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4 Lessons (19m)

    • 2. CHAINS

    • 3. MACROS

    • 4. PROJECT


About This Class

Hey guys ,

                 welcome to this course on Ableton live,which is an powerful tool used by producers,engineers all around the world to create music and perform .I want too take you guys through this course of learning ableton live on a manual based perspective. Every topic in the ableton manual is converted into video format for you guys to understand and use it in our creative process.In this part one of course i have explained about the basics of,

chains and macros

These three areas are concentrated on this course by the following subtitles,



These 2 lessons are structured to give a basic understanding of the racks and macros of ableton live 10.


1. INTRODUCTION: Hey, guys, Welcome to this part five. In able to and love tutorials on in the Sultanate Tutorials, we're going to look at racks on how to use macro controls in drags and how to create complex rack structures for you to control your effects in Mableton. Live 10 on the catch. You guys in the course. 2. CHAINS: So the first thing we're going to look at is how to create an effect track. So as you can see here you have the muddy track and audio track to return tracks and everything. So yeah, let's get started. So what? I'm gonna do someone or delete this audio track. We have justice, Muddy track alone. I'm going to delete this return trackers. Well, just click on it. And just breast village. So we have just this muddy track. So what? I'm gonna do this. I'm going to use 1/3 party plug in called expand, too. Um, So I'm gonna click, and I'm gonna drag it inside. Uh, this muddy track So it's going to open it for me? Yeah. There it is. I have this multiple again. Right. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna choose Ah, beyond Oh, sound piano. It cool. I'm one of a grand piano. Natural grand. Okay, now, let's go toe electric on. Let's makes it ID Gs can. No. Let's see how it sound. Make sure your home this track sounds about Nye's gonna makes it a little bit by pushing this volume down. Uh, sounds good. So next we are going to do us now. The whole process starts. So how to create an effect track on how to create macro controls? Right? So first, we are going to look at how to create an effect truck. So simply if you go to audio effects, you can just, you know, dragon drop defects. And when are the compressor first on De Nick, You? If you are adding geek, you first. You can do that as long when I take you at first, then a compressor on then lets out a reverb. Let us you hear this on? Then we can add a delay or in a carbonara. Niko, Uh, it's more this aside. Okay, now we have everything right. We have a boat. Four affects year. DoubleClick genital. I know minimize for you. So we have the CQ three blue compressor on reverb, a nickel. So what you're gonna do is we're going to make this into Iraq. What is the racks mean? And what it does so rags are simply How can I tell you? Very I will show you guys. So you gonna understand better. So first, if you are in audio effects, just take this already effect track on. Bring it down on drop it before all the effects, not after, but before all the effects. So now, as you can see, it brings up a box kind of structure where you can see drop body affects here, you know, click your eight year drag and drop it inside. Click Traitor dragon, Drop it inside. Click, drop, click, drag and drop. No, As you can see, all these four effects are inside. Um, this audio effect track. So which means ah clicked the wrong button, which means that all these effects will be ah in parallel. Right? So what you can do is they will also they will be off. Ah, also they will be, you know, are played at the same time simultaneously. But you can adjust these parameters in different ways. That's where the macro controls and also this chain controls comes in place sauce against. If you click this button right here, it will show you this chain Ah, section right. So you can create a new chain. And what you can do is you can add another set off FX rate here, for example. Ah, you need an art open on If you are thinking about hair Ocean. Can I take this with? I'm gonna put it inside. So now you have one chain with all these plug ins on wanting with all this plug ins, what you can do is you can adjust the volume and you can mix it. You can plan, for example, given example easier example. You have Ah ah, vocal. And you have it's background okla rate. So you want the background vocal to be, ah, having one effect on the right channel on one effect on the Left Channel. So what you can do is you can take the background local. You can process it. You can add the two processes in 22 chains on what you're going to issue Gun ban one on one side and another on the other side. So let's do that right. So I'm gonna pan this on the left on this to the right. So now if I press accord, - as you might have heard, Ah, Echo is one Lee in the Left Channel, and it is not in the right channel. So I'm gonna pull this to the right. Okay? Yeah, let's hear the heart open now. It's gonna be interesting. As you can see, without all this effect, it sounds like but with, um, there's a lot of character and Lord off presence to the particular piano sound. Right? So this is how you can you use an audio rack effect like you can control the chains like you have you want toe makes them so, As you can see, you can rename these chains like you know what? Like this is a particular defect on the Left Channel. This is on the right channel on. You can use all those things. So this is all an audio track works and this is so you can, you know, manipulate the chance as you are. As I said before, this is the chain button drag button. So if you click on here, it will double click if you will show the effects that are ordered in this particular tune . If you double click here, it will show the effects that are ordered in this change so you can make stuff matched. Um, you can do ah, a lot of things with these. Ah, affect, affect track, chain function. So that's it, Guys, for this video, Hope you understood how to are these chains on the next, William, I'm going to show you guys how to use racks. This is a rack, right? So racks have two functions, you can use chains and you can use macro knobs. Right. So I'm going to show you in the next video how to use macro knobs to control all these effects that are right here. Right Sauce. You guys in the next video? 3. MACROS: Hey, guys will come back, and in this video, we're going to look at macro buttons or Macron ops. So how do you access macron ups? As you can see, we have already created this already. Effect track. We have the Q three reverb compresses all over here. I mean, you should have the converse of before this year. Okay, so we have all these, you know, effects right here on. Then we have another chain with all these two effects right here. And what is thes macron obs mean? And how do we access it? So macron abs are simply shortcut knobs that you might be using to control the war. All effects off a particular plug in. For example, in case of art open the one thing that you might always end up using esto amount. Right. So, in case of erosion, you might be used changing the frequencies. Right. So are the amount pumped, um, under Liberte on in case off the first chain you might be using for the echo three. You know, look, cutting the highs are, you know, bringing down, bringing up the bringing down the trash. Old are, you know, in case of reverb. You might be mixing the Dr it now. But is it 55%? Yes, on do you might be bringing down are bringing up right? So these are some after parents are the knobs you might be using, usually much in your workflow. For example, you will be using all these things all the hikers you want. I could filter or locate. You want any reflections? You wanted to be high quality or low quality. All these things for DK everything will be adjusted. But in the end, you will be tweaking only the snob, dry and wet or just everything. So even if you want any other knob to be in your macro controls, you cannot. That so what macro controlled us is? It literally summarizes all your main knobs. For example, if you will be using frequency Hailo and drive it and one knob in all these, you know, effect, you can bring all these knobs up on. You don't have to go through all these plug ins to change them. So how are we gonna access this particular macro control? Click this button right here and it will bring up eight micro controls. You might have seen that it is great out and it is not accessible. Right? So how do you act? System? Click on map, Rachel. As against you want to hit map? All these controls are changed into green. Andi, click right in this first macro and know what you're going to do is you don't have to click rate your All right. So how did this works? Is you have to move through this control, and you are to choose which one you want. A marked map. So for this, I'm going to Z Q tree. I want this high gain to be mapped. Click on the high gin, right. Once you click, it will bring this, you know, square box like kind of structure. Then go here and click on map as against. He just mapped. You can rename it. Ah, and then you colorist. Well, but it doesn't show up right here. If you have. Ah, controller, it'll show that there you can rename too, you know? Hey, good. However you want, um, I'm gonna choose this threshold. Not that then more owned. Just drive it. I'm gonna map it. Rager. Let's more own. Yeah, For the because. Well, Let's just a driver. Nabhan. Not that right here. No, we have mapped in one chain. Let's to the second thing on Dhere. We can map amount right here. We can, uh um the frequency right here. Okay, so now we have almost everything mapped out. So let me show you how it sounds before even tweaking anything without the audio effect track. We did. It Sounds like this. Okay. So, no, What we are going to do is the volume is a little bit low, because I have. Okay, So I forgot to tell you guys a main important thing. So once you have mapped everything, make sure you click this map, but on again, so it will just finalize and, you know, structure like everything according to Have you mapped? So now what you're gonna do is you're gonna just this volume a little bit because ah, input volume. Yeah. So let's listen. Okay. So I'm gonna show you guys a few things so annual in Greece. This macro, as you can see it, is increasing the what do you call it? The river makes This is a CO A Z might have feared it in visas. Toe echo dry and it makes this is special After ah, compress it. Just look at this glue compressive rename. Increasing it. I'm increasing right here in this section. In the macro knobs, it is increasing rate here s full. So that's how you control all these amounts. So let's work with the erosion a little bit. I'm gonna turn this off. Um, let's all of this you can get out of and rate. Yeah, but bored of him. So that's it, guys. And that's how it sounds. When you add these chains and knobs and all these FX, you can control them. You can do a lot of things. I mean, if you are working with complex are the effects. I mean, if you want the effects to be, ah affecting only one channel and you just want the left to be panned, right? The right to be planned left. We just want if you want the Lord off audio effects in a single lady, a single region on, Do you want them to be manipulated on? You wanna make them complex instead of working on a lot of return tracks, you want them to be processed in a single track. You can do this right here. And if you have ah, a macro controlling MIDI controller, for example, a midi controller, like are able to and push or something. You can map all these snobs I'm across right here is right, dearest with. So I'm going to show you guys how to do that. So click on this maybe button right here. So click right here is well, so I don't have any knobs right now to map them. But if you click right here and if you're tweak and all that is in your controller, you will get your map ings right here. So whenever you treat that knob, you will be controlling this particular you know, this particular effect in in your controller. So that is so you can use the or the effect track on. I hope you guys learn something from this. Um and I will show you guys one more thing. How to save these effect tracks. Because this effect track looks nice. Right? So we can change the name. Ah, For example, this is a piano effect track. So piano Thanks, Rack. Oh, that I spelled it wrong. Have extract someone to save it if you when you click on the same. But and it'll take you to this audio fix? Yeah. Be an ethics. I'm gonna click Enter other tenke so it gets saved. So now one incredible thing that you can do us, you can literally ah, take this on UK. Even if you click on Sure an explorer, What will happiness it will literally show you. We had that particular audio effect practice. Ah, for example, For me, it shows that it is right here. Right? So what I want you guys to do is to make sure that you save on you. Check double check my editors. Okay, So that is the first thing you guys for have to do whenever you make a track, make sure you save it first. So we have created this affect a great year on. We have saved it. So, um, I'm gonna delete this. So if I want that particular fact, I can drag and I drop it inside. As you can see, I have that effect truck. Then I can move this around and I can use it as far. So these are a few things I would want you guys to learn from this course. I hope that this helped us for 4. PROJECT: Hey, guys. So the project I want to give you guys is very simple. Make an effect track with two chains on, then add some affects. Tune to it. Ah, I will advise you guys to our day. Built in effects on the body affects that you might have on. Then save it and upload. Ah, the particular effect track into the project section. You can upload it, Aziz. I threw the ah blood section in the project with Social section as well. So how do you upload this idiocy? Easy and simple. If you want to find out where this argue effect practice situated all you got to do it to make sure where this is saved. Um, yeah, so it saved right here. Right? So all you gotta do is click right here and showing Explorer. It will show you guys were the particular of ineffective saved. Usually it will be in their documents, able to new sort of user library presets and all the effects audio extract on. I want you guys to upload this particular effect track that you are creating to the project section on of the few guys in another course