ABCDecisions™: Make Better Work & Life Decisions From Now On | Jill McAbe | Skillshare

ABCDecisions™: Make Better Work & Life Decisions From Now On

Jill McAbe, Success Skills Speaker & Educator

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17 Lessons (1h 32m)
    • 1. Introduction: ABCDecisions™

    • 2. Welcome & Orientation Activity

    • 3. Octopus Dilemma + Decision Contexts

    • 4. Culprit #1 Inferior Questions - Part 1 - Yes OR No

    • 5. Culprit #1 Inferior Questions - Part 2 - This or That

    • 6. Culprit #2 Lurking Biases - Part 1

    • 7. Culprit #2 Lurking Biases - Part 2

    • 8. Culprit #3 Ego & Emotion

    • 9. Culprit #4 Lack of Goal Alignment

    • 10. ABCDecisions™ - Align

    • 11. ABCDecisons™ Broaden

    • 12. ABCDecisons™ Compare

    • 13. ABCDecisons™ Decide

    • 14. Review: Tie It All Together

    • 15. Case Study: Decision Challenge #1

    • 16. Case Study: Decision Challenge #2

    • 17. Conclusion: ABCDecisions™

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About This Class

BRAND NEW!  1h 15m course material + 2 optional case studies. 

You make decisions all day long. Some are simple. Coffee or herbal tea? Buy that new shirt or not? Other times you must make a choice with lasting implications for your future: should you go back to school? Take that job? Marry that person? Go into business for yourself?


Decisions both big and small can leave you feeling stuck in circles, like a hamster on a wheel. You second guess yourself, and you’re worried you'll make the wrong decision before you even start — or worse, that you’ll make a decision that could lead to failure.

How can you ensure you’re making the best possible choice every time?

I teach entrepreneurs and executives how to make consistently better personal and business decisions, supported by decision theory rooted in psychology and behavioural science.

Good decision-making is a habit you can develop that will have a positive domino effect on the rest of your life.

In this course you’ll discover:

  • 4 common causes of decision-making failure you want to avoid because they actually keep you from making consistently good decisions.
  • My 4-step decision-making process ABCDecisions™ to avoid these common errors and employ a systematic approach instead.
  • Real-life decision challenges that bring the course material to life so you can be sure you know how to apply ABCDecisions™ from here on out.

Great decision making is a skill, that once you develop, will ensure you get more out of your life from now on.

Ready to make a great decision? One your future you will thank you for?


I’ll see you in class,

— Jill


Jill McAbe
MA, Leadership
Success Skills Speaker & Educato
Top Teacher, Skillshare

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