On this class I am going to show you step by step on how to paint this beautiful lady with acrylics. You can find a download version of the sketch we are going be using for the final portrait. All you have to do is to download  the traceable, trace it to your painting surface and paint along with me.This tutorial is easy & fun :)

So grab your brushes and let’s get started!

The supplies I used for this class:

- Jars or cups of clean water

- Paper towels

-a paper plate

-a soft graphite pencil (4b or 6b)

- Small & medium round paint brush 

- Large & medium flat paint brush

- 9 x 12 inch (24x32 cm) canvas / canvas painting panel / acrylic paper (300 g/ 140lb and up)


Acrylic Paint:

Oxide Black

Titanium White

Primary Blue

Flesh Color


Indian Yellow

Permanent Blue Violet


*****where can I find the traceable?

click the thumbtack icon at the bottom right of the 2. video (getting started! background and traceable) to find the link to the attached file. 

How to transfer a design to your canvas:


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vered Thalmeier

Artist / Easy Painting Vered


Hi, my name is Vered, I am an artist and illustrator. Love to paint and draw people from all around the globe. Check out my YouTue Channel with easy & fun painting tutorials: Easy Painting Vered 

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1. Intro : Hi, beautiful people. Welcome to my class. My name is very And today I'm going to show you how to paint this colorful lady with the acrylics. I will guide you step by step through. The whole process I would have to do is to down at the traceable Trey City. Converse and paint along with me. It's going to be easy. It's going to be fun. This I promise you. So grab your brushes and let's get started. 2. getting started! background and traceable: everybody welcome. We are starting now with our background. I'm taking a flesh color and a threat large, flat brush, and I'm starting to cover my background. If you feel the paint is to drive to supply more water to a brush after you're done with the background facility dry weight about 10 20 minutes until it's dry completely and we can move to are traceable. I don't know your tresses were printed on a just a normal computer paper. It's size off a four. Okay, on the backside off the paper is just a normal pencil. Six beers have six be here. It's very, very soft or just a great fight you have at home and I go over my outlines. I'm just using a normal pin and I start to trace it to my converse. Don't worry about making any mistakes. Nothing happened. It's just graphite, and you can also raise it later with the razor. The celebrities, they go over all the outlines. Great. Now we have the design on our converse and we can start painting 3. Painting Process 1: uh, everybody will come back. It's live it again. We continue now with the background. I'm starting with white. Just cover my background with white. The white is a little bit transparent. It's not really pure white. It's not really sick. And while this is what I'm taking my blue just a little bit of PLO. Not too much, you said just a little bit when go over my white and it's wherever nice light blue color. It's the color. Also want tohave the background in my brush. It's, Ah, the same brush room before the bright one. A large one. Just like this, I cover my old background with light blue. - That's how I cover or my background with this life floor. I'm starting with white, and then I go with blue over it while my back run is getting dry. I'm taking a round brush, a small one, and I covered my flower with white justice. A background. - Now we're going to point it here. It's a very kind off dark purple. What I have the painter have you and using a small imagine Fred brush and start to cover all the surface where here is going to be so I'm making very nice drugs. The way here is going to be later. Now I'm loading my brush with a little bit off, right? I don't have to clean it even before my brush. My brushes has two purple on it and with a little bit off, right And just make some strokes on here. You see, the white is mixing with a painted underneath it, and that's OK. That's what I wanted. Don't want it to be pure it. We continue now with yellow outline and a round brush. It's imagine one and I just make the outlines with yellow. If the paint is too dry, just apply more water to your brush and to get a better flow off your pain. My flower is already drying. I cover it also with yellow. 4. Painting Process 2: everybody to vote again will come back Now we continue with the face using a flat brush. It's more one magic wand and I'm mixing my flesh color with my magenta I don't want my emergent to be too bright And that's why I'm using my flesh solitude I mix it together I'm gonna start to make a stroke on her face E make a joke from left to right You can see my move now The sixties from the flower tool Ellipse about You have to stop before the lips to sixties Exactly. I could my brush and I take here Oh, the same yellow used for the outline and then make another stroke with yellow. If you don't like the way stroke look like you can always change it. Of course, you can clean it with dry brush, or you can take your background color, the flesh Kara, and to blend it. So now let's paint it. I switched to a smaller brush around one a started, think like before, and I continue with yellow. Both of them have to be what I do. It went on with, just like this Vitiello and I'm hippie. - I'm just going over my Europe paint because I feel it's too transparent. So if you need to do, just do it not continuing to lives, I'm using magenta, magenta and, um, using a liner brush. Take the smalls brush. You have a tone. Now I continue with the outline with the purple outline. I'm using the same brush the liner brush with a little bit of water. The yellow must be Dr Course before and do it very slowly. Don't rush on also here. If you don't like the way your stroke look like, you can always wipe it off as long as it's with. - So let's continue now with the flower do the same. All the outlines which purpose and a gold on my purple out and again on the border between the yellow and purple to make the outline looks good if I'm not happy with this. Of course I was not so happy, and now it looks better 5. Painting Process 3: everybody welcome back. Its varied We're almost finished. And now this is our last part off the painting. I'm using my then a brush and I make some highlights with titanium white. I'm just going over a year. I forgot the year before, so it's no problem because I still have all my colors on my paint on my palette. And if you don't have your point, you could mix it again. So now we are going to begin to walk on hearing I'm fitting to a round brush. Imagine one. I'm taking my carpet and I started to take that sold. You say just like this. Not too much not to play around, just stepping on it. I'm taking the same brush. Don't wash it. I don't claim of Russia. Just take wife and I make few highlights on a Ewing. Okay, Now moving to a necklace it's gonna be blue and mixed blue to rip it off for it. I didn't want it to be pure blue on. As you see, I just step on it with my brush. I'm using the side of my brush and I never just like this. I'm happy with this. That's what I wanted It should be easy and the same like with the hearing I take the same brush. Don't clean it. Gonna make few highlights. Which way? Okay, now I'm using a flat brush. I'm using all the pinion tive on my parrot The same colors and I start to step on my canvas . I don't do any planning. You see, I'm just using the same colors. The blows of flesh color Mix it all together and I make short strokes. Continue with my purple. I'm taking a little bit of purple with a little bit of flesh. Carla and I continue with my strokes. You see, I don't make them. I don't cover all the background. I live it. And the way that you can see the background, the other colors will show through on. Just do it like this Until I'm happy with this. I'm taking the flesh color and I blended to the background. You know, it's a little bit I don't like the way it looks like. You can always change it. You don't have to care too much. Don't think too much When you do it, Just do it. But all of them all the strokes should go on in one direction. Now I continue with blue mix with flesh color a little bit white. Maybe this of this. Okay, I think that's all. I'm happy with her now. And I like the way she looks like. Tell you have to do is to wait until everything is dry. Sign your name and in jail, E. I hope you like this tutorial. You can have many artists have many, many tutorials on YouTube. You can watch him. You can support me and patronage Feel like you can get your traceable is over there also. And thank you for watching. Thank you for being here. Bye bye from Munich.