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teacher avatar MASLIN JE, Music Producer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (30m)

    • 2. HOUSE BEAT

    • 3. TRAP BEAT


    • 5. DRUM & BASS BEAT

    • 6. HIPHOP BEAT


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About This Class

This course will help you guys to program drums for hip-hop, trap, house, dubstep, drum & bass in Ableton live. This production class on programming drums will walk you through the process of using piano roll to program drums in Ableton live 10.

This course explains the basic structure and tempo of each genre in drum programming. The genres of music focussed are,


This course will guide you through the beginner steps in writing drum beats in Ableton live. The music production will be made easier through this course. This basic rhythm programming will walk you through all these five genre of music to get a better idea of music theory behind them.

Meet Your Teacher

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Music Producer


Maslin JE is a Music Producer/Composer Who has been working in Music Industry for over 10 years.Having an evolution from being a church keyboardist to becoming a full time entrepreneur he has gained a abundance of experience in music production and entrepreneurship.

He is also a Mechanical Engineer who has turned his life around as an Entrepreneur.Having failed in a lot of business and finally finding the path to success he has gained knowledge in every aspect of project management,marketing and many other areas in business as well.

He lives by the quote "in whatever you do please god".

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1. INTRODUCTION: Hey guys, Some mass NZ. I'm a music producer, composer and keyboardist. On In this course I'm going to walk you guys through how to program Trump's in different genres of music. I'm going to focus on trap hip hop house music dubstep on German base and follow along and I will have a project for you guys. At the end, I will give the samples that I using this process. Well, it isn't sample pack all Definitely. I will give it for you guys to use in your projects on for you guys to work on the things that I teach in this video as well. I'll see you guys in the coast. 2. HOUSE BEAT: Hey, guys, I'm glad that you have chosen this course. And in this video, I'm going to show you guys how to program. How's it? Trump's As again. See, you ve already have. Ah, melody here and we're going at some drums. Click on the drum section in the browser window, click and drag it to the life set. Ah, now we have the flick. Triggering options. Let's had some samples. How does not be kick? I think this is good. Then that's at home sneers, and we're gonna let it with a lot of flaps. This is some kind of awful toe, and this is her on. This is a It's later to the bunch of clubs. Okay, No, for high. It's going on this blow. Stay yet. Um, I have an idea. I think that's used. Is this open Ahead? Can go. I just learned to you. Okay. And for the booklets had something else as well. This on. Yeah, that's it. So the sample has been selected, and let's create a new movie clip. Incidentally, clip on. Here we go. They have the piano turned the great 214 and turned this s for. So that's had, uh, kicks so far, the kicks. Um the important thing is you have to add the kick in every beat off the first bar. Let's program the drums for the first bar, and then we can copy and paste it, kicking every beat off the bar and the collapse go in every second and the fourth beat off the bar. So this is what we have, You know? We're gonna finish here, and then we can copy and paste it. It's next for the snares. We gonna Larry tried here. Here s Will. Okay, No, for the books on high yet. We're going to change the great ornate that's needed. Now let's listen to it. And for the other two, I'm gonna add that in every well you need to. And here, let's listen to it. Control A to select it and control later duplicate. You know, we have four bus. So in the last part, what we're gonna do is we're gonna add it at some snap rolls running Snapple's are, um you conclude it us in a black prince water to give it some happy speeding up speeding. No, this is already have select and control de your command, Ito duplicated. Let's listen to the and That's it. Guys. I hope you learned something from this video and drop your questions. Your quarries in the discussion tab on I was he guys there? 3. TRAP BEAT: Hey, guys, I'm so glad to see you in this course in this video. I'm going to show you guys how to program trap drums. So first we have Ah, melody here. Let's listen to it. Okay, that's good. So first pick on drums in the Rosa section dragged the drum roll to your able to in life set. You'll have a new strip as a drum rack. No, As you can see, we have a lot off sambal triggering options. So what you're going to do is click on the softener. Dissemble packet is probably this course. You can download it from the product file section. So selected sample. Let's get a snap. You're OK. Dragged the sample and now let's get yet. No, let's go for some collapse. The sun's organic. No, it's for the books. I think this is good. And for the snares off the this now and sharp. Okay, Yes, I think this is a we're going to in a war laptop just starting stone and let them up. Okay, So first, create a empty medical click and drag through the 1st 8 bars, and when you write, look, you'll have an option called instead medical apart. You can do that. But you know, the short could control shift anymore. Come and shift him on. Now you have the piano. Turn this on if it is off, Um, because you can hear the samples. Okay, So first turned a great 214 on the basic thing to do if you don't even know, like if you're a complete beginner and one a program trap drums is to put the collapse, um, in the third beat off the first board, and I mean everybody and even use the sneers and let just let them. But in the I mean third beat off everybody. Okay, Now what you're going to do is had the kicks are the kicking of the first second. I'm united in the 1st 2nd now changed too. 18 had a kick right here. And and Yeah, that's it, I think Theo, that sounds amazing. So let's more onto the high yet. But I It's Justin ornate itself. Ad click and drag. It will just duplicate No. What? I know that again. Now you're more right here. Right here as well on right here and right here. So what? We're going to this. We are going to add some high head trolls. Changed a great 2116 huh? Click and drag. It will just to repeat the note I attended 2132 at two notes on here as well. So now this is what we have. That sounds good. Now you're going to have the books for perks changed too. Yeah. 14 on hard in the first and alternating beat. Not drag this up and changed the velocities by taking your in selecting it, You know, Let's listen to it. To duplicate this to the next day. Four bars control. We are commanded to select all of them. Andi, control your command d to duplicated. That's amazing On def. You have any queries? Any questions? Leave them in the discussion tab on. I will see you guys there. 4. DUBSTEP BEAT: Hey, guys, I'm so glad that he joined this course. And in this video, I'm going to show you guys how to program a dubstep drums. First click on drums and dragged the drum rock from the browser window to your life's it? It's not your God. Yours, Jongrak, with all the trickery, bring chick clip. Ah, triggering options. My God. Um, let's track some kick on, then. A good, snappy snare. That's good. And some books I take this this on. This is for okay, for the Hyattes on for the collapse. Okay, so now we have the sambal selected. Let's create a and he clip. Right. Click and select. Insert money clip. Now we have ah to board loop on Changed a great size 214 No, just make sure this thing has turned on. This bargain is turned on because it is toe Ameliorating tool. And also make sure this is stone born because it'll give you an option toe, you know, audition the sounds before you know you when you're writing. Because when you have too much books What book? One berg toe. Then you want to know which sounded is triggering. Okay, So what we're gonna do is we're gonna add the kicks first. Um, no, that started the snare. Okay, so usually the tempo is there to 1 40 Our 11 40 to 1 16 for dubstep in. Let's start. But, um, can the sneer usually if you go like this, it wouldn't be bad effect. You biggest of dumpster beats always comes with the, you know, half beat, um, base. So for the kick and the snare, the kick. And this year, this is all the chicks and the snares rolled. Usually role in the lobster be just layered with the collapses. Um, do you have any other collapse? No. No. OK, so now we are going to add further more kicks. So it changes to eighth grade. No idea. Kick right in front of this. Um, they're gonna kick Curis. Will Andre change the goodness? 2116. And Iowa kicked nature. So as forest dub stupid concerned, had a kick anywhere. Um, you want, like, if it feels right to you and the basic structure is that he should have Ah, sloppy. Um, you know, half stiff, half beat wide, Like the trap and the hip hop. You should have a bounce at the same time. I keep the kick, Any of everyone. So now we are going to the books. Now let's listen to what we have. Okay? Now what we're going to do is we're going to add something else, Ginger. Good. Through 32 on this three right here. And you're gonna set up this Change the velocities. No, let's listen to this. It gives a bit off, you know, hottie in the beat. You know, for the books. That seems a great ornate. This alternative I'm gonna make it creates Jarrettsville, I Okay, so for the high hat, let's hard it in. There is first. No, let's listen to this. We're going to change the velocities. Okay, Now, let's listen to this. Splits in these velocities. No, for the hyattes tended to 16. I had a multitude. Let's listen to this Holds it sounds awful, but you're going to fix it. This thing's velocities gonna drag this tone us? No, Let's listen to this. The fact Gordon cannolis is into it. Okay, I'm going to duplicate this on get I'm gonna duplicate this as well. Drag it this to que Just remove that. No, Let's listen to this. That's it, guys. Um uh, made a dumpster beat. And if you have any questions, inquiries, leave them in the discussion box, and I'll see you guys there. 5. DRUM & BASS BEAT: Hey, guys, I'm so glad that you joined this course. And in this video, I'm going to show you guys how to program a German based beat. I mean, German based, uh, drum section. So first, let's track the drum back from the Brasilia A more toe life said, As you can see, the BPM is said to 1 70 for this German based beat. And now let's go down and track the samples from the afternoon December pack. It is provided along with the, um, project files. You can download it from there. So let's first drive a kick and we're gonna drug some collapse. Onda, sneer. Okay, now we're gonna drag some books as well. Then I had and I don't. Okay, lets start the come programming. Let's make it too bad. Money clip in certain eclipse now. Changed a great 214 Just make sure this is turned on on. This is the pencil tool for aiding meaty. And also make sure this is turned on this. A lot of people are dishing yourselves like you know, first, you're going to ride, kick and the first and, uh, third beat off the second bar and we're gonna add the clap for the snare. First and third beat on This can be tried on, right? You notice this into this. Oh, sorry. We made a mistake. Let's not do it in half time. Let's seems agreed. Ornate Jesus. No change cigarettes, too. 18 letter to keep great year on. Exactly Right. You Let's have the snares right here. Andi, right here. Let's myself. So no, this is what we have not attend the book, Sinise. Well, and let's add this. Listen to this. That's it, guys. No. Select a Lafitte and duplicated by control DE to select all control e or come Andy, no, listen to Let's listen to the beat. You can, you know, change the velocity of the high has for the books. And you know, you can play along with that. But this is a basic structure off, making the drum and bass beat. And I hope you guys learn something from this video. And if you have any questions, iniquities, drop them in the discussion section on I'll see goes in another radio 6. HIPHOP BEAT: Hey, guys, I'm so glad that you have chosen this course on in this video. I'm going to show you guys how to program hip hop terms. As you can see here, the jumbo said to 90 um, for him, Bob terms We go from, um 80 75 to 90 and 95 as a base temper. So first, let's click on this drums from the browser section and dragged this trauma back to your life set. Now you have a drum rack. With all this clip triggering options, you call the softener dissemble back. It is provided for you guys in the product files. Uh, first, let's elect some kick. This is good. No, that's rectum sneers. Hi. It's and so clubs, I'm going to clubs on for the books. Okay, so that's it. So we have, as we have selected the samples, let's create a medical up instead. Money clip. Now we have the piano toggle disorder Pittis off because if you can audition your sounds okay, now turn dishonest. But, uh, this is the pencil tool to write midi, you know, turned the great 214 and add sneers in every third beat off each bar and that collapse about almost. Well, you're right. You're No. This is what we have Now we're going to add the kick. I had to kick in every first, 2nd 1st 2nd No, to write some bones changed the great 218 I like it a great year. And right here on right, let's listen to it. That sounds good. You know, for the books at a book. Change it to one foot help book on the first seconds 1st 2nd the Sultanate. You know, Let's turn the velocity stone this to Let's listen to it. No, let's add books for books. Could I get intended to 16 18? I would add in every I also need to. And she had I'm gonna to snap snap Tinto on 16. Select. Okay, now let's listen to the beat on. Let's more to the hi hats changed to 18 Andi And in every first, an alternative. Just like the this book. I didn't really alternating. No, let's listen to it. And one thing that we can do is to give it more bombs, turned the grid off on nights. This, you know, note just turned the pencil to less, but And that This note a little bit for the ah, on backwards, you know, to give it a bone flick. Give it a little a little bit of human feeling, you know, But kickers, huh? I think this has to come a little bit backwards in store lapping just player on for your taste. But just keep in mind that the kick and the snare or the basic, you know, um, basic structure off the beat on. Then you can play around with the books, play around with the collapse and high ads and everything. That's it. Guys Hope you like this video and hope you learned something from this video and leave your discussions and your quarries or questions. Or if you have, in your opinion, on this in the discussion section on, I'll see you guys there. 7. PROJECT & CONCLUTION: Hey, guys, I really hope that you love this. Goes and learn something from it. If you have any questions or queries, leave them in the description box. Andi, I'll replay to them. I have a project for you guys. Um, I have given the sample pack that they used in the project. I have attached it with the project files downloaded on and make beats in every five. John, Trust a retort in this course. And I really hope that it will help you guys so much to further your career. I mean, give you a basic structure and understanding off making beats in different genres of music .